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1  Bitcoin / Armory / Trying to send from Armory 0.96 does nothing on: August 26, 2017, 11:16:07 PM
On Windows 7 with Bitcoin Core 14.2 already running before starting Armory.
Everything is synced and seemingly running normally.

I open up the send dialog and fill in all the information.
When I hit "Preview Transaction"... nothing
When I hit "Send!"... nothing

Everytime I try a send this section is added to 'armorylog.txt':

2017-08-26 16:55 (INFO) -- TxFrames.pyc:689 - Change address behavior: NewAddr
2017-08-26 16:55 (ERROR) -- Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "ui\TxFrames.pyc", line 805, in createTxAndBroadcast
  File "ui\TxFrames.pyc", line 764, in validateInputsGetUSTX
  File "armoryengine\Transaction.pyc", line 2284, in createFromTxOutSelection
  File "armoryengine\Transaction.pyc", line 2193, in createFromPyTx
  File "CppBlockUtils.pyc", line 2988, in getTxByHash
DbErrorMsg: <CppBlockUtils.DbErrorMsg; proxy of <Swig Object of type 'DbErrorMsg *' at 0x0000000004D57B70> >

I tried installing 0.96.1 but the same thing. I went back to 0.96 because with 0.96.1 I had to manually start ArmoryDB.exe before starting ArmoryQt.exe and that got really annoying... and after a few restarts and reboots ArmoryDB.exe started crashing everytime I tried running it.

bitcoin.conf contains these lines:

2  Bitcoin / Armory / Wrong release timestamp on: April 02, 2017, 04:15:35 PM
goatpig released this on Nov 2, 2016
3  Economy / Service Discussion / expired certificate on: October 17, 2012, 05:29:55 PM
Neither Firefox nor Chrome will let me go to the site because they deem it to be insecure:

-------------------------------------------------- uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate expired on 12/10/2012 6:28 AM.

I am not too worried since I have a pdf backup. Just wondering what is going on.


So what is the best way to decrypt the private keys in that pdf so I can import them into or MtGox? 

I think I read that it uses AES encryption. Is it reasonably safe to use some online form to decrypt them, or are there [trusted] programs to download to do that locally? 

4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Thomas Jefferson Used Encryption on: September 06, 2012, 04:24:18 PM
A wonderful essay by Wendy McElroy ( among many ).

I searched and I don't see it already posted here but I feel it is worth checking out for anyone interested in things like Bitcoin.


Thomas Jefferson Used Encryption

The encryption of computer data is one of the most powerful tools individuals have to protect themselves against an intrusive state.

Encryption is the process of converting data into encoded text produced by an algorithm. To convert the encoded text back to its original form requires either a ‘key’ or tremendous effort. A key is a sequence of numbers that senders typically offer to those they wish to decrypt the protected data. All others must use the ‘tremendous effort’ option.

The state wants to be a universal key holder. Otherwise, people could transmit everything from love letters to financial data in a secure and private manner that escapes surveillance. The state argues that encryption offers new and unique protection for terrorists, tax evaders, drug dealers, pedophiles and other miscreants. And, so, new and unique measures must be taken to pull back the dangerous veil of cyber privacy.

Nonsense. Encryption is almost as old as communication itself. The root word “cryptography” comes from two ancient Greek words: “crypto” or “hidden”; and, “graphia” or “writing.” Encryption’s main purpose is to shield information from those who would use it in an unwanted manner.

Knowledge has always been power and those who seek power have always commanded or censored access to knowledge, depending on which action gave them advantage.

In America, the tug of war between privacy and forced access to encrypted data is as old as the nation’s formation. As always, forced access was executed by authorities against individuals.

In 1785, a resolution authorized the secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs to open and inspect any mail that related to the safety and interests of the United States. The ensuing inspections caused prominent men, like George Washington, to complain of mail tampering. According to various historians, it also led James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe to correspond in code. That is, they encrypted their letters to preserve the privacy of their political discussions.

