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1  Economy / Currency exchange / Have BTC Want PAYPAL/SEPA [$500] on: April 15, 2021, 01:58:44 AM
As stated in the title, I'm looking to exchange a little bit of BTC for PayPal/SEPA. Only ready to trade with trusted members of the forum. Can escrow too if you're ready to pay the escrow fees. Comment below or send me a PM.
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Chances of BTC surpassing the value of Fiat Money on: December 03, 2020, 11:47:05 PM
Sorry if the topic sounds logically flawed I didn't dig much deeper into the financial fantasies of such.

I'm wondering what if one day Bitcoin goes so high up in value that it causes somewhat a fiat crisis? I mean imagine, you've Bitcoins but there isn't much cash available in the market to buy your BTC, or simply put people can't afford it? Will bitcoin be of any value then?
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / Telegram Scammer pretending to be @CryptopreneurBrainboss on: December 01, 2020, 07:20:53 PM
This dude messaged me on telegram to exchange his PP for my BTC pretending to be CryptopreneurBrainboss. Their telegram handles are so similar so one might easily get confused.

Real owner's telegram : @PedroBrainboss
Scammers telegram : @PedrosBrainboss

Obviously, I asked them to sign a message or send me a PM from their Bitcointalk account and they couldn't. I wasted a good bit of his time but scams like these are easy to fall for if you're not an experienced member on bitcointalk. I don't have any other information except the address they sent me to send BTC which is


I didn't get scammed but just putting it out here so others can be safe. Always cross-verify things and DO NOT ever send first without an escrow unless you trust the other party in your trade.
4  Other / Meta / Any Forum rules against racism or racist terms ? (official or unofficial) on: November 27, 2020, 08:13:17 PM
I've been here since 2015 and I feel stupid how it didn't occur to me before or maybe the current events or over-sensitive millennials make this question relevant.

I wouldn't care if someone posts racist comments against me or expect people to get butthurt over the racist comments on the forum. However, since racism is becoming such an "issue" (to a point where GitHub wants to replace the master-slave branch structure) do you think there should be a set of rules governing the same on bitcointalk?

 If yes, to what extent?

Calling someone a "Pajeet, Habibi, curry muncher, white trash, etc" in a post should be allowed or frowned upon? Let me know your thoughts on this.
5  Economy / Scam Accusations / [UniSwap Scams] Fake UniSwap Links/Apps/Giveaways/Mails to avoid! on: November 26, 2020, 08:21:39 PM
I've recently seen a lot of UniSwap related scams popping up on this board so thought I could keep a consolidated thread where all the scams related to UniSwap can be reported or checked before participating in any of them. I've taken the below reports from this board and you certainly can add your own in the post which I will update in the main thread.

Fake UniSwap Giveaway links to Avoid

Fake UniSwap Apps to Avoid

Respective Threads

Fake UniSwap App
Fake UniSwap Mail
Fake UniSwap Mobile App asking for seed phrase or private key
Fake UniSwap

Note: If you get a link/email/website/app-download-link for an UniSwap giveaway, make sure you cross-check the format of the link before you participate in them. These links are already reported and proven to be a scam. However, you might have a link that isn't reported so make sure you report it here and take all the necessary due diligence before clicking random links.

6  Economy / Reputation / Gun-Bot Message Spammers? on: November 19, 2020, 07:23:54 PM
I'm sure you'll be acquainted with the very famous Gun-Bot by Gunthar. A reputed member of bitcointalk and one of the most widely used trading bots in the community. I got this PM by user ringkk3 today, PM states

If you have crypto and don't use a trade bot, you're passing up free money!

Check out, the leading Crypto trade bot, and download the demo.

Just set the parameters accordingly and sit back to enjoy the consistent profits.

Use code "JL0216" for the demo!

