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1  Economy / Reputation / [Right to Respond] Disgusting Bigot LoyceV on: May 12, 2020, 03:10:37 PM
As some highly insightful members eloquently put the other day, "sneaky scumbag" @LoyceV tries to socially engineer entire local sections of the forum in many of his self moderated threads of criminally motivated Default Trust abuse,

and when a forum member finally reacts to his disgusting "orientalist" attacks, he instantly deletes the response; luckily this forum is still a libertarian enough place to bring swift justice to spineless cowards like him.

Here is the full debate and rightful response that he deleted, for your viewing pleasure, I nominate it as one of the greatest lessons taught to under-educated and over-privileged fossils like him in the 21st century:

I thought LoyceV was a good and objective user, but by ignoring the facts, he proved to be one of the sig-gang. Disappointment..
Is this a Turkish thing or something? I've seen it from many different Turkish forum members: they trust my judgement, until I post the smallest thing that doesn't fit their narrative. When that happens, they switch from "included" to "excluded".
Another thing I've noticed is the complete lack of arguments. That's what civilized people do when something comes up: they discuss it. The most vocal part of the Turkish local board instantly starts calling names and pulls the race card, which can only mean they have no arguments. It's also funny that the Turkish themselves made this about their "race" (really, a race based on nationality?), and it's something I haven't seen from any other local board. The rest of the developed world left tribal nationalism a long time ago.

Now, please stay ontopic. You're free to discuss why you're excluded those 134 members.

@LoyceV I'm sorry to break it to you, but you are not who you think you are bro. You sound like a peasant from a remote town in the middle of nowhere in God forsaken Netherlands.

I would put the chances of you never having held gainful employment in any of the major metropolitan cities of the US or Europe to be above 99%.

People who are exposed to a diversity of cultures in a real environment, don't talk like you, trying to lecture the "colonized savages" of the Third World like you are a proponent of the social engineering theories of Herbert Spencer or something.

It's not 1800's and the world has moved on from such short sighted bigotry, wake the fuck up.

Most of the Turkish people that you are trying to belittle in roundabout ways in all of your posts have advanced degrees, would take you to school in software engineering and statistics, among other disciplines, and when they are done outclassing you, you wouldn't be able to look your kids straight in the eye and would have to go back to school to regain your teeny tiny facade of a manhood you have built for yourself here.

So it's high time you are served a large piece of the humble pie, and if you keep going like this sooner or later someone is going to shove it down your illiterate loud mouth. Take care of yourself.
2  Economy / Reputation / The Turkish Complex of Some Eastern European Forum Members on: April 09, 2020, 11:14:49 PM
It s no secret that for the biggest part of their modern history the entirety of what is today known as Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, all the formerly Yugoslavian nation fragments, sizable parts of Poland, Austria, Czechia and Slovakia, in summary the whole of Balkans and considerable parts of Eastern Europe were under Turkish rule.

If the Ottoman Sultans did not sabotage their own dynasty through extensive fratricide and the later adapted practice of keeping the heir apparent locked in a cage till coronation, chances are pretty high all these lands would still be under Turkish banners today, we know for a fact that genetically they are more Turkish now than any of the nominal nationalities mentioned above...

This creates such an extreme butt-hurt amongst some forum members originating from these nation states in question that they are tripping over each other to vent out their centuries deep resentment any time a Turkish member opens a thread in Meta or Reputation.

While this is mildly amusing, we have also seen that it is leading to very unfair consequences in bounty campaigns against the Turks.

So just as a fair warning to all future campaign managers, be wary of racially motivated libel and false reports / accusations against members who are famously Turkish on this forum, they will very likely have ulterior motives based on fake nationalistic sentiment (check some of the purely spiteful ad hominem responses on the 2 threads wolwoo locked today for some blatant evidence of it: a minor sadistic villain from history who was beheaded for impaling civilians being lauded as a national hero by some loser self-declared "romanian"...  

and here psychotic criminal ~lauda expressing desire to kill Turks en masse, the only surprise here is how this account hasn't been banned ages ago)...
3  Local / Konu Dışı / Amsterdam Belgesel Film Festivali 🎥 on: March 23, 2020, 07:01:59 AM
Netflix'ten  bunalanlara iyi gelebilir, Uluslararası Amsterdam Belgesel Film Festivali de arşivindeki 200 kadar belgeseli online ortamda ücretsiz olarak paylaşıma açtı.

