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1  Economy / Marketplace / Hey does anyone know any good free SMS numbers to use for Coinflip ATM machines? on: September 07, 2021, 09:20:55 PM
Like it sucks having to spend 20 bucks every month just for a prepaid phone with no ties to my real name or info.

I tried some "free" numbers in the past and coinflips stupid AI can apparently detect that and blocks it for some dumb reason. they're not gonna get penalized for not blocking numbers like that. I doubt they would if they didn't detect it. idk... but surely there has got to be some free or even just cheap numbers that will work for this.

or if anyone has any ideas for cheaper sms phones. like I used tracfone. it's only 20 bucks for a tons of minutes and sms n so on but it literally expires for some reason. so it means I have to buy more even tho I'm only using it one time.

being anonymous is so super expensive!
2  Economy / Exchanges / Can you track bitcoin transactions once it has gone to an exchange? on: September 07, 2021, 03:31:15 PM
Like Binance international for example.

If you know a bitcoin address sent we'll say 200 dollars in btc to a bitcoin exchange address. can you see what happens to it after? Like if it gets exchanged to other coins or even just sent to another wallet?

I know the exchanges can, but can individuals like you or I?
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Cardano KYC requirement or get locked out of your wallet? How is that possible? on: August 30, 2021, 04:04:56 PM
14:11 of this video.

If you have your cardano in say exodus or safepal or whatever wallet. How can Cardano lock you out of your wallet? They dont have the keys? Or do they?
4  Bitcoin / Legal / What if there was Crypto credit as a way to legally avoid capital gain taxes on: August 12, 2021, 08:52:51 PM
Idk if right section but my idea is since the IRS doesn't tax credit, what if there was a way to trade in "credit" instead? You know how you get cash back from credit, or even just positive credit statement balances? What if you could tap out gains in crypto in the form of credit so it doesn't get taxed?

Sorry I'm kind of a noob or maybe just not the brightest in terms of knowing legalese so someone can, please politely, explain how that would probably not work, and maybe how it could if something were changed?

It's not fair that people in the US can't trade alt coins without a cap gain tax taking literally nearly half of every single trade you do.

Obviously some buy bitcoin anonymously and ... we'll just say end up not worrying about cap gain taxes.

but it's crazy the average person who doesn't want to "bReAk tHe LaW" will get punished if they get one thing wrong on something. like imagine making thousands of trades, and those trades are not even that profitile, but the IRS wants nearly half of each trade, and you haven't even cashed out yet.

It's even more funny when about half of the millennials/gen z I know don't even know you have to pay cap gains taxes. So far none of them have ever gotten audited by the IRS or chased down or anything. I don't think they really care to go after people who aren't earning much. In fact, I have seen contradictory stuff. Like one website said you don't have to worry about cap gain taxes if you make less than a certain amount, 10k or 15k? a year or something. idk. SO maybe that's why the IRS doesn't go after them. Idk. I myself don't even know the laws.....
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Does anyone know what the most successful whale wallet out there is? on: August 12, 2021, 06:47:31 PM
Like a btc whale wallet address that has been the most successful at buying bitcoin right before pumps and selling right before dumps? Surely there are some out there that one could track to predict prices?

Oh hell for that matter, does anyone know some famous addresses? Like famous successful youtubers btc addresses are? Although they're probably trading on exchanges. Surely there are people just buying/selling from their actual address right?

I've tried analyzing graphs, learning stuff, and I'm successful maybe half the time. It's about a coin toss. For example. I think we've had a recent spike up.... from what I know, we should have a correction, but we're already going through a small one, as to how far down. no idea. but I'm guessing it might go back up after this. No idea how much. I just know, bunch of green candles, the more of them, the higher chance of correction down. Similar with red and the inverse, more red, more chance of seeing a green.

But apparently, there are some master predicters who are right most of the time and they've been doing this since the early days of bitcoin. Seeing what they're gonna do is prob a good indication of what's about to come.

many of them anonymous, so it doesn't need to be a "famous youtuber" or anyone special. just any good big wallets that have? Idk.
6  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Are there any wallets like the Exodus wallet that allow staking crypto? on: August 12, 2021, 06:37:50 PM
I know of Atomic wallet, any other trustworthy ones? And especially ones that use Tor to activate like the electrum wallet. Apparently IP addresses can be tracked not using Tor with the wallet?

So are there any trustworthy ones that have popular alt coin support and allow staking that use tor to connect?

I'm probably asking for too much.
7  Economy / Exchanges / Is there any platform that allows buying of crypto with a cheque? on: August 08, 2021, 03:34:25 PM
ANY place I could try to buy using a cheque?

I tried paypal, but they don't accept personal single party checks which is my dilemma.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Are there any wallets that let you stake Ethereum? on: August 07, 2021, 06:55:01 PM
Like exodus or... ?

Like is there a list? Exodus allows staking ADA, VET, SOL, DAI, and others but not Eth.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / I feel like there is no way to keep up on: July 31, 2021, 08:55:18 PM
Just watching how many hundreds it's going up each day. I really appreciated this dip. I legit dumped everything I had into it. I was actually hoping for a bear market to buy more at cheaper prices. I still am not sure we're not gonna hover around this long dip/mini bear market longer idk.

