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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / "Read-only" rpc user for bitcoind? on: February 19, 2015, 01:25:38 PM
I have bitcoind running on a server and would like to be able to query balances and transactions via RPC. To be safe I would like to limit the rpcuser's access to "read only" functions and block functions like sending coins. Is this possible somehow?
2  Bitcoin / Project Development / Bitcoin-only art platform: on: May 31, 2014, 02:05:43 PM
A friend of mine had the idea for a very interesting art platform. Over the last couple of weeks I helped him and his partners develop the website.

Cointemporary is a Bitcoin-only online art gallery. Is is showing one contemporary artwork for a period of seven days. During that time, the artwork can be purchased with Bitcoin (and with Bitcoin only). The price for the artwork is fixed in BTC and does not fluctuate along with exchange rates. This makes Cointemporary one the first places where Bitcoin is treated as an actual unit of account.
The first artwork on display is "New street" by Swiss artist Beat Streuli.

For a site like this, trust is a very important issue. I can definitely vouch for the guys running the site (Valentin Ruhry & Andy Boot). I know both of them personally, they are real professionals who are committed to making this project a success for the customer as well as the participating artists.

If you have any questions, let me know. I'll try to answer them or get the site owner involved.
For more information about the project, see the press release:
3  Bitcoin / Project Development / Get a sound notification when a new block is found [] on: May 06, 2014, 08:18:20 AM
I'm using Bitcoin almost every day and sometimes it seems to take ages until a transaction gets confirmed. I often find myself checking times and times again, just to see if a new block was found.

So I thought that it would be nice to get notified with a sound whenever a new block is found. And that's exactly what does. Just open the site and leave it running in the background. Whenever a new block is found you'll get notified with a sound. Currently, there are 5 different sounds available (I personally like the "boom" sound).

The site should be working with recent versions of all major browsers. If you have any suggestion for improvement, just let me know.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How to correctly send MaidSafeCoin with Omniwallet on: April 25, 2014, 04:04:49 PM
I'm selling MaidSafeCoins here and a couple of people asked me for help sending them (more info about MaidSafe on their website).

The only way I'm currently aware of is using OmniWallet. This is a web wallet and still in alpha stage, so please note that you're using experimental software here. I would recommend using Google Chrome and disable all kinds of browser extensions or script blockers when using OmniWallet.

MaidSafeCoin is an indivisible token and it's very important to let OmniWallet know about this, otherwise you're going to send a wrong amount of coins. Here's how to do it correctly:

Hope that helped some of you.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Buy MaidSafeCoin (MSAFE) with Bitcoin and Mastercoin on: April 24, 2014, 11:54:27 AM
EDIT 22 May, 2014: All MaidSafeCoins are gone, I took the request form down.

- - - - - - - -

A private seller asked me to sell some of his MaidSafeCoin (more info about MaidSafe on their website and here). He accepts Bitcoin and Mastercoin as payment.
If you could not participate in the original fundraiser then this might be a good way to invest in MaidSafe.

I already have the MaidSafeCoins on escrow and can send them to you immediately.

Bitcoin rates
You_pay_________      You_get__________
1 - 9.9 BTC19,000 MaidSafeCoins / BTC
10 - 24.9 BTC20,500 MaidSafeCoins / BTC
> 25 BTC22,000 MaidSafeCoins / BTC

Mastercoin rates
You_pay_________      You_get__________
10 - 99 MSC2,500 MaidSafeCoins / MSC
100 - 249 MSC2,750 MaidSafeCoins / MSC
> 250 MSC3,000 MaidSafeCoins / MSC

Please note that the above rates might be changed.
When you submit a purchase request, current rates will be guaranteed for this request (as long as you pay within a reasonable time frame).

How to buy
Please fill out this form and I'll contact you with details.

