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1  Local / Альтернативные криптовалюты / NVCBank. Ежемесячный доход в NVC. 1.5% за 30 дней on: March 25, 2015, 09:19:50 AM
Больше на сайте
Выплаты каждые 30 дней.
Вывод в течении 24 часов.
Аудит и мат модель доходности "банка".
Тред для русскоговорящей аудитории.
2  Other / Archival / Продам BTC-E коды за QIWI (без комиссии). Закрыто on: December 04, 2013, 05:05:12 AM
Обмен BTC-E кодов на qiwi яйца, без комиссии. Ваши коды проверяются первыми.

Внимание новичков: ограничение для отправки личных сообщений 5 в час.
Рекомендую для общения использовать bitmessage. Для оперативного общения ПМ cryptocat.
3  Local / Обменники / BTC-E RUR коды продам (0% комиссии) on: December 01, 2013, 08:25:57 AM
Обменяю BTC-E рубли на QIWI яйца, обмен кодами. Вы первые.
Моя комиссия 0%.
Лимит большой.
4  Economy / Service Discussion / NVCBank 5%/month. BTC/LTC/NVC accepted on: November 11, 2013, 05:21:16 PM
Get interest(currently 5% a month) for your deposits denominated in NVC.
BTC/LTC/NVC accepted. BTC-E exchange rates. Withdrawal to virtual VISA card possible.
5  Economy / Long-term offers / NVCBank. BTC/LTC/NVC accepted on: November 08, 2013, 09:26:25 PM
So as you all know NVC is PoW/PoS currency. It might be difficult for some people to keep their wallet online waiting for PoS generation, reorganizing their inputs and etc. That`s not a problem.
So I`m offering this:
I will be paying fixed(it will be changing each month) amount of interest to all deposits denominated in NVC.

Latest info about interest is posted on web page.
Bitmessage announcement channel: BM-NBvsMijZJe9QM7EGnaXUT1t6RFCi8R33 .
I`ll post there news about rates and etc. This is only FYI channel, all financial stuff should be discussed in PM with me, and please ask me for sign verification using your deposit address.

Partial withdrawal possible, but you wont get interest for it.

I`m accepting deposits in LTC/BTC/NVC. BTC and LTC will be converted to NVC according to BTC-E conversion rate.
You may withdraw your money any time(in 24h after request). It will be converted back in case of BTC or LTC (or you may take NVC). You will receive interest the next day your period ends. Depositing day is excluded from period.
If some one is interested please register on web page or PM me.

P.S. please do not flood about NVC here. There are other threads around here.
6  Local / Esquina Libre / Anonymous tarjetas recargables visa virtual on: March 16, 2013, 11:13:16 AM
Tarjeta por tres meses:
Precio: Gratis. Por su primer recarga, pero tiene que ser mas que una BTC o 0,05 BTC
Fondos sumar: (Precio de tu artículo en USD) * 1.1 / (actual btc-e bitcoin precio de venta)

Si usted está interesado me escribe un mensaje personal que contiene una cantidad de dólares que desea depositar. Te voy a enviar la dirección depósito y la cantidad aproximada de btc requerida.Tipo de cambio final se dará a conocer después de depositar. Después de recibir los fondos que le proporcionaremos información de la tarjeta visa.

Info hilo original.

PD Lo siento por usar traductor Google
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Anonymous refillable virtual visa cards(1d/3m/1y lifetime) for LTC/NVC on: February 03, 2013, 06:41:44 AM
Main thread
1 day
Purchase cost: (Price of your item in USD)*1.1/(current btc-e ltc sell price).
Limited availability. Write PM.

3 months lifetime
Purchase cost: FREE(For for first refill over 50$) or 2$
Funds adding: (Price of your item in USD)*1.1/(current btc-e ltc sell price).

One year lifetime
Purchase cost: 50$
Funds adding: (Price of your item in USD)*1.08/(current btc-e ltc sell price).
Limited availability. Write PM.

