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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Scam donation email posing from on: December 18, 2017, 12:04:00 PM
I just received this 40 minutes ago. First thing I noticed was that the Bitcoin address was different. Is this a scam? The email header looks looks like its coming from some paint company...

Header, obfuscated for my personal email.
2  Other / Off-topic / Tabs or Spaces? on: July 20, 2017, 05:35:42 PM

Tabs or Spaces?
Lets answer this age old question once and for all.

3  Bitcoin / Project Development / [ANN] Cryptocoin Liability Analyzer on: October 04, 2016, 02:06:15 AM
With all of the minted coins that have been floating around the Bitcoin and Altcoin communities. I have always wanted a way to check if all of a manufacturer's coins are still indeed intact. I have already done this with many coins already but some I haven't due to a lack of a full public list. I am proposing the creation of a website that takes in the public addresses and displays the amount of BTC impact that it has. This puts a new layer of transparency over the physical crypto currency market.

How do we really know that a manufacturer's coins are indeed intact? Of course you could check your public address, but what about the thousands of others? This tool will help ease the public's mind. Mass theft can be silent and behind the scenes if hackers got a hold of a manufacturers private address keys, Or worse yet, the manufacturer is the culprit themselves.

I am planning on making a dashboard website of all the current coins on my main website. The backend is already written, I just need the input. Incomplete or missing public address lists will mark a manufacturer as as being a liability as not all pubic keys are publicly available. To avoid getting marked as a liability manufacturer, please post below or PM a link to an updated list (txt,csv,or json) of all public coins.

Please note: this project may change direction so expect this description to change as it progresses.

What does everyone think? What features should I include? How can you help?

Public addresses

NastyFans Full list
Casascius Full list
BitPieces Full list
Microsoul (Had a nice Register, but now it is 403)
Lealana Partial list
CryptoImperator (missing csv, website change??)

PM me or message below with a public link to a public link to a manufacturers website.

4  Bitcoin / Project Development / [ANN] - WE-ARE-SATOSHI Dynamic Art Project on: July 18, 2016, 12:56:23 AM


Water mark "Naypalm" is not in final product. For OP display purposes only.


Over 12,000 public user avatars from the forum

On the website, they are in order from 1 to 860,000+

Dynamically updating so if you change your avatar, it will update*.


Scans are being made July 14 thru July 25 2016 of every user avatar on the forum. Scans take ~10 days.

Fun Facts:
- Out of the 860,000+ users, only around 12,200 registered members have an avatar.
- Only 10,195 are unique, so a little over 2,000 were spam ad avatars.


Simply because it was another one of my "what if?" projects. I was simply curious and wanted to see if I could make something out of nothing.

Coming Soon:

Unique Series Mosaic images, lithograph/inkjet posters, and canvas may be available.


BTC Donations are greatly appreciated at 1LNziaNAwJSfMgpnFMKiwYFGDx47Q55qS6

I am hoping to get some great art pieces posted up for sale soon. Feedback is greatly appreciated!  Smiley





The Mosaic ID search is now working after a year of hiatus. Mosaic ID Search

I am working on a much more stabler front page as well as a way to start selling canvas and paper poster prints.


Small update, scanning is almost complete. It is now at 802,000 and should finish up overnight. Total scan time for this project is ~10 days. Phew!  Shocked

Later on this week, I will post up examples of some designs and will consider everyone's opinions, so please participate!

A fuzzy sneak peak from this weekend:

Water mark "Naypalm" is not in final product. For OP display purposes only.

5  Bitcoin / Project Development / Kialara Bitcoin Analyzer on: March 24, 2016, 08:50:27 PM

I have created a manual Kialara Bitcoin Analyzer. It will eventually be modeled after my Casascius and NastyFans Bitcoin Analyzers. The scans will begin this weekend and it will update a user friendly list on the website. Feel free to add your Kialara Bitcoin address.

What? Because a public list of Kialara Bitcoins cannot be procured, I decided to leave it up to the coins' owner to add the address to the public scans. This way, if a mass-sell or transfer of bitcoins were to happen, then owners would not be caught off guard.

Why? To scan Kialara Bitcoin bars and to ensure transparency for all Kialara Bar owners.

I'll post up more info as more features are added.
6  Economy / Goods / WTB MTGox Yubikey on: March 14, 2016, 03:42:52 AM
I am looking to buy a physical mtgox yubikey, preferably in decent shape.

Let me know.

