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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Nigerians spend $975m daily on online betting on: November 02, 2023, 03:23:37 PM
Data from the National Lottery Trust Fund (NLTF) has revealed that over 65 million Nigerians actively engage in betting, spending an average of $15 daily. This is just as it disclosed that everyday, 14 million bet takes and payments are made online in the country. continue reading here....

Recalled that Nigeria population is estimated to be around 200+million and from the information above, over 65 million people are engaged in gambling on a daily basis amounting to over 32% of the country population. With the recent economic crisis and hardship affecting almost all the nations, if large number of people are spending this much on betting, can we say that they relied on gambling to survive?

But, I think we need to know how much betting sites are paying out daily too, so we can make comparison.  Grin
2  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Na why people go dey use SegWit addresses on: November 02, 2023, 09:03:42 AM
Original Topic: Why people should be using SegWit addresses

Four years ago, the SegWit ( don dey  and one of the koko benefits be say the transaction fees go reduce, transactions wey dey come from SegWit addresses dey attract lower fees.

The Bitcoin addresses get many different formats. If you look at the beginning of the address, you go see the prefix. This fit show you the kind of address wey e be.
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________
1…Legacy-AddressP2PKH (pay to public key hash)
3…Multisignature-AddressP2SH (pay to script hash)
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________
3…nested SegWit-AddressP2WPKH-P2SH (pay to witness public key hash - pay to script hash) / P2WSH-P2SH (pay to witness script hash - pay to script hash)
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________
bc1q…native SegWit-Address (bech32)P2WPKH-bech32 (pay to witness public key hash) / P2WSH-bech32 (pay to witness script hash)
bc1p…Taproot-AddressP2TR-bech32m (pay to tap root)

1... the addresses wey dey start with 1 na the regular standard Bitcoin address. The addresses wey get dis prefix no be SegWit.
3... If address start with 3, e fit be either SegWit or multisignature address. The only way to know whether na SegWit address or multisignature address na to check the details of the outgoing transaction.
bc1... The addresses wey start with bc1q na di native SegWit addresses. The ones wey start with bc1p na the Taproot addresses... The addresses na always SegWit.

A simple explanation about how to know whether  address na SegWit address, you fit check here: BTC addresses starting with "3" what are they ? simplified explanation.

Native SegWit or nested SegWit?

After reading wetin dey above, e go make you know wetin be the benefits of using SegWit addresses, but you fit still dey ask wetin dey different between native SegWit address (bech32, starts with bc1q...) / Taproot Address (bech32m, starts with bc1p) and nested SegWit address (P2WPKH-P2SH / P2WSH-P2SH, starts with 3....). For us, e dey important make we know say using native SegWit address or Taproot address go give us even lower fees pass using nested SegWit address.

Sending from nested SegWit address (3...) compared to normal legacy address (1...) go dey 26% or more cheaper. Sending from native SegWit address (bc1q...) compared to normal legacy address (1...) go dey 38% or more cheaper. The exact amount of percentage wey you go save depend on how many inputs the address get, so if the address get many inputs, you fit save more.

In November 2022 we get new type of address wey dem call Taproot-Address (bc1p...). E dey the same level with native SegWit address (bc1q...) when we talk about fee savings. If you dey use Taproot-Address send, the fee go be around 38% or more cheaper pass if you dey use normal legacy address (1...). You fit see exact details about savings wey Taproot go bring by visiting here, provided by Charles-Tim.
One of the main reasons why native SegWit and Taproot dey similar na because dem both come from the same Witness Programm (bech32 / bech32m).

Wetin be additional advantages for using SegWit address?
In addition to the lower transaction fees wey you go get for your own transactions, you go also help the Bitcoin network when you use  SegWit address because more transactions go fit into one block so, the Bitcoin network go fit process more transactions per second, and dis go benefit every participant.