But just thinking about how if it is the bear market for the supercycle.

With bitcoin going up in price. To eventually own just 1 bitcoin. I've been buying periodically over time... I'm no where close. If bitcoin reaches 100k or higher, it will be more than double the time, then, if it keeps going higher. lets say goes to 200k, then bear market back down to 100k. well unless I get a job that pays decent.. it seems impossible. I already spend literally everything I have leftover, aside from rent, utilities, food, etc. you know. Like. My main source of entertainment is just crypto news videos.

That's why I've came to the conclusion that I have to risk it and invest more heavily into alt coins. In the hopes doge pumps again. next time if it gets to just 50 cents I'll sell half and convert to bitcoin maybe. same with the others. I mostly am just holding ADA, KSM, XMR, VET. If they can pump up at higher percentages, maybe, I can keep up with the average investor maybe.

Maybe I wont care if bitcoin keeps going up. Maybe one day just 0.02 btc or maybe 0.04 if I can put more in before the percentage of dollars to btc becomes so far off everything is negligible. maybe one day it wont matter if you cant own an entire coin. maybe 1mbt will be like what 1 whole bitcoin is today, or even just 1 satoshi will equal 1 dollar and I'll be a millionaire in that way. Or maybe my kids will be idk.
10  Economy / Speculation / Who's been buying recently? on: July 27, 2021, 01:03:54 PM
We've been in a big bear market but there is a sudden pump.

Is this a giant whale or few whales buying up, retail, some companies? Any way to track the major buyers/sellers?

Also, when these whales or whoever start buying, alt coins move up. Is this the result of the whales also buying other alt coins as they buy bitcoin, or an automatic reaction by bots or retail/people constantly watching 24/7 who buy alts?

Last time before this bull-ish market around January, bitcoin and eth started climbing high, but alt coins lagged some before going up too. They didn't just go up immediately like they are right now
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What would happen to DAI if Tether collapses? on: July 19, 2021, 11:00:10 AM
If the worst case Tether FUD comes true?

If you have a lot of money in DAI, are you safe?
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Anyone remember Ambrosus? on: July 15, 2021, 11:15:07 PM
Anyone think they're going to ever make a comeback or are they totally dead?

13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Since DAI is backed by cryptocurrencies what happens if there is a mass sell off on: July 15, 2021, 05:00:14 PM
Sell off of DAI?

So like lets say bunch of people buy in mass sell their bitcoin for like 60,000 USD in DAI, bitcoin drops to 30k.
Everyone still has 60k of DAI, but if bitcoin is only worth 30k then how can they cover if everyone sells their DAI for us dollars? Huh
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What are all the golden rules of bitcoin predicting? on: June 18, 2021, 02:00:17 PM
So. I heard recently from one of the few more level headed crypto youtubers. "Buy the hype, sell the news" or something. Basically she predicted the SNL doge crash. I wish I had watched that video before hand. But that's a new golden rule, buy, then before the news/expectation that it will pump sell.

 One thing I know is never sell at a loss? Maybe? Hold like your life depends on it.

Any other golden rules I should know about? I constantly hear about everyone making great gains but I never seem to be able to.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How much power does Elon still have over the crypto markets? on: June 17, 2021, 04:48:56 PM
Just because he says some negative or positive stuff, why do people react so much?

Whatever the reasons, are people done listening to him now or what?

I remember when he first tweeted anything about crypto it was doge. He just had a simple rocket with doge on the shuttle and posted that.

SOmehow.... this made doge go from less than a cent all the way up to 7 cents! Wtf kind of power is that?

Then he did some more doge tweets making it go as high as 70 cents.

But then with just one simple tweet, he dumped the bitcoin price. HOW!?

But yeah, has he numbed peoples nerves enough yet or what? It seems like it considering his last positive tweets haven't done much to bump the price up. What gives? Is his power done with or is it just easier to crash a market instead of pump it?
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Exiting altcoins at the correct time is the best thing you can do do with them. on: June 11, 2021, 05:34:41 PM
This is assuming you bought it early before a price pump. There is no good news if you bought high.

However, considering it's almost confirmed that we're going into at least, a mini bear market. Altcoins are going to suffer the hardest. Many alt coins are never going to go back to their all time high. I doubled my money gambling hyped up alts and the "nFt" scam... Nooblet me mistakenly thought the buy and hold strategy applied to alts. Worst mistake of my life.

I thought I was being "safe" by not taking profits. I should have sold half or more on all those coins I gained on. Now most of them, crashed down to below what I even paid for them. I could have done really well but there needs to be a golden rule that you hold bitcoin and trade alt coins.

That's going to be my golden rule.

Hold Bitcoin, trade Altcoins. Hold Bitcoin, trade Altcoins. Hold Bitcoin, trade Altcoins.

^ I'm going to hand write this over and over 100 times on a piece of paper like I'm back in elementary school getting punished.

