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1  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Telegram P2P working. Opay, Palmpay and other conventional banks actively listed on: May 20, 2024, 07:51:12 PM
In view of the recent developments and strict instructions from these banks on their non-involvement in crypto dealings, I was surprised to see that Naira is listed under telegram P2P services and furthermore, most of our local banks and microfinance banks listed there as payment options for crypto transactions


This raised a lot of mixed feelings within me concerning the seriousness of their claims of non-participation in crypto transactions, or are they not aware they are listed there on the platform?, maybe they're outsmarting the government by dealing on low-key telegram P2P transactions.

Logging back into their app, the warning was still there and somehow it dawned on me that this might be a trap to catch accounts linked with crypto activities and get them closed down, so we must be on high alert not to fall victims to their possible antics unnecessarily.

Let me have your thoughts on this.
2  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Never assume things, always Validate on: April 09, 2024, 05:46:11 AM
Assumption is a lazy man's approach to making decisions, it's always better you stay in the current when stating facts or making decisions. Some Craftsmen and professionals who brings bills of quantity or cost implications of for a contract agreement most times makes this mistake by using old prices and thinking things are still the same in the market, only to be surprised by a current hike in price. This very mistake could've been avoided only if they went the extra-mile to validate the pricings with proper research before presentation. This have made a lot of them to loose in contracts as some times, they use their own workmanship to cover up for their mistakes, unless their employer is very considerate.

In P2P trading, assuming that your funds are in your account simply because the buyer confirmed sending it, or you got a credit alert has stripped lots of people their precious coins. You need to log into your app preferably and check your transactions history to be sure the funds are there or use USSD to demand your account balance from the bank for validation. You can even buy little units of airtime to see how the funds decreases.

Issues span between friends when they assume and misinterpret the actions or intent of others, or make conclusions from hearsay, accepting it as a valid truth without questioning, or validating from the person in question of the authenticity of such information. A simple validation of facts would spur better understanding among friends.

In the office when given instructions, demand clarity instead of assuming that things should go a certain way, these assumptions can be very costly sometimes and lead to queries, pay cuts and even job loses.

To be honest, a simple validation does not take much, it might be a simple call to the right person, a mail, or simply moving from your office to the superior's office to seek clarity. Assumption is a lazy man's thing, save from experimental procedures which has no means of validation, we are encouraged to always validate our information before making it a basis for decision making.

Lets share our thoughts on this, and also our experiences with the lazy man assumption.
3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Private miners, a ticket to getting faster transaction confirmations on: March 25, 2024, 10:45:37 AM
So far, I know that when bitcoin transactions are initiated it goes into the mempool and stays there long enough for miners to include it in their blocks to be confirmed. The length of time it spends there is unpredictable, especially if the fees aren't high enough to interest greedy miners towards its inclusion. This really discourages lots of people from using the network. sometimes I encourage clients to make payments to me through bitcoin, but a lot of them reject my requests because of this very reason of unpredictability of transactions confirmation time.

Recently, i was thinking of a way around this to hasten transactions possibly for regions that accept bitcoin, and more importantly for companies who intend or are already accepting the coin within a locality. I think they can come together and create a union or group, purchase hardwares and get their own miners and have them join mining pools to share resources and minimize costs. These private miners are left with the responsibilities of immediately including transactions from their hosts which the hash will be sent directly to them in the next block to be confirmed. now the companies concerned can assure clients of less than 30 minutes of transaction confirmation or thereabout.

I really think this will boost user's confidence and trigger mass adoption in many localities as the complexities of these transactions are now reduced to the barest minimum. these private miners still participate in general activities for profitability and covering operation costs, but are made to prioritize transactions from their hosts. this might still mean good business opportunity for the companies concerned because others will still want to join in the future and they profit from the expansion alongside their activities. I admit that many companies offer transaction accelerations like viaBTC, but their fees are so high and not readily affordable. My thoughts are with grassroot implementations and more bitcoin adoption. I am also aware of governmental   taxes, but I'm convinced that proceeds from the mining activities can cover for those and keep the business on the profit side.

         Here is an image to clarify my explanation




what do you think would be major constraints?, I will appreciate your thoughts on this
4  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Taking advantage of situations positively on: February 22, 2024, 01:24:19 PM
Yesterday night, I was chatting with my female friend, but her response was slow, I switched over to call, and I noticed that her environment was noisy, she promise to return the call and hanged up. I went back on chat to inquire why she was at a noisy environment by 8:30pm, thinking she was out enjoying herself.
To my greatest surprise, she was at the place she sells fishes in the evenings after work. This lady in question is a shoe designer and has her own shop. Earlier this year, she launched her industrial cleaning business and just yesterday, she confirmed to me that she now has people working under her. I further inquire about the source of the fishes, she  plainly told me that she purchase them at the fish camp and resell them at a higher price in the evenings.

