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1  Economy / Games and rounds / ★ LuckyBit Rainbow Raffle ★ Physical Coin Prizes ★ on: February 03, 2017, 02:40:35 AM
This promotion is now closed. See here for the results.

★ All lines are eligible
★ No entry limits
★ Available to all Bitcoin Talk users of Member rank or better
★ Register anytime before February 17
★ Just post, play, and win!

Entry At A Glance
1. Post your address(es) here; it's OK to edit your posts and/or include multiple addresses.
2. Play on your desired line(s)! One ticket is earned for each 0.0025, 0.005, 0.0075, or 0.01 you play (depending on color). Multi-wager transactions will be added (per color) to determine tickets (all amounts rounded down per transaction).
3. The game ends at midnight on Friday, so get your games confirmed before then! Unconfirmed wagers at 00:00 UTC, February 17, will not count!
4. We'll add up all the tickets and draw numbers to hand out the winners.

The Prizes
There will be 10 winners drawn. Once a winner is drawn, we'll remove their entries from the pool for the next draw. All ten winners will receive your choice of a LuckyBit Coin - either the original Silver Wallet or the Rose Gold! Just be ready to sign a message with the winning address.

But that's not all! The first winner drawn will also receive a 2014 Kialara "Labyrinth" collector coin in addition to your choice of the other prizes - and there is a surprise coming, but we'll save that for later!

The LuckyBit Rainbow Raffle will run from Friday, February 3, 2017 through Thursday, February 16, 2017. All users of Bitcoin Talk of Member rank or better are eligible to enter, except for LuckyBit staff*. All eligible users' posts in this thread containing Bitcoin addresses will be included in the Raffle. All wagers placed during the Raffle period will be evaluated for the Raffle. Each transaction containing a wager that was seen as sent "from" a registered address by LuckyBit's system will be included. The amounts wagered on each color (as applicable) will be added per transaction, then rounded down to the nearest Ticket Size for that color (0.0025 for red, 0.005 for yellow, 0.0075 for green, 0.01 for blue) to determine the number of Tickets included. A random number generator will be used to select a random Ticket to select a winner, and that winner's other Tickets will be removed from the list before the next selection. A total of ten selections will be made, with the first selection winning the Kialara "Labyrinth" Coin in addition to the prize won by all selected winners; which is their choice of a LuckyBit Silver or Rose Gold collector's wallet. LuckyBit reserves the rights to exclude or disqualify entries as necessary to prevent abuse, and to change the other terms of this promotion. Failure to provide the required signature and valid shipping information will forfeit a prize.

* (BRE, seoincorporation, TheNewAnon135246, stingleword, binaryFate, carlaonfire, hiall, kolloh, Gmaster, LuckyBitSupport)

2  Economy / Games and rounds / LuckyBit's UEFA Euro 2016 Giveaway! > 3BTC in prizes < on: May 31, 2016, 07:03:41 PM
Everybody loves football, right? Well, okay. Maybe not everybody. But everybody loves winning, right? Here's your chance to win up to 3BTC - and all you have to do is predict the winner. Easy! LuckyBit is proud to present...

LuckyBit's UEFA Euro 2016 Prediction Showdown!

At A Glance

Prizes: 3BTC prize pool
Entries: Free with conditions (see the full Game Rules)
Time: Today through July 10
Sponsor: LuckyBit!

How To Play: Decide which team you think will win the UEFA Euro 2016 on July 10. Find the matching address for that team in the registration chart (see Rules) and send at least 0.00006BTC to that address using a LuckyBit-compatible wallet. Don't enter by sending directly from an exchange or third-party service, you will lose your prize. Your entry coin is refundable under certain conditions; see the full Game Rules.

Bonus Multiplier: All entries are subject to a Bonus Multiplier that is determined at the time the entry transaction is confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain. This multiplier starts at x10 for all entries received before June 10 (all dates midnight UTC); it will be x5 for all entries received after then but before June 25; x3 before June 30; x2 before July 6; all entries received on or after July 6 get no bonus. The bonus multiplier applied to your entry will apply to your share of the prize.

Changes: An entry received from an address that has already registered will replace the previous entry. The old entry will be invalid and its multiplier will not count. You may change your guess any time up to the end of the promotion using this method.

Restrictions: Limit one entering address per player per team, please. You may enter multiple team predictions from different addresses. LuckyBit reserves the right to disqualify entries based on evidence of abuse. When in doubt, don't send - ask.

Ready to jump in? Read the full Game Rules where you can find the game addresses and more details.
3  Economy / Games and rounds / 2016 ★LuckyBit★ Video Contest! - 5 limited edition prizes - [CLOSED] on: May 06, 2016, 07:58:18 PM
The 2016 LuckyBit Video Contest
Are you LuckyBit's #1 fan? Tell us why, and you could win a beautiful LuckyBit silver wallet loaded with up to 0.5BTC!
                                   ★ Make a video about LuckyBit between 30 and 120 seconds long
                                   ★ Upload it to YouTube and post a link here
                                   ★ Win a preloaded LuckyBit silver wallet!
                                   ★ This year's theme: "Suspense"

The Rules
The LuckyBit Fan Video contest will run from 00:00 UTC, May 7 through 23:59 UTC, June 10, 2016. All Bitcoin Talk accounts are eligible to enter this contest except for binaryFate, LuckyBitSupport, TheNewAnon135246, and myself (stingleword). Limit one entry per account. To enter, create a video between 30 and 120 seconds long that primarily features LuckyBit and upload it to YouTube. The content requirement for consideration is very loose; so long as LuckyBit is prominent in the video, the entry should be valid (see requirements). Post your contest entry as a reply in this thread and you will be acknowledged and entered in the contest! Your contest entry must contain a direct link to your video (only or URLs are acceptable!) and an optional short description of your video. Once I confirm your entry, your name will appear in this post! All entries must be received on or before June 10. Once the contest is over, all entries will be reviewed and winners will be selected!

The Prizes
I will select between two and five winners. One entry will be declared the "grand prize winner" and will receive 0.5BTC preloaded on one of our limited edition, custom LuckyBit silver wallets. The other "runner-up winners" will receive silver wallets preloaded with between 0.1BTC and 0.25BTC depending on how many entries and winners there are and relative quality. At least one runner-up will win 0.25BTC. Winners will be selected based on creativity, entertainment, and how closely the theme is followed.

The Requirements
Your video must:
  ★ Feature LuckyBit prominently throughout the video in some way (this is intentionally a wide net)
  ★ Be at least 30 seconds and no more than 120 seconds long
  ★ Contain "LuckyBit" or "", and "Bitcoin" and "Gambling" somewhere in the title and/or description
  ★ Be uploaded during the contest period
  ★ Be positive! Trolls don't win.
Your video must not:
  ★ Primarily appeal to children
  ★ Contain extreme profanity or nudity
  ★ Contain personal information, or document public information about a person or people
  ★ Violate the terms and conditions of YouTube

Entries will be judged primarily on message and entertainment. It's OK if the quality isn't superb and we're not looking for a cinematic masterpiece, just show us why you love LuckyBit! There are lots of ways to go about this - be creative! Try using Camtasia if you don't know how to make a video. Most newer versions of Windows allow you to download the Windows Movie Maker for free, if you need an alternative. After you upload, feel free to share it with your friends - while YouTube votes won't be a big factor in the judging, they will be looked at. No, downvotes do not hurt a video's chances (actually, they'll probably help if abused). This year's theme is "Suspense". The better your video follows this theme, the better chance you have to win!

Can I include video of myself or other people? What's the line on personal information?
This is fine; please do not include personally identifying information such as real full name or location.
The rules say no nudity, is lingerie okay?
Yes. The rules say no extreme nudity, so please use your best judgement - we don't want soft-core porn but nobody will complain about some tasteful footage.
4  Economy / Games and rounds / ☆ LuckyBit's Choose Your Promotion Game! ☆ 2BTC + Kialara prizes ☆ [CLOSED] on: February 17, 2016, 07:13:56 PM
Hello again, everyone! I'm back with a fresh batch of prizes to give away, and this time I'm going to run three promotions all at the same time! There's only one catch: You can only register for one! That said, I am proud to present....

LuckyBit's Choose Your Promotion Game!

The Rules
The LuckyBit Choose Your Promotion Game will be available to all members of Bitcoin Talk that have reached the rank of Junior Member or higher, except stingleword, TheNewAnon135246 and LuckyBitSupport are ineligible to enter. Entry requires registration and each account can only register for one of the three games. To register, simply reply in this thread with the pertinent information for the game you are entering. Each game also requires wagering on LuckyBit during the active game period of February 23-29 (see The Games). The eligibility requirements varies for each game, so choose appropriately!

