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1  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / The Price of Garri for my area be like some alt and memecoin on: June 11, 2024, 09:27:11 AM
Ona good morning for inside this morning. See ehn the way Garri price they fluctuate this days, if to say na coin people for make loss though profit go still dey sha and to an extent Garri don get new ATH which is 4k-5k naira per custard in my area though I don't know about other places and e come be like say Garri dey among those coin wey dey depend on Bitcoin cause as Bitcoin rise this year na so the price of Garri skyrocket and at same time Garri dey behave like memecoin cause sooner or later e go still dip or drop  again and just yesterday a custard of Garri has drop from 4k to 2.5k naira and those people wey dey buy and sell Garri go take advantage now with the hope that the price will still skyrocket again and if the price skyrocket them go profit waiting no good but if the price dip more from the current price as memecoin e go really turn to loss for them oo. And waiting they make garri dey expensive na because of say people wey plant cassava there cassava never dey due for harvest and flood wey been happen, really mess some people farm up and them dey try to recover waiting de flood don take, people wey dey live for low land area go know waiting I dey talk.

How ona see this thread, feel free to add or subtract no criticism pls.
2  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / Some pidgin no follow again oo on: May 30, 2024, 12:56:42 PM
My people ona good afternoon for inside this afternoon. I will like to make this very brief or  snappy, in as much as we are allowed or told to speak pidgin doesn't mean one should be  speaking it anyhow cause I have come across so many thread that the pidgin is so hard to comprehend though most of them are very informative and relevant but the pidgin will make it look scattered and irrelevant perhaps if someone can not do a post in pidgin very well I think the person should speak English at least we can manage so sorry to say. I know my pidgin is not perfect but I am trying my best and most of my my post/reply If i don't how to put Pidgin I always speak English and it will ryhme.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Premier league finalist on: May 19, 2024, 10:14:08 AM
Concerning today's premier league match. Man City vs Westham and Arsenal vs Evertoon, did you think any of these two finalist will lose match today? Checking Man City last 5 matches with Westham, Man City win 4 and draw 1 while Arsenal win 4 and loss 1. And Evertoon has won 4 of their last 5 matches which means they are inform and Arsenal has also won 5 of their last 5 game they are also inform. However, somehow I feel this Arsenal game is going to be a big game today.

What did you guys think?
4  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / Oyibo and Naija on: May 17, 2024, 08:50:35 AM
Ona good day oo, I just say make I yan ona waiting I been dey think when malaria and typhoid hold me, ona know say ehn anytime malaria and typhoid hold person, person go dey think so many things ( things wey fit dey possible and ones wey no fit dey possible) and sometimes e go be like say person dey think rubbish. Waiting I been dey think na, how Oyibo and Nigeria people dey smoke and drink. If you check well ehn you go see say most Oyibo people when dey smoke finish dem go, go take treatment and dem know the effect of waiting dem dey smoke or drink but Naija own dey very different, dey no go take treatment, dey no even know the effect of waiting dem dey smoke or drink, na waiting make sometimes you see plenty mad people for road because say dem take waiting their head no fit carry some self dey die.
However, make we relate this thing now to crypto, e get people wey be say before dey invest in any coin dey go first settle down come carry out analysis and even with the analysis dey no go invest anyhow but e get people wey be say as dey just here small thing concerning a particular coin dey don rush go invest regardless and if you check well na this set of people dey always say crypto no good, after dey don lost money for their own carelessness.
Ma people how ona see am.
5  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / Bet no gree pay , I think that's a Mistry behind gambling bet. on: May 09, 2024, 01:05:10 PM
Hello my people make ona observe me very well about this topic if you check very well that's something behind bet, that you will even be afraid of taking the winning team and take the losing team at the end you will be regretting had I know, that's why I'm saying there's something strange about all this gambling{bet} even if you try to predict three games about 2 we cut only 1 will play which kind of thing be that one and before you go even win you go Don loss like 20k the day you go win na only 7k who come lose?
6  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / The result of consistency on: May 03, 2024, 10:55:30 PM
Consistency is something one should have as number one priority in whatever thing they are doing. But before I proceed further I will like to give us the meaning of consistency, according to Google consistency is the quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way, or of always happening in a similar way and behaving or performing in a similarly way will make one improve and have understanding in that particular way.

