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September 19, 2019, 07:24:13 AM *
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1  Economy / Services / >> ROBINHOOD REFERRALS << Get high-valued stocks like Apple, Tesla, or Facebook! on: January 28, 2019, 10:47:39 PM

Interested in holding value-appreciating stocks like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, or Tesla?

Hello there, today I am offering Robinhood referrals, which are users that join under your sign-up code on the Robinhood trading app.

Each friend you bring to Robinhood provides you with one free stock valued at $2.50-$250. My service will dramatically speed up the process, allowing you to earn many free stocks within a lightning fast period of time.

This process has been tested on multiple accounts and there has been no risk whatsoever. I've sold over 1000+ stocks between multiple selling outlets, and I've even been considered as a "top influencer" by Robinhood (see proof below).

Note, there is a maximum limit of $500 USD earned from the referral program, so you can't use this service indefinitely.

I am ONLY accepting bitcoin at this time.
1 Referral - $6.00 USD
5(+1 Free!) Referrals - $30 USD
10(+3 Free!) Referrals - $60 USD
20(+5 Free!) Referrals - $100 USD

Just a few vouches from offsite
Leaving vouch, this guy is smooth. I got Ford sadly but still save me 2 bucks so I  saved lol. This seller is trustworthy under my book.

Vouch, great service, received referrals as paid for. Very quick and smooth. I went first.

Major vouches for OP. Just bought 15 referrals. He threw in an extra for free. Thought he was playing with these referrals. I hit on some pretty stocks.
Look what I got bitches haha

Vouch for my dude here, got my first $100 stock Smiley

Got all my refs and was able to claim them, also you have to hild for 3 trading days before you can sell

Bought 6 and they were all delivered!

Purchased the 5+1 package and the entire process went smoothly. Buying the 25 package now.

Stocks came in within the next hour.

Update: user has completed my order for 25 shares within less than 24 hours.
Would highly recommend this service.

First order was completed. Everything went smooth.

Just ordered the $100 package for 25 ref.

Highly recommended.

Bought the $60 package and I almost got all of the stocks. I'm missing a few more so I'll wait and see if it takes up to like 24 hours or something, but majority of them came pretty fast.

Great service overall

Order was completed and I'm waiting for the pending refs to go through.

I was missing a few refs but it was quickly solved by him. Great quality service and seller!

I vouch for him. I purchased 25 offsite and received $170. Will buy more soon.

Vouch for seller, bought 5. They all came fast, and I ended up with 2x ZNGA, 1x SIRI, 1x FIT, and 1x AAPL (!)

And so Much More!!!

PM me if you are interested
2  Economy / Currency exchange / [H] PayPal [W] BTC 5% on: June 20, 2017, 02:08:37 PM
Hi, recently exchanged my BTC to purchase 8 new GPUs for mining but unfortunately the site I was buying them from out of stock... so now I've got a bit over $1600 in PayPal that I'm looking to convert back into BTC so I can purchase AGC and get the best possible deal.

I'm not new to this site, just not as active as others. Will go first in small increments or if you're trusted.

Thanks! Smiley
3  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] 100$ Starbucks Gift Cards - 75% Off! on: June 07, 2015, 04:29:23 AM
Hi. I'm Ninetales, and I am in the process of selling 100$ Starbucks Gift Cards.
I know I am not very reputable here, but the forum I originally completed sales on has now frowned upon these sales.

If you are a trusted member, I do not mind going first. I request 25$ in BTC for 100$ Starbucks Gift Card (Credit?) transferred to your card.
You must already have a Starbucks gift card number, in which I will transfer the funds to. I do not need your "PIN", just your number to complete the sale.

Feel free to PM me on Bitcointalk if you are interested in this offer. Thanks!  Smiley
You can also add my Skype: thegoldenhero (more active, quick replies, etc!!)
4  Economy / Digital goods / Starbucks Gift Cards(Obtained 100% Legitimately, 20% off) on: September 09, 2014, 04:22:15 AM
Hello bitcointalk members.

Today I will be selling Starbucks giftcards. I can deliver the card number and pin over messages. I am willing to go first to members that have trust because I know I am a new member here.

I have over 100$ of Starbucks gift cards. I've recieved them over a long period of time, and I never use them. If you want one, message me(can do any amount!) Smiley

Thank you guys.
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