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1  Bitcoin / Press / [2018-03-06] Crypto Exchange Creating Wallet Blacklist to Fight Fentanyl Crisis on: March 06, 2018, 02:35:55 PM
A Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange wants to coordinate with other startups around the world to help fight the international fentanyl epidemic.

Einstein, based in Vancouver, is trying to obtain lists of wallet addresses associated with fentanyl arrests and indictments, said Christine Duhaime, the firm's chief anti-money-laundering officer.

In parallel, the firm is also pursuing partnerships with other exchanges, starting in its home country and in the U.S., "to build a global database of bad wallet holders," said Duhaime, who also runs an eponymous law firm and is the founder of the Digital Finance Institute, a think tank.
2  Bitcoin / Press / [2018-03-05] Kaliningrad Offers Tax Breaks to Attract Bitcoiners on: March 05, 2018, 02:44:41 PM
Crypto regulations have not been adopted in Russia yet, but a string of words and deeds suggests that Moscow may take full advantage of the “phenomenon” in order to uphold national interests. Ideas and proposals to attract businesses and human capital in areas of strategic importance across the vast country have been circulated by officials on local and federal levels. President Putin himself says lagging behind is not acceptable, as it carries “risks of losing sovereignty”.
3  Bitcoin / Press / [2018-03-04] TechCrunch Founder's Crypto Fund Subpoenaed By SEC on: March 04, 2018, 02:22:52 PM
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has reportedly subpoenaed the cryptocurrency investment fund launched last year by TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington.

Speaking to CNBC, Arrington confirmed the subpoena, which comes amid what is rumored to be a widening investigation into initial coin offerings (ICOs) by the U.S. securities regulator. It's not entirely clear, however, how wide-reaching the investigation is or when exactly it began.

Still, Arrington's disclosure marks the second public acknowledgment of its kind, coming a day after e-commerce giant Overstock revealed that it had received what it called a "voluntary" document request from the SEC in light of a token sale of its own.

"We received a subpoena. Every [crypto]fund I've talked to has received one," Arrington told the network, going on to say:
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / All I See is Haters in My Rearview — BITCOIN! on: March 02, 2018, 10:46:24 AM

Ooooh it's sunny TODAY! While everyone was talking noise on my analysis yesterday, the inverse head and shoulders was holding strong, as price found support on the top of the pink trendline . I've just got one question for all of the professional amateurs out there — who's the professor here? You or me? There's a reason why I'm numero uno on TView, and it's not because my charting sucks. To my core followers, I love you all! So, without further ado, let's get to it!

Looking at the four hour chart, we can see that after yesterday's breakout, BTC  reversed to test and confirm the top of the channel as support. For anyone who doesn't know, this is bullish price action, that shows confirmation. What was once resistance is now support. If you recall from yesterday's analysis, I said "You can see that the 200 EMA (in purple) and the 50 EMA (in orange) are moving into the picture as well. They should add support to the top of the channel, as they converge with the pink trendline , thus increasing the likelihood of support being found." Looking at the chart today, we can see that is exactly what happened. Now, BTC  is moving higher, and it is likely to test the black downtrend resistance level that was created off of the previous high. Just above there is the 61.8% retrace, so BTC -0.28% may just grind higher, as it runs into some resistance levels.

You may notice that I have extended the right shoulder out a bit, to accommodate for the movement of the price action, but before the noobs get their panties in a bunch, I have to remind you that it's JUST A DRAWING. It is an approximate area through which I expect price action to move. It's not some static thing that I don't move. If the market moves slightly out of it, and the general pattern is still intact, I just adjust the drawing.

Overall, the analysis is unfolding as planned, and we're waiting for the eventual break of the neckline resistance.The recent price action in the right shoulder appears to be forming an inverted head and shoulders pattern too, but I haven't drawn it out. Right now, we have a technically confirmed breakout of the channel, and we're approaching overhead resistance. The MACD has formed a weak bullish crossover, and the volume remains light, as traders look for a bit more upside to put the final nail in this coffin. A breakout above the neckline resistance will send us up to the heavy resistance at the 50% retrace. A confirmed breakout above there will be extremely bullish , and it will put my upside target of 16,500 on the map. I'm the master of the charts, the professor, the legend, the king, and I go by the name of Magic. Au revoir.