4  Local / Pamilihan / Bank Accounts & Crypto Exchanges in the Philippines for Expats on: February 19, 2020, 05:58:07 AM

I m coming to Philippines end of this month as an expat and I was wondering what would be the most cost efficient bank account for me to open as an international ?

I intend to mostly use it for crypto transfers to then cash out from ATM's in the local currency...

What would be the most crypto-friendly bank, and what crypto - fiat exchange would you recommend using in Philippines for this purpose ?

ps. I intend to stay medium to long term, though I m entering as a tourist first so dont have any alien / residency card ...
also I ll be staying in Cebu, at least initially...

Many thanks in advance
5  Local / Pilipinas / Cebu City for digital nomads on: December 18, 2019, 06:15:41 AM
Hello Crypto brothers,

I'm thinking of moving to Philippines and searching for a suitable place to stay as a digital nomad.

I'm considering Cebu city as the best option.Sea nearby location villa to stay and fast internet is a must.Is Cebu city suitable for such a set up?Or what would you recommend best?

Thanks in advance...

6  Local / Marketplace (Bahasa Indonesia) / Bali cheap house rental help on: September 23, 2019, 08:18:33 PM
Hello crypto brothers,
I'm moving to Bali on nov. Looking for a small one bedroom home monthly payments for 6 months in Kuta, Seminyak or in Kerobakan area.
Need private kitchen and high speed wi fi.Prefer a quiet place but not too far from beach.
Budget is around 4-5 mill per month.

Also if you have other recommendations for neighbourhood choice, i will be really interested.

Thank you...

7  Local / Konu Dışı / Yarın istifa etmeyi düşünüyorum 🍀 on: September 11, 2019, 07:22:01 PM
Merhaba arkadaşlar,

Yarın 3,5 yıldır çalıştığım şirketten istifa etmeyi düşünüyorum.İstifa ettikten sonra da şirketi,
1.Rutin haline gelmiş fazla mesailerin parasını ödemediği için💥
2.Mobbing uyguladığı için💥
3.Raporlu olduğum günlerde çalışmak zorunda bırakıldığım için dava edeceğim💥
Aranızda daha önce buna benzer tecrübeler yaşayan arkadaşlarımız  vardır diye düşünüyorum.

Her türlü tavsiyeye açığım.Şimdiden teşekkürler...
8  Economy / Auctions / Original Kyrgyz Knife, Symbol of Osh Auction on: August 24, 2019, 01:39:18 PM

Kyrygz Knife hand made in the mystical Central Asian city of Osh,

A peerless collector's item, I will ship it to any jurisdiction that accepts an edged blade by cargo, please check your local regulations.

High carbon steel, the signature blue tint and the Yak symbol of the city of Osh engraved as the mark of the renowned smith who made it in Kyrgyzistan, Yak bone handle.

Auction starts at 0.03 BTC, accepted in minimum increments of 0.001 :
9  Local / Türkçe (Turkish) / 🚀 Örnekli, Açıklamalı, Büyük 🚀 Trading Terimleri Sözlüğü on: July 12, 2019, 09:24:24 PM
Son günlerde bazı Trading yöntemlerinin özellikle gündeme gelmesi üzerine böyle bir sözlüğü oluşturmayı uygun gördüm, umarım faydalı olur:

Leverage: Kaldıraç, anaparanın kaç katıyla margin bazlı işlem yapılacağını belirtir, örneğin 1'e 10 kaldıraçta anaparanız 10,000 USD ise 100,000 USD alım gücünüz olur, 1'e 20'de 200,000 USD gibi.

Margin: Teminat (Marjı), belli bir meblağı teminat olarak gösterip kaldıraçlı işlem yapmakta kullandığınız trading türüne verilen isimdir. Normal işlemlerden farkı, anaparanızdan daha yüksek bir alım gücüyle işlem yaptığınız için işlem yaptığınız enstrüman 0'a inmeden anaparanın tamamını kaybetme riskinizin olmasıdır. Örneğin 1000 USD ile BTC'de 1'e 10 kaldıraçla 10,000 USD'dan alım yaparsanız, 9000 USD'a inerse anaparayı tamamen kaybedersiniz, halbuki 1'e 1 işlem yapsaydınız 9000 USD'a iniş durumunda zararınız sadece 100 USD olurdu...

