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1  Economy / Securities / ***Announcement*** MegaBigPower: 768TH mines available immediately! on: November 04, 2015, 05:18:15 AM
   There are: 10 mines left!

Its been a long time since I've posted here - many of you may not have heard of me or MegaBigPower.  We are a US mining operation located in Wenatchee, WA where power prices are the lowest in the country.  We were the first US miner to reach 1PH and at one point carried 25% of the global market share for mining Smiley

We've finished our 2+ year run with the 55nm hardware, achieving over 2PH of mining power, returning steady ROI to investors.
Now, we are cleaning out the old equipment and replacing it with new, highly efficient mining hardware with a minimum efficiency of .26J/GH

Our mining facility is proven and ready to run, which presents a unique opportunity for investors to take advantage and get returns quickly.
I'm offering investors the opportunity to buy into as many as (10) 200kW spots in my facility.  Investors in this Phase I project get first dibs on my planned expansion of 3MW by Feb 2016.

My hardware of choice is the S7 miner produced by BitMain.  Its the most efficient and well produced miner on the market, and BitMain has proven many times over that they are a trustworthy and high quality manufacturer that delivers to spec and to promised delivery dates.

Investors will need a minimum of $292k in order to purchase 160 S7 miners for co-location in my facility.  I provide power from high voltage down to the high efficiency 12V server power supplies.  I charge a % revenue share as an all-in cost for acquiring, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting/optimization as well as monthly power costs, facility rent, and security.  Revenue share is designed to be viable long term - when difficulty rises and price squeezes back to minimum profitability, while attempting to achieve ROI in less than 9 months.

I'm assured that I can get this hardware with a ship date between November 23rd and December 13th so long as funds are provided *very* soon.  With BTC prices going through the roof, available hardware can and will sell out quickly.

I will assist in the acquisition, without adding cost.

BTC payments are preferred - as we all know.
Wire transfer is acceptable, but the time it takes could leave you with a delay (if hardware sells out while waiting for the wire to arrive).

In either case, full payment will be required and will be sent directly to BitMain in coordination with me.

Investors please contact me through the catch all: and I will respond to serious inquiries.

Dave Carlson, CEO

2  Bitcoin / Hardware / - expansion cards now available on: December 08, 2013, 02:02:09 AM
Hi folks, I just put up 1000 of each: Old Style and New Style H-cards.  Expand your starter kits!

Also, I'm happy to announce that I've got credit card processing back running again!

Best Regards,
3  Bitcoin / Mining support / **US** BitFury Setup Guide on: September 05, 2013, 05:44:06 AM
This is the setup and user guide thread for US-based BitFury units.  I say US-based because I am shipping the version 1 M-board and it has some specific requirements.

This guide assumes you have a basic knowledge of what bitcoin is and what the process of mining for bitcoin is about.


Important Things:
-The software works great, no need to try new changes unless we are issuing them.  If you run the wrong version of chainminer (the one from Niko's V2 M-boards), it will fry your H-boards.  Please don't mess with new unsupported software.

#2 Chips always face the rPi.  ALWAYS load your cards with the chips facing the rPi end (where the rPi and power connections are).  If you load the H-boards in backwards, it will fry the board!

#3 Power adapters: black is ground (GND) and yellow is hot (12v).  Use two separate PCI-e cables for safety.  If you bought a full rig, you need at least 350 watts for safe operation.

#4  Its best to handle PCB boards by their edges in order to reduce the chance of static discharge damaging the board.  Better yet use an ESD wrist strap if you have it.  If you don't, touch the metal case of your computer prior to handling the boards - it will discharge any ESD you may be carrying.


1. Attach the rPi to the black plug at the end of the M-board.  The rPi hangs off back of the M-board with this version.  Slide the SD card into the rPi SD card slot - there's only one way for it to go in.

2. Plug an ethernet cable into the rPi.

3. Connect the power adapter to the M-board screw terminals before connecting it to the power supply.  Black is GND, Yellow is 12V.  

4. Plug your H-cards into the slots of the M-board, beginning with the 0 slot.  If you have multiple H-cards, don't skip slots - they must be plugged in sequentially for proper communications.

5.  Make sure the power is off to your PSU. Choose two separate PCI-e cables from your PSU and plug them into the two connectors on the power adapter.