Some important notes:
- Minumum purchase amount is 1 BTC / 10 MSC
- I will send the MaidSafeCoins directly to an address you provide. This can be any Bitcoin address, just make sure you have the private key to this address.
- I can't do any sending or receiving of private keys.
- If you want to send your MaidSafeCoins, try Omniwallet.
- Although I'm online most of the time I can't guarantee immediate response. But I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
- Mastercoin and MaidSafeCoin are experimental technologies. Please educate yourself before making a purchase.

I've done quite a lot of escrowing, you can have a look at my trust profile. Click on "Show ratings" to display all feedback.

If you have any other questions please post them here or send me a PM.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / – self service Mastercoin order book on: December 16, 2013, 09:17:10 PM
I just launched, a self-service Mastercoin order book. It will hopefully replace or at least complement the manually managed Google order book.
As soon as the distributed Mastercoin exchange is fully working, most likely will become obsolete. But I hope it helps people to buy and sell Mastercoins in the meantime.

Some features:
- You can add and remove your own sell / buy orders (no need to wait for manual updates)
- Balances of addresses get verified, fake orders can't be created
- You can create prefunded orders and edit prices yourself
- Prefunded orders can be bought directly from the site, no need for direct contact or escrow (as long as you trust me). Sending of Mastercoins will be done manually though, no private keys or funds are stored on the server.
- No need to create an account at the site and no passwords to be lost or stolen. Everything is based on signing messages with your Mastercoin / Bitcoin address.

I don't know how to sign a message with my address
I created a little tutorial to help you get started with this:

What about the manual Google order book?
From now on, I'm asking everyone to submit their orders to the new self-service order book at The manual Google order book will still be accessible for a while but I'm strongly encouraging everyone to test the new order book.

Bugs and suggestions
The new site is still in beta and I guess there's lots of room for improvements. Please let me know about bugs, typos and suggestions.
7  Economy / Service Discussion / How secure is's wallet extension for Chrome? on: November 11, 2013, 06:50:10 PM offers a Chrome extension for it's "My wallet". This should eliminate the problem of potentially compromised javascript because the "full javascript bitcoin client is included in the browser extension" (quote from their site).

This sounds good and I get the feeling that using the Chrome extension adds another security layer. But I'm not sure how I can verify that the extension itself is not compromised. Has anyone reviewed the code for this? Is there a way to make sure the installed extension actually is safe?
8  Economy / Auctions / Advertise on on: September 27, 2013, 02:02:41 PM is a comprehensive list of bitcoin mining devices and manufacturers. Our visitors are mostly miners and people interested in buying mining equipment.
Visitor stats for the last couple of weeks are here.

There's a Sponsor message on top of the site, this ad space is for sale. The ad is text only and has to be approved by me.

This posting acts as an ongoing auction platform. Each week, the highest bidder will get one week of advertising on the site.
The winner's ad will be put up on Sunday midnight, UTC and will be online for one full week. This is an exclusive ad spot, there won't be any other ads on the site.

Auction rules
- Starting bid for each week: 0.1 BTC
- Bid increase: 0.1 BTC
- Each week's auction closes on Saturday noon, UTC.
- I'll send a PM to the winning bidder, payment must be made within 24 hours or the next highest bidder will be considered.
- If two people accidentally bid at the same price, the person who bids first wins.

Happy bidding!
9  Economy / Auctions / Auction: KNCMiner Saturn Order (200GH/s), 1st day delivery. No reserve. on: September 03, 2013, 06:54:01 AM
Please read the entire post before bidding, I consider every placed bid as binding.

This is an auction for a KNCMiner Saturn order. The device has 200 GH/s at around 320 Watts, all specs are on the KNCMiner website.
I don't have the product in hand. You're bidding on a paid order which KNCMiner claims to ship by the end of September (Source:
Of course, I can't give any guarantee that KNCMiner will be shipping on time.

The order is fully paid, here's a screenshot of my order page. Order number is #88, which makes it one of the earliest orders.
The order is marked for day 1 delivery:

Please have a look at my trust feedback or browse my posts to get a picture of whom you're dealing with.