7  Other / Off-topic / [ADVICE] Happy 1000 posts! on: October 21, 2015, 12:52:12 AM
What should I do on my 1000th post/activity day? Grin

8  Other / Off-topic / Cryptocoin almanac 2016 on: August 17, 2015, 03:59:46 AM

I still see Casascius coins as a big seller and that the price will continue to rise due to no more coins being produced. Ever since the cease of production in 2014, the price has gone up significantly. I have noticed when BTC was over $1000 that the price of both redeemed and intact coins increased quite a bit. Today you can expect to get $650 for a ungraded s2 1BTC coin and $800 for graded.

Smoothies Lealana Bitcoin and Litecoins are a neat novelty, but I can not fully trust them due to their lack of a public list of addresses. There is a partial LTC public list that was posted 2 years ago, but without an updated list, no one truly knows how many are out there and whether they are rare or not. My prediction is that they will plateau and the price will stay around $50 for the brass/nickel 1 LTC coin. If an analyzer were to be developed, perhaps we could get a better idea of how many are still in existence. Wink

Kialara bitcoin bars have been growing in popularity even though there is yet a public list of all coins addresses. They are a casascius-like coin where you have to cut away a hologram to redeem your bitcoins. However you have to take a hammer and destroy the bar in order to get to the hologram which makes it a bit more unique. They are art pieces, but I would not trust transferring any bitcoin to the bars address. My prediction is that the price for the older 2014 models will increase due to halted production. If someone were to create a tool to track these bars, I also predict that the price/popularity of these will increase. Wink

I am very surprised that NastyFans minted seat coins are not as popular as Kialara or Casascius coins. Sure it has a very goofy name, but there is nothing goofy about the operation and market of NastyFans. It is certainly a different way of having a physical bitcoin, but the fact that it receives an unlimited amount of bitcoin over time should have many people clambering to get their hands on such a unique coin. I predict that this coin will gain popularity and more attention as the share/seat price continues to rise, as it has been for the past two months (since coming out of debt). Two months ago it was $4, and today it is almost $8. I also predict seat prices hitting $15 before the end of this year.

Crypto Imperator is a coin that I have yet to own. I really like the look of the hologram, which reminds me of the Denarius. There is a public list which is great; I am currently scanning them and will have a fully functional analyzer up soon! My prediction is since Dogecoin is so cheap ($0.0001 per coin), the price will gradually increase but only if the price of Dogecoin increases.

Crypto Vest coins I believe are no longer in production. I can see the price increasing in the future if the Litecoin price were to increase. At this time I will say that the price will plateau at or around $40 for a loaded coin. $30 for unloaded.

Microsoul has been an interesting coin as it isn't really that popular, and there are very few out there so it is quite rare. I predict that the price will stay the same around the $40 mark for the 0.01 BTC coin and $80 mark for the silver 0.05 BTC coins.

Predicted popular coin of 2015-2016: Kialara

This was very tough choice between Nastyfans and Kialara. I still feel that Kialara has the aesthetic appeal to collectors with its dual purpose being an art piece, and a cold storage wallet. I still strongly suggest people to not use it as cold storage at least until a 3rd party is able to keep an eye on all Kialara's public addresses.

Please feel free to ask me for more predictions for other coins that I have missed.
9  Bitcoin / Project Development / Suggestion for another blockexplorer on: August 15, 2015, 04:11:05 AM
Block explorer is frozen and I need a good alternative to scan 30,000 bitcoin addresses a day. has banned me, yet I have a special API key.

I am all ears as they say.

Running bitcoind is not an option since last check it was well over 20 GB in size. Roll Eyes
10  Economy / Auctions / Casascius 25 BTC coin on: August 01, 2015, 06:28:49 AM
Up for auction is a spent 25 BTC Casascius coin with no hologram.

Starting Bid: 0.25 BTC

Bid Increments: 0.05

Auction End: August 7th 2015 @ 9:00 PM EST

No Sniping: Each bid after Aug 7th at 8:45 PM EST extends the auction for 15 minutes.

Rules: Must be at least a Full Member and/or with positive feedback in order to bid. Any error bids will disregarded. If you win the auction, you must pay within 48 hours to the address that I will supply. Shipping is 0.01 BTC for the US, 0.08 BTC for everywhere else.

Payments only go to: 1LJvnrhWy4LyQMJQc85vm4FXMnyF2vgM5x Please verify that this is the payment address before sending your BTC, in case of scammers.

11  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] Various Crypto Coins on: July 28, 2015, 02:57:58 AM
I have lots of crypto coins. I am in no financial trouble, I am just gauging interest. Bold are coins that I'm willing to let go now, PM if interested. I'll add more pics as I update this post. Please understand that I may be incredibly busy during the workweek and I will respond to your posts either at night or on weekends. Thank you for understanding! :D Page prices last updated March 9, 2020.

