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21  Economy / Currency exchange / Quick tip about Paypal trades on: November 20, 2018, 03:43:17 PM

Yes, Paypal is bad, chargebacks, reversible transactions, all of that you already know.

What most people don't know, is the other side of the story. Paypal isn't just bad because the sender can charge back, it's bad because Paypal itself is a centralised biased company.
I'm trying to buy some btc using paypal and had to turn down 3 people because they wouldnt use an escrow.

When you send paypal balance to someone, and they decide to scam you, you're as handtied as anyone in trying to get your money back. "Oh you can just chargeback", no. You can't just chargeback, the receiver can instantly withdraw the money to his card, to his bank, and you're stuck spending more than two weeks dragging a case through paypal support because the receiver took your balance and your coins. This is from experience, I ONLY got the money back because the other person was a serial scammer pulling a massive exit, and his word was worth less than mine from so many chargebacks on his account (which I'm sure was disabled with negative balance), while Paypal took my side because I never raised a support case before.

So yes, for everyone selling btc, theres a long risk of chargeback for up to 2 months, which is understandable, but that doesnt mean you can leverage that risk to claim priority. Trust comes first, both ways. Stay safe.
22  Economy / Gambling discussion / Skill-based Gambling/games? on: November 20, 2018, 09:42:54 AM
I'm not sure if this has been asked before, do you guy know any good websites that aren't based on pure luck?

Besides Poker and similar card games, I've recently found a website (thanks LoyceV) where you create bots to compete against others and make money in the process.

Website is DrownHim. I'm not promoting this website because I'm affiliated with it, but because I would enjoy some competition!

Come join and see if you can beat the winrate of my own bot.

But like I said, I'm not affiliated with that website, so I would really enjoy any other websites you've come across, I like games where it's not all luck, and you get to test your own skill and logic to maximise your winnings. Of course full skill-based games like chess, checkers, or whatever aren't really a suggestion because there's 0% luck element involved, in addition to the fact that they're almost "complete" games, where a good enough bot will practically never lose.

So yeah! Let me know of any other games like Poker/Drownhim.
23  Economy / Speculation / Christmas is coming! on: November 19, 2018, 08:45:42 PM
I posted this on the wall Observer thread but I deleted it and figured it might deserve its own post :

For almost every year of bitcoin, December was always known to have a bearish outcome, speculatively because of christmas, and how quite a few people cash out small parts of their balances for gifts, trees, random impulse buys, and weed.

So regardless of the huge dump bitcoin took, next month has generally always been known to have a small dip.

What this basically means is that this isn't even the worst of it.

I also noticed that November has always been a green month too, this is the first time it's going to be red, so December might stack them bars on it. Stay safe. (Who am I kidding we're all doomed)
24  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / findwallet - Bitcoin Core Wallet Finder on: November 19, 2018, 09:15:16 AM

So, I saw quite a few people having problems like these :

Several years back around 2013-ish I sold my friend some Bitcoins and hid the wallet.dat in a file.

I cannot remember if it was a picture file vs MP3 or what...

The point is I can't find his wallet.dat anywhere... I tried scanning files that looked like they were "it" through Winrar but got nowhere.

I need someone who's good with data and can do a deep scan on about 12 gigs of data and find any missing artifacts (wallet.dat!).

If you find the wallet.dat you can keep 10% of the total BTC. I think the number was no less than 10 BTC so this might be a good way to earn a Bitcoin!

PM me with your contact information and any relevant experience you may have. I WILL NOT be releasing the data to anyone who's anonymous...

TRUSTWORTHY people only!



Based on this I have started a forensic search using a mac data recovery tool (I moved to apple around 2010 after the purchase) . Unfortunately the wallet.dat file did not appear. However the Helpdesk people at forensic search company indicate that I can significantly increase the chance of finding the file if they have an example to work with. Ie they will train the software to look for that particular MIME type.
I have been trying to find a way of generating an empty legacy wallet.dat file for them to work with. Can anyone help me with that.