Moreover,  I have been checking myself and my threads right from the first day I signed up in this forum, I can testify there are alot of changes in the way I write, my sentence etc and this is as a result of consistency and activeness and this is also because of the time i have being spending in this forum trying to improve and increase though I am still learning.

However,  even in crypto and outside crypto consistency is very necessary. consistency in crypto is what bring about understanding, the more you are active in it the more you are increasing in your knowledge and understanding. I can remember correctly where a lendendary or hero member was asking of guildline on how to post so that he can earn merit this is because he wasn't active for some months ago and wasn't consistent any longer. Lack of consistency can be very disastrous at times.
7  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / Reason why most people don't grow, improve etc on: April 23, 2024, 09:15:19 AM
It is very clear and obvious that most people do not know the difference between knowledge and understanding. There are people who have knowledge on crypto but they don't understand it. According to English Dictionary, knowledge is the awareness of a particular fact or situation; a state of having been informed or made aware of something. While understanding is the mental, sometimes emotional process of comprehension, assimilation of knowledge, which is subjective by its nature, that is to say that understanding is the application and not just application but the right application of knowledge.

It is very important to have an understanding in every thing we do because a little application of it can amount to a huge progress or improvement. Even in this forum there are people  who have general knowledge of the forum but they don't have understanding, they don't know how to apply the knowledge, that is why most people keep asking why they are not recognized and why they are not growing.

However, they both work hand in hand in order to achieve a desire dream or goal. The reason why most people don't grow or improve in life is lack of understanding, they might have the knowledge but they don't know how to apply that knowledge. Sometimes, one of the reason why we lost money and some other valuable things in crypto or some other investment is lack of understanding, even the Bible said that above all, we should get understanding.
8  Economy / Gambling / Is it possible for Liverpool to qualify today? on: April 18, 2024, 02:31:43 PM
Well nothing is actually impossible in football but the chance of Liverpool qualifying is within the range of 40-60% but if you check in their last match with Atlanta they didn't actually start with their main squad, I dont know if the coach was thinking is a work over match or something but one thing I found out in their previous meeting is that people who is in away mostly win and I think it's a history for them or that's how they always play, though Liverpool was in charge of the game but they still later lose the match and they were at home, so I'm suspecting there's something in this their away winning and their goal margin is always 2 and above.

I don't know how possible is going to be but I think Liverpool may/will qualify today following what they have being playing in their previous meeting and i believe kloop will start with his full squad because it's only that cup and premier league they have left. Like I said nothing is actually impossible in football I feel what Liverpool did to Barcelona some years back in UCL is what is actually going to happen today.
9  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / One major business challenge on: April 09, 2024, 01:16:52 PM
There are so many challenges business men and women are facing in the country right now that is making most of them not to grow and sometimes people that wants to start up a business will feel discouraged because of those challenges. One of the challenge is;

