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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.17.0 [Torrent].
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1  Economy / Services / Hiring an EXPERIENCED JavaScript coder on: May 28, 2017, 02:46:30 PM
if you are an experienced JS coder and would like to help (for BTC),
please PM. Thank you.
2  Economy / Services / Hiring a coder for smart contracts (Solidity) on: May 04, 2017, 10:42:33 AM
could you assist in coding a smart contract (Solidity),
the contract is not just copy-paste from templates,
so you have to understand the Solidity language and have some experience.
Paying in BTC (+ Escrow).
3  Economy / Services / Completed. No BTC reward any longer. You can still mine moonlite on: January 18, 2017, 10:59:47 AM
If you understand how bitcoin and blockchain work in general, if you think with your head and are able to have a fresh view of things and to be not confused with unaccustomed blockchain solutions (new technologies),
and would like to be one of the first miners (you don't need any mining equipment to mine moonlite)
to test a new Mooncoin decentralized platform (called Moonlite), please PM.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [MOON] Mooncoin 🌙 51285 funded addresses. 2,162,799 txs. 5 block explorers on: December 30, 2016, 07:35:46 PM


Built in 2013 with future in mind

Why Mooncoin?

Over 4 years digital currency experience
Built with future in mind: enough coins for everyone
With Mooncoin your transaction will be faster
Trusted by over 50,000 funded addresses atm,
more than 2 million transactions
successfully processed since 2013
Mooncoin innovations: MoonWord and SmartLikes

Community-driven MOON websites:

Ticker: MOON
Algorithm: Scrypt
Inflation: Less than 1 percent per year
Difficulty Re-target Time: 8 hours
Pre-mine: 0

Gradual reward reduce

Block Time: 90 Seconds
Block Reward: 29531 MOON
Since nHeight#1,100,000:
Since nHeight#1,250,000:

Blocks 1,100,000-1,199,999 Reward: 17906
Blocks 1,200,000-1,249,999 Reward: 16414
Blocks 1,250,000-1,299,999 Reward: 4847
Blocks 1,300,000-1,399,999 Reward: 4474
Blocks 1,400,000-1,499,999 Reward: 4154
Rewards will decrease gradually every 100,000 blocks.


The current version of Mooncoin wallet is 0.13.9 build b257fcd!
To avoid issues, use only current versions, announced in this post!

 ■   Mooncoin Github Repository (Phillip Stanton)

 ■  0.13.9 build b257fcd Wallet SegWit Mandatory Update

 ■  Paper Wallet. Print your coins and keep offline
 ■  Online Wallet. Cointopay

 ■  New Online Wallet (developed by pollforall, stay tuned)
 ■  The Mooncoin Core for the Raspberry Pi
 ■  Android Wallet

 ■  iOS wallet

 ■  Mac Wallet (beta) from michilumin

                                               ■  Recommended by miners

                                               ■  new! Mooncoin dev's pool


                                               ■  P2Ppool








                                               ■  /MOON pairs at NovaExchange
                                               ■  More Mooncoin pairs


                                               ■  new!
                                                   BarterDEX AtomicSwap exchange                                            
                                               New smaller exchanges that have Mooncoin listed:

                                               ■  new!
                                               ■  new!
                                               ■  new!
                                               ■  new!

                                               ■  new! SatoWallet Multi Wallet And Exchange

                                                   Please take two seconds to click the link below and
                                                   search for MOON and upvote it, MOON could potentially be
                                                   listed on (decentralized atomic swap altcoin exchange soon to be released)

                                                 new! Potential listing at


                                               ■  new!


                                               ■  Markets Today: Augur, Maidsafe Remarkable, but MoonCoin Awe-Inspiring
                                               ■  Mooncoin Starts to Moon.
                                               ■  What do you love about Mooncoin?
                                               ■  A Name Matters: Cryptocurrency Names and Ratings.
                                               ■  'Was Ist Mooncoin?' 5-Star Review by Alexander Weipprecht  
                                               ■  MoonCoin si prepara ad una nuova alba

                                               ■  Read about Mooncoin on Forbes.


The first lunar landing was performed at the
Sea of Tranquility at 20:17:40 UTC on July 20, 1969.
In July, 2014 there was the 45th Anniversary
of the lunar landing by the Apollo 11 Astronauts.

On this date, Mooncoin began to release one MOON
for every USD spent on the Apollo space program
at an accelerated rate (for a while).

                                              ■  Mooncoin is a classic decentralised open-source Proof-of-Work coin.
                                                  There was no crowdsale/ICO. Mooncoin is a fair, mineable coin, launched in December, 2013.
                                              ■  The Second Era of Mooncoin begins on the
                                                  3rd Anniversary of MoonCoin (December 30, 2016).
                                              ■  The new up to date wallet. Mandatory update
                                              ■  Some top addresses in the Rich list are known cold storage addresses of exchanges.
                                              ■  SegWit was implemented into the 0.13.9 version.
                                              ■  Attention! It's strongly recommended to use paper wallets
                                                  to keep large quantities of coins safely over long term.
                                                  Generate 10-15 addresses on a safe offline machine and split your coins. It's the safest way to keep them.
                                              ■  Attention! Use a keystroke-encrypting app on your computer to thwart keylogging threats,
                                                  also don't forget to protect your PC with a firewall!