PS I also discovered around 10 old hard disks that each got swapped between multiple devices over the years. So thiere is  a remote chance that if I can provide the right MIME definition to the forensic search company. To be honest I believe the chances are very low; but worth pursuing - much better than buying lottery tickets. If you believe there is a better way of searching I am open to that as well.

I figured I might make a software to help them all out once and for all.

When you might need my software :

  • You know there's a wallet file somewhere through your files.
  • You're not sure if you kept the .dat extension.
  • You're not sure if you hid the file adding fake data.
  • You're sure the file isn't modified destructively : Includes compression, corruption, and file splitting.

If you can answer yes to most of those question, you can try using findwallet to crawl through your files and try to find your wallet(s).
It can currently only find Bitcoin Core wallets. (Berkley DB type).

I may add more wallet types later..
YOU add more wallet types later! This software is completely open source :

How to install :

1. Download node.js : (It's like Python but cooler)
2. In the command line type : npm install findwallet -g
3. Run findwallet! Read the package information here : or type : findwallet -h for help.

It should work for every OS, keep in mind for windows, path slashes still follow unix style, so it's not C:\myfolder, but C:/myfolder.

Of course all of this is for free, but if this software helped you recover any coins a tip here would be appreciated : 1KingZeeW97uLvngcUA3R6QJx18Fn78ddb (I'm sure most people won't though, too tempting)

I kept the source code unminified and easily readable, also, I'd appreciate if people tested this on other versions of Bitcoin core wallets, let me know if it actually works outside of my computer.

Any questions or feedback welcome, cheers!
25  Other / Meta / How to stop a topic from showing up under "Show new replies"? on: November 16, 2018, 06:06:30 PM
Lord forgive me I've sinned and commented on an altcoin bounty campaign. In addition to a few other posts I can't seem to know how to stop it from showing up under my unreadreplies link.

I don't even speak Hungarian..

I'd like to stop seeing these 4 posts popping up under :

I tried to check Unnotify, Unwatch, basically nothing works.

Is there some other option I'm missing to completely turn off any notifications from these threads/stop them from constantly showing up under my unreadreplies? Thanks.
26  Economy / Currency exchange / Want to buy 0.1 btc with Paypal on: November 16, 2018, 11:15:38 AM

I need .1 btc. Looking for a 1:1 deal Google or Preev price.

Will agree to a trusted escrow if you feel it's necessary.

Post a comment here before you send me a PM, cheers.
27  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / How does vanitygen find a pattern? on: November 13, 2018, 10:44:43 AM
Can anyone explain to me the concept or link me some source that explains how can vanitygen find a pattern in an unreversible hash?

It's clearly following some search pattern that isn't just trying out random private keys and hoping to find the desired pattern. People can let it run for weeks to find a 8-char pattern for example. And it'll slowly display the probability percentage until it finds one. I'd like to know the maths behind that if anyone can give me a clue, cheers.
28  Economy / Gambling discussion / Best gambling website to invest into? on: November 12, 2018, 09:54:41 PM

Following the example of this ballsy dude :

Anyone has any recommendation on some good, big gambling websites that allow investments into the website's balance? Feel free to let me know your experience, and why you prefer any specific website.

Preferably a website that has been around for at least one year, and proven itself as a profitable source on the long term. No one likes scam exits. Cheers!
29  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Best books/videos for high-level technical information about cryptocurrency? on: November 05, 2018, 06:16:02 PM
I'm trying to learn cryptocurrency, but I want to find information and answers that aren't just "go read bitcoin-core source code".

What I'm asking for would be something like the original satoshi whitepaper, except in much much more details. What is the cryptography behind a transaction (or any coin), or a signature, what defines a block, and some more technical questions that aren't answered in the whitepaper.

And these are just the bitcoin-related questions, ethereum also comes with a massively fresh technology that is smart-contracts and how they're implemented in the blockchain.

