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1  Other / Off-topic / My way of thinking is 100% wrong, damn it. on: September 06, 2021, 08:18:06 AM
Looks like i have to take a copy/paste vocational school, i totally misjudged the Sr, Hero and Legendary members in increasing their rank, all the members were lied to, I thought it was their own identity, it turned out to be the true identity of the article, it's only right that 5-8 months have reached Legendary there is a turbo engine boost behind, it's natural to run so fast.

Let ourselves walk slowly like snails to join the runaway race with the deer, even though the snails walk slowly in the end we reach our destination, why did the deer take shortcuts and run so fast, they didn't realize they were on the way, if not the crocodile, the tiger who pounced on him, indeed money blinds every human being.

I just remind you, running to take shortcuts, if you don't know the situation the road can make your feet slip and break that's the law that has been determined by Lord Krishna.
Bear what you can afford, don't carry something that feels your spine is broken.
From now on, that's the real me, genuine without fabrication and misleading sites.
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / Suspicious : SHIB Airdrop. on: August 17, 2021, 02:08:08 AM
What happened.

I saw this topic in the Altcoin-discussion section, He is offering a SHIB Airdrop worth 20 million SHIB worth 150 US dollars/one person with a total = 100 billion SHIB, The referral link he provided was directly connected to another user's trust wallet, suspicious.

Is this really legit or purpose to scam other users in this forum please someone respond to this problem, so that there is no victim in this matter.

if, the topic is intended to clearly lead to a scam, please DT members warn users - hopefully there are no victims in this case.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Mind-Country-Bitcoin. on: June 21, 2021, 05:05:00 PM
First Elon-Now Chinna-Tomorrow what else will be discussed.
Bitcoin is heading to its 13th year, every 4 years the rich are getting richer-because of Bitcoin, does that include you....! I do not think so.

Chinna was furious with Elon-she acted like a wolf, swallowed her bones-China set a new trap 1-2 Successfully the 3rd failed and was completely swallowed by the car businessman, now the 4th story is just starting to look fun and long.

You all have to follow the Chinese storyline this time-leave that silly Elon, prepare yourselves-maybe you'll be the next billionaire.

Hold your emotions-a new game is starting this time the director is china.
4  Other / Meta / [Stop] disputes between you in 2019. on: December 30, 2019, 07:51:43 AM
Now entering 2020, leave the bad things in 2019, that's better.

OgNasty vs Vod =Topic: Vod is a liar.

Lauda vs TECSHARE =Topic: More trust system abuse by Lauda

OgNasty, Vod, Lauda, ​​TECSHARE, why don't you settle well and put an end to all the accusations for the sake of the accusation that hasn't been settled between you.

Now it is about to enter a new year, why don't you take a better example from LoyceV, suchmoon and other members who always attach great importance to the progress of the Bitcointalk Forum and the community.

What's in it for you guys always fighting, is it better for you, if it's better for you, just destroy this forum, rather than we see you guys fighting over and over, maybe it's better for you guys.

Satoshi and theymos have taken pains to make this bitcointalk Forum for the betterment of the people in the world, but you all, consider this forum as a game and a play, a field of the uni soviet regime.

Honestly, all of you who are respected and respected here, try to give us the best without disputes in 2020, maybe it's worse than you think.
5  Other / Meta / Trolls are liars on: November 23, 2019, 03:21:13 PM
In recent days, people have fun with birthdays hosted by @theymos, a work of art that is loved by, @theymos.

Came some trolls saying, my account was hacked please recover, my account has been stolen for a year, please help, boring .

Actually the forum rules regarding accounts on hacks are already here, with all the stages must be passed, very clear.


Often, you need to prove ownership of the account with a PGP or Bitcoin signature. This has two steps:

 1. You need to show that the PGP key or Bitcoin address is associated with the account, for example by referencing an unedited post in which you posted the address.
 2. You need to sign an appropriate message with that key/address.

For example, this is an example of an appropriate proof of ownership:

My account <account> has been hacked/lost. Please reset the email to <email>. The current date is <date>.
<insert address here>
<insert signature here>

Here is the unedited post where I posted that address:...

Rather, the troll did not do what was stated above, without giving even a cent of the evidence, coming to the meta saying the account had been hacked, actually the account was sold, when the account was used by someone else making money on this forum came and said the account was stolen, the most rotten person in the world.

Which happened so far in the bitcointalk Forum.