Any disadvantage dey?
If you don use Bitcoin for some centralized services, and you wan send am to your own bech32 SegWit address, dem fit reject am as invalid because some of the websites wey dey centralized never update. Dem no go fit recognize this new bech32 address format. However, this one only apply to bech32 addresses, but not nested SegWit address. Nested SegWit address dey compatible for everywhere. Most of the services dey go eventually fully support bech32 address format. This one na just information incase you dey confused about why some centralized services dey reject (BTC) bech32 addresses. You fit see the different address formats wey different platforms and services dey support, by visiting this link:

Stats wey dey interesting about SegWit
As with other aspects of Bitcoin, we get statistical data wey dey valuable about SegWit, like the information wey dey available for
On top the other information, you fit find the share of Bitcoin transactions wey dey use SegWit:
Currently dey around 86%.
Note: the total numbers of native SegWit (bech32, purple and dark blue) no too high compared to nested SegWit (light blue and orange)


As a matter of fact, choosing a bech32 SegWit address go be your best option for the long term. The advantages of using bech32 address dey important. The biggest advantage na say the fees dey lower, and e go also make the Bitcoin network dey more efficient. Smiley
3  Other / Off-topic / Learn to be safe and secured online on: October 09, 2023, 04:10:14 PM
Security is everyone's responsibility and it has become very necessary and paramount to protect ourselves from cyber attacks as we engage ourselves online on a daily basis. As technology is advancing and improving is the same way hackers are also advancing in their methods by using different social engineering. This is not the first time something like this is being discussed in the forum but I think it's necessary to be bringing it up on a timely basis in order to keep us abreast. Let quickly brush on the following techniques use by hackers and how to protect yourself from them.
  • Phishing
  • Smishing
  • Vishing

Phishing is a type of cybersecurity attack which happens when malicious actors send messages (email to be precise) pretending to be a friend or a company so as to  steal information or corrupt their devices.
Example of Phishing

This unfortunate love story started in the Philippines in the year 2000 and was delivered with the subject line I Love You along with instructions to read the attached email. The virus was tracked to an email address registered to an apartment in Manila, which led to Onel de Guzman. He created the Love Bug virus, not thinking it would reach as many people as it did.Within 24 hours of releasing the virus, it had spread across the world.
Remember that it can be in form of link too and not necessarily need to be a file.

Smishing is similar to phishing just because it has a common goal. However, it uses deceptive text messages to manipulate victims into giving out sensitive personal information such as bank account details, credit card numbers and login credentials.
Example of Smishing

I have decided to call this lookalike walmart attack because their aim is to portray themselves as those big firms who you probably have transactions with, in other to trick you into believing they are rewarding you. At times, you can still get messages like this even if you have never used their services before. Sometimes, some amateur attackers just send these messages at random.

Vishing is very similar to phishing with the exception that this uses phone calls. This is a manipulative practice of making phone calls or voice messages pretending to be from well known companies in order to make individuals to reveal personal information, such as bank details and credit/debit card numbers and more.
Example of Vishing

Have you ever received a phone call, telling you your account has issues and the person you are talking to is a supposed customer service agent? That is Vishing. They pretend that they are from the banks or other institutions that houses your private information. Their aim, is to get those data off you and use it in dangerous ways.

How do we protect ourselves from being a victim of these attacks?

The simple way to avoid these attacks are by following the preventive measures which may include:
Don’t ever click on SMS or email you are sent from unknown sources. Go to the company's website for verification by typing their URL.
Check the names of the sender and most importantly, the links too. Does it make sense for a reputable organization to use Ask yourself that amidst others.
Never share private information over the phone. Its better you meet with the company physically to confirm.
Verify the number of the so called company that is calling you. Check their website or the internet to confirm if the numbers correlate. However, know that, numbers too can be cloned, so it’s better to just stick with not sharing sensitive information over online or phone call.
Always download your apps from playstore or apple store for android and apple device respectively because a malware named trojan can be embedded inside those Apps you download from untrusted sources. Better safe than sorry.
Do not visit sites that starts with Https because these are sites that are not secured with Tls(Transport Layer Security) or as it was previously known, Ssl (No more in use). Secured sites url should start with https.

