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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / ICE appoints Mike Blandina As CEO of Bakkt in replacement of Kelly Loeffler on: December 28, 2019, 08:42:10 AM
For those who are curious as to who are going to replace Kelly Loeffler. His name is Mike Blandina, formerly Chief Product Officer, following leadership roles at OneMarket, Westfield, PayPal, Google and the Blackhawk Network amongst other.


ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE:ICE), a leading operator of global exchanges and clearing houses and provider of data and listings services, has appointed Mike Blandina as CEO of Bakkt, the digital assets trading and payments platform that is majority-owned by ICE. Adam White will serve as President of the company. The appointments took effect December 20, following the departure of founding CEO Kelly Loeffler, who has been appointed to the United States Senate to fill the seat of retiring Sen. Johnny Isakson.

Blandina joined Bakkt earlier this year as Chief Product Officer, following leadership roles at OneMarket, Westfield, PayPal, Google and the Blackhawk Network, among other key positions in the payments space. White joined Bakkt as Chief Operating Officer after the company’s launch in 2018, following a longtime leadership role at Coinbase, bringing extensive crypto expertise to the firm. White began his career testing experimental aircraft as an officer in the U.S. Air Force.

“As CEO, Mike will chart Bakkt’s strategic direction, payment products and markets, as well as overseeing the regulatory and financial performance of the company. His more than 25 years of experience in payments across product, engineering, strategy and operations will continue to serve us well,” said Jeffrey Sprecher, Founder, Chairman and CEO of ICE. “In his new role as President, Adam will focus on digital asset markets, custody and trading, as well as Bakkt’s strategic direction. Adam’s breadth of experience in crypto markets, and his work as a founding executive at Bakkt, give him a unique perspective that will help shape our future successes.”
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Hacker: Sentenced two year suspended jail term, & six-month electronic curfew on: December 22, 2019, 11:56:57 AM
Recently, I opened up a thread about Teen crook hacked into 75 phones and stole $1M in cryptocurrency: authorities . This time, 22-year old Londoner Kerem Albayrak was sentenced today after attempting to blackmail Apple by threatening to factory reset 319 million iCloud accounts and selling the users' data and demanding $75,000 in crypto-currency.

However, I think the sentenced was too weak, I think if this happens in the US Kerem could get heavier punishment. Probably the court wanted to teach the kid a lesson, but we all know that crime is a crime. I disagree with the court's decision though. Those cyber criminals should get harsher punishment.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Teen crook hacked into 75 phones and stole $1M in cryptocurrency: authorities on: December 20, 2019, 11:18:12 AM
Another day, another bad guy has been caught:

An alleged teen crook stole the identities of 75 people and swiped $1 million in cryptocurrency — all from the comfort of his Brooklyn apartment, authorities said.

Yousef Selassie, 19, used a sophisticated SIM-swapping scheme to take over the phones of people in 20 different states between Jan. 20 and May 19, 2019, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

He allegedly transferred his victims’ phone numbers to his own iPhones, enabling him to reset their passwords and gain access to their Gmail, cryptocurrency and other accounts. Meanwhile, his victims’ phones would suddenly go offline.

The stolen $1 million came from just two victims, authorities said. Selassie was arrested Dec. 5 in Corona, California, and extradited to New York.

He was arraigned Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court, where he pleaded not guilty to 87 counts of grand larceny, identity theft and other charges. Justice Mark Dwyer ordered him to surrender his passport and check in weekly with a supervised release program. The judge did not set bail.

Authorities executed search warrants on Selassie’s Brooklyn and California residences, where they seized half a dozen iPhones, two Rolex watches, a monogrammed Gucci wallet and numerous pieces of high-end jewelry, according to court papers.

It's just a matter of time before these bad eggs are going to be caught, either they make a mistakes or authorities are simply hunting them down. 5-10 years sentence will be enough for this criminals? What do you think?
4  Economy / Economics / Bitcoin Is Still bad? JPMorgan Chase Traders Accused Of Market Manipulation on: September 17, 2019, 11:00:06 PM
Bitcoin Is Still bad? JPMorgan Chase Traders Accused Of Market Manipulation, Again!

