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1  Other / Politics & Society / USA is the saviour of human rights or destruction of nation? on: April 12, 2022, 02:58:37 PM
Countless times we have seen the USA is very concerned about human rights violations around the world. Their self-proclaimed savior of democracy and human rights role causes enough destruction to the world that they can take 3rd title of mass destruction( 1st is Ghengis khan, 2nd Adolf Hitler). If you are from any of these countries where the USA causes destruction then where do you want to see the USA after 10 years?  If you are from the USA how do you judge the action of your father and forefather?

2  Economy / Economics / Malaysia could be an encouragement to legalize crypto in asian country? on: March 21, 2022, 01:05:57 PM
Malaysia’s Communication Ministry has proposed to the government that crypto currency such as bitcoin be adopted as legal transfer, its deputy minister Zahidi Zainul Abidin told Parliament on Monday.

First el Salvador make bitcoin a legal tender later Ukraine passed a law for accepting bitcoin now Malaysia. Legalizing bitcoin is more significant than the first two countries because of its economical power. Govt said that they are trying to increase youth participation in the crypto industry. Till now it's just a proposal to the govt. Do you really think govt will legalize bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? we have seen in an Asian country like India govt implies unreasonable tax to discourage people to invest in crypto. Malaysian crypto policy will encourage other Asian countries to legalize crypto or lift unreasonable tax to encourage youth to participate?
3  Other / Politics & Society / Things are getting ugly now. on: March 17, 2022, 06:48:52 PM
Reports that veteran Chechen field commander Rustam Azhiev (better known as Abdulhakim al-Shishani) is en route to Ukraine to fight Russian forces. Achieve fought in both Chechnya and Syria, where he headed the group Ajnad al-Kavkaz.


Do you know who that is? That's a very famous rebel Chechen commander Abdul Hakim Al-Sisani whose groups are fighting in Syria. He and a few thousand of his followers are coming to Ukraine to fight the Russian armed forces. These veterans fought Russian arms forces in the 2nd Chechen Russia war and now came back to liberate their motherland. If one side doesn't surrender or make a treaty to stop the war, it won't stop very soon. In the worst-case scenario, conflict could get out of the Ukraine mainland and spread across the whole EU.

Abdul Hakim Al-Sisani said in his interview, "I saw everything! I saw how my nation was destroyed! Not because we were terrorists! There was no such thing as terrorism. I saw warplanes bombing our villages! I saw girls and men being killed!"
Sooner or later, world war will break out against Russia! That war will help me get back to my homeland!"
4  Other / Politics & Society / Who will lose in Ukraine? on: March 13, 2022, 07:00:37 PM
Many people have taken sides in this conflict. Some show sympathy to Ukraine and some throw arguments by supporting putins action. But if we want to understand these incidents then we have to be open-minded and not take any side. Let's see who is going to lose the war:

If you think of military strength then Ukraine is no match for Russia. Russia is a supergiant in terms of military power comparison with Ukraine. But it's impossible to win with a  week of military power? No, it's not and the Taliban and Vietnam are good examples of that.

Why it will not be easy for Russia?

War sucks out a country's resources. The reason behind today's weak economical condition of the USA is the Afgan war. Despite being the world's largest economy the USA lost the war in Afghanistan and this war cost them by weakening their economy. Russia's economy is 1.4 trillion dollars in size which is equal to USA's poorest stated economy. You can not be a superpower with a weak economy also Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe even it is bigger than France and Germany. And the good thing for Ukraine is their people are protesting RF on the battlefield. Simply Russia's economy doesn't have the power to occupy Ukraine in a lengthy war.

Russia is the only culprit here?

The answer is no. NATO is also responsible for this situation. It's not my judgment its been said by some American academist. In-network times Thomas Freidman write a column where he mentions some narratives from one of the famous cold war historians George F. Kennan. In that column, he writes, NATO's expansion and inclusion of former soviet countries will show a significant and dangerous reaction from Russia. which will be a bad decision for the USA.

A famous writer M. E. Sarotte wrote a book called NOT ONE INCH. In that book, he brings forwards some promises made to the former soviet union. There he mentioned chancellor of West Germany promised to the former president of the soviet union Mikhail Gorbachev that Germany will not allow NATO to build a military structure in east Germany. White houses former chief of staff James baker ensured Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO will not expand one inch to the east. Did they keep their promises? NO.

NATO can not deny its responsibility to provoke this war.

Conclusion: Who will lose the fight?

Ukrainian people, who don't care about NATO or Russia. Poor and Middle-class people are suffering from this war who doesn't have any responsibility or wish for this war. War fought by rich but suffer poor, war start by politicians but soldier died in the battlefield. Sometimes war is necessary to bring peace but most of the war humans fought was unnecessary. Because of these wars, people from both sides are suffering so I hope leaders from both countries try to solve their problem by negotiation not by risking precious human life.