Maximum cost of single purchase 450$
8  Economy / Service Announcements / Virtual refillable Visa Cards on: January 26, 2013, 08:37:36 PM
If you just need visa card to buy smt over the net and dont want to identify your self, or make it simple as possible. This weekend promotion. Only 10% off MtGox price.
Main thread.
Feel comfortable to write to me if u have any questions.
I`ll process your request ASAP.
9  Economy / Currency exchange / Anonymous refillable virtual visa cards(1d/3m/1y lifetime) for BTC/LTC on: January 19, 2013, 08:29:09 PM
Up to 450$/purchase
Service thread
10  Economy / Services / Anonymous refillable virtual visa cards(1d/3m duration) for BTC/LTC/NVC [CLOSED] on: October 31, 2012, 04:08:47 PM
1 day unavailable
Purchase cost: (Price of your item in USD)*1.12/(current btc-e sell bitcoin price).
Maximum cost of single purchase 1000$.
Limited availability. Write PM.

3 months duration
Purchase cost: FREE(first refill has to be bigger than 0.1 BTC) or 2$
Funds adding: (Price of your item in USD)*1.10/(current btc-e sell bitcoin price).
Maximum cost of single purchase 500$ up to 1000$ total.

Minumum refill amount: 0.01 BTC

Processing time: usually in 2 hours(at least 6 confirmations), up to 48h.

Discounts for big\long time clients.
If it will be popular, automation and lowering fees planed.
All cards are absolutely legal, bought by me.
Paypal express puchase no. Assign to paypal account yes.

PM me if interested.

You can use their calculator at sell graph and add 10% to amount of btc
P.S.for Litecoin/Novacoin terms are same,amount is converted using btc-e ltc/usd or nvc/usd exchange rate.
11  Economy / Securities / Russia ASIC "Reclaimer" Bond on: September 23, 2012, 08:19:25 AM
I`m curious, would some one be interested in buying part of an asic, depositing it at my place and having funds from it work???
Owner will be owning part of an ASIC and its operation. I`m targeting at buying Reclaimer RM with at least 80gh\s speed. My fee would be 5% of profit.
This operating bond will cost at least 0.5BTC (depends on release price of units). Each hardware unit will cost 1000 Shares. So each share will give at least 80mh\s. My electricity rate is 7 cents/kw . We will be targeting at 95% PPS rate of income. Possible use of gpumax if pirate problem gets resolved.
Electricity cost will be payed out of income, it shouldn't be high. In case of unit malfunctions it will be spread to all owners and its possible that I will buy one more out of my own funds for reliability(if there will be enough share owners)  
So we are targeting at GLBSE as stock market.
Weekly interest payouts.

I will start bond if there would be at least enough people to buy one unit. For thous who will order bond before asic arrives share cost would be 0.4 BTC(at least 200mh\btc) for share. In case asics wont be delivered, I`ll return refunded funds to you. Please take into account, that unit price is in USD, so it`s likely that u will get less in BTC.

So basically I`m targeted to buy 3-5 of this units, but it all depends on demand.
12  Economy / Long-term offers / ShadowAlexey`s 100% Guarantee PPT 1.5%/w [CLOSED] on: August 08, 2012, 05:32:05 AM
I`m running partly insured PPT for Pirate.
I`ve bought 500 TYGRR.BOND-PI shares, which are meant to be used with my partly insured deposits. But as there are not so many deposits I still have insured funds available. I`d like to offer 100% insured deposits using my unused TYGRR.BOND-PI shares.

Availability: 0BTC

Base rate: 1.5%/w
Interest payouts every Tuesday, no compounding.
Minimum deposit amount:50BTC
Deposit and withdrawal day dont get interest.
Deposit and withdraw(24h to fulfill) at any time.
I may withdraw your funds at any Tuesday with interest for that day.

Basic stuff is the same as my partly insured deposits.
PM me if interested.
13  Economy / Lending / Bitcoin Saving and Trust Partner accounts(up to 7%/w, 1k+ depositors welcome) on: July 18, 2012, 04:30:29 AM
So I`d like to offer partners accounts to get higher interest. You will get my interest minus 0.1% . So it should be about 6.9% a week max. The only thing I need from you is minimum 1000 BTC account size, and you are free to do everything with it. Is someone interested?
14  Economy / Lending / BTCST partner deposit 4.2%-7% weekly(7.5%/w special) on: May 25, 2012, 07:26:03 AM
[center][size=14pt][b]Bitcoin Savings and Trust partnership deposits.[/b][/size][/center]

[url=]Main Thread[/url]


