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1  Bitcoin / Pools / Mining Contest closed. on: February 26, 2017, 11:33:30 PM
Mining contest closed.
2  Bitcoin / Pools / Well that sucks. Spent all of my earnings from p2pool renting from westhash on: December 30, 2016, 01:57:48 AM
Well, that sucks, but it's not over yet.

In the last two days I sank all of the earnings I made from p2pool this month, about 7 BTC worth, while renting anywhere between 500THs and 10PHs from westhash over the last couple of days towards my p2pool node

Still have a little over a day left on the rentals though, and have scaled back to 500ths, so i still have a chance to earn my precious little bitcoins back if p2pool gets lucky before my shares are no longer valid... Crossing my fingers and hoping....

Man what a run it's been this month! No way to end the new year though... But I haven't lost hope yet...

Come on p2pool! Hit a block!!!

If you wanna help me hopefully have a happy new year, and potentially earn or lose a little BTC point your miners at a p2pool node near you, or rent some miners.  

You can also use my node if you would like, it's located in San Jose, the node charges 1℅fees and has low latencies with westhash

Username: yourBTCaddress+900000

3  Bitcoin / Pools / Giving up real solomining and going back to solomining on p2pool on: December 08, 2016, 08:32:20 PM
Currently I have 10 workers 50ths each and each of them to different addresses totalling 500th that I'm renting from westhash to mine on p2pool. Each of the addresses are ones that I have found blocks with while solomining on so their lucky Smiley

I tried many methods while solomining,a few weeks ago I was using 600 workers each with 10ths totaling 6phs and found four blocks mining at solockpool but a run of bad luck and I lost all my earnings.

In total I have found at least 25 blocks on solockpool, sometimes mining to 1 address with as much as 24phs for short runs, sometimes I'd use one adress with 2phs for days, other times I'd use 500ths to one address for weeks, all in all ive found mining to many different addresses with lesser hashrate to be more exciting, it's fun to try different methods for trying to increase your luck, and people get excited when someone with 10ths finds a block.

With p2pool, it's the closest you can come to solomining, but with much less variance, so I'm back again on p2pool to see if I can make a profit this way, while renting from westhash.

Nice thing is over the last few days after I've added 500th and a few short spurts of 7phs, p2pools hashrate has gone up to between 3 and 4phs over the last several days, compared to 1.5 to 2 phs recently and has subsequently increased my odds of staying in the game a little longer.

This is fun, I just hope to get lucky this time, and continue it for awhile.

The more of you who join p2pool, the merrier!

Just added a node on a VPS in San Jose for those of you who would like to rent from westhash to mine on p2pool., make sure to select westhash for this node to reduce latencies.

Username: yourBTCaddress

Fee is 1%


For more about p2pool:

This node can be used by anyone but was intentionally set up in San Jose so it could have low latencies with rentals from westhash.
4  Economy / Digital goods / Bitcoin lottery, new book just released on Amazon, Free promotion thru 5/1/16 on: April 28, 2016, 03:27:15 AM

Hi everyone, I just published this book so I'm running a free promotion with Amazon.

Promotion starts around midnight 4/28/16 and ends on 4/30/16, get it while it's free, and please rate it when your done. Thank you Smiley
5  Economy / Investor-based games / Apparently there aren't any gamblers in this section. Bitcoin lottery crowdfund on: April 21, 2016, 03:35:35 AM

I will be contributing 0.25BTC

I will have 250 bitcoin addresses that our group will be solo mining to @ckpool

Each address will have 5TH pointed at it until the contract expires which will be less than a day

I am looking at waiting until 2.5BTC are deposited until we start, as each contract will cost .01btc
and we will have 1.25PH pointed at with 250 different addresses each at 5TH

It's basically P2Pool but on CKPool with a group of people that wanna have some fun.

Contributions: .05 increments

When we have 2.5BTC we will begin Smiley

with 2.5BTC the "expected average" would be a 1 in 10 chance of finding a block thus 10X your investment should we win.

However, it is very possible that you will lose whatever you contribute, and it is also possible and I have seen on a couple occassions where we could find 2 or more if were really lucky.

