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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / IOCOIN PREMIUM WALLET ADDRESSES FOR SALE on: October 07, 2016, 09:52:59 AM
Temporarily unavailable.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] [LAUNCH] [ENGLISH] Moneta (XJM) - Juno Moneta - Ancient Currency Digitised on: September 26, 2016, 08:16:56 PM
MONETA (XJM) Digital Currency

Moneta was the earliest currency in ancient Rome.

Any other meanings and symbology were purely accidental and not indicative of any form of worship. If any offence has been caused by the naming of this coin please accept my sincere apologies. Due to persistent mental health issues and ongoing counselling this has had a signifcant detriment on any thought processes or clear thought.

I'm really very sorry.

Once I am well enough to do so I think it is important to just change the currency to Moneta (XMN) or something similar and remove the reference to my pet, I think that would be best used elsewhere in more personal places, this is not the place for such a thing. Hope that would be ok.


Coin Name:  Moneta
Coin Ticker: XJM
Coin Algo: SHA256
Coin POW Count: 12 million
Block halving:  no block halving
Coins Per Block: 60
Block time: 30 seconds
Block Size: 2MB
Coin POS: 720% per year
POS min: 12 hours
POS max: 12 days
Coin Limit: none
Premine: 120,000 (1%) - normal giveaways etc


XJM Block Explorer
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] [UPDATE] [ENGLISH] GOLF Golfcoin V2.0 New Chain + Reimbursements on: September 05, 2016, 02:42:54 PM

Golfcoin is a digital currency and awards token designed primarily for the Golf Industry, the world's premier digital currency for golfers, clubs and courses.


SHA256 Coin
1 billion total coins POW
10% POS per annum

Wallets and Source

Windows Wallet -!wVFnQC4T!BIBfzBqWMhmIbCbNDgMFg7q3GFIzTFliz1QrV13tyrE
Linux Wallet -!oQ8A3bQQ!X7VmRcDki0KO0X-257uCoVjKJVz6o9657QoqemJc78A
Mac Wallet -!oJMmQJLa!qpTfGgho0UxHKsUpQvWH38POBk5uXBT4n_Jd2uYQ-PI
Source -!8d8jUBwD!fSva1-8a-Jo4OMXgivKdAWWQAjRkZbSYIIp9YUqwPfo


Please update your wallets to the latest versions, this is a mandatory update!!
Link to source and wallets -
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [OFFICIAL] [ENGLISH] XP | Experience Points SHA256 | Gaming Rewards & Currency on: August 19, 2016, 12:52:58 PM
Launched 26th August 2016 - 9pm UK/GMT | Explorer

As original founder I give control to Evangelo and his new team to professionally take care of XP and grow XP as a digital currency and utility coin. Due to personal health problems I am unable to continue with XP. 35 billion coins from the original premine have been sent to the new development team today 27-6-2017 so that they have a large amount of XP to stake and support the coin - the rest of the premine will be distributed according to the wishes of the new development team. Good luck!

New Thread:

XP are a dual purpose digital asset used for achievements and progression and an open decentralised digital currency.

Gamers all over the world earn experience points (XP) in games and have done for many years, however when you earned XP you were not able to spend them,
donate them, or exchange them for anything purposeful, that is until now.

XP are experience points, a unique digital currency based on Bitcoin’s blockchain technology that enables transactions to be made on an open ledger recording
transactions by amount, date and time, plus preventing fraudulent activity such as double spending.

This coin will be launched with the basic POW/POS core code ONLY. A custom API and technologies will be developed with future partners to meet their scope
of technical requirements. The system will be plug aand play so that any software developer can integrate the XP wallet and use existing API commands to allow
XP transactions to occur in games. All other technology will be developed to meet the demands of future partners and consumers.

Please note:
any mention of Steam, Origin, Uplay, Playstation, Microsoft, Nintendo or any other brand names and/or the use of logos are to represent target
partners and markets and do not constitute any announcements of current and future partnerships. We will be working to establish relationships with software
and games developers, education, shops and more to integrate XP into mainstream gaming rewards.