This has been your not-so-humble market wizard, droppin' knowledge like bombs in this place! Please follow, comment, like, and share on social media. Good luck trading everyone!

***This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only.***

-MPC loves you-

5  Bitcoin / Press / [2018-03-02] South Korean Bank Trials Ripple for Overseas Remittances on: March 02, 2018, 10:44:13 AM
South Korea's Woori Bank has reportedly completed a cross-border remittance test using the distributed ledger technology (DLT) developed by San Fransisco-based startup Ripple.

According to local business media source ChosunBiz, the completion of the trial arrives as the bank's Digital Strategy Department reveals plans to commercialize the Ripple-based platform this year. It also marks a second phase of the trial, following an earlier test at the end of January.

The bank's participation in piloting DLT payments comes as part of a wider effort that has seen another 60 or so Japanese banks also joining trials initiated by Japan's SBI Group, the report says.

Previously, SBI Ripple Asia - a joint venture between Ripple and financial giant SBI -  said in September last year that it would begin testing cross-border remittances over Ripple's solution between Japanese and South Korean banks by the end of 2017. The aim of the effort being to bring DLT into real-life use and bringing new efficiencies to banks' cross-border transactions by cutting middlemen banks out of the equation.

According the September report, the group involved notable banks from Japan, including Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group and Mizuho Financial Group.

ChosunBiz indicates that other non-Japanese institutions involved include South Korea's Woori and Shinhan banks, as well as Thailand's Siam Commercial Bank.

Disclosure: CoinDesk is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which has an ownership stake in Ripple.
6  Local / Новости / [2018-03-1] Cемьи Бориса Титова приобрели биткоины п on: March 01, 2018, 03:59:15 PM
Уполномоченный при президенте РФ по защите прав предпринимателей Борис Титов в кулуарах форума «Криптосреда» заявил, что бизнес-структуры его семьи приобрели биткоины «не по очень хорошей цене». Об этом сообщает RNS.

«Хотя мне как чиновнику вроде разрешили это делать , но я пока этим не занимался. Но у меня семья, наш бизнес приобрел. Правда, не по очень хорошей цене — на $12 000 входили», — сказал Титов.

Тем не менее, Титов убежден, что рынок криптовалют в долгосрочной перспективе продемонстрирует стабильный рост.

«Я уверен, что ничего не потеряно. Я верю, что от такого скачкообразного несистемного роста все переходит к нормальной рыночной среде», — добавил он.

Ранее Борис Титов жестко раскритиковал законопроект РФ о регулирование криптовалют, заявив, что «лучше ничего не принимать, чем такое».
7  Bitcoin / Press / [2018-03-01] Japan’s Banking Giant SBI Delays Launch Of Crypto Exchange To ‘Stre on: March 01, 2018, 03:58:30 PM

Japan’s financial services conglomerate SBI Group announced in a post on its site Tuesday, Feb. 27 that it has to postpone the launch of its planned cryptocurrency exchange.

In the public announcement, SBI apologized for the delay and explained that the company had to postpone the launch of the exchange for security improvement purposes.

“We decided that it will take some extra time to further strengthen security measures, assets management, and customer management systems to ensure the protection of cryptocurrency exchange users,” SBI wrote in the announcement.

SBI Group first revealed its plans to launch cryptocurrency  exchange SBI Virtual Currencies in October, 2016. In December, 2017 Cointelegraph reported that SBI announced its partnership with Bitcoin trading platform Huobi to launch the exchange in early 2018.

SBI’s move to boost the exchange’s security system is likely in part motivated by the massive $534 mln hack of one of the largest Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges Coincheck on Jan. 26. “The biggest theft in the history of the world” forced Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) to increase the scrutiny of cryptocurrency exchanges, with particular attention to computer system safety measures and the management of customers assets.

8  Economy / Trading Discussion / Market Recovers from Overnight Dip as Price Action Remains Bullish on: March 01, 2018, 11:45:28 AM

The segment is showing clear signs of resilience, as bears cannot find footing in the market despite the brief selloffs. The majors turned yesterday after the US close as the SEC launched a probe into ICO’s, but the coins remained stable, with no major support levels falling durably amid the move.

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The continued risk-off moves in traditional assets could also have weighed on cryptocurrencies, but for now, the weakness didn’t spill over to the segment again, and that is another positive sign for bulls.

