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1  Local / Politics and society (Naija) / Continuous increment of petroleum products with remedy to the situation. on: May 02, 2024, 06:59:57 AM
Nigerians keep suffering the same thing everyday, when president Tinubu assumed office as the commander in chief of the armed forces, he gave a standing order that subsidy regime has been faced out with immediate effect, I tag it a standing other because he acted like a military man, will Nigerians continue to wallow in this kind of suffering that's caused as a result of the continuous increment and shortage of this product.

The hike in transportation and goods is majorly caused by this product. I think the government is not clean and transparent in this matter, president Tinubu promised Nigerians the repair and total rehabilitation of state owned refineries starting from portharcourt refinery, earlier this year we heard about test running of portharcourt refinery, we also heard that the refinery is 95% ready, what's still holding the comisioning of this project and why are we still suffering, I think the government and their colleagues in the system are the ones frustrating this project just because of their selfish gains.

The government is aware that the price of the dollar controls almost everything in this country, even ordinary petty traders use this as  an excuse, our president should come clean and put in more effort to salvage this situation once and for all.
Nigeria export raw crude oil to other countries where they sell it and import the final products, is this not shameful, this final product is been sold to Nigerian marketers at a very high price according to what marketers do tells, first of all if you are and importer of fuel, you will have to source for dollar before you can import and again for the fact that we no longer have subsidy in existence, marketers decides on the price to sell, is wouldn't be the right of the government to fix pump price again, marketers can only be taxed by the government nothing more than that.

Which way Nigeria, let's discuss.
2  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Misunderstanding of Halving by Bitcoin enthusiast. on: April 30, 2024, 10:54:37 AM
Bitcoin has diverse means in which it operates, although I so much believe that this is th first time some of us that are here are experiencing this event called Bitcoin halving that's why they misunderstand the process, know doubt this occurrence that happens every four years was meant to be a period that Bitcoin is suppose to pump but unfortunately the pump has not been experienced yet but it doesn't mean that it won't happen.

this singular act of bitcoin just made me to understand that financial system are the most volatile, there stability is never assured, no matter how you predict their price, whatever happens in the long run or in the process was meant to be but not necessarily that your prediction was the reason for the event took place, now might be a great opportunity for everyone to acquire more of this asset if they can and keep holding until the appointed time comes.
3  Local / Politics and society (Naija) / The high cost of living in nigeria. on: September 20, 2023, 05:06:39 AM
This situation got my attention, Nigerians are currently facing hard times because of the inability of our government to hold the bull by the horns, the high cost of living is attributed to the government lapses in planning, and the government of the day has made it almost impossible for our naira to have value for whatever goods we want to purchase, and this portrays a high level of danger, Nigeria is a great country that is blessed with natural resources, I think out government to rethink and get the right things done for the sustenance of it citizen, prices of what the citizen need keep on rising every day to the extent that, if you buy something today by tomorrow the price will go up, when will all this stop, I think there is no price control in Nigeria because of the insincerity, what we here every day is excuses, no action of hope, I know that government can not feed everyone or provide employment for all, but they can create an enabling environment to lure foreign and domestic investors in different sectors that had been abandoned or that's facing under/ mismanagement, government anti-peoples policies should be reviewed in other to caution this condition being faced by people in this country, I think Nigerians has being push to the wall, some many homes barely feeds twice a day not because the can't hustle but because the hustling is no where to be found, even the mason work people manage with, is not anywhere because the price of building materials is on the high side, currently you can only see real estate firms building but not even the level it was before, the government needs to start from somewhere because the masses are suffering much and this might cause more insecurity is not handled very well.
4  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / How does bitcoin benefit the common people. on: September 20, 2023, 04:24:08 AM
The creation of Bitcoin was centered on carrying everyone along in terms of giving both the common person and interested individuals greater control over their finances, Bitcoin gives the common people power to be in full charge of their wealth by providing security, financial freedom, and decentralization where no entity or institution has the power to control anyone in the system, many people longs for the replacement of our usual traditional banking system, because of their inability to solve monetary problems, this is where bitcoin plays a major role by providing the common man with an inflation-free digital opportunity, self financial control is what the world population needs, and I think Bitcoin is the answer to this effect.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / My dream is coming close. on: August 19, 2023, 05:36:34 AM
I know it is a big or uncommon goal to achieve considering my current income. I have a big dream of owning one Bitcoin before a certain period. So when people are bothered that the price of Bitcoin is dropping, I am seeing it as an opportunity to go closer to my dream. I am in no way happy that the price is dropping but one Bitcoin will always be one Bitcoin, no matter the price today. If you are sure of bitcoin, you will not be concerned about the price today because the price in the future will always exceed the current price.I have learned from this forum that there is no need to dump your coin because of FUD, this distraction will come and go. So I am no longer reading those blogs or social media that is promoting this this fear that will make me dump my small holding and abandon my dream. My focus is to own one Bitcoin.
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Your future in bitcointalk forum depends on your effort on: August 10, 2023, 06:10:42 AM
I know that am not up to a year here, but I deem it necessary to give this piece of advise to my fellow newbies,
Let me use this medium to rekindle our hope, beginners that are yet to achieve there goals here, I want you to know that your future here is in your own hands, make your time here count, discovering your purpose of being here and working tirelessly to achieving your goals will set you on a high ground, believe in yourself, think positively, you might no be where you are suppose to be, because of your unrealized repeated mistakes or your inability to learn from established members, bitcointalk forum is a large community that has every knowledge and information that will be helpful to us, in it, so choose where you think that fits you, gather more knowledge and ideas so that most of your contribution here will be a solution to members problem.
See every obstacle that you encounter in this forum as the process of success, the strongest may survive, but it is the passionate and the knowledgeable one's that can solve individual and the entire forum problems that will thrive.
For you to achieve your desired goals in this forum, you have to be resolute and determined to make all these things written below to be part of you and your daily activity.