The U.S. Department of Justice has charged top managers at JPMorgan Chase of market manipulation, Reuters reports. For the better part of a decade, according to DoJ charges, traders Gregg Smith, Michael Nowak and Christopher Jordan allegedly manipulated prices of gold, silver, platinum and palladium futures on the New York and Chicago Mercantile Exchanges. JPMorgan Traders Accused Of Market Manipulation

The individuals under indictment hold high-profile roles at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Smith is an executive director and trader on the precious metals desk, while Nowak runs the entire desk as a managing director. Both are still employed at JPMorgan, though they were suspended in light of the indictment.

Jordan left JPMorgan in 2009 but continued to trade precious metals with in other firms.

The trio is accused of spoofing, a practice where the trader places bids to buy or sell contracts which are canceled before execution, allowing them to influence prices to their benefit. The scale involved was massive, with prosecutors alleging that they were conducting thousands of unlawful trading actions while layering orders in rapid succession.

Oh well, what do you expect from people behind JP Morgan, they made a noise about Bitcoin is 2017 saying nasty things and then manipulating the price in their favor. Now, we see what this company are made of, greedy, manipulators, I'm sure they can pay the fine. But I do hope that their investors would shift their funds to Bitcoin.
5  Bitcoin / Legal / U.S. SEC Settles with Bitqyck After Alleged Fraud and $13 Million Unregistered on: August 31, 2019, 09:48:24 PM
Anyone still familiar with Bitqyck, I still remember it way back 2017, when every project that time was a success, invested a few and then take the profits in December. And then I never heard anything from it, so I was quite surprised that they have a case and settled with the US SEC.

U.S. SEC Settles with Bitqyck After Alleged Fraud and $13 Million Unregistered Securities Offering

On August 29th 2019, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced a settlement with Bitqyck and its founders. The settlement stems from charges by the SEC which include fraud, false promises to investors, personal expenses of over half a million dollars paid directly by investor funds, and unregistered securities offerings.

Bitqyck and the SEC’s Settlement Explained

 The SEC alleges that Bitqyck Inc. and its founders— Bruce Bise and Sam Mendez— defrauded investors, operated an unregistered securities exchange, and raised over $13 million in an unregistered securities offering.

Per the SEC’s complaint, Bitqyick promoted two digital tokens, Bitqy and BitqyM from December 2016 to February 2019. The tokens were promoted to prospective investors in 45 U.S. states, two U.S. territories, and 20 countries, through what the SEC calls “multiple, fraudulent unregistered digital asset securities offerings”.

And it looks like it's dead as well with 99% below it's ATH, another victim of the altcoin winter and bleeding.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bakkit Update on: April 02, 2019, 03:50:14 AM
I'm sure everyone is excited to see Bakkt Bitcoin future contracts going live. But if you wanted to see or read the latest update, I urge you to follow their official medium account, updated by their CEO, Kelly Loeffler. They posted an updated 2 days ago:


Over the last year, we’ve worked closely with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on an extensive process to obtain regulatory approval for the launch of our physically delivered bitcoin futures. While we’re not yet able to provide a launch date, we’re making solid progress in bringing the first physical delivery price discovery contracts for bitcoin to the U.S., where price formation will occur in federally regulated, transparent markets.

Yeah, I know most of you grew tired of hearing when it's going to be approved because we believed that institutional money will flow to the market and push the price. So instead of just looking at crypto media for updates (most of them are just FUD or putting news without validation) just visit their blog from time to time and see how it goes.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Boxing: Mikey Garcia vs Errol Spence on: February 21, 2019, 02:28:22 PM
I haven't seen a thread about this two, this is a exciting fight as Mikey Garcia moves two weight class and challenge Errol Spence for the IBF welterweight belt on March 16.


I don't think that Mikey Garcia though could get a win here. He is not a natural 147 lbs and Spence is on a different league. I'm expecting Spence to win a UD and give Garcia his first career loss. Please take note that Spence name has been throw as well in the Manny sweepstakes so it's gonna be exciting to see this fight as well.

