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News: Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: 0.16.1  [Torrent]. (New!)
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1  Economy / Services / Looking for a Korean Translator [Urgent] on: July 13, 2018, 08:41:07 AM
- Looking for a Korean Translator on urgent basis. You will be paid in BTH/ETH. Please apply below or message me with your previous translations work.
2  Other / Meta / keeps bumping their thread > 1 times a day (needs strict action) on: June 21, 2018, 09:05:44 AM keeps bumping their thread multiple times a day as you can see here : Their thread never leaves the front-page of the gambling board as they keep posting something throughout the day. Yesterday after consecutively posting, I had reported the thread multiple times and one of the reports were handled. Again today, they're doing the same thing

Posted Today at Today at 08:41:36 AM :
Posted Today at Today at 08:53:50 AM :

(I'm pretty sure they will post more in a few hours to come)

This is not the first time I have reported them.The continue to do the same knowing it is against the forum rules. I hope this is not overlooked upon and a more serious punishment like a temp ban is given this time.
3  Bitcoin / Electrum / Unable to Load Transaction from Text and Sign It on: June 19, 2018, 06:41:58 PM
Trying to sign a transaction which requires multiple signatures. Other party have done their part and forwarded it to sign and broadcast from my end.After selecting Load Transactions -> From Text -> (Paste the transaction here), nothing happens. The dialogue closes but no transaction is seen. Is this a known bug in electrum or I'm missing out on something?
4  Other / Meta / ~~ 11 Pages of Shit-Posting ~~Calls for a Ban ?~~ on: June 13, 2018, 02:01:28 PM
User Account : erience

I have reported this user several times for creating redundant threads about the same service and those reports were successful indeed.However, his posting history is worth looking out for.Some of the notable posts

Please check pm and contact me on telegram @csankur for further discussion.

Please check Pm

Email sent. Please check it and let me know your response.

Sent you a pm. Kindly check it and let me know your response.

Looking forward to your response.

I have already sent you a pm. Looking forward to your response

Please check pm and connect me on telegram @csankur for further discussion.

And it continues to the following 11 pages of his posting history.I'm sure he would spamming users with similar PM's as well.While I'm not against advertising self services but seeing this trash in every other service thread I open is a bit annoying. It doesn't add anything constructive to the forum anyway.
5  Economy / Services / Need someone to proof-read Statement Of Purpose and Beautify it on: May 13, 2018, 04:34:34 PM
Hi,I'm looking for someone experienced who is great at proof-reading, editing & beautifying a Statement of purpose for a University Application.Basically, you will get a SOP which has the content, it just lacks the sentence structure,use of sophisticated vocabulary and professional level editing.If you're someone who does it often, you will have an idea about the process.Please note,I don't encourage plagiarism or using free online tools to do the same.Only apply if you're good at it.

Also don't give me directions to use upwork or other freelancing sites because I will choose to pay a bitcoin freelancer over them.I can pay in Bitcoins as per your requirements.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / No P2SH Block explorers ? on: April 16, 2018, 01:11:39 PM
Can anyone point me in the right direction to check all the addresses involved in a Multi-Sig transaction ?

Taking this transaction as an example :
According to,the coins were sent to this address
obviously it's incorrect. is unable to parse the address which throws an exception of [Unparsed Address[0]]

Are there any block explorers which shows all the public addresses involved in a multi-sig transaction ?
7  Economy / Reputation / Coin-Secure Exchange Hack - Tracking & Discussions on: April 16, 2018, 06:30:37 AM
Website :  [For Updates About the Hack]

As most of you might be aware,on 9th April 2018 Coinsecure, an Indian exchange got hacked of 438 bitcoins.There are various discussions on-going in the company about the hacker and as per the statement made by them,their prime suspect is the CSO of the company : Dr. Amitabh Saxena.

There is also a bounty of 10% to the community for the recovery of bitcoins. (Honestly,I don't think one has to take the bounty part seriously because we know how fucked up such services are when it comes to bounties/bug-bounties unless of-course if they choose to escrow 10% of the amount)

I decided to track the bitcoins and hopefully some of you geniuses out there are much better at it than me and I hope you'd find something interesting.

