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1  Economy / Computer hardware / closed... items sold on: August 16, 2020, 11:36:30 PM

s17pro 50    $750
S17e 64      $850
S17+ 70      $500  has one board not running with temp sensor error. Running at 48th

All are currently listed on eBay for 7 day auction. If interested, let me know, and I'll message you the link.  Shipping from eastern PA.
2  Other / Politics & Society / Demographics and politic views..... what's yours? on: June 23, 2020, 11:28:54 AM
I see a lot of the same people posting both sides of the political arguments and if often makes me wonder. What was their upbringing that makes them take the stance they do. What is their age, life experience, work experience, etc....

Like the rioting youngsters attacking cops. What makes you think that hurting other people will change a law? Have you never heard the phrase "shooting the messenger"?

So, without re-hashing everyone political bias....... what made you think the way you do, and why do you refuse to consider other viewpoint ?

Tell us about yourself, your age, education, life experience, work experience, income bracket.
3  Bitcoin / Mining support / Randomly dropping one board on s17e on: January 25, 2020, 10:44:48 PM
Hey gang.

On my s17e 64, it'll run just fine for about two days, then it'll drop a board. I do a reboot and it recovers fine. Runs another 2-3 days, and drops a board again. Still under warranty. Any ideas if this is something I can remedy, or ship it out for repair?

Here's a sample of the log, when running just fine:

2020-01-25 22:30:35 power_api.c:318:set_to_check_asic_voltage: Set to voltage raw 1800, one step.
2020-01-25 22:30:52 uart.c:69:set_baud: set UART baud to 115200
2020-01-25 22:30:59 driver-btm-api.c:794:check_asic_number_with_power_on: Chain[0]: find 135 asic, times 0
2020-01-25 22:31:06 driver-btm-api.c:794:check_asic_number_with_power_on: Chain[1]: find 135 asic, times 0
2020-01-25 22:31:13 driver-btm-api.c:794:check_asic_number_with_power_on: Chain[2]: find 135 asic, times 0
2020-01-25 22:31:13 power_api.c:336:set_to_highest_voltage_by_steps: Set to voltage raw 2000, step by step.
2020-01-25 22:32:00 driver-hash-chip.c:433:set_uart_relay: set uart relay to 0x390003
2020-01-25 22:32:01 driver-hash-chip.c:821:set_ldo_ctrl: Set LDO to 0x2000203

But when it drops the one board, the italicized line reads:  Chain [2]: find 000 asic, ....

I'm not seeing any errors pop up when that occurs. My other 3 s17's have been running like a Swiss clock (Pro50, and two S17+)

Edit:  Bitmains trouble-shooting guide (mostly related to S9's) shows "make sure cables are good and properly placed" as a solution.
4  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Electric Rates.... look around in de-regulated states on: December 23, 2019, 11:08:45 PM
I'm mining in PA.  Just a little garage operation. But due to my location, the norm around here is about .10-.11c/kWh. So efficiency was key when buying miners.  I'm still profitable, but I'm quite envious of people with 5-6 cent power.

Well, PA is de-regulated in regards to energy providers.  I've checked rates often, but never seen much more than a 1-2 cent difference between suppliers.

My bill is two parts. The company owning the local poles/wires/infrastructure charges me a portion of the bill for "delivery", usually about 5.5c/kWh.  That part cannot be changed.

The second part of the bill is from the "generation' company who creates the power.  That part we can shop around for.

Local delivery company's generation rate is another 6c or so, so I shopped around and got another company to make the juice for about 5.4c.     Overall, my current billing total is about 10.9c/kWh.

So now that I'm mining, power costs hit the forefront of my mind again. I started looking around the PA power switch website and saw a company offering a FLAT RATE generation fee.  They're charging higher than normal rates (for the avg customer), but with my high usage, theres a huge benefit.

I read thru the 12mo contract, terms and conditions, and all the literature.  There is no loophole to charge me extra. It's a flat $149.99 rate for generation regardless of usage.  They advertise green, clean energy to appeal to those folks, and they make bank off the avg household.

I filled out the form and the switch will occur within a week. Now I will be paying about 5.5c/kWh delivery, plus $150 flat rate for generation.

Here's how the changes work out:

So, 6,000 kWh bill will now be $480/mo..... (Delivery is approx .055c x 6000 = $330..... plus $150 flat generation fee).  Whereas previous bill combined .109 delivery+generation for 6000 kWh would be $654.

Now... the more juice I use... the more I save.

6000 kWh old rate = $654. New plan = $480. 174 saved. 8c kWh rate.
8000 kWh old rate = $872. New plan = $590. 282 saved. 7.3c kWh rate.
10,000 kWh old rate = $1090. New plan = $700. 390 saved. 7c kWh rate.

So if you live in a state that has this option... shop around.
5  Bitcoin / Mining support / S17 issue solved. Restored power to 3rd board. May be a common issue. on: December 18, 2019, 12:39:34 AM
So, just an FYI.... happened to me today, and a friend last week.