The need for Founding Fathers to encrypt their correspondence is high irony. The intrusive post office against which they rebelled had been established specifically to provide a free flow of political opinion. In the 1770′s, Sam Adams urged the 13 colonies to create an independent postal system because the existing post office, established by the British, acted as a barrier to the spread of rebellious sentiment. Dorothy Ganfield Fowler in her book Unmailable: Congress and the Post Office observed, “He [Adams] claimed the colonial post office was made use of for the purpose of stopping the ‘Channels of publick Intelligence and so in Effect of aiding the measures of Tyranny.’”

Alas, the more government changes, the more oppression remains the same. Soon the Continental Congress itself wanted to declare some types of matter ‘unmailable’ because their content were deemed dangerous. Anti-Federalist letters and periodicals became one of the first types of information to become de facto unmailable. (Anti-federalists resisted centralized government and rejected a Constitution without a Bill of Rights.) During the ratification debates on the Constitution, the Anti-Federalists were unable to circulate their material through the Federalist-controlled post office.

Throughout history, encryption and the control of information has been particularly important during times of war. Prior to and during the Civil War, for example, both the North and South banned just about everything deemed to be ‘seditious.’ Private communication in America has never recovered. Recent history is rife with purely political postal measures such as the “Cunningham Amendment” (1962) which restricted the circulation of communist literature that originated in a foreign country.

The American government has always realized the political importance of controlling the flow of information. In the 1770s, communication occurred primarily through postal routes maintained by horseback riders. Today, we communicate through packets of data beamed across phone lines; the internet is the modern equivalent of the Pony Express. The difference in the transmission mode is irrelevant to the political principles involved. The key questions are, “who owns your personal information?” and “who has the right to access it?”

On May 6, 1999, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals offered answers. The court ruled that federal restrictions on encryption violate the First Amendment: specifically, they constitute prior restraint and may limit the freedom of the press (Daniel J. Bernstein v. US Department of Justice).

In the decision, Judge Betty Fletcher stated, “The availability and use of secure encryption may…reclaim some portion of the privacy we have lost. Government efforts to control encryption thus may well implicate not only the First Amendment rights…but also the constitutional rights of each of us as potential recipients of encryption’s bounty.”

Since then, the government has sidestepped the ruling, sometimes quietly, sometimes under the aegis of other laws. For example, the Clinton Administration required a one-time technical review of encryption software as a precondition to its export.

Such maneuvers are not a new response to a new threat. They are the same tactics of which George Washington complained, the same ones that drove Thomas Jefferson to use code.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / CBC looks at the Silk Road on: August 16, 2012, 03:30:36 PM
I just saw the CBC ( Canadian broadcast corporation; Canada's most trusted source of news ) on tv do a story on the Silk Road... well it was a "quick hit" or whatever they call those brief almost-filler type pieces.

They briefly touched on Bitcoin and Tor.  I did a quick look on the web to find a video clip of it. I haven't found it yet, but they covered the story more fully on their website.

Canadians among top participants on illegal drug website

I've been waiting to see when/if The Lang & O'Leary Exchange will do a story on Silk Road and/or Bitcoin.
6  Economy / Micro Earnings / FREE BITCOIN Sites on: June 29, 2012, 05:00:53 PM

This topic will be locked as there is no longer a newbie jail ( which is no doubt why this topic has just been moved out of the newbie section ).

Newbies along with everyone else can post in the original Free Bitcoin Sites thread:

 "Where do I get free Bitcoin? The maintained list of verified free Bitcoin Sites."


From the New to BitCoin? Start here! sticky in the Bitcoin Forum > Bitcoin > Bitcoin Discussion forum:

Where do I get free bitcoins?        Discussion thread here

It is best to use the original "Where do I get free Bitcoin? The maintained list of verified free Bitcoin Sites" thread to see the full list of free bitcoin sites.
This thread is to allow newbies, who can't yet post in the main thread, to post on the subject of free bitcoin sites. Some of the better ones are in my sig.