Possible if requested by the buyer. Escrow fees to be paid by buyer, John K. would be my preferred escrow holder.


I sent a support email to KNCMiner asking if the shipping address could be changed. Here's their response:

We can only change the shipping address of paid orders within the same country. We do not support the change of address with a new account owner. The order will ship to the current account holder.

So there are 3 options the auction winner can choose from:

1. KNCMiner sends the device to my original address.
I forward the package the same day without opening it. Shipping costs to be paid by the buyer in BTC.
If using escrow, the funds will be released after a successful proof of delivery (e.g.
The buyer also can pick up the device directly at my place (Austria).

2. I change the shipping address at KNCMiner.
I can change the shipping address to a new address in Austria (but it still would have to run on my name). If you're living in Austria or know anybody who is, this could be an option.
No additional shipping costs here.

3. The miner gets hosted at KNCMiner
KNCMiner offers hosting for mining devices, here's their hosting options. No additional shipping costs here.

Auction rules:

Starting bid: 33 BTC
Bid increase: 1 BTC
Reserve: There is no reserve price.
Auction closing time: Your bid must be in before September 6, 2013, 10:00 (10 am) CEST.
The timestamp of your posting as I see it on my computer will be the determining factor.
If two people accidentally bid at the same price, the person who bids first wins.
Payment: I'll send a PM to the winning bidder, he will then have to pay within 24 hours or the next highest bidder will be considered.
Private bids: I'm not accepting bids via PM or email.

Any other questions?

Let me know if there are any other questions, I'll try to answer them in the comments or via PM.

Remaining time

Happy bidding!
10  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] 500-1000 Mastercoins on: September 02, 2013, 05:39:28 PM
I already invested in Mastercoin by sending funds to the Exodus address but I decided that I'd like to get some more.
If anyone wants to sell 500-1000 Mastercoins, please PM me. I'm not exactly sure about how to trade Mastercoins at this early stage, but selling the private key to your MC address would be my suggestion.
11  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] BitBurner Miner, 16 Boards, 128 GH/s (in hand) on: August 18, 2013, 06:29:18 PM
[This was also x-posted to the German board.]

I'm selling my BitBurner Miner with 16 boards, one of the first miners from burnin.

Please note:
- This is not a public auction. I reserve the right to not sell the miner if I don't find a suitable buyer.
- I'm taking offers via PM. I'm only selling for bitcoins and only to trustworthy persons.
- This offer might be interesting for professional miners who want to add another miner to their existing cluster. Mining newbies should definitely think about the problems I'm describing below.
- The miner is located in Europe, Austria. Local pickup at my place would be preferred, but shipping is possible if required.
- Your questions are welcome, but please read the whole post before asking an already answered question.

The miner

Here's a video of the BitBurner in action:
Currently boards are running overclocked at 8 GH/s (430MHz, 1.3V), this is a total hashrate of 128 GH/s. Total power consumption (miner, 2 PSUs, Raspberry Pi) is at 1550 Watts.
This video shows cgminer running for an hour:

According to burnin, you could run each board at 9 GH/s (source), which would be a total of 144 GH/s. To stay on the safe side I did not try that though.

Why are you selling?

In mid April I ordered 320 Avalon Chips at Zefirs Groupbuy. I did not think much about the implications of running a mining device. Now that I have the BitBurner for over a week I ran into these problems:

1. Required space, heat and noise
Currently the device is in my apartment. That's ok for a couple of days, but (as I had to learn) definitely no long-term solution: the miner is generating heat and the fans are kind of noisy. So I think this device would be great for someone who already has a dedicated room for miners.

2. Time expenditure
I received the miner one week ago and since then I spent my nights configuring cgminer, testing different pools, measuring temperatures etc. etc. Also, the miner should run 24/7 so it needs to be constantly monitored. All this just takes up too much time for me.

What is included?