XP is brand new, unlike some of the major digital currencies no coins have been stolen or misused, this means it is starting completely from scratch
with no previous negative history. XP appeals to all people, from teenagers to adults, from gamers to academic achievers.

XP is a fantastic innovation using the Bitcoin core with advanced coin staking. With XP awarded daily across thousands of video games there is no limit to the
amount of XP that can be earned. XP is a fantastic innovation that merges digital currency with established rewards.

XP is built using advanced additions to the basic Bitcoin core which enables people to mine coins using miners and also stake coins using proof of stake. Once you
have your wallet installed all you need to do is receive some coins, therefore it is simply plug and play.

Because XP uses the Bitcoin core, it has an established existing API which companies around the world can leverage straight away, so they can simply develop their
own custom code, plug in to the XP Core and start to transact XP.

XP is plug and play out of the box.

Our aim is to establish a secure well maintained platform that allows all major international businesses, education providers, gamers and developers
to plug in and integrate XP into their software and products, for example;
-   Unlock XP in games and receive XP direct from the XP core as rewards to spend
-   Unlock XP for passing exams or passing education modules at schools or universities
-   Unlock XP for posting content on the blockchain, online or through social media

XP is designed at heart for achievers, primarily gamers. The aim of XP is to be a completely independent platform to allow all current and future gaming platforms
and VR technology to simply integrate software to be able to leverage XP.
Our aims for gamers include;
-   Integrate XP with the Steam platform as rewards
-   Integrate XP with Steam games as rewards for unlocking achievements and completing games
-   Integrate XP with the Origin platform as rewards
-   Integrate XP with Origin games as rewards for unlocking achievements and completing games
-   Integrate XP with the Uplay platform as rewards
-   Integrate XP with Uplay games as rewards for unlocking achievements and completing games
-   Integrate XP with the Apple store as rewards
-   Integrate XP with IOS Apps as rewards for unlocking achievements and completing games
-   Integrate XP with the Android store as rewards
-   Integrate XP with Androind Apps as rewards for unlocking achievements and completing games
There may be other platforms and gaming platforms and developers to approach to invite them to leverage XP as part of their platform.
We envisage software companies, gaming platforms, social media companies and more all buying XP to integrate into their games using the plug and play secure wallet.

XP is designed for schools, colleges and universities. By applying a rewards program using XP each school, college and university around the world can buy XP and
leverage it as rewards for students passing exams, passing modules or qualifying in their chosen field.
Because XP is a cross platform unified asset, students can unlock XP and spend anywhere that accept XP, such as in games, on games platforms, in high street stores,
coffee shops and many more.

XP can be earned through all future participating games, vendors, businesses or providers and you can use it to spend anywhere, a truly fantastic
asset that can be earned doing anything, and used for anything, anywhere.

XP is a completely independent financial platform free from any political, religious, financial or geographical bias and completely upholds high standards of moral, ethical and practical day to day living for global peace, equality and fairness. XP will also work to ensure compliance in every country that accepts and uses XP as a unit of independent currency within local legal frameworks for the purposes of peace and reducing poverty throughout the world. (Confirmed/Listed) (Confirmed/Listed)
Yobit (TBC) - Premium Paid - 0.1 btc - 4-7 business days (Awaiting Listing)
C-Cex (TBC)
Cryptopia (TBC)
Poloniex (Listing Requested/Awaiting Response)
Bter (TBC)
Bittrex (TBC)

Initial website at

Follow on Twitter
Like on Facebook
Official XP Steam Group for Gamers

Slack For Development Partners (invitation only)

The following translations are available for reserving and bounty;