This struck me deep at how much the lady is taking advantage of the situation of the country to expand her finances when  most people I see everyday on the streets just sit and complain about the bad condition of the country and still do nothing about it to better their life. She bursted my bubbles by mentioning that food is a necessity, and no matter how bad the country is, people will always find a way to feed at least.

I couldn't help but meditate all night on this little discussion I has yesterday, now the question is:
Have you thought about this before?
What plans have you to take advantage of the situation of the country to your own benefit?
Would you quit complaining and take proper action?
How much have you taken advantage of the bull run coming to  stack up bitcoin for yourself?
Is it possible?, Yes it is.

The story I shared with you challenged me personally that I've not done enough to take advantage of the situation. I hope it challenges you too to get out of your shell, take the bull by the horn, and most importantly, take charge of your financial expansion.
It is possible, you only need to employ an entrepreneur's mindset, an open and optimistic mind, and a strong desire to achieve your aim, it will interest you that the bitcoin we enjoy today is a testimony of taking advantage of a situation of government exploits to creating a decentralized monetary system. One thing I've learned  is that when things gets really bad, it opens up numerous opportunities to make it big if only you can spot them and take action.

I've fixed a time for further discussion with the lady and a possible investment from me if its scalable by next tomorrow at a bar as I promised to buy her a drink for impressing me with her exploits.
5  Other / Beginners & Help / New means of installing spywares on your devices on: February 20, 2024, 07:03:02 AM
There is a trending pattern used by scammers recently, a lot of people have fallen for it already without knowing and it is very easy for unsuspecting and less tech savvy people to fall for it, now the most dangerous feature of it all is that the spyware stays on your device unknown to you, even when you've recognized they're scammers.

What is a spyware?
Spyware. Although it sounds like a James Bond gadget, itís actually a type of malware that infects your PC or mobile device and gathers information about you, including the sites you visit, the things you download, your usernames and passwords, payment information, and the emails you send and receive.

They are on various platforms and their format is this:
They take their time to monitor users involvements, their profiles and the type of job you do for a living. Then they chat you up to inform you of a job opening and their desire to have you on their team, they go ahead to tell you the remuneration/wage which is always moderate to calm down your suspicion. They will have you get into a bargain with them about your value and then you guys agree on something feasible as your pay.

Next they send you some links to go through their website or websites to see the kind of service they offer(meanwhile those sites aren't always theirs, but sites of reputable companies they use to get their victims interested), and sometimes to the GitHub repositories if you're technical. They finally proceed to proposing an interview or a meetup with the team.

                                   NOW THIS IS WHERE THE MAIN SCAM IS

They send you another link to the interview or a link to check out the site or app and a code to get access to it. As soon as you follow suit, you'll be requested to put in the code, do not try it. As soon as you enter the code they gave you earlier, the page starts loading, most times it fails, and you will retry it because you really want to get the job. now during the loading time, the spywares are being installed on your device and they will be monitoring your device remotely as soon as it comes on and sending feedback of all activities to the scammers. Whatever you do is monitored by them, your bank transactions, wallet activities. If you import an existing wallet in that device, your seed phrases are already in their possession.

After the agreed time for the work elapses, they will not pay you and you will know it's a scam, you will proceed to delete the app or log out of their website, cut all ties you have with them, but the spywares they planted on your device is still performing its duties until a complete maintenance is done on that device like flashing for phones and full OS reinstall for PC.

I have seen a victim of this evil act, the lady was claiming that she didn't give anybody her seed phrases or private keys, but her coins were wiped out twice. I immediately reinstalled the operating system, created a new wallet for her and enlightened her of these dangers as well as the precautions to take regarding the safety of her wallet and I've not heard such complaints for almost four months now. Just last week, they engaged a fellow developer with some cheap rant, he suspected the foul play and reached out to me, I confirmed his suspicion and when he told them he knew the games they were playing, they sent a laughing emoji and blocked him.

