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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bad Experience in Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer in CEX. on: September 27, 2023, 09:47:33 PM
The experience I had today was not encouraging. And I felt bad in the logistic office. They were looking at me at if I was not serious.
I ordered a pair of shoe online days backed and today the shipping company called to their office to picked up the goods which costed me $40 and immediately I received the called from the company (GIG Logistic Delivery Company), I tried to sell bitcoin so I can pay the goods and claimed them. And the time when I made the order to sell bitcoin was are the rate of $26,800 and immediately I made the other the price came down and the buyer cancelled the order and still looked for another buyer to buy the coins so I could buy the carrier agent, the second buyer the same thing, the third buyer the same thing and I still tried again the same thing and that was when I told the Logistic Company Staff that, the bitcoins I was selling to pay the goods were rejected so I will come back the next day and they accepted so I left the place.

Since When I left the place, I was thinking how Centralized Exchange can disappoint your urgent need of cash. I was not really expecting them to treat me like that. I have not experienced such in the p2p system. Really I was ashame in the place base on the kind of personality I am. I was embarrassed and left the goods behind. I was also thinking what really caused the rejections, was it because the price coming down that if they buy at that time, they will loss?  or they don't buy when the price is going down? What do you think really happened?
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / MOVED: Be Aware of Remitano Change of Address: Don't Send Bitcoins to it Again on: August 31, 2023, 12:28:52 PM
This topic has been moved to Service Discussion.
3  Economy / Exchanges / Be Aware of Remitano Change of Address: Don't Send Bitcoins to it Again on: August 31, 2023, 10:47:00 AM
If this not the appropriate board to drop this, the moderators should move to the appropriate board.
A similar thread has been created in the Nigeria (Naija) Board, but it seems that many users do not visit the local board and they mistakenly sent coins to their old Remitano address and the coins are trapped there. So that makes me to create this thread here for them to be aware on the latest development on Remitano. Network Congestion Issue in Remitano

It was about two weeks ago when the exchange informed the users of the platform about the maintenance that was going on which they freeze bitcoin deposit and withdraw. And yesterday they came back to inform the users that they  are back through the channel of email communication. But they warned the users that they should not use the old bitcoin address of the exchange and every user should create new address for deposit and those who has not seen the former thread in the local board and heard the information deposited bitcoins to the exchange and the exchange locked the coins. And this brought back the popular saying, "Not Your Key and Not Your Coins" if you are using exchange because you don't control the coins once the coins are deposited to the exchange. Those who are using Ramitano for buy and sell, transaction and transfer should be aware of the latest development of the exchange so that you will not be a victim. One of their warning of their returning back from the maintenance process is, once you deposit your bitcoin in the old address, you might not get it back. So be warned.
4  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Network Congestion Issue in Remitano on: August 24, 2023, 08:17:20 PM
Hey my country people, I see this in my email today and I say make drop am here make everyone see am so make everyone know sae something like that dey Happened for there, today I come received one email and im come tok sae Ramitano e dey under maintenance so those people wey dey use  am e no go fit deposit and withdraw bitcoin so with that your coins go fit frozen for di main time but dem go later unfreeze the coins for you.

And you can only withdraw from Binance Smart Chain and that is the alternative given to those who want to withdraw from Remitano now. So all those people who want to deposit BTC to Remitano now should suspend their plans now because you fit enter gbege like this in the site. See weti dem tok in the below 👇.

So for now make una suspend all transactions in Ramitano to avoid wahala. And be like say na the first time wey I dey experience this matter for Remitano be this. Since when I used am I never experienced this kind this. And one thing we have to know be sae, "No be you key, no be your Coins". Remitano na centralized exchange platform, so weti I go advise be say, if you have coins there use the alternative mean to transfer your coin in sharp and relax your mind before you come here di tori wey e no go sweet for belle. Nai I saw make I come yan una for this one here.