1. Unsteady light: this is one of the major challenge business men and women are facing, imagine people who has computer center, hotel, provision store etc and there's no steady light, how did you expect there business to move forward especially now that the price of petrol has gone up and the annoying part is they will be paying for light (PHCN) yet they won't give light steady. How did you expect someone that is doing photocopy and printing to be buying petrol to put on his or her generator, that doesn't make any sense the money they will use to do photocopy and printing can not even buy the petrol. Hotel owners too, same thing imagine buying petrol for lister that will be generating electricity to 30-50 rooms with ac inside all the rooms that's very expensive and most customer can't stay without ac. Provision stores, you must make sure your drinks and other things get chilled else customer won't buy. The inability to make all these things available in your business will result to shutdown of business and providing them will still result to little or no profit. Even if the country wants to be porous, hard etc they should at least make light available, light is somehow therapeutic in the sense that sometimes you feel dull and lazy but the moment you see light you become relief and there's this vibe that light always give. Light doesn't just affect business people but everyone who need's it.
10  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / What is modification? on: April 08, 2024, 10:39:01 PM
Modification na to change or design already made something to something new, something wey go make sense or something wey go dey important for use. Some people go dey ask why this topic or why this thread. However,  the reason for this thread be say post wey pesin don make before another pesin fit make same post  but not in same manner or pattern. I don see where people dey talk say this post wey so so pesin make say pesin been don make am before no. modification is applicable almost everywhere, even in engineering they modified things because as day goes by, so is knowledge, thinking, technology etc dey also dey change, so I don't think modifying an already made post a crime or a big deal and those saying that so so post has been dropped on the forum before if you check very well the pesin wey drop the post get the idea from another post before he/she is able to come up with that. Even in this forum as day is going by na so small small things dey change and na so people mindset and thinking dey change likewise crypto. In summary,  modification is not bad but if want to modified please make sure not to copy exact thing wey pesin talk before.
11  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Crypto is really helping on: April 08, 2024, 11:15:04 AM
Ona good day ooo. Sometimes I dey wonder waiting this world or this country for look like if crypto been no dey because the rate of hardship in this country is too much and waiting dey cause some of this hardship na selfishness and man know man which most people call tribalism. Imagine where pesin go commot go look for work pesin wey dey in charge go tell you say no vacancy or chance for you mean while there is vacancy and you are qualified for the task but because you are not from same place with them, they will deprived you of the opportunity. Now, those vacancy, chance or slot they use to buy it and the people wey dey buy am na the big men, so times dey go buy slot keep for pesin wey no dey qualify for the job or dey go buy am keep for pesin wey never graduate from school. All these things dey very annoying, in fact e dey discouraging but I go advice everyone to keep pushing one day e go turn around for your good. However, crypto don make so many people no to get interest for all those company work because you fit dey your house dey make your cool money, nobody dey stress you, nobody to disturb you, you fit sleep anytime you want and wake up continue your work, you decide if you go work or not. Crypto is really helping, I get friends for school wey no get parents and right from our first year in school they have being paying their fees with the help of crypto, crypto has given a lot of skilled and unskilled individual hope or reason to survive. Crypto is really sweet and amazing because those salary wey company dey pay worker month end in crypto you fit make the money 1 or 2hrs depending na so crypto sweet reach.
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Do you think merit is by chance or lengthy article? on: March 25, 2024, 12:11:19 AM
Initially, I use to think merit is by chance ( i.e something that will just happen) or lengthy article ( i.e writing too many paragraphs and the rest of them), but I have come to realize that, it is more than that.
I have being discouraged several times because of my numerous posts and replies yet no merit then. Even now, some times I use to be discourage. However, the only way to get merit is by posting quality article ( that is what determines merit) which almost everybody is aware of now.
In summary, don't look at the quantity of post you have make so far but instead try to adjust, I mean improve in your posts, above all be consistent and patient that is the key.
13  Economy / Gambling / My betting strategies on: January 27, 2024, 10:40:31 AM
I know everyone has their own strategy and somehow most people can be using same strategy that I am about to share here.
The strategies includes:

1. Club position: most times the position of a club matters a lot because it tells you whether a club is striving to top the table or whether they are striving to leave relegation zone.

2. Point: This is another strategy i use while betting because it also tells you whether a club can or will loss a match or not,  sometimes a club can be topping a league with 8 -10 point difference and because of this point difference they can decide to play anyhow they want better still reserve players for more important match because whether they loss or win they are still topping the league.
However, a club that has this point difference,  let say they are  expecting a champions league quarter or semi finals, it is very possible that they can loss or draw their league by reserving  players for the upcoming champions league.