If you have a site that gives out free bitcoins, or know of one, then please submit a link to it in that thread,
or this one if you are still on newbie restrictions.  Any input is welcome including a quick "thanks" or "hello".

7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin userbars on: June 05, 2012, 10:43:39 PM
For use on forums where such things are popular.

See all I've made so far here.

A few examples:

Some of them animated together:

Example showing it animated together with other userbars:

( that site lets you create such animations )

Feel free to offer any suggestions for any new ones that might be good to create.

If you like what what you see, and would like to see more, consider a small donation: 18mptDWiSUSV63V1YPRDgC8xRRxRbbRC5u

8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is bitcoin democratic? on: May 17, 2012, 05:19:08 PM
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Mining and the power of the pools etc. on: March 31, 2012, 04:12:05 PM
The next (last?) in a series of threads in the project to update and fill-in the New to BitCoin? Start here! sticky.

If a thread already exists on this subject please let us know and the moderators can add it to the sticky instead of this one. These questions may have already been answered and addressed many times, which is why it is good to have them included in one location and pointed to from that sticky. Please give us your definitive answer to this question, to help out new users coming to this forum as well as existing members who see these questions asked over and over again. Everyone is welcome to give their view of the subject, which is better perhaps than getting only one answer from one central self-appointed authority who thinks s/he knows it all and is only interested in pushing their obnoxious agenda or boosting their own ego ( This is a general hypothetical statement. No particular individual is being referred to here. ).

Thank you for your participation and input; karmacoins will be sent to those with the best Bitcoin community spirit.  Grin


This thread is meant to answer the question asked in the sticky, New to BitCoin? Start here!:

Could miners collude to give themselves money or fundamentally change the nature of BitCoin?        Thread coming


Could miners ( or mining pools ) collude to give themselves money or fundamentally change the nature of BitCoin?

Well perhaps one saving grace is that the more greedy and sociopathic one entity becomes the more likely they
are to not want to cooperate with others and would rather stab others in the back to get more for just them...
( e.g. see the movie The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Wink )
which is why I tend to not put too much stock into the big world wide type conspiracy theories.

Also some say about the pools that if one of them start doing something that the majority of bitcoiners don't like
then miners will leave that pool for another ( like the p2pool ) or to mine solo.  But others may counter that a lot
of miners are too sheep-like and/or apathetic ( like voters in countries like America and Canada Wink )  and wouldn't
do much at all, even if it was pointed out to them that it would be in their own best interest to do something like
consider leaving the pool they are in. Another might bring up the time factor and suggest that a big pool could pull
something off before miners could react to do something about it.

Hmm...  what does everyone think?  Is this something to be concerned about?

10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What happens if someone starts another blockchain or cryptocurrency? on: March 29, 2012, 07:51:20 PM

Well there have been other cryptocurrencies started. Some have come and gone and others still exist.
Some seem to complement, or seek to serve another purpose from that of Bitcoin (e.g. namecoin),
while others seem to want to compete with it.

Is the Network Effect enough to protect Bitcoin?

Is this something to be concerned about, now or in the future?  

11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What if someone bought up all the existing bitcoins? on: March 27, 2012, 05:25:44 PM
Hi, I am a noob to all this bitcoin stuffs. It sounds like an interesting idea but before I invest too much into it I have
some questions and concerns. Perhaps highest on my list of concerns is the possibility that someone will buy up all,
or most, of all the bitcoins that exist.

Will it be just like the existing economic system where the rich get richer on the backs of the poor?
Will that not destroy the whole bitcoin project and make whatever bitcoins I happen to get myself worthless?

I have read a few things on this kinda stuff and some of it sounds pretty scary. I don't know how much of it
is FUD or how feasible any of it is at all at all.  

