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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / The future of AVAX on: February 25, 2021, 05:03:41 PM
When I first introduced to the Polkadot project one of my friends said that AVAX is better than Polkadot. What do you think about it, AVAX is really better than polka dot because Polkadot is considered to be a good alternative to the ETH network. Also what could be the value of AVAX at the end of 2021? It already touched 60$ per token which is much higher than the ATH of DOT.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / The future of AME on: February 11, 2021, 08:00:49 PM
Amepay project has launched with great expectation. They have already listed in some top exchanges like MXC, Bithumb Global, Bkex. Also, they are now partnered with a big company like Ferrum. In spite of all these efforts price of AME keeps falling. Do you think it will recover and cross its IEO price of 0.02$ this year? They said more top exchange listing on the way.
3  Economy / Service Discussion / Any idea about this telegram trading bot? on: February 11, 2021, 05:39:29 PM
I have found a trading bot in telegram where various crypto assets can be exchanged. This got my attention because I saw it allows deposit and withdrawal of Indian currency. The name of that telegram bot: @Chatex_bot. Can anyone verify that the trading bot is safe to us and anyone withdraws INR from that trading bot before?
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Creating a trading bot on: January 24, 2021, 02:23:42 PM
I am not a software developer but I know some basic things and will understand some basic script. Is there any way that I can use to make a trading bot that will be able to follow my trading strategy? There is some exchange that provides basic trading bot but none of those can do how I want it. And is that will be safe to use these types of tools from and 3rd party site?
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Bithumb Global open Amepay deposit. on: January 06, 2021, 12:00:05 PM
Bithumb Global started to deposit the Amepay token which is already being traded in the BKEX exchange but withdrawal and deposit are closed. Tomorrow trading will also start so what is your expectation from Amepay? It will be able to hold its price above 0.02$ or it will dump sharp below that level?
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Amepay raised 84.6 million in their IEO on: January 03, 2021, 02:03:55 PM
You all must have heard about the Amepay project. There was an IEO in the BKEX exchange and after that IEO team announced: $AME IEO ends at 84.56 million USDT demand for 1 million USDT AME tokens. They are already listed in CMC and you can see their 24-hour volume is more than Five million seven hundred dollars. Isn't that too good for a new project and do you guys really think this project just started with a massive success with that IEO or it's done internally? Currently, deposit and withdraw is not allowed in BKEX and another listing in Bithumb Global is upcoming on 7 Jan.
7  Economy / Economics / Why BTC is digital gold? on: December 01, 2020, 04:15:11 PM
How we can determine BTC is digital gold?BTC Thats can be determined by their attribute. Gold is valuable because it's rare and has a limited supply. This term is true for Bitcoin as well. Both can be exchangeable with essential goods and they are acceptable in our society. Gold and BTC both can be stored though they have different methods to do that. But if you compare these criteria then we can say Bitcoin is digital gold.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Avalanche can be the Ethereum Killer? on: November 24, 2020, 02:42:51 PM
Some people say that Avalanche has good potential and it offers something Unique. What do you say about it? its new features like Avalanche Ethereum Bridge can really attract new projects In its influence? Do you even think that in the market ethereum network has any real competition right now?
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Polkadot can take place of Ethereum? on: November 19, 2020, 04:07:36 AM
Polkadot offers better scalability than the ethereum blockchain. It offers relay chain, cross-blockchain features, forkless network, decentralized governance and all these are not available in the ethereum network. Actually, Polkadot offers all the solutions to those problems that the ethereum network can not. So many projects are using the Polkadot network. Do you think Polkadot is really Ethreum killer?
10  Economy / Exchanges / why i think Its the best exchange. on: November 12, 2020, 07:01:13 PM
I know many members come to this forum who work in different bounties. There are many of them who trade with their earnings. But you can never make a profit without having good trading skills. Today I have this post for all those members. Today I will talk about a platform that will reduce the loss in your trading and increase the profit. I myself have got good results using this platform so I am sharing with you so that those of you who have made a lot of losses by trading can benefit like me before. I will not mention the name of the platform. I want to show you how to use it and my withdrawal proof first.

Screenshot 1: Look at the first picture I have withdrawn many dollars from this exchange a few times before. If you want, you can see the review on Google. Even I am still a regular user of this exchange.

Now let's come to this exchange there are even tools that can be used to make so much profit. This exchange is actually a bot dedicated exchange. Major exchanges like Binance do not allow any trading bots themselves. However, there are various 3rd parties who provide these bot services. But you have to pay every month to use those bots. But in this exchange, all those bots are giving away for free without any money. There are different bots that are suitable for use in different market conditions. Here I will give you a basic idea about all these bots.

Screenshot 2: In the 2nd and 3rd pictures you can see different bots of the exchange. I will now give you an idea about the main bots one by one.

