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1  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Selling my forum account on: January 14, 2021, 07:32:47 PM
I am willing to sell my account here at Bitcointalk, please send your best offer, thanks.
2  Local / Primeros pasos y ayuda / Como borrar un hilo reportado al moderador? on: March 28, 2020, 04:24:25 AM
Como borrar un thread que he reportado al moderador como hilo con link oculto? Me di cuenta que fue un error de mi parte, pero no veo en donde se puede dejar de reportar el hilo ya reportado.
3  Other / Politics & Society / COVID-19 as a natural accident on: March 27, 2020, 05:10:16 PM
Option 1
Imagine for a moment that this COVID-19 Was a natural, biological/ accident process. No human manipulation was needed.

From the guy in the video what he suggests are these things to happen:
- Initial deflation
- Total economic collapse
- 30% of unemployment
- Digital dollar announcement

Both options 1 and 2 are ideal things/events for the economy to collapse.

Check the thread for option 2 here:

I bet there are more people thinking about this imaginary situation (option 1) believing that current centralized systems are updated, with integrity, fair, working just fine, govs working hard daily for people's life, police serving citizens as their priority, bureaucracy bringing value, honest politicians, blah, blah.

Why worry questioning authorities right? In a way, this thread is for those against conspiracy theories, for those thinking that governments are the only ones to solve issues, for the ones only believing inside their belief box and not beyond.

Inspired by this video:

BTW this guy in the video is pro blockchain.

4  Other / Politics & Society / Imagine COVID-19 As a scam possibility on: March 26, 2020, 05:32:42 AM
Option 2
All COVID-19 is a scam!

Let's just imagine for a moment that this famous COVID-19 was created and released on purpose. Hold on, don't get overreactive yet, think twice before you spread some doses of poison or hate here... Hold on! Hold on! practice patience, I just said just imagine for a moment. So this is just an option 2, like the guy in the video suggests.

Option 2 is this imaginary situation where if the virus was man created to accomplish something like:

- Create panic, fear, disruption, chaos, bring the economy down.
- At some point, mainstream media will announce that the businesses are back open by easter or within 1-2 months.
-"Good news everybody, we found a vaccine..."
-BTW vaccine is mandatory...And if you don't take it you won't be able to use airplanes, trains, travel, no more credit for you, mortgage, social credit score, etc, etc.
-Mainstream media fearmongering you telling that if you don't take it you are putting other human's life at risk, blah blah.. otherwise you are a terrorist.

Option 1 is at another thread
For those that can't even allow or are not open to the possibility that this Covid19 might be a scam thing, then this is not a thread for you, then go and check the other thread with option 1 where the imaginary situation is all about that this Covid-19 wasn't man-made and instead was a biological/natural accident, and governments are still good people working for your health, etc. fine!
If your favorite way to stop a conversation is by telling someone that he/she is doing conspiracy, this thread is not for you.

Now that you are relaxed, welcome with your educated, respectful, proactive comments.

What to do:
You have to be inventive, proactive, create value and opportunities, made a plan b, work locally, encourage others to use cryptos, convert FIAT into Crypto, etc!

Inspired by:

5  Other / Meta / Top helpers of this forum on: March 03, 2020, 09:09:27 PM
Members of this forum may vote to select a few of these members in order to become candidates to support the currently active and busy staff? so there will be more hands to manage this forum.

If you were to nominate those top contributors here on this forum according to how often they help others with solutions, answering questions, who they would be?
Also, you can nominate those you consider are clever and impeccable with their words/answers they provide and they deserve to be recognized for that talent.

By now I will nominate DdmrDdmr for bein active on this forum helping others. I have seen him on many different sections but first I found him on the beginners and help section. He has a good initiative to keep local forums active. You can suggest and send some as well. By now here some of them:

Jet Cash


nullius, oeleo, TMAN, Mitchell, filippone, marlboroza, xtraelv, el_duderino, Foxpup, theymos

achow101, mocacinno, nc50lc, pooya87, o_e_l_e_o, ETFbitcoin, Abdussamad, HCP, TryNinja, Pmalek, Lucius

QS, Mikeywith

If you want to find out the top merited users or topics, it all starts here:;stats
6  Other / Meta / Merits did help to stop hate on this forum on: March 03, 2020, 07:19:39 PM
Is it only my perception or perhaps it is a fact? that I haven't seen many people attacking each other here on this forum as I used to see many of them before.