Notice All "cash bitcoin" prizes will be delivered via one of our limited edition LuckyBit Silver Wallets!

The Games

Green 100kBTC Prediction Game
To enter this game, post your address and a prediction of when the site will reach 100,000BTC in volume. (It's currently at 97,743BTC) The three closest guesses to the actual time and date of the wager that puts the site volume over 100kBTC will win prizes: 0.5BTC to the closest guess, and 0.25BTC to the next two closest. To activate your registration for this game, you must only place a single bet of exactly 0.01BTC on the green line during the active game period.

Yellow Kialara Raffle
To enter this game, post your address that you will play LuckyBit with during the active game period. Each wager of exactly 0.005BTC on the Yellow line from registered addresses during the active game period will be an entry. The entry with the lowest Lucky Hash (i.e. begins with the most zeros) will win a Kialara Labyrinth physical Bitcoin!

Red High-Roll Tournament
To enter this game, post the address that you will play LuckyBit with during the active game period. Each wager of exactly 0.01BTC on the Red line from registered addresses during the active game period will be an entry. The wager with the highest profit will win a fat 1BTC prize! In the event of a tie, the prize will be split. Only the highest-profit entry from each registered address will be considered.

The registrations strikethrough indicates no valid wager was placed in the active game period
aizzaku - 18CkopXD77EAkjbD8bxcboGhMvbhCdkeja - 20160304@2000
goraset - 152Ks6R89h89iQL6z57KpoT8UpDVxgM6mo - 20160314@1200
elizabethqueen - 1CZrssAFf4W1Yz8TUUEb14XjfFyzueiwa2 - 20160317@1200
everybitbit - 1GNHKJx4ZxhzgXTfLr6oKUeNXGa1SBYmXA - 20160317@1700
155UE - 128x1761n2xkyvzbdAj3yF4uQnnWKbKbpx - 20160320@1500
Naoko - 1PCyY7jDRX3RNQ5eJxDQwKqEquX2YhjciR - 20160325@1200 - 1MtVhUKKE2vLHevEbEqRSVWb7Emk2xiQzt - 20160326@0000
BRE - 1BREwhwZuebufVJxcsyCqz4yJTH5tVCjiX - 20160328@0300
nickaizoku - 12iLTrfVpoSGmcLJaZgsed9zBqVKG14vDf - 20160328@1100
Mountaingoat - 1MrGoatfJLf2X4USFYCdx48wdo2Xj1szfn - 20160401@1200
tenaciouzd - 1PunzanFhF5AC1pVBVMC6NeLhpa3QDr36J - 20160405@0300 Winner!
janggernaut - 1CD8jBHh8xQ4uikpTaX8DbebnwRbYBrioz - 20160413@1415 Winner!
ctlaltdefeat - 12sArsJDvwySh5ZR71s1a2obv9pKKyawaf - 20160419@0808 Winner!
ralle14 - 1JeUt7qDnvYTwbcDQ9zp3U4hNnGRazHzvZ - 20160425@2359
hodoricus - 1MA74LN4ZmGmdyTRoDJyUAbnGUPQgEfWnB - 20160501@1300
Boosterious - 1K57NqyZo2Hqw6b868nLhhtnjueZsX2YGW - 20160506@0100
panjul07 - 1FYov14bwXdUGi4YLqGmSDvumUCK8rXtB4 - 20160507@0700
Jasad - 16oehwojxiXpTaF8FDw8oxSmEYHTheNxt6 - 20160401@2000
lrdeoliveira - 1K96vkMrpbRLTFZX3ydGLc8X7EAzxJGZAV - 20160308@2100
raribest - 1C9V97XrfxRgTpe1faJNLmN1pJzemsoNy5 - 20160311@1800
gutemberg - 1H2D45cCBQBLfHK8AR9UpUviCh7YZ9x63K - 20160307@1500
RealPhotoshoper - 17mkdsQps3cpnLdCE3bNpfYoPadF8jnjdH - 20160311@0000
SimplyRouge2 - 1L48DDqmVHBWhNRWnGqLsuymvSg5sNfDxx - 20160329@1822

anduis - 1anduisJPbwTUxNyf78nVcri45cm2hgfk
DebitMe - 14FyMmjbncr8pkw5mW9ha9pAcKwtWXJgFX
Rmcdermott927 - 1ASSHATQqdR8ykqWVb73KAfuzHBwJ3JCvh
Raimonn - 1ANaDK7p4AmDYRs68hDziZKCiENgGj2Wxi
hkla241 - 1EqEqWGPaaHELs7yvRHgBvisJvnxa4g4eG
Anarchy101 - 1LkeZ7n13UngBo4ML2Nsc2mVX5pgF4dufQ
nero987 - 18y2AspN644dxjqchWTBTM8895xXEAhYCt Winner! (wager)

ndnhc - 12NsoJGSvDYPSD35soFdDVMwQ8o1p63zX2
jadra - 1999x71r5uEKMXfkibCBaHkMS39sSnzzef Winner! (wager)
Gmaster1 - 1GmstrbbXd4C5eJMZC8z82PeYJBRmtUFkv
t0pnotch - 1P9BNgX8xujXv8AwxFyvuyL5H1SddyXPn
BoXXoB - 1Q23vYd65vwth1LusSHrG9inXF437Z7Mu6 Winner! (wager)
kolloh - 1MayBeJoAivJXy2aWDSQdEcZWEipqTRayv Winner! (wager)

Can I register for multiple games using multiple accounts?
Yes, but you should feel slimy if you do it.

Do I have to place exactly and only one bet on green to play the green game?
No, you can play more if you like. You just have to play at least one.

Can I bet first, then register on the last day and have those bets count?

What if I'm the only registrant for a game?
You win!

Why do you always put a FAQ?
People always ask questions, and it's good to have the answers readily available.

How the hell did that many people register but not play?
I have no idea.

Dude, you... suck?
I don't know.
5  Economy / Games and rounds / [ The LuckyBit Silver Wallet Raffle ] - [ Limited Edition Prizes ] on: December 28, 2015, 07:38:35 PM
Santa left us a gift - what could it be?

All the commotion during the tournament made it easy to overlook the colossal present Santa left behind the tree - and this one is amazing! There are five pre-loaded, limited edition LuckyBit silver plated wallets ready to be delivered to five lucky winners. To win, you'll need to do two things: register your address in the raffle, and play on the LuckyBit Promo Line.

Registration opens immediately in this thread - all members are welcome, so go ahead and reply here with your address to get entered! No other information is required at this time - if you are a winner, you will be required to prove ownership of your address, and we will help you do this at no cost. Limit one address per Bitcoin Talk account. No changes or re-registration. No duplicate registrations.

The raffle will include all wagers on LuckyBit Promo, of exactly 0.01BTC, placed on any date between Dec 11, 2015 and Jan 31, 2016 inclusive. Each wager will be one entry.

On Feb 1, we'll go through all the valid entries and sort them by Lucky Hash. (That's the hash your wager's results are derived from.) Then we will start with the lowest one and go down the list until we hit one that was played from a registered address - that'll be our first winner! I'll keep going until five unique registered addresses are selected - those people will receive the five physical wallets, pre-loaded with prizes!  I'll also give a booby prize of 0.01BTC to the entry with the highest Lucky Hash (worst result).

1st prize - 1BTC pre-loaded
2nd prize - 0.5BTC pre-loaded
3rd prize - 0.25BTC pre-loaded
4th prize - 0.1BTC pre-loaded
5th prize - 0.05BTC pre-loaded
Booby prize - 0.01BTC sent to registered address

Good Luck!