Capacity: [b]Available[/b]

My interest = 0%;

I pay you (Pirate`s Interest - my interest). No insurance,payed out every Tuesday. My own deposits basic amount would be 300BTC. Everything else would be filled buy you. So the rates will increase at 500btc and 2000btc. All basic terms are the same with previous deposits.
Depositing day is Sunday. If you miss it, then your daily rate will be 0.5% till next monday.Deposit day excludes from period.
My current depositors may switch to this plan if desired. If your funds get force withdrawn, then I`ll send it back to you, and I`ll give you a note about capacity full.
[b]Minimum deposit[/b] amount [b]200BTC[/b];

Pirate Deposited Amount= 300BTC+Current deposits amount+Partnership deposits amount;
[b]Maximum partnership deposits capacity is 2000 BTC[/b]
My actual target is to have 4-5 partners with share 500-400 BTC each.

Pirate`s rates:
Base Pirate rate= 4.2%;
>=500BTC, Base pirate rate = 5.6%;
>=2000BTC, Base pirate rate = 7%;

[b]Withdrawal fee:1% of withdraw amount[/b]
When you withdraw I leave my self 1% of your withdrawal; Interest would be payed out at next Tuesday according to days used.
24 hours to fulfill.
[b]Interest is payed without any fees[/b]

[b]Interest day is Tuesday.[/b]
[b]Depositing day is Sunday[/b]

All info about deposits would be posted here.
15  Local / Хайпы / Вклады Bitcoin savings and trust 10-15% в месяц [Закрыто] on: May 08, 2012, 02:23:09 PM
Основная ветка тут,там все на английском.
Коротко. Вкладываю ваши средства в Bitcoin savings and trust и выплачиваю вам дивиденды с этого.
Тарифные планы:
2% в неделю
10% в месяц(30 дней)


Минимум 10BTC

Если вклад более 200 BTC (500 BTC) и периодический по месяцу, то за каждый последующий месяц получаете +1%(2%),максимум +5%.
Если вклад более 200 BTC (500 BTC) и периодический по неделе и вы согласны не снимать средства 4 недели, то получаете за каждый последующий 4 недельный период +0.25%(0.5%) к выплатам, максимум +1.25%.

При любых пополнениях(на данный момент) учитывается только целая часть, дробная будет отбрасываться (уйдет чисто мне).

Как это работает,я создаю вам персональный адрес для депозитов, а вы сообщаете мне адрес для выплат вам ваших процентов и основных средств при снятии.

Снимать можно продолжительные вклады можно только по окончанию срока, о чем нужно уведомлять за 48 часов до того как.
Вообще конечно можно всегда попросить меня выплатить раньше,но это по возможности + тогда у меня есть 48 часов,чтобы выполнить это и вы за них не получите процент.

Базовое время UTC,т.е. Москва -4 часа.

Почему я не сбегу с вашими средствами? Потому что на данный момент я сам являюсь вкладчиком данной конторы, прикур в долгосрочной перспективе может быть колоссальным + репутация на этом форуме открывает очень хорошие перспективы в инвестировании\создании бизнеса.

Я страхую ваш средний баланс(за месяц) на случай того что что-то случиться с этой конторой в размере  10% из 500 шар TYGRR.BOND-PI (которые стоят минимум 500 BTC) и 6ю месяцами своего майнинга(1гх~15 BTC\м) и  майнинг шарами GLBSE(200 Nasty шар),но уж если что-то случиться то проценты выплачены не будут.

Немного о BS&T. Сейчас является чем то вроде банка,в котором хранятся средства, и человек говорит что использует их для покупки\продажи биткоинов крупным покупателям по очень выгодным для него ценам, от сюда и прикур. Так это или нет сказать не могу,но он пользуется большим доверием у сообщества занимателей + у него есть собственный сервис GPUMax.