So, the whitepapers for both those coin don't include every aspect of how the code can be used, like for bitcoin : multi-sig, time-locked transactions, how are hashes generated for pretty much everything, and I'm sure there's a lot more uses that I don't know etc.. And the same thing for Ethereum.

So before trying to understand purely technical source code, I'd like to have an extensive idea about the high level concepts of these 2 coins mostly, link any books, or videos you think are useful! Who knows, maybe this link will help out future developers to innovate as well.

I promise I am going to try and go through everything you share here (Except shills for new altcoins). Here are the books I found that seemed to touch into the inner workings of just bitcoin while still keeping a high-level generalisations of the concepts :

Chris Clark - Bitcoin Internals A Technical Guide to Bitcoin (2013)
[The Wiley Finance Series] Pedro Franco - Understanding Bitcoin Cryptography, Engineering and Economics (2014, Wiley)
Andreas M. Antonopoulos - Mastering Bitcoin Programming the Open Blockchain (2017, O’Reilly Media)
Ghassan Karame, Elli Androulaki - Bitcoin and Blockchain Security (2017, Artech)

I only just started reading the first one, so if any of you already has opinions about these let me know what you think! Cheers.
30  Other / Meta / Is it legal to have public alt accounts? on: October 27, 2018, 06:14:45 PM
I can't help but ask myself that question. I see a lot of accounts like these :

ChipMixer :;u=1003345
Sportsbet :;u=832366

and so on..

Yet everywhere I look, almost everyone who ever declares publicly that he owns an alt account, gets red-trusted.

That doesn't make any sense to me? Like, who do these people think owns all those "business" alts? Are all those people naive enough to think that every business that tries to deal and promote itself on btctalk is a fresh new account that has never used the forum before?

And assuming they know they're alts. What's the verdict? Once we know who owns the business we're going to red-trust him and his "business" alt? That seems really harsh and baseless for me somehow.

I just want a clear answer because it's very grey and blurry to me right now, who knows, I might need to launch a crypto business soon and I'd like to know what are the rules on that. Cheers.
31  Bitcoin / Legal / Can't delete (ex .info) account? on: October 23, 2018, 05:58:54 PM
Right as of now, I have a wallet on with some of my addresses. I don't want to transfer out everything to new wallets, so I looked how to clean delete my account from there.. but there isn't any way?

Is this even legal following the recent GDP Regulation?

Quote from

Right to be Forgotten
Also known as Data Erasure, the right to be forgotten entitles the data subject to have the data controller erase his/her personal data, cease further dissemination of the data, and potentially have third parties halt processing of the data. The conditions for erasure, as outlined in article 17, include the data no longer being relevant to original purposes for processing, or a data subject withdrawing consent. It should also be noted that this right requires controllers to compare the subjects’ rights to “the public interest in the availability of the data” when considering such requests.

Does this mean isn't GDPR compliant?
32  Economy / Services / Automated task bots. Crawl websites, listen to changes, manipulate & save files. on: October 15, 2018, 08:50:29 AM
Any bot. Any task. Any constraint.

I can create a bot that does any of the following things for you, check the things your bot will need to estimate the price of your bot.

Web Crawling :

  • One page : 25$
  • 2 level Crawling : 50$
  • Recursive crawling of a website : 100$
      (Similar link structure : a blog, a website with articles, etc.. where the same code is guaranteed work for every article)
  • Recursive crawling involving custom rules : 150$
      (Different page structure, custom code for each page to retrieve your data)
  • Recursive crawling including off-website links : 200$
      (For example download website with shortlinked ad links that redirect off-site that you want to scrape for data)

Web Crawling add-ons:
  • Fully automated (once run, can keep running listen to changes, run in defined intervals, etc..): +25$
  • Proxy rotation : +25$
  • Simulate user session : +50$
  • Captcha solving : +50$
      (Beta, I never had to deal with captchas in practice, but in theory I'm sure I can implement them. Google reCaptcha might be tricky but included.)