                                              ■  Attention! Always backup your wallet! Keep your wallet.dat copy in a safe place!
                                                   Look for your wallet.dat file in
                                                   or in C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application data\Mooncoin (Windows XP),
                                                   your wallet.dat file = your coins, if you lose it or overwrite, you'll be not able to get an access to your coins.
                                                   If you don't see the dir with wallet.dat on your PC, then switch on 'show hidden files' in your PC settings.

                                              ■  Attention! Never keep large quantities of coins at exchanges!
                                                  In the past Mooncoin users have lost a lot of coins at exchanges.
                                        ,, etc...
                                                  If you keep your coins at exchanges, you accept very huge risks!

                                              ■  Important information for MoonRush web wallet users:

                                              ■  Important!
                                                  It's strongly recommended to use paper wallets to keep large quantities of MOON safely.
                                                  Please use 10-15 paper wallets and never disclosure your private keys to anyone.
                                                  How to generate paper wallets:
                                                 How to transfer coins from a paper wallet to a normal wallet

Especially you need it if you are new to crypto and don't understand much about wallet.dat, backing up of wallet dat,
synchronising of wallet, network, blockchain, forks etc.
If you have read messages above and yet don't understand how to use paper wallets, feel free to ask questions.
Paper wallets will protect you against issues with a new wallet (if there are any).
If you have 10-15 paper wallets, then you will be able to import keys step by step to the new wallet after it's well tested and established in the future.

■  The first top Mooncoin address contains more than 62 billion returned MOONcoins, majority of their rightful owners agreed to burn them

■  Important! [Posted at the beginning of Feb, 2018]: If someone wants to claim his/her coins, again: please post in this ANN thread (before coins are burned), because after coins are burned, it will be mathematically impossible to get them.
You must be able to prove that you are a legitimate owner of coins which you claim.
The ANN thread is not self moderated.
A transparent post (in this ANN thread!) with your claim (which must contain a number of coins and that you have a real proof of ownership),
will be a sign of your will to claim your coins.
It's needed to get understanding, if someone wants to claim coins, or the whole community agrees to remove them out of supply.
If you didn't post your claim in this ANN thread, you automatically agree to burn/freeze your coins.
Attention: don't send claims or any private info to my account! I'm not part of process.
I don't have any control on these coins/on a person who keeps them in his wallet.
This announcement was posted, following numerous posts of people and based on this suggestion:

If you currently keep your coins at exchanges or in wallets, it's not about your coins!
No one is able to burn them without knowing their private key.
It's about 3rd party exchange issues in 2015.
These coins sit on a single address, which is under full control of Mooncoin dev, Vassilis.
-- These coins can be seen at this address: 2QovBjnVke4fgn9UXdz9osheNLxQCk3d8R
Please read also the comment from habeas_corpus, summarizing legal situation about burning coins:


Blockchain Copy

■  in agswinner's cloud


(It allows a new and not synced Mooncoin client to rapidly import the initial blocks from a local file
instead of slowly downloading blocks from random peers)


                                              ■  Mooncoin Twitter, since 2014:
                                              ■  The Moonchan Blog

                                                  The Discord Community

                                              ■  a new Discord channel, started by giantkin






                                              ■  MoonCoinEco Telegram

                                              ■  MooncoinNews Telegram
                                              ■  Youtube

                                              ■  Mooncoin Radio

                                              ■  App of Mooncoin Brasil radio

                                              ■  Discord-Telegram Mooncoin Team              

                                              ■  Mooncoin Brasil Team
                                              ■  Youtube Channel Mooncoin Brasil

                                              ■  The Mooncoin representative in Mooncoin, Ireland
                                              ■  new! Mooncoin has friends in other communities, too. The invitation from legendary jl777:
                                                  On their Slack they specially created #mooncoin channel.
                                                  Feel free to join the Slack and ask for help and discuss the further development of Mooncoin
                                                  in #general and #mooncoin channels.

                                              ■  new! Dutch website. In progress...

                                             ■  new! [based on information from Mooncoin's dev mebagger2, October, 2018]
                                                 Bitcoin's inflation bug refers to versions .14-.16.2 and is not present in Mooncoin's code (.13)

(All resources above are community-driven. They are managed by independent volunteers.
Please always do your own research and verify information which you get from any of these resources.
You are welcome to start your regional Mooncoin page!)

Local Mooncoins


Old ANN thread


Original Developer:;u=199575

Developers of Mooncoin 0.13 SegWit:
Vassilis Kritharakis

Current Developers:
Phillip Stanton (mebagger2) Github, wallets
Michelle Sakayama
pollforall (running a node and the Mooncoin audit script)
agswinner (contacting exchanges)

The Mooncoin ANN thread Manager:
Mooncoin_Foundation *
(following the consensus of this community:
* Mooncoin_Foundation is NOT a company/legal entity, and doesn't admin Mooncoin,
the user updates the original post of this ANN thread according to the consensus of community.  