A compilation of these tips and more on cyber security can be read via this documents
4  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Pay attention on xchange's P2P transactions on: September 30, 2023, 10:15:36 AM
Una weldon my people. Something happen to me this morning and no be the first time be this. As we dey flex exchanges on a daily basis carrying out P2P transaction, make we dey vigilant and observant abeg because scammers full exchanges now. I sell some asset this morning on kucoin and unfortunately the vendor deduct 10 naira from my money and telling me that it is because of interbank charges. Shey you dey whine me ni? Na me suppose pay for your bank charges? The first time it happened to me on Binance it was 100 naira and a friend besides me told me that the same thing has happened to him before. Instead of paying him 9k the vendor sent him 900 naira and he released the asset before realizing he was paid 900 instead of 9000.
This is my chat with the vendor after the incident.

I use to see on some vendors advert that they'll charge you some money for fees and I always avoid such ads but this one doesn't have anything like that. At least, if there is agreement it would have been better and some people will definitely patronize you but not me actually.

No allow anyone to scam you by sending half payment and release the crypto. I know this 10 naira is very small that I can dash the vendor but removing the 10 naira without my consent is what is paining me. It might be 100, 1000 or 10000 tomorrow if I didn’t notice it. Always verify the full amount before you release the crypto please. You're not supposed to pay for any body's bank charges. Stay safe always!
5  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / How to convert your NIN slip to plastic card (useful for xchange kyc and others) on: September 28, 2023, 05:02:51 PM
My people how we dey today? I believe we dey survive the country hardship jeje dey go. I bring this update come here for people wey need am including myself.

We know how incompetent our identity management commission dey be for this country if not e no suppose dey take years to get plastic NIN card after registration. Even for my school, e no dey take up to 3 days to get plastic ID card as a new student when you finish your registration. I no con know why NIMC dey take many years to provide us with plastic NIN despite government funding.

Thank God, you no need to wait for years again to get your plastic NIN. With the help of your phone and little money you go get am instantly. How? Just follow this steps:
1. Download NIMC app
2. Log in using your NIN
3. A code will be sent to the number linked with your NIN. (if you don't receive the code, dial *346*3# from the Sim that is linked to your NIN) you'll receive your user ID and OTP.
4. Input the user ID and OTP
You're almost there. Your dashboard will display showing your informations.
5. Proceed by clicking on print premium slip
6. Make payment using remita (approximately 1300 naira).
7. Download the soft copy after the payment
8. Take it to any nearby café for print out (it will cost around 2-3k)
Congratulations for having your plastic NIN without waiting for years again.

Wetin be the benefit of having plastic NIN? I believe some people go dey wonder say ahh wetin they wan use plastic NIN do wey go make dem pay money on top to obtain. Make I yarn you some benefit of having plastic NIN.
Plastic NIN na coloured in nature. As a student, you can use it during application for scholarship that require identity verification. You no fit japa without it too. For exchange traders here, you go use am do any exchange verification as well. E dey durable and no go easily damage. The benefits plenty but make I no make the post long.

The information and procedures is culled from this video and it's tested and verified.
6  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Delay transaction; who to blame? on: September 27, 2023, 04:19:46 PM
I greet this house with utmost respect. I carry this matter come here for proper conversation as brotherly concern. The matter no too concern here as per na my personal experience but since we dey transact on P2P on a daily basis, something like that fit sup one day. In case something like this happens wetin be the way forward?

This response in another thread is the reason I Wan drop this here.

I'm talking from experience because it has happened to me  just last month. Although mine was not in P2P exchange but it was a similar case. I sent money from one of my bank account to another different bank and it was successful while I was not credited in the receiving bank. At first, I thought it was network issue and I gave it some hours but unfortunately I still didn't receive it after 10hrs passed. I had to reach out to receiving bank for complaint since the transaction was successful from the bank I sent from. I was told to wait for 24hrs and if I still didn't receive it after that, I should let them know.