Filipino ---
(Coin_Trader, 25k paid, aed22fb7118c2a8897bdfae28b0d77c54d68caac56eb69fceba9c24858efca99)
Greek RESERVED -- killerjoegreece
Indian ---
(Shadabahmed, 25K paid, 77ecb8722cf635becbc181f4eb04f4f89e23ee8b5b2a70d5c94a7ee0b9d12e6f)
Indonesian --- (Rozee, 25K)
Italian ---
(forumaster, 25K paid, 0115f902b28a52de7abd4708e67ae40dfeb52a2644e3401a0db512a286db1406)
Portuguese RESERVED -- Neolinkhati
Romanian RESERVED -- ltcrstrbrt
Russian --
(AcidSun, 25K paid - 7da2bfe822ff7fbc69e4cf5d312332dc2cf2a7afc40e0a9bbe8e9f4902936075 )
Slovenian RESERVED -- Simple858
Spanish RESERVED -- Bhokor
Swedish --
(Sikkan, 25K paid 8aff695fcb6064d18de212d789c80110f654897613988fb496f340cda6180569)
Other Countries  e.g. South America, Africa (please contact)
Other Specalised Languages  (please contact)

Translations: 25,000 XP
Android wallet: 100,000 XP
IOs wallet: 100,000 XP
Twitter followers: 250 XP (you must have minimum of 50 followers) (increased from 100 / 20/08/2016)
Facebook followers: 250 XP (increased from 100 / 20/08/2016)
Blog posts: 500 XP (minimum 250 unique impressions) (increased from 250 / 20/08/2016)
Adverts: 500 XP (minimum 250 impressions) (increased from 250 / 20/08/2016)
Press Releases / Web Content: 250 XP (minimum 250 impressions)
Launch Pools: 50,000 XP (6 monthly payments for continuous running launch pools)

20/08/16 NEW! Professional & Indie Game Developer Studios : 1 million XP each (1 billion reserved for first 1,000 studios to integrate XP)

Additional bounties available, please contact to discuss.

21/08/16 NEW! eSports / High Exposure Gaming Teams (X5): 200,000 XP each (1 million initial XP reserved for gaming teams for sponsorship)[/b]
Additional bounties available, please contact to discuss.

Follow us on Twitter and receive 250+ XP
Minimum 50 followers, please RT our tweet here :-

Like us on Facebook and receive 250+ XP
Simply share our social message "Like us on Facebook and receive 250+ XP on launch! Share this message with your friends. PM your wallet address when live to receive your XP." on your timeline or with your friends!
Earn 250 XP per referral (see below)

NEW! Subscribe to our email newsletter with your Twitter username and receive BONUS 250+ XP
One bounty per Twitter account thats completed above bounty task  :-

Facebook Referrer Bounty 50,000+ XP
The highest Facebook referrer will receive in excess of 50,000 XP, simply get your friends to follow our Facebook page -[/b]] - and tell them to include their wallet address and YOUR NAME in a PM to claim their reward and for you to claim your referral and bounty.

The premine will be locked and remain untouched. Any stake that may be generated will be stored and used for bounties, giveaways, faucets. Small stake amounts may be sold to aid funding addition to other exchanges, these will be added to the OP with prior notice.
A personal guarantee is offered that the premine will not be sold on an exchange and may be used to supplement long term holders of the coins, partners and affiliates.
I will mine a personal balance along with all other miners at the time of launch.

The alternative would be to distribute all premine as part of an ICO. Ideas for a two stage ICO launch would be as follows(
-   You may donate BTC to the following address to help support XP (to be spent on getting XP on to exchanges straight away and implement mobile apps) 1FcAiJUuVUxAZD1QLAttGjm4gb9tsLsRdo
-   You may pre-purchase the wallet for launch by sending 0.025 BTC plus a five figure random amount e.g. 0.02518291 and then PM your email address to get the link to the wallets on day of launch (P1)
-   Pre-purchase the wallet for launch by sending $15 to Paypal at the following email address to receive the wallet on day of launch (P1)

These are just ideas for fasttracking additional features such as mobile wallets.