Please help me understand and ease my mind in regard to this issue.

Thank you
12  Economy / Micro Earnings / Where do I get free Bitcoin? The maintained list of verified free Bitcoin Sites. on: March 26, 2012, 02:35:21 AM
Locked: Because this list is no longer maintained and because using faucets is no longer a good or safe way to get started in Bitcoin.


There are some sites where one can get free bitcoins. The catch, if you want to call it that, is
that you might be exposed to advertising. Or it might be incentive to spend more time at their site,
to gamble with or do something else there which will be to their benefit in some way. Or it might be
a way to give newbies a start with getting and using bitcoins, which, it is hoped, will benefit
Bitcoin as a whole. As long as anything like spending more time at their site, or doing something
else, is optional then I will consider the coins given out there as "free." Sites which include pop-ups,
adfly-like redirections, or similarly annoying hoops to jump through, will not be added to the list.

This list is not meant to be complete but to be a list of sites that have been checked out and proven
to be safe and reliable. If this is important to you ( as it should be in this age of scams, hacks, and
identity theft etc. ) then only use faucets that have been checked out.

Beware of sites/threads which just copy the entries from this official thread and hides the links behind url redirectors, making them
untrustworthy or a spam-filled inconvenience at best. Also beware of faucet rotator-timer things that claim to make it easy for you
to submit your address to each site at the proper times, especially ones you have to download to your own computer. It is hard to
know what is going on behind the curtain. Also even some of the sites listed here will have their own list of free Bitcoin sites but
hide them behind coinurl and/or adfly links, and other dubious and spammy things like that. For your convenience and safety it is best
to just use their faucet, and avoid the other links there, and then come back to use the verified and maintained list of links here.

Note: Many of these sites only payout once a day, or even less often, to save on transaction fees,
so don't get too worried if you don't see a payment for several hours. If after more than a week you still
don't get anything, or you have any other problems, post in this thread. Some of the operators of these
various sites follow this thread. Also note the * beside some entries. It usually means the site is
currently down or empty and if one doesn't want to waste their time they can give such sites a pass. More info is
available under the list of entries below.  Also, many sites these days will not payout until you have built up a
minimum balance, often over a number of days, so that they won't have to payout small amounts [ "dust" ]. This is
good for both them and you since "dust" transactions are problematic ( you can read more about "dust" and its problems
in other threads on this forum ). Update:  Most of these sites use a payout service, like FaucetBox for example, which
aggregates payments and pays out to ones Bitcoin address when the total balance rises above a certain minimum
value (which one can often set themselves). The colored letters after each entry below shows what service, if any,
each site uses; check the key at the bottom of the list. ( More info available under the list of sites. )

Free BTCitcoin sites
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  d  e  e


d  = Direct
x  = Xapo
e  = ePay
f  = Faucetbox ( closed )
m = Microwallet ( no longer paying out; all microwallet faucets removed )
p  = Paytoshi ( no reliable faucets currently available )

* = Currently empty and/or frequently empty and/or empty for long periods of time and/or takes a very long time to payout.
      ( the site being down or non-functional will here be considered the same as being empty. )


Also pay attention to the posts here. People, businesses, etc., will often give Bitcoins away as part of promotions, or games and contests,
or just because...

Please post in this thread if you know of any other free Bitcoin sites or have any other relevant information pertaining to this subject.

Do your best to point out if any conditions or restrictions of any kind exist that may cause some to think it isn't really that free...
e.g. a gambling site that gives out "free" bitcoins but doesn't allow you to withdraw them and requires that you use them to gamble
at their site... or a site that requires you to perform some task, easy or even fun as it may be, before they give you any coin.  There is
no doubt a gray area with some sites where not everyone would agree the coin is actually free. Feel free to discuss these situations below.  

