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1  Other / Meta / Hundreds of thousand of bitcointalk accounts hacked on: March 14, 2017, 07:32:06 PM

Have you noticed the growing number of hacked accounts reported?

The hacker is asking fubly for bitcoin to return his account, saying he bought the account for twice the price he is asking from fubly, here
Where else have i seen that happen recently, oh yes, GreenBits account here,

Or ashapasa's account, turned into a slave account alongside nine other hacked accounts i identified here. (all wearing same sig, getting paid?)
One of those accounts is getting fake credibility here,

I even had a hacked account, JohnybBigs, troll me, giving trust to Lauda and Timelord2067 to endear itself to those members, hell, even the OP of that thread is probably hacked here

Thousands of accounts appear to have been hacked recently. Admin will know the true figure, i assume.
You can see for yourselves. Click on this member,;u=9011 see the last active march 1st 2017.
Then click on u=9012, 9013, 9014,..... Try any u=number under 100000. More explanation here,

This hack has been anticipated for a while now, do admin have a planned response? Are admin doing anything about this problem?

2  Economy / Reputation / scum like arcanaaerobics on: February 22, 2017, 07:03:47 PM
arcanaaerobics, scam farmed account,
unlocking thread to post rubbish then re-locking.
(advertising what must be a scam - change bot)

What a worthless piece. Like all theymos controlled farmed accounts.

3  Other / Meta / rizz's 500+ on: November 04, 2016, 05:28:04 PM
This thread is locked - any discussion can be taken to the "account farming, allowed?" thread,

This thread will be updated periodically.
Any account listed here will be linked across from the discussion thread, and can be argued there.

Now over 700 accounts listed. All in numerical order for easy reference.
4  Other / Meta / Mod copy paste's - and others on: October 14, 2016, 10:25:21 PM
This old thread was bumped in development and technical,
Dabs, staff, posted this a while ago, but i saw it as it is on the last bumped page.

So I'm supposed to spend months of my life working for free?  Don't get me wrong I like crypto but I want to make some money.

Linux is open source.
Bitcoin is open source.
LibreOffice is a multiplatform open-source office suite.

I'm sure I can give you hundreds more examples. Each of those projects are "free to download and use" but the developers have happy lives and are being compensated somehow.

In the beginning, open source software looked like a saintly gift. Programmers would work hard, then give away the fruits of their labor to anyone who wanted it. Everyone would benefit from this act of pure charity.

Over time, however, companies realized they could make money and give away the software at the same time. They could do well by doing good. This wasn't a shock to some of the original open source advocates -- it was how some intended it to be. Richard Stallman, for one, always said that "free speech" was more important to him than "free beer." He embraced the idea that companies could charge anything they like -- as long as the user could fiddle with the code and distribute the result.

There is a common misconception that there is no money in open source software. It is true that open source code is free to download. But when it comes to making money you should think of this as an opportunity rather than a limitation.

    Businesses who make money in open source software include:

    MySQL (now owned by Oracle): Popular relational database.
    Red Hat: Major distributor of Linux for server and desktop use.
    WordPress: Widely used blogging platform.
    SugarCRM: Business customer relations management.
    Magento: E-commerce shopping platform.
    Zimbra: E-mail and messaging server.

If your idea is truly worth something, even if you give it away for free, you will surely get compensated somehow. I don't know how.

If it's not, then no one will pay for it anyway.

It is basically copy pasted from 2 other sites.

I am presuming dabs is not the author of these two other sites.
Dabs makes no acknowledgement or reference to above sites.

Looks like copy paste to me.  Huh

5  Other / Meta / Account farming. Allowed? on: August 25, 2016, 07:40:26 PM
* Updated farmed account list being prepared..... *

Is account farming allowed? It has ruined this forum.

There is clear evidence that account farming on a professional scale is, and has been taking place. The process of bringing accounts upto rank creates endless spam. Then when the accounts are sold, the new owner is likely to recoup his outlay by spamming for a sig campaign. An endless cycle of meaningless BS spam.
(some of the new owners may want to do other things such as scam or sway argument, of course)

These professional account farmers are very good at their job. You will not see the obvious if you will not look. They are the root cause of spam here.
It is too late bbc.reporter listing 20 farmed accounts. There are 1000's. By the time they are added to someones list - the damage to the forum is done.