Experience Points [XP] Added to cryptominers Pool

Port: 3004, Diff: 8
Port: 3037, Diff: 256
Port: 3257, Diff: 8192

User - wallet address
Pass - x

USE EasyMiner or BFGMiner: Mine XP today e.g  bfgminer -o -u yourwalletaddress -p x

Any questions about the pool inbox/tweet/skype us !
pool address -
Follow us on twitter ! -
Add me on skype - - closed 30/08/2016


Source (and wallets within a few minutes):
Alternative Source:!jdEDGZbJ!sqd_IKfDpjqdDnQrInVNwbgtgxtLksQMKDRUcLE3rk4

Win Wallet:
Alternative Win Wallet:!GFsUTaqA!r9PMLS_8AYudAMU8bpGaJ-s4YRkeb23ae1GEoSjbPw4

Mac Wallet:
Alternative Mac Wallet:!SREBkZjY!ip1oUrRmmdckvx2Ip3h31YRkGqXDj7xr12IQnQ-cxEc

Linux Wallet:
Alternative Linux Wallet:!yBUkAR5Y!mqomdtMCb9pQ-XrAT3ONZhdhOxKgGAEj8Bc3c9_YkOE

Android Wallet Now Available (2nd September 2016)
Android Wallet:
Alternative Android Wallet:!LVES1JpY!_D1kzI15pvHlSiMHghb7l4SdSeNtzMscBYJG_EcpwxA[/size]

The following game studios and developers are approved official development partners who will be integrating XP into their existing and future games and software.

This thread is currently being updated.

Awaiting finalised codebase.

Countdown Timer: XP Launch Countdown UK/GMT

XP 2016 Roadmap

XP 2016 Roadmap now available including 2017 brief overview.

Please click image to download.

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / XXXCoin X3/V3 Community Development | New Partnership ALL NEW BRAND on: August 16, 2016, 11:16:28 AM

XXXCoin X3/V3 Community Development Project

Old Thread:

New Logo:

XxXcoin was abandoned by the previous two development teams. The current version was updated and fixed by the Tittlecoin developers. We are now looking to implement XXXCoin X3. We have already discussed on the previous thread moving forward including establishing a team to fund and develop this platform and community. Contact has been made with the old Tittiecoin team who fixed the coin however no response has been forthcoming and as such we are now proceeding with our development.

We are now looking to establish links with premium adult industry partners and start to develop this adult industry payment platform and premium brand.

Terms Of Use
The new brand, typeface, logo are the property of VanityWallets2015 as lead project on this development and may not be used without prior permission unless;
- you are using the logo to promote XXXcoin
- you are using the logo in a not-for-profit capacity, e.g. internal marketing
- you are using the logo as part of non-commercial private purposes such as desktop backgrounds

XXXCoin X3 logo and branding Copyright VanityWallets2015. All rights reserved.


The coin is 100% POS

Nova Exchange

OLD: Block explorer:



ReBirth Release date: 07-March-2015
Block Reward: 4000 XXX (NO HALVING!)
Initial coin Release date: 26-June-2014
Algorithm: Scrypt Now 100% POS
Money Supply: 36,610,138.378747
Total Supply ever: 50,000,000
Block Target: 30 seconds
Connection port: 20133
RPC port: 20132
Maturity: 50
Confirmations: 3
Min stake age: 3 day
PoS interest: 5% annually
Premine: 1,800,000 (4.95%)
Less than 1% - 100,000XXX was handed over to the Tittiecoin Developers.

XxXcoin v2.1 Win wallet:
XxXSource Code:
MAC wallet v2.1:

XXXSource (X3):

No planned change to the existing core code for the immediate future.
No planned change to the POS percentage or algorithm for the immediate future.
Planned upgrade of the wallet to version 3.01 (X3.01) to feature the new branding, logo etc - COMPLETE
Planned inclusion of a node at CryptoID including block explorer, rich list etc - COMPLETE
Planned inclusion request of Bittrex, Yobit, Cryptopia, Poloniex, Nova - PART COMPLETE Coin Exchange, Nova

Core group is being established to take XXX forward, we now have three members of a distributed global presence and looking to grow.

All donations please send to the following address in the mean time to help the project (XXX) XTtrVAA8WxFxLcBHHofTEZLGkhTMQ88Qf3


In order to advance xxxcoin there needs to be a number of items completed so that investors can be value guaranteed.


XXX requires existing investors (in particular people holding more than 250,000) to donate as much as 50% of their coins to the XXX foundation.