BTC/USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

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Bitcoin was still in the center of attention, providing the largest moves among the largest coins, as Ethereum remained in a relatively narrow trading range. BTC dipped below the short-term support at $10,500 following the SEC reports, but the bearish momentum was weak and now the coin is back above that level.

We and our trend model are still bullish on Bitcoin both short- and long-term, and we expect a test of the $11,300 and $11,750 resistance levels soon. The next target above those at $13,000, and support still found at $10,000 and in the key zone between $9000 and $9200, and while the broad downtrend is still intact, BTC will likely challenge the trendline in the coming week.

Altcoins Mixed but New Leadership is Forming
Correlations between the largest digital currencies remained low, and volatility is also muted, as bullish price action remains dominant, even considering the fact that there are undoubted laggards, with the likes of Ripple, Cardano, and Stellar struggling to gain traction.

IOTA/USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

As for the possible short-term leaders, IOTA is one of the most promising altcoins, as it keeps on gathering strength below a very strong resistance zone. A move above the declining trend right ahead, could open up the way towards $2.2, and after that the $2.35 and $2.6 levels.

XMR/USDT, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

Monero is also among the currencies with encouraging short-term setups, with a focus on the $300 level and the $335 resistance ahead, and the next target above those at $400. While a move below $280 would be a bearish short-term sign, the relative strength of the coin points to a likely continuation of the uptrend soon.

Traders should also monitor the early leaders of the recovery, Litecoin and ETC, as we expect them to join the rally in the coming period, even as the consolidation period could still last and short-term selloffs are in the cards.

Stay tuned for our detailed technical analysis later on today.

Featured image from Shutterstock

9  Bitcoin / Press / [2018-03-01] Ironically, Blockchain Could Save Bitcoin’s Environmental Downfalls on: March 01, 2018, 11:35:17 AM

It is safe to say that while blockchain technology hasn’t been around for long in comparison to other revolutionary technical ideas, its effect is being felt in every industry in some way or the other. For the masses, bitcoin, by far, remains the most popular term associated with the innovation, while Ethereum comes a clear second in that order. A Google trends chart comparing these three search keywords for the past 12 months shows that the results aren’t surprising, as bitcoin outshines the other two.

Popularity Comes at a Cost, Especially in Iceland
However, there have been specific issues presented by environmentalists who believe that bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency mining, is harming the environment. They argue that the processors required to keep these participating nodes running in the network, specifically for mining purposes, are drawing from huge amounts of electrical power and making worse the problem of climate change.

full text and source :
10  Economy / Trading Discussion / 20 Crypto Companies That Need to be On Your Radar This Year on: March 01, 2018, 11:34:06 AM
1. Securrency
Securrency has used blockchain technology to construct a platform for trading not just cryptos but almost any kind of asset, including traditionally illiquid ones. Assets are traded as Securrency tokens, which can represent everything from Bitcoin to real estate shares. Smart contracts ensure all trades are transparent and secure, and KYC/AML compliance, along with most other mandatory regulatory procedures, are handled automatically within the platform, protecting investors from shady deals. Because Securrency can be used both with traditional securities assets, new ICOs, and cryptocurrencies, it provides an ideal bridge between the old financial world and its high-tech future.

2. Deedcoin
Deedcoin is going to save a lot of people a lot of money the next time they sell a home. Deedcoin tokens can be used with partner Deedcoin agents (available in all 50 states). Instead of the usual six percent commission charged by most realtors, Deedcoin agents only charge one percent, and they accept payment in tokens. This means sellers keep 99 percent of home sale proceeds, and because the number of Deedcoin agents is deliberately kept only at the level needed to serve the market and no higher, participating agents still make money by saving on advertising and outreach.

3. Muirfield Investment Partners
Muirfield Investment Partners is a private equity real estate investment firm doing work across all real estate sectors. Their specialty is flexible, creative, and scalable financial solutions for both their sponsors and investors. This means they’re a major player in the cryptocurrency world as well as the real estate landscape; their financial tools and ecosystems cover cryptocurrency products and exchanges.

4. Utopi
Utopi uses blockchain to tackle some of the major transparency issues that have plagued the nonprofit world. Too often, donors hand over funds and afterward realize they’ve been put toward a less-than-noble purpose, such as a charity founder’s hefty salary. When users donate with Utopi, the exact use of those funds are immutably documented, and Utopi runs on Dispatch protocol, rendering transactions efficient and scalable for large-scale philanthropic use.