Names of major bots:
1. Grid Trading Bot
2. Smart Trade Bot
3. Trailing Buy
4. Trailing Sell
5. DCA

1. Grid Trading Bot: Grid Trading is a very popular trading method. In this method, the trader fixes the support and resistance levels for his bot in advance and orders of Buy and Sell are fixed in advance within this range. When a buy order below is filled up, a sell order above it is automatically activated. Here traders do not have to sit in front of the computer all day. The trader can do anything else by turning on the bot.

How to use Grid Trading Bot?

1. AL Strategy: The bot is programmed in such a way that it can automatically analyze the data of the previous 7 days of any market and find out its support and resistance level. At the same time, you can find out how many grids and how many dollars will be the most profitable. Just how many dollars you will invest, just click on Create and the bot will be created.

2. Set Myself: In this method, all the limits of the bot can be fixed automatically. For example, the upper limit marked 1 means resistance, and the lower limit marked 2 means support. The trader can fix the support and resistance level here. You will also be able to decide how many grids there will be in the marked 3rd place. The grids will be in the form of Arithmetic or Geometric. I will explain below what Arithmetic and Geometric work. You have to tell how many dollars you will trade in the place marked 4. If the trader wants, he can set the Trigger price in the box marked 5 and stop-loss price in the box marked 7, and close Bot at the price in the box marked 7 which is not done in AL Strategy.

Upper limit: means resistance.

Lower limit: means support.

Arithmetic: Through this, the gap between each grid will depend on how much the price of the coin fluctuates. For example, if the price goes up or down every 5% or 10%, it will be Buy or Sell. The% interval will be determined by the distance between the support and resistance levels and the number of grids.

Geometric: Through this, the difference between each grid will depend on how many dollars the price of the coin fluctuates. For example, if the price goes up and down for 5 or 10 dollars, it will be Buy or Sell The dollar difference will be determined by the gap between the support and resistance levels and how many grids there are.

Trigger price: The price of the coin will be determined by how many dollars the bot will be activated.

Stop-loss price: If the price of a coin goes down for any reason, the trader can fix a price in advance if he wants, where the bot will be closed.

close Bot at: If the trader wants, he can determine how many dollars the bot will close.

Trailing percent: With this tool, the Stop loss price can be raised and changed with the change in the price of the coin. For example, if the Trailing percent is given 3%, the price of the coin will increase and the Stop loss price will continue to rise. In this way, if the price goes down by 3%, the trade will be closed.

How to use Smart Trade Bot?

It is very easy to use. The trader has to fix the buy price in the box marked No. 1 first. You have to decide how much to buy in the box marked 2. Now the trader can set the sell order with the buy order and at the same time if he wants. To do this, you have to set the Trigger Sell price in box No. 3 and at the same time, if the price of the coin is% UP, the order can be fixed. If the trader wants, he can set the Trailing percent in the box marked 4 or he can directly use the Stop loss price tool in the box marked 5.

Suppose you want to buy BCH at the lowest price and set the sell order at the same time. If you set your order like this, Buy price 250USDT, Buy Quantity 1 BCH, Trigger sell price 270USDT, Trailing percent 3%, stop loss 240USDT. What happens, in this case, is that if the price of BCH goes to 250USDT then the bot will be launched and 1 BCH will be bought at the same time a sell order will be launched at 270USDT. Now if the market goes down further to 240USDT then BCH will be sold. And if the market goes up, it will follow Trailing percent 3%, and stop-loss will be below 3% of the market price.
Trailing buys: This tool is very convenient to use. The crypto market is very uncertain and its price cannot be understood in advance. It is often seen that market support goes down. Most traders want to buy at the bottom. You can do this using this tool. Here only Trigger price, Trailing percent and Investment amounts have to be fixed.

Trailing sell: You can sell coins at the highest price using this tool. It is often seen that the market goes above and beyond the resistance. Most traders want to sell at the top. You can do this using this tool. Here only Trigger price, Trailing percent, and Sell quantity have to be fixed.

I didn't say anything about DCA, TWAP, and Infinity Grid in this post because you need a lot of dollars to use these tools. Even then, if anyone wants to know, I will tell.

The name of this exchange is pionex. Do a Google search for the site. They also have an app on the PlayStore. You can use it without KYC. This exchange brings liquidity from Binance and Huboi. So there will be no problem with liquidity.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What will happens to those DeFi project now? on: November 03, 2020, 09:36:25 AM
At the end of August, the volume reached a record of $8 billion, the September maximum was $6 billion, last week the trading volume fell to $3 billion. On September 1 the trading volume on Uniswap was almost $1 billion, on October 22 $234 million. Trading volumes at DEX decreased by 41% so it looks like DeFi hype fade away. So now what will happen to most of the DeFi project? They will be valueless or there will be another version of DeFi hype?
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