Note :- I'm not affiliated to coinsecure or any their employees by any means.

Main address where the bitcoins were moved after the hack : [438 BTC] [Final Balance: 49 BTC]

From here,Bitcoins are moved to various addresses including a BitcoinMixer.

This transaction especially :
where BTC sent to address :    17dJcMi2JdVGwNLARmujmqbvAvns6yGgXb  which is part of this wallet : BitcoinFog (Tor Based Bitcoin Tumblr)
8  Other / Meta / Indian Sub New Moderator ? [Recommendations Welcome] on: April 14, 2018, 11:30:55 AM
With the on-going discussions about Coinsecure's hack [An Indian exchange founded by Benson Samuel (Moderator of Indian Sub )],theymos stated

Note that I removed Benson Samuel as moderator, but only because I view the situation as potentially too much of a conflict of interest. I have no reason to doubt Benson Samuel's character.

{I do agree with theymos for a fact that Benson has nothing to do with the hack}

Anyway,it's time to find a new moderator for the Indian Sub I suppose.Not sure if theymos will consider the suggestions posted here but if you had to recommend someone to moderate the Indian sub,who it would be ? (Preferably an Indian of-course)

EDIT : This thread is for general recommendations and I'm not self promoting by any means. Additionally, I'm not interested in becoming a moderator since it's a job which requires time and quite an amount of effort which I can't commit to.
9  Other / Meta / Hidden Input Boxes on the Merit Page on: April 10, 2018, 07:25:59 AM
Not sure if anyone has noticed this before but I found something interesting while fiddling on the merit page.Two mysterious hidden inputs.

What are those ?
10  Other / Meta / Why such accounts are not banned ? [Report Inside] on: March 28, 2018, 10:18:27 AM
Accused Account : erience

Some of the shit posts which are repetitive and spammed all over the forum : -

We have a group of talented and experienced community managers.We would like to help you. Additionally, We will also give you day to day reporting.
We can share more details if you want.
telegram id-- csankur

please contact me on the telegram
telegram id-- csankur
connect with me for more details.

We are a group of experienced blockchain developers and we have launched more than 25+ ICOs so far. Our expertise is in the creation of Coin and ICO. Apart from this, we develop Web, Mobile, and Desktop Wallet, Internal Exchange, Decentralized Exchange, Centralized Exchange development, Bounty manager, PR manager services.

You can reach us out at

Note: We provide ICO mentoring service.

We are a group of experienced blockchain developers and we have launched more than 25+ ICOs so far. Our expertise is in the creation of Coin and ICO. Apart from this, we develop Web, Mobile, and Desktop Wallet, Internal Exchange, Decentralized Exchange, Centralized Exchange development services. You can reach us out at

We are a group of experienced blockchain developers and we have launched more than 25+ ICOs so far. Our expertise is in the creation of Coin and ICO. Apart from this, we develop Web, Mobile, and Desktop Wallet, Internal Exchange, Decentralized Exchange, Centralized Exchange development services. You can reach us out at

I have tried reporting them multiple times but don't see any action taken.Offering a service is a different thing but spamming same shit all over again is annoying.Moreover,it doesn't add any constructive content to the forum.

11  Economy / Gambling / Looking for a Middleman to place hedge bets [High Volume] on: February 28, 2018, 07:39:42 PM
Hi,posting a requirement here from one of my clients that I'm working as a developer for.From his exact words,

Looking for a middleman who would place hedge bets on betting exchanges such as betfair. BTC will be taken and escrowed from all of the parties involved. Minimum amount is 10,000$ with a maximum of 25,000$ looking for at least 100,000$.

We can go with forum escrows such as OgNasty/dooglus/etc (but an escrow with gambling knowledge is preferred)

If you're the one or know someone who is willing to do this,please send me a personal message and from there I'll hook you up with the concerned person.As I'm posting it myself,it is my sole responsibility to take care of the parties involved from my side and  make sure the required amounts are escrowed with a trusted party.

