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81  Economy / Marketplace / New idea for a bitcoin business, free to take. on: January 07, 2012, 07:17:24 PM
I've not the skills to impliment this, and would just love to have it.

First, some background.  I have an android smartphone, and a budget type service with Virgin Mobile.  Data is 'unlimited', but it's throttled with a top end limit of about 150Kbps.  I also have an old boombox at work that I have a cassette adapter that lets me use the smartphone as an input.  I've used it to listen to FTL via the low bandwidth shoutcast stream, but at 150Kbps it chokes on the kind of streams from and the like.  What I want is a website with a selection of shoutcast feeds from a 'jukebox' that permits me to sent it a small amount of bitcoin, and then choose from a selection of songs from with the genre the channel represents.  For example, the website might ask for supporter donations for randomly chosen music, but take about .05BTC and let the donator choose the next several songs before reverting back to a randomly chosen feed.  It could also have some ads while in random mode, in part, to remind connected listeners that they could direct the programming.  A low bandwidth shoutcast file, of about 64Kbps or so, is needed for me, however.
82  Economy / Goods / Zimbabe dollars on: December 23, 2011, 04:42:12 AM
I'm looking to buy a worthless Zimbabwe million dollar bill, or several.  I just had a great idea for a christmas gift.  Rapid shipping may be necessary.
83  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Instant payments concept... on: December 22, 2011, 07:32:16 AM

This is interesting, although I believe that it's impossible for a malicious merchant to discredit a trusted address, because they wouldn't be able to sign the transaction properly.  However, this brings up another idea, rather than encode the evidence of a double spend into the blockchain; why not a side-channel method of submitting the offending address and proof of a double spend attempt to a dedicated server for the purpose.  Since a double spend transaction doesn't propogate across the entire network, a side-channel method is necessary.  Perhaps a second, dedicated IRC channel.  Or better yet, a flag that permits the victim to send the evidence across the network already tagged as proof.  In this way, clients that receive the proof can check the proof themselves and compare it to their own blockchain to decide if the expensive address can no longer be trusted.  In this way, a database of 'burned' addresses can be compiled and shared with new clients in like manner.
84  Other / Off-topic / Seasteading... on: December 15, 2011, 12:07:56 AM
This post from ClubOrlov ( got me thinking about what an American version of "boat people" might look like.  The truth is that there are already a huge number of Americans who live aboard boats, most tend not to go anywhere.  There are a number of reasons for this, but a big one is that even though it's possible to live full time on a (relatively) cheap 'weekender' without a loan payment, the spartan nature of living on such a vessel on the open ocean leads most people to maintain a slip rental at a marina.  Such a slip rental is about as expensive as renting an apartment, and thus most people who do it either must maintain a steady income or are (retired with pension | otherwise independently wealthy).  It's certainly possible for most people to spend a few days away from the marina, but it's much like camping; no hot showers, no refrigerated foods beyond what an ice chest can maintain, limited choices in meals and near zero adult conversation (beyond your spouse) other than the marine radio.  Also, it's hard for most people to afford a sat phone, so access to modern telecommunications via the Internet tends to require a line of sight to the marina boathouse.  So most people, retired or otherwise, who live aboard a yacht of any size that could be affordable to a middle class couple for equal or less than living on land tend to either stay at the marina for access to (hot showers | powered refrigeration | a toilet | a relatively inexpensive supply of drinkable water | Internet & cell service | freshly prepared hot meals | whatever) or are 'making passage' from one port marina to the next as fast as is reasonablely possible.