What are your thoughts about the fight?
8  Economy / Exchanges / Kraken rebranding on: January 30, 2019, 12:27:04 PM
Kraken rebranding – do you like it?

You know Kraken. We have a genuine passion for crypto and we’re not afraid to speak our mind or have a unique point of view – even if it gets us into trouble sometimes 😉 We don’t blindly conform, even when it’s popular or safe to do so. Like crypto, we’re not afraid to be different.

Our branding should strongly reflect our values and personality.

We reveal today (to our more than 4,000,000 clients across nearly 200 countries) new branding, including a website redesign.

Anyone read the news? I don't know what's with this re-branding lately. LTC just updated their logo design just a couple of days ago as well. I guess everyone needs to re-invent themselves in this market as well, otherwise you can't stay afloat in this cut-throat business.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Boxing: Canelo Alvarez vs Rocky Fielding fight predictions on: December 14, 2018, 06:48:24 AM
I don't know if boxing fans here is aware that Canelo Alvarez will have his first fight on his huge contract with DAZN against Rocky Fielding, for his WBA world super middleweight. It means that Canelo will be going up in weight class. The size difference is evident though as Fielding in 5 inch taller than Canelo and obviously a natural 168 pounder. So its going to be interesting for Canelo to test this new water.

What are your thoughts on this fight? Will this be an easy fight for Canelo that's why they chooses Fielding or Rocky will defend this belt and send Canelo back to 160 lbs?

10  Economy / Economics / Argentinian Economy Nosedive Attracts Crypto Investors as Peso Falls on: September 23, 2018, 06:30:53 PM
Argentinian Economy Nosedive Attracts Crypto Investors as Peso Falls


Argentina is not quite undergoing the pain of Venezuela but it’s beginning to feel the economic pressure, driving numerous investors to Bitcoin as a safe haven for their pesos.

The Argentinian economy has shrunk by 4% during the second quarter, with President Mauricio Macri’s government announcing that it expects the economy to shrink further by 2.4% this year. One of the causes of the slump has been attributed to a drought that occurred early in 2018 which severely damaged soybean and corn production.

It looks like another country on the brink of financial collapse made people to move their money to bitcoin as a leverage to their problems. It really looks though that bitcoin or crypto is challenging the traditional hedge (gold or other precious metals). Perhaps one advantage of crypto is that it's easy to spend as compare to gold that's why people really find it easy to shift their cash to fight inflation and survived. This could be a good test case again, as we have seen Venezuela and Zimbabwe staying afloat because of bitcoin/cryptos.
11  Economy / Economics / Lehman Weekend: The Biggest Bankruptcy in American History on: September 14, 2018, 12:43:13 PM
It was like 10 years when Lehman Brothers collapsed followed by a global and economic disaster. But we have to thank that this event has happened otherwise Satoshi wouldn't created Bitcoin in the first place. It was the catalyst for him to invent a P2P currency without any intermediary (usually banks), and to operate without any government's intervention, thus decentralization.

Personally though, I was affected by this event, was laid out after September 2008 and was out of job for about a month. I was caught by surprised because there's some assurance that we wouldn't be affected, but damn we are totally wrong.

How about you guys, you directly affected by it? Do you think that if Lehman was saved by US government, Satoshi wouldn't push to create bitcoin? Or it is inevitable? The man himself will release it with or without the financial meltdown in 2008?
12  Economy / Marketplace / OKEx Coin Delisting on: August 15, 2018, 03:31:30 PM
I don't know if traders at OKex is aware that some of the coins will be de-listed at 12:00 Aug 17, 2018.


I hope that most of you doesn't have any of that shit coins If you still holding much better to liquidate them if possible to avoid the headaches.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Boxing News: Crawford beats Loma for ESPY fighter of the year (2018) on: July 19, 2018, 05:14:35 AM
Terence Crawford has been named the 2018 ESPY Best Fighter for his wins over WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn, Julius Indongo and Felix Diaz. It’s a nice accomplishment for the 30-year-old Crawford to get the ESPY award, but his biggest win was over Horn, a fighter that won a controversial 12 round decision over Manny Pacquiao last year.