I could have reported the PM and left it there but just opening this thread to make sure these spamming accounts aren't doing anything to defame GunBot. This also could be affiliate marketing but certainly spamming members of bitcointalk with unsolicited PMs isn't the way.
7  Economy / Currency exchange / Have BTC Want PAYPAL [$250] on: November 15, 2020, 05:48:49 PM
Need PayPal I have BTC. Not going to send first for accounts with 0 reputation.
8  Local / Marketplace (India) / Need to buy bulk Hippie Clothing/Boho Clothing from India on: September 17, 2020, 04:05:39 PM
Hello! As you might know, India is a hub for Hippie Clothes such as sold in the streets of Goa, Colaba, or even Rajasthan. I'm looking to buy them bulk so if any of here know such manufacturers or are one please send me a PM and get in touch with me. Any leads on the same will be appreciated thanks!
9  Economy / Services / Need a Logo Designer [Mascot Type Logo] [Good Pay] on: July 08, 2020, 02:54:02 AM
Hello folks, I'm looking to hire a freelance logo designer who is experienced and professional at doing what they do. I need a logo for a business which will be used for printing on T-Shirts, packaging etc. This has to be professional and not a cheap job. I can pay in Bitcoin/Paypal Bank transfer whatever you prefer. Open to escrow service too. The logo will comprise of a mascot and a brand name that you will create after I send you the ideas. Don't waste time contacting me if you don't have a decent portfolio on behance/instagram. You can send me a PM here, post on this thread and I'll contact you!

Thank you!
10  Local / Marketplace (India) / [NEED $150 USD WORTH BTC] Can Pay through Bank Transfer. on: January 28, 2020, 02:38:51 PM
Hello, I need $150 USD worth Bitcoins at the rate (applicable at the time of exchange). I can send you IMPS/Net Banking. Comment below or send me a message privately. Please don't be wasting time with ridiculous offers or any scam tactics. I don't mind going first if you're a reputed member here.
11  Economy / Currency exchange / [Need 150 USD Worth BITCOINS EUROPE] BANK TRANSFER/Revolut [Urgent] on: January 28, 2020, 02:21:50 PM
Hello, I need to buy Bitcoins worth $150 USD and I can pay using Bank Transfer/Revolut/Transfer-Wise. I can also send money to your local bank account if you're from India/Another Asian country. The conversion rate will be flat unless you want to suggest an offer which isn't ridiculous. I'm open to going first if you're a regular trader here or have established some sort of reputation. Newbies/Scammers/Other scum don't inbox me as you are wasting your time. Send me a PM or Post below.
12  Other / Meta / Feature Request: [Site Status Page] on: December 18, 2019, 01:19:07 PM
Sometimes takes too much time to load and conditionally times out. After checking the internet connection and other local issues, I assume it could be a DDoS or other server issue given the previous cases. It will be good to have like a status page like which shows if the site is working and it could be connection problems on the user end. The current solution is someone opening a thread in Meta to inform others. A status page could be really handy.
13  Economy / Services / Need a Smart Contract Creator [Ethereum Solidity] [API's] on: July 01, 2019, 10:36:55 PM
Hello folks, I'm looking for a smart contract developer who can create a smart contract according to my specifications. This isn't for any ICO or that sort of stuff. It's for my experimental hobby project. Your smart contract will provide me API's which I will be using on the Front-end to create transactions. For instance, a generate new addresses or a new account with a click of a button on the front-end and clicking another button sends funds to the newly generated address. Front-end is my responsibility but the backend will be handled by your contract. This isn't very complicated for someone experienced with solidity and Ethereum. Payment in BTC.

PS : Noobs, Pajeets, service providers, and other irrelevant accounts stay away. Send me a PM only if you have enough experience and can write two decent lines of code.
14  Other / Meta / DDOS? on: June 24, 2019, 12:34:16 PM
Am I the only one having connectivity issues with bitcointalk at the moment? The connection gets timed out and takes a few minutes to load a page. Typical server response when a website is being DDOS'd.

P.S. - No, it's not my internet connection or other browser issues.
15  Economy / Reputation / [Flag Request] YoBit Exchange on: June 12, 2019, 11:41:19 AM
Flag Type Requested: Negative

Related Account: YoBit

Flag Link:;addflag=406594

Relevant Message: YoBit has been known as one of the shady exchanges out there. From waves of unsolved scam accusations, spreading spam on the forum and pumping coins to deceive investors the list goes on when it comes to the reliability of an exchange. I believe they deserved to flagged if it does any good of making newbies aware to avoid using them.