This is my favorite strategy of the ones I've tried. The p2pool style solo mining.

Anyone want to try it for fun and possibly share the rewards if we find a block?

The only thing I ask In return for the work it's going to take me is that if we get lucky I'm going to start a thread for my new book to try and create some buzz around it.
6  Economy / Investor-based games / Solo mining group, currently closed on: February 24, 2016, 02:34:39 PM
Group is currently closed. There doesnt seem to be anyone wanting to join, so im closing the openings now and am going to solo mine, SOLO

Hi there, so I received my tax return and purchased some bitcoins to solo mine with.

I'm looking for anyone who would like to join me in this venture. ( open to anyone in the world except residents of N.Y., sorry but I live in the U.S.A. and don't want to open a can of worms, nothing personal )

I will be renting 777TH from nicehash and mining on (with that being said, the next adjustment should happen during this run, and if the difficulty increases by 10% for example then I will increase the hashrate accordingly. Unless the difficulty drops, in which case it will remain at 777TH until we find a block and stop hashing or run out of coin.)

**hashing may or may not stop, and/or be reduced periodically depending on asshats that like to outbid everyone paying upwards of 200% to 300% expected return, and those decisions will be left up to me as far as what I'm willing to bid to keep the hashrate as close to the target as possible, and may or may not also include adjusting hashrate below the target of 777TH or to a complete halt periocially depending on when and if the asshats arrive, but will resume to target hashrate levels once the asshats run out of coins**

I will be contributing 29.5 BTC towards the group.

Minimum amount to join will be 0.1 BTC

I will be running this group a little different than other groups that have joined together in the past, in that if/when a block is found mining will be stopped and remaining coins plus generated coins from the block found will be paid out according to your percentage based on how much you contributed. Assuming a block is found and it is not orphaned of course, and after it has matured.
ORPHANS Will NOT be paid out.

For example:
My contribution: 29.5btc
User a: 0.25btc
User b: 1btc
User c: 0.75 BTC
For a total of 31.5btc

Now in this example, let's say we get lucky and after spending 10btc we find a block worth 25 btc, I then cancel the rental leaving 21.5btc left over from contributions plus 25btc from the block we found for a total of 46.5btc that I would pay out to each user according to their percentage based upon their contribution.

Share percentage from example above:
My share:  93.66%
User a: 0.79%
User b: 3.17%
User c: 2.38%

Payout according to example above:

46.5btc minus 0.1 donation to ckpool= 46.4btc to be paid out

My reward:43.46btc
User a: .367btc
User b: 1.47btc
User c: 1.1btc

With that said, I am human and do work, so during the day hours, if a block is found the hashing may run until I have a break and see that a block was found, and I also sleep at night so if a block is found while I'm sleeping then the mining will continue until I wake up, see a block was found and cancel the rental.

At any rate, the mining will commence no later than Friday, february 27th at 7 pm PST, regardless of how many coins are raised, if any.

And I do reserve the right to start it anytime between now and then if I feel enough coins have been raised.

29.5BTC should be enough to find a block although it's obviously not a guarantee which is why I'm looking for people to join with me and increase the odds of at least getting a return on our investment and hopefully a great return.

To join, the minimum amount is 0.1and there is no maximum entry fee.

Last but not least, I will be donating 0.1btc to solo.ckpool which will be taken out before calculating payouts.
Thanks Smiley
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Don't let bitcoin overtake your soul on: December 19, 2015, 03:28:53 PM
It all started for me back in April of 2014.

The following year my girlfriend and I had broken up for a few months because I had become so obsessed with reading about bitcoin and was being neglectful to her needs.

I had promised her that I wouldn't constantly be on my phone reading all the news related to bitcoin and watching the price fluctuations and on July 16th 2014 I asked her to marry me.

I kept my promises to her for a while. Until April 2015 when my miners that I used for solo mining actually found a block.

It was my first time finding one after over a year of trying and seeing 25 coins in my wallet worth almost $6,000.00 was so exhilarating and I felt like I was on cloud 9

I told my fiance about it and for the first time she was happy i had gotten involved into mining bitcoin.