At this point it is safe to power up the PSU.  Power and activity lights should be visible on the rPi.

Each unit is pre-programmed to:
a) start mining
b) use the default IP

NOTE: Gateway IP fix required:  read below

You need to hit that IP address with a browser to reconfigure your pool credentials.  You will see 3 repeated sets of pool creds.  Change all of these to your desired worker name on whatever pool you use.  These three look like standard failover credentials you might see in miner config files.  This is not the case here.  Those are three stratum proxy processes running on your rPi.  Make sure to change them all.

Use the url your pool provides.  For example  (no http:// required).

Any pool that accepts stratum connections should work.

Hit Save & Restart Stratum proxy when you are done updating that info.  The existing miner process should pick it up, but if you don't see shares at your pool, stop & restart the miner using the BitFury admin page.

The admin page auto-updates performance numbers every few seconds.  Or, you can obsessively refresh!

Don't pay attention to the Bank 1, Bank 2, etc.  Those line up for V2 M-boards.  The numbers of the slots do line up as 1-16 map to 1 - 9, A - F.  There, you can see the output of each H-card.

Fans/Cooling: USE A FAN.  It doesn't have to be fancy, but you must move air past the chips.  In order to avoid damage from high temps, make sure to get the air moving.  You can use a small desk fan.  Even a little USB powered fan can plug into the rPi.  Just don't let them sit there and broil themselves - especially if you have multiple boards in your rig.

***Changing IP Address***
If the IP address is not what you want, you can reconfigure the IP address:
a) ssh to the address  The default password for rPi's is user: pi  password: raspberry
b) directly connect a keyboard & monitor to the rPi's USB & HDMI connector (or even the yellow analog video out).  Follow the same login as above.

Once you login rPi will present you with the opportunity to change IP from 192.168.1. to whatever you want (doesn't have to be 192.168.1 subnet).  Make your change and wait for it to completely finish - you will see the command line prompt return.

Reboot the rPi:  sudo shutdown -r now

Your rig should reboot and have the newly assigned IP address you requested.  

Now, hit that IP address in your web browser.  You should see the BitFury Admin page.  If the rPi is not found, try and see if the config did not work.  If not, try it again.

I hope you will have a problem free experience with your new BitFury rig!  Thanks to Niko and his team for writing the web page bits.  Please post on this thread if you are confused or having problems and we will try to assist.  If you are successfully mining with your BitFury rig, please help others on this thread too!

rPI Images

rPI chainminer code:

Only use V2 code or image if you have a V2 M-board.  Using V2 code on a V1 M-board can damage hashing cards!

4  Bitcoin / Hardware / [ANN] US/North American Bitfury sales NEW STOCK ***NOW SHIPPING*** on: July 07, 2013, 10:24:01 PM
Greetings miners,
I'm excited to announce that we have now opened a site for US/North American sales of Bitfury ASIC Chips and mining rigs developed for 100TH.  If you find that your country is not represented on either of our sites, please send me email.  We'll get you covered.

You can shop here:

Payment methods are credit card and wire transfer at this point.  I expect to have BitPay working this week.  Shipping will be free until otherwise noted.

We are offering the same products as Niko over on chips on cut-tape, full reels and devices identical to the 100TH mine boards that c-scape and intron designed.  I am also offering hosting beginning in November.  With 100TH deployment coming soon, I can't offer hosting sooner at this point, sorry.

Specifications can be found on the site. All orders are refundable 100% in USD nominated price until shipped.  My prices will be kept in line with those on the European site.

I want to acknowledge the incredible 7-days a week effort I've personally witnessed over the past few months from this team.  Without the dedication and commitment shown by these guys every single day, I don't see how this project could have been pulled off.  Of course, major props to Bitfury who achieved the unthinkable with is 'first-time-right' ASIC design.  I also want to thank Tytus, Bitfury and Punin for the opportunity to handle the sales on this side of the world.

For those of you who have worked with me in the past you know I will work very hard to handle all your questions, organize your shipping queue fairly and most of all protect your investment.  I am already assembling a team to manage the store and do order fulfillment, so you will be well taken care of.

I'm grateful to be of service to the community again, bringing the absolute latest and best ASIC tech to you guys in a form that lets you build mining rigs, experiment, or even invent totally new applications for these chips.  Exciting times!