You'll need to be careful out there especially when engaging in web3 technologies. I asked him to do a video so we can show everyone that it's so real and here it is  

now next time you're invited for some interview, ensure to make your research whether such companies exist, whether it's a reputable one, if there is such opening in the company and if the recruiters are who they claim to be. You can send their representatives, contact their hiring manager and send the customer support a mail to be sure you're on the safer side.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Do you stick to some Casinos or do you try out new ones? on: February 17, 2024, 12:49:23 PM
I was discussing with a friend yesterday about the choice of Casinos and the great incentives that comes with trying out these new legitimate platforms. He told me bluntly that he doesn't try out new platforms because  it will make him gamble more and will waste his time trying to understand their UI, terms and conditions and their support system. He stressed that he has already developed fondness with a few sites that treats him fine and he even has their support hot lines in case of any issues.
I challenged him that there were exciting offers in these new casinos that he's missing out on but he stressed that he was not interested in their offers, he has already built his gambling life around these few casinos and until they disappoint him, he's sold out to them.

what do you think?. Do you believe he is right with the rigid approach to gambling?,  also should I continue convincing him  to try out something new and enjoy these great offers?.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Gambling addiction does more harm than mere financial loss on: February 01, 2024, 05:53:39 PM
Gambling addiction has been known to be associated with serious funds loss, bankruptcy, unsettled loan involvements, properties auctioning and other irritable financial behaviors that depicts frustration and desperations from the victims.
A little more observation shows clearly other effects of such addiction to just not the addict alone, but those around them, be it friends, family or neighbors. Here are a few of them:

Negative impression on children/ dependents: His addiction can corrupt the good intentions of the younger generation looking up to him for inspiration, they may grow up to see gambling as a way of life and follow the wrong footprints.

Decrease in overall productivity of individual: Addiction reduces the value that you add to wherever you are engaged career wise as you are mostly distracted with gambling thereby reducing your commitment and dedication to your duties, this might significantly reduce the overall company productivity and lead to job loss.

health Challenges: A gambling addict is always under pressure and tension and as such is prone to health challenges like high blood pressure, depression, and on the part of his people, they might be suffering from the psychological implications of his lifestyle which includes social stigma.

violence : most gambling addicts are prone to violent behaviors owing to anger issues from much losses and this might greatly affect his relationship with his immediate family and people around him who might start seeing him as a wild animal.

your contributions are very much welcome as we learn together the many demerits of gambling addiction to inform both those currently addicted and intending addicts of the dangers of that irrational lifestyle.
8  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / The beauty of having a good team on: January 13, 2024, 04:22:43 AM
One man show often has its limitations in terms of accuracy, speed, creativity employed and quality of value delivered. It is normal that every great idea is born in the mind of one person, he nurtures it with consistent brainstorming until it looks action worthy and presentable. After the personal brainstorm stage, it is paramount that person with the idea who wishes to project the idea further and more efficiently sets out to involve as many other sound minds as possible. They keep sharing ideas and developing on it, strategizing and executing this very idea simultaneously until success is achieved. This coming together of fellow sound minds forms a good team or mastermind group.

A good team can deliver as much value as never imagines as compared to a one man show. One man show most times is associated with slow progress, limited perception, lack of proper motivation, frustrations and the height of it is abandoning a fruitful project. I must mention that forming a team is quite challenging at the early stages especially if the founder is not very buoyant to fund the team activities, but if your dream is very sound and practicable, and you're able to convince few people who love achievements to team up with you, you must succeed regardless of the challenges on the way.

There are many examples of men who involved a team and got their dreams actualized:
  • Jack ma- The co-founder of Alibaba group who kept motivating his team to keep at his dream especially his secretary whom had 1% share in the company, they stayed and persisted and thrived together, the secretary is now a freaking millionaire
  • Mack Zuckerberg- He invited 5 of his friends to his Harvard home to discus business, only two honored his invitation and the two of them are now billionaires
  • Satoshi Nakamoto- which is the founder of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The idea of decentralization of currency came to him, he organized a group of people into a team and developed the world's most prominent digital currency

Team work makes the dream work. Do not be greedy to share profits with others and embark on projects alone, get a good team where everyone supports each other, be sure to constantly filter out the negative energies in the team, go to work and succeed. The rewards are massive. Do not go on success journeys alone, even Satoshi after founding bitcoin, created this forum to organize a dynamic team to promote bitcoin. The team gets bigger here everyday and the awareness is spread at a wider margin and is still fulfilling its purpose regardless of Satoshi's absence, so you can build your team so well that they can function without you being present, only then have you done a great work. The teams here are even broken down to smaller teams of different boards, all doing their best to keep the forum booming.