That all said, it occurs to me that it's possible that a form of 'seasteading' could occur long before massive floating cities could be built, by communities of live-aboards moving in 'flotillas' but served by a larger vessel with the capacity to serve as many of these needs while on the open ocean.  The way this would work is like a 'floating trailer park' or 'redneck yacht club' wherein all of the smaller boats lash themselves together and to the large vessel in the evenings, have dinner together on the deck of the large vessel, showers on the large vessel, and sleep on their own vessel while the crew of the main ship kept the 'watch'.  No one would be trying to go anywhere overnight (which is something that individual boaters will often do trying to make passage quickly) but would all wake up, have breakfast together again on the main boat, and then seperate and shove off to all make a pre-determined amount of headway towards their next primary destination.  The main boat would need to be large enough, with enough displacement, to carry enough water, fuel and food for it's own crew and sip as well as for many others.  A good target would be a large ship with teh resources to provide for the needs of 30 people (the inrastructure needs can be estimated based upon the number of people and the legth of time, because most of the resources are about pepole, not boats) for 30 days.  So 900 persondays.  This would permit a main ship with a crew of six to service a flotilla of about a dozen small boats (presume 2 people per boat) for one month between port stops for restocking or 14 boats for a two week long passage.  Also, the true live aboards wouldn't need stop at any particular port at all, and could keep following teh lead ship on it's planned route or stop off to 'winter' in any particular port that might appeal to them.  Groups of live abaords could charter such a boat to 'escort' them from northern ports to Southern ports so that they didn't individually need to make landfall at all along the trip, nor rush to get there, payijng for the eintire trip with all servces included.  Other such escorts ships could simply follow a published route, and live abourds could choose to join the flotilla for a time, paying for their needed services individually, and then abandon the flotilla as it suits them, perhaps to join another more heading their prefered direction.  Large ships tend to cost a lot, not just because of the logrithmacly increasing complexity of construction, but also for the relatively high costs of being able to provide these comforts independent of shore support.  Large ships, including cruise lines, can desalinate seawater while underway using very expensive reverse osmosis filters, but benefit by the economies of scale that providing water for 1000 paying  guests provide.  It's possible to get such systems for small yachts also, but their bulky size, power and maintaince requirements, and high upfront costs make them very impractical for a small boat not much bigger than a bedroom.  The same can be said for building a shower with a hot water heater, a decent sized galley, a sat phone or even an inboard engine.

So then, what does it take to supply 900 persondays?  The average person on land consumes between 5K and 7K gallons of tapwater per month.  Most live aboard types would consume much less, since most of that is actually flushwater and many marine 'heads' are low or no water types, such as a composting toilet (which are pretty expensive ifbuy a commerical one) or even somethng as simple as a sawdust bucket toilet on the low end (  So assuming the low end of that range, and half of that range is flushwater that can be disregarded, we end up with 2500 gallons per month per person.  This sound high, but includes showers, cooking water & cleaning water in addition to what is actually intended to drink.  So 2500 * 30 = 75K gallons of freshwater storage or the capacity to desalinate and filter 2500 gallons per day, or some combination therein.  The escort ship would also have to include tanks capable of carrying and pumping large amounts of fuel, both to sell to clients and for internal needs, such as refrigeration (a great example of an economy of scale advantage, an escort ship could power a pair of chest freezers,one set up as a chest refrig, via an engine driven refrigeration compressor for vastly less energy and sunk costs than each boat could do so individually) cooking and hot water (another huge economy of scale advantage).

Really, I think I might smell real oprotunity here.

EDIT: This website also contributed to this line of thinking ( even though I don't think highly of their plan or it's chances of success.
85  Other / Off-topic / Can you crack it? on: December 02, 2011, 09:31:05 PM

A novel way for a cybersecurity company to find qualified applicants.  If you live in the UK, and need a job, give it a go.
86  Other / Meta / Topic title change on: November 04, 2011, 05:49:42 PM
Split from

This has gone way off topic.  If anyone wishes to continue this debate, please feel free to start a new thread.