The complete setup as seen in the picture above (exluding the extension lead and the ethernet cable):
- 16 BitBurner XX Boards (20 chips per board)
- 8 fans
- 2 x USB cable
- 2 x CAN cable
- 1 x PSU EVGA Supernova 1000 G2
- 1 x PSU Cougar GX 1050
- various screws and bolts
- 1 x Raspberry Pi (Model B), 8GB Micro SD, case and power supply

Installed on the Raspberry Pi is cgminer 3.3.4, you just need to plug everything in and you can start mining immediately.

Shipping / Pickup

Local pickup definitely would preferred by me. Shipping is possible, but you would have to pay shipping costs. Also, I'm not sure how to do proper escrow when shipping a miner like this. If there's a suitable solution let me know, I'm open to your ideas.


You definitely should do your own research to get an idea of how much income this miner can generate over the next couple of months.
If you're interested, send me a PM including the maximum price you would pay and I'll put your offer on my internal list. Please don't bother to send any offers below 55 BTC (this were my initial costs).

Are you selling single boards?

No, I don't sell single boards. However, the miner consists of 2 separate 8-board towers, so I might sell these 2 towers separately (including one PSU each). But I'd prefer to sell the complete miner at once.

Any other questions?

Let me know if there are any other questions, I'll try to answer them in the comments or via PM.

12  Local / Biete / [VERKAUFT] BitBurner Miner, 16 Boards, 128 GH/s (in hand) on: August 18, 2013, 03:06:47 PM
[There's also an english x-post.]

Zum Verkauf steht ein BitBurner Miner mit 16 Boards, einer der ersten ausgelieferten Miner von burnin.

Bitte beachten:
- Dies ist keine öffentliche Auktion. Ich behalte mir das Recht vor, das Gerät nicht zu verkaufen, falls ich keinen passenden Käufer finden sollte.
- Seriöse Kaufangebote bitte per PM an mich, verkauft wird nur gegen Bitcoins und an vertrauenswürdige Personen.
- Ich denke, dieses Angebot ist am ehesten etwas für professionelle Miner, die ein weiteres Gerät in ihren Cluster aufnehmen wollen. Mining-Anfänger sollten unbedingt die unten von mir angesprochenen Punkte bedenken.
- Das Gerät steht in Österreich. Am besten wäre es, wenn der Käufer den Miner direkt bei mir abholt – so kann das Gerät überprüft werden und die Bezahlung kann direkt vor Ort erfolgen.
- Fragen sind willkommen, bitte aber zuerst die gesamte Beschreibung lesen.

Das Gerät

Hier ist ein Video des Miners im Betrieb:
Momentan betreibe ich jedes Board übertaktet mit 8 GH/s (430MHz, 1.3V), das entspricht einer durchschnittlichen Gesamt-Hashrate von 128 GH/s. Die gesamte Leistungsaufnahme (Miner, 2 Netzteile und Raspberry Pi) ist dabei ca. 1550 Watt.
Hier ist ein Zeitraffer-Video, das cgminer im Betrieb zeigt:
Laut burnin sind theoretisch auch 9 GH/s pro Board machbar (siehe hier), das wären in Summe 144 GH/s. Um auf der sicheren Seite zu bleiben, habe ich das aber bisher nicht versucht.

Warum möchtest du verkaufen?

Ich habe Mitte April 320 Avalon Chips in Zefirs Groupbuy geordert, ohne viel darüber nachzudenken, was der Betrieb eines Miners eigentlich mit sich bringt. Nun habe ich den BitBurner seit einer Woche und sehe mich vor diese Probleme gestellt:

1. Platzbedarf, Wärmeentwicklung und Lautstärke
Momentan steht der Miner bei mir in der Wohnung. Für ein paar Tage ist das kein Problem, auf Dauer geht das aber nicht: die Lüfter machen Geräusche und das Gerät wird relativ warm. Ein Käufer, der schon Miner in einem geeigneten Raum betreibt, könnte das Gerät einfach in ein bestehendes Setup einbauen.