Theymos must know what is happening.
Global mods must know what is happening, and could act. Other mods/staff must know what is happening but cannot (directly) act.

I do not have access to IP's. I cannot see (or know) if a member is banned. The member search doesn't even work.
I found all this easy enough when looking into a list of 20 claimed spammers.
Beside my user experience being ruined, I'm not that bothered. It is not my forum. I did think theymos might have been bothered for genuine members though.
I may have got it all wrong?

I'm bringing this (relevant half) quote over here as a starting point of my evidence. (sorry if i messed up your thread (OP) bbc.reporter. and sorry Mitchell, i was also guilty of not reading your post correctly. i understand the 0 post farmed accounts i mentioned are all banned, but bbc's list? and the other active accounts i have identified?) I will identify/post more farmed accounts here as necessary for proof. (unless farming is allowed and ok)

I previously linked (some of) OP  listed active accounts. There are many more "patterns" which are easily findable in these active farmed accounts.
They are all bought up to status by posting once a fortnight. the minimum post to max potential?
(you need to look at the first posts on the account. it may be sold now)

Christmas day wont stop the system. (i know, why should it)
But for fun(!) look at "stadus",;u=664919
Check his original posts;u=664919;sa=showPosts;start=180
He posted Nov 25, Dec 5/14/25, Jan 7/20, Feb 2/14/27

Now see "asidaman",;u=664926 (he joined 4 min 11 seconds later than stadus)
Check his original posts.;u=664926;sa=showPosts
He posted Nov 25, Dec 6/14/25, Jan 7/20, Feb 2/15/28
This pattern runs right through OP target period


Look at "efemen" (from OP list);u=667865
And compare with (all registered within 8 minutes)

They posted on (from first posts remember)
Dec 27, Jan 5/16/27, Feb 9/22
Dec 27, Jan 6/17/29, Feb 10/23
Dec 27, Jan 7/18/30, Feb 9/22
Dec 27, Feb 8/19/31, Feb 10/23
This pattern runs right through OP target period?


keep in mind that the problem is also caused by the signature campaigns themselves. They usually are not putting up enough pressure on their participants regarding quality, or just don't care at all.

Trouble is Lauda, the posts of these farmers are far superior to the posts of members like twa;u=49360
They fool the mods, they fool the global mods, they fool theymos. Should Lutpin not be fooled?

6  Other / Meta / Could a mod look at this member please. on: June 30, 2016, 05:13:27 PM
Carlton Banks. u=64205

This member is clearly (in my mind) spamming, trolling, off topic and possibly threatening.
This is my main evidence, although he has done very similar in other threads.

I have not pm any mod.
Lauda is posting in above thread, (seemingly off topic and in support of Carlton Banks. example below) So I reasonably assume has seen the offending posts.
Has anyone noticed how the 2MB2MB2MB shills never post anywhere except in threads that let them propagate their dev team coup propaganda? You'd think they'd be active all over Bitcoin, seeing as they're such genuine fellas, huh? Grin
I've noticed that. They usually have no contributions in any way or form.

OP of above thread said, "The thread will not be moderated so that I should not be accused as a shill. But I hope troll posts or low intellect posts (usually 1 liners) will be removed by forum moderators."

When I saw this post, off topic one liner,
Maybe if you just repeat yourself 1,000,000 times it will work? Only 999,995 more to go, Frankys. You can do it!

I added this to the end of my post, (which followed above post) to highlight to any watching mod.
(ps, "But I hope troll posts or low intellect posts (usually 1 liners) will be removed by forum moderators." - ^ see above post ^)

(OP had earlier reposted to ask for calm btw)
Calm down folks, I was asking for a civilized debate and then people start namecalling eachother and insults...
We need to debate this stuff with clear minds and calm manner, otherwise it will be only a circus. So be more calm guys!

After Carlton Banks responded back to me, I posted this, (quoting part of his response to me)
and let's start debating this like civilized adults...  I hope troll posts or low intellect posts (usually 1 liners) will be removed by forum moderators.