To cut the long story short, I called back after 24hrs elapsed and I was requested to provide the transaction details which I did. The issue was forwarded to their technical support for checks and I received a response that "Dear Customer, sincere apologies for the delayed inward transfer issue, transaction can not be found, kindly reconfirm the transaction details from your bank." I was like ahhhh so this money has gone just like that? No, I contact the bank I initiated the transaction from and update them on what is happening and they confirmed to me that the transaction was successful from their end and if the receiving bank insisted it wasn't successful, I should request for a statement of account so they can check.

As instructed, I requested for account statement and sent it to the bank I sent the money from for checks. I don't know how they both do about it but I received the money after 14 days from the date of initial transaction. The transaction took place on the 25th of August while I received the money on the 7th of September after I already assumed the money has gone.

Let assume this happened in P2P transaction; what will be the way forward? I'm sure we all we assume the payer did not pay just like the guy I posted his link thought whereby he paid but the problem is actually from the bank.

Disclaimer: Don't assume this to be the case when you're dealing with any transaction on P2P and release your crypto, you might lose your asset. I repeat this here so we can share ideas.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How valuable BTC has become overtime on: September 13, 2023, 06:55:51 AM
It's inarguable that BTC value has grown immensely overtime and it's one reason to keep accumulating BTC as you can. Apple has just unveiled iPhone 15 which is estimated to cost about 0.031 BTC with the current price. Comparing the price of previous iPhone to bitcoin, you'll see the important of investing in bitcoin than buying assets that depreciate in value overtime. Of course, the risk of investing in bitcoin can not be overlooked just like any other investment but the bitcoin risk is worth taking.
This image below was taking from Coingecko comparing BTC needed to buy iPhone over the years.

Imagine holding the BTC that you used to buy iPhone 4s till the present day and see the number of iPhone 15 you can acquire with it. If you have not started investing in bitcoin, this is the right time to start.
8  Other / Beginners & Help / I want to begin my journey on: July 17, 2023, 09:21:11 AM
Learning is continuous process and I am ready to learn and begin my bitcoin journey. Don't mind my rank concerning what I am about to learn please. First of all, I want to know how to create a non custodian wallet (I want to own one) and does it require payment to create or maintain? All this while, I have been using, storing and transacting with exchanges like Binance, kucoin and others.

Secondly, what is the purpose of sign message that I use to hear and see? How do I sign a message? Is the sign use to approve transaction? I don't know how to sign a message and the exchanges have never require me to sign a message before.

Don't be surprised seeing this coming from me. I think it's high time I desist from trusting my coins with exchanges. I don't like what I'm hearing in the news this days about exchanges change users deposit address or delisting. I don't want to regret in the end. One who asks can never lost, please enlighten me.
9  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Signature campaign announcement 📢 on: July 07, 2023, 10:16:28 AM
Una weldon my country people. As e be like this now, many of our people Don dey rank up small small with their hard work and the support of each other here. To learn dey sweet for body when you dey learn and earn at the same time. Na the reason why I say make I create this thread so we go dey update each other on signature campaign wey launch newly or the old ones wey get open slot as e dey happen for other local boards. I check the board but I no see such thread (if e dey already abeg call my attention so I go lock this one) na why I say make I create am.

E go make sense make the thread dey pin 📍 to first page but I no know how our bosses here particularly brainboss go see am.

I go like explain some related abbreviation for signature campaign small before I continue.

  • OPEN: e mean say the campaign dey open for qualified applicant to apply
  • X: this x means the number of participants require for each rank
  • CFNP: this one mean say the campaign Don close for new participant at that moment
  • FULL: e mean say the campaign don reach the number of participants required
  • FINISHED/CLOSED: this one mean say the campaign Don finish or something happen and the campaign close

You fit add if I skipped some important abbreviation.

