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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / source code of the nxt p2p exchange match engine on: January 03, 2014, 03:01:12 PM
nxt is not a scam

   static void matchOrders(long paramLong)
            throws Exception {
        TreeSet localTreeSet1 = (TreeSet) sortedAskOrders.get(Long.valueOf(paramLong));
        TreeSet localTreeSet2 = (TreeSet) sortedBidOrders.get(Long.valueOf(paramLong));
        synchronized (askOrders) {
            synchronized (bidOrders) {
                do {
                    Nxt.AskOrder localAskOrder = (Nxt.AskOrder) localTreeSet1.first();
                    Nxt.BidOrder localBidOrder = (Nxt.BidOrder) localTreeSet2.first();
                    if (localAskOrder.price > localBidOrder.price) {
                    int i = localAskOrder.quantity < localBidOrder.quantity ? localAskOrder.quantity : localBidOrder.quantity;
                    long l = (localAskOrder.height < localBidOrder.height) || ((localAskOrder.height == localBidOrder.height) && ( < ? localAskOrder.price : localBidOrder.price;
                    if (localAskOrder.quantity -= i == 0) {
                    synchronized (localAskOrder.account) {
                        localAskOrder.account.setBalance(localAskOrder.account.balance + i * l);
                        localAskOrder.account.setUnconfirmedBalance(localAskOrder.account.unconfirmedBalance + i * l);
                    if (localBidOrder.quantity -= i == 0) {
                    synchronized (localBidOrder.account) {
                        Integer localInteger = (Integer) localBidOrder.account.assetBalances.get(Long.valueOf(paramLong));
                        if (localInteger == null) {
                            localBidOrder.account.assetBalances.put(Long.valueOf(paramLong), Integer.valueOf(i));
                            localBidOrder.account.unconfirmedAssetBalances.put(Long.valueOf(paramLong), Integer.valueOf(i));
                        } else {
                            localBidOrder.account.assetBalances.put(Long.valueOf(paramLong), Integer.valueOf(localInteger.intValue() + i));
                            localBidOrder.account.unconfirmedAssetBalances.put(Long.valueOf(paramLong), Integer.valueOf(((Integer) localBidOrder.account.unconfirmedAssetBalances.get(Long.valueOf(paramLong))).intValue() + i));
                    if (localTreeSet1.isEmpty()) {
                } while (!localTreeSet2.isEmpty());

2  Local / 山寨币 / 基本可以确定bitshares protoshares是骗局 on: December 26, 2013, 08:34:00 PM

典型的问题是,所谓的bitUSD如何和实物usd交割? (

bitshares protoshares更像是画饼充饥卖概念

3  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Want to buy some cloudfoundry accounts, 0.03BTC per account on: May 22, 2013, 01:47:35 AM
IF you have one, PM me please.
In another way I can rent it from you, too.

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [ANN][YAC][POOL]p2pool for yacoin!! on: May 12, 2013, 01:25:06 PM

pool list(you can choose any one)

lastest version: c265896-dirty
windows binary:!0ExyhQIR!KR_Khw4FU1MdGKOlTMPwCXNLV5Yx7qnBPneGgTSkBLw

1.install cpuminer

build cpuminer on Linux:

cpuminer windows binrary:!IJRziTBD!ZCAKGC7fqYkyXsEDi9GB1RYiqIUqj2S9bEm6UI2y1no
minerd -a scrypt-jane -o -u !YOUR_YACOIN_ADDRESS!

Features that all P2Pool nodes offer:
  • No registration, Just start mining!
  • Payout instantly whenever a block is found on any node.
  • No minimum payout as long as you have an active share
  • P2Pool pays the block reward AND all the TX fees in that block! Other pools keep the TX fees for themselves.
  • Decent graphs show your progress and speed.
  • No coins stored in the server's wallet. Better security. Payouts show up as a mined transaction.
  • If node goes down, mine at another P2Pool node.No loss of PPLNS shares, other nodes guarantee your payout. Use other nodes as backups in your miner config.