Since we are still in the Manny Pacquiao's fever, it was reported that Crawford wins fighter of the year over Lomachenko. This two has been in the discussion on who's Manny going to face next. So its going to be interesting if either one of them can get in the ring with Pacquaio and prove themselves against the legend.
14  Economy / Web Wallets / Jaxx Wallet and Bitcoin Wallet Security Issues on: March 15, 2018, 07:55:39 PM
According to Cheetah Mobile's blockchain research: (

Bitcoin, Jaxx Wallets Have Security Issues, Cheetah Mobile Warns

The blockchain research division of Cheetah Mobile warned on Tuesday it had detected serious security weaknesses in two of the most commonly used mobile digital currency wallets - Bitcoin Wallet and Jaxx Blockchain Wallet.

Anyone heard about the security flaw on Jaxx and Bitcoin Wallet? Quiet surprise though the Jaxx still exist as there are problems with this wallet ever since. Just want to give a fair warning to those who still uses Jaxx to store their crypto coins. As I still some members still recommending it to newbies. Just be careful and until their is a fix, don't used this wallet as not to get compromise.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Disappointed with Banks on: November 08, 2017, 05:02:51 AM
Yesterday, I accompanied my wife to a bank because she wanted to open a new account. We went to the first bank and it seems everything is ok. However, I noticed that they are asking too much questions, like what is the purpose of opening one and where are the money coming from, so I find it quite surprising. Then they asking a lot of identifications and I have to go home to find another proof of billing address. And then what irritates me is that the bank manager is asking too much question about me, eventhough my wife already noted that its not a joint account. But later, the bank manager declined our application, so I was very pissed. Next we went to another bank were my wife has a previous account but due to personal reasons, she has so closed it years ago. So the same thing happened, and I was again so pissed because my wife already should 2 ID's and the bank manager says that the signature of each one is identical. My wife reasons out that his SSS ID is like taken 20 years ago so due to time, there might be some deterioration on the pictures, and of course they might be some discrepancies because the ID is too old. Again she was declined. This got my thinking that I would not transact to any banks, though my last transaction with a bank is like 2 years ago.

Do you guys have the same experienced? I understand that this maybe because of the KYC/AML complaint but at least they should used their common sense on checking ID's or documentations.
16  Bitcoin / Press / [2017-08-02]Bitcoin Exchange OKPAY Wants To ‘Sue’ GitHub Over “Libelous” BTC-e C on: August 02, 2017, 05:35:46 PM
Bitcoin Exchange OKPAY Wants To ‘Sue’ GitHub Over “Libelous” BTC-e Claims

OKPAY CEO Sergey Mayzus has said he is preparing to sue GitHub following accusations he was involved with BTC-e.

A group of the exchange’s customers, which set up an action page on GitHub, had encouraged the public to “report” Mayzus to FinCEN and Cypriot financial authorities over “working closely together” with BTC-e.

“Mayzus and OKPay are working closely together with BTC-E,” the website still reads.

Mayzus subsequently retaliated saying his lawyers had sent GitHub a request to remove the “libelous” content but had not received a response.

“However, up to this day, we have not received a response from the owners of the above website and have not come to an understanding with GitHub Inc., which brought the lawyers of my companies to start preparing a lawsuit against GitHub Inc. and the owners of the website,” he wrote in a statement on OKPAY July 31.

Full Read Here:

Another interesting information has resurfaced again today that has added another drama in the BTC-e seizure. To quote GitHub:

Sergey Mayzus, founder of Mayzus. Mayzus and OKPay are working closely together with BTC-E

This is such a accusation indeed. Sergey Mayzus already released a official statement denying any connection with BTC-e.
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Exchanges that will not support 'Bitcoin Cash" on: July 27, 2017, 06:23:28 PM
Here's what well-known exchanges that will not support BCC in an event that their is a fork:

The first bitcoin trading platforms to announce they will not support the BCC hard fork were GDAX and Coinbase. The GDAX exchange is a subset of the Coinbase company, and the August 1 UAHF plans are the same.