I will try to update this post with the sites and information that seem to be a good fit. Feel free to give your opinion and make your case
below if you do not agree with anything that I include, or exclude. You also may find some sites listed below, which while they don't exactly
qualify as giving out "free" bitcoins and don't make it into this original post, may still hold some interest for you.  

Please let me know if any of these sites go away or stop giving away bitcoins and I will remove them from this list.
For example there was a site called The bitcoin flower, which would give away a free bitcoin everyday to whoever
was the first to see it in bloom when they loaded the page. It shut down late last year ( 2011 ) with a message
that it was closed for the winter. It didn't bloom again in the spring. Must not have been a perennial.

If you find this list has been helpful to you in getting your first BTC and you appreciate the time put in to verify these
sites, and to compile and maintain this list, please consider a small donation
Bitcoin:    1Figz2X9xwoicy9a1iYxU5wuvvjSDRWe8Z
Litecoin:   LPRNgA9CWgpCTv6J3btYUwDesNi9jaQY6p

Thanks to all who participate and contribute in their own way.

Discontinued Faucets

Moon Bitcoin  x d ( pop-ups )  f ( gone )  f ( payout too small )

Bitaler  f ( not working )

Bitcoins 4 Me!  d ( gone )

Bitcoin Showers  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

DC Faucet  f ( gone )

LeakyBitcoins  f ( pop-ups )

Field Bitcoins  x d ( pop-ups )  d ( pop-ups )  f ( disabled )

Aqua Bitcoin  f ( payout too small )

Daily Free Bits  f ( payout too small )

Green Bitcoin  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Bitcoin Zebra Faucet  x d ( Not working with ad-blockers  )

CM Monitor Bitcoin Faucet  f ( Down for maintenance long time  )

Qoin Faucet  f ( payout too small )

InFaucet  f ( payout too small )

Coin Tasker Bitcoin Faucet  x f  ( too often empty )

The Ravishing Red Faucet  p ( "Unable to verify captcha" )  f ( pop-ups )

CryptoBlox  d f ( not paying out )

FaucetNet Faucet  p ( unreadable captcha; low payout )  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Pink Tussy Bitcoins  f ( too often empty )

Happy Putin Coins  f ( too often empty )

MezzaBank  f ( too often empty )

10XBTC.COM  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

PrimeBitcoin  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Captchas Rocks  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Free Bitcoin Home  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Faucet of America  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

P+P Faucet  f ( asking for personal information )  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Shark Bitcoin  p ( "Insufficient funds" )

Shinobi Faucet  p ( "Insufficient funds" )

Lucky Bit Faucet  f ( down long time )

TheBitcoinSheep  f ( redirecting to other site )

Bitcoin Canada  f ( redirecting to other site )

Rtube  f ( redirecting to other site )

Bitcoiner  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

DanceFaucet  d ( asking for personal information )

OrangeBits  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Red Coins  d ( payout too small and/or min. withdrawal balance too high )

Bitcoin  d ( payout too small and/or min. withdrawal balance too high )

Bitcoin Faucet Club  f ( gone )

FastBitcoins  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Cryptbond  f ( "Insufficient funds" )  f ( discontinued )

SpeedBit  f ( gone )

Free BTC Giveaway  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

SatoshiFaucet  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Spektrum Faucet  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Bit Free Faucet  f ( pop-up )

MoneyInPj'  f ( "Insufficient funds" 3 strikes: perma-banned )

Bit Faucet  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Bitcoin Cloud  d ( not paying out )

BTC a Day  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Give You Bitcoin  f ( pop-up )

BitcoinSpace  d ( not paying out )

Bitcoinker Faucet  x f ( not paying out )

Cryptocoin Faucet  x d ( not paying out )

Faucet Cloud  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Faucet Sasa BTC  f ( gone )

Rumah Crypto  f ( gone )

Google Faucet  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

FastBitcoin  p ( "Insufficient funds" )

bit-advice  f ( "Insufficient funds" )  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

