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1  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Binance P2P transaction (vendors fault or app settings?) on: November 03, 2023, 05:05:09 AM
So this is an experience or hunch about a friends transaction on the binance P2P feature, although it's  quite confusing from one end but if it's possible,.then this will serve as heads up and guide to other forum users here also using binance exchange to avoid such silly mistake to ever occur to them.

Above are the two possible reason for me creating this thread. The first image shows a binance P2P transaction page where the currency is actually filtered in USD then the second in the actual NIGERIAN NAIRA (NGN).

So a very good friend wanted to sell some of his coins and  this would probably be the second or third time of him actually using binance P2P so he called and asked me on what to do, of which I guided him for the first time and he said to me he has successfully traded and because I was far from him, I could only guide him through WhatsApp, and since he is literate enough, I taught he totally understood the whole steps and he told me the trade a go and I didn't bother asking him the price of the sold amount because it's kind of personal.

So the whole problem started one faithful day when we both sold coins through binance on the same day and he called me that he successfully traded his coins and it was 60$ worth of Bitcoin, and this time I asked him how much came out off which he told me and I was shocked at the price because I actually traded same amount and the price difference was quite big @almost 17k naira difference in Fiat between the two trade and it was on that moment I asked him, how and what he did that caused this big difference because we both sold same amount of coins.

I meet with him again some few days past and checked his binance p2p app and found out that instead of the trade to be in Nigeria NGN it was placed at USD and I think this is what somehow caused the reduction in price value of which he has traded almost 3 separate times with this particular p2p setting, resulting to a loss of almost roughly 40k

So am still confused if this was actually the case that caused this error or some other reason for the massive price reduction, if  this was the reason then most newbie should be careful when trying to trade on binance p2p if they don't want this little difference in the price value.
2  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Wrong mentality of scammers on: October 22, 2023, 07:06:50 AM
My country men una well done,

So I was just relaxing and surfing on the internet, trying to entertain myself a bit, then I came across this interesting skit by some user on the platform TikTok which really got attention because of the specific message he was actually trying to pass and as I watched it I tried relating what he was actually saying to my immediate environment and it fits so well that I thought I should drop it in the community today and hear your own personal view and take on this.

So we all know how the country be, and how boys for the streets dey continue involved themselves into fraud and many scam related stuffs just to make ends means and the funny thing about this is that some of these guys actually aren't really that educated and have found it really hard to do things the right way and, by this I mean actually following the right path to make money and some of the reasons most guys actually get involved in these scam ethics is because they actually deem it very easy which is actually a big fucking lie, but the lifestyle most of these fraudster lives makes fraud business looks so easy which is actually a mirage because nothing is actually ever easy especially when it's comes to making 💰 money. I have some friends who have actually said that doing fraud is actually the easiest way to make an ends, but when they actually tell me what they pass through day and night for this, then I start to think how funny it really is, how we are willing to some extent of a certain desire to actually do THE WRONG THINGS FOR THE RIGHT REASON  .

I imagine not sleeping all day and night trying to convince someone for them to actually do your biddings for the purpose of trying to scam or learning all the technological stuff about hacking, sending constant fake mail, claiming multiple identities and so many other hard stuff, and of which scammers are of the mentality that it's supposed to be easy and we all know how hard it is to actually learn and dedicate your mind to things you are not familiar with especially when it comes to tech stuffs but for these guys the dedication and committed is really on another level and this really make me wonder how funny the world is and how people are actually willing to the wrong things for the right reasons.

Why not just channel all this energy and time and actually follow the right path, because obviously, trying to scam too is actually not easy and if you are caught there is a penalty that follows it, but following the right way holds no sanction and requires the same commitment too.

Please, what's your take on this, make we yan small Tori for this issue.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Sometimes just flex it ( luck is all you need) on: September 27, 2023, 09:13:42 PM
Hello mates,

Gambling is an habit that is taken very seriously by some gambler here in my country and not only mine if I can sure because the wanting nature to actually win is what keeps them driving and continue with the act despite having major losses, for some gambler stories of people winning is what keeps them afloat and makes them feel they too can do.