Sacrifice: it is good to sacrifice your present pleasure for the future, as far as bitcoin talk forum and real life is concern, you must sacrifice your time, because it gives you opportunity to learn and relearn in other to make your views and ideas count, achieving success involves giving up your immediate gratification.

Consistency : always do what you know how to do, even though you are not doing it right, try to make improvement and continue, repeatedly acting towards your goals or dreams increases your chances of achieving your expected outcomes. Don't allow any distractions because it can ruin your ability if getting to your destination, note, out of sight is out of mind, make sure you stick around.

Self- confidence: self esteem is a good tool in fighting inferiority complex, even if you are not much informed about a particular stuff, don't be shy to ask question, everyone was once a novice and I believe people are ready to help because of the synergy that exist here. Believe that you can do it, your opinion count sooner or later, your confidence gives you the boldness and energy to counter uncertainty with a positive mindset.

Hard work: be passionate because your extreme hunger for knowledge and new ideas, will strengthen you and bring out the best in you, persistent effort and determination is what you need to be elevated both in forum and real life, so do greater more than what is expected of you, because a greater effort in the right direction gives birth to a rapid growth and overwhelming result, little effort generates average result, so the choice is yours, but choose wisely.

Patience: success does not come easily, you must go through difficult and challenging times, this will enable you to focus on your vision, no matter what you encounter here just be resilient and steadfast, don't be discouraged with criticism you may face, just see it as part of the process and you can learn from it too, just be yourself and remain on your mission track believe me we will all triumph.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin as an inflation hedge on: August 02, 2023, 11:31:06 PM
The innovation accompanied with bitcoin can potentially pave way for the global prosperity, bitcoin has greatly risen in it's influence, despite that there some people out there that don't still see bitcoin as a good investment, I see the globally economy being reshaped by this digital asset, bitcoin will do this by being an alternative for traditional currency or by totally replacing local currency, I know this may take time to happen, but the actualization is the freedom itself. Bitcoins can not be easily manipulated by any central system or institution because of it finite available amount, this digital asset is an excellent store of value, particularly in the state or time of economic woes, uncertainty or inflation. 
What high inflation countries need to store their wealth, is bitcoin, because it is not in anyway controlled by inflation spikes.

8  Economy / Economics / Inflation overpowers the value of money on: August 02, 2023, 11:18:07 PM
Lack of purchasing power which is caused by inflation is encouraging economic uncertainty, and this is because many nations has been found wanting in production capacity, instead they encourage importation of consumable goods from other countries, the country involved will therefore put up a policy, that will compel the consumer country to exchange there currency to the currency of the country, they are purchasing from, this will further weaken and stagnate there currency to trigger high inflation rate.

The causes of high inflation can be attributed to the following:
1. Excessive Government borrowing
2. Unwanted and unstable domestic policy
3. Unsatisfiable or lack of domestic production

1. Excessive Government borrowing: the government of many nations has seen borrowing as a norm, there accumulated debts requires generation to come, to service, this is common in African countries where the government borrow funds not for establishing an asset or building an institution that can generate generate revenue, for them to either service existing debts and build more infrastructures, they prefer borrowing funds for either embezzling it or using it for things that are not accounted for.
They do this without minding the consequences that may be accompanied with this act, at the end countries like this dips in high level of inflation and valueless currency.