BTCFaucetList  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

RocketFaucet  f ( gone )

Rob the Coins  f ( gone )  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Coin-Machine  f ( gone )

Mega-Faucet  f ( gone )

BitCentric.Net  f ( gone )

Fast Bitcoin Faucet  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Breaking Faucet  p ( "Insufficient funds" )

BitcoinFast  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

BitMais Faucet  f ( "Insufficient funds" )  f ( redirection )  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Bitcoin Monkey  f ( discontinued )

GigaBit Faucet  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

MarioFaucet  p ( gone )

BTC Rumor  m ( microwallet not paying out )

Phuk-IT Bitcoin Faucet  m ( microwallet not paying out )

Awesome Bitcoin faucet  m ( "Insufficient funds" )  m ( "Insufficient funds" )  m ( gone )

Satoshis.Gratis  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Bitcoin Faucet Fr  f ( gone )  m  f ( gone; virus warning )

HotSwap Micro Faucet  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

bitblogshare  f ( gone )  f ( pop-up )

Free BTC Faucet  f ( trojan/virus download on click )

blackmilk faucet  f ( gone )

Bitcoin's Best Faucet  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Best Bitcoin Faucet  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

100Satoshi  m ( trojan/virus download on click )

GetBitCo  m ( trojan/virus download on click )

Bitcoin Frenzy  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

ChutaFaucet  m ( "Insufficient funds" )

BitcoinGator  m ( "Insufficient funds" )

CryptoDrips  f ( "Insufficient funds" )  m ( "failed to send" )  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Pulp Faucet  p ( "Insufficient funds" )

Moar Than Bitcoin  f ( "unknown error" )

Bitcoin  f ( pop-up )

Bitcoin Tree  f ( "Insufficient funds" )  d  ( discontinued )

Satoshis 4 Us  m ( gone )

BitcoinFreebees  m ( gone; redirecting to another site )

MoneyInPj's  m ( "Insufficient funds" )

Bitcoin Genie  m ( gone; redirecting to another site )

BitFarm  f ( pop-up )

Crocodile  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

BitCoinBee  m ( gone )

A Bit Faucet 4 Us  m ( gone )  f m  ( not paying out )  f m  ( not paying out )

BitPrepay  f ( "Insufficient funds" )

Rabbitcoin ( gone )

Fairy Faucet ( pop-up ) ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( "unknown error" )

Bitcoins4free ( "unknown error" )

BTCmountain ( pop-up ) ( gone ) ( gone )

Quick Bit Cash ( gone )

League of Bitcoin ( gone )

KnowBitcoin ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( "Insufficient funds" )

Basic Bitcoin ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( "Insufficient funds" )

Satoshi Faucet ( failed to send )

CoinRacket ( gone ) ( "Insufficient funds" )

QoinBox ( "Insufficient funds" )

aQoinFaucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

Flying Faucet ( pop-up )

Super BTC Faucet ( not operational )

Treasure Faucet ( pop-up )

Best BTC Faucet ( pop-up )

The Running Faucet ( pop-up )

Pizza Faucet ( pop-up )

Free City Of Bitcoin Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

Anchor Faucet ( pop-up ) ( not paying 'on hold' balances )

bittyfaucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

Bitcoin FRAX ( gone ) ( gone ) ( discontinued )

Bitcoin Apple ( pop-up ) ( "Insufficient funds" )

SfreeBTC ( pop-up )

Our BTC Site ( pop-up )

MoonBitcoin Faucet ( gone ) ( redirecting to non-faucet site )

EasyBitcoins ( gone )

Free Bitcoin Rocks ( "Insufficient funds" )

Your Coin Faucet ( gone ) ( gone )

Micro Datafaucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

FreebieFaucet ( redirecting to another site )

Gloopy Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( pop-up ) ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( pop-up ) ( pop-up )

Bitcoin For You - Faucet ( pop-up )

23coins ( pop-up )