Short Selling: Açığa Satmak, elinizde olmayan bir enstrümanla short pozisyon almak (yani onun düşeceğine dair satş pozisyonu almak) anlamına gelir. Burada sattığınız ürün sizde olmadığı için, bazı istisnalar dışında ödünç alma bedeli de ödemeniz gerekir.

Funding Rate: Fonlama Bedeli. Özellikle Bitmex gibi borsalardaki swap işlemlerinde talebe göre long veya short ilgisinin hangisi daha baskınsa karşı tarafta pozisyon alanlara ödenen fonlama yüzdesi. Kalabalığın olmadığı noktada yer alan, trende karşı gelen kesim fonlama bedelini pozitif olarak alır. Poloniex gibi borsalarda da lending'den (ödünç verme) kazanılan yüzde işte bu bedeldir.

Dividend: Temettü, kar payı. Özellikle bazı tokenlar'da popüler olan, şirketin kazandığı kardan token sahiplerine verilen kar payı anlamındadır. Özellikle gambling / betting siteleri gibi hızlı sermayenin döndüğü yerlerde Tron Network'teki ANTE gibi örneklerde olduğu gibi bu günlük dağıtım sıklığında bile olabilir.

Staking: Tokenlar'ı bir süre bağlayarak karşılığında pasif gelir etme tekniğidir. Bu genellikle proof (blokzinciri kanıtlama) sistemlerinde kullanılsa da değerini muhafaza etmek isteyen bazı projeler kar payı olarak da staking önerebilmektedir.

Trailing Stop: Açık pozisyona takip eden bir stop koyma yöntemine verilen isimdir. Burada amaç trend yakalandığında karlı pozisyonu mümkün olan en uzun süre açık tutmaktır.

Örnek: 10,000 USD'dan long açtığınız bir BTC pozisyonuna 200 tick bir Trailing Stop koyarsanız, bu pozisyon ancak BTC 100 USD geriye gittiğinde kapanır...

One Cancels Other (OCO): Biri diğerini eler manasına gelen özel bir emir türüdür, örneğin BTC 11,000'den AL & BTC 9000'den SAT diye bir OCO koyduğunuzda, bu emirlerden hangisi önce gerçekleşirse diğer emir silinir, koşullu emir türlerine girer.

Algo Trading: Algoritmik İşlemler manasına gelir, piyasada genellikle bot kullanarak aynı işlemi çok fazla sayıda tekrarlayarak otomatik kazanç sağlamayı hedefleyen stratejilerin uygulandığı bir yöntemdir. Programlanabilen ve yazılım diline dökülebilen tekrar eder nitelikte işlemleri botlara yaptırarak algoritmik sistemler oluşturulur.

Post Only Order: Taker fee yerine her zaman Maker fee ödemeniz veya kazanmanız için, girilen emrin sadece resting (bekleyen emir) olarak kabul edilmesini sağlayan bir emir türü. Örnek piyasadaki satış 15 USD ise ve siz 15.1 USD alım emrini Post Only girerseniz, bu emir cross olacağı için iptal edilir, sadece piyasa 15.1'in üzerinde ise Post Only emriniz kabul edilir.

Merak edilen başka terimler olursa onları da sonradan eklemeyi düşünüyorum arkadaşlar.

10  Economy / Services / INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER/3d design and modelling service on: July 10, 2019, 01:53:58 PM
Hey there,
I'm a freelance industrial designer.
My background as a designer includes lots of POP, retail,instore marketing products and event projects for brands.

If you'd like to discuss a potential project please get in touch.
11  Local / Pazar Alanı / Bitcoin karşılığı 3d tasarım ve modelleme işleri yapılır on: July 10, 2019, 09:28:52 AM
Bitcoin karşılığında 3d tasarım ve modelleme yapıyorum.
Özellikle ürün ,event alanı,stand,vb... tasarım ve modelleme konusunda hizmet veriyorum.İlgilenenlerle portfolyo paylaşabilirim.
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