5  Other / Politics & Society / USA will also suffer. on: March 06, 2022, 04:31:40 PM
USA imports half of its uranium from Russia and their ally country Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. From this uranium, the USA produced 20% of their total power supply according to the world nuclear association. USA and their ally EU countries implemented various sanctions on Russia but this sector is still open for trade. Russian company Rosatom takes care of trading uranium to other countries so the USA can do sanction this company? It seems the USA is having a hard time cutting off trade with Russia.
6  Other / Politics & Society / How long ukraine could survive? on: March 03, 2022, 04:41:28 AM

Despite the effort of the USA and their ally Ukraine is losing ground every day. Kyiv could fall anytime and some major city is already under Russian control. RF would stop after the fall of Kyiv or does Putin has some other plan in mind? This prolonged war could drain the resource of the EU and Russia but in long term, it could bring some stability in that region or we could see another cold war?
7  Economy / Economics / Russia's effect on IT sector? on: March 02, 2022, 05:14:38 PM
For Russia's war with Ukraine, the west put heavy sanctions on Russia. That means export and import with Russia is not accessible. Data shows Russia is the biggest exporter of raw materials like copper, aluminum, nickel, platinum, palladium, etc which is used in chip making. That means we are expecting more delays in the semiconductor industry. We all know how important this staff is to run electronic devices. Disruption on-chip shortages could spike the price of digital devices too which affects globally. Is that a good idea to push Russia out of the world economy? This sanction of the west could have a boomerang effect?
8  Other / Politics & Society / Is the ultimate plan to bring back former soviet territory? on: February 27, 2022, 12:07:28 PM

I have seen on multiple occasions where Russian tanks are flying the Soviet flag. What is their intention? Do they want to claim back the old territory of the soviet union? They are trying to minimize the damages of infrastructure and avoided civilian casualties. It looks like they want to gain support from Ukrainian and reuse those infrastructure. Their goal is to add Ukraine with Russia. But Putin will stop here if succeed to do these or this plan is far greater?
9  Other / Politics & Society / Ukraine president a patriot or a mad man? on: February 26, 2022, 08:12:16 AM
We all know the president of Ukraine is still in Kyiv and he is urging his citizens to use Molotov to attack Russia. In this intense fight, he is still in the capital shows his patriotism or being forced to stay there for unable to flee the country? But isn't it madness to call your citizen to pick up arms before providing them any training? Ukraine govt distributed 18000 arms to its citizen.
10  Other / Politics & Society / Power shifting of superpower's? on: February 24, 2022, 10:02:44 AM
After the fall of the soviet union, we have seen total domination in the world power of the USA. There was no single power left to challenge the USA till the financial crisis in 2008.  Post Obama govt things seem different in the global power. A joker president in the history of USA weekend the power of USA when Putin done significant progress to get back the former glory of Russia. On the other side, China is taking a breath close to the neck of the USA with its enormous growth economically and militarily. It's for the sure USA can no longer keep its single domination as a powerhouse in the future. The world is heading towards a multipolar world power system?

We could see a world order close to Samuel P. Huntington's "The Clash of Civilizations"?
11  Other / Politics & Society / Why germany refused to help ukraine? on: February 19, 2022, 11:22:15 AM
In the recent Ukraine crisis, we saw most of the European countries are supporting Ukraine regarding the tension with Russia. In spite of being one of the wealthiest countries in Europe Germany refused to help Ukraine with this matter and keep a soft attitude against Russia. So why is Germany out of step with its nato allies why is it throwing Ukraine under the bus? Is that business or Germany fear losing 1/3 of its energy supply?

12  Economy / Economics / Ukraine legalize bitcoin on: February 18, 2022, 02:53:14 AM
Bitcoin is now legal in Ukraine as its parliament approved in final reading a bill that caters to the president’s recommendations. However, the country has not made bitcoin a legal tender.

“The new law is an additional opportunity for business development in our country. Foreign and Ukrainian crypto companies will be able to operate legally, and Ukrainians will have convenient and secure access to the global market for virtual assets,” Mykhaylo Fedorov, Ukrainian minister of digital transformation, said in a statement.

First Russia now Ukraine it looks like most of the country from the east is going to accept digital assets. The high inflation of USD is the reason these country looking for a better alternative of storing value or its because of the tax revenue they are looking for? Is there any possibility these countries will announce bitcoin as a legal tender in the future as EL Salvador does?
13  Economy / Economics / Why many USA senator against bitcoin? on: February 17, 2022, 12:01:20 PM
We have seen there are miscellaneous reactions about bitcoin among US senators. On one side Colorado Governor Jared Schutz Polis announced that "his state will begin accepting Bitcoin for tax payments starting this summer" on the other hand Senators Jim Risch, Bill Cassidy, and Bob Mendez look aggressive against any step towards bitcoin implementations.