2. Unwanted and unstable government policy: the government policy most times are unfriendly and it is repeatedly done, just for example allowing the importation of already existing good to there country, instead of boosting the production of such goods to meet it's citizens consumption.

3.lack of domestic production: government of many countries practically don't have anything to offer, the keep on wasting the little resources available to their reach, failing to encourage local production, the government should look into locally made goods, this will avail them the opportunity to do business with countries that are interested in the product and services, as the case may be, they should make it their priority to lure local investor, reach a compromise with them, allow them to produce at a minimal taxing rate, this will enhance the domestic needs of the country, No doubt we need each to survive but not in everything.
9  Other / Beginners & Help / How do I avoid and identify scams? on: July 15, 2023, 07:22:51 AM
We know that scam coins are everywhere, mainly advertised on social media, I spent time trying to know the exact way to fish out scam coins but to no avail, despite how inquisitive we could be to generate more funds for ourselves through Cryptocurrency investments and to try new things, we should also be much aware of the scam coins and their possible pernicious damage.

I agree that there are a lot of choices to make regarding cryptocurrency but early dictation of this proposed scam needs to be checked.

Am not much familiar with cryptocurrency, and that's why I need more guidance so that if eventual I see one, I will know how to handle it, this will help me to have a good knowledge on the path to settle for.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin as an opportunity for the unbanked. on: July 06, 2023, 08:54:41 AM
In the world today, many people prefer to keep their money in their house save because of the perceived fraud by our traditional banking system that has decided to rip the populace off their hard-earned money without remorse, through different unexplainable charges, this has changed the mindset of the un-banked because of the complaints coming from the individuals involved in that process, this individual, both the ones that are already banked and the unbanked are looking for alternative other alternative means that they will use to safeguard their wealth.

Financial institutions put up these outrageous charges and unacceptable taxing methods and lend individual money to other people without their consent and unknowingly to them, in return give them interest below what is expected yearly, taking back the interest through taxation and so making their money always depreciate in their bank account.

I want to categorically tell this set of people that Bitcoin is the way forward for you, bitcoin works for everyone, and the system was designed in a way that every interested person can participate.
Bitcoin allows you to be your bank and be in charge of your money with no interference from anyone. Participation is dependent on your interest, not your identity, that's to say that everyone can be involved without their identity known. Note that blockchain technology guarantees your Bitcoin security, so don't be afraid just give it a trial but with a little money I believe you won't regret it.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Education and money as the key to Bitcoin adoption. on: July 06, 2023, 07:48:00 AM
Lack of education, technical knowledge, and awareness has been the major challenge for Bitcoin enthusiasts, it is high time we kick-start the mass eradication of Bitcoin illiteracy in our society, preach about Bitcoin, but don't force it on anyone,

This group of people might not have access to an internet service to get involved in this technology or even funds to invest but for sure many of them want the knowledge to prepare them for future possible investments.

In the absence of internet service the diagrammatic explanation of how the technology works can also help locally.

Generally, the teaching of system transparency may encourage mass adoption when the example is been shown practically.
Some of us never thought of being where we are today in the Bitcoin world, but because of the knowledge we got on how reliable, fast, and decentralized Bitcoin is, we tried and it worked perfectly as we expected.

Some people don't care about Bitcoin because they don't understand how
It works and how it is, and I have made it an obligation to help people that I tell about Bitcoin, that has found it interesting to reach the extent of comprehending what Bitcoin is, and also make them know that the technology has come to stay, irrespective of the availability of cash for investment, acquire the knowledge.

We know that money plays a major role in Bitcoin investment and adoption, over the time many people have complained that money has deprived them of the opportunity to partake in Bitcoin, after getting the knowledge of how the currency works, please my advice to every Bitcoin enthusiast is that no knowledge is a waste, you may not have the money to invest today, but learning about this technology is the first stage you have to cross in other to get the main thing.
So the other stuff which is money becomes secondary, continue pushing, any day you get the funds to invest in your own time, stop limiting yourself by not being prepared before the money comes will be considered as the greatest mistake, be yourself don't be in a hurry more things may unfold before you invest maybe you might be lucky bitcoin for one bitcoin for everyone.
12  Economy / Economics / Fix the money, Fix the world. on: July 04, 2023, 08:00:48 PM
The Rich/Government has used money as a tool to oppress the poor in a way that they practically use it to control everything in the world with the help of financial institutions.