Please if person don dropped this kind tok for here in di local board wey I no know, please call my attention so I go shapally, lock dis one and make comments in the other thread. ✌️
5  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Weti You go do when Bitcoin Reach ATH? on: July 16, 2023, 05:34:48 PM
Dis questions been dey my mind since but I don't know how I wan place am for people to understand but today I say let me ask am make others tell us weti dem go do wen di time reach. Now di question be sae, we are all waiting for di "All Time High" of Bitcoin, now when di time come, you go "sell all your bitcoin or u go kep some"? Because of the ATH people dey buy dey kep while some dey save from their campaign pay so all di ones you dey save go end for the ATH? Then after that time, when the bear come again you go start afresh again? Or how u take plan the journey.

As for me, I go sell 99% of my investment and hodle 1% to enter the bear market again and continue the investment from there again, I will not empty the bitcoin wallet Bank. How you see am?
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Who Buys Bitcoin When The Price is 100k$? on: June 26, 2023, 09:45:47 PM
When you buy Bitcoin hen the price is 100k$ then how much will you sell it back to make profit because at that time the price of Bitcoin might not exceed 100k$ and if the price didn't not exceed that amount you will become a loser in the business so how does the vendors do at that time?
Or you buy at that time and thinking that it will go up to 200k$ but ironically, the price come below 100k$. What will be you faith/fate. Many companies stopped function last year because they accumulated a lot of Bitcoin when the price was high and they were thinking that the price would go up for them to sell them off and make their profit from there but instead the price of Bitcoin drastically come down very well. So the companies  enter bankruptcy and folded. So exchange are trying to avoid such mistakes, so that they can run a long journey.

Will the price pass 100k$ next year 2024 for buys to make their gain?
7  Bitcoin / Electrum / Outdated Electrum Wallet: My Experience. on: June 03, 2023, 03:06:48 PM
I have not experienced what I experienced today in Electrum Wallet. When I woke up in this morning June 3rd, 2023, I decided to check my wallet, when I login I saw 0.05+BTC instead of  0.066+BTC and transactions were going on which I saw it with my naked eyes. Immediately fear grabbed me, so I called a friend immediately to come over. And before my friend came, I clicked on the transactions which was written "Local" meaning the transaction is still within the locality and it has not been broadcasted so I should broadcast it. When I saw the two options to handle the issue, which was bump fee and Remove.

I immediately I clicked remove in all the transactions and the wallet balance increase to 0.060+. My mind was not yet okay. So has my friend came we were all wondering who was trying to hack the wallet.
We think all ways, and my friend suggested to update the wallet and see what would happen. So I went to google play store and typed Electrum and it pop up with, "cancel and update" and I clicked update and as the update finished, I checked back the wallet and the total amount of bitcoin came back to 0.066+BTC. Then my mind calm down.

So I am also advising users of Electrum Wallet to update their wallets time to time to avoid cyber attack.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Don't Force Your Children to Learn Bitcoin on: June 03, 2023, 02:25:51 PM
Teaching children on bitcoin is like the latest threads in the forum. It is good to tell our children about bitcoin in their tender ages but destiny is not something you force someone to achieve. Just like the general saying that "You can take a horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink the water". That's, it is good to tell your children about bitcoin but you cannot force him or her to learn bitcoin if it is not in the mind of the child and if that is not the child's calling in life.

Just like another instant again, it is a Ghanaian Play called "Sons and Daughters by Joe De Graft". The father wanted his daughter to study law while the some for medicine but the boy wanted to study Fine and Applied Arts while the girl wanted to study Theatre Arts but the father refused. There was a day the boy's friend drew Ghanaian President and the picture was bought with a very big amounts of money which was about millions and it was broadcasted on National TV and Radio Stations and the father heard about the news and he called his children and advised them to study what they like.

I think that play is a very big lesson to everyone in the contemporary world. So if your children are not interested to learn bitcoin please don't force them. Everyone has their own destiny.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / A Nigerian Father Rejects Son's Gambling Win on: May 23, 2023, 04:58:06 PM
A boy won #38,000,000 ($82340.19) with just #400 ($0.87) and when the boy brought home his win, the biological father of the boy rejected the money because it was gotten from gambling. So that makes me to think how people look or see or think of gambling. Is gambling a bad thing to do? As for me gambling is not a bad something but the individual can be bad and also the way you present yourself in the society can also tell people about your personality.