2. Zeitaufwand
Seit ich den Miner vor einer Woche erhalten habe, bin ich nächtelang damit beschäftigt gewesen, Parameter an cgminer zu ändern, Pools zu testen und Temperaturen zu messen. Dazu kommen Überwachung und Wartung, das Gerät soll ja rund um die Uhr laufen und möglichst keinen Leerlauf haben. Ich denke also, dass das Gerät am besten bei einem alten Hasen aufgehoben wäre, der seine Miner sowieso überwacht und für den ein zusätzliches Gerät nur einen geringen Mehraufwand bedeuten würde.

Was steht zum Verkauf?

Das gesamte Setup wie im Foto zu sehen (abgesehen von Steckdosenleiste und LAN-Kabel):
- 16 BitBurner XX Boards (2 Stacks zu je 8 Boards, 20 Chips je Board)
- 8 Lüfter
- 2 x USB-Kabel
- 2 x CAN-Kabel
- 1 x Netzteil EVGA Supernova 1000 G2
- 1 x Netzteil Cougar GX 1050
- diverse Schrauben und Halterungen
- 1 x Raspberry Pi (Model B) mit 8GB Micro SD, Gehäuse und Netzteil

Am Raspberry Pi ist cgminer 3.3.4 installiert, man braucht nur alles anzustecken und kann schon mit dem Mining beginnen.
Das Cougar-Netzteil und der Raspberry Pi sind optional und müssen nicht gekauft werden, falls daran kein Interesse besteht.

Versand / Abholung

Prinzipiell ist ein Versand zwar möglich, bevorzugen würde ich aber eine Abholung bei mir vor Ort. Österreichweit könnte ich auch persönlich liefern, Fahrtkosten würde ich dann allerdings in Rechnung stellen. Den genauen Standort bitte per PM erfragen.


Das Mining-Business ist natürlich immer eine Spekulation auf die Entwicklung der Difficulty. Jeder sollte hier recherchieren und sich ein eigenes Bild davon machen, wieviel Ertrag von diesem Miner über die nächsten Monate zu erwarten ist.
Ein realistisches Kaufangebot sollte jedenfalls über den Anschaffungskosten von ca. 55 Bitcoins liegen.
Interessenten schicken ihren Höchstpreis bitte per PM an mich. Ich werde die Angebote sammeln und mich mit jedem Interessenten in Verbindung setzen.


Ich habe auch schon über die Option nachgedacht, das Gerät bei jemanden gegen Gebühr hosten zu lassen. Dafür hätte ich schon einen zuverlässigen Partner, bitte also keine Hosting-Angebote an mich schicken.

Weitere Fragen?

Sollte noch etwas unklar sein, beantworte ich weitere Fragen gerne per PM oder in den Kommentaren.

Diese Fragen sind aufgetaucht:

Würdest du auch einzeln verkaufen oder nur alles zusammen?
Der Miner besteht aus zwei separaten Einheiten zu je 8 Boards und einem Netzteil, die würde ich auch getrennt verkaufen, falls sich für beide Einheiten je ein Käufer findet. Einzelne Boards würde ich aber nicht verkaufen.
13  Economy / Securities / Compare bitcoin stocks with on: July 31, 2013, 10:45:29 AM
I made a quick site to compare different bitcoin stocks:
It shows the "potential price" of each stock, that's the hypothetical price a stock would have if it had the same market cap as ASICMINER. Of course, this is not a realistic scenario but it helps comparing the possible profit of different stocks.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.
14  Economy / Auctions / [AUCTION] BFL 25 GH/s Bitcoin Miner pre-order on: July 27, 2013, 03:26:01 PM
I'm selling my pre-order for a Butterfly Labs 25 GH/s Bitcoin Miner.
Order date was April 29, 2013, order number is 490XX. The order is fully paid, here's a screenshot:

Please note that this is a pre-order and I absolutely have no idea when BFL is going to ship this device. Be sure to educate yourself about BFL before bidding, I consider every placed bid as binding.