let us bring it further home to the activities here in the forum. When a company that supports crypto is about being promoted here, the campaign manager first forms a good team comprising of different ranks of forum members to join hands with him and promote the company. Its not because he cannot do it alone, but for the marketing to be effective and efficient, more hands are needed.
Finally, A team has its existence and impact everywhere that has a record of success, it is said and proven that "if you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you want to go far, GET A TEAM".
9  Other / Off-topic / Who does gambling addiction affect the most? on: January 09, 2024, 04:14:29 PM
Excessive gambling is detrimental to the life of a gambler no doubt, stories, facts and truths have proven this that they suffer a lot of pressure, tension, loses and frustration. I am also concerned about the impact of gambling on the lives of those dependent on the gambler like his immediate family(wife, children, parents and siblings). I have heard stories of children whose early lives were messed up due to the bad habits of gambling addiction of their fathers. A very recent one is one account in this forum which created a topic staring his hatred for gambling and backing his claim with same ugly story of being a product of a home where the father is a gambling addict. He stressed that it ruined his father and affected him disastrously. I know how painful and frustrating it is when your foundation its poor, and the negative effect is massive.

So I want to ask, between the gambling addict and his immediate family, who does the addiction affect the most?
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Lack of proper knowledge on casino games increases chance of loss and reduce fun on: December 25, 2023, 05:13:28 AM
I played Roulette on a casino three days ago and it was obviously my first-time playing Roulette, I literally didn't understand my way out and I just knew I should select a number and click on spin. I did that obediently and time after time, I lost. I was really motivating myself with the next spin, and next and next, but all to no avail, I was lost in the ride until I drained my deposit for the day's gambling, that time It dawned on me that my Ignorance has contributed to my parallel losses for the day, I just logged out and ended that day's session disappointed.

Yesterday, I was discussing with my friend on my experience, and it was more obvious that my Ignorance played a major role in my bitter experience days before. It was after I was whipped badly that I went back and saw the demo option which I should've used to learn before I engaged. Also, I wish to advise all new gamblers to visit demo space in the casinos where you can learn before you start playing with real money cos I think it will help people master the games before engaging to have more fun, because not only did I lose money that day, but honestly, I didn't have any fun.

I would like to ask if some people here has experienced this too and what is the possibility that most people who experience repeated losses are Ignorant of the game play patterns.
11  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Know the difference between being busy and being productive. on: December 05, 2023, 07:27:52 PM
I have noticed that most times, we're busy and overwhelmed with a lot of things we have to do. We often have a lot of tasks to perform at work, home, social settings, mentorship and a lot more. Most times, the challenge of getting all these done leads to a burnout and at the end we end up not  being very productive. The fact is that most of us are just busy with Lots of work and never productive.

Being productive is all about how much value you were able to add to the system or setting after a period of time, what and what could you deliver?. For example, let's say you've five (5) things to do at the office like attending to 200 mails, contacting some clients, doing some paper works, supervising some junior colleagues and having two scheduled meetings online with your superiors. Its possible to try attending to all at the same time, or jumping from one task to another and when its time to give feedback to your superiors, there's nothing tangible to account and its as though you never attended to any as there was no tangible value added or handed over to the next person despite  all your hard work and stress working for hours.

The key to being more productive its breaking down several tasks into little blocks that can deliver a value to the next person or department. Prioritize your tasks and set milestones that must be achieved before moving to the next important task. Do your tasks one after the other in order of their priority in your list. There are tasks that should come before others as finishing them will pass value to the next person or department who will continue from where you stopped and boost overall productivity.

The MVP(s)  (minimum valuable product) can help you to think in a more productive manner. MVP its simply to identify the little set of features of a big project that can be delivered to your superiors or inspectors which can satisfy the early consumers/clients/processes within the shortest possible duration. So the little things that can add value should be outlined and concentrated upon.
Do things one at a time and always try to finish one task on your priority list before moving to the next. This is the way to delivering value wherever you're and makes you productive instead of just being busy without achieving anything spectacular.

We should try at all times think and act in a productive manner as success and positive impact is a measure of your productivity and not just how busy you're.
12  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Mind breaking phone technology totally powered by AI on: November 20, 2023, 05:10:09 AM
Android, IOS and other phone OS might be going really extinct in the near future. There are really cutting edge technologies on the fly. This couple are retired Apple employees and they've come up with cutting edge technologies that reduces most manual handset approaches and incorporated AI to do almost all the hard work for us. Its called the Humane AI pin, a standalone Phone.

Take a chilled drink, relax and watch where technology is heading to
13  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Extra layers of security to prevent hacks on crypto transaction sites & exchange on: November 11, 2023, 10:28:50 PM
Having researched considerably about some hacks on exchanges and crypto enabled website, I learned that most of the hacks occurred as a result of some  loop holes either in their verification methods, transaction processes and in rare cases, unresolved and unterminated deprecated coins existence. One thing however was common in all the hacks, the funds were moved by the scammer initiating concurrent withdrawals involving large unusual  sums of money which was not checkmated nor did it prompt for further verifications before coins were  released.