The high class as they are called has maintained dominance in everything, not to be bitcoin biased or cynical, but in this case, I see Bitcoin as the alternative to this controversy and if we want to eliminate the power that is intoxicating us, then we must advocate for alternative means, Bitcoin as a currency without any central control will handle this menace in a manner that everybody will have power, control and self custody of their bitcoin, the market forces will now depend on more individual investments in it and group or institutional adoption, just imagine making Bitcoin handy and accessible to the populace.

I think the world will be a better place without notice or segregation between the rich and the poor if Bitcoin is embraced fully since Bitcoin is not a currency of a particular country everyone has the equal right and power to either store it or use it.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / My bitcoin journey mistakes and moral lesson on: June 28, 2023, 11:41:21 AM
In 2016, when I first heard about Bitcoin. I never had any knowledge of the existence of a bitcointalk forum or even a detailed idea of Bitcoin itself, the first mistake I made was to listen to people's advice in respect to investing in Bitcoin. When I started reading and researching about bitcoin and its technology, A time came when I made up my mind to invest my little savings in it, but I decided to involve my parents, siblings and friends so that we can invest concurrently. But They came to the conclusion that bitcoin and all online investments are scams and I should not make such a wrong step if not, that am going to lose my money, I was confuse at that point, I thought of how I manage to save such amount of money, the fear of losing it, And what will be my fate if I lose it to scammers made me to succumb to their suggestion, in all, this got me dissuaded, this made me give up in knowing more about Cryptocurrency in general, and my investment plan in this indistructive decentralized digital currency (Bitcoin) and because I had no idea that a forum like Bitcointalk where new ideas are shared and bitcoin matters are been discussed by different people is in existence, but the good thing now is that even though I got notice of this forum late, I have learned numerous things in a short time here, for this reason I am always open to learning at any time from anybody.

moral Lesson:

when people give you advice, their intention may be good for you, but unknowingly to them that they have temporarily or permanently made you lose a lifetime opportunity that's if you listen to their advice. after listening to individual advice, it is your duty and decision as a person to filter the advice before making use of the ones you see that will be helpful to you. There is no harm in trying new ideas, just imagine, if I had attempted such innovations, even if is with a small amount of money, may be by now I would have been rich.

In this life, If you want to grow financially, one risk or the other must be involved.
In the pursuit of success, you must lose to learn a particular technique for the avoidance of its repetition.

Don't live your life according to the criticism and dictates around you, If not, you will be suffocated with stained ideas, as long as you don't cause people's pain, chase your dreams, enquire and develop yourself in such a way that people will see you as a role model. People must talk, just be who you are, and be committed to making your dreams a reality.

I am where I am today because I was unable to understand the value of making use of my instinct, But at least the knowledge I have about Bitcoin in the recent time is very tremendous more than before, from now onward nobody will ever discourage me from investing in any commodity that I see as a profitable one, no matter the risk that's involved. I will take it, There is no harm in trying with a small amount of money.

14  Other / Beginners & Help / Encouragement and lesson learnt on: June 16, 2023, 04:47:28 PM
This forum was created for people to learn, share ideas and make useful contributions in regards to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in general. When I started this journey earlier this year actually it was a friend that introduced me to bitcointalk, but it reached to a point I wanted to be discouraged but I got encouragement from some senior here whose advise came from a particular thread that we as newbies should understand a particular topic before contributing or make our opinion known on such topic.
The first thing I did was to understand the rules and regulations that governs the forum and abide by it, to an extent am being use to what is happening here and more, and I believe that in no distant time my contributions will be so enormous in this forum, this will be the fate of every other newbie that is hardworking and also all this will be achievable by encouragement from our senior colleagues it can be through several process,not necessarily meriting.

Criticism: there are constructive criticism that tends to correct a newbie by setting him or her in the right direction. using myself as an example, I was corrected by one of our senior colleagues here on the need to use punctuation marks where necessary in all my writeup since then I have been very careful in other to avoid the repeatation of such in future.
We newcomers should know that our time and continues stay in this forum depends on us and we have to cultivate the habit of learning and making prestigious use of our time here by making more detailed research of what we don't know before bringing it to this forum and also where we don't understand we ask question so that people that know more than us can put us through.