Poloniex Leaves the Decision Up in the Air

“Even if two viable blockchains emerge, we may or may not support both and will make such a decision only after we are satisfied that we can safely support either blockchain in an enterprise environment,” explains the U.S. based exchange Poloniex.

Itbit Will Not Support the UAHF Outcome

“Itbit will not support the trading of Bitcoin Cash — If customers want to access Bitcoin Cash immediately following the fork, they should withdraw their Bitcoin to an external wallet address on or before July 31, according to standard cutoffs,” Itbit details. 

Bitmex and Exodus Choose to Decline BCC Listing

“As such, Bitmex will not support the split or distribution of Bitcoin Cash, nor will Bitmex be liable for any Bitcoin Cash sent to Bitmex,” the company’s blog explains. “Therefore, it is up to our users to withdraw from Bitmex prior to August 1st if they wish to access Bitcoin Cash tokens or any other hardfork.”

Bitstamp Says BCC is an ‘Altcoin’ and Will Not Support the Protocol

“In the event of a User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF) on 1 August or thereafter, it is important to clarify that Bitstamp would not be in a position to support Bitcoin Cash (BCC), the coin associated with the Bitcoin Cash proposal,”


18  Other / Politics & Society / Oxford study claims Duterte paid trolls to promote or defend him online on: July 26, 2017, 12:34:26 AM
MANILA, Philippines — A University of Oxford study found that $200,000, around P10 million, was spent to hire trolls who would spread propaganda for President Rodrigo Duterte and target his opposition.

The study titled “Troops, trolls and troublemakers: A global inventory of organized social media manipulation” looked at how political parties and candidates across 28 countries deploy "cyber troops" who use a variety of strategies, tools and techniques to shape public opinion.
Countries included in the research were Argentina, Azerbaijan, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Mexico, North Korea, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Korea, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States, Venezuela and Vietnam.

LOL. I really find it funny that no less than Oxford are doing a study on President Duterte and others as well on the strategy on how he won the election in the Philippines. He is already in the office for 1 year already and they are still hell bent on attacking him. I remember there was a supposedly coup attack back in December but didn't materialized because it didn't get any support from the masses. And despite the backing of some of the richest people in the Philippines and abroad, it didn't push through by lack of support. I agree that Internet now is really being used by a lot of politicians in different parts of the globe, but I have my reservations about Duterte or his camp using paid trolls to promote him. He is already known before his candidacy. Whether its true of not, Duterte has still the support of the people. He's rating is still very high in the last survey.
19  Other / Politics & Society / Dr. Michael Coffman, The Patriot who exposed Agenda 21, passes away on: July 18, 2017, 05:52:36 AM
Dr. Michael Coffman, a firebrand patriot known for exposing Agenda 21 and the globalist gameplan to end rural America, passed away after a battle with cancer.

Infowars recently found out about the loss of Dr. Coffman, who explained how the globalists wanted to restrict world populations to tightly controlled megacities in the Alex Jones documentary Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement.

Coffman, who held a Ph.D in Forest Science, was once instrumental in stopping the ratification of a biodiversity treaty which would have triggered the eventual disappearance of private land ownership through piecemeal use restrictions.
20  Other / Politics & Society / The last survivors on Earth may well be the tardigrade on: July 15, 2017, 09:59:26 PM
The last survivors on Earth may well be the tardigrade

The world's most indestructible species, the tardigrade, an eight-legged micro-animal, also known as the water bear, will survive until the Sun dies, according to a new Oxford University collaboration.

The new study published in Scientific Reports, has shown that the tiny creatures, will survive the risk of extinction from all astrophysical catastrophes, and be around for at least 10 billion years -- far longer than the human race.

Although much attention has been given to the cataclysmic impact that an astrophysical event would have on human life, very little has been published around what it would take to kill the tardigrade, and wipe out life on this planet.

Damn. You would have thought that we have this kind of species, totally indestructible species. Interesting facts.

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