BoXXoB - 1BoXXoBV52ebyHFGXYKfkEpenVYvB5KoF4
jadra - 1999x71r5uEKMXfkibCBaHkMS39sSnzzef
kolloh - 1MayBeJoAivJXy2aWDSQdEcZWEipqTRayv
cparsley - 1EqfHy3os5PENg4DCwgkZXYmbtms7jC2Ud
Southpaw0 - 15Bm2D66PMMDimUcbY7WFydvCLV8VjELE1
MrFarel404 - 16dkGeFLrjgq9PYLYrTXXjnLtNWgRgtaWN  
delliaerd - 16jTejNbuivbLZsfQFuK3LBLYr6uSCpVmE
sebungkus - 18tM2s7aVpgwekjYsBfZPSxy6nCs3sto4R - 18iPzAyQEw6nZU5e9X1pjhPYofy4ZXP2cn
sureshnsnet - 1LuckyY9fRzcJre7aou7ZhWVXktxjjBb9S (If you say so!)
gnaoui - 1MRR69tK34BUnUUcaA2fMThRU8VKcGQYpp
Naoko - 16tNLpi7S8sMxkCLbijUEZGuFs82gJRJ9w
iCeSaiah - 19GnJe2U9ynHCS7QzWbSoRxDxDhW4n1yV7
Bitcoinexp - 15KUJLw5AjCzHBqBLdUD2jTj6WryzbVNga
brianlee01 - 1EeNBigqPJPNP4F2vhKmUih8dhYbm8hTWk
aniglo - 1K3he1RKCcQA3hoWoJns1kAQLCXkBWKBik
Shadew - 1FundXjnT6VxTqE4Pfdm8BQN4GwPnbdAkY
shadows123 - 1BPMme2CTctu4gouU8cHFedshGyXsQjM2C
nomiss1245 - 1PvHjguFuvegFPXEJMtByCa1wAWN7BvGeM
kevinjulio - 1CcWDWSvTBuysgJUCMwjRdychVDwajCFsx
lolxxxx - 1QJmjiAZrapPyLUDUXYsR4YkGb22rvrC7W
L3gionario - 1D4iw5DTD74HxYjezp8amuhkPtxZiG1fU6
veves1 - 1BYQupWfS8e8bEiAAy5oMPDJziYvyCBGbN
gargaho01 - 1BhKRxwScN6KMawUcMR55c1HCwrx1tSWVu
Gildarts - 1MVrh1gCb8So4QGtQiHQnhk8ixqXAWakgi
hodoricus - 1MA74LN4ZmGmdyTRoDJyUAbnGUPQgEfWnB
Dewi Aries - 1KvQUc41yxGAbPjpdqbM2vMfALwPuTKpRy
mamansuherman - 1PWCQVn8n1hiKxzgRZ8b31KR5EDde5s3fv
seoincorporation - 1BtcBoSSnqe8mFJCUEyCNmo3EcF8Yzhpnc
nickaizoku - 12iLTrfVpoSGmcLJaZgsed9zBqVKG14vDf
bitcoinblessed - 12nPn1TZ7RUbMay4KtxAnUwckCRP9kRcRo
sonerbo - 1KfQcju6jtxb9H7XERc5YLWBPSqhFWYZ9v
andesite - 1G2Q8SfTZkTfGdk5NcMjF76rUBdAsKbG6A
carlaonfire - 1CARLAxMScPuHdoG9pHpj3dFDNDKTZFNVe
andulolika - 1anduisJPbwTUxNyf78nVcri45cm2hgfk
MRKLYE - 1ART8MzPqABmqWz4SsaKLZfrwb9HjNF5dv
sakira - 1N8YQjJVQQJfFffT1KyArGaE4oV2VzcWv
nero987 - 1ZjTxQuMbypisuvtCT2YnhKbPNx6PjU7f
Miyslovenic - 1MiysLAFRYrnzHqwwEW39YJPWfDj17sd2h
deadlyunknown - 1NzD4U2iVBwDysuafVFXhURFS55ayJrgsz
septian44 - 16D9L36ac7ymyLGtTEN8xXMYxveLhzcnnR
s1ng - 1Mbo7t7cB45qprrD6yYUktNpiiFWGmSs9T
mentalpanda - 15MXhveKhtWevnHe3VLe8fwMdoXUHEnrPb
m1n3m1n3m1n3 - 1G6DxxniC7BrFZWMc2hrxZa4SYqKBhV7aL
Wusolini - 151Nbo883qxBB53rFzjhRQyFg2gW1vRYwS
TheNewAnon135246 - 1Q8rdbPe7twnMiNEyqUCo3Sw6NrVUBwg4V
Raimonn - 1ANaDK7p4AmDYRs68hDziZKCiENgGj2Wxi
Robercid - 1Mit1b82fS4Ft7uDGtGrPUBHLziLmHMJ7p  
AllInCrypto - 12mrCwQgXGgJA2YKvXo6XSb1Cz3vceRNpK
dkee888 - 1PzFGeNaDV46FUqjz4Ybdan8KiSvKioe4t
luxel - 1NVKm36xBmcreGF4cMP8T9nQ9PogXxfoFU
janggernaut - 1CD8jBHh8xQ4uikpTaX8DbebnwRbYBrioz
jmenake - 1BCpzi2qz2Zm3ndEiChXnbi9F1opeovZVD
dreyguy - 1CFb6Fn3PpUR7yszN2n54gx5bikMZry5RR
Diku - 17GHvfqCtKCx7kaZf1FdFpheWUt65Qf9rb  
t0pnotch - 1P9BNgX8xujXv8AwxFyvuyL5H1SddyXPn
gerald-80 - 3LXKzuGCHhsNQyQZt93vQjZHNPL5XpHnaT
madonnino - 1PMMjnnha1eUSa9bzyN93EApYLyN1qCRmv
CryptoSavvy - 1HearttW1vvg3jixMexXpZHHeqw77oVT4s
brokenfate - 1MdShGaKXozYa2KwKrpxAy976yWSea3Zin
Kisleav - 1NNh4Xvi2S3fNKtT91RxrCGx4aPfB2jyJK
beber456 - 18e6iadeHZuFvnYHkFR7Wg9hG32aFYoCCa
FINOallaFINE - 1HvQQF6pS6Vq922WyaBxhUfZ87hNp95oE5
evity17 - 1FbFepwjrJPZEkByLybHuyhgNr12SZo8AE
oxiyusuf - 171717fGto8F94rLTWuk7H8Tha61sNtLbG
Erza - 16FGjz2v74UhdmKCEb4bXpBjHHheQixMRu
burnzydog - 1qpSmdDkq5Huqq1BQWMVQJaVy9p9txNFd
WarKa - 18Lg7tVEyKvMWtw4NxLL4jwA7P1gYjcpwa
MagicIsMe - 15SDkNhpqVsJmzrBnvWtGJSs4jwWmv6v19
examplens - 15QLwhoYgaVt7nMUm5NCV1Z13VCqD12x9f
smho16 - 16wTgwurnPeS1U1GKEhvPsFMe1qSWujCdv
ov3rflow9x - 1GW4LSskQqrTQZKtuAu5LeUrWevPqgpbt2
yahoo62278 - 1LiwxmZC1v3d5J7XeMT4c8FKpuJwV3QjqH
lemipawa - 12BgEA3WdWHo6SaUCqAK2wsg7DmbqYvSnz
ClaimMBTC - 1LuckyB5VGzdZLZSBZvw8DR17iiFCpST7L (Not gonna win, but hey!)
NH - 17bFCazopVyWriQqKFwSiW9RtVzdc4wBMY
Kiyoko - 11dK6t5BcoES5rDBJPpqopb67fgKRHffh
Aamir1 - 1LSqh3cPWNJJj7UPRxCegRKbHHSoxCSmzr
nukethetown - 1reapEruoZ7Rb5u6zrq4JXvyZGr6wTiWg
felixme - 1CSRE2UQyCrjUedvJTmN8v72oQSijgVxiJ
soflyrly - 1EVFGpUu7yNGJyktJtLxezG787otzT8Rhd

6  Economy / Games and rounds / ★ The LuckyBit Holiday Tournament ★ 1BTC Grand Prize ★ [CLOSED] ★ on: December 23, 2015, 05:38:55 PM
The LuckyBit Holiday Tournament
★ 1 BTC Grand Prize
★ All Day UTC - Dec 26 And 27 2015
★ Automatic Entry - No Registration
★ All Lines Qualify For Entry
★ Every 0.005BTC Bet Could Win!

All wagers on any of the five LuckyBit games, of exactly 0.005BTC, any time UTC on Dec 26 or 27, will be considered entries for the tournament. There are three prizes: 1 Grand Prize of 1BTC, one Second Prize of 0.5BTC, and one Third Prize of 0.25BTC. The entry/ies with the highest profit will be considered the winners, with bonus pay included in the ranking. In the event of a tie, the tied winners will combine and split their prizes accordingly (for example, if exactly two people tied for second place, they would receive 0.375BTC each). Winnings will be sent directly to the wager address after the conclusion of the tournament and verification of results, early morning UTC, Dec 28.

Simple, right? Mark the date, and grab your opportunity to win!
7  Economy / Games and rounds / LuckyBit 2015 Meme Contest (CLOSED) on: December 16, 2015, 09:27:24 PM

The LuckyBit 2015 Meme Contest
Hello again, everyone! It's well past time to kick off some holiday promotions so let's start things off with one that everybody can enjoy! I've got a fist full of bitcoin here to hand out to a few creative individuals that can take ten minutes to make a meme. This one's easy to enter - so read the rules and get started now because there won't be long to get in before it's over!