If that is a real fact, congrats to the moderators for their good work! I have seen fewer people overreacting on thread's comments. I wasn't commenting here for a while and now that I am back I can feel and see the absence of haters as they were many over here.

I am sure that after the merit system that is what helped to decrease the comments with hate as we have seen before. Now people have to think twice before insulting or attacking, after all, there is no reason to spread poison or bring negativity here. To the contrary what we really need is to bring any type of value we can to help others.

I wonder what will be the next same useful trust reputation feature after the merit system?
7  Economy / Economics / Unfair aspects of KYC. But KYP is here on: March 03, 2020, 06:50:16 PM
Should the whole crypto community vote and get organized in order to ask third parties also have their own version of KYC? in this case clients should ask for KYP (Know your providers). And please if you are going to comment that the third parties already did their part by registering legally with their authorities, please think twice before mentioning that, because they did that part but only to comply with government and not to benefit customers, so far that is not benefiting the clients.

On the customer side, this one has to comply with the government and additionally with these third parties via KYC. It is unfair that third parties asking for KYC are not providing customers in the same way with the same info they request.

The crypto community is made of smart people (...most of them) and this challenge could be achieved easily if we really care about fairness, get organized and work together on this common goal. Crypto itself is already showing fairness with the use of blockchain.

We know that many people don't like the KYC process, because it is unfair, thus why the existence of privacy cryptocurrencies which will play a great work very soon with the decentralization of trust, money, internet, decentralizing anything you can imagine.

8  Economy / Economics / Blockchain enterprise adoption will grow in 2020 on: March 03, 2020, 06:20:02 PM
We see every day different news about blockchain adoption by big companies

Some of them are IBM, Cocacola (even when I am not a big fan of this crappy company, I have to mention it.) They are partnering with SAP.

The IBM/Maersk logistics platform Tradelens, with 10 million separate shipping-related transactions per week.

Ripple keeps making new Partnerships now with Major UAE Bank

Open-source blockchain Ardor/Nxt also is working hard to keep a top place in the enterprise adoption.

The Swiss branch of PwC took over Swiss blockchain firm ChainSecurity.

EY released its third-generation blockchain.

Microsoft Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Open-source blockchain Sovrin.

And the list is big...

9  Economy / Lending / Lending via cryptocurrency a new market on: March 03, 2020, 05:41:48 PM
I think we will soon see many companies offering crypto credit so people can borrow like they currently do with credit cards, and that is just another big niche of the cryptocurrency sphere, there will be a lot of growth on this credit market.

So far what comes at my thought right now is Aave a crypto project about lending, but I am sure there many good ones out there also.
If you know some other lending crypto solutions feel free to share them here, not a referral link.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / List of active projects by commits on GitHub on: March 02, 2020, 04:09:27 PM
Here is a list of active projects and you can track their software development by seeing commits and other activities at each of their Github profiles
Important and serious crypto projects they have their GitHub code source, so you can see how active they are.
If there are some projects on CMC not showing their Github profiles or their commits are too small that is a good sign if you want to trust or not to that specific project.

AETERNITY  >>   5562  >>
ARK            >>   5456  >>
DeepOnion  >>   16780  >>
Cardano   >>   16996  >>
Waves    >>   12307   >>
GOHELPFUND (HELP)   >>  207  >>
Digibyte DGB  >> 370   >>
REVAIN    >> 52   >>
OBYTE   >>   186   >>
Aave (ETHLend)  >> 30  >>

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Best deals in crypto passive income on: February 27, 2020, 08:01:57 PM
If you were to nominate the best referral program these days which one would you mention here?