12  Other / Meta / Joel_Jantsen's Merit Distribution Thread (Newbies Welcome) on: February 18, 2018, 09:22:56 AM
I have been thinking how to utilise my merits in the most constructive way possible and I came up with this idea.

What I will be giving merits for : -

1.Finding Alt accounts on the forum and reporting them in the suggested format in this thread: Known Alts of any-one - A User Generated List Mk III

(Note : Merits will only be given if the connection has solid proof and is accepted by the maintainer of the thread )

Amount of merits given will depend on the number of accounts successfully reported and your rank.Basically this is ideal for newbies who wish to rank up by contributing constructively to the forum.
                       _______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________

2.Reporting ICO's/accounts which are using thread bump services and bumping threads in the AltCoin Ann Section: List of Accounts which Needs a Ban [ICO pumping accounts]

(Note : Merits will only be given if the reported account is banned/temporary banned by a forum moderator thereby considering it as a successful report)

Bonus merit points considering the time and efforts put in to find the shill accounts.
                       _______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________

3.Reporting accounts abusing the Merit system: Suspected users that are abusing merit 3.0

(Note : Merits will only be given if the reported abuse is verified and accepted by the maintainer of the thread)

Amount of merits given will depend on the number of abuses successfully reported and your rank.
  _______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________

4.Reporting spammers/rule breakers/bounty cheaters: List: Spammers, rule breakers and exclusive bounty users

(Note : Merits will only be given if the reported abuse is verified and accepted by the maintainer of the thread)

Amount of merits given will depend on the number of abuses successfully reported and your rank.

How to claim your merits : -

Simply report your post in the following format
Link to your post : [ url ]

(Note : Please don't post links to the relative url's ,all links must redirect to your post which you think is eligible for merit)

What if I run out of merit points to distribute : -

Ideally,I would expect other members to also give merits to the links posted here so their merits can also be utilised in a way which encourages newbies/members to participate actively in the forum.
Worst case scenario,I would lock the thread until I have earned enough merit points to begin distributing again.

Prerequisites: -
Newbies/Jr Members/Member/Full Members are encouraged to participate as you are likely to get good number of merit points of the good work.
Posting links here doesn't guarantee you will get the merits.Your links should be verified by the maintainers of the thread and result in a successful action.However if I feel you have taken enough efforts in putting things together,I'll merit you anyway.
Please don't post any reports here.This thread will only serve as a gateway to show your efforts put in a particular thread.I would not analyse reports posted here and there is less chance of you getting merits.
If you have any doubts or not sure if your post in the above threads are eligible for merits ,post it, I'll check it anyway.

13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / [Documentary] Bitcoin : Beyond The Bubble by Raimu Inc on: February 14, 2018, 07:28:33 AM
Woke up this morning to see a new Bitcoin documentary released by Raimu Inc.For those who haven't heard of them before,they're the creators of Satori Coin.Check them out :
The documentary highlights how it all started and where it is going for there.If you're new into bitcoins,this documentary gives nice insights about the culture.

Official Release :

Vimeo Link :
14  Economy / Services / [CONTEST] 0.01 Reward for coming up with a creative name for our SportsBook on: February 07, 2018, 02:31:06 PM
Hello Fellas.As the title says,I'm looking for a creative name for an upcoming Sportsbook/Casino.

The Sports-Betting website will have a dice game and accept multiple crypto-currencies.Anyone above the Newbie rank is open to participate.You are allowed to post multiple suggestions but make sure they're all in one post to avoid confusion.As obvious as it sounds,the suggested names should have available domain names as well.

Selected winner will be awarded 0.01 BTC. The competition would run until we find the perfect name.
15  Other / Meta / Nominating DannyHamilton for a Merit Source (Quoted 10 Posts Inside) on: January 25, 2018, 07:00:10 AM
Profile : DannyHamilton You would agree if you already know who he is and his contributions ,if you don't below are the 10 posts quoted which I think makes him qualify for a merit source.

Quote 1 :

Is such attack possible in theory?


if not, then why?