This promotion is available to all members of Bitcoin Talk except for LuckyBitSupport, binaryFate, and stingleword. There is no limit to the number of entries a member may submit. All entries must be submitted or edited into this thread before 23:59 UTC, Sunday, Dec 20. Submission posts must contain the following:
 - An address to send a prize to, if one of your entries wins
 - One or more submission images (please use the img tag in most cases)

Submission images must meet these requirements:
 - The image must have superimposed text (i.e. "it has to be a meme picture"). You can use to make the process simple.
 - The image must be about, feature, or represent one of the five LuckyBit games (or their color). Choose your favorite - this is important, because only memes for the "winning line" can win a prize!

The LuckyBit game line with the most bets played on it on December 20 will be the "winning line". You can support your submission by playing that line. Remember that game times are also UTC.

There will be three prizes - the winner will get 0.75BTC, 2nd place will get 0.5BTC, and 3rd place will get 0.25BTC. I'll go over all the entries for the winning line and choose the best ones (with a little help from the administration if they're not too busy). Show me what you got, LuckyBit lovers!

Extra Stuff

If you want to make more than one submission, please edit them into the same post. This isn't required, it's just friendly to the forum and the staff. Get your edits in before the contest closes; a snapshot of the thread will be used.
Please avoid patently offensive imagery in your submissions; if you want to "toe the line", use a NSFW link rather than the img tag. That said, we are all adults here and can handle a little hurt feeling.
An example of the img tag:
8  Economy / Games and rounds / [CLOSED] ★ LuckyBit Fan Video Contest ★ Over 1.5 BTC in prizes ★ [CLOSED] on: November 04, 2015, 06:19:19 PM
The LuckyBit Fan Video Contest
Are you LuckyBit's #1 fan? Tell us why, and you could win a beautiful Kialara physical bitcoin plus a whopping 0.75BTC!
                                   ★ Make a video about LuckyBit between 30 and 120 seconds long
                                   ★ Upload it to YouTube and post a link here
                                   ★ Win a great prize!

The Rules
The LuckyBit Fan Video contest will run from 00:00 UTC, November 9, 2015 through 23:59 UTC, November 25, 2015. All Bitcoin Talk accounts are eligible to enter this contest except for LuckyBit staff members. Limit one entry per account. To enter, create a video between 30 and 120 seconds long that primarily features LuckyBit and upload it to YouTube. The content requirement for consideration is very loose; so long as LuckyBit is prominent in the video, the entry should be valid (see requirements). Post your contest entry as a reply in this thread and you will be acknowledged and entered in the contest! Your contest entry must contain a direct link to your video (only or URLs are acceptable!), the bitcoin address you wish to receive prizes to, and an optional short description of your video. Once I confirm your entry, your name will appear in this post! All entries must be received on or before November 25. Once the contest is over, all entries will be viewed by LuckyBit staff and winners will be selected!

The Prizes
The staff will select between two and five winners. One entry will be declared the "grand prize winner" and will receive 0.75BTC and a Kialara "Labyrinth" physical bitcoin in a custom wooden box engraved with the LuckyBit logo. The other "runner-up winners" will receive between 0.1BTC and 0.5BTC depending on how many entries and winners there are and relative quality and at least one runner-up will win 0.5BTC.

The Requirements
Your video must:
  ★ Feature LuckyBit prominently throughout the video in some way (this is intentionally a wide net)
  ★ Be at least 30 seconds and no more than 120 seconds long
  ★ Contain "LuckyBit", "Bitcoin" and "Gambling" somewhere in the title or description
  ★ Be uploaded during the contest period
  ★ Be positive! Trolls don't win.
Your video must not:
  ★ Primarily appeal to children
  ★ Contain excessive profanity or nudity
  ★ Contain personal information, or document public information about a person or people
  ★ Violate the terms and conditions of YouTube

Entries will be judged primarily on message and entertainment. It's OK if the quality isn't superb and we're not looking for a cinematic masterpiece, just show us why you love LuckyBit! There are lots of ways to go about this - be creative! Try using Camtasia if you don't know how to make a video. After you upload, feel free to share it with your friends - while YouTube votes won't be a big factor in the judging, they will be looked at. No, downvotes do not hurt a video's chances (actually, they'll probably help if abused).

Can I include video of myself or other people? What's the line on personal information?
This is fine; please do not include personally identifying information such as real name or location.
The rules say no nudity, is lingerie okay?
Yes. The rules say no excessive nudity, so a little flash is OK but please don't focus your video on sex appeal or nudity.

9  Economy / Games and rounds / [] - Tournament Supreme! - KIALARA PRIZE - Registration CLOSED on: September 10, 2015, 08:50:35 PM

Round 2 Registration open now!
LuckyBit Tournament Supreme!
Grand Prize - Limited Edition Kialara "Labyrinth" Physical Bitcoin in a custom LuckyBit box!

The Pitch
LuckyBit is back with another of our well-known tournaments, but this time we are upping the stakes and putting a limited edition Kialara "Labyrinth" physical bitcoin and custom LuckyBit box up for grabs - and of course, plenty of bitcoin prizes too! The tournament will run for three days to give everyone plenty of time to give it your best. Before you can enter, though, you'll need to register here with your address to sign up (it's free to join) to be counted in the games. Once you've registered, that address will be entered to win a prize! You'll need to wager at least 0.25BTC total on LuckyBit during the time period from October 4, 00:00 UTC to October 6, 23:59 UTC - and remember to use your registered address. The first 0.25 wagered from that address will be checked and whoever manages to turn the biggest profit (or lowest loss) will win! Don't worry, there are also a few cash prizes available and 0.25BTC is easier to reach than it sounds; just ask on LuckyBit chat and we'll tell you how it's done!

The Rules
The LuckyBit Tournament Supreme promotion is open to members of Bitcoin Talk that have been created on or before August 30, 2015 reached the rank of Member or higher on or before September 20, 2015. stingleword, binaryFate, and LuckyBitSupport are ineligible to participate. The winner of Round 1 will be ineligible to enter Round 2. Participation requires registration in this thread on or before September 19, 2015 23:59 UTC for round 1 and October 3, 23:59 UTC for round 2; only registered participants will be included. Round 1 begins on September 20, 2015, at 00:00 UTC and runs until September 22, 2015 at 23:59 UTC. Round 2 begins on October 4, 2015, at 00:00 UTC and runs until October 6, 2015 at 23:59 UTC. To register, simply reply to this thread and include the address you intend to participate with. Registrations cannot be changed once confirmed. Registration for round 1 will be closed on September 19 at 23:59 UTC and round 2 will be closed on October 3 at 23:59 UTC. The wager history for all registered addresses will be considered and the results of the first 0.25BTC of wagers placed from each address during the round will be added, with any bet that potentially goes over the 0.25BTC requirement being evaluated fractionally. The addresses whose results on the 0.25BTC evaluated are the highest will be the winners. For each round: There will be one Grand Prize of 0.25BTC plus the Kialara "Labyrinth" physical bitcoin and wooden box with the LuckyBit logo engraved. There will be two Second Prizes of 0.25BTC each. In the event of a tie, Second Prizes will be combined and split accordingly; the Grand Prize cannot be split and if there is a tie for first place, the player whose first eligible wager transaction had the lowest TXID will win the Grand Prize (and the others will be Second Prize winners). The Grand Prize winner may opt to not accept the physical prizes and instead receive a total bitcoin prize of 1BTC. LuckyBit and stingleword reserve the right to cancel this promotion or change the terms of this promotion; changes will be clearly noted in this thread.

