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41  Economy / Service Discussion / Gaw Miners fees and possible upcoming hashcoin/hashbase, trolling by rtm125 on: November 19, 2014, 05:20:39 AM
Since I don't want to waste my keystrokes when rtm125 has his thread deleted, here were my remarks in regards to his comments doubting Gaw's restructuring of the zencloud and how it's mining services will probably be re-vamped soon.

I know you will look at my sig and call BS, but this is what I've heard from my contact at GAW so far.

1. They are developing a new hashbase and hashcoin system that will be completely replacing the scrypt/BTC miners - This was supposed to be released 2 months ago and now it is not even mentioned..
2. They most likely won't be adjusting fees until their new system is launched - Yeah or ever.. either one.. - This has been promised twice now once about 1 1/2 months ago and the other time about 3 days ago..
3. The hashbase/hashcoin will be integrated with retailers and will have it's own debit card. - Well see. I do know there is about 100 other completed failed coins.. So I doubt this is going to be the next BTC
4. Hashcoin will have an ICO in 6 days (which is probably why they are not bothering to change fees yet). - So he promises..
5. My contact doesn't have any other information at this point, but he will keep me updated and I will be updating the users of this forum. - Cooooooooooooooooooooooool

1. hashcoin and hashbase are being mentioned. Please look around:  You must be blind if you don't see it mentioned anywhere
2. 1 1/2 months? Fees are just NOW about equal to mining costs, it hasn't been a problem for 1 1/2 months.
3. Hashcoin WONT be the next btc by any means. I'm just telling you that they are planning to have a debt card for hashcoin...
4. An ICO is big money for GAW, I'm surprised you didn't go with the "LOL ICO LOLOLOL" remark that is so typical for trolls
5. ? Not sure what to say here. I offered what info I have, take it or call it BS...makes no difference to me.

6. With the way that all of your responses have been worded, I'm guessing you really were trolling on hashtalk and banned. Figures.
42  Economy / Services / NEED GRAPHIC ARTIST on: November 16, 2014, 11:28:13 PM
Hello. I want an avatar made for myself. The bigger and higher quality the picture the better. I'm looking for a combination of a dark angel and a sorcerer. Please take some inspiration from the images below to create something new. I'm looking for the dark angel with wings to each side, probably holding a sword with both hands that is pointed downwards (think like a sword straight up and down, point is on the ground and handle is near his chest like he is stabbing the ground). Be creative and make it look good.

I'm going to start my rate at $10 in bitcoins for the best image. I'll prob bump it up if there is no interest.

Generally good:

I like the wing setup in this one, but maybe a bit bigger:
43  Other / New forum software / Internal ChangeTip Mechanism on: November 16, 2014, 12:23:48 AM
Either implement changetip to the forums or create an internal changetip function. Would also be great if it supported like the top 20 altcoins.
44  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Safest way to store counterparty (XCP)? on: November 10, 2014, 12:23:00 AM
What is the best and safest way to store XCP? Are there any good reliable wallet software other than the web wallet?

I'm very very new to XCP so any advice is greatly appreciated!

Giving away a 0.01BTC tip to whoever helps me the most.
45  Economy / Games and rounds / [PAUSED] Free Bitcoin Miners Weekly Giveaway by Lyth0s on: November 07, 2014, 05:05:55 AM
11/25/14 - Giveaway temporarly paused while looking for a new miner to giveaway. If you have suggestions (preferably cloud mining so there is no international shipping restrictions) please let me know!

Hello everyone this community has done a lot for me and so I'm here to give some stuff back.

I will be giving away a free bitcoin miner on a weekly basis. Most likely I will be giving away free GawMiner's cloud mining hashlets for a while, at least until a new less expensive physical miner comes out like an Antminer U4 type of thing.

1) All you have to do to enter is pick a number between 1 and 1000 and post your number in this thread.
2) On the giveaway date I will be using a random number generator to create a random number. The first person that posted that number will win the free bitcoin miner.
3) If no one picked that specific number then it will go to whoever picked the closest number to it.
4) If two people are the same distance from the winning number I will give away 2 miners!
5) Do NOT edit your number picking post.
6) If you'd like to change your number just create a new post and state that you're changing it.

Next free miner giveaway will be on Monday November 24th, so get your numbers in quickly!

The free miner I will be giving away this week is the Multihashlet. I will be emailing/PM the free hardware code coupon to the winner Cheesy

Note: I reserve the right to cancel this giveaway or change the rules at any time. If you are a known scammer or spammer you are automatically disqualified. If you create a bunch of new accounts for multiple guesses, you are also disqualified.