ZKNFaucet ( pop-up )

Dizzybitcoin ( "Insufficient funds" )

Vitrinear Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

Freebit ( not working )

Zero3 Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

Blue Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

Orange Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

Ogsi Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

Lots of bitcoins ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( disabled )

Maxfaucet ( discontinued )

Free Bits Daily ( redirecting to another site ) ( discontinued )

Crypto_Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

Faucet Cryptbond ( redirecting popup )

Sexy Bitcoin ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( "Insufficient funds" )

Le BTC Faucet ( redirecting popup )

FreakFaucet ( gone )

Silver Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( redirecting )

Free-Cryptocoins ( "Insufficient funds" )

Big Btc Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( gone )

BitcoinDropper ( "Insufficient funds" )

Your Free BTC ( "Insufficient funds" )

Bitcoin Barrel Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

ForCrypto ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( "failed to send" ) ( redirecting to another site )

Bitcoin World Info ( "failed to send" )

Bitcoin Tap ( "Insufficient funds" )

Free Bitcoins Today ( "Insufficient funds" )

BTCBlok ( "access denied" )

CoinCollectors ( pop-up )

KharZ Bitcoin ( too spammy for little reward )

Satoshi Reserve ( deception: adfly link disguised as faucet submission button )

FreebieCoin ( disabled ) ( missing captcha )

SatoshiBear Faucet ( pop-up ) ( "Insufficient funds" )

BitCoinXD ( pop-up )

LimeBtc Faucet ( pop-up )

dustbinhead ( pop-up )

GoGoBTC ( pop-up )

Free Bitcoin 24 ( pop-up )

PayFaucet ( pop-up )

CoinerFaucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

QoinMicro ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( "Insufficient funds" )

BtcoinMx ( redirecting to another site ) ( gone ) ( gone )

Chesimangia V3 ( built-in web miner )

Bitprize Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

Dance Faucet ( gone )

Panzetti Faucet ( redirecting to another site )

Bit Chest ( not paying out ) ( not paying out )

BitCrate ( perpetually empty )

HotBitcoins ( "Insufficient funds" )

Bitcoin-Ace Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

Big-Coin ( gone )

Rankyx Faucet ( redirecting to another site )

Historic Resort City Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

Zen Faucet ( gone )

El_Happy Faucet ( gone )

FireFaucet ( gone ) Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

HourlyBitcoins ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( timer resets and never times down ) ( gone )

HourlyFaucet ( gone )

Faucet Turkey ( "Insufficient funds" )

GetFreeBTC ( "bandwidth limit exceeded" )

Bitcoin Tsunami ( "Insufficient funds" )

Coin Fire Faucet ( disabled ) ( gone )

Fr33bitcoin ( closed )

Multifauceted ( "Insufficient funds" ) ( gone )

uBTCpay ( "Invalid API key" ) ( "Invalid API key" ) ( not paying out )

Voxhit BTC Faucet ( "Insufficient funds" )

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13  Economy / Trading Discussion / Questions for tradehill on: February 23, 2012, 11:57:47 PM
1) Why the $50 withdrawal limit?  

It is not like this is normal operations. This is extraordinary circumstances. We aren't quitting you.
You are quitting us. Why shouldn't we expert to get 'all' of our money back?  minus a reasonable

update: There is no minimum anymore.

which brings us to...

2) Why the flat $10 fee?

Look at it on a percentage basis. For depositors with large amounts $10 may be a small fraction
of what they have there. For people with less than $50 obviously it is %100 of what they have
there, with that limit, but even a large percentage of it without a limit.  Wouldn't it be fair to
let everybody get at least something?  

Sure you can say that you got screwed too by whoever you do business with... ( $100 grand stolen?
which you don't expect to get back at any point in the future? )  But we do business with 'you' not
them... Whether you pass that screwing on to your customers is 'your' choice.  