I have a few suggestions I think can be of help

  • concurrent withdrawals should have a 10 - 20 minutes interval. This will give the developers the time to check properly the transactions and authenticate it automatically of it passes security verification. The check can be automated to curb excess delay

  • There should be an amount of withdrawal which should trigger strict security verification. The withdrawal  can be permitted when the check is complete. Users can be notified of its security importance

  • primary login device can be initiated. This is an extra layer of security whereby a device is seen as the primary login device and the user uses this device only to login to his account. This device can also be used to grant another device access to login. The primary device can give permanent access to the secondary device, or a onetime access. Upon the primary device Loss or unavailability, if its lost, request can be made from the associated email address to change primary login device and a code will be sent to prompt login and change of the primary login device to the new one. Upon its unavailability, a request can also be made from the email for a one time access for another device

  • The system should log out users after 5-10 minutes of inactivity or if focus is changed to another application. This will apply even to the primary login device.

  • Now, if you're by any means held hostage and forced to enter login details, you can enter the password backwards e.g John as nhoJ. Authentication will granted and this will set the system on high alert and track the movement of funds alerting any other institution or wallet the Fund go into to continue the tracking, even down to mixers if their services are used. Upon your freedom, you'll send a testimonial email to the company and they'll initiate a fund it recovery process for you alerting other institutions which will  freeze the funds and return it to you and your abductors will have nothing for their stress.

These are just my security suggestions that I believe can help curb these hacks. All corrections and validations are welcome.
14  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Every successful innovation is a product of a sound mind and a positive mindset. on: November 03, 2023, 08:15:09 AM
The power of the mind can never be underestimated. Every good thought stems from the mind. The mind is where creativity and further strategies is released to build up successful ventures. The mind is like a fertile garden where every thought its planted like a seed and will germinate and grow  into a full tree if watered and nurtured properly. In this fashion, every good and bad idea cultivated in the mind which is constantly watered by the desire to actualize it and nurtured with proper strategy has a high possibility to materialize. Many great men are testimonies of the power of the mind. They thought of a solution to a problem, and with constant dedication, planning, excution strategies and follow ups, they achieve their aims. Let's look at a few of them:
Abraham Lincoln: had a conviction that all men are created equal, should have equal rights and equal opportunities. He pursued it with determination, which brought about the end of open marginalization and slave trade in the united states. Although he paid the ultimate price with his life before his idea was actualized.

Charles Schwab: A young man in his thirties whom conceived in his mind the US steel corporation and gave a famous speech at a gathering which swept the money king Morgan off his feet and bought him to his idea. Morgan invited him for another discussion for clarity and he convinced Morgan so much that he invested over $400 million in the dream of this young man. Surely he wasn't disappointed.

Napoleon Hill: On a tip off from Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon went into proper research for 25 years on the secrets of acquiring great wealth. An idea that people will term irrelevant, but his conviction and strong will power gave birth to the famous book "think and grow rich" which uncovers 13 principles of acquiring genuine riches and achieving the impossible. Himself received a reward of his own dedication by refusing to accept a deaf and dumb child. He continued believing in his son's ability to live a normal life, constantly encouraged the boy. Nature finally rewarded him accordingly and his son lived a normal life many years later.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther king: he had a dream that one day, people wouldn't be judged by the color of their skin, but what they brought to the table. He was an activist for economic equality, eradication of racial activities and equal recognition. He achieved his aim, but died fighting for black workers to have equal benefits with whites. He called for equality on several occasions and even when it fell on deaf ears, he did not relent as his convictions were strong and his ideas were sound.

Satoshi Nakamoto: had the idea of decentralization of currency, transparency and trust in transactions , freedom from unnecessary government monetary policies. He  pursued his ideas by creating a program where people can send money to one another anonymously and securely with softwares called digital wallets, outside government regulations. He met with political and social backlash, but stayed true to his game. The bitcoin crypto currency we now enjoy is a testimony of his strong idea.