There are 2 reasons.

The most important reason is that the consensus rule does NOT state to follow the chain with the most blocks. That is just an oversimplification that people use when talking about the blockchain because it works in the general case and it is easy to say and understand.  The ACTUAL consensus rule is to follow the chain that has the largest total proof-of-work.  Since your blocks will be solved at a lower difficulty level, the total proof-of-work will be less than the "real" chain even though your chain has more blocks.

The secondary reason is that Bitcoin Core (and any other node or mining software that is 100% compatible with Core) has checkpoint hash values that it compares against the blockchain. Any chain that doesn't match those checkpoints is discarded.

if so, what effects would it bring to BTC? and how would we prevent it??

It brings no effects since it isn't possible. We prevent it as described.

I've originally wanted to test this idea in a local setup before bringing it to public, but I don't have enough technical knowledge to implement it.

You've saved yourself a lot of wasted time and effort.

Quote 2:
It's a easy question:

Imagine 2 nodes, they two have different transactions on them.

Node B finish to mine the block first, it broadcasts it and the network accept it.


Would this node inmediately continue proof of work even if the transaction pool is empty?

Lately, the transaction pool is never empty.  There are more transactions than fit in a block. Therefore, there are always more transactions waiting for the next block.

However, if the transaction pool was empty, the miner can create the transaction that pays himself the block reward, and then build a block from that transaction.  Therefore, a block always has at least 1 transaction in it.

What would happen if he mine the block and new transactions would come in?

Do you mean that he is in the process of mining the block, but has not found the solution yet?  Or do you mean that he finished mining the block, has the solution for the block that has only 1 transaction in it, and then before he can broadcast it, more transactions come in?

If he hasn't found a solution yet, then he can build a new block header from the new transaction list and start mining on that new header.  This way, if he solves the block, he can increase his revenue with the additional transaction fees.

If he has just found a solution, then he can immediately broadcast the block that has only one transaction, and then immediately start a new block with the transactions that he has just received.  That way he can collect the block subsidy that he has already earned.

He would to start again with the new transaction because the tx are included in the block so the hash of the block changes, so he each time new tx are added the node has to restart the PoW, Right?

Every hash attempt is a new start to the PoW.  It doesn't matter if you have tried a million hashes, or one hash. In either case the next hash attempt is  equally likely to be successful.  Therefore, there is no wasted effort to start with a new block header.

Unless the miners wants to waste his resources, they won't discard a valid block even if new transactions with larger fees gets relayed to them.

When you say "valid" block, I assume you are talking about a "solved" block?  In that case your are correct.  The miner just broadcasts the solved block and then immediately starts on a new block with the transactions in it.

On the other hand, if you are talking about a block that has been built , but which has not had the proof-of-work solved yet, then there is no waste of resources to discard the current unsolved block and start over with a new block.

There is no restrictions about how many transactions a miner should include. He is free to decide.

There are two legacy restrictions and one new restriction.

Legacy Restriction 1:  The block MUST contain the "coinbase" transaction.

Legacy Restriction 2:  The total number of bytes in the non-witness portion MUST be less than one megabyte.

New Restriction 1: The total block weight MUST be less than four megabytes.

Quote 3:
Hello Everyone,
I want to know what is Double spent in bitcoin, and if you can sign a transaction while you don't have sufficient balance (in this case the transaction won't be confirmed ?)

REAL "double spend" is a situation where two (or more people) are paid with the exact same cryptocurrency funds, and it is not possible to determine with certainty which person was paid first (or which person gets to keep their payment.  Each participant has now way of knowing if their payment is any good or not, and the entire system has no way of resolving the situation.

REAL "double spend" is not possible in Bitcoin.  The reason that Bitcoin became popular and useful is because it is the first decentralized solution to the double spend problem.

Bitcoin uses the "confirmation" process to allow the entire system and all participants to come to a consensus about the ordering of transactions so that everyone can know with certainty whether any transaction is valid or not.