Wouldn't the goodwill be valuable from a business aspect if your removed those restrictions?  
You have that you want to turn into something. You mention something about, or at
least hint at, bringing tradehill back at some point. Wouldn't it make good business sense to go
that extra mile for even the small fry, who may be noobs just trying this bitcoin stuff out for the
first time
... as compared to those who have large amounts there and who may have been there
a lot longer and perhaps profited from some nice transactions in that time... its impossible of
course to characterize depositors based on the amounts they have deposited but one can make
rough guesses on percentages and averages... and give the little guy a break for once.  

Would your largest depositors begrudge having to pay a few cents more to get their money out in
order to waive the fee for those with small amounts under $50, who will lose it all?  Or maybe that
sounds too socialist to you... punishing the rich just for being rich, or for being smart investors
or whatever?   Well I think it would even make good business sense to eat all the fees yourself
and waive the minimum limit for everyone under $50 and look at it like an investment in your future

I am not just complaining about my meager losses but trying to think of Bitcoin as well, and the
public which we want to help come aboard, rather than sending them away with a bad taste
in their mouths.

Thank you for your consideration.  
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Multiple wallets on same system on: February 15, 2012, 10:36:13 PM
This seems like the kinda noob question that must've been asked and answered many times already but I can't find much direct information in my searches...
the kinda question that is, or should be, in some faq for beginners somewhere.  But hopefully it is something that can be quickly answered ( or that faq pointed out ) and won't be too much of a bother.

I want to have two wallets on the same computer. I wouldn't need to be running them at the same time.

Is just running the client with the -datadir flag pointed to whatever wallet directory one wanted to access at any particular time the standard/best way of doing this?
I know this would require downloading the blockchain twice right? I don't mind that. 

Is there any issues I should be aware of in doing this?  "Be careful you don't do *this* or you will lose everything!"  kinda thing... 
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Canada, the ignored on: December 21, 2011, 08:58:53 PM
Ever since this Bitcoin thing came along I have been disappointed with how little the various new businesses and exchanges take Canada into account.

We in the Great White North have always been early adopters and big users of all things digital.

Beauty eh!

In my own business I have given my customers the option to pay by Bitcoin ( and give them a discount if they choose that option ) for months now...
and offer what help I can to get them started if they show interest, but have never had that much I can point them to in terms of Canadians easily
and inexpensively buying and selling Bitcoins etc..     

There are lots of stats which shows these facts. Here is just one article I grabbed at random. I hope more of you running Bitcoin businesses and the like,
or thinking of starting a new one, will take note:

Canadians’ Internet usage nearly double the worldwide average

“Since 10 years ago, since the boom of the Internet, we’ve always been at the top of online engagement.”

Thanks for listening.

If you want to buy a poor ignored hoser a beer:
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The Free Network Foundation on: October 21, 2011, 05:08:42 PM
Heard of them yet?  They just recently won $10,000 at ContactCon in New York. They built FreedomTowers and FreedomLInk for OWS.

From their webpage:

    We are an organization committed to the tenets of free information, free culture, and free society.
    We hold that advances in information technology provide humanity with the ability to effectively face global challenges.
    We contend that our very ability to mobilize, organize, and bring about change depends on our ability to communicate.
    We see that our ability to communicate is purchased from a handful of powerful entities.
    We know that we cannot depend on these entities to support movement away from a status quo from which they are the beneficiaries.
    We believe that access to a free network is a human right, and a necessary tool for environmental and social justice.


They have a PayPal donation link on their site.  I don't know why a group like this hasn't started accepting Bitcoin donations already.

I sent them a message letting them know I refuse to use PayPal ( I explained why, including the recent Diaspora* thing, which I could easily see happening to them.. I am sure I don't need to explain more about the problems with PayPal on this forum ) just like they refuse to use unfree forms of social media like FaceBook, and suggested they start to accept donations in Bitcoin, which one would think fits right in with their philosophy and intentions to work towards a free culture and society. 

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