I can't figure out why by moderators and other members it is easy to trust a hacked account without seeing evidence, trolls are very easy to tell and lie words if he loses.

This topic does not accuse anyone of anyone here, only hears a simple but professional opinion.
6  Other / Off-topic / Forum stories and experiences. on: October 09, 2019, 02:33:49 AM
Going inland in one country, can make us add knowledge and can share experiences, help, treat, and so on.

At first I objected to going there, because of the lack of facilities, the water had to go to the bottom of the mountain to get it.

Electricity is also limited, so I suggested to my friends to buy some generators to charge cellphones and laptops so that other electronic devices can be used not to be damaged quickly.

Not a few parents, children, pregnant women and also young people visit us every day and night, some who want treatment, some who want to relax various things.

From the village to the city is about 25 kilos, in the city the government facilities are quite decent, like banks etc., it takes a motorcycle transportation to get all of that to get to the city.
over time I got used to life in the same, I was assigned to a remote place about 6 months more or less.

Question and answer:
One night I sat while opening my cellphone and laptop, then I opened the Bitcoin Forum site and the Bitcoin market.

The teenager there asks what is the Bitcoin Forum and the Bitcoin market ...?
I answer,
Forums and Bitcoin are created by: (Satoshi).
Now the Forum is entrusted to (theymos).

Bitcoin forum is a place where someone wants to discuss Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which has already passed and to come.
And the market to sell Bitcoin buy / sell transactions.
Just like you here selling goods to other people.
in short.

Can you teach us about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, to make a little more money, Bitcoin investment ...?
I answer,
Of course I can teach you all of them on the condition that you must have at least a cellphone or laptop.

The night is getting late the story about crypto and bitcoin is over for that night for a while.

Around 7am, the young man last night, about 10 people, brought me quite a lot of money.

I said, what is money for, I don't need money here.

They answered please teach us about Bitcoin,
I answer.
ooh that ..!
For that you don't need the money all you need is a cellphone and a laptop.
Now we go to the city to find cellphones and laptops.

Long story short, each of the young people already has a cellphone some of them buy laptops.

Day after day I continue to teach them about cryptocurrency and forums, now all the villages know the forum and Bitcoin.
And has already brought results for them, I'm proud to be able to teach them about forums and Bitcoin.

I think of Forums and Bitcoin as a joke, in the current technological development.

But for them, no, Bitcoin is a new system that they are familiar with and can make more money for them, now they are familiar with forums and Bitcoin.

This is my experience that I can tell even though I myself am not sure, but at least I have done something that they think is good.
7  Other / Meta / @theymos are Japanese. on: October 04, 2019, 09:32:23 AM
Think for a moment between theymos and satoshi.


I want to discuss a few meanings of: satoshi and theymos in the dictionary the names are not found whose names are satoshi and theymos.
A little discussion:
satoshi: means the smallest unit in the count of Bitcoin with a value of 1 = (bitcoin = 0.00000001 BTC), and so on.
Nakamoto: means a group or organization, meaning more than one person / plural.
theymos: also has meaning in the word: (verb).
Can be said (an action, existence, experience, or dynamic or beautiful understanding, wise there and others).

Meaning: satoshi and theymos do not use their real names, (using a pseudonym), the conclusion, is that at any time they will never be found either satoshi or theymos, because there is no real identity.

Now and so on.
Many people outside the forum and inside the Forum discuss Bitcoin and the Bitcointalk Forum.

1. Who invented bitcoin, surely people say satoshi nakamoto, if you look at it, it's definitely in japanese.
2. who makes the bitcointalk forum the same answer is satoshi nakamoto.

Since the birth of bitcoin and bitcointalk forums, no one can know the identity of who satoshi nakamoto and until now it is still a secret.

Satoshi lost like in the swallow of the earth, is that right, no one knows where and where is satoshi for now.

Bitcointalk forum for now entrusted to theymos, of course.

Have you ever imagined the figure of satoshi, for now where.
And have you ever thought of a brief posting (theymos), in native Japanese.

See below:

by: theymos


( archive

by: theymos

( archive )

I'm not saying that theymos are satoshi.

When I see from the post above, at least it arises in my mind that (theymos) are Japanese.
And most likely the person closest to satoshi.

The conclusion is, theymos are satoshi and satoshi are theymos.

Am I right or wrong ...?

What do you think about this, accepted or not that: theymos is satoshi and satoshi is theymos.

Give your positive opinion.
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