Many of the listed coins I had on here are already sold. Future coins for sale will be listed here or on the latest post. Stay tuned!  :)

USPS First Class Parcel
US Shipping: (tracking, no insurance)
US Shipping: (tracking, with insurance)

Elsewhere (may vary):   (no tracking, no insurance)
Elsewhere (may vary):   (tracking, with insurance)

NOTICE: Anyone with a new bitcointalk account or zero trust or newbie rank must agree publicly in this thread that there will be no escrow, and that all sales are final once BTC has been sent. This must be publicly agreed to before any BTC is transferred.
12  Economy / Service Discussion / Blockexplorer is not updating on: July 07, 2015, 02:07:01 AM
Block explorer hasn't updated since the 1st. Can someone tell me if this is due to the issues with spam transactions? Also, who is now running Block Explorer?

13  Economy / Goods / WTS Soylent 1.4 & 1.5 on: June 21, 2015, 05:14:45 AM
Soylent 1.5
Stock: 10 boxes

1 box (7 bags):

4 boxes (28 bags):

Soylent 1.4
out of production
Stock: 6 boxes

1 box (7 bags):

4 boxes (28 bags):

Ships from amazon, Add on only!
Nalgene bottle:
Metal Scoop:

Recipe: Fill Nalgene bottle with 300 ml of cold water, Dump two scoops of Soylent into bottle, close & shake, enjoy. ~600 cal

Shipping to US only. PM for payment info.

Taken from the Wiki page:
Soylent is a powdered meal replacement product, advertised as a "staple meal". Its creators state that Soylent meets all nutritional requirements for an average adult. Soylent was first created and tested by software engineer Rob Rhinehart as a self-experiment in nutrition. Subsequently, Soylent was developed into the first product line of the company Rosa Labs, who currently markets and sells the formulation. Rosa Labs states that the current formulation is based on recommendations of the Institute of Medicine[2] and that Soylent meets the current Food and Drug Administration requirements to be sold as a food.[3] Rosa Labs also states that Soylent includes all of the elements of a healthy diet, without excess amounts of sugars, saturated fats, or cholesterol.[4]
14  Other / Off-topic / [ADVICE] - LASIK eye surgery on: March 08, 2015, 03:13:44 AM

I am tired of the Cool frames Cool and I hate contacts. Convince me to get or to not get LASIK vision correction surgery...

15  Other / Off-topic / Missing: Phinnaeus Gage -FOUND- on: February 07, 2015, 05:42:26 PM

Missing: Phinnaeus Gage
Real name: Bruno
Last seen: July 19, 2014, 02:23:18 PM
Looks like: Red Green, Burt Shavitz
Reward: ? ? ?

Anyone know what happened to Phinnaeus?
16  Other / Off-topic / Ideas for repurposing S1's on: September 14, 2014, 06:33:41 AM

With ASIC technology getting faster and more efficient, I figured now is the time to re-purpose my barn of S1's.

I have had quite a few ideas but I am curious what the bitcointalk community has to offer.

S1 Re-purposing Ideas

Chop them up and sell ASIC keychains

Throw into a closet and make a makeshift sauna

Line the basement with S1's to prevent pipes from freezing

Market them as Personal Networked Spaceheaters. Any coins mined is pure profit!

Remove the fan and use as a toaster!
17  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Casascius Bitcoin, Broken/Unfunded on: November 07, 2013, 07:08:58 PM

10 + in stock Sold Out

I am selling one ( 1 ) broken and unfunded 2011 series 2 Casascius physical bitcoin. [CBA link]

1JSdT31 is sold.

BTC0.15 BTC firm. Payment first, Serious buyers only. PM for payment address. Ships to US addresses only.
18  Other / Off-topic / Practical Jokes Thread on: July 10, 2013, 05:55:25 AM
Post up your best practical jokes!

19  Other / Off-topic / The Pessimism Thread on: May 02, 2013, 05:27:05 AM
This is a thread that allows only pessimistic and de-energizing posts. All posts will be laughed at then probably removed.

I'll start!

A German study suggests that people who are overly optimistic about their future actually faced greater risk of disability or death within 10 years than did those pessimists who expected their future to be worse.

20  Other / Off-topic / [Raspberry Pi] Metal Case on: January 16, 2013, 06:20:18 AM

Since many of you have Raspberry Pi's, I figured I'd pass on the info.

    6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminum case
    GPIO Port Access
    LED indicators
    True Heatsink Design
    Curved Sleek Look
    Mountable to a desk or wall
    Nearly Indestructible
    5-year warranty

$65 and Free Shipping from Etsy.
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