5. Nano Vision
Nano Vision is rumored to be launching an ICO in 2018, which is great news for the world of healthcare research. Nano has partnered with Arm, one of the world’s top semiconductor companies, to develop NanoSense chips: AI-powered computer chips smaller than the head of a pin that can collect molecular-level data in healthcare devices, research environments, and pretty much anywhere else. The chips store data on the blockchain while minting Nano token cryptocurrencies. Then, a machine-learning AI data analytics program combs through that data to recognize trends and point to areas for research and breakthroughs.

6. Internet of Services
Among top concerns for the long-term viability and success of blockchain applications is the technology’s ability to scale to accommodate mainstream use, but the Internet of Services (IOS) promises to change that. The IOS is “an innovative and secure blockchain paradigm designed to provide horizontal scalability and high transaction throughput. By implementing our novel sharding architecture and consensus mechanism, the IOS system is able to process up to 100,000 secure transactions per second,” explains the whitepaper. If crypto is ever going to reach its fullest potential, it will be because companies like IOS are solving some of the technology’s greatest barriers.

7. Neo
Neo has gotten a lot of press lately, and with good reason. As their government looks to crack down on all cryptocurrency exchange, journalistic sources such as The Daily Dot have speculated that Neo might emerge as the only cryptocurrency to survive in China. Neo’s unique smart contracts system allows users to form scalable contracts and applications using existing codes such as C# and Java. The system’s Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus protocol allows the system to stay healthy even when malicious nodes are present.

8. Trezor
As much as security and trust have been hyped as the central functionalities of cryptocurrency, the reality is that the online wallet services many crypto buyers use are not highly secure. Trezor is one of a handful of companies providing true “cold storage” for crypto buyers. A piece of hardware that can only be connected to the internet through USB connection to a computer running transaction software, Trezor provides safe storage for keys and access information for crypto assets.

9. Agrello
This Estonian startup Agrello was founded by both lawyers and IT experts. Their blockchain technology uses smart contracts to establish legally binding transactions. The platform formalizes multi-party agreements simultaneously in the blockchain and natural language agreements, tying the legal and blockchain systems together. Agrello also provides an AI entity for each user that manages your contracts, identifies your rights and obligations, and can be automated to execute some contractual actions.

10. Ripple
Ripple is another company that’s gotten a ton of press recently and promises to be important in the crypto landscape in 2018. Ripple tokens were recently included on the notable Coinbase trading exchange, but some industry observers are more excited about Ripple’s exchange platform, which uses a HashTree protocol rather than blockchain to move massive amounts of value quickly and efficiently. Many banks have struck agreements to use it, and it’s one of the crypto platforms that’s received the most mainstream acceptance.
11  Economy / Trading Discussion / Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, Analysis on: March 01, 2018, 11:32:33 AM
Bill Gates, a world-famous businessman and philanthropist and Microsoft corporation principal founder stated in an AMA session on Reddit yesterday, Feb. 27, that cryptocurrencies led to deaths “in a fairly direct way.” And even though crypto investors have become victims of kidnapping and robbery, this still should not overshadow the true potential cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology can bring to the society.

As our readers might have seen over the past few months, cryptocurrencies should be traded cautiously. If one makes the right decision and trades using the chart patterns, trades can be profitable with a calculated risk.

In our previous analysis, we had forecast Bitcoin to reach the resistance line of the descending channel at $11,500, after breaking out of the 50-day SMA. Today, the cryptocurrency reached an intraday high of $11,147.99.

We believe that the zone between $11,400 and $12,200 will act as stiff resistance. Therefore, the aggressive traders should book profits on 50 percent of their positions at the current levels and hold the rest with a trailing stop loss.

A breakout of the $12,200 levels will complete an inverted head and shoulders pattern, which can propel the BTC/USD pair back towards the $18,000 levels.

The bears will gain strength once the digital currency breaks down of $9,400 levels. Until then, it is bulls advantage.

We had expected Ethereum to break out of the 20-day EMA and rally towards the resistance line of the descending channel. However, for the past two days, the bulls have failed to break out and settle at the moving average. 