At the moment, we get this campaign wey get open slots for new applicant

manage by Royse

We have several openings.
2 x Hero
2 x Sr.
2 x Full Member
2 x Avatar
Please apply. I will accept applications for the next week

Minimum Merit requirement in the last 120 days: 150+

NOTE: Abeg read and understand the rules wey dey the campaign wey you apply before you drop your application for any campaign posted here.

I go like here una opinion and suggestions concerning this thread and it can improve.

Cheers 🥂
10  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Subsidy removal and all you need to know on: June 03, 2023, 08:39:12 PM
I greet una my fellow 9ja people with maximum respect. No be new thing again say the new administration of PBAT don announced the removal of subsidy and the thing dey cause noise everywhere sortey NLC wan embark on strike. The matter long but make I cut am short and tell una something wey we need to know about the whole issue as explained by the NNPC for their verify Twitter handle link.
why price increase wey June never end?
From the report, we hear say former president Buhari signed till June 30th to cover for the subsidy but that date never reach and the price Don sky rocket reach #500 and above. Wetin cause am? NNPC say since 2022 govt no drop money for the subsidy and govt dey owe them 2.8trl reach this moment, na dem dey use their money to supply the fuel na why dem increase the price now make scarcity no con dey.
why selling old fuel with new price?
Normally na so business be. If you hear about the increment of price for market you no need to allow your former product finish before you increase your price too. Why is it like that? If you no increase the price and you wan wait for your former product to finish that means you no go see new product buy again since the price don increase for market and your money no go reach again.
why NNPC dey fix price?
NNPC say e no dey fix price for anybody. Na you wey dey sell your market go determine your own price depending on how you sef see am buy  Grin no believe anyone wey tell you say na NNPC dey fix fuel price for sellers.
na like this we go dey buy fuel at higher price dey go?
No! This price hike no go continue like this dey go. E go dey change as people are buying and the sellers too go soon dey reduce the price in order to attract more customers to their side. The problem here be say we dey easily adapt to things for this country  Angry
how Dangote, NNPC and other refineries fit help the matter?
Plenty things go take place if dangote refinary begin dey work now and more extra better things if govt own refineries are revive also. Fuel go choke everywhere plenty if we start the refining for ourselves, work go dey for our youths and our GDP go begin smoke to high like kilode 😂

The above contents was culled from the image share by NNPC in the Twitter link provided above in this post with a little modification for better and to aid understanding more easily.
11  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Beware of crypto scam on: April 15, 2023, 05:41:57 AM
I greet una my fellow 9ja people. I Wan offer my little advice and tips on how not to fall victim for scammers. Crypto Don dey among the hot cake for 9ja now wey everybody dey rush into but sadly na so scammers dey use that opportunity dey take rip off crypto lovers wey never get experience.
I wan share some few tips on crypto scam and how to avoid them.
First and foremost, take your own time do research on crypto before you begin. No just rush into it because you see people making it from it.
Secondly, scammers make use of fake project and team in order to scam people of their hard earned money in the name of IDO, Private sale etc and promise to list 10x in reputable exchanges just to attract victims. Don't fall for it. If it's too good to be true, it's probably a scam.

Another method of crypto scam na airdrop. Airdrop dey pay before but it's most likely an avenue to scam now. Run away from any airdrop that request for your seeds phrases or private keys to participate.

And again, crypto no be ponzi where you invest and expect high return within a specify time. Anybody that promises you investment with high return in crypto is a scammer and you should stay away from such person.

Phishing link too dey among the method wey dem dey use scam now. Most of them go send link give u through your social media or ur email, they go tell you make you enter the link and input your details for the link wey dem send. All na lie and trap to steal your coins. Nodey even click on the link you receive from strangers. Some will ask you to connect your wallet address to some websites, no try am dey just wan steal coins wey you get for your wallet.

Last but not least, keep your assets safe and never share your private keys with anyone or any websites offline and online. Also, use stronger passwords for any of your wallet and remember to keep them safe.