I am supporting this at my sign below which is a very promising one, no troubles, no waste of time, all payments very good. But if there are some others even better than this I would read and take a look and chances are I might join if they offer a better deal than this current I am wearing now.
12  Economy / Economics / Crypto mass adoption achievement on: February 27, 2020, 05:50:08 AM
What the crypto projects (any type you can think of crypto projects), are doing in order to achieve mass adoption?

Is there any group of projects working together in order to achieve this social and specifically crypto goal?

If all the different crypto projects were more coordinated and united this could be achieved soon or at least each month the whole crypto could have some positive progress.
13  Economy / Economics / World economy would benefit if all crypto work together on: February 21, 2020, 01:55:19 AM
If the crypto projects were working in collaboration more often, then the whole crypto community would achieve bigger accomplishments all at once!
Synergy would be on the side of cryptos if that were the case, we see these days many projects working on their own each of them having as result longer periods of releasing updates and new features.

It is time to find ideas and bring teams together and work smart rather than hard. With collaboration among team projects like Lightning network, bitcoin smart contracts, ETH scalability, and many features could be ready for the masses sooner and the global economy would have a big positive impact!
14  Local / Altcoins (criptomonedas alternativas) / Monedas con comunidades activas en 2020 on: February 20, 2020, 09:45:25 PM
Aqui una lista de algunas de las criptomonedas con actividad vigente en 2020 en sus foros, lo cual las hace mas viables de seguir creciendo si siguen tan activos como hasta ahora.

Evento         >>>     Moneda

Q1 Agharta hard fork   >>> Ethereum Classic  
Exchange Q1 >>> KICKTOKEN
Comprada por TRON  >>> STEEM
DeepSend listo  >> DeepOnion (ONION)
eSIM listo  >>> DENT
Ouroboros update Feb20 >>> CARDANO ADA
Hybrid explorer, posible swap in 2020  >>>  EVENTCHAIN EVC
Anytask listo  >>>  ELECTRONEUM ETN
Mycro hunter app listo  >>>  MYCRO (MYO)
nuevo socio @SafeHavenio   >>>  DIGIBYTE DGB
Exchange launch Q12020  >>>   KICKTOKEN (KICK)
Betanet 3.0.0 Listo  >>>  LISK


En caso de que algun inversionista este en busca de donde invertir, estas pueden ser una de las opciones de inversion, aclaro que no estoy aconsejando que inviertan, pero si tienen suficiente dinero como para arriesgar, pues adelante.

Esta solo es una pequeña lista, la verdad es que hay muchas otras con incluso mayor actividad y desarollo constante.
Mas adelante podre agregar en la parte izquierda una columna acerca de su estatus, como por ejemplo si tienen algun evento en puerta o si tienen algun update importante dentro de los siguientes dias o semanas.

15  Local / Esquina Libre / Organizando hilos de Bitcointalk en tu bookmark on: February 20, 2020, 08:48:26 PM
Como administras tus threads (hilos) a los que te gustaria darle seguimiento? lo haces via el panel de aqui del foro o lo haces via favoritos de tu explorador de internet?

Por ahora yo lo organizo via folders en el bookmark del explorador y a veces uso el panel de aqui del foro.

Organizando via el bookmark de tu explorador:

1. Puedes organizar todos los hilos propios creados poniendolos en folders, poner unos 8 hilos para que al abrir el folder con todos ellos, el sistema de aqui no te envie mensaje que vas muy rapido al abrir varios hilos a la vez.
2. Puedes darle seguimiento cada dia o cada dos dias una vez se acumulen mas comentarios.
3. Puedes organizar hilos donde apenas empiezas a dar comentarios, guardando el link desde tu participacion inicial en esa pagina.
4. Puedes poner los hilos creados por alguien mas en otro folder.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Altcoins with so many pages in one thread on: February 19, 2020, 03:56:37 AM
If a crypto project has so many pages in just one single thread on this forum, does that mean they are doing good work with their project, keeping focused every day and their supporters are also active and contributing with good content each day? or a project having many pages in one thread has to do with other reasons?