However, Bitcoin (and many other cryptocurrencies) have a time delay between after the transaction is created and shared before it is confirmed.  During this time, it is possible for there to be multiple transactions that are all trying to spend the exact same cryptocurrency funds. The COMMON USE of the terms "double spend" within decentralized cryptocurrency communities is to refer to these competing unconfirmed transactions.  Only one of them will ever confirm, and then the others will become invalid and will be rejected by the system, but during the time that the transaction is waiting to be confirmed it is possible to have multiple "double spend" unconfirmed transactions.

You can sign any transaction you want.  But, if the transaction is not valid, then it will be rejected by ALL participants in the Bitcoin system.

Quote :4
Bitcoin should be viewed as a financial asset or currency?


When you hold bitcoin as an asset and exchange it for a local currency in order to spend it, then you are viewing it as an asset.

When you hold bitcoin as a currency and spend it to purchase products and services, then you are viewing it as a currency.

It is both.  It is neither.  It is something new that didn't exist before.  The way you should view it will depend on the way you plan to use it.

Oh hold on.. need te rescan aswell.. fingers crossed...


Zapwallet removes ALL transactions from the wallet (confirmed, unconfirmed, sent, and received).

Then when you re-scan, the wallet finds all of the CONFIRMED transactions (both sent and received) in the blockchain.

The end result will be that your wallet should ONLY have CONFIRMED transactions and that the balance should reflect the total amount of confirmed transactions you received minus the total amount of confirmed transactions that you sent.

Note that it is possible for someone else to keep a copy of any unconfirmed transaction that you have ever broadcast to the network.  As long as that unconfirmed transaction is still valid, they could re-broadcast it without your permission.  Therefore, it is possible that, at some time after the re-scan, an old unconfirmed transaction could show up in your wallet again.

Appreciate the continued help, Danny - how can I push a raw transaction to their mempool, that was apparently sent via the Blockchain web wallet?

You can get the raw hex transaction from with this link:

In case you ever need to find the raw transaction at yourself...

Just change the usual /tx/  in the URL to /rawtx/  and then add ?format=hex to the end of the URL.

You can copy the transaction from there, and then paste it into the text entry box at the viaBTC link I provided.

Quote :7
Transactions are broadcast and then are typically received by the payee's wallet within a few seconds.

The process is a peer-to-peer relay of the transaction throughout the network until nearly every participant has received the transaction.

At that point the transaction is described as "unconfirmed".  The recipient can then decide if they are willing to rely on the unconfirmed transaction based on any trust-relationship they have with the sender.

Meanwhile, the miners (as participants in the system) will also have received the unconfirmed transaction.  Each miner (or mining pool) will prioritize the transaction for themselves based on any criteria they choose (since they are profit motivated they generally choose to prioritize based on fee per byte, or fee per block weight unit).  They then choose the highest priority transactions and fill the block that they are working on with those transactions.  The first miner (or pool) to complete the proof-of-work will broadcast the block of transactions, and then all miners (and pools) will begin again with their list of unconfirmed transactions.

Once the transaction is included in a completed block, it will be described as "confirmed" with 1 confirmation.  At that point it will generally be safe for most recipients to rely on the transaction regardless of the trust-relationship they have with the sender.  If it is a high value or high risk transaction, then the recipient may choose to wait for additional blocks to be added to the blockchain on top of the block that includes their transaction.  Each additional block added to the chain is considered to be an additional "confirmation" of the transaction.

The amount of time that it takes to get one or more confirmations is variable.  With a high enough transaction fee, the transaction will typically be (but is not guaranteed to be) included within the next 3 blocks or so.  The amount of time that it takes to complete a block is random, but the long term average is about 10 minutes.  Any individual block could be much faster or much slower than that.

Quote :8
According to the following website:

The fees necessary for fast confirmation right now are approximately 490 sat per byte.

Your fee of 96 sat per byte is clearly too low.

The other transaction can NOT confirm until the earlier transaction confirms.

Paying a higher fee on a later transaction when spending unconfirmed bitcoins is called Child Pays For Parent (CPFP).  The idea is that the fee on the second transaction can be high enough to pay for BOTH transactions.