XXX requires existing investors a process to buy back some of the coins at an acceptable low value to be able to develop XXX with capital investment safety.


If the first two options cannot be agreed then we have to consider increasing the coin count on the chain and reducing current values by 50% and increasing the coin count to 100 million (87 million + POS to end.) This is not an ideal situation. This is why a foundation must be formed of stakeholders.


There are a number of high level bagholders of XXX including someone with 3 million coins, this is unacceptable given that those people are not contributing to the future development of XXX. By holding coins it is damaging to the potential size of client base / users plus it is detrimental to the potential of future development. We need to look at a way forward.

This information will be added to the OP. All investors and coin holders are asked to get in touch. Closing date for negotiations is 31 October 2016. Thereafter executive decision will be taken.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / PAYCOIN XPY Future | Development | Foundation | Roadmap | Community on: August 10, 2016, 09:24:48 AM

Launched: January 2015
Coin Age: 18 Months
Peak Price: 0.04 BTC
Total Supply: 11,619,960 XPY
Available from: Bittrex

Crypto has slowly got rid of many of the big time scammers, mining hardware companies and even exchanges have fallen due to crooked activity, with early investors losing a huge amount of time, money and investment in the crypto landscape. There has also been a breed of new coins which have filled exchanges where people have begun to lose vast amounts of investment on projects such as Bithire and others that blockchains have broken. Many coins have been developed by the same team of a handful of people designed to lose you money, and centralised exchanges are having difficulty in propping up their values.

As we know, Josh Garza promised $20 per Paycoin way back in 2015 when things started to go wrong for the Paycoin team and his mining company, it is worth remembering that this is a verbal contract issued by him as an individual so technically should he have that sort of money, people who own Paycoin are entitled to $20 each, it is very simple. Failing achieving that I believe it is still possible to achieve a $20 per coin with Paycoin given sufficient support. Paycoin with both Garza and Cryptsy out of the way becomes a real potential for an independent public global payment technology.

The Future
I would like to work with as many people as possible to rebrand and take all the existing Paycoin websites, domains and work to establish Paycoin as a trusted, independent payment platform that both the public, banks and businesses can use for their payments, aswell as look at ways to introduce and create new technologies with strong commercial partners.

I have created a new logo above for consideration, new colours and branding designed to create a fresh start for Paycoin, here are some other suggestions;

- increasing the overall coin count as unlimited through POS only
- establishing a $20 payment scheme to all Paycoin holders per coin (subject to availability)
- creating a new roadmap, advancing the existing Paycoin platform
- making it clear that Paycoin is NOT competition for the existing banks, however is an independent platform with no financial or political motivations to allow anyone to establish their transactions on a public blockchain

I have many reservations about Bitcoin and Ethereum, ultimately there is a lack of clear guidance within these groups, however by establishing a consortium of public, voluntary, banking and commercial representatives I believe it will be possible to advance Paycoin. As a public brand Paycoin is much clearer than Bitcoin or any current digital currencies.

We also must realise that as cryptocurrency displaces banking, it will also displace jobs, it is very important that anything that displaces an industry finds ways in which to establish jobs and purpose to those people displaced. Therefore Paycoin needs to look sensibly and seriously at establishing an official high street presence and become a transparent trusted vehicle for finance that can be regulated by the financial services authority.

I hope this is well received by the community, and anyone that is idle in the current Paycoin "foundation" to support this movement forward, or at least provide some information as to the future of Paycoin.

Comments welcome! XPY Donations welcome, address below on profile.

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [PRE] [ANN] XCHIPS - THE CASINO CURRENCY - SHA256 BitcoinChips / Bitchips HUGE!! on: May 07, 2016, 10:40:21 AM


BitChips is a digital currency designed for multi-purpose use, from use in Casinos, to tipping, donating, business transactions and even day to day shopping. Do all your daily transactions with one coin - CHIPS!


Official launch date is 5th July 2016 (this will NOT be delayed).