EDIT: nevermind, this topic has turtles all the way down.  I'll just change the name.
87  Economy / Goods / I'm looking for some older kids' games.... on: October 27, 2011, 05:30:43 PM
I'm looking for Mac disks for games by Humongous Entertainment, such a the Spy Fox and Freddie Fish series. 
88  Bitcoin / Project Development / Steam games & bitcoin. on: October 14, 2011, 05:51:51 PM
From all of the game keys I see on offer from so many people on these forums, it's terriblely obvious that there is much overlap between the bitcoin community and gamers who use Steam.  I therefore suggest that current Steam account holders politely request that VALVe & Steam add bitcoin payments to their list of accepted forms of payment.  They already use quite a few, and I'm sure that they would pursue the issue if they were made aware of the demand.
89  Other / Politics & Society / Yeah, That's sure to work! on: October 13, 2011, 12:33:06 AM

I see a growing bitcoin niche in Louisiana.
90  Economy / Goods / Calling Hollanders! on: October 12, 2011, 12:56:05 AM
I need one small can of H.J. Wijsman & Zonen brand canned butter, for a small taste test.  I can not find it locally in the US, although I can buy it by the case online.  Please post or PM if you can ship me one can of this that won't cost me a fortune.
91  Economy / Goods / Calling New Zealanders! on: October 12, 2011, 12:46:59 AM
I'm looking for Red Feather brand canned butter, in small cans.  I can get it by the case via several sites online, but have not been able to find it locally.  I want to buy one small can, for a taste test.  I'm trying to compare some canned butters, for my long term pantry, that my wife won't reject; and I've found some high reviews for Red Feather. 
92  Other / Off-topic / Concerning commentary on a private forum.... on: October 10, 2011, 09:17:30 PM

I saw this today, and I believe that it pretty well sums up the common moderation policy on this forum.  For those of you who read this post (which is about the comment section for Cafe Hayek, not this forum) and don't know who are the people that they are talking about, then you are the people they are talking about.  We tolerate your presence and ignore your ignorance, so long as you are neither unforgivablely rude nor vulgar.  No one should take our silence (moderators) as consent or approval of their opinions.
93  Economy / Economics / Chicago Resource (commodites) expo on: October 10, 2011, 06:03:15 PM

It's free, but obviously limited in attendance.  If you're local, register now.
94  Other / Politics & Society / Bill introduced to outlaw gravity because it's too much of a downer. on: October 07, 2011, 06:36:29 PM
95  Other / Politics & Society / Who occupies the occupiers? on: October 07, 2011, 12:26:21 AM
I wonder if the unions and fellow travelers who are trying to co-opt the Occupy Wall Street realize that they already are in the midst of the Tea Party?
96  Bitcoin / Project Development / For the hardware hackers, Dash7 development boards on: September 30, 2011, 12:57:51 AM

Let the bitcoin hardware hacking event begin!
97  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Official Mac client on: September 28, 2011, 05:22:04 PM
Can someone please update the Mac client to include native wallet.dat encryption?  I'm hanging in limbo here, and I don't have the skillset to do it.
98  Other / Off-topic / Electrical Cosmology Theory on: September 27, 2011, 12:16:54 AM
Just like Newtonian physics had to take a back seat to General and Special Relativity theory on the macro scale of physics, and quantum theory was developed to explain and thus predict the events at the nano scale; I think that, perhaps, we are going to witness the fall of another class of deep assumptions about how the universe actually works over the next couple of years.

The water theory notwithstanding, the video is an excellent primer on Electrical Cosmology Theory.  And in light of the recent accidental (potential, but yet unverified) events as CERN; with particular regard to their neutrino beam experiments apparently exceeding the speed of light, Einstein's own "dissatisfation" with Special Relativity might just require an update to physics textbooks everywhere.
99  Other / Off-topic / What's with all the haters? on: August 31, 2011, 07:32:32 PM
I'm either missing something, or we have been overrun with homophobes.  Why are there so many BruceWagner bashers lately?
100  Other / Off-topic / Concerning the transportation of bitcoin funded goods... on: August 30, 2011, 01:27:12 AM
...all that this system lacks is a secure distance payments system.  A hub and spoke network of goods movement.  Similar to UPS but with much smaller vehicles, tighter spokes and cargo UAV's instead of massive cargo aircraft piloted by pairs of trained humans earning $100K+ per year.

They even intend for it's primary use to be the distribution of high value goods, such as medicines.

Just wait until the SilkRoad get's in on this one.
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