Die you fucking scumbags
OP, Mods...
(franky I would be very pleased if you dont respond to the goading above. it belittles you. imo)

Followed by Carlton Banks next reply, (in full)
Totally appropriate response to insidious lying manipulative sociopaths that won't let it go. Again: die you piece of shit

I then waited.
I thought mods may take action .
OP posted friendly with Carlton Banks couple times.
Lauda posted.

I then asked more directly. (10 hours ago)
Lauda, is this not off topic, ad hom, shitposting or what?
Does Carlton Banks have immunity to following forum rules?
To which Carlton Banks replied, (he quotes me)
Thought you might have had some ball RealBitcoin and addressed this.
(i suppose you did in many ways by doing 2 posts both in support of Carlton Banks)

Lauda, is this not off topic, ad hom, shitposting or what?
Does Carlton Banks have immunity to following forum rules?
I'm legitimately incensed. You're breaking the rules motherfucker: the rules of basic human moral conduct. You can't expect to use lies and deception to manipulate an important human endeavour and not receive vicious push-back. Do you want me step it up a notch with you or something? I've got extra levels of opprobrium, if that's what you want.
And for the love of god: It's not ad hominem when it's true.

There are too many post to be too particular.
Any way, the thread is open for viewing.
OP asked for "debate"
OP, Carlton Banks and Lauda are all small blockers.
Carlton Banks has posted 24 times in the last 3 pages. Many many more times in total over 11 pages. (of 20 posts)
(Franky1 is also posting a lot, but is generally far more on topic, far less offensive)

Some rules being extensively and openly abused.

1. zero or low value, pointless or uninteresting posts or threads.
2. off-topic posts.
3. trolling.
8. threats to inflict bodily harm, death threats. (not quite but..)
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Core have been derelict in their duties. on: March 24, 2016, 12:04:57 AM
Core have been derelict in their duties by showing little foresight around the looming full block situation, and now risk a massive backlash of supporters turning to classic. (as the only option to keep bitcoin "working")

The full block situation

Blocks are 70% full, on average.
This implies 30% "usable" blockspace still available for use/continued expansion. Not so.

Empty blocks do, and will continue to be produced no matter how full the mempool.
70% full "average" blocks size is very nearly 100% full "achievable" block size.
(anyone got any figures on what % empty blocks will likely be produced even when the mempool is full?)

Bitcoin use has been increasing, but now (in a week or two?) Bitcoin use can increase no more.

Full block problems

Forget spam attacks in this debate. (historically) If you pay standard fees you will be unaffected by low fee paying spam attacks.
Spam is not an issue here.

If blocks are full due to increased use, and nobody stops using Bitcoin, we will have gridlock. The mempool will grow and grow.
Up to now, blocks have not been full all the time, so miners could clear the mempool in quieter times.
(and looks like ALL miners are doing their best to fill blocks to just under 1mb ATM.)

There will simply be no opportunity for miners to clear the mempool when blocks are full if people don't stop using bitcoin.
If panic tx'ing ever set in, gridlock could easily turn to total overwhelm of network. (it will quickly turn into that anyway)

TX fees
tx fees can only slow the mempool growth by stopping people using bitcoin.
If tx fees are not high enough to stop people from using bitcoin, then the mempool backlog will expand.

Fees should be set by efficiency. Efficient miners should profit, unefficient miners shouldn't. That is sustainable.
(A full fees market should not be needed yet as miners are subsidised by the block reward)

A fees market should not be set by ransom and blackmail. No room in blocks means unless you outbid a "forever" growing mempool you will not get in.
A fees market cannot fairly operate when blocks are at capacity.

Looking ahead

When the above starts happening, in a week or two, It will very quickly become chaos.
Segwit will not be ready.

Core will be forced to introduce a panic fix.
Or panic will lead to a rapid classic fork.
Or both.


I don't support classic or core.
I support bitcoin.
I never did or will support classic.

I thought core could handle this situation, but I was wrong
Core are about to be shown as incompetent.
(unless driving away users really is part of their plan, even before LN exist.)
Desperate times will lead to desperate measures.
I don't want classic, but there will become no other choice for rapid consensus.

Core bring this situation on themselves.
With a little foresight Core could have given us 2mb couldn't they? To tide us over.

I fear it is too late to avert this situation now.
(it is certainly 11th hour, and no indication of a core rethink. Is there a contingency plan?)

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