How do you see the father? Was he right by rejecting the son gambling win?
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / I am Really tired of this Lie (India 99 - 1 Nigeria) on: April 30, 2023, 03:04:11 PM
Was it true? Or was it an Another Myth Again, it is a real myth for it own. I started hearing this story since when I was a child in the fishing camp. Elders were using the event as an "African Night Entertainment". In the evening all the children would gather in the camp square and listen to stories from elders and peer group. So this India vs Nigeria football match was also narrated that India played a football match with Nigeria and scored Nigeria with 99-1. That means India 99 - 1 Nigeria. And that made FIFA banned India from football till date.

Recently the story as started trending on social media again. Then I made some research to know the truth and when I tried to find out from online, I saw different narratives but the particular date the match was played is not mentioned in any of the articles. So I see the story as a myth and fallacy. 
When I was a child, I believed the story to be true but no more. I will want the Nigerians and Indians counterparts say something on their parts of the story.

The Real Truth Behind India Vs Nigeria Match 99-1 - Sports -

I like to hear from you.
11  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / The Latest Ponzi Scheme in Town, pls Avoid it. on: April 25, 2023, 09:41:24 PM is the latest Ponzi Scheme launched my scammers to siphon their (victims) funds to their (scammers) wallet. The site was created last year November, 2022. And a girl of mind was trying to convinced me but instead I convinced her to leave the scheme. Below is the proof of conversation to convience to join but I refused to join.

I am bring it to inform you so you won't fall for it.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / A Ugandan Pastor Closed Down Church for Winning Sports Bet. on: March 24, 2023, 05:33:05 PM
Fake Pastor
It is no longer a news in Africa in particular or the world at large in this week being 21st or there about to 24th of Match 2023 that a Pastor from Uganda, won a Sporting bet of #100 millions which is equivalent to $2171.65 and because of that he closed down his church, and making the members to confuse. When interviewed. He said he open the church because of poverty and hungry so he was using the church to get extra income to feed his family and since he has gotten what he was looking for, there is no need for to continue. He said, he was not called by God to launched the church but he was just giving fake prophecies to keep the church going.

What do you have to say on this issue? Pastor shuts down church after winning N100m sports bet
13  Economy / Gambling / New Casinos Launched in Canada on: March 09, 2023, 08:37:47 AM

Casino is a place of fun and not for the otherwise. In the hall there are so much disagreements but all part of the fun. There is always disagreed to be agreed in casino hall.
I am not advertising for the casinos but just an information since I saw it on and when I checked them in their various sites they look good, so I brought them here for you to test them and know how they. Their promises are nice if only they can implement it will the for gamblers. There is small review on them as well.

Newest Online Casinos In Canada With High Payout Rates
Wild Casino  250% Bonus Of Up To $1,000 On First Deposit
Las Atlantis  280% Bonus Up For Grabs
Bodog  100% Deposit Bonus.
Lucky Block Cashback On 15% Of Losses Within First Week Of Registration
BC.Game 270% Bonus Of Up To 20,000 In BCD
MyBookie 150% Match-Up Bonus
BetOnline 100% Welcome Bonus Of Up To $3,000
El Royale Diversity Of Bonuses
BUSR 150% Welcome Bonus Of Up To $2,500
Super Slots Generous Refer-A-Friend Program

Newest high payout casinos in Canada Reviewed just for the interested ones.
14  Other / Politics & Society / Transmission of Election Results to Blockchain on: February 28, 2023, 11:09:47 PM
On the 25th of February 2023, Nigeria held her Presidential and National House of Assembly Election, and before the election took place, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) promised the citizens that, the voting will be very much transparent, there will be a device call B-VAS which will be used to transmit results from the very first polling unit straight to the commission (INEC) server. But when the election has finally started, INEC didn't upload the results again for the transparency and the commission started Collation of Results at the National Level, so this raised a question, and the opposition parties agents asked the commission to project the uploaded results so that they can make a comparism but the commission refused, so they stage out from collation center and organized a Press Briefing to cancel the areas that the B-VAS didn't work.