Automate tasks :
  • Any file manipulation : 75$
      (Ordered standalone as an offline bot to automate a local task. Check other plans for manipulation after crawl.)
  • Save text to csv/json/... : +25$
  • Save non-text downloads and custom file formats: +50$
  • Send GET/POST requests to existing API : +25$ per request type
      (Example : upload a file to host +1, send download link to link shortener : +1, upload link to your database : +1 = total 3 * 25 = +75$)
  • Send GET/POST requests without existing API : +50$ per request type
      (no API = required to simulate session, like login into a page with user browser headers and cookies to upload a file)

Example order :

"I want a bot that can crawl a list of search results from a webpage, check each one of them for name, email, and phone number, and save them into my database."

Translation in dollars :
-Crawl list of search results from a webpage, check each one of them : 2 level-crawling = 50$
-Automated maybe? Listen to changes on search results webpage? : Automated = +25$?
-Save them into my database : +25$

=75$ - 100$ total.

Extra info :

- Contact me via PM, we can then further discuss through Discord.

- Bot is coded in NodeJS, it is also able to be ran on a webserver, in addition to windows/linux.
- Once I agree to make your script, 50% of payment is to be made upfront.
- After I make your script, I will send you a live demo of it in action, I can also send you any csv/json of the output.
- I will not send you the source until you send me the remaining 50%, or send it to an agreed upon escrow.
- Once source code is sent, I will provide a one week support to fix any bugs that arise. But no refunds.

Leave any further questions in comments. Cheers.
33  Economy / Digital goods / 1000$ FACEBOOK ADS FOR 250$ on: October 12, 2018, 12:28:52 AM
Hi, I have redeemed 1k USD Facebook ads credits that are expiring in 31th December.

I figured I can't spend all of them at once, so I'm offering them at 25% price :

100$ Fb ads = 25$ btc

How this works :

1. Send payment to address in my profile, and PM me txid + your page url. (If you're not a newbie account just send me a PM, we'll talk)

2. Following these instructions I will request advertising permissions for your page.

3. Send me detailed steps on type of ad, reach, etc.. all parameters for your campaign. (Ad credits work for everything, boosting posts, sponsored posts, etc..)

4. Ad campaign up and running!

Because these credits are ending in 3 months you can only order 100$ or less worth of FB credits at once. Once they run out you're allowed to order again.

Offer can end at any time. If you pay me and I don't have the available ad credits I will instantly refund you.

Once your ad campaign has started running, I won't offer you refunds.

34  Economy / Digital goods / on: May 26, 2017, 04:19:39 AM
Selling the domain was sold for 5.000$ less than 3 years ago :

Comment here with your offers.
35  Economy / Auctions / 4 .me domains. Between 5 and 7 chars. Bitcoin related. No bullshit. on: May 08, 2017, 01:56:57 PM

Because let's face it, you're not getting that .com domain.

It's time for you to set up that website you've been hesitating to make, and I have the domains that'll set you up for it!

Domain #1
: Considering getting into the gambling industry? Always wanted to watch reckless people try their luck against your "provably fair" machines and wait for them to trip against the house odds? Well today is your day, the domain up for sale for this category is :

Easy to spell, easy to remember, bit,bet,bid on this domain now!

Other registered tlds below :

Domain #2
: Or you were planning to create that brand new forex website, where your users can safely exchange their bits to altcoins. But maybe you just can't build one that's secure enough, and you're better off just making a blog to follow up with all the bitcoin exchange news. Fuck all if I care what you do with it, for this category I present to you :

Beautiful 5 char domain, spell it one more time to be sure then comment below with your bid amount now!

Other registered tlds below :

Domain #3
: This one is for the long time dreamers out there, slowly but surely building up that balance of coins as bitcoin is slowly becoming interesting for mining again. Straight into it, the domain up for sale here is :

Longest of my domains, but the one that's straight to the point. Bid now!