Total bytes for the two transactions together is 1337 bytes.
Total fees for the two transactions together is 203237 satoshis.

203237 / 1337 = 152 satoshis per byte for the two transactions together.  Still to low for the current network conditions.

Hopefully the acceleration from bob123 will help.

Quote :9
Yep, thank you.  So a copy of an HD wallet saved in a safety deposit box, will always have the same balance as the original, no matter how many transactions and addresses are made?  and the password isn't changed.

As long as the password hasn't changed...  Yes.

The copy will be capable of generating all the same private keys, and then can scan the blockchain to determine which bitcoins is has control over.

Of course, if you've forgotten your password you'll have difficulty spending any of it, so make sure you pick one you'll remember.

Of course, if someone else gains access to that copy and can determine your password, they'll have access to all your bitcoins even if you still have your original wallet.  So, make sure you keep that copy secure, and use a password that will be difficult for someone else to guess or brute force.

Quote :10
Horses for courses.

The difference between someone who knows a computer language and can write a computer program, and an experienced, talented, skilled, developer is that the skilled developer is able to look at a particular use-case and determine the best (or at least a very good) option for how to implement it.

There are situations where a centralized database it the best choice. There are situations where a decentralized blockchain is the best choice. Anyone who blindly chooses one over the other without considering the benefits and requirements is a fool.

These are just some of the posts that shows how detailed and informative Danny is no matter how simple/complex the question is.Please let the deserving members get to the source list.Thank you.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Looking for an Appropriate way to access the Forks (Need advice) on: January 24, 2018, 03:32:33 PM

What I'm trying to achieve ?
- Get BitcoinX from the fork that took place in November-December.

- Download Bitcoin Core,run a full node including the entire blockchain (about 150 gb).
- Download Bitcoin X Core and  copy paste the blocks,checkstate from Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin X Core so I don't have to download the entire blockchain again.

My Problem-
I Have to only copy-paste not more than 498888 blocks (because that's where the fork happened).Since blk000.dat files contain block information and are binaries,how do i make sure I only copy till the specified  498888 blocks ?

Also do suggest if there is a better way of doing this.I'm trying to save time by only downloading core once and then just copy pasting blocks where the forks took place.

Thank you.
17  Economy / Services / Hiring a Web UI/UX Designer [Good Payment for the right skills!] on: January 03, 2018, 02:50:53 PM
Hello.As the title says,I'm looking for an experienced Designer for a new project I'm working on.The project is a basically a sportsbetting/dice website which is based on blockchain.An ideal candidate will have the following skills,

1.You should have worked as a UI/UX designer on a project before.
2. Familiarly with is a must since our HTML/CSS guy would take your design specifications from there.
3.Pixel perfect designs are expected to be delivered within the given timelines.
4.You should understand the design practically and Web UI must be your cup of tea.
5.You will ideally design an entire website which will be customer focused, so your designs  will have a lot of impact on customer interactions.
6.Additionally,you should be well versed with Fonts,Icons,SVG's.

Payment will be discussed privately but minimum our founder is offering  : $1000+ (totally dependent on your skills!)
Payment will be escrowed by one of the trusted members on bitcointalk.

If you think you can achieve this,send me a PM.Remember,this isn't a one time design submitted project.There would be multiple iterations as requested.Your designs will be given to our Html/Css guy to code.
18  Economy / Services / Hiring a Back-End Developer [Python/Django] [Good Payment for the right skills!] on: December 29, 2017, 09:15:57 AM
Hello.As the title says,I'm looking for an experienced Back-End Developer for a new project I'm working on.The project is a basically a sportsbetting/dice website which is based on blockchain.Familiarity with blockchain and bitcoin is a must.

An ideal candidate should have the following skills,

1.Sound knowledge of Python/Django and working with services.
2.Knows how to work with the blockchain API's.
3.Proficient in MySql/MongoDb (we will go with the one you're most comfortable with)
3.Should be able to write scalable code with optimisation.
4.Believes in Agile process and fast deliveries.
5.Basic devOps on AWS

I will be the front-end developer of the project and will be using ReactJs/Redux/Node/Express on the front-end stack.