Make we all be guided!
12  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / NCC Approved codes for all network service providers on: March 19, 2023, 04:48:14 AM
I say make I update our people as Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) Don approve the same short codes for all networks wey dey our country. As e be now, you no need to cram plenty codes for head again for the multiple sim cards wey you get. Once you know the NCC harmonized codes, everything Don set for you. Whether na MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9 MOBILE (Etisalat) the code na the same now for recharge, check balance, share airtime, borrow money, buy data and also to communicate with the customer services. The image below contains the short codes.

How una take see this move by NCC? As for me the thing make sense die. No more asking about in case you buy another network sim wey you no dey familiar with their codes. NCC Don cover you already with this new development.

Note: the previous codes for each network still dey active and working fine. You fit use the former code or the new approved code.
13  Economy / Reputation / Discrimination against bounty hunters on: February 09, 2023, 08:36:16 AM
Although I am not a bounty hunter and I don't think I will be one at least for now but a thorough observation reveals to me that bounty hunters and those who post in altcoins are being considered as unserious fellows. The baffling thing is that the managers (mostly high rank members) who bring the work (bounty) received praises and merits but on the other hand, the participants (mostly low ranking members) who participates in the bounties are being regarded as a non serious members and money mongers. This is purely hypocrisy! If I may ask.... Why is the altcoins board and bounty section created in the first place if those who participate in it are look down upon? Why are managers still bringing bounties despite bashing the participants of not contributing to the forum positively aside bounties? What will happen if all or majority of the bounty participants stop participating? How do you all expect the managers to survive without having those to participate in the work they bring? A reputable manager Julerz12 just confessed that he has no side work aside managing a campaign ( How do you expect the likes of him to cope with daily living if hunters decide not to participate in bounty again? Do you think project teams will keep on paying managers without seeing impact of promotion? How can people be aware of new and upcoming projects without bounties? Unless the above questions are answered honestly and without bias then I don't think it is even necessary to look down on them.
I think we have two options here.
Firstly, If the forum doesn't like their activities, I think it would make sense to remove the entire bounty section so we all can focus on improving the forum as we claim to preach and overlook the repercussion it will cause to those affected and secondly, if the forum can not remove the section then it is necessary to tolerate their actions and allow the managers to deal with spammers. Unless it is technical, I don't see how ordinary and normal discussions improve the forum as we claim. We choose not to participate in bounties but they choose to. Let respect their choice.
I stand to be corrected anyway if my submission is not accurate.
14  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / CBN full implementation of cashless policy go start today on: January 09, 2023, 07:07:37 AM
As the matter be now, e no be new thing again say CBN no want people to dey carry plenty cash for body dey Waka up and down. Dem say they prefer make money dey inside system (bank) dey flow so dem go fit track every transaction wey dey happen. The problem now be say whether the thing go work smoothly or not because from the history no be the first time be this wey CBN dey introduce this kind policy but e dey fail.
In 2012, the Sanusi Lamido-led Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduced cashless policy with the aim of reducing the quantum of physical cash that is being used in the system in an attempt to cut down on cash handling expenses of banks.
During that period na just few states implement the policy before they con suspend am in 2015. So how this new one intended to be different from the previous one?
Emefiele had announced the full implementation of the cashless policy effective Monday, January 9, 2023
Although, the CBN boss Godwin Emifiele Don assured us say everything Don set wey go make the policy work effectively but na naija we dey na. Na so dem go talk normally
All infrastructure that is needed to ensure a smooth working cashless system such as the CBDC, online banking, Payment System Banks (PSBs), point of sale terminals (POS) agent banking, mobile banking and ATMs have since been deployed.
As the matter be now, if you want to withdraw money from ATM na 200 naira and lesser denomination e go dispense for you. To get 1k note or 5h, you go enter inside bank or you go to POS center.
if you Wan read full details about this you fit click Here
So wetin you fit talk about this policy? You think e make sense?
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Crypto (btc) is not for the weak on: December 31, 2022, 05:51:45 PM
Crypto currency as a whole despite its advantages can be very risky. It appear to me as a battlefield where only the strong can survive and weak ones will eventually give up. I came across this and it worth sharing not to scared us but to build hope in us that we are not alone on this.
It was reported that about 17 wealthiest investors and founders lost about $116 billion in less than a year.
As a result, 17 of crypto’s wealthiest investors and founders have collectively lost an estimated $116 billion in personal wealth since March, according to Forbes’ estimates. Fifteen of them have lost more than half their fortune over the past nine months. Ten have lost their billionaire status altogether.
Read full details here $116 billion in lost crypto wealth
It's obvious that those who have no trust and hope in crypto have started giving hope and some of them are even selling despite the bad condition of market and end up losing. One thing I'm certain of is that as long as Bitcoin is in existence, all hope is not lost. Let us be strong in order to win this battle together.
16  Economy / Economics / Changing of bank notes; any impact on economy? on: November 24, 2022, 11:03:18 AM
The central bank of Nigeria (CBN) had made an announcement earlier last month on it plan to redesign Nigeria currency due to some numerous reasons which the most notable among is that, a larger amount of the country's currency is in circulation. So, in an attempt to reduce the money in circulation, the apex bank in the country (Nigeria) redesign the bank notes and issued a deadline for the old notes to be returned to the bank. It's not longer a news that NGN is traded at the rate of NGN700+ against USD1 in the black market while the official bank rate is around NGN450 per USD1. The Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari unveiled the new naira notes yesterday during the weekly federal executives council (FEC) meeting. during his speech, the president commended the CBN governor on this move and says the new naira will help strengthen the country's economy.
old note