Previous winners:
11/10/14 - Just Magicmann
11/17/14 - Erre
11/24/14 - Mearylll
46  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Black Unopened Trezor on: November 03, 2014, 11:18:11 PM
Hello if you recently bought the 2 for 3 deal of trezors and have a few extra ones lying around...I'd like to buy a *NEW* black trezor off you for the $80 (the price you paid per Trezor on the deal) plus shipping.
47  Economy / Speculation / What will it take to increase Bitcoin buying demand? -- Poll on: October 24, 2014, 10:59:01 AM
What will it take to increase the buying demand on bitcoin again?

1. Winklevoss ETF?
2. Remittances?
3. Complete Failure of the USD?
4. Russia Regulation Change?
5. China Regulation Change?
6. Inflation within the USD or Yuan?
7. It just needs time...
8. Secondary platforms such as counterparty
9 Bitcoin is Doom!
10. Etc

I'd like to hear people's opinions in a way that I can organize it.

Step 1: List where you are on the spectrum   Permabear-> Long Bear -> Short Bear -> Neutral -> Short Bull -> Long Bull ->Permabull

Step 2: Then list what change you think is needed to increase buying.

Or just answer the poll.
48  Economy / Economics / Amount of USD Spent per day? on: October 21, 2014, 11:15:54 AM
Hello guys. I am hoping that someone could help me find data (or estimate) the total amount of USD spent within the united states per day. If that is an easy estimation/find then can we further narrow it down to how many USD are spent only ONCE in a day. Meaning that all transactions using the same dollars are not counted.

The types of "dollars" should include:

1. Physical cash
2. Credit card purchases
3. Debt card purchases
4. Wire transfers
5. Electronic and check payments

Basically the question I'm trying to solve is what is the minimum amount of USD needed to fuel one days' worth of purchases in the US? Without accounting for money that is printed right there and then such a bank giving out loans.

I know the M0 is similar to my question, but I don't think that the entire M0 is spent each day...
49  Other / Politics & Society / Politics, statism, anarchism, racism; split from: Wall Observer thread on: October 14, 2014, 11:48:15 PM
Allow some regulation, especially of businesses that store/hold bitcoin is good for the community as a whole. We don't want another Gox or tragedy. As far as consumers go regulation will be light, and if it isn't well there is a reason why bitcoin is psuedoanonymous Cheesy
It's my belief that centralized regulations nurture apathy and a lack of personal accountability. To suggest that the free market wouldn't fill a void for "quality-proofing" an industry is misguided to me. Lots of people learned a valuable lesson from MtGox. Likely 90%+ of those people (including myself) won't make the same mistake again. That's progress, and it's positive. The more people learn through experience and adapt, the better. Coddling is negative.

P.S. Panopto is a POS.

So how many more coins need to be stolen before it's no longer a problem? What if coinbase were to disappear? Bitstamp? OKCoin? Houbi? Bitfinix? Are you cool with those companies having no oversight and all those people having their coins and fiat disappear overnight? I'm personally not. I believe in consumer protection.

Let the consumers be free to spend/transfer bitcoins whenever and whereever they want. But if companies are doing business on the consumers behalf, they should at least be held accountable to some standards.

Could you imagine if we followed your "Free market" corrections? Would you want to go to a doctor that doesn't have a license that is overseen by a board that makes sure he/she is qualified to treat you? Or would you be okay with dying knowing that eventually the free market will get rid of that doctor....and either another unfit doctor will take his place (and will be replaced once negilance occurs  by the free market) or maybe you will get a good doctor to take their place? Or maybe it doesn't matter since you'd be dead anyways right?
50  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / --October? on: September 26, 2014, 07:38:25 AM will be open/released on October of 2014. I know this site was previously purchased and some system is in development by the creators of Gaw Miners. But WHAT will it be? Site states "Everything changes", as much as I hope this will be something awesome that aids in consumer demand for bitcoin I'm not going to get my hopes up...

Anyone have some solid ideas as to what it will be?
51  Bitcoin / Press / [2014-9-19] GeekCipher - Bitcoin Price Collapse 9/19/14 on: September 21, 2014, 12:59:05 AM
Bitcoin Price Collapse 9/19/14

The recent collapse in Bitcoinís value is one more reminder of the volatility involved in cryptocurrencies. Itís also a reminder of human nature: Everybody loves something when itís up, but even Bitcointalk users will act disillusioned at times when itís way down. Perhaps people are simply forgetting one of the first rules of investing. Buy low, sell high, and sometimes youíll have to ride out the times when something is going through a rough patch if youíre sure itíll work in the long run....
52  Economy / Services / Need Bitcoin, Tech and Gaming Writers on: September 12, 2014, 08:45:21 AM

We are looking for some article writers for . Most of the news is bitcoin related, but we are also adding technology and gaming articles or anything else that would be interesting. Depending on article quality we are looking to start payouts at $5 per article and it can increase from there if they attract decent attention.