I made a promise never to touch them until we we ready to retire.

A few days later I purchased 1 bitcoin and rented some hashpower and tried my luck at solo mining again.

Before I had spent even 1/4 of that bitcoin I found another block.

Woo hoo! This is easy I told myself.

Of course I told her about it and again she was very pleased.

This time I promised I would only use five coins to try and solo mine another block.

Well I lost the five.

Then more, then more and more and more until I had lost it all.

I couldn't tell her what I had done, couldn't admit that I had turned into a compulsive gambler and threw it all away.

So what did I decide to do?

I took out a home equity loan and borrowed $30,000.00 so I could purchase about 75 coins at the time.

I just knewI had figured out a system and with that many coins I would be able to get back what I had lost and repay my home equity loan.

So from April 2015 until mid December 2015 I tried every method I could come up with to try and outsmart the system.

At times I would spend an average of 1 bitcoin per day assuming it would take me no longer than 25 days to find a block and if I found one earlier then that then obviously I had come out ahead and I would pick a different address to solo mine to. It had to work, how couldn't it. At other times I would rent enough hashpower that I should have found a block within 12 hours.

Well it was quiet a roller coaster. From April of 2015 until mid December of 2015 I would estimate I found at least ten blocks probably more.

But I never could get back to where i started. I would get to the point where I was about to lose it all then I'd find a block.

Then I'd use that one to try and find more. When I was about to lose it all again, I'd find another one.

This process of losing almost everything and then gaining back a little, rinse wash and repeat continued for 8 months.

It was the most stressful time of my life.

All I could think about was getting back what I had lost so I wouldn't have to tell my fiance what I had done.

She felt neglected because I was always swiping my phone to see my new "best share" and to see how close I was to finding another block and a dark cloud followed me everywhere I went.

My negativity and despair showed on my face and she didn't understand why because I couldn't be honest about what I was doing because I was so ashamed.

Every day she would complain how I was always on my phone and not paying any attention to her, and I wanted so bad to just get back what I had lost and give her the attention she wanted and needed.

Long story short. She left me and I lost it all.

The moral of my story is dont let bitcoin take ahold of you like it did me, relationships are what matter and once you lose them you can't get them back.

She's already moved on and found a man that is giving her the attention she needs and I'm lonely, broken hearted and in more debt than I've ever been in, in my life.

8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / How to erase transaction and get coins back in wallet on: December 15, 2015, 12:31:36 AM
So something strange happened the other day, all of a sudden it appeared I had many more bitcoins in my wallet than I should have had. Also I believe I was under the malleability attack because every time I sent coins it appeared twice on my wallet although only one would confirm.

Trying to see if I really had the coins it said I had I sent them to myself.

That didn't confirm either.

Then I tried spending what I new I should have in the wallet for sure. And of course it didn't confirm either with a fee of .0001

Question, if I sent coins I actually had combined with coins I didn't have to myself, then tried to send coins I actually had but now they were from a transaction that will never clear becasue they were mixed with coins that didn't exist... Arghh

How can i erase all the ones that haven't confirmed and get my actual coins back?
9  Bitcoin / Pools / Looking to lease small hashrate miners for p2pool mining on: April 09, 2014, 01:47:15 AM
Hello there, I'm looking to lease several small hashrate miners to mine at

The reason behind this is because it seems small hashrate miners who try p2pool give up after a few days. I would like to lease some small hashrate miners between 1 and 30 GH/s to mine at my pool, so that others will be able to see what other miners in their range can earn in comparison to larger centralized pools.

If you are interested then sign up with, but don't use LRP as for now it is not compatible with p2pool, although they are working on a fix.

10  Bitcoin / Pools / Do you wish you could solo mine but don't have the guts? on: April 05, 2014, 12:49:01 AM
11  Bitcoin / Pools / Delete on: April 02, 2014, 03:32:10 AM
12  Bitcoin / Pools / Delete. on: March 23, 2014, 03:13:16 AM
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