Why should I mine on P2Pool?
P2Pool is a distributed mining pool. Nodes from around the world pool their hash power together to find blocks. A block found on any node = a payout for everyone, on every node!
Distributed hashing power helps keep the yacoin network strong and safe.

Why should I not mine on P2Pool?
Some people do not like PPLNS, as payouts vary based on the luck of finding blocks. P2Pool must operate this way in order to leave 0 coins on the server.
P2Pool works best for miners who stick around for a while (see "What is PPLNS" below).
Miners with low hash rates may have huge variance. Please see my post here to determine if mining on P2pool is right for you.

Why does my miner say it has found a lot of shares but I have no payouts and P2Pool doesn't list my payout address?
The real P2Pool share difficulty is much higher than on normal pools. P2Pool essentially lies to your miner and tells it to work on relatively easy shares so that it submits shares every few seconds instead of every few hours. P2Pool then ignores any submitted shares that don't match the real share difficulty. By doing this, P2Pool can more accurately report your local hash rate and you can see if you are having problems quicker.
Miners with low hash rates may have huge variance. Please see my post here to determine if mining on P2pool is right for you.

What is PPLNS
Pay Per Last Number of Shares.
Let's use a car analogy. Say you start mining (step on the gas). When you begin, your PPLNS rate is low but increasing (speedometer starting from 0 and going up). After several hours, you will reach your actual PPLNS rate. If you increase your hash rate (step harder on the gas), it will take some time for your pay rate to adjust. When you stop hashing (remove your foot from the gas), your pay rate will slowly decline (coasting to a stop), until hours later it reaches 0.
PPLNS method of payment is hop proof because it takes longer to ramp up to your actual pay rate.
PPLNS is influenced by luck. Whenever P2Pool finds a block, all miners are paid instantly at their current pay rate. If P2Pool finds several blocks in a row, everyone is paid again and again and again at their current pay rate. If P2Pool doesn't find a block for a while, then no payouts are issued.

What is a "mined" transaction?
A "mined" transaction is how a solo miner, or how a pool is paid for finding a block. A mined transaction contains the current block reward and all the TX fees collected in that block.
Mined transactions take 120 confirmations before they can be spent.
When P2Pool finds a block, it looks at the current pay rate of all miners, and rewrites the mined transaction, giving the correct amount to every miner.

If I switch from one P2Pool node to another, will I lose my PPLNS shares?
You can switch nodes on P2pool as much as you like with no penalty as long as you keep using the same payout address as your username.


I have made a few changes, If you want to get involved: the latest source from github;
2.extract the zip ball to a new dir;
3.stop the old version;
4.start the new one as soon as possible, you can use the "" script provided;
5.go back to your website to test if it works well.

1.I'm not 100% sure that the debug version will work, so it's just a test.
2.If it doesn't work, just stop the debug version, and roll back to the old one, miners connected to your server will reconnect  in 30 seconds.
3.If your server is busy as a result of changing version( got a lot of dead shares), restart the p2pool.

UPDATE7: already mined two blocks with the new version, seems nothing wrong, and a bug which can cause bitcoind crash is fixed, please download the lastest source and binary (66ef457-dirty) to join the main pool !!!!!!
NOTICE: if you use the version "0943dfa-dirty", delete the data dir first.

I'm trying to run a new version on so it may be a little unstable.
Everyone will be paid one more time, as a result of the inconvenience.

The lastest version conflicts with the former one. and Probrably there is still some bugs.
I start on a completely new version on
new port 8338:
windows binary:!BIBQ3CiB!BsiuBxQ36kNubJvOiNzo_moB9OEFCEGgO50-Ko_lrzc

If you want to do a test, download the source, and join
If not, keep everything unchanged is ok.

May 16, 2013

The p2p connection bug is fixed, and the source code is available on github.
As a result of huge changes in p2pool protocol, we have to reset the share chain.
When we are finding a block from now on, I'll stop the old version, and start the new one.
Thanks for your support~

May 14, 2013
Paymet system works well.