The sad truth about this whole gambling stuff for me well I don't know for other but with the little experience I have gotten is that no one can be too certain and can be too safe or cautious when it comes to gambling and this is proven here in a betslip I won recently that just got me thinking of how i never even intended to forecast the odds or whatsoever, I just actually just FLEXED IT and the game came through for me which was fun because I played it for fun.

So sometimes don't think just flex it and let luck do it part friends.
4  Other / Meta / Fun thought on Bitcointalk having this particular feature. on: September 20, 2023, 07:08:41 PM
Hello friends

I would say I was rather confused on chosing the right topic head but still pardon me for the one I choose and although the topic created is just to fill up my curiosity and I would also like to have user opinion on this thought of mine.

Well so I was thinking how would users feel if actually there was some kind of Voice translation writing mode here in the forum so as to aid those who are not too good at typing or expressing themselves very well through writing to actually speak out their thought and it gets written down correctly for them  Angry.

Although I know it's a crazy idea but still it's a free community so I decided to speak out to see how many people actually have similar thoughts on the idea although I have a feeling I would be criticise on this but it's worth throwing the question out there. Lol
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Sweat coin. Is this real? on: August 04, 2023, 03:20:30 PM
So am not all that into airdrop but some of my guys have been disturbing like hell to take part saying of these airdrop do actually pay so I later let me send me some airdrop link and I tried this one particular one {sweat coin} but for some time I have not done anything with this but I do get lots of notification on my telegram. And I saw an interesting message which I said I should ask the community how real is it about the message sent to me by sweat coin.
Here is a sample
6  Other / Meta / Happy bitcoin pizza day to all forum members on: May 22, 2023, 11:12:13 AM
Today being may 22nd marks 13 years since the famous bitcoiner Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10000 BTC for two papa John's pizza which was delivered to him and looking at that same figure today records a whooping sum of 268000000k $ in today's market price cap. Funny enough
this historical event is marked as a symbol in the crypto world today so am using this medium to remind everyone in the forum about this Wonderful event that happened 13years ago @ may 22nd 2010.

So once again happy bitcoin pizza day to everyone in the forum.
7  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Enquiry on software/website on: May 08, 2023, 10:09:07 PM
Hello family

I thought I should drop this for the house to formally clearify me further on this platform that was blatantly praise and worshipped like a money making machine by my cousins I went visiting this past sunday but from the research I made on this platform/website seem to me like a scam project run by scammers presently to lure enough customers in their atmosphere before they actually mess it up because as for now they claim that the software is actually paying but I believe its just a matter of time before those that invested or in this case of their bought a mining machine will start crying for their funds. I donno if am wrong about this but I also strongly advice for everyone that have involve or planning to partake to take serious precaution before starting because regret is always one step away from us.

so here is the name of site or app
Please member of the house help and share your opinion on this website and app .
8  Economy / Speculation / 26k mark finally breached on: March 14, 2023, 04:19:54 PM
Bitcoin finally climbs 26k and it's definitely looking more like a bullish trend now as many new investors were worried from it massive drop from its 25k to around 19k in the month of March. For me am definitely praying for the price to drop more so I can buy as much bitcoin as I can but the dip always scares some investors but I say the dip is a good sign for me make more from the market as buying low and hodling till the prices go up is definitely more yielding.

What's your pick on this. Will March bring more great feats or a massive dip will be experienced after this pump.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin adoption growing stronger everyday on: February 02, 2023, 08:30:28 PM
NoteNo one can stop its adoption

Today i came across a really interesting Post on twitter and its shows in a video how the mayor of lugano (switzerland) was paying for the goods and services rendered to him with bitcoin all over the city  and i came to the conclusion that its only a matter of time before the adoption of bitcoin is going to be seen like this in every city of the world.
  Like the video in this tweet bitcoin is already spreading and many people have started accepting bitcoin as a means of payment in their small business Enterprises and firms in my own country (Nigeria) although its still not allowed to transact bitcoin with the local fiat bank in my place but the use of bitcoin is still spreading and its doesn't stop people from trading through peer to peer transaction and i hope the government of the world starts seeing the value and force that bitcoin is coming with in the world today and start legalizing it in their own country.