SHA256 POW/POS Hybrid
21 Trillion POW Coins
1 Billion Block Reward
Halves Every 10,000 Blocks
21% Annual Interest
21 Days Min Stake Age
210 Days Max Stake Age
2.1 MB Block Size


There is no premine, no block lead in, nothing. HOWEVER here are the following conditions on launch;

LIMITED ACCESS - single mining pool, pre-registration required, mine up to block 21,000 before public access. Access Fee 0.1 BTC

ICO - you can buy 1 billion coins (equivalent to one block reward) for 0.1 BTC

- ICO purchases will be sent to your mining pool address or exchange address (going to try and arrange for Yobit to list CHIPS from day zero)
- wallets will be distributed at block 21,000



Wallets and source available to public at block 21,000 (two block halvings)



More information available this week. Any questions please ask, please PM to reserve your ICO blocks or register (email address required) for the Limited Access Mining Pool


8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Advanced NXT Platform | Clone | Developer Assistance Required | Long Term on: February 29, 2016, 12:26:53 PM
Advanced NXT Platform Clone

Hi all, I need to create an NXT "clone" but with design improvements and a different primary unit (currency) of transaction.

I have downloaded the NXT master to modify however need some help to modify and set up with a new genesis block, configuration etc.

Can anyone help at all. This is a substantial project (potential for significant funding at a later date).


3 x NXT Clones custom currency and modified front end

Note: this is a development on a project that has been in development for 2 years. PM's welcome.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] BITCOIN21 - 21 million coins - SHA256 - All Device Types - Jan 2016 on: December 11, 2015, 10:02:10 AM

LAUNCH: 17th April 2016 delayed from 21st January 2016 at 21:00 UK/GMT


Source & Pool Source:

WalletsPoolsExchangesBlock explorers
• Windows• Suprnova• Novaexchange •  
• OSX• Tekyboy •Yobit•
• Ubuntu• Zpool•


Ticker: XBTC21

This allows the coin to be mined from the source until 21 million have been mined (proof of work) at which point the coin will switch automatically to 100% Pos (proof of stake). The hybrid coin also means that any coins mined and stored in the wallet during its lifetime will create an additional stake.

Algorithm: SHA256
Uses the same cryptographically secure algorithm as the original Bitcoin blockchain.

210 Second Block time (3.5 minutes)

Block size: 2.1MB

PoW Coins: 21 Million: 6.3 million premined & 14.7 million for public mining

• 21 coins block reward at launch
• Block reward halving at block 350,0000

• Yearly PoS interest: 0.0021%
• Min stake age: 21 days
• Max stake age: 30 days

Premine 1 - 2.1 million
• Premine 1a - Bitcoin 21 Foundation
• Amount: 1 million coins (same as original Bitcoin)
Wallet Address: 2McQUwvCrgfkdDEBK9gybVYTp1mo2Z3GVw
TransactionID: ade46a9f5cc3a3f980644ac7d3e961664059c4dbdeaed1507487f6805be8eb2d
• Premine 1b - Bitcoin 21 IPO/ICO including Faucetm Giveaways, Funding
• Amount 1.1 million coins
Wallet Address: 2DFpAc8mkKF3ggAeoqYZAQGMq3RKL59vJY
TransactionID: 30317addb0df2ee991bca969c6be3f47bbcd37f988fff26f1aff832930f9e8fe

Premine 2 - 2.1 million
• Premine 2a - Bitcoin 21 HM Treasury Cold Vault
• Amount: Amount: 1 million coins
Wallet Address: 2Jm6m2xL4QqaeSVqckbLNBr1wmQ38jHwhU
TransactionID: 47ba6f9ac6dc04ae793726f9446cfab8f537c27eea076e041847ed2ebade383b

Note: Bitcoin21 does not claim to be supported by HM Treasury / Bank Of England / Financial
Services Authority and is not currently regulated under the FSA. 1 million coins have been
allocated, a significant proportion of the premine, as a potential investment vehicle should HM
Treasury place an interest in investing in Bitcoin 21 in the future. This will be locked for a
period of 5 years in cold storage and released to HM Treasury in 2021.
• Premine 2b - Bitcoin 21 UN / International Airdrop
• Amount: 1.1 million coins
Wallet Address: 2HBZMezqiYcFi8NfV9vBFTfrGU1Cwa76c5
TransactionID: 2e5909121752c54a6f312c802ab6b6d9681bcb2cf4dde1a9eeccb4e11d99f80e