Reference Threads :

Flag Supporters:
1. Joel_Jantsen
2. yogg
3. Avirunes
4. TheUltraElite
5. mocacinno
6. morvillz7z
7. subSTRATA
8. suchmoon
9. Hhampuz
10. Quickseller
Flag Opposers: None
(This is the general format I'll be using for requesting flags )

16  Economy / Goods / [BUY] Looking to buy an used PS4 Pro/Slim 1 TB on: June 10, 2019, 11:59:09 PM
Hi, I'm getting too bored with summer these days and want to buy a used PS4  to kill time. I already have a PS4 Pro 1Tb but can't access it at the moment. I don't want it to be super old or in a bad condition. Payment will be in BTC and of course, a reputed escrow will be used. I don't really care what games you have or what accessories you give me because everything else is pretty cheap to buy. You must be willing to Ship to US/Europe region. Send me a PM or drop a message below.
17  Economy / Scam Accusations / How I got hacked by Electrum Official Wallet [0.10 BTC] on: April 07, 2019, 03:15:58 PM
As usual, I opened my Electrum Wallet and tried broadcasting transaction from this address (where I had my funds)

Now I run electrum on my Mac and have been using that address for a while. I entered the transaction details and hit send. It threw an error that the transaction cannot proceed since I'm using an outdated version of electrum which has a potential security vulnerability. It displayed a pop-up screen with links to download the updated wallet and said the links cannot be copied since I've to paste them in the browser manually. You know, when it's happening inside Electrum's official wallet, you tend to blindly trust it. I think I was wrong. I went ahead and downloaded the wallet from that link, opened it and BOOM. My money was sent to this address : [TX ID]


The awkward part was this time the electrum ICO to open the app was different

Further investigating, I found the file that I downloaded was from the website: which is an absolute rip-off of the official website. This is pretty much clear that this was a hack. What bothers me is how I got hacked through an official Electrum wallet without having malware or anything.

I lost good $500 folks, stay safe out there.
18  Economy / Services / Looking for someone Proficient in Data-Mining [Python ] Clustering & Classifcatn on: April 03, 2019, 12:38:33 AM
Hi, I need some help with making some models for the data that I have. I need to perform Clustering and Classification techniques on the data. You should be knowing how to use Python with libraries like SeaBorn, MatPlotLab and jupyter-notebook. Payment will be in BTC for the right candidate.

Post here or send me a personal message. Pajeets with unsolicited offers stay away.
19  Economy / Reputation / Calling out allyouracid to justify your Feedback on my profile (Community too) on: February 08, 2019, 05:38:19 PM
So recently my campaign manager kicked me out of the campaign because of the user allyouracid's feedback on my profile which states

Tries to relate me to a scammer, while all I tried was trying to help someone get rid of a scammer. I would not trust him. I expect an apology!

I have no idea where did this happen since there is no reference link. According to my trust settings, I don't see myself with a red tag. Can you guys who have the default trust settings see it? My campaign manager sees it and thinks the feedback is appropriate (without a reference) and expects me to apologize to him. I don't know if he's in the DT or not but this I feel is definitely miss-use of the power. Right, I didn't care about the feedback when he was not a DT because I'm used to scammers leaving feedback's on my profile but if I get kicked out of a campaign then it certainly becomes a concern.
20  Economy / Reputation / Can someone please provide a rational list of DT members to add to my trust list on: February 05, 2019, 07:04:29 PM
I've been away for a while and not surprised with the new DT changes. What bothers me is every cunt in the town is on that list and I can only view members as either very trusted or negged by the plethora of red tags again by the people I have no clue how they got there.

I know who I should be adding to my list but there are just too many people to ~<remove>. So I was wondering if any of you old time members have an aggregated list that sorts out all the unwanted members.

FYI : Vod, Lauda, & Lutpin are the only members I have included in my list so that automatically does quite a lot of sorting for me.
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