Please image was gotten from twitter post
10  Economy / Lending / I am in need of usdt 120$ loan on: January 30, 2023, 12:39:57 PM
I am in need of usdt 120$ loan to pay 146$ to be paid on the 30th of march  As i urgently need to handle some issues and will pay back in the given date

11  Bitcoin / Mining / Willing to know more on: January 26, 2023, 05:27:31 PM
I have been in the forum for some time now and no doubt i have gathered so many knowledge about the crypto space especially on bitcoin and my view towards bitcoin has totally changed as i once like others saw bitcoin as a pornzi scheme that is meant to target the weak into depriving them in their little money they earn through ours of work stress.

the forum is like a library filled with so many books to read and its some time as i have always wanted to learn about the whole ethics of bitcoin mining and how its works so I can be able to participate in some of the conversation here in the forum but haven't really gotten to the full understanding of it.

So i want to know if there is any way i can learn a little bit faster as bitcoin mining always intrigues me and i just feel  maybe there are articles here i can read that can further broaden my knowledge on bitcoin mining and its importance to the crypto space.
12  Economy / Speculation / Did you sell off during the 21k price breach. on: January 16, 2023, 12:01:32 PM
Not many people expected the sudden rise in the price of bitcoin in the early part of 2023 as speculation i have online and also in the forum have started the bull is not going to be coming anytime soon. But the price of bitcoin surprisingly reached 21k on Saturday and many short time holders saw this as a wonderful opportunity to sell off some of their coins and wait for the price to go low again before buying.

So are we to expect any sudden drop down to 16k again on the price of bitcoin this year or we will going through with this current 20k to 21k mark.?
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Are you still holding your coins #btc on: January 12, 2023, 12:22:34 PM
2022 was certainly a bloody year for bitcoin investors and many drama played out in the crypto space but all that said we have manage to cross the year successfully to 2023.
2023 is going to be another year of major speculation on the rate on when we are going to experience another bull run and eventually reaching another ATH.
 As 2022 was seen as a disastrous year for some bitcoin holders, it was also seen as an golden opportunity for new comers like me who missed out in buying when bitcoin was very low before it experienced a major rise in the year 2020. We have bought bitcoin now thats it price is very low and we are expecting to hodl it till when another bull run season comes hopefully we can see it reach another all-time-high.

So am curious to know if everyone is still holding or have chicken out and sold theirs.
Note ::get your coins off any exhange platforms if you are still on the hodl game
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Asia AFC champions league football discussion thread on: January 11, 2023, 11:25:46 PM
discussion thread of the Asian champions league
Similar to the famous and popular European champions league which sees all the top teams teams from all around Europe different leagues compete and fight it out to becoming the overall champions of Europe, thats the same purpose for the AFC champions league because its the competition that covers all top teams in the asian football federation competiting to see who is to be crowned the overall champion.
names of some promising teams in the tournament
al sadd fc of qatar
al hihal fc of Saudi Arabia
fc urawa red diamond of Japan
mumbai city of india
al jazira of the u.a.e

As much attention is now been attracted to that region, i felt its proper we understand and follow up with their own champions league thread where we can discuss all the happenings in the competition.
  Here is name of the most successful club in the competition (Al Hihal of Saudi Arabia with four titles to their name).

Check out the details of top scorers and assist in the last competition afc goals and assist stats
15  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / suspention of all naira atm card connected with international transaction on: January 07, 2023, 06:43:24 PM
Nigerians banks are all queuing in to stoping all transactions that has to deal with their naira cards and international transaction and just recently zenith bank has also joined this trend as i receive a mail that stated that from January 9 (Monday) all transactions that has to deal with the use of the zenith naira card in international transaction has been banned.

This recent restructuring and restrictions in banks affair in the country will really have some effects for some users that purchase and order things online with their card from online international store like
~ali express
~wish and so many more.