Все более подробно и разжёвано написано на английской страничке,если будут какие то вопросы, то пиши те в ПМ или здесь.
16  Economy / Lending / Private mining rig investing on: April 22, 2012, 10:45:57 AM
Are lenders interested in investing btc(up to 500btc) for making small private farms(up to 3ghs)??
So person provide configuration  and costs, and if it suits to you you give him the money. He mines for you(paying back to your wallet) for some period(a year probably).
All accompanying costs are taken by the miner.
So this would increase network stability, invite some new people in the system, and will make it more decentralized.
Or is it just better to buy some mining shares in GLBSE?
This is not about profit, but about making system more reliable and secure.
So now we are talking probably about 7970(600mhs) or 7990(1200mhs),wich would cost about 100-130btc or 200-250btc for a single. And given you 0.35\0.70 a day. Which would give you 130\260 btc a year in current rates(which would probably get worser). Period could be increased, but i`m not sure this would help a lot.
What are your thoughts about it?
I`m not talking about my self right now, i`m talking about the idea.
17  Economy / Long-term offers / ShadowAlexey`s Deposits 10-15%/month [CLOSED] on: April 06, 2012, 08:53:42 PM
First of all,please,read THIS thread and be aware.
I want to make some reputation in bitcoin operations and increase my current farm power. So i decided to open this thread and suggest to any one interested deposit terms:

Capacity: CLOSED

Bitcoin Savings and Trust partly insured pass-through deposits.
2% a week.
10% a month(30days).

Each new user gets personalized deposit(mine) and payback(yours) address. You will be PM with this info,so if you are agree, you have to confirm it,by quoting and writing "confirm"\"correct"\smth similar.
Each deposit will be marked here with date of receiving funds,terms, date of payback.
Day of depositing is excluded of period.
Each interest is payed at next day after period ended.
Each deposit can be continuous(it is in use until you ask me to return it) or one time(deposit is paid with interest).
If you would like to stop your continuous deposit you have to warn me 48hours before period ends to receive your full interest.
You can ask me to return your deposit earlier and if I have funds available I will return earlier,but you will receive interest only for time before your request,plus i get 48 hours to fulfill your request(and they are not payed to you).
I can repay all your investments to you with interest(repay day included) earlier when ever I found it necessary to.
Base time is UTC.
Minimum deposit is 10btc.
Depositing amount precision is to the lowest whole(EX. you deposit 10.678, your deposit amount will be 10)
In case of any delays you will receive interest for time delayed.
The best way of adding your funds to deposit would be a day before paying interest out. And for mine and your convenience in case of monthly deposits lets do +\- one day for it. In all other cases I will recalculate interest so it would match time deposited.

PM me if you are interested with amount, period and BTC address to repay,and i will post address for you to pay in this thread.

Bonus program.
if your deposit is monthly continuous, >=200 btc(500 btc),each next month you get +1%(2%) to interest,up to +5%.
if your deposit is weekly continuous and you agree to non withdraw for 4 weeks, >=200 btc(500 btc),each next non withdraw for 4 weeks period you get +0.25%(0.5%) to interest,up to +1.25%.

Insurance is applicable to Average Balance. Average Balance calculation formula:min(math. average(last 30 days deposits);current deposit).
In case  of  a total default event by BS&T (failure to return our funds to us), I will be paying back 10% of Average Balance out of 500 TYGRR.BOND-PI (500BTC value) in one week after event and 6 month profit from mining divided proportionally to your share. I will be increasing payback percentage and hashing power as your investments get bigger by buying hardware or GLBSE hashing shares. Interest will not be payed.
Mining assets:
Own mining rig 1Gh\s(Aprox 15btc/m now).
GLBSE Nasty 200 shares(200mh\s with updgrade to 4gh\s).

My hashing power cant go down before all payouts are made.

Active deposits
Pending deposits
Anonymous Person №1
Lord Frog
Anonymous Person №2

Current deposits amount: 2155 BTC

If you are a scammer and some one can prove that, using MtGox or any other authoritative organization, your funds might be returned to its honest owner.

Please, before doing any investments, consider of small deposit for one week, to be sure that every address is correct, because in case of any security breach(on forum) I can return small investments(not bigger than 10 btc for now). This might not be a problem at the moment but,in case popularity growth this might be helpful.
In case of any doubt that you are talking with me or to be sure,you can always ask me to send SMALL but specific(ex. 0.0077767) amount from my SecurityWallet. And I will give you link to the block where this transaction is processed.

For everyone saying that i`m suspicious person without any history: I`m aware of that, I`m posting here to some how change that, if that wont help I will think of other way to improve reputation. If you have any specific suggestions write to the PM. Please,do not flood the topic.
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