The Participants
Round 1
botany - 1NfDuUQ9RiSE94r3BdBw3iRVsJiWXjsJfw
monbux - 1Q2CupiU5DfWupRGBQ66QYRqvxoNxGZCcn
kolloh - 1MayBeJoAivJXy2aWDSQdEcZWEipqTRayv
zee11224 - 1HearttW1vvg3jixMexXpZHHeqw77oVT4s
TheNewAnon135246 - 19eqWr2BGbH4KraExEiZotikUfCBeSE68E
xuan87 - 1ADkVLYudLxpSLgfm7oFETKyyE3C9f4Gsv
andulolika - 1anduisJPbwTUxNyf78nVcri45cm2hgfk
Hexcoin - 1HBanktN8jJyJCDnPa2EXAfFbqrcnRwEoT
aniglo - 1K3he1RKCcQA3hoWoJns1kAQLCXkBWKBik
Decoded - 1eYXGQZ5PkWbA7qyPwS6XxE7juipX1DCi
zeraTunerse - 13XPNetjM6fQjqdFPHYv4XfuvssechbWoH
RHavar - 1LB9EkKSpRVFKYH97HSYqy2czM9H8Rhx8i
Jaaawsh - 1BJJiJtnhVw9VvGCSgjQut1CArFSRkd3oq
jjacob - 16EpLTWyjcJatFunQhb3yyHngd15UPSKbC
michael23 - 1WTF8hbKMr4dBNekVzFeArUBhyzAHxiLj
deadlyunknown - 1NzD4U2iVBwDysuafVFXhURFS55ayJrgsz
panju1 - 12PWbAzjWhz4vWrKWM3q9oFi77TMwVK6XL
polynesia - 16zhLekpsSVPePr4HCTxPPYxSCznJJ57y9
seoincorporation - 1KiALururfXzz9pNCfXuryD6w18RudFYCA
EternalWingsOfGod - 12Ui3ssnJK71akxAgvVM3WtLa2EHidT3Xn
grtthegreat - 12FPMJTzhFUMcxLuDfCNigFXya1ttwZNTo
Rmcdermott927 - 17qLzdtUuBhpFFKjMmY5xHRkWKHNeHTYeB
BestBitcoinOdds - 12mrCwQgXGgJA2YKvXo6XSb1Cz3vceRNpK
rindo - 19ZDdTAzoqQSKdBshAYaXY7L7MiPGzjzMT
t0pnotch - 1P9BNgX8xujXv8AwxFyvuyL5H1SddyXPn
ndnhc - 1LWtZsYMNCuEn5TmawNGPHmu2W3udrYeWK
lioliomir - 1828r3AgvUT42SusFrDGRrtS1SkJWx42UP
jadra - 1999x71r5uEKMXfkibCBaHkMS39sSnzzef
lolxxxx - 1QJmjiAZrapPyLUDUXYsR4YkGb22rvrC7W
nickaizoku - 12iLTrfVpoSGmcLJaZgsed9zBqVKG14vDf
rz20 - 1Bo2ArMA3g9pPdFmkiiQiRmLLEAyTN2cJr
BitcoinMonitor - 12RoMWNnahFpn5buTuKCEHXmUJwxyKj9yg
Diku - 1BGqKqZB3XsS9fkKc8CeW9eHKQoy5MNArN
Girlscout - 1NoWamEB61TCE2aHvkeLkE1xznJbZsyS7a
strat1x88 - 12iVZ3t6awB9ZxjLKUrk7ZB4EzKVX2NYyX

Round 2
ndnhc - 1LWtZsYMNCuEn5TmawNGPHmu2W3udrYeWK
aniglo - 1K3he1RKCcQA3hoWoJns1kAQLCXkBWKBik
grtthegreat - 17KvvnAf7cqXTqo6nfoAGeFSuonZexqSdm
andulolika - 1anduisJPbwTUxNyf78nVcri45cm2hgfk
jadra - 1999x71r5uEKMXfkibCBaHkMS39sSnzzef
monbux - 1Q2CupiU5DfWupRGBQ66QYRqvxoNxGZCcn
Hexcoin - 191xqivuaVerBts5Q3rWg28qhvaDX3PjeE
jjacob - 16EpLTWyjcJatFunQhb3yyHngd15UPSKbC
RHavar - 1MtLP254hhjdxQrjRpH2eFEvpvVcPutXXh
michietn94 - 1HVMLBB9eAE65NNqrY9FAjRnK5ZYL7BvVe
lolxxxx - 1QJmjiAZrapPyLUDUXYsR4YkGb22rvrC7W
deadlyunknown - 1NzD4U2iVBwDysuafVFXhURFS55ayJrgsz
kolloh - 1MayBeJoAivJXy2aWDSQdEcZWEipqTRayv
nandaltc - 1Kia1aRa35S6n3PGhgU5ikrAdMKQVv2nxR
ardani332 - 1MyM5ZtUwpHMy7fYSAV8Gbq2wQKe4VPjCu
EternalWingsOfGod - 12Ui3ssnJK71akxAgvVM3WtLa2EHidT3Xn
cparsley - 1EqfHy3os5PENg4DCwgkZXYmbtms7jC2Ud
fitraok09 - 1BN7TxG3VCwVYzeuZFy2DtjY8rjJCCFzfL
Diku - 1FringEFanxksVhd3SbVjeKgXZV3SWYf7Y
BitcoinMonitor - 12RoMWNnahFpn5buTuKCEHXmUJwxyKj9yg
piebeyb - 1NEnfuHbku9xUPwST238etCgCjLeyK2bqV
operabit - 1MZsRTEgecq8DNghrPmWQUGwwTTxZz75k7
baristaminer - 18GTXQPyhAUEjQeFjmmLoTkniWbXasarbJ
wackahack - 1KuzBbdNvWy6FzLrAHX9qgYVqUdv7bVd8y
BruceLee007 - 1A4aLzqDznoX5nSPw93UcX29LVa5JTMkak
nero987 - 1Gq58o8W5gd6c5qm4uMeNPPkUqs9zLF3K8
gambino - 1CMDbG7UAGTD6ivYUu3SriqmmYYohQpVUY
lioliomir - 1AoxFZQW85Tb99e9kHYFZw5SsqktndmmjS
panju1 - 12PWbAzjWhz4vWrKWM3q9oFi77TMwVK6XL

Can I enter with more than one address?
I reconsidered, and the answer is still no.

I play lots of LuckyBit but I'm not a Member! That's not fair!
I heard you, and changed the rules. Registration is open to any account created on or before August 30 other than the listed ineligible administrators.

Can I see one more picture of the prize coin?
10  Economy / Games and rounds / ● ● LuckyBit Bet Count Prediction Game ● ● 0.9 BTC in prizes ● ● [CLOSED] on: August 22, 2015, 03:28:49 PM

- August 31 -

It's Back! The Bet Count Prediction Game returns with a fresh pile of prizes for you to win! Read on for all the details.

The Bet Count Prediction Day is August 31. All entries must be received on or before 23:00:00 UTC Aug 30 2015 on this thread. Late entries will be disqualified. Each entry must contain a Prediction of how many bets will be placed on all LuckyBit lines on August 31, and a TXID of a single wager on LuckyBit placed anytime between today and the time of entry. Edited posts will be disqualified. Entries will be logged in this post. (Note Seven-digit guesses will be interpreted as a guess of the total number of wagers on LuckyBit. Others will be interpreted as a guess of the total number of bets on August 31.)

There will be one Grand Prize of 0.6BTC for the player that guesses the closest to the actual number of valid bets played on LuckyBit on August 31. There is also a Second Prize of 0.3BTC for the next-closest player. Should both of these people guess precisely the same difference from the actual bet count, the prizes will be combined and split. Should two people tie for second place, they will split the second place prize.

Example entry
Prediction: 9998 bets
TXID of my recent bet: ba3a8d8fefcda1b7657d859efb89b401e317a6cb8c5c1290d948b6c4026fbb88

Limit one entry per Bitcoin Talk account. Newbie members may not enter.
Wagering on LuckyBit is required for participation.
Participants that attempt to abuse this promotion will be disqualified at my discretion.
LuckyBit administration and myself may not participate. LuckyBit staff other than myself may participate.

Can I bet on August 31 to influence the result?

Can I enter multiple times with multiple accounts?
Yes, but if it becomes abusive you will be disqualified.

Can I enter multiple times with the same address?
Yes, if you use multiple accounts.

How do you know my address?
You played on LuckyBit; it will be recovered from the transaction you post.

I want to change my guess and the game hasn't started, is that OK?
No. Choose your entries carefully!

