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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / MOVED: GreydonIselmoe: Issue resolved on: May 27, 2015, 09:48:13 AM
Issue has been resolved.
This topic has been moved to Archival.
2  Other / Archival / GreydonIselmoe: Issue resolved on: May 18, 2015, 05:46:43 AM
UPDATE: Issue has been resolved . Magic8Ball payed it.

As I said earlier :

Ps: I dont need your money, but I want it due to your rude attitude. I will not spend it for me, I will just donate it. Also , for not taking benefit of your situation I will not also attend any other signature campaigns until issue is resolved.

I have just donated it to Sean's outpost.

UPDATE: Issue has not been resolved yet. But it seems it will be done soon. Since I have very limited access to internet , Im changing the title before the settlement. When I have a proper internet I will make a more detailed explanation.

What happened:

I have attended his signature campaign 3 weeks ago. In the middle of second week , he just removed me and 4 other FM without a valid reason. I said I can accept his rude attitude only if he pays for what I posted second week.
However, he didnt pay saying by I didnt reach minimum 10 posts/weekly. Also he claimed my posts were not constructive and good quality.

I object his 2 arguments:
1-)He claimed that I didnt reach 10 posts. This argument would be only meaningful if he waited till Saturday (payout date). But he kicked me out of his campaign at Thursday. So he should pay for my posts.

2-) He claimed my posts were not constructive and (good) quality. I believe my posts were both constructive and good quality. But he kept full members who have worse posts than me , like this. Even he kept paying participants which most of their posts are "SPAMMY", like this.

To sum up, I believe he scammed me by not paying for my posts in second week. My main objection about him that he cannot kick out his participants w/o a *proper reason. He should pay what he did.

Proper reason: A reason that should be clearly stated in the OP and can be confirmed easily by objective people.

Profile Link:;u=223826

Reference Link:

Amount Scammed: 0.0054 BTC
Payment Method: BTC

PM/Chat Logs:

Additional Notes:

He broke his terms a few times. He changed campaign terms mostly. I believe he is either liar or incapable of managing signature campaigns.

Example 1: He raised maximum posts to 80 w/o saying extra conditions and he ALSO updated it in OP. After 2-3 days he changed it to 50 again,(all changes were done same week). When asked, he said it was only valid for new participants which wasnt implied anywhere but just his last post.

Link :

Example 2: He first said for first 30 people who downloads CREDITS wallet will get 10 CREDITS . But after some time , he reduced 30 to 15 by increasing the reward 10 to 20 . Since only a few people downloaded and asked for a reward , It didnt affect anyone but again he broke his promise.


Edit 1: Reference link has been fixed
Edit 2: Fixed his name
3  Economy / Lending / Needing 0.07 btc loan on: March 20, 2015, 12:16:43 AM
I'm in need of 0.07 btc loan for trading altcoin.

I want to get some alt coin fast before it rise in value. But sadly I don't have the bitcoin right now. I will only have the funds next week.

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