May 14, 2013
P2pool can submit blocks now, the "sign failed" bug is fixed.
There is still a little problems with p2pool protocol: "close connection " "gentx doesn't match hash_link" etc. which will make p2p feature unavailable, I think it will be fixed today.

May 13, 2013
mmh, there is still something wrong with the payment system
In other words, ppcoin novacoin yacoin basiclly don't support paid-by-worker mode( -u username as address). You can only run p2pool minerd yacoind on your own machine and pay to yourselft.
I will work on the code to try my best to port a FULL-FEATURED p2pool to yacoin, it will take some time, so I decided to shut down the server until the bug is fixed Smiley
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / yacoin-qt-2013-05-08 simple technical analysis on: May 11, 2013, 02:57:23 PM
I've checked it with Ollydbg IDA HTTPAnalyzer etc. There is no strings like "http://xxxxx/xxx.php", no sockets connect there, and the exe is not packed or crypted,

file access log is here:

753A2D20  COND: 02F18E54 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\yacoin.conf"
753A2D20  COND: 03DFE44C "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\.lock"
753A2D20  COND: 03DFE4AC "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\.lock"
753A2D20  COND: 03DF852C "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\debug.log"
753A2D20  COND: 03DF8594 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\debug.log"
753A2D20  COND: 03DFE56C "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\db.log"
753A2D20  COND: 03E2EEE8 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\DB_CONFIG"
753A2D20  COND: 03E2EF98 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\__db.001"
753A2D20  COND: 03D71548 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000006"
753A2D20  COND: 03D715D0 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000006"
753A2D20  COND: 0469CA00 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000006"
753A2D20  COND: 0469CB10 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000006"
753A2D20  COND: 0469CB98 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000005"
753A2D20  COND: 0469CC20 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000004"
753A2D20  COND: 0469CCA8 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000003"
753A2D20  COND: 0469CD30 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000002"
753A2D20  COND: 0469CDB8 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000001"
753A2D20  COND: 0469CE40 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000001"
753A2D20  COND: 0469CEC8 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000006"
753A2D20  COND: 046440E0 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046440E0 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046441A0 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046441A0 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 04644260 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 04644260 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 04644320 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 04644320 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046443E0 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046443E0 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 0469CFD8 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000006"
753A2D20  COND: 0469CFD8 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000006"
753A2D20  COND: 0469D060 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000007"
753A2D20  COND: 0469D0E8 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.00007"
753A2D20  COND: 0469D170 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000006"
753A2D20  COND: 0469D170 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\database\log.0000000006"
753A2D20  COND: 03E2F3B8 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\wallet.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 03E2F468 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\wallet.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 03E2F518 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\wallet.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 03E2F5C8 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\wallet.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 04644500 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 04644500 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046445C0 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046445C0 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 04644680 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 04644680 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blkindex.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046BE5FC "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blk0001.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046BDE44 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blk0001.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046BE79C "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blk0001.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046BEC14 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blk0001.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046BF08C "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blk0001.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046BF504 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blk0001.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046BF97C "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blk0001.dat"
753A2D20  COND: 046BFDF4 "C:\Users\MAR\AppData\Roaming\YaCoin\blk0001.dat"

I don't know if someone can send me a self compiled yacoin client. (I hate compiling  under windows)
then I can use the IDA patchdiff to find what's the difference between them.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / p2pool for yacoin testing.......... on: May 10, 2013, 06:29:39 AM

After three days,
I finally found where is the bug and why it didn't pay out
so I forked a newest one from p2pool master tree
modified it to fit yacoin
Please redirect to this thread to get the newest version for yacoin!


UPDATE1:I have stopped the server, there is something wrong within the code(submitting rejected always)
please turn into this thread for mining

p2pool for yacoin git:
pool status:'s just a test (of course no fee)
maybe some bug....

1.install cpuminer
minerd -a scrypt-jane -o -u !YOUR_YACOIN_ADDRESS!
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