Many great men have already demonstrated that the greatest power a man weilds is his mind. As soon as your mind is compromised with negative thoughts about your Idea and strategies, only then are you defeated. There is still room for critism and change of strategies that are not practically sound, but keep the idea alive.
We ought to use our minds properly, feed in only positive thoughts to this fertile garden and populate our subconscious minds with possibilities of achieving these goals and we will see how strategies for actualizing these great ideas of ours will be unfolding gradually until it become a success.
Even in the forum, the desire to rank up and get the best recognition should keep us going. we should be committed to active learning, contributions, creating quality threads and all other lawful manners of engagements that will help us actualize the very idea of being in the forum. All these are achievable with the right mindset.
Don't rush yourself, just keep on every good cause and take things a step at a time. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. You need to keep a sound and positive mind at all times, and believe in your abilities. That way, you'll coerce others to believe in you too.
15  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Bitcoin address referencing system on: October 27, 2023, 09:29:27 AM

I have been thinking of a way of simplifying the bitcoin addressing system. I also know that if your coins are sent to the wrong address, the coins are lost and it brings so much pain to the user. I think that if the process of the transaction is made simpler, or a second layer
of address confirmation is added or introduced, it will be easier for both illiterates and less tech savvy people to embrace the bitcoin cryptocurrency completely.

I am suggesting the idea of bitcoin wallet address reference system. let me explain in a language everybody will understand. As a web developer, saving my code on GitHub, I add a remote with the following code.

git remote add shortname URL.

This helps me save the URL in a shortname variable. Now, next time I want to push to the same repository, I don't need to go online and copy or remember the URL anymore, I just need to remember the remote name or simply find it locally using.

git remote

when I pick it up, I can push as many times as necessary, and it is easier.

Now, back to my topic. It will be of great good if the 42-character long addresses can be referenced by a shorter name which still points to the original wallet address on the database. Note that I am not talking about wallet username, but all the different wallet addresses being identified by unique reference names and no two addresses can share the same reference name. A New column can be added to the addresses table in the databases and the reference names tied to specific address records. The transactions can as well be carried out using the reference names or the address proper, whichever the user is comfortable with. the goal of this is to foster mass adoption of bitcoin by everybody.
as its wallet addresses is kind of simplified and can be remembered off hand. Secondly, in the transaction history, it will be easier to track specific transactions or even initiate another to same person cos the reference name is visible and distinguishable from others outlined.

Another value it can add is that it can act as a second layer of confirmation and can verify the correctness of the wallet address as you are able to compare the address reference name Identified, and the one forwarded to you by the recipient. This can help safeguard against sending the coins to the wrong address.

just Imagine that I am applying for a signature campaign and my details looks like this.
username: DubemIfedigbo001
post stats: 94
position: member
wallet address: DubemIfedigbo001


username: DubemIfedigbo001
post stats: 94
position: member
wallet address: bc1q287fsyp4jvayqhjrvz5nn8q5gga3rcgf07p5ef
wallet address reference: DubemIfedigbo001

would it not be cool? and make life easier for the campaign manager while making payments. In UI/UX, we were taught that the easier your software is to use, the more clients are comfortable with using it and the more patronage you get cos clients tend to embrace what doesn't stress them much.

is there anything like this already?
will it be a security threat?
If No, is it not worth Implementing?
lets discuss.
16  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Research knowledge alone isn't enough to start a business on: October 20, 2023, 04:45:13 AM
Starting up a business is very challenging and for sure, it calls for proper research in the line of business to be aware of the pros, con's, theoretically possibilities and impossibilities in the business venture. Extensive researches and consultations are very much needed as a lot of facts and principles needs to be gathered. Many materials written by professionals in the field should be reviewed to gather hidden knowledge and series of one on one consultations should be conducted with practicing professionals in the business of intent. All these are very important, but I call them the science of a business venture.

Trust me, learning the science alone without learning the Act of running that business of intent will possibly crash the business and will surely lead to you being duped, taken unnecessary advantage of, most times terrible loss of capital, risk of total shutdown and in the end you start blaming village people. The act of a business model can only be learned by working in an already established firm for a period of time and being open to learning actively during your stay. Believe it or yes, there are hidden secrets in any business that no matter how much interviews you are granted, it will most likely not be mentioned. You learn them as you're constant and committed to the firm activities. These secrets are passed to you either directly or indirectly from the masters.

They teach you these things subconsciously and intentionally as situation present themselves. Just like the forum, the more you engage, the more you're enlightened and given materials of reference to boost your knowledge about bitcoin and other activities. You're surely far better in experience to start signature campaign when you've ranked up to full member. To learn a lot from these mentors, you've to be hardworking and diligent in your work. By the time they are rewarding your hard work with more work, your experience is increasing rapidly and most importantly, you're learning how to manage both the business and their client relationship approach.