If you are interested please post below with an idea for an article that you'd like to write about. If I approve the article then go ahead and write it, PM it to me and then I will review it. If the quality is good enough (native English is a bare minimum) then I will send the $5+ in bitcoins and we can adjust your payouts based on performance.

IE if you write good articles that are well thought out etc then your base pay would increase and there is absolutely no cap on how much each article can make. IE if your article gets 300,000 views you will be getting paid 100's or 1000's of dollars for that article.

53  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] Selling GAW Miners Black Widow 13+ MH/s on: August 30, 2014, 05:06:53 AM
Hello, I'm selling my GAW Miners Black Widow that runs over 13+ Mh/s . I'm selling it for $12/MH.  Located in the USA.

I also have a PSU for it if you're interested for an additional $30.

Update 9/20/14

dance191 has paid me in full without escrow. Will be shipping ASAP.
54  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / GAW Hashlet ROI Tracking on: August 23, 2014, 02:09:31 AM

10/18/14: I am now 126% ROI for my bitcoin invested in gaw's bitcoin miners (actually scrypt hashlets)!!!  My plan at this point is to now build my mining power with future profits Cheesy

If you'd like discounts on GAWMiner's hashlets check out my thread here

Hello I started this thread to see IF and WHEN the gaw miners hashlets will ROI in terms of both USD and BTC.

I purchased a GAWMiner 1MH/s Hashlet on 8/21/14 for $15.99, which was BTC 0.030839 at the time with an estimated ROI of 52 days after fees.

Note: 8/21/14 is a partial day of mining and thus not a full days worth of mining payout

Date  |BTC Received |$ Received |BTC ROI Time |$ ROI Time |BTC per MH/s on ZenPool|Total BTC Earned   |% ROI to Date (BTC)
8/21/14   0.0001017$0.05Partial, NAPartial, NABTC0.000650550.0001017   0.32%
8/22/14   0.0005801$0.2953 Days55 DaysBTC0.000737220.0006818   2.2%
8/23/14   0.00049838$0.2562 Days63 DaysBTC0.000657340.00118018   3.8%
8/24/14   0.00056351$0.2955 Days54 DaysBTC0.000722870.00174369   5.6%
8/25/14   0.00051760$0.2759 Days59 DaysBTC0.000675600.00226129   7.3%
8/26/14   0.00053079$0.2758 Days59 DaysBTC0.000686710.00279208   9.1%
8/27/14   0.0009866$0.5032 Days31 DaysBTC0.001142440.00377868   12.3%
8/28/14   0.00056912$0.2954 Days55 DaysBTC0.000726720.00434780   14.1%
8/29/14   0.00055373$0.2656 Days61 DaysBTC0.000712370.00490153   15.9%
8/30/14   0.0004824$0.2364 Days70 DaysBTC0.000644080.00538393   17.5%
8/31/14   0.00049723$0.2364 Days70 DaysBTC0.000663550.00538393   19%

9/15/14: I am now 52.4% ROI in terms of bitcoin!!

9/28/14: I am now 85.6% ROI in terms of bitcoin!!

10/18/14: I am now 126% ROI for my bitcoin invested!!!  My plan at this point is to now build my mining power with future profits Cheesy

Each ROI calculation is done as if the miner was first mining on THAT day, so that I can track if there are any jumps in ROI times without averaging in past days.

If you'd like discounts on GAWMiner's hashlets check out my thread here

Estimated Zen Solo Hashlet ROI time in days:

So currently the Zen Solo's cost 20.85 aka 0.0438 BTC for 1 MH/s. Each MH/s makes 0.00063617 BTC per day. Now if the zenpool payout per day stayed constant the machine would reach 100% ROI in 69 days. However, with difficulty increases of each coin and usually decreasing cost of altcoins the payout per day should be decreasing pretty quickly. HOWEVER, zenpool payouts on 8/21/14 were 0.00065055 BTC/MH/day and now its only declined to  0.00063617 BTC/Mh/day which is only a 2.3% decline over almost a full month! This intentionally does not account for the $0.08 fee per MH, which could increase in BTC amount if price goes up, or could become nearly no BTC fee if BTC price goes up as many people are projecting.

Lets extrapolate 2.3% decline in BTC for for the 69 day projected ROI and we get an estimated ROI time of 72 days (compounding decline).

Zen Primes will need to have some cool features added to them before I believe that this will be a clearly profitable hashlet to go with. The biggest thing they could add to these right now would be the ability to mine different algorithms as scrypt already has a LOT of competition and thus lower prices. With that being said, I also expect them to increase the price of the hashlet primes along if/when they ever add the other algorithms to them, because at that point they profitability will most likely increase quite nicely.
55  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / GAW Miner Discounts - Including HashStaker and Hashlets on: August 21, 2014, 08:31:29 PM
Update 12/8/14
Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately I have to terminate my discounts on Gaw products due to their new ToS which forbids me from handing them out. It has been a fun ride and I hope everyone finds the HashStakers and HashBase system to be useful in this world of forever increasing altcoin difficulties and low payouts in Proof of Work systems. I'm new to Proof of Stake systems myself and will be personally checking out the HashStaker and Paycoin to see if there is good benefit.