Note: Bitcoin21 does not claim to be supported by the United Nations, its parent
organisations, any subsidiaries or any sovereign nation at this time. 1.1 million coins
have been allocated, a significant proportion of the premine, as a potential airdrop to
international countries that place an interest in investing in Bitcoin 21 in the future.
This will be locked for a period of 5 years in cold storage and released to partner nations
in 2021.

Addendum: subject to agreement with the community and future international or financial
partners this release may be fast tracked, however this will only be done subject to
investment into the ecosystem.

Premine 3 - 2.1 million
• Premine 3a - Extreme Poverty Cold Vault
• Amount: 1 million coins
Wallet Address: 2R1py5Uz9Gz26WobEh65Vh2tjawhjBcjE4 (correcting earlier transactional error)
TransactionID: 0ea4e104caa2b66b0da3975ffe52259331aea8133e101cbb57b281181a52fe3c

The coins in this cold vault premine are for the purposes of providing relief to areas of extreme
poverty across the globe helping humanitarian aid organisations deliver important work. A
platform of procedures will be put in place before this is made available.

• Premine 3b - Bitcoin 21 Humanitarian Cold Vault
• Amount: 1.1 million coins
Wallet Address: 2JWWJDFrjTpYzh5ovdX6qPw4vUd7dDQHTx
TransactionID: 402396a47b91a6a862eec6112bf9db819b950608dd78eb1bbb27b135798f13b6

The coins in this cold vault premine are for the purposes of other humanitarian and
conservation work around the globe, for example animal welfare, human welfare. A
platform of procedures will be put in place before this is made available.

Note: both of these complete the allocation of the substantial premine which provide
a professional blanket and platform in which global finance can be attracted to help
harmonise the global financial system and reduce global extreme poverty and reduce
future debt or humanitarian disasters. The initial ICO/IPO can also be negotiated to
provide coins for capital liquidity on any popular exchanges. You will see an adjustment
in the rich list and the first 6 wallets are the premine addresses to watch.

Official digital certificates will be issued and displayed in the forthcoming week as a
contract of premine allocation and guaranteed cold storage for the minimum timeframes
where appropriate.

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] UPDATE | REBRAND - APRIL (XAP) - Aprilcoin - 100% POS (formerly analcoin) on: December 07, 2015, 12:19:33 PM
This coin is no longer available, please refer to Tubecoin by McKnight

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / NeoCoin Wallets / Source on: September 30, 2015, 09:27:52 AM

Does anyone have access to the Neocoin wallets and source? The main website is down, git repository is offline, coin is still traded in cryptsy.

Anyone have access to a virus/trojan free TRUSTABLE wallet download.

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Buttman's Analcoin | SHA256 | 150K POW | 125% Annual POS | Launched on: April 04, 2015, 10:23:40 AM
This post was inappropriate and posted during a time of personal and mental health issues, sorry.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [ANN] NEW! Worlds First Crypto Donor Card on: March 24, 2015, 01:19:52 PM
This post was inappropriate and posted during a time of personal and mental health issues, sorry.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [ANN] Paycoin's Josh Garza Seen Setting Up New Payment Platform! on: March 24, 2015, 01:02:57 PM
This post was inappropriate and posted during a time of personal and mental health issues, sorry.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Is Destroying Altcoins - We Need Exchanges Without Bitcoin on: March 12, 2015, 10:37:08 AM
No longer available. Topic was unsuitable.

16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What Happened To Britcoin? on: March 11, 2015, 10:13:32 AM
Can anyone shed some light on what has happened to Britcoin.

The daemon is now offline.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / IOCoin Vanity Wallets on: February 06, 2015, 11:10:50 PM
Exclusive Unique IOCoin Vanity Wallets

Sorry no longer available due to personal health problems.

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