Dude, You Suck!

boxxob - 90026bfbff03fb4cad649a978dac8250840425f7def909a299b5db2cabb56357 - 1687393
raysa - 2449a08d5988e763584bc0340af406ed883725f99c90fcc2dc1f06bcf312b206 - 1650454
ndnhc - 9914df0d46e9069b5d7e8995abc6f7e70923975c3f8197554ac13bef3f3bbd6b  - 6235
lolxxxx - 2d80eeb0d0c4ca01fe2aba1fc84e3075fa8eaea6fe35a4c40d729454f1102fb0 - 1679625
Kemben - 80871441f831325c03848ddfeed40dc23d3f17452013068da39b6edcafa99aed - 1672416
Girlscout - ec57549c409a2e143522ee65693a1e26472e1bbb45ecfcc976cfd8bf87d81a77 - 8420
Hexcoin - 8efdf05027aaeefcdaa30725c69d48cba9933a8b3368aca770b2902b5b996b77 - 3456
BitcoinBoss666 - bd69dc1c4c10c7258a11ec849c866ad09691b3b654f85b13c82b5284553bbcbd - 1666666
orryde - 0a09991d8ea5ccf5ba47aac13e9f31effff92fe40033066fb0fc2705ff70191d - 1668877
Decoded - 43155aacb5cf16aae907f238178b91b41791620b30a24064e279b3dbe587f4bc - 1122
nickaizoku - 7cfe56d9344340fcf5c22e935f5313df66ce70f8d2cc937b2c0bc73e8f75b36c - 1692374
rivoke - 8737a831299de42284417593e75a641a132a69b64dd6d6610e4d40fc72d3e102 - 1674758
pjsonowal - bd3eb485cd3acce6b9407badd3060aa011cc65ed4a1e77a457c6cdf277e2b3c5 - 7786
Shadough - 010bffa9906c3882df6d78117deff853cdb45632a69b64dc21a13f60112ce84f - 1661234
juperos - ff63515c98ec34fddd7f108d21966ba6c4ebf45f114186e688ac31c2aa5f5067 - 1669500
septian44 - 7b74829ff2ea3c07d90e424a7890a1eda2e403a063d487ccc77a4838c83cf172 - 1659888
harizen - 486f1835f105bcc316f490f639e843806af53544ffde9896d49109cfc5dfe970 - 10101
TheNewAnon135246 - e892de82ba89221b493045fdecbf8fdeb1ba63a7d768ecc757aad1136c1bfe2d - 1674904
somuchee - b38b3ed22ed6ef636538a575dda0b448f935484f3291d969f44edad4cbee6877 1670167
dinda22 - 096c6bd11ad4c65df3b46c1e9f52b13425bd2cde0e77cdb2e8dd6591942f3985- 1664532
lady Royal - 304e7e8b6665fd02a51e52a34c1fbaabe91441f23bba68ed072c1a1990b49465 - 1671500
ronaldo40 - 935b7108514bc61568ea7822d5b56699cf86d33553cae9c0b7d5ec22be62cde6 - 1669999
deadlyunknown - a997768995f6eb57b9f27c6a5cc819959a3d569a391101aa4e5045427846094c - 1680000
polynesia - 66574590f067db5f18deb22ff89b18e79508a7a68dce4916c3bd3854a4c1df8a- 8500
leptar - 427ed2ac82c802ffb7ce0c4b5fdc76b7f1b26e4f68060d797dfd5d5fb000649e - 1673943
aniglo - 25434438cb805bf05db6cc2022a6aafed5a8f551a3148d6f3ff4134446adf6ee - 1668173
BruceLee007 - d3de1c47546192d0526df246b5451f06177c57ae7c1c5281e52c3dec1e16a59e - 4500
trafficolaa - 0ece341811cdd6c60157529544f9987ca687295205d88caa1f7cf7f988f2f90d - 1667887
botany - 5d162385430b3c1da11dfdd83c821ae0e697fa5cc1f10f6a60ba64af923d8fbe - 1676767
jjacob - e335b630d8d3e71c6fa6e8bd8e0b1f76f5a561752a036c4a8c79b1d5cec488b0 - 9998
panju1 - 4a02adb8394a658ba11500f3498146b6f6f74e9ac8d00e329c3f9ec3d51322c0 - 10500
shulio - 3a59e8c4299c8d092881d7725ea906b8613d0bd4e6755a6a3e46d1ae0bc238b1 - 9400
vero - 3b986eeea5af6d710bddf69f8b3329570e6db565ce479c30b64cf20a77c24b07 - 5678
addicto - f33c8410c581a18a622ac7260c787541316cff2da1dca3cf24c15951a72ce67a - 1670856
bithasher - 9f14740900d40d987dd25cf3b3a7f54f3c48ea612cf668bda0239c637f630c2e - 1670348
Freaks - 0c7b9cfe92017c6ff30d796ca831056807df4104645d21307387b0f815c3e8e7 - 1671000
ttman - 335d8fed8ef8607a7465236aec2c91b1f54c77c06caa88d74e15fa594f006f17 - 3200
katerniko1 - 9db205f893739ff3cb0dec7e3e0cb9ccabbde77ee819baf18d36b5d683693af8 - 1686975
cparsley - 67ffce744c0fca184bb20a0ba79db67c5e588410012b15deade2e1221a2b7d39 - 6236
dishku - 38bf510c84b7157ec6798694241b59037df01c4422773623cd50fed3dfc4d191 - 1672155
kolloh - aae170092f917f27a8f583fbccb97b6a9a09f0f16be4be842bfd8977500860a1 - 7011
11  Economy / Gambling / ★ The LuckyBit Derby ★ Provably Fair Win-Place Horse Racing! on: August 12, 2015, 12:03:09 AM
After much deliberation, testing, development, hand-wringing, and other associated activities, I am quite proud to present to the public...

A LuckyBit Community Production

★ Provably Fair - Powered by MoneyPot ★
★ Innovative new Win-Place simulation algorithm ★
★ A wide variety of ticket types and multi-ticketing system ★
★ Procedurally generated horses, millions of possibilities ★
★ A fixed house edge on every ticket - no bookie fixing ★
★ A quality experience that's great on mobile ★
★ There's even an Easter Egg to find! ★

What are you waiting for? Point your little mouse clicker at and see what all the fuss on LuckyBit has been about! Got questions? Well post them here and I'm happy to answer. This is a public beta, which means your feedback is very important! Some minor changes may still be made to the game and suggestions will be considered for inclusion, so please let me know what you think!


Is this horse races?

How exactly does it work?
In a nutshell, I've come up with an algorithm to simulate the Win and Place results of a horse race from a cryptographically secure random source. The algorithm is fully explained in the on-site help page. The short explanation is, each horse gets a relative rating, and the odds of each pairing of Win and Place gets a relative probability based on the ratings of those horses.
12  Economy / Games and rounds / LuckyBit Tournament Day Returns! July 31 - 1 BTC first prize on: July 26, 2015, 03:39:04 PM

Fri July 31 All Day

Hey, you! Do you want to win a bitcoin?

* Visit LuckyBit anytime on July 31
* Place a bet of exactly 0.005BTC on any game to enter! Every bet is one entry.
* The bets that see the greatest profit will be the winners!

1st place - 1.0BTC - 2nd place - 0.25BTC - 3rd place - 0.1BTC

Ties will be split according to traditional tournament tie result rules; specifically, tied players will combine and equally split the prize(s) they won.

All wagers of exactly 0.005BTC on any LuckyBit line received on July 31, 2015 will be qualified to win, without limitation. The bets with the highest profit will be selected as the winners, with a leaderboard comprised of the highest-profiting qualified wagers provided and used as the authoritative result. In the event of a tie result, prizes will be combined and split equally among the winning entries. In the event of a technical error, this promotion will be postponed again.

LuckyBit reserves the right to modify or cancel the terms of this promotion, although we sincerely hope we don't have to. Gambling can be addictive; please play responsibly. LuckyBit is a registered trademark. All rights reserved. Side effects may include blurred vision and loss of time. Bitcoin is not a substitute for healthy sleep. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this promotion is not intended to mitigate, cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease or medical condition. These are not the droids you are looking for. Move along.

Really? A whole bitcoin?
Where's the leaderboard?
Why is the leaderboard empty?
Because the tournament hasn't started yet. The board should fill automatically once the day begins.
I don't get the tie result thing.
That's not a question, but it basically means that if people tie for the prizes, they'll split them. If this happens it will make sense when I send out the payments; don't panic over details.
Dude, you .... don't suck!
That's not a question either. But thanks!
13  Economy / Games and rounds / LuckyBit Tournament Day Returns! [CANCELED] on: July 01, 2015, 08:31:29 PM


The tournament is canceled. LuckyBit will be down on July 11th. This post is retained for posterity.

That's right, we're back for another round of the LuckyBit Tournament! Coming Saturday, July 11 at 00:00 UTC and running all day, all bets of exactly 0.005BTC will be included in the tournament. Three prizes of 0.5BTC, 0.2BTC, and 0.1BTC will be available to the three players that manage the most profit on a single bet!


All valid bets processed by the LuckyBit engine of exactly 0.005BTC will be considered entries for the competition. Entries will be sorted according to highest profit to determine the rankings; bonus coin results will be included, so a sparkle could break a tie! In the event of a tie, prizes will be shared and split according to the intuitive rule that tie prizes are combined and split with all tied entries.