new note

However, the Nigerian citizens expressed dissatisfaction and disappointment after the image of new naira notes goes viral in the social media. They claimed that the CBN dye and bleach the old notes and call it redesign. It's obvious that it's only the color that differentiate the old and new notes but that's never an issue if it can serve the purpose it was made for. The CBN however, justified its action by saying they're not after the beauty of the new naira and that it has features which the old one lacked. Apart from being more durable than the old notes, the new notes is more secure which will make it more difficult to produce counterfeit and also capable of strengthen the economy by reducing the money in circulation.
what's your take on this? Can the new notes actually strengthen the economy as claimed by the CBN? Your views please!
17  Economy / Reputation / Choice of Username and people's perception on: September 22, 2022, 01:58:19 PM
It's worrisome that people use one's name to judge and conclude that one is a bad character. In my continent; Africa, most parents give names to their children in memories of their great parents depending on their traditions and culture. As such, the behavior of the child has nothing to do with the name he/she answered. Children are mostly influenced by the behavior of their parents and not the name they bear.
Ephesians 6:4
Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.
This verse clearly proved that children are influenced by the character their parents taught them and not by the name given to them. I have heard stories about children bearing good names such as John, Moses, David, Jacob, Joseph etc involving in robbery and rape cases and all sorts of vices. On the contrary, some children with funny and ridiculous names partaking in community development. In my own case, I used this name (Knowngunman) in memory of the activities and atrocities they've committed against me and my beloved ones. Although, government address them as unknown gun men but I use the opposite because they are well known in one way or another. So, Having joined the forum newly and made a post in my country local thread, the kind of perception people had based on my username triggered me to make this post.
Welcome Knowngunman, thankGod you know say your name get k-leg. There are plenty name wey jakpa where you go chose from answer but na gunman you see to pick.
Having said that, if me i wan talk the truth as e suppose be ehn, your username no they send the right message wey you wan portray for your mind, any user wey see this username fit come get the wrong impression about you, and even if users no go openly tell you, for their mind them fit no wan associate with you in any way possible on the forum, but as you don choose am so nothing much, everything fit still go well, Good Luck in the forum.
Make I no lie you brother, your name scared me too as I see am but hearing your explanation I understand your point now.
The above quotes made me to understand that people still believe that your name has connection with your attitude and also made me to wonder whether I will have a chance to prove myself and be comfortable in this forum. Having bad name doesn't mean one is bad please.
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