And on the briefing a lame citizen said, he told the commission (INEC) to use Blockchain to transmit the results so that nobody can temper the results again.

Now I want to know, is it possible to transmit Election Results to Blockchain? Because I thought blockchain is only meant for Cryptocurrencies.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Cashless Policy & Redesigned of Banknotes Make Citizens to Use BTC in Nigeria on: February 02, 2023, 12:43:38 PM
The cashless policy which has been implemented by Nigerian Government is causing a lot calamity in the country. The market women who don't know how to operate phones and other internet devices for transactions are crying seriously that they are dying for hunger. Since the banks are not paying cash and the AMT machines are already configured to pay only $43.45 (#20,000) per account and this also make some bank customers to use multiple accounts ATMs. And because of the long line to withdraw from the ATM, many customers who are already cryptocurrency friendly ones are now swapped to BTC to avoid the stress.
That is, the cashless policy forces many customers to changed their Fiat currency for easy p2p transaction since the Fiat bank cashless transaction is not smooth because of network issue. Nigeria age group is crying for help. Nigeria government did not plan it well before implementing it in the country. But if it continues Nigerians will adapt to it.

Banking hall drama as cashless policy kick off.

ATM queue

16  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / How to Make Comment on Nigeria Football League (NFL) Thread? on: January 30, 2023, 07:13:12 PM
This thread is for those who are looking for the NFL thread which I created here and later moved to Gambling Discussion board. Pls clink here to make comments

Why di Thread was Moved 2 Gambling Board?
The thread was moved to Gambling board bcuz di thread talks about gambling and here na local board so weti u talk here e no dey count as gambling but as a local board count, and we r toking about sport e no make sense. So dat is why I moved am go there, so u can click di link nd make ur comment there.
How to Make Comments in di Thread?
Many pple e won 2 make comments but since there is no channels 2 watch di local league e don become a problem for dem. Let me tell you even do you no know weti 2 tok for gambling board, dis naija thread is one of di best thread. You can get di information from NFL, NPFL from their social media handles, and also for those who dey use startime can also get it from NTAsport channel.

The link again. here. Pple r looking for the thread, dat is why I create dis thread.
17  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Make/Announce Ur Rank Up nd Weti U don Achieve plus Merit Here on: January 26, 2023, 03:50:57 PM
Rank up nd weti u don achieve nd u want 2 announce am, do am here 2 avoid repetition of threads nd spamming.
Di way u dey do am 4 there also use Pidgin English 2 do am if want 2. Any rank u aquire, merits, promotion, etc.
Like example:

I Just Entered Sr. Member Rank this Week

Di long waited rank finally open dis week Wednesday. It was not easy 4 di journey, those wey no fit, dem give up, but I no give up 4rom brand newbie 2 newbie, nd newbie 2 Jr. Member nd Jr. Member 2 Member nd Member 2 Full Member nd Full Member 2 Sr. Member nd now there are two ranks 4 me 2 attain. Nd I believe God go do am 4 me. I also encourage newbies, Jr. Member, Member and Full Members 2 post qualitative nd not quantitative so dat dem go rank faster.

18  Economy / Economics / Common Currency for Brazil and Argentina: Africa Why? on: January 24, 2023, 12:44:54 PM
Brazil and Argentina is to create one currency to be used and to strengthen their economy in the future, If Brazil and Argentina can join hands together to create one currency why Africa as a whole can't create one currency in the continent to strengthen their economy? And worse is that no country is even brave enough to tell the others that they should create one currency in the continent except the post colonial African leaders and not the neo-colonial leaders. African leaders are Afraid. African Radical Leaders should come back and speek for us. Gadafi, Nkwame Nkruma, Leopold Sedar Senghor, should return to African scene.
19  Other / Archival / Delete on: January 16, 2023, 01:02:59 PM
20  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Nigerian Government and Politics Discussion Thread on: December 25, 2022, 09:15:08 PM
Nigerian General Election Saturday, 25 February 2023
Tinubu APC presidential candidate said, he will continue from where Buhari stopped

Atiku PDP presidential candidate said, he will open all the boarders

Peter Obi LP presidential candidate said, he will create new Nigeria

What do you have to say?
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