Woke up to learn my S17 56th went offline at 5am. Kernel log indicated it shut down because there was more than 0.5 volt difference between hash boards.

I rebooted.   Nothing.
I rebooted.   Nothing.

Went downstairs and pulled the plug.  Let it sit 5min and plugged it back in.  Vroom....back in gear.

Was up and running and then I got distracted by my time machine (xbox).

A few hours later, I check my pool and notice I'm running about 20-25th lower than normal.

Yep, the S17 56th is running about 2/3's normal hash.
Log in, 3rd board not detected. Reboot, nothing. Same. Only picking up 2 boards.

I popped the top off the miner. I found the same thing happened to me that happened to my friend. The rear buss bar wasn't fully seated into the 3rd hash board. It was at the slightest of angles, fully seated into the 1st board, but maybe 1/4" raised out of the clip in the 3rd board.  Pressed back into place and we are up and running like normal again.

Hopefully sharing this information may help someone in the future.

Pop the cover off the top of the PSU. Look in and you can see two bars running left to right, clipping into the clip atop the hash boards. The rear one likes to wiggle up and out. I'm guessing due to constant vibration of fans running.

So if you're only getting power to 2 of the 3 boards, check this before shipping it out for service.
6  Other / Politics & Society / CNN leftist bias proven on hidden camera. on: October 15, 2019, 11:57:35 AM

Above is the link to the video. CNN employee tapes conversations of the bosses who no longer give a crap about honest reporting with integrity. They only want to bash Trump and republicans.

This is no surprise to anyone. But offers confirmation about their reporting motives.
7  Other / Politics & Society / Gun criminal goes future gun control issues don't arise on: October 13, 2019, 09:51:45 PM

Very lengthy story, so I will not add the text. 

But long story short..... dude was selling home-made AR's without serial number (which is illegal)
Building your own AR without a serial number is legal, but you cannot sell or transfer.

Defense brings into question the ATF definition of firearm, which currently includes the AR15 lower receiver.  According to ATF definition, they realize the AR15 lower receiver does not technically meet the ATF definition of receiver or firearm. Judge rules as such. He's right.

ATF backs off the prosecution, fearing a decision would create a precedence declassifying AR15 lowers as firearms.

Such a long article, I don't know if he was selling the entire rifle or just the 80% lower after completion.
8  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Pool hopping..... yea or nay? on: September 23, 2019, 05:57:02 PM
Friend of mine and I both started mining btc about the same time and speak daily.

He's got more of an electronics brain, and mine is more electrical. So, I'm not great with the technicals, where he is.

We both started mining on Slushpool.  Everything's going fine for me.  I'm in a nice Ron Popeil, set it and forget it, mindset. (You might have to google that if you're under 40yo).

 Buddy opened an acct with and has been hoping back n forth.

I know there's different payout methods, and I'll admit, figuring them out is probably beyond my stone-age comprehension level.

Today my friend says.... "Screw this, Slushpool is taking forever to find blocks, I'm jumping over to"

So my question to the experienced miners...... 1.) is my buddy taking advantage and getting better payouts by jumping back and forth? 2.) is there a 'mining payout for dummies' explanation that will help me decide if I should stay with Slush or move elsewhere?

I haven't seen my estimated daily payout drop except for when difficulty rises.

(Note:  I'm running about 120TH avg now, will be 160-170 in November)
9  Bitcoin / Mining support / S17 Pro-50 high temp in Turbo on: September 21, 2019, 08:40:43 PM
Have a Pro-50, runs just peachy in normal mode. Highest chip temp around 80 normally.

Started cooling off up here in the northeast, ambient 50F degrees overnight. So I decided to test out turbo mode.
Threw it into turbo, was running just fine overnight and this morning, highest chip temp 86, maybe 88. Ambient in the garage was about 55-60F

3pm, we hit 80F degrees outside, guessing garage about 75F.  Miner chip temp jacks to 105 and shuts down.

Guessing I should just stop pressing my luck and leave it in normal.
10  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB- one S17 on: September 03, 2019, 07:47:18 AM
I'm looking at adding one more S17 to my little home mining hobby. Was looking at Kaboomracks and Mr Offord's posts, but I just can't figure out how to work the Telegram app.  (Yeah, I'm old... tired of adding new apps)

If anyone is looking to unload an S17, shoot me a message with price and we can start a conversation. Open to entertaining all S17 versions depending on price.

11  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Varispin Solar starting advertising of a new miner.... 48TH-3000W on: August 10, 2019, 05:07:08 PM
Anyone hear about these yet?

Certainly not as efficient as others, but the price point seems a little more feasible than the $5k S17's

Varispin is a solar company, based in China with a US office in Miami. One of the guys in my stock trading discord room has spoken to a Miami rep, and should be getting one of these units late this month. I'll update as I hear more from him.
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