If the ETH/USD pair turns down from the 20-day EMA and breaks below the trendline of the ascending triangle formation, it will be a bearish development. On the downside, $770 to $780 is likely to act as strong support.

Therefore, traders can raise their stops to breakeven on half position and keep the stops at $780 on the other half position. Let’s reduce our risk.

We still don’t find signs of a recovery for Bitcoin Cash. For the past six days, the price has been stuck in a tight range of $1,150 to $1,355. Both the 20-day EMA and the 50-day SMA are turning down, which shows that the bears have an upper hand.     

Read full Text :
12  Local / Альтернативные криптовалюты / Рекомендации по торговле: Lisk/Ethereum on: February 28, 2018, 04:27:53 PM

Рынок Lisk/Ethereum (LSK/ETH) начал бычий забег 26 августа 2017 года, когда пробил сопротивление 0,014. Это заняло какое-то время, но 16 ноября был достигнут уровень 0,035. На этом уровне цен рынок вырос на 150%. Игроки на прорыве использовали свой шанс получить прибыль.

Поскольку продавцы доминируют на рынке, 14 декабря LSK/ETH опустился до 0,01270001. После потери более 63% своей стоимости менее чем за один месяц рынок быстро отскочил. 7 января 2018 года он взлетел до 0.038. К сожалению, для покупателей на этом уровне медведи защитили сопротивление 0,035. Следовательно, пара была отправлена ​​обратно на поддержку 0,02. На данный момент рынок установил диапазон.

Технический анализ показывает, что пара Lisk/Ethereum консолидируется, поскольку торгуется в широком диапазоне от 0,02 до 0,035. Объем повышается, когда рынок достигает уровня поддержки и сопротивления. Это указывает на то, что быки готовы защищать 0.02, а медведи не собираются сдавать 0,035. Мы можем использовать эти уровни для прибыльной торговли.

Стратегия заключается в том, чтобы купить как можно ближе к поддержке 0,02 и продать как можно ближе к сопротивлению 0,035. Процесс может занять месяц.

Дневной график Lisk/Ethereum на Poloniex

На момент написания статьи на Poloniex пара Lisk/Ethereum торговалась за 0.0216064.

Покупка: как можно ближе к 0.02

Цель: 0,035

Стоп: 0,018

13  Local / Трейдеры / Рекомендации по торговле: BlackCoin/Bitcoin on: February 28, 2018, 04:27:15 PM

Пара BlackCoin/Bitcoin (BLK/BTC) потеряла бычий энтузиазм 5 июля 2017 года, когда произвела низкий максимум в 0,000188. Ситуация стала еще хуже, когда 7 июля пара сломала поддержку 0,00014. С этого момента рынок создал серию низких максимумов и низких минимумов, пока 15 сентября не опустился до 0,0000293.

Поскольку у продавцов закончились боеприпасы, 19 сентября рынок взорвался до 0,00006995. Близкий к 140% рост за четыре дня был использован покупателями на низах. Они получили прибыль, из-за чего 8 декабря рынок отправился к 0,00001758. В то время как рынок опустился ниже поддержки 0,00002750, быкам не потребовалось много времени, чтобы вернуть уровень поддержки и 30 декабря подтолкнуть цену до 0,00008. На данный момент пара торгуется в установленном диапазоне.

Технический анализ показывает, что сейчас пара BlackCoin/Bitcoin консолидируется, поскольку участники рынка аккумулируют позиции. Те участники рынка, которые купили на поддержке 0,0000275, скорее всего, продают на уровне 0,00007. Для выгоды следует последовать их примеру.

Стратегия заключается в том, чтобы купить как можно ближе к поддержке 0.0000275. Если рынок соблюдает этот уровень, скорее всего, он достигнет цели в размере 0,00007. Этот процесс может занять около месяца.

На момент написания статьи на Poloniex пара BlackCoin/Bitcoin торговалась на уровне 0,00003149.

Покупка: Как можно ближе к 0.0000275

Цель: 0.00007

Стоп: 0,000024

14  Economy / Trading Discussion / Bitcoin Weekly Chart on: February 28, 2018, 09:34:20 AM

Bitcoin plays a very important role in the crypto world. It can influence on other cryptomarkets positively and push them to new highs. It will be a good idea, if we look at BTCUSD -0.20% market closely and try to predict further price movements. In order to get better understanding about this market, I'm going to make a detailed market overview based on the weekly, daily and 4H charts. Let's start from the weekly, as it can show the main tendency for several months ahead.