Dave Carlson

[EDIT]  Shipping will be provided via standard carriers with tracking numbers so you can be sure to be home.  
[Edited link to https]

[EDIT] Sorry but local pickup will not be supported.  I don't (and I won't) stock chips, boards components, BTC or USD at my office, home or the datacenter.  Product will be warehoused in secure offsite locations.  This is the best way to protect your equipment and the personal security, privacy and safety of me and my family and employees.  However an expedited shipping option will be made available soon as an add-on to your existing order(s).

[EDIT] Added full proto pics

[EDIT] Added link to video of output:

5  Bitcoin / Hardware / - Managed Hosted Mining on: January 19, 2013, 07:41:00 PM
I'm measuring market interest in my hosted computing service.  By building a data center where power is the cheapest in the nation, I can house your hardware and run it for cheaper.  This translates to bottom line profits for you and can extend the viability of your current hardware for as long as possible.

I intend to provide 24x7 secured, insured managed hosting for a lower monthly cost than your base power costs.  Depending on the size of your rig, prices will target a baseline power cost to you of between 9.6c kW/H and 14.4c kW/H.  These are estimates - I haven't nailed down all my costs yet.

I'm gathering customer interest here - this is not a presale.  I am looking to take on a few larger "anchor" customers with FPGA rigs in the next two weeks, along with getting a sense of how many ASIC miners (any manufacturer is ok) would want to take advantage of this service in the future.

Just go to my site and sign up, which will give me an idea of how many people are interested.  It will also put you on my mailing list and send you an initial informational email.  I will not spam you or sell your emails, etc.

If you have an immediate interest for FPGA hosting, you can reply to the email with your rig size, power usage and other details.  I'll get back with you immediately to work on the actual monthly price. 

Thanks for your consideration,
6  Economy / Marketplace / Introducing - for your low powered mining equipment on: August 31, 2012, 06:31:21 PM
Participate in a lottery pool using your low powered hashing - something to do with your old Nvidia card or gaming PC:

7  Bitcoin / Pools / Low power mining pool: introducing on: August 31, 2012, 01:34:23 AM
Got some low power mining gear that you don't even bother with?  A 3 year old gaming station?  Get that OCL card working for you again - join me at, where I use your low end mining power to buy lottery tickets each week.  Its a mining pool and a lottery pool combined!

Edit: Prize distributions to <18 yr olds will be treated as gifts, and are not income tax (or gift tax) up to $13,000 per year.

It's pretty simple:

-sign up at
-download the client & unzip the folder
-look for a 2nd email from me that gives you your membership ID (worker name for the pool)
-edit start.bat with the workername, or do it at the console if you are l33t  Cheesy
-once you are mining, go to and make sure your member ID is getting credit

That's it!  Each week, I'll take the pool proceeds and go buy lottery tickets.  I'll post the numbers before the drawing is held for full disclosure.  Prize money will be divided up based on each member's contribution each week, and displayed on the site.  You'll be able to request payment at any time and I'll paypal your proceeds to you (make sure to sign up with an email that your paypal works with).

A few things first:
-this thing is Alpha, so don't expect a lot yet
-this is for fun, and not as much about profitable mining - that's what your heavy machinery is for
-if we win the big one, I will choose the cash up front option
-the odds of winning the lottery jackpot are very low - read about it
-your individual prizes will be distributed after tax, and after I take a cut (up to 25%)
-I also take a cut of the BTC mined, before selling it for USD to buy tickets.  This will be to support the site costs and maybe cover some of my time getting the tickets. (Currently 10%)

You can even put LotteryAtHome's pool credentials (currently BTCGuild) in your hop rotation just enough to earn a spot in each week's pool - whatevs.

I hope some of you try it - it would really help me test the system, and I hope its fun!  Grin

I have a referral system that will reduce the the cut that I take out of your winnings.  Use the sharing functions on page two of the signup process - each referral that is actively mining in a winning week reduces the cut that I take out of your prize by 1%.  Max discount is 20%, so if you get 25 active referrals, I will take a maximum of 5% from your prize money.

I know I'm new to the forum, but I think you could check my trustworthiness with guys like cablepair, Luke-Jr, and TheSeven if you are concerned about it.


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