Some people have reported successful changes of their shipping address (see here). I will contact BFL and try to the change the shipping address to have the device sent directly from BFL to the buyer.
If that's not possible I will send the device from my place (EU) to the buyer as soon as I receive the package. In this case, an additional shipping fee will apply.

Auction rules:
Starting bid: 1 BTC
Bid increase: 0.5 BTC
Reserve: none
Auction closing time: Your bid must be in before Jul 30, 2013, 20:00 (8 pm) CEST.
The timestamp of your posting as I see it on my computer will be the determining factor.
If two people accidentally bid at the same price, the person who bids first wins.
Payment: I'll send a PM to the winning bidder, he will then have to pay within 24 hours or the next highest bidder will be considered.
Private bids: I'm not accepting bids via PM or email.
Escrow: Possible if requested by the buyer. Escrow fees to be paid by buyer, John K. would be my preferred escrow holder.
If I can change the shipping address directly at my BFL account, escrow will be released after a successful change of the shipping address. If BFL won't let me change the shipping address, I will send the package to the escrow holder and escrow will be released after he confirms that the package arrived. He then will forward the package to the buyer.

Happy bidding!

Remaining time:
15  Economy / Auctions / Selling ASICMINER USB Erupter (in hands): Starting bid 0.1 BTC, no reserve on: June 07, 2013, 06:56:07 PM
I'm selling a black ASICMINER USB Erupter. The box is opened and I had it mining for 2 days. It's working perfectly and was hashing between 320 and 340 MH/s using
Here's a high resolution image of the actual device.

Auction rules:
Auction closing time: Your bid must be in before Jun 8, 2013, 20:00 (8 pm) CET.
The timestamp of your posting as I see it on my computer will be the determining factor.
If two people accidentally bid at the same price, the person who bids first wins.
Starting bid: 0.1 BTC
Bid increase: 0.1 BTC
Reserve: none
Shipping cost: 0.15 BTC to any place in the EU. For other countries I'll have to check individually.
Payment: I'll send a PM to the winning bidder, he will then have to pay within 24 hours or the next highest bidder will be considered.
I'll send out the package as soon as I receive the payment (with 3 confirmations), but due to the weekend the earliest would be Monday, June 10.
I'm located in Austria, if you wanna come by and pick the device up, that's OK as well.

I don't take private bids via PM.

Happy bidding!

Remaining time:
16  Economy / Marketplace / [WTB] KNCMiner pre-order < 100 on: June 06, 2013, 05:30:28 PM
I'm looking to buy a KNCMiner pre-order (not an order!) with order ID below 100.
Again, I'm not looking for an actual order placed a couple of days ago but for a pre-order which dates back to April.

Interested sellers please PM me.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Auction: 500 YAC for BTC on: May 08, 2013, 08:44:42 PM
I'm selling 500 YAC for BTC, highest bidder wins.

If I see that you're trustworthy I'm happy to send first otherwise you'll have to send first.
Auction will be running exactly 60 minutes until 23:45 CET (one hour from time of posting).
You can look up remaining time here:

Happy bidding!
18  Economy / Service Announcements / [ANN] – keep track of ASIC bitcoin mining hardware on: April 26, 2013, 04:02:14 PM
I put up a little list at to keep track of the currently discussed ASIC bitcoin mining products. I'll try to keep the list up to date.

If you know about changes or would like to add your own product, please let me know.
Any other feedback is appreciated as well.
19  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 good for mining? on: April 24, 2013, 04:42:42 PM
I'm completely new to mining but would like to start a little rig, just to get my feet wet.
I could buy two Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 cards for $325 each – would these be suitable for mining bitcoins / litecoins?

I know that miners are talking about 7970s all the time but I'm not sure if this particular brand would be good.

Thanks for your help!
20  Economy / Service Discussion / expired? on: April 20, 2013, 09:58:35 PM
Seems like the domain expired:
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