As soon as these boss sees that you're an asset, they both intentionally and unintentionally expose their work ethics and secrets to you so as to help you become more useful to them. This is when you would cool down and download these knowledge as much as you can and get a chance to practice them repeatedly, master most of them and be very much prepared to set up and run your own firm in the future. It is  worth mentioning that even company owners submerge their successors into their business for a period of time before  handing over to them and retiring. This is not an easy schedule, but its surely a rewarding one. By the time you've graduated from apprenticeship or internship as you may call it, you're more than prepared to run your own firm effectively.

Additionally, you must have had some really good relationships with your boss, his friends and top clients and they turn your business partners. You can still easily go back to them for business discussion now and no longer consultations. These advantages keeps you several steps above the one that started a business venture with only the knowledge of the science of the business. You need the knowledge of the act to successfully apply the science of the business. The Act of a business is the most important aspect of running a business venture successfully.

I speak from experience, on my first attempt in fish farm business, I acted only on research, consultations, reviews and YouTube videos I watched on the business. Guess what?!, I was duped as a welcome message, the business crashed and left me in big debt, frustrated and depressed for almost a year. I am currently interning with a big and experienced person in this line of business and what I've seen prompted me to put  this piece into writing. A stitch in time they say saves nine. Learn the act and run your business successfully.
17  Economy / Economics / Dangers of combining company and personal funds in the same account on: October 18, 2023, 01:00:08 PM
The issue of holding organization funds by an individual, lets say the treasurer of the organization should be heavily discouraged as most times it does not end well and leads to the funds being utilized or stolen by the person in charge. organizations should plan their startup properly and that includes being properly registered with the government which enables them to open a company account with approved banks.
However, there are slim exceptions whereby the organization are not much financially stable and funds are not readily available to go through the process of company registration and they startup their activities with the motive of doing the needful later as they grow in finance. this now leads to the organization funds being held by trusted members for the time being. Another one and the one that prompted me to start this topic gave me a really big challenge and I learnt invaluable lessons from it. It is the issue of holding association funds temporarily pending the rectification of accounts and change of signatories with past leaders whom have relocated from the state.

This is a very risky and complicated matter, and it is even more complicated when you combine the association funds with your own personal funds in the same account. The risk of overspending may arise as you will constantly see enough funds in your account and might tend to forget that there are foreign funds present and before you realize what you've done, you're already indebted to the company.
Secondly, there is this sense of caution that arise instinctively when your personal funds is diminishing whereby you restrict yourself to having only things you really need and curb all excesses until you are back to having much funds. In the case of combined funds, that discipline might not be observed as you see encouraging figures always.
Thirdly, You might intentionally spend the alien funds with the thought of replacing it whenever you own funds are available. This is a very big mistake without proper accounting and documentation to checkmate what you spend because before you know it, you've utilized more than your assumed funds can handle and leave yourself in a great mess.

A good solution to this is to have an entirely different account to receive funds that is not yours and refuse to have ATM card or much access to that account. In fact, the account should be as good as forgotten by you and the only connection to it is withdrawing funds for the organization purpose, Receiving credit and debit alerts to be able to monitor the activities of the account. You also need to have a place that you detail the transactions on that account, like your private record so that you can have the account record ready at any time it is requested by the organization. this rapid accounting relieves you the stress and time wastage of explaining yourself too much as everything related to the transactions on the account is properly penned down and possibly snapped and backed up in your google drive for retrieval in case you misplace the books.
This way, you will have two advantages
  • Reduced Interaction with with funds that are not yours as there is a separation of concerns and you get to plan yourself properly with your funds
  • You gain respect by being accountable for the funds anytime as you have the transactions carefully spelt out in your accounting books and a backup online if books are far fetched

Finally, Keep the pressure for account rectification on and ensure funds are out of your control as soon as it's done to relieve yourself from the temptations that are associated with being in custody of association funds. I advise you to update your personal records immediately there is a transaction whether debit or credit as you may forget the details sooner or later and put yourself under unnecessary stress.

Note: At the time of developing this topic, Discussing it with a friend, I learnt of a woman leader whom squandered millions under her care for the purchase of association luxurious buses and started shedding tears when asked to return the funds within one week. All these could have been avoided If the organization had its account or if she had known these principles above.
18  Other / Beginners & Help / Bitcoin halving and its economic importance on: October 13, 2023, 10:59:41 PM
Bitcoin halving is simply an event that reduces the number of new bitcoin that miners receive for validating transactions on the bitcoin network. Bitcoin network uses POW (proof of work) mechanism to validate transactions and add a new block. on the addition of every 210,000 block, bitcoin halving occurs, and this event is estimated to occur every four years with the last one occurring in 2020 and the next one stipulated to occur in 2024. here is a chart to further illustrate the history of halving and the new rewards miners received after each halving.

