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1  Economy / Currency exchange / [H] BTC [W] LTC on: December 06, 2019, 05:03:12 AM
Done. Thanks.
2  Economy / Currency exchange / [H] LTC [W] BTC on: August 15, 2019, 09:35:01 AM
Prefer to deal with known members so I can send first but I can deal with others if they setup Escrow and cover fees.
3  Economy / Currency exchange / [H] BTC [W] LTC on: May 13, 2019, 11:26:25 PM
Deposits to Binance isn't working and I need to purchase 1 LTC for a friend.

I can send first if you're trusted.
4  Economy / Currency exchange / [Completed] Need to purchase $130 BTC using Paypal Balance. on: January 16, 2019, 12:23:30 PM
EDIT: Completed.
5  Economy / Currency exchange / [Done] [H] 🅿ay🅿al [W] BTC [FAQ Included✅] on: January 08, 2019, 01:41:20 AM
I have a small amount of PP funds that I'd like to exchange regularly(monthly) into Bitcoins.

Available PP Funds: $0 - Paying 10% Premium over Preev rates.
I can only send payment as Goods & Services. I can also pay an invoice you've created.

Please send me a PM or post here if you're interested.

Frequently asked questions:

Why can't you send payment as F&F?

Paypal community Mods have mentioned multiple times that using F&F for exchanging anything of value isn't allowed and violating these rules will result in the option being blocked or even my account in some cases and that's a risk I'm not willing to take. Sorry.

Your trust summary shows this warning: "This user recently woke up from a long period of inactivity.". How do I confirm that you have not been hacked?

Below I have included a signed message from an address I used for taking loan repayment in the past. This address has also been quoted here,here and here so it's easy to verify that I haven't edited the post. It's also possible to check if the post has been edited or not by hovering over the posting time(Posting time will be underlined and show last edit upon hover if any modification took place).
I(Atomicat) Created thread on 1/8/2019

Online sites to verify signed messages:

Personally I'd prefer using Bitcoin Core or Electrum to verify signed messages over online services for additional safety.

Why don't you use a service such as Virwox for exchanging your PP funds into BTC?

First and foremost, I am not a very big fan of their fees but I still use them from time to time.
Secondly, They are currently having issues with Paypal Express Checkout(This has been written on January 08, 2019).

Why don't you use similar alternatives to Virwox?

Again when it comes to fee's they are no different from Virwox and some are even higher.
Still I don't find enough credibility associated with man of them so personally I would just prefer Virwox over them if their Paypal checkout was working. hehe

Are you willing to use an Escrow?

Sure. Pick any reputable member from the Most Recognized Profiles(Must be Top 100) who's willing to act as an Escrow for this trade.
BTW, I'd also like to add that using an escrow when dealing with Paypal(Read sticky thread) doesn't provide protection against chargebacks so please remain careful when accepting this method of payment. I feel I'd be doing you a disservice if I don't mention this.
6  Economy / Currency exchange / Have Bitcoins, Want 37 Worth of Skrill (Trusted user only) on: March 18, 2017, 12:30:35 AM
I am looking for someone trusted who can exchange 37 worth of bitcoins to skrill.

Thanks in advance.
7  Other / Meta / Requesting a requirement to read the stickies in Lending to be added on: December 04, 2016, 05:02:54 PM
I have considered creating a thread about this for a long time now. I am really tired of seeing users who haven't even read the sticky threads create a loan request thread.

Wouldn't it be better if there was a requirement to read the sticky threads before one can post/create a thread in Lending? It would definitely reduce the number of loans requests without any collateral's.
8  Economy / Auctions / Auctioning a Full member + Potential Senior account (10% discount for both) on: March 26, 2016, 11:52:16 AM
I am offering a 10% discount on the price if you bid on both accounts

Account #1 Full member

Activity: 120
Potential Activity: 182
Posts: 120
No negative/neutral trust
Signed message available from me.

Starting price: 0.02 BTC.
Bid Increment: 0.005 BTC.
BIN Price: 0.05 BTC.

Account #2 Potential Senior Member

Activity: 60
Potential Activity: 240+
Posts: 60
No negative/neutral trust
Signed message available from me.

Starting price: 0.05 BTC.
Bid Increment: 0.005.
BIN Price: 0.1 BTC.

Auction ends 24 hours after last bid.
9  Economy / Currency exchange / Want $40 Paypal {Trusted Member Only} on: March 21, 2016, 07:42:56 AM
As the subject says I want $40 Paypal USD and I will pay bitcoins.