Based on the weekly chart we can see that the market is in the uptrend. The price reached 20000.00 level and after that we got a correction movement. When the market dropped to the support zone , formed by SMA50, 6000.00 level and the uptrend line, we got a price reversal confirmed by RSI and the bullish candle. Now the price is at the downtrend line and the market is going to break this resistance and move higher. If so, it will be a solid signal telling us that the market will continue the uptrend.

Let’s look at the indicators. RSI confirms price reversal from the support zone at SMA50. MACD histogram is going to support the upward movement. DMI confirms trend market conditions and becomes bullish again.
The market corrected the previous huge upward movement from 3000.00 level to 20000.00 level and now it has potential for a new movement to the new highs.

Alternative variant: if the price can’t break the downtrend line and drop below 10000.00 level, we should be ready to see the falling to the previous support zone at SMA50.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [VERTCOIN][POOL]~VTC's 1st PPS Pool|2% fee||1 VTC Block Bonus!~ on: February 22, 2014, 07:09:16 PM
The ORIGINAL Vertcoin PPS Pool: - Vertcoin's First PPS Pool
Fee: 2%
Payouts: Run every minute
4 Global Public Stratum Nodes: in New York, USA in San Francisco, USA in Amsterdam, Netherlands, EU in Singapore, Asia
SSL: Yes
Web Chat: Yes #projectxpps, however, I might not be there too often
DDoS: Protected
2 Factor Authentication: Yes
Donations: Please?  It helps pay for resource costs.  Plus, miner cred, too  Cool VpmV18RiEaEFKnPxK971FVL1LnDKA42gie
Low Transaction Fees: .001 VTC for Auto/Manual Payments
VarDiff Enabled: 1-512
Miners - CPU and Nvidia/AMD GPU miners welcome
Vardiff Retartget Time: 30 seconds to ramp up your big rigs faster
Auto Payout Minimum: .1 VTC so you can get your coin off the server as fast as possible
Do I have to wait until the pool finds a block to get paid?: No, Pay Per Share Reward System pays as little as 0.1 VTC every minute
Location: Uppper Midwest, USA
Block Bonus: Sometimes
Chinese support: available and further marketing in China to come... 提供中文客服服务 将在中国进行推广

16  Economy / Currency exchange / delete on: July 10, 2012, 02:35:07 PM
17  Bitcoin / Pools / Mixed Reward Scheme? on: June 07, 2012, 03:26:44 PM
Thinking about setting up a pool with a mixed reward pool with rewards being split via prop/DGM or prop/PPLNS.  So like 25 btc rewarded to each algorithm.

Has this been done before?  Thought i read about it, but didn't see it in a search...

18  Bitcoin / Pools / [19GH/s] Project X | 115% return | 0 Fee | Risk | GetWork | 2 slots available! on: May 22, 2012, 05:26:31 PM
    Project X PPS Mining Club
    auth: u:wango p:tango

    BTC Mining Addresses:

    • Please update your miner to the latest version
    • I highly recommend using BFGminer/CGminer with option  "--failover-only" in addition to your regular options
    • Use GUIminer version 20120219, last time I checked
    • Your worker username is your BTC payout address
    • Worker password is not necessary
    • Risks involved with late payments and poor performance

    Try it for fun and 100%+ PPS for all valid shares (trans. fee paid by me)

    Free tech support

    Contact me via
    PM |

    19  Bitcoin / Pools / LAME - - Stole my coins - Don't join! on: March 16, 2012, 03:35:51 PM
    So, I was mining at with 2gh and now I have been banned (hopping?)  I know there might others in the same boat. I rely on gtranslate to navigate the site, so any info on what happened would be much appreciated!  
    20  Bitcoin / Pools / Bitclockers has found 6 blocks, why *No Credit to Miners*? on: March 09, 2012, 11:11:14 PM
    So ive been following this whole debacle and can not think of anything but criminal activity stealing coins from users.

    Bitclocks claim a near 70hr block now however since the current running block they have cleared 5 verifiable blocks:

    Ive checked every recent block under bitclockers name on blockchain and they all add up to being bitclockers blocks.

    How on earth could this not be listed as scamming ?

     Shocked Has A1 joined BC's team?
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