The Moon Edu. Project:

Larrimar, tdinan1

Christopher P. Thompson

Titan, gjhiggins, tuaris, pollforall,

agswinner, coinflow, Zeta0S, Wekkel, metamorphin,
Bitbobb, Evangelo, Abiky, polemarhos888,
DigitalCurrencyConsultant, Sentti, midmir, arcmetal, giantkin, ylius, Mooncoin_Foundation,
ItsRainingMoney, HeitorMessias, mebagger2, MooncoinRus, MrAble

from the Discord community:
Jasperr, Zareeth,
Big-moon-discord, Littlestan

Telegram Mooncoin Eco:
How to use the wallet (video guide)
A list of users who have posted in Bitcointalk Mooncoin old and new ANN threads
(sorted by posts, on December 1, 2017)
Important information for exchanges!
To avoid unconfirmed Mooncoin transactions don't run an older wallet build which didn't contain the transaction code fixes.
Please use only the latest Mooncoin wallet 0.13.9 build b257fcd!
Based on information from Mooncoin dev mebagger2. October, 2018

Make sure you understand the decentralized nature of Mooncoin before joining the project.
Mooncoin is not a company/enterprise, and is not backed by any company/organisation/enterprise,
it's a completely decentralized, open source, unstoppable project, backed by common people all over the world.
There are no bosses, there are volunteers with equal opportunities. You are welcome to join MOON!
There are some risks though:

Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be bright.
Jack Ma, Alibaba Group

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.

It is the quality of one's convictions that determines success, not the number of followers.
Remus Lupin

The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient...
Patience, patience, patience, is what the sea teaches. Patience and faith.

In the name of peace and progress.

5  Local / Brasil / Contratar uma pessoa do Manaus, Brasil on: December 22, 2016, 10:46:36 AM
Por favor, PM (em inglÍs)...

Edit: closed. They finally answered, so no need to contact them offline.
6  Economy / Services / hiring a person who lives in Brazil on: December 21, 2016, 09:03:03 AM
If you live in Manaus, Brazil or nearby, and would like to help us with one simple task,
please PM.
7  Economy / Services / ~thank you (hiring a coder) on: December 10, 2016, 10:01:45 AM
thank you, many PMs received...
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][MOON] Moonlighting, a decentralized operating system that runs smart likes on: March 18, 2016, 07:42:37 AM
Disclosure: this post describes a new technology and let you test it in a safe mode. To test it you have to get free Moonlighting bonuses with your Mooncoin address.

(test mode!)

Moonlighting is a decentralized platform (an unchangeable set of rules + an operating system) that is based on Mooncoin blockchain and also on Internet and runs "smart likes". Moonlighting has "bonuses" ("Moonlighting bonuses", "likes", or briefly just "moonlighting") as a necessary element for operating the Moonlighting platform.
Every moonlighting bonus is an intangible thing. It is a "like", an approval, a favor, a good wish, which you can send to almost anything you like.

Technically an operating system is an Internet bot (a web crawler) which is systematically searching for commands at any specified forum or on websites.
Thus you are able to input commands on your website or at forum without installing any additional soft.
A forum address is specified in a code and it is the forum which the community is using mostly (currently Web addresses of websites can be specified in commands, which users input in their messages at forum. A simple analogy is MSDOS or Linux command line.

Moonlighting command line begins with "moonlightingcommandline:" and ends with "!tothemoon" text.
An operating system reads everything between these tags, recognizes commands and runs them. An Unix timestamp is being used to avoid double executing.

A script (an Internet bot) can be run by anyone who has a website and web hosting with a cron support.
Even one script running is sufficient to make a system function.
An user of Moonlighting doesn't need to run a script or install any additional soft, an user only inputs commands at forum (and also on user's website in case of sending moonlighting bonuses between websites or from a website to the Mooncoin wallet).

You can keep moonlighting bonuses
1) at your Mooncoin address
2) on your website
3) in "smart likes".

Currently, with the first edition of Moonlighting OS, you can:
1) link your Mooncoin address with your nickname at forum
2) send moonlighting to any Mooncoin address
3) send moonlighting to any website
4) send moonlighting from your website
5) check moonlighting balance of any Mooncoin address
6) check moonlighting balance of any website
7) use some functions of the "smart likes" technology.

More details:

SMART LIKES technology

MOONLIGHTING Operating System


If you want to be a part of Moonlighting project, PM us or test a technology here
Edit: all operations are being processed automatically with a Moonlighting OS (a web script) which is reading the topic and is searching for moonlighting commands.

Mooncoin (MOON) has been launched in 2013 and currently is listed at 4 exchanges.

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Moon Marketplace Launched! Buy with Mooncoin on Amazon, eBay, Overstock! on: July 01, 2015, 09:30:44 AM

Moon Marketplace Launched!

Spend your nice Mooncoins on the largest and famous internet marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Overstock, Barnes&Noble etc.

Powered by CoinGateway, Ltd, London.
They have customized their service to meet Moon Marketplace requirements, exclusively for Mooncoin. Thanks!

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