A live leaderboard will be provided. This will be authoritative as it directly queries the LuckyBit API.

There are no restrictions on entries - all are free to enter as many times as they wish.


Where's the leaderboard?
It will be provided the day before the tournament.
I don't get the tie resolution, can you give an example?
Sure. The last tournament saw three players that tied for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. The first place got his entire prize, and the other two prizes were combined and shared with those three players. In total, four payments were made.
What if something catastrophic happens?
I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
Hello bridge! Tournament's canceled - LuckyBit is down and will be on July 11.
14  Economy / Games and rounds / The LuckyBit NBA/NHL Peculiar Parley Promotion! on: May 31, 2015, 03:28:46 AM
Let me preface this game with a bit of an introduction. I'm not a sports betting man. I don't find sports particularly interesting and I don't really care to bet on them. That said, sports betting is incredibly popular with the LuckyBit community and I do get to read about lots of different styles of bets. The one I encounter most frequently is a strange beast called a "parley" and apparently requires the bettor to predict the outcomes of multiple events. In the spirit of this tradition, I present to you, the LuckyBit community and lovers of the "parley"...

The LuckyBit NBA/NHL Peculiar Parley Promotion!
(or, "Championship-Cup Smash-Up")

How does it work?
To win a share of the prize, you simply have to correctly predict the winners of both series. The NBA Championship finals run from June 4 to June 19, while the NHL Stanley Cup series runs from June 3 to June 17. Since these are best-of-seven series, one may end before the other; of course, the game won't be evaluated until both winners are declared. Four bet addresses will be provided. Use a compatible wallet - just like all my promotions and LuckyBit itself, I depend on your wallet being able to receive funds at addresses it spends from. Send a bet to the address for your prediction(s) and good luck! Entries open immediately and close at 22:00 June 3 which is 2 hours before the start of the first game of the Stanley Cup.

What are the wager and the prize?
The wager is minimum 0.005BTC (suggested 0.01BTC) with no limit. You can send any amount of 0.005BTC or more to any game address to place a bet. It is permissible for an address to send to two (or even all four!) game addresses and you may send more than 0.005BTC; if you win, you will receive a proportional share of the prize. LuckyBit will match 50% of all wagers to the prize pot, up to a maximum of 0.5BTC.

I just wanted to bet on one sport, not both!
No problem! Just bet an equal amount on each pairing for the team you support. If your team wins, you win - and it doesn't matter what happens in the other game.

Wait, I can just bet on everyone? Isn't that cheating?
I considered the pros and cons of allowing this and decided it is worth it. This strategy *can* work - up to a point. As more people participate, the effectiveness of this strategy decreases and at a certain point it becomes a strategy of betting "against the crowd" rather than attempting to game the system into a sure thing. You're free to try it, though; it might be a good decision, and it might not. That's the game!

What else do I need to know?

Betting is closed.

To bet on CLE+CHI, send to 1BRb42Xcn729F5wTrgJqft2GXFWPVFMMGX
To bet on CLE+TBL, send to 1Ce35jqZ3PYwtP8xxgnvfnBALw5994bUuh
To bet on GSW+CHI, send to 1BUrz9rVMbf5MoqSwf3xVmybeZTQtddns8
To bet on GSW+TBL, send to 1D8VHBmsmFbxbBr52yJSYRGNT1GWNQnRVy

Can you explain it to me in simple terms?
I already did. Scroll up.
Don't you mean "parlay"? Parley is a chat, in pirate-speak.
No, I mean "parley". Because bastardization is the second-highest form of flattery.
I don't understand the prize match. How does that work?
LuckyBit will match 50% of all wagers, up to 0.5BTC and add that to the prize pool.
Do I have to play LuckyBit?
No, but we'd like it if you tried us out!
Can I send 0.0025BTC to two game addresses to bet on just one team?
No, all bets must be 0.005BTC or greater individually. You can send 0.005BTC to two game addresses.
What about mistake sends?
Sends under 0.005BTC will be added to the prize pot and considered a non-refundable prize donation. Abnormally large sends will be considered wagers; if you need me to refund a ridiculous sum, I can do that, but let's not make a habit of casually tossing around large amounts of money; it makes me uneasy.
Where can I find the current status of the games?
On the respective franchise websites.
Dude, you suck?
Putting a question mark at the end of a statement doesn't make it a question.
15  Economy / Games and rounds / ★ Lucky Bit Tournament Day Returns ★ 0.6 BTC prizes on: May 13, 2015, 11:48:47 PM

Yes, it's back! The pilot was a pretty big success so I've come with another batch of bitcoin to hand out. Here's how you can get in the game:

The Pitch
I've got a prize pot of 0.6BTC to hand out, and I want to give it to a few Lucky Bit badasses! All day Saturday, place a bet of exactly 0.007BTC on any line and try for your best snipe. Every bet is an entry, and the highest multipliers win! The prizes will be handed out to the top three results; 0.4BTC for first place, 0.125BTC for second place and 0.075BTC for third place. Come on by, chat with the gang, and show us how you Lucky Bit!

The Rules

Tournament day is Saturday, May 16 and the contest runs all day, from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC(GMT). All bets on any of the five Lucky Bit games of exactly 0.007BTC will be entered to win. Chat participation is not required. Each address is eligible to win one and only one prize; however, it is permitted to play with multiple addresses. The highest multiplier achieved by an entry bet placed from an address will be that address' final Score. There is one First Prize of 0.4BTC, one Second Prize of 0.125BTC, and one Third Prize of 0.075BTC. In the event of a tie, prizes will be combined and distributed equally as appropriate. For example, if the highest Score is x24, but three addresses scored x12, the x24 winner would get the First Prize, and the other three would split the combined Second and Third Prizes.

When do I have to bet?
Anytime, Saturday, May 16, between 00:00 and 23:59 GMT.
What other requirements are there?
You have to bet 0.007BTC exactly. That's it!
How many times can I enter?
As many as you want.
Will there be a leaderboard this time?
Yes! Bookmark this page for current tournament information.
I feel like I should have more questions, do you have one for me?
No, sorry. Get creative!
Okay... how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
None, because a wood chuck won't chuck wood.
If a wood chuck would chuck wood, how much wood could a wood chuck chuck?
None, because a wood chuck can't chuck wood, even if it would.
Okay, how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could and would chuck wood?
Hopefully none, because even if a wood chuck would chuck wood, and a wood chuck could chuck wood, a wood chuck should not chuck wood.
*sigh* - Alright. If a wood chuck would chuck wood, and a wood chuck could chuck wood, and a wood chuck should chuck wood, how much wood could a wood chuck chuck???
You're going to miss the tournament!
Dude, you suck.
16  Economy / Games and rounds / The Lucky Bit Tournament Pools [closed] on: April 28, 2015, 05:28:28 PM

With the recent announcement of the Lucky Bit Tournament, a lot of users are asking how they can participate without 0.1BTC to wager. I'm very proud to re-introduce the Lucky Bit Betting Pools! Old users may remember this from some of Lucky Bit's earlier promotions, but things are going to be a little different now so I'll explain everything from the ground up.

Let's play as a team!

Maybe you don't want to risk 0.1 on Lucky Bit to enter - or maybe you don't have enough, and you still want to support the promotion. That's okay, you're not alone! By working together, you can enter the contest without as much risk and split any prizes you win. The idea is fairly simple: people put together their coins, it is wagered on Tournament Day, and whatever resulting payments sent to the pool are distributed proportionally to the people that entered the pool.

What's a Gambit?

A gambit is a predetermined strategy for a game that ignores any results that may occur during play. For example, in chess, sequences of your first three moves are called gambits because they (mostly) do not react to your opponent's moves. For our purposes, a gambit is a chosen method of betting 0.1BTC on Lucky Bit. Some people might want to play different gambits - I will offer a couple basic ones, but it is a community decision as to how you want to bet, and if a pool can't assemble 0.1BTC it will not be played! Each pool address represents a gambit, so you can pick your play (within reason). If several people express interest in a gambit, then I will open that pool for you!

Slices of the pie

Since each pool has a specific target of exactly 0.1BTC, the amount to buy in must be limited. Each pool will have a "share size" which is the minimum amount you must send to enter that pool. Send exactly a multiple of the share size when entering only - any amounts that are left over will not count toward the pool and will be kept as a fee donation. For example, a pool with a share size of 0.01BTC would have room for ten shares. If Alice sends 0.04, she gets four of the ten shares, or 40% of whatever the pool wins. If she sends 0.042, she still gets four shares and the leftover 0.002 will be kept.