Newcomers note nobody succeeds overnight stay focused work hard and never give up on your dreams or goal it may delay but it must come to fulfilment.
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Goal Achievement on: June 10, 2023, 01:12:36 PM
Bitcointalk is a broad community where bitcoin technologies and informations are been discussed, so what I observed in Bitcointalk is that for me to go further I have to read what others has written properly and make my contributions to where I understand a discussion. Another thing I notice that contributes to achieving our goals easily here is by making a good sentence with punctuation marks where necessary and correct spellings because good sentence will make a reader to understand our point of view properly, observation plays a major role in achieving our goals here because when you observe some you feel thats not well explained you can ask question for more explanation or you may even quite the person on the contrary that's if you know it , seriousness is another way of making our goals to be fulfilled, I wish to be like other member who has achieve some goals in this forum.
16  Economy / Trading Discussion / Gambling is different from trading on: June 10, 2023, 12:43:49 PM
I was doing a comparison between gambling and trading I find out that their is merging between trading and gambling, I want to explain the categories of trading and gambling from my research gambling don't have to do with skills, but people prefer gambling than trading, but I kicked against gambling because it does not have control that leads to victory during time of diecasting your prediction in gambling therefore I concluded that gambling have to do with luck.

While trading is a skill that you will learn and understand the basic factors that can hinder your trading not to be successful, a trader can notice it's mistakes after loss and make corrections while a gambler mistakes can't be corrected because it deals with prediction. I notice that people do not put their money much in gambling than trading whereas the risk and loss is more efficient in gambling than trading. When we study trading very well there is no way we can trade in a month without making profit and as a beginner in trading we don't need to start trading with money that we can not afford to loss, while in gambling so many people gamble with their salary and last money. So I prefer trading more than gambling because it is a skill and it can be controlled.
17  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / How do I secure my wallet on: June 10, 2023, 12:05:59 PM
It has been some months that I have been in this forum, I have started making arrangements for transacting with Bitcoin in the aspect of buying and storing. I don't have much knowledge of wallet to the extent of knowing a preferable wallet to use for storing my Bitcoin, right now I know that Bitcoin is a valuable asset from my understanding but other people doesn't accept the fact that it is really an asset, so I want to know a good wallet to use for my Bitcoin because I notice that some wallet my friends recommend to me are all exchange kind of wallet and I was told that it's not proper to use an exchange wallet for storing or saving of Bitcoin for a long time. I wish to have more recommendation or articles to read concerning wallets and it's security values but during my research I was recommended to use electrum wallet but I was confused if electrum wallet is an exchange or a custodial wallet, therefore i need a good direction, clarification and update of suitable wallet from senior colleagues.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Investing in altcoins is a hedge over Bitcoin how true is this? on: May 28, 2023, 11:01:48 AM
What makes people think that if Bitcoin crash other coins won't follow, it is practical expected event thats is bound to occur any period btc market slides other coins does the same because people has come to love this digital currency of the future that holds somany yet to discovered benefits to humanity, other altcoin are smaller community so they can never be compared with Bitcoin, note BTC no longer advertise itself but it's high demand rate and value does. This commodity (BTC) as I call it, can only crash if the smaller investors in the long run come to know that the growth rate is no longer obtainable as they learnt or were told earlier that it will be before they venture into it. If this events doesn't take place then we should only expect the bullish and bearish market as usual not the total crashing of this coin.
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Awareness as the major force for Bitcoin adoption on: May 19, 2023, 05:34:48 PM
Statistically 385,000 persons are born into different families across the globe, that's to say 385,000 offsprings come into this world everyday, just imagine all of this individuals having knowledge of Bitcoin.

The question becomes after acquiring the knowledge about this powerful digital currency (Bitcoin) by this group of people how many of them will purchase or invest later in other to keep it  running to get attraction of more interested fellows.

Adoption of Bitcoin starts with you and me and this is done by good publicity through appropriate channels making people to know what they tend to benefit as the market bum as well as the negative impact during the down- trend.

Bitcoin looks very unreal to non bitcoiners because of lack of publicity and awareness, just imagine educating your siblings, your children, parents and people you come across everyday about Bitcoin their would have been more interested investors than we have now, this would have enable Bitcoin to rise because of the market competition and HODL will benefit more in this kind of situation.
20  Other / Beginners & Help / Whats required of me as a newbie in other to grow in this prestigious forum? on: May 19, 2023, 02:30:11 PM
As a newbie I have been wondering what to do in other to grow and contribute to the success of this forum with my little knowledge.

Where am I not getting it right?

I need orientation from senior colleagues here.
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