Payment will be discussed privately but minimum the founder is offering is : $10,000+
Payment will be escrowed by one of the trusted members on bitcointalk.

If you think you can achieve this,send me a PM.Remember,this isn't the regular freelance job where you just hastily write code and make things work.I will review every part of your code before deployments are done.Also if you are still in a learning phase with basic knowledge of Django/Blockchain,you're most welcomed if you think you have the capabilities to learn quickly and implement stuff.
19  Other / Meta / List of Accounts which Needs a Ban [ICO pumping accounts] on: December 25, 2017, 06:14:13 PM
Thought I could keep a thread dedicated for reporting accounts which could be banned for shit-posting.I often come across such accounts and usually ignore them or keep procrastinating the 'report to mod' click.By keeping it in one thread it would be easier for me to keep a track and also make it easier for the mods to ban them.I believe these accounts are created to pump ICO threads and or spam threads in any way possible.Most of them are one line posters pumping threads ,definitely don't need them on the forum.







Updated @January 18, 2018, 04:51:42 PM



^^This account  is also copy-pasting posts,

it seems to me that now is the time to invest after promotion and when the project was checked
it seems to me that now is the time to invest after promotion and when the project was checked
Check this hilarious thread where these alt's are talking to each other in wall quotes :

Updated @February 11, 2018, 07:25:41 PM
arjaymanalo[/s] (Pumping ICO with same posts all over again to bump the threads);u=1297785;sa=showPosts


mhilo;u=1705083;sa=showPosts (Pumping Vectorzilla and Agorz ICO's with same posts all over again)

ronnel033;u=1294408;sa=showPosts (Pumping Vectorzilla and Agorz)

Ailyn24 (Copy pasting and bumping ICO threads [post copied from the content linked below])(Perma-Ban)

Updated @June 17, 2018, 09:20:35 PM )



20  Other / Meta / Possible Solution For ICO Inbox Spam on: December 24, 2017, 05:31:31 PM
Pretty sure I'm not the only one who gets such messages in their inbox by newbie throwaway accounts/bots (received two today)

Таklimаkan Network is а Bloсkсhain Invеstmеnt Рlatfоrm. Тhe best startuр fоr cryрtо community. Prеsale is oреn! Join now and gеt 50% disсоunt!Tаklimakаn Network is а Bloсkсhain Invеstment Plаtfоrm. The bеst stаrtup for cryрto сommunitу. Prеsale is ореn! Jоin now and get 50% disсount!

Hеy, сryрtо enthusiast! We want to оffer уou а rеal оррortunitу tо рartiсipate in the develoрment of an innоvativе рroject that is a cоntinuаtion of a currеnt рrojесt cаlled whо cоnnеcts cаr ownеrs with auto servicе centеrs, number 1 autо serviсе aggrеgаtor in eаstern еuropе. Оur ideа has аlreadу bееn tested in the reаl sесtor. Wе got а strоng teаm оf dеvеlоpers (mоrе than 25 IT sрeсiаlists), trustworthy аnd suссessful advisоrs suсh as Williаm Shоr (Мanаging Pаrtnеr оf Сaspian VC (CVС), Ubеr investоr), Jоseph Вorg (Lеgal Аdvisоr, Seniоr Аdvisоr tо WН Partnеrs), Аleхander Borodich (CeО, Shapеshift, Unoсoin and ВitAccess investоr), еvgeny Мalkin (а lеgеndаrу hoсkеy рlaуer and а twо-timе wоrld сhampion) and many others. Our ICO hаs beеn launсhеd with a 20% bonus fоr thе first week!
Аny questiоns?
Вitcointalk ANN:

This is certainly annoying and carried out by the companies who own the ICO's or use services which promote their ICO.What we can do is,find their thread on bitcointalk and lock it or negative tag the accounts involving the ICO teams.

For instance,the message 1 I received has their thread here :
No doubt they're spamming the inbox by sending unsolicited pm's.The only way to stop them from doing so is by taking a strict action against their ICO.
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