Mistakes happen

It is more or less inevitable that somebody will make a mistake send, so be aware of how they will be handled! If you mistakenly send a fraction of a share, that money is not refundable. If you send a full share that puts the pool over 0.1BTC, the share will be refunded minus 0.0001 return fee. If you send a full share and fractional amount that puts the pool over 0.1BTC, the fraction will be kept and the excess share will be refunded. Two fractional amounts do not add up to a whole share; there is no leniency here. Seriously, fractional sends totally mess up my accounting, and they are only worth their value in my time if I keep them.

If a pool doesn't reach 0.1BTC, the shares will be refunded minus 0.0001 return fee.

On with the show!

I'll have one pool open right away, and accept gambit nominations. To nominate a gambit, just describe the gambit (method to bet 0.1BTC) in a reply here! Please account for wagering exactly 0.1BTC, plus a suggested share size if you feel it is important. If someone nominated a gambit you like, please quote it to second the nomination - two seconds will create a new pool!

Nominations close at 1 May 23:59:59. Seconds and pool entries close at 2 May 22:30:00 to allow 90 minutes for betting and entries. Refunds will be processed after payments, on 3 May. ALL TIMES UTC

Completed Pools

Share size: 0.005BTC
Gambit: 0.1BTC on Blue
Address: 16KQvj26S1mwgjHJN1LkCY4LsWHJzBe5Ph
Results: x1.1 for 0.01BTC profit

Share size: 0.01BTC
Gambit: 0.02 on Yellow, five times
Address: 12Ssh475WrDehMfPtXZoxsZ5yvUoBQBXiQ
Results: 4x0.3, 1x1.4 for a loss of 0.048BTC

Share size: 0.005BTC
Gambit: 0.1BTC on Promo
Address: 1EZgsg9FdPNp9LM8UdLcZgXu4Nribh2a4
Results: x1.5 for a 0.05BTC profit
17  Economy / Games and rounds / [NEW] ★ Lucky Bit Tournament Day ★ Win 0.25 BTC prize ★ Pilot Program on: April 28, 2015, 02:23:09 PM
Hello! Stingleword, your friendly community manager here, with another opportunity to give away some chunks of bitcoin! This months' offering is a nifty idea that I'd like to call...

Please be aware that this is a trial pilot and therefore features a smaller prize than what I would like to offer. This tournament's success will determine whether I am able to do larger rounds in the future, so if you like this idea please participate!

How it Works

Saturday, May 2 will be Tournament Day at Lucky Bit. Everybody that wagers at least 0.1BTC will be eligible to win the prize, which is 0.25BTC for this round. The only restriction is that you must wager using the same address so the system recognizes you as the same player! You do not need to register here, post an entry fee, or anything else - the game will run autonomously!

At the end of the day, all the bets will be run through my Tournament Analyzer (source available upon request). This tool simply breaks down the day's history by address, finds all addresses that bet enough to be eligible, and calculates the net winnings from each address' first 0.1BTC of wagers, then sorts it all out for easy identification of the day's winner. The address that realized the best profit on the first 0.1BTC wagered for the day will be the winner of the prize! In the event of a tie, the prize will be split.

That's it! Simple, right? Of course not, there has to be a FAQ!

Who's in the lead? Is there a leaderboard?
I don't know - I didn't do that. Next time, though!
How do I enter again?
Wager 0.1BTC or more combined on Lucky Bit anytime from 00:00 - 23:59 UTC, on May 2.
Who is the winner?
The player that realized the best profit on their first 0.1BTC of wagers.
What if someone made a bet bigger than 0.1BTC?
Only the first 0.1BTC will be evaluated; a bet that goes over 0.1 will be fractionalized to make the game fair.
What is the prize?
0.25BTC - will be held at 1LBT1vC9RfKZwiQNU2542TMvHhrjjz4ba6 before tournament day.
Can I enter with more than one address?
Yes. No limit.
I can't afford this! Will you run a pool bet so I can still participate?
As a matter of fact, yes. Read all about it here.
Isn't there some other FAQ you always have that's missing this time?
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Oh, wait, I remember! It's.....
That's not a question.
18  Bitcoin / Electrum / [SEVERE BUG] Electrum 2.1 create new wallet function silently crashes (Win8) on: April 24, 2015, 05:16:16 PM
File > New Wallet, selecting either Create New or Restore from Backup (using privkey or seed) is generating a .tmp file that is an empty, unusable, watch-only wallet and then silently crashing Electrum.

Electrum 2.1 cannot be used to recover from seed or private key, or create a new HD wallet.

Having the .tmp wallet open and issuing the importprivkey('5....') command silently fails. Having a functional wallet open and issuing the same command prompts for password, so you can import a private key into an old wallet.
19  Bitcoin / Electrum / 2.0.3 under Windows 8 perpetually "Synchronizing" on: March 17, 2015, 01:45:35 PM
I've tried it with five different wallets plus a new one, and I cannot get Electrum 2.0.3 to stop "Synchronizing" and display my available balance (as well as load my address lists and contacts). I am able to send coins and I get a notification when I receive coins, but the application is perpetually stuck in this mode and never updates the display pages. All my wallets are exclusively imported private keys - I am not using any HD wallets under Electrum. One of these wallets has literally one transaction in its history, so it shouldn't take more than a second to sync up, but it won't.

2.0.2 seems to work fine but suffers from the Zero-Size Wallet File bug (960) that has destroyed my wallets multiple times already. 1.9 is basically unusable for me (consistent periodic system-wide hangs while application is open); these problems are gone but now I can't view my balances, addresses, contacts, invoices, or history, on any wallet.

Suggestions? This is driving me nuts.
20  Economy / Games and rounds / ★ The Lucky Bit Bet Count Prediction Promotion! ★ Win over 0.5BTC! ★ on: March 13, 2015, 04:01:49 PM
★ The Lucky Bit Bet Count Prediction Promotion! ★

Hello again, Lucky Bit lovers! It's your dedicated community manager, stingleword, here with another game and a fresh pot of bitcoin to give away! I've been authorized to hand out 1BTC and I'm going to split it up to to two prizes. Remember the Millionth Bet Prediction game? Well, this is going to be something like that. Here's how it works:

This promotion will run for two weeks only starting Monday, March 16, 00:00 UTC.
Each week, the prize will start at 0.5BTC.
All bet money received will be added to the prize.
To win, you must guess how many bets will be placed during the week.
The week starts at 00:00:00 UTC on Monday and ends at 23:59:59 on Sunday.
The entry period opens for bets at 00:00:00 UTC on Monday and closes at 23:00:00 on Sunday.
To place a bet, send 0.005BTC to the game address. Use a compatible wallet.
Post your guess and the TXID of your bet here and await confirmation!
The winner will be the player that guesses closest to the actual number of bets played during the week.
If two people tied for closest, the person that entered earlier wins.

Lucky Bit administration and I cannot enter.
Only one entry per week per Bitcoin Talk account.
You must use a compatible wallet and send the entire 0.005BTC in a single transaction.
Your post must be within the entry period and must include your transaction ID to be accepted.
Your bet transaction must either be confirmed or high priority before the entry period ends. Don't skimp the fee.
Blatant abuse of this promotion may result in its early termination and the prize not being awarded.
By playing, you reserve the right to mock me mercilessly if/when I make an administrative mistake.

Can I influence the bet count by playing on Lucky Bit after I bet here?
Yes, of course. That's half the fun.
If my guess gets passed early, can I bet again?
Nope. One bet per week per account.
How do you know where to send the prize?
I determine your address in the same manner Lucky Bit does when you send a bet to it.
What's a "compatible wallet"? What happens if I don't use one?
A compatible wallet is one where you control the private keys. Known examples of compatible wallets are, Mycelium, and Electrum. An incompatible wallet is one where a third party controls the keys, or a service that functions as a wallet in addition to some other service. Examples include exchanges such as Coinbase or Bitstamp, off-chain games such as PrimeDice or Betcoin, or shared wallets such as Xapo. If you use an incompatible wallet, your prize will become the property of your wallet's provider!
Why is there an entry period and a week?
Because the entry period closes an hour before the week ends.
I sent a small/large/wrong amount, can I get a refund?
No. That money is prize money now.
I didn't send enough to bet, can I send the difference to make my bet count?
No. Send the entire amount in one transaction.
I sent too much, can that still count as my bet?
Can I get a refund on the difference?
No. That money is prize money now.
Does bets played mean total bets on Lucky Bit, or just valid ones?
Just valid ones.
Dude, you suck!
I bet you won't say that if you win.
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