As you can see, the halving reduces the number of newly minted bitcoins awarded to miners and decreases bitcoin in circulation which brings about an increase in the price of bitcoin. The newly minted bitcoin received by the miners makes more bitcoin to be available to the markets. Bitcoin is expected to be fully mined by 2140 when the last halving will occur and the total of 21 million bitcoin should have been in circulation. the next halving will see miners receive only 3.125 btc for each block of transaction validated.

Economic Importance of Bitcoin Halving
Bitcoin halving limits the quantity of bitcoin given to miners as a reward for their jobs of transactions validation and thus introduces scarcity of bitcoins. The golden rule of demand and supply in economics states that decrease in supply with increase in demand or same level of demand tends to increase the value of a commodity. As such, the less the supply of bitcoin to the markets, its value will significantly increase, and it is this phenomenon that is known as the bull run. The bull run is accompanied by profits as the price increases.

All investors whom have been hodling bitcoin will make great profits after the halving including miners who will push bitcoin into the markets. The chart below validates the significant increase in price of bitcoin after each halving.

Note that the price does not increase much immediately after the halving, but over time, say gradually and it increases very well after maybe a year after the halving took place. Also observe that it does not reach its peak until after some time, so don't be in a hurry to sell immediately it starts appreciating, HODL a little longer and you'll get better gains.

when Bitcoin reaches maximum supply (21 million in circulation), this will mean that miners will no longer be rewarded with newly minted bitcoin for their services as there will be no more than 21 million bitcoins in circulation. Another incentive would be crafted for them to support their work and it would be from the transaction fees paid by the people that use the network. This might cause transaction fees to be significantly higher in the future.

In conclusion, bitcoin halving is of great economic importance, Bitcoin halving does have a significant impact on the price of bitcoin, and this is a wakeup call to all investors and potential investors to continue or start hodling Bitcoin as a major breakthrough is around the corner.
19  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Another better source of household fuel Available on: October 08, 2023, 05:44:56 PM
As the cost of gas and kerosene don dey go up sotey the thing no dey gree many families buy again. Time don reach when we country people go begin dey shook eye for other source cheaper fuel make we take dey cook dey chop belle full. As the  matter take sweet be say this discovery wey I make now, na things wey we dey normally throw away or reject na em be the raw materials wey we go fit digest without oxygen, take dey cook happily for our homes. This solution na wetin them dey call bio digester machine. This one na new technology wey go help you digest your garbage, animal dungs, human shit, household bio wastes and so many other things in the absence of oxygen to produce flammable methane gas wey we fit use dey cook food, roast and do other better things.
Them get different ways to take produce this machine

image source

This one na home made one wey you fit meet one plumber make em arrange for you with small funds. Your own na to load am with wastes, then leave am for like two weeks, you fit dey use am cook after then. You fit still get like two, the same way people have two cylinders in case one finish.
You fit use this link learn how to construct am or get idea of wetin you dey request for.

You fit still buy already made online . you go get something like this

image source
 E still get many types depending on company.

Another pattern wey go dey very  easy to maintain and you no go dey find waste to load am na the slab type

Image source

This one na the one of the best, if no be the best, you go just need to dey go toilet. As far as the family dey use the toilet, then go dey get gas to the they do their house things. The only cost wey em go cost you na to pay the people wey go install am for you and if you follow the link to the image source, you go fit contact the company wey dey do am for Nigeria.

The research I did also dey assure say you fit dey use the methane gas for your generator. This thing na better thing as em go reduce the country dependence on crude oil as this bio gas digester fit produce gas wey go fit do the same work for you for smaller money or even no cost. The thing go increase our standard of living and help us to use precious money solve other needs as our natural activities don dey produce house hold gas for us.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / My bitcoin journey has started again on: October 07, 2023, 01:23:13 PM
I have decided to continue my involvement with investment in Bitcoin. My conviction in the importance and positive tendencies of bitcoin cannot be complete if I continue to just discuss and learn about its existence. I believe that a practical approach to learning is the best approach, hence my decision to invest in bitcoin with the  little funds I have at the moment. I also believe that little drops of water makes the mighty ocean and I'll continue my investments when  funds present itself. I wish to take my journey to another level of involvement, hence my decision. I hope and know that in the nearest future, I will be proud of the decision I am taking now. I intend Hodling my coins for a long time to avoid a repeat of my  former tragedy.

Here are proofs to backup my claims.

reference: 20543928429965520896

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