It was just last year that banks limited the spending of naira debit cards in international transaction to 20$ and now this time they have suspended the whole process here so lets look into the reasons for all this restriction and how e go affect we Nigerians
16  Other / Off-topic / benefits of defeat on: January 04, 2023, 04:59:43 PM
Defeat, a feeling that is very awful that is felted when someone intends in doing something and getting a desire results but ends up with a totally different outcome.

   There are so many ways in which one can be a victim of such feeling. This dreadful feeling of defeat has trapped most industrious mind trying to come out to be recognized and has affected many people emotionally and psychologically.

Even in the forum here most people trying to build a reputation and newbies always feel this way as the forum is filled with good critics that's are always active and ready to correct and put so many people in the right track but this act is seen in the forum by some members as a sign of defeat and this sometimes crumbles their will power to keep on striving and trying their hardest to learn and be successful in world of crypto.

But defeat is not supposed to be handled like this with a negative energy and infact defeat is very beneficial  to all humans who are trying to excel because its teaches us some many lessons on the way to go about the situation in ground next time.

So i just want to hear from the forum members on the times in which we have encountered or felt such feeling but didn't stop but instead use it a benefit and a positive energy to improve ourselves.
17  Bitcoin / Electrum / delayed electrum transaction on: December 06, 2022, 05:30:59 PM
Well my stay in the forum has been quite a journey so far and i have learnt and gained more knowledge than i even expected. I wont believe if someone actually told me i would be having a wallet and not to talk of transacting with this wallet is just a great achievement for me . The encouragement i got from top forum members after my first purchase in bitcoin was really encouraging and i just believe that with what i have learnt and i know now, i feels this is the perfect time in the crypto space to buy bitcoin.

My reason for creating this thread is today is that today is going to be the first time for me to be transacting with my electrum wallet after i was encouraged by the forum top to move my coins from an exchange platform to a wallet with which I have full control(electrum) .

Now i donno know but i feel  its taking too long for a transaction i made to be confirmed please guys what do you think is the problem of this transaction
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / under-age gamblers on: December 02, 2022, 09:53:51 PM
under-age gambling.any side effects? 
Firstly gambling is a habit that becomes an addiction when not properly control and its really gonna eat you up likewise making you restless and not always focused on things you should do.

The  rate at which i see young minds and teens involved in the act of gambling in my area is really alarming and because of the poor regulatory bodies controlling the laws in my area they can't really do anything about this and its really affecting this young age.
Gambling has become a thing for everyone in my locality with out any age restrictions and am just curious If this is not going to cause side effects on this young gamblers.

Just the other day i was predicting  some games in the world cup in a betshop cause my network was bad so i can't stake online  so i decided to go to the betshop to place the bet, then to my shock i was boy aged around 14 to 15 years who came in and gave the cashier a booking code to place the bet and give him the coupon and the cashier collected and i was like isn't this too little to be involved in such acts.

And am just curious if this won't affect the person in times to come

19  Other / Meta / Inquiries on a thread on: November 29, 2022, 09:58:31 PM
Please I don't know if this is the right place to create this thread but I thought I should just drop it for answers since the forum is all about enquiring knowledge.

I want to make an inquiry on a thread I created in the gambling board title video assistant referee (V.A.R) advantages and disadvantages to football betting.. I can't find the thread anywhere on the forum again and what really baffle me is that I didn't receive any message about the thread been deleted on my email and on my messages so am just curious to know what is the problem, so I can take to correction and avoid committing same error next time if actually something was wrong with the thread.

I haven't posted here before because this is a really technically aspect of forum so if this is the wrong place to ask,  I will still be happy if am corrected
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / I need Wallet for my Bitcoin Investment on: November 17, 2022, 05:37:25 PM
Based on your encouragements and advices in my first purchase of Bitcoin, I was motivated to use part of my Christmas savings of $12.53 to buy Bitcoin today and I want to move them out from the exchange platform to a wallet and as a newbie in the system, I don't know which of the wallet is preferable. Though I have opened Electrum but I have not moved the coins to it.
So which of the wallet should I used to keep my coins safe?

Today's purchase was awesome

One thing I discovered from the exchange platform is that the buying price is higher than the selling price.
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