Post here or PM me if your a trusted user.
10  Economy / Auctions / [AUCTION] Account needs only 30 more activity points to be Senior Member on: March 17, 2016, 11:56:05 AM
I am selling an account I have received from a loan default.
This account needs 30 more activity points to become a senior member.

Activity: 210
Posts: 600+
No negative feedback.

Starting price: 0.01 BTC.
Bid Increment: 0.005 BTC.

Auction ends 24 hours after last bid.

Signed message available from my address.
11  Economy / Scam Accusations / User with a few alts trying to blackmail me + scam who pointed out his loan scam on: March 15, 2016, 11:53:06 PM
What happened::
I received a PM from accbuyer5(;u=804267) saying that he is interested in buying an account that is enrolled in the bitmixer signature campaign and I showed him the account I had and after a few minutes he revealed that he is Next BillGates(;u=525865) and started to ask for compensation for spoiling his reputation.

He claims that I spoiled his reputation by pointing out the scam he was trying to execute or might have executed successfully(He got a loan from SafeBond).
Reference: and

He has created a thread about this( using his Next BillGates(;u=525865) account and is blackmailing me in PM for compensation or he will reveal the account I showed him.

Scammers Profile Link:;u=804267 (accbuyer5);u=525865 (Next BillGates);u=552834 (clangtrump)(Under the control of SafeBond as collateral for a loan)
Few other account that he claims to have.
12  Economy / Digital goods / Soon to be Senior account for 0.04 BTC on: March 15, 2016, 07:03:10 PM
I am selling an account I have received from a loan default.
This account needs 30 more activity points to become a senior member.

Activity: 210
Posts: 600+
No negative feedback.

Price: 0.04 BTC.

Signed message available from my address.
13  Economy / Currency exchange / Trusted Member H 0.029 BTC W Paypal on: February 04, 2016, 06:33:41 PM
I have 0.029 BTC and am looking for ~$13 for this amount.

PM me or post here if you want to trade.
14  Economy / Currency exchange / Small Paypal deal $20 on: January 12, 2016, 02:14:49 PM
I am looking to exchange $20 worth of bitcoins to paypal.

Please PM me your offers or post on this thread.
15  Economy / Scam Accusations / Possible bought account with positive trust reversing paypal transactions on: January 12, 2016, 10:23:50 AM
Its possible that this account;u=196264 has been sold.

He admitted it in this post:
1) i did not deny this account was handed over to me, i already did mention in some of my posts sometimes a month ago.

2) this is not hacked, and i have quite solid proof of that

3) there is no real solid evidence of me cheating or frauding anyone, i am eagar to see what real evidence people have too =)

4) i never asked anyone to trust my reputation, and ALL my trades are escrowed at paxful or LBC. i dont really like using individual escrows, or rather, i never will use them

The account currently has a positive trust which gives a false sense of security to the buyer/seller because the account has changed hands.

There are multiple accusation about this user reversing paypal transactions.
Proof 1:
Proof 2:

Quickseller has already left a negative feedback on the account but it does not have effect because Quickseller is not on DT.;u=196264
16  Economy / Currency exchange / Small Paypal deal $3 on: January 11, 2016, 06:42:12 PM
I am looking to exchange $3 worth of bitcoins to paypal.

Please PM me your offers or post on this thread.
17  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] DigitalOcean Promo Code on: January 11, 2016, 05:02:47 AM
I want to buy a Digital Ocean promo code. Post your offers on this thread or send me a PM with your prices.
18  Economy / Currency exchange / [HIGH TRUST ONLY] WTS $30 bitcoins for paypal on: December 26, 2015, 11:06:07 AM
As the title says I would like to sell $30 worth of bitcoins for paypal.

Please PM me or post on this thread if your interested.
19  Economy / Digital goods / ★★[WTS]Full Member with high-paying Signature(Return on Investment in 2 weeks)★★ on: December 05, 2015, 10:08:51 AM
Selling a Full Member account that is enrolled in a high-paying closed signature campaign making 0.14 every month.

No Negative trust.
No Loans.
No Bans.
Signed message available.

Price: 0.07(You can make this back in 2 weeks)
20  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] Potential Hero Member account on: December 04, 2015, 02:54:31 PM
I am looking to buy some potential Hero Member accounts.

The account should meet these requirements.

No Loans.
No Bans.
No Negative feedback.
Signed message.

PM me your offers.
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