Some said using bitcoin as payments instead of US dollars will demolish the sanction power of the USA towards other countries. Do they fear bitcoin for losing control over the world economy or do they know the adoption of bitcoin will diminish the unchallenged sovereignty of USD?
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is the objective of bitcoin redirected? on: February 15, 2022, 07:03:19 PM
From the past decade, bitcoin failed to add any value to the real world. It was supposed to be an alternative payments solution but it become an assets class for storing values. Its technology is old, slow, and expensive compared to many altcoins. Still, people investing in bitcoin because of its extremely fast-moving advantages compared to other assets like stock and gold and its extensive nature. Is the objective of bitcoin is dead or has it's been redirected on purpose?
15  Economy / Economics / Bitcoin failed to fulfill the purpose it was created for ? on: February 15, 2022, 06:40:39 PM
We all know that bitcoin is the king and father of all digital assets. Bitcoin was created for 2 purposes.

1. To be an alternative to fiat currency.
2. Stay free from govt control.

At present some big online marketplaces accept bitcoin but from being an alternative payment to fiat currency I think we are still behind. We also saw many countries are hostile towards bitcoin and china baned everything related to bitcoin. So china's ban on bitcoin shows that it's free from govt control or its the opposite? Bitcoin can really be the alternative to fiat in spite of this extreme volatility?
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / That is why play to earn concept is a massive failure on: February 10, 2022, 04:35:56 PM
The play-to-earn model on its own is unsustainable. By its very nature, it creates an unsustainable pyramid scheme-like system where new players buy in only to create and sell digital goods to those who buy in after them. Above and beyond that, it creates a culture of virtual indentured servitude where individuals are dragged forward by the threat of a lost investment to play a video game at the cost of their own mental and physical health.

All the games build upon this same structure and there is nothing new other than skin color and weapon design. High entry fees in the game and high challenge for new users is demotivating new users to join the system. Only early adopters are earning massively because of those unique teams they got. Unique users registration is decreasing day by day which shows the hype is going down with flame.
17  Economy / Economics / Why Inflation is a big problem for a country? on: February 09, 2022, 03:31:32 PM
We all know that Inflation in the US economy is at an alarming rate. Not the only USA, but Inflation is also a big problem for many countries globally, and it seems there is no way to stop it. Is it impossible to stop inflation in fiat currency or govt don't want to take any action it stop it? Do you think people can do anything to stop inflation in their economy or its inevitable?
18  Other / Politics & Society / Why russia wants to invade ukraine? on: February 07, 2022, 01:42:59 PM
A democratically governed neighbor is something Russia cannot stand. Democracy on its doorstep would unavoidably seek to the west for legitimacy and Liberal principles, linking itself with organizations such as the EU and NATO in the process. This doesn't matter it's true or not but this is how Russia sees it. In my observation, these are some main points behind Russia's aggression.  

  • Ukraine's flat terrain merge with Russia's mainland and there are no natural obstacles between them. That means if Ukraine joins NATO Russia needs to expand its spending on military infrastructure and troops to secure its western border with Ukraine which Putin can not do. This could bankrupt Russia economically.

  • Russia's territorial integrity would be jeopardized by NATO's involvement in Ukraine. The Black Sea Coast of Ukraine is located around 750 kilometers from the Caspian Sea. A trained military force could cover that distance in a day or two. As a consequence, a land bridge between the Russian heartland and the North Caucasus would be built, crippling the Russian state.
  • Ukraine is stockpiling strategic arms from the USA and it has a large quantity of anti-tank missiles which could be proved deadly for Russian tanks. Also, Turkis drone seems deadly against Russian weaponry and Ukraine has established licensed facilities to produce them.
  • Ukraine is looking forward to developing its own missile program which is a serious threat to the Russian mainland.

Do you think there is anything more serious than this which causes this situation?
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Distribution on: February 04, 2022, 03:30:18 PM

What do you think by seeing this bitcoin distribution chart? According to this chart whales and humpbacks are controlling over 31% of total bitcoin and retail investors are holding 23% of bitcoin. The price of BTC could be less volatile if more retail investors accumulate bitcoin or we could see more market manipulation by whales to shake out retail investors from the market? Which one is good for bitcoin in the long run?


chart source:
20  Other / Meta / Some info about spammer warning... on: February 03, 2022, 01:00:02 PM
I know there are some rules for controlling spam posters in the forum. Users could be limited for any new post for 7, 14, or 30 days prior to a permanent ban as a warning. Is there any way users can find out how many times they were warned before? As I can remember I was also warned one or two times a long time ago but can not remember exactly for how many days.
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