Other registered tlds below :

Domain #4
: My last and probably best domain. Want to make a generic bitcoin news blog? This domain is up for it. A bitcoin wallet? Perfect for it. A bitcoin faucet? Just buy this damn domain. The magical one-for-all candidate is :

Just look at this beauty. Bids open!

Other registered tlds below :

Extra domain (off-bidding, but open to offers) : This one I plan to hold and park for a long time, but I'm always open to offers :

Could be the next step for your rebrand! up to are all booked, I just happened to find this gem at the right time. If interested contact me via PM, I insist again that this domain is not for auction but for sale.

Bidding rules :

Initial bid : 0.01BTC (equivalent to 16$ at time of posting)
Minimum increment : 0.003BTC
Buyout bid : 1.25BTC (for each one of the 4 domains up to a total of 5BTC)
Win conditions : Keep the highest bid for 3 days straight. Each time someone contests, timer since last bid is reset. Timestamped by comment date and time.
Bidding format :

Quote : 0.00BTC by KingZee : 0.00BTC by KingZee : 0.00BTC by KingZee : 0.00BTC by KingZee

Copy the whole quote from the last person bidding before you, edit the bid amount and the username+hyperlink ONLY on the domain you're interested in. An example followup bid would be something like :

Quote : 0.00BTC by KingZee : 0.00BTC by KingZee : 0.00BTC by KingZee : 0.01BTC by satoshi

You bid is void unless it's following the bid format.
This is really just to keep track of all bids at once, to help YOU bid.

Upon winning : I can transfer the domain to you on namecheap via user transfer, or to any other registrar,in a maximum of 24 hours after receiving your winning bid to my personal wallet 1KingZeeW97uLvngcUA3R6QJx18Fn78ddb.
The domains are already registered for 1 year, so keep in mind that you'll be winning that too.

Good luck, and happy bidding!
36  Economy / Auctions / Reddit account with 4700 Karma, great username, no email, and only 3 posts!! on: August 11, 2016, 03:53:14 AM

Bidding starts from 0.01 btc.
37  Economy / Digital goods / KINGZEE'S SHOP // SELLING ANY GAME ON STEAM // CSGO ITEMS & KEYS // DISCOUNTED on: August 03, 2016, 10:12:05 PM
Hello, I'm selling Steam funds to you for btc.

The price is -10% than Steam market, keys, cases, game gifts, anything you want to purchase.

If Steam CS:GO case key is sold at 2.50 on steam market, I will sell it to you for 2.25$ in btc. Google price.


LESS THAN 10$ : -10%

10 - 50$ : -15%

50 - 100$ : -17%

100$+ : -20%

You will go first if your account is less trusted than mine.

Here is my Steam account :

Post here what you want, and PM me your Steam account + Add me.

38  Economy / Currency exchange / Buying bitcoin with Paypal +19% on: August 03, 2016, 06:05:41 AM
Hello, I'm buying your btc for my Paypal funds.

I have 1350$ sitting in my Paypal balance, post here and PM me with how much you can afford to pay me.

If you're taking the whole 1350$ in one go, it's going to be 2btc.

You don't have to exchange 1350, any amount is okay.

I am also not from the US, I can't send as a gift, the 4% is included in the 19% fee.

Thanks a lot.
39  Economy / Digital goods / WTS CS:GO knife worth 150$ on: June 09, 2016, 09:04:22 AM
Hi, I'm selling a Karambit | Forest DDPAT with (Well-Worn) wear.

The current Steam price is 150$, I'm going to sell it for the lowest ask, which is 110$ in btc.

Let me know if you're interested.

If you wanna look it up, here's my Steam :
40  Economy / Currency exchange / I have 0.176Btc to sell for 80$ on Paypal. on: February 26, 2016, 08:12:07 PM
Minimum amount of trust required. No newbies please.

Any Paypal fees are on you.

Post here if interested, thanks.

Exact amount for sale :
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