I have seen the Dash project, for example, having a lot of pages in just one thread, and they are one of the top threads in the altcoins section.

If a project has many pages and they keep very active does that guarantees the potential buyers a good investment with them?

17  Other / Beginners & Help / First steps to keep your cryptos safe. on: February 18, 2020, 09:31:22 PM
If you are new in bitcoin, here are some important steps in order to do transactions with security in mind.

First, you need to save all pieces of information about all your crypto transactions and remember that with crypto any amount you send it is not possible to get it back if it was sent to a wrong crypto address, better to send a small amount first.

Since you probably will use more than one exchange and create accounts on many places here are some steps to keep your info offline and private.

1. Use offline spreadsheets to register your accounts, only use with an offline device (Pc or other) not the best option, but you decide.
2. Use a different password for each account, you might try using password managers.
3. Backup your sensitive info (spreadsheets or better alternative) regularly offline with protected files.
4. When you need to modify profiles, also update your spreadsheets.
5. Keep your information in a single folder, so later you just update the same source.
6. Keep a copy of your protected backup in different safe locations.
7. If you are going to use USB memory flash use the ones with password protection.
8. It is preferable if you use hardware wallets to store your digital assets.
9. Use a private internet connection if possible (VPN).
10. Avoid the use of public internet connection for important transactions.

This list could be bigger, these are just a few of them by now.
18  Other / Beginners & Help / Consider these 12 things before joining a bounty program on: February 18, 2020, 07:32:53 PM
Before participating in a crypto bounty project, here are some things you need to check in order to save time and problems later with the project.

1. A very basic and important thing to check first is that they have reliable staff willing to answer questions the same day or at least the next day.
2. Check if the project will solve something not covered by other projects already.
3. Verify if their staff is online showing their profiles with plenty of their info & they are active at Github.
4. Check the number of followers on Twitter and other social networks.
5. See if they have a practical way to count/reward your support where you can see right away your earn, or at least they count properly the same day or week.
6. Test them to see how good they are managing the community's feedbacks & communication.
7. Test them the first week, to see if they reward what they promised.
8. Ask all-important questions about legal stuff like KYC, countries allowed, etc.
9. Check that they have professional written ANN or bounty program, if they have a lot of mistakes, quit soon.
10. Evaluate how committed they are with the project.
11. Check that they have a professional and original written white paper.
12. Choose them if the project resonates with your passion.

I can add later more if they are important. Or you can suggest new ones.

19  Other / Beginners & Help / Just one place to see crypto updates? on: February 17, 2020, 09:14:39 PM
I wonder if exist already a website or web platform where people can see just in one place updates of different crypto projects, updates like status of the main net, swap process if any, important dates, follow-ups, so crypto holders of different projects don't have to be searching one by one of each project and looking for recent updates on so many different places.

If someone has many different coins they need to find recent information and updates, so they can save time and avoid searching on different platforms like a telegram group, chat rooms, discord, twitter, slack, etc,

I bet such service exists and if so it will help a lot of people to save time. And if such a project exists it will have a lot of potentials to grow.
These days we see a lot of projects each one working on their own when many of them can work in a coordinated way and share common things.

20  Other / Politics & Society / Printing money out of thin air is a big problem for our current society. on: February 13, 2020, 10:56:10 PM
What does everyone here and out of this forum should be doing every day as little tasks from their own comfort zone, in order to stop this big problem?

I know that if people start speaking up, asking questions, asking for transparency to their social/public workers, meaning asking, verifying and controlling the people getting paid (governments) to do a job for citizens who pay them, then things can change quickly for the best interest of the people and society.

For sure if society demands governments to stop printing new FIAT money as they keep doing these days, soon society will be forced to use cryptocurrencies instead of FIAT money. We know FIAT money is not that fair if we compare it to cryptocurrencies. And FIAT money is doing a lot of harm to the global economy, keeping people in slavery.

What would be your suggestions, actions, guides, proposals?
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