I'm gonna hold every alt that has a loss. I still think it's better to hold at a loss for the hope a pump happens again. If I can break even I'll trade it back to bitcoin.

I only remained profitable with Doge (surprisingly and only due to unintentional luck) and Eth, and KSM barely.. Every other altcoin so far has been a loss. I guess it made sense at the time. I think I might be at an even higher loss if I bought bitcoin at 55 to 60k vs alts that were pumping up. However, at least with bitcoin, at very least... with bitcoin, even if you bought high, you can hodl, and you are almost guaranteed that it will one day smash through it's all time high. Countries are going to flock to bitcoin, not alt coins. Bitcoin might recover from this dip or mini bear market and continue to smash through all time highs. alt coins? Maybe. Probably not.

With alts. I've been looking at the history of most of them and well guess what. Most of them never touch their all time high in the next bull runs. Some go even higher, most dont. And many drop out never to be heard again. I knew the risks but being dumb, poor, and most importantly, super late to the game, I knew there was no way I could ever get to the amount of bitcoin I wanted to be at. Some alts were still kinda low and I heard you can get percentage gains more than bitcoin. My idea was to ride pumps on altcoins, then eventually trade profits into bitcoin, but I didn't know when to get out.

I think the golden rule of alt trading for me will also be. As soon as your money doubles, sell half, that way you're guaranteed to have not lost any money. I was hoping to ride up just a little longer. I heard of people getting 3x 10x sometimes 100x. I let emotion get in the way. I started smoking just a little hopium, then got hooked, next thing you know I was a crypto hopium addict. Now I'm living in the digital streets having spent all my hard earned money on this hopium crap. Felt good till the crash. Now I'm in the gutters begging the crypto gods for the next fix. Just one more pump plz...

17  Economy / Trading Discussion / Who is selling? on: June 08, 2021, 11:36:53 PM
Like I get the markets move but is this big wallets, ancient wallets? Who is actually selling? Normie noobs who just got in the market and are spooked by comments?

I dream of the day when alt coins are not tied to the price of bitcoin. Uhg...
18  Economy / Exchanges / What do bitcoin ATMs do with your phone number? on: June 08, 2021, 04:26:01 AM
Are they legally required to ask for your number or do they want it for themselves?

Are there any free online numbers that will work?
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Are there any new wallets/exchanges that will let you easy swap coins for XMR? on: June 07, 2021, 12:28:18 AM

Simple question but if anyone wants to know some backstory.... I used to use the incognito wallet. The fees were measured in pennies. But... I ended up losing nearly 2000 dollars in slippage fees. Basically half of what I exchanged didn't make it somehow. I used to absolutely positively love and adore the incognito wallet. It was like the best thing since sliced bread, it literally only cost like a penny or two worth of their native token to swap bitcoin or whaever crypto for monero or whatever other crypto. I used it for a long time no issues until one day I made a trade. I didn't think about slippage or anything. I've swapped on other wallets and slippage is between 1 and 3% and it's set to a max meaning if it's more than that it wont go through (at least on safepal swap). Well, I hadn't heard much about the wallet, and I was cautious and over the course of months when I got my paycheck and bought on an exchange, sent a few hundred on the site and traded for monero. Everything about the wallet was legit so I never had any issues so when the markets were dumping, I decided to go all in one day and got all my savings during this big crypto dump.

I just made the trade like I always did and wham. I was wondering.... why.... do I only have like 4100 dollars worth of XMR when I traded nearly 6000 dollars? Wtf, is this some sort of error? I looked at the charts, used some conversion sites and realized omg.. during the span of a minute or less, a ton of money just went "poof." I contacted their staff and they said it was lost to slippage because the amount was too large of a trade or something, they said sorry for my loss but nothing can be done about it. I nearly rage quit from this news because that money I saved up for years of my life. So like nearly an entire year of saved up wage slaved wages gone, poof, in less than a minute. Lesson learned. I'm still devastated over the loss but yeah Idk if I can trust the incognito wallet anymore after that. I guess I should have researched it more but there is hardly any info, no warnings or anything about this specific situation. I guess that's what happens when you're careless with this stuff and take things for granted just assuming an app will work as you expect it to. Well... hopefully long as I hodl it will eventually go up I guess and at very least one day recover what I lost. Of course I'm sure Bog is gonna keep the markets dumped. The luck in my life makes me think they're personally out to get me in particular, so far the markets are making me think we're done with the bull run so idk. I dont even flinch when I put money in and there is a dip or dump. You know if you hold it will prob just go back up... But when the money just goes poof, and doesn't even make it from a conversion over. It's like seeing the money just go up in flames. Totally different feeling.

20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How would someone track a bitcoin transaction that got exchanged for monero? on: May 13, 2021, 06:07:35 PM
So bitcoin gets exchanged for monero, the monero is sent somewhere else and exchanged back to bitcoin in a similar not not exact amount. How would someone who is interested in following the transaction history be able to know where the new bitcoin address is that the monero exchanged into?
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