Take Care,

Update 11/28/14

Gaw Miners are switching their system from hashlets to HashStakers and Paycoin. These will be a Proof of Stake (PoS) system whereby the MORE coins/stakers you own the MORE money you make per day.

The HashStakers will have 0 fees! and their profitability will NOT be affected by difficulty increases like most coins out there.

Everything is hosted on Gaw Miners HashStaker website

Once again if you plan on buying a HashStaker or Paycoins I will be giving a discount on them both. I have spoken with my contact at Gaw and I will be able to give:

2% Discount on all HashStakers, Paycoin and Gaw Miner's products. <-- Click there

Just use that Link above or the one in my Sig, make your purchase and send me a PM with:
1. Date of purchase
2. Country you live in
3. Total Purchase amount
4. What BTC address you'd like your coins sent to!

Happy Mining!

UPDATE 8/30/14
Be sure to have an empty cart when using my link. You must use the link, then add the products to your cart, then make the purchase. If you use anyone elses link or if you already have the items in the cart I will not be able to see the purchase and will not be able to get your BTC back for you.

If you want a discount on hashlets use THIS LINK , complete your hashlet purchase, and then send me a PM with the date of your purchase, your country and your total purchase amount. I can then get you 1.5% of your BTC back from GAW Miners (but please be patient with the timing with me)

WELCOMETOGAW - $10 off bitcoin mining hardware

For larger orders:
GAW3FOR3000 - 3% off  bitcoin mining hardware
GAW4FOR4000 - 4% off bitcoin mining hardware
GAW5FOR5000 - 5% off bitcoin mining hardware

Have suggestions for deals or coupons you'd like? Post them and I'll see what I can do!!

Hello everyone,

I'm in direct contact with a GAW Miner employee and I'm working with them to get us some discount codes and coupons for the GAWMiner products, including the Hashlet. Listed below are the ones I have so far, and I'm working on getting more. If you have any requests for other deals or coupons please post them and I'll see what I can do (they have to be reasonable though).

List of People that will be receiving BTC from me
BitcoinPokerBro - Sent 8/28/14:
Dirtbikerr450 - Sent 8/30/14:
davvid3d - Sent 8/31/14:
Crocko -Sent 09/1/14:
SamuelN - Sent 9/3/14:
Kieco - Sent 9/3/14:
Liberator - Sent 9/4/14
miningho - Sent 9/7/14
Damien74 - Awaiting your address
yan7181 - Sent 9/7/14
sonxhous - Awaiting your address

Updates are now made daily as "Replies" to the thread
56  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] Selling 1.3 MH/s Fury Scrypt Miners x 3 on: August 13, 2014, 05:58:29 AM
Selling 3 fury miners with their power supplies. Taking offers in Bitcoins only. Free shipping to the USA, you pay shipping for international buys.

Current price is 0.06BTC per 1.3Mh/s Fury, shipped to the USA.
57  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Dell server or similiar on: August 08, 2014, 04:25:35 AM
Looking for something like this:

but at a better price. Please PM/Post offers. Mainly looking to pick up a cheap server from someone that is no longer using theirs.
58  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How would you store >100 Bitcoins? on: August 03, 2014, 12:40:44 PM
Not that I have that many (I wish!), but how would you store >100 Bitcoins? The easy answer is just to say "create 1 offline/cold wallet and put them all in". But what about risk management? IE how do you store a very large value of coins while managing risk against hackers, forgetting passwords, the obvious need for at least 1 hot wallet, portability, easy of use, house fires, EMP bomb's (lol), or if a foreigner had to flee a country while taking no assets etc etc.

I'm looking for real responses and ideas. Please keep the trolling to a minimum Tongue
59  Economy / Services / [Request] Profit switching Multipool on: August 02, 2014, 12:32:26 PM
Hello I'm looking for someone to build a auto-profit switching multipool that at the very least supports multiple scrypt coins. It would also need to be able to auto-exchange on cryptsy and possibly other exchanges for bitcoins and allow bitcoin payouts.

Feel free to PM or post your bid and timeframe for completion.
60  Economy / Economics / Argentina and Bitcoin - Why has there not been a switch? on: July 29, 2014, 07:04:18 AM
So Argentina is in financial trouble and I'm sure the people of the country know that Hyperinflation is/will take place (perhaps 40% this year). My question is, why haven't they switched over to using Bitcoin as a means of a store of wealth and also for use in transactions for goods/services in their own communities? It seems like such a simple solution (assuming they have smart phones).
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