3. Head to head: a club head to head (history)  is very important because sometimes it could be that the people topping the league always loss or draw with the people fighting to go out of relegation.  No matter how form the people topping the league is the possibility or chance of losing the match is 80% because of their history that's why sometimes you see a big club always losing to a small club.
 These are mine strategies and there are some i can't remember for now, try this and thank me later.
14  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / One of the best Coin to invest in now ( you can't afford to miss it) on: December 01, 2023, 02:31:21 PM
My fellow country people I greet ona. e get waiting I observe I come say make share am here,  I know some people fit don observe am too but I wan share to people wey never observe am and no be by force to do am but if u like am to no wahala.
The thing na this Coin wey them dey call Dogecoin I observe say time to come this coin go dey very great and if you check e don dey rise so I go like us to invest now wey e still dey cheap,  after now e go dey very hard to afford so make we take advantage now.
15  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / Selfish Nigerians on: November 29, 2023, 03:32:04 PM
Even at this age people are still selfish and self-centered when it comes to sharing update that will help the next person, I have a friend who do genuine things and make genuine money  and he knows I am a student and I need something doing so as to get some of my basic needs as a student but he never tell me about it even when I keep going to see him often he never opened up anything to me,  though he gives me food and some other things  but that wasn't enough because the job he does is something I can do very well  and when I think about it I found out that he wants me to be coming to him for food, help etc I wonder what kind of friend will do that .
However,  I think he was scared that I will be making money like him or,  that I might even make more money than him that is why he decided to keep it as a secret but nothing is hidden under the earth but thank God I figured out what it is and he will be surprise how I knew it.
16  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Stop feeling you have arrived or you are the biggest on: November 29, 2023, 03:06:24 PM
My fellow country people I want tell ona something wey dey very  important so that if you dey for this category of people wey dey do am you go melo down. Alright the thing be say e get some people wey dey feel say dey don arrive, dey get money, dey get gbo gbo ti gbo mean while those gbo gbo ti gbo wey them get na another pesin 2hrs or 5rs expenses so my question come be waiting them dey brag for.  Some people dey miss opportunity because of the wey dem dey act or behave. So make ona put away this behavior if ona get because e no good and e fit cost you,  no dey bring your status to public,  no dey create unnecessary awareness instead relax make the public talk about you because e go dey very shameful and embarrassing say everything you dey brag about na pesin 2hrs expenses.
17  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / You really need to be careful on: November 27, 2023, 10:45:37 PM
Well I think at this point in time we go dey very careful with the people wey we dey call our friend or bestie because this particular set of people go fit do you waiting no good. Things they happen well well for this world,  some go dey behave like say them care but deep down dey wan cripple you.
Pesin wey you dey eat with for the same plate fit deny you tomorrow  say him/her no sabi or never see you before. Pesin wey you dey show your account balance fit arrange assassin for you and again pesin wey you call bestie or friend fit see something wey dey come your way him block am so make ona dey very careful even with things wey you dey share with them.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Something you don't have to forget on: November 23, 2023, 07:05:33 PM
Most people never knew Bitcoin will be this huge and important because I wish they do everyone would've at least have 10 of it but again there are people who have this Bitcoin but because the value then was not encouraging most people lost their wallet password,  am saying this because I know most people do actually lost their wallet password before they heard Bitcoin is now a great coin.
However,  what am saying in essence is that whatsoever coin you have or you are mining please keep it safe and don't forget your password very important because you can't and will never recover the password.  I believed within a short time most of these coin will have a great value,  a value that one of it will change your story.
19  Economy / Trading Discussion / What you need to know about trading on: November 22, 2023, 08:31:06 PM
Most people think life is a bed of roses, is all about sunshine,  enjoyment etc not knowing that there's always a  tough time and the ability of one to overcome this time makes him great.  Tough time is the point through which poor and successful people emerges depending on the choices and decision they take.
Most traders and investors are inpatient they only think of the positive side of it ( making profit) not knowing there will always be a loss someday,  well most of them know but when they make losses they became frustrated and unstable,  some will give up because of that little experience.  Sometimes we make losses and we have bad experience like we offend God but no, we are only been tested.  Some of the spirit of a trader or invest is "I can make it mindset, resilience...
20  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / Fake life in naija on: November 21, 2023, 05:59:42 PM
Welcome to naija where pesin wey no get money they go borrow clothes and shoes just to comot go party,  pesin wey no get shishi go borrow clothes dey waka to impress people.  Pesin boss go give him driver make him go service or wash but e go shock you say driver go carry him boss car go flex and go come dey claim car owner.
This country na cruise sha, you go see pesin wey no get house go dey claim big girl or big boy for street,  you no get food for house you dey select food mean while the pesin no even get something to eat. Too many things dey happen for this our country oooo but I come dey wonder waiting be the need of all those lifestyle.
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