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1  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / BOUNTY: english speakers who can answer questions about btc in china... on: December 18, 2014, 04:42:16 AM
Hello all,
I unfortunatly cannot speak or read Chinese but I sure wish I could lately. I'm curious to know what bitcoin is like in China, I can't find good descriptions of this in english so I'm hoping some people here can help.

I have a few questions specifically:
What is the attitude toward bitcoin in china, have lots of people bought it? Based on the trade volume of the exchanges compared to USD it seems like it has to be at least twice as popular. I know China's middle-class has grown quite a bit but, how many people do you think have the means to purchase it (as in they have disposable income and computer or smartphone to trade on)?
What city do you live? Does bitcoin seem popular where you are?

Does the volume on the major exchanges (OKcoin, btcchina, huobi) seem accurate? The volume is about 10 times higher than USD exchanges so this makes me think bitcoin must be held by alot of people in China now. And is everyone who owns bitcoin talking about the price drop and selling? Is there a reason people are selling? In the U.S. the news on bitcoin has been all good lately with Microsoft now taking it, regulators staying out of the way, executives from major banks getting on board, but since our volume is so much lower everyone follows what the Chinese exchanges price is so we sell too.
I'm just trying to understand how bitcoin is apparently becoming very popular in China, but at the same time it seems everyone is selling like they expect it to drop in price, die, receive bad news, or something else bad. I'm confused by this and would appreciate anyone who is willing to tell me anything they can about bitcoin in China.
I'll gladly answer any questions about btc in the U.S.---though I imagine if you can speak english you don't need my opinion on it though lol  Grin

I know its not much of a bounty  Sad, but if you leave a wallet address I'll tip at least .004btc/1.24 USD/8 yuan to anyone with anything useful to share. I don't expect anyone to answer all of these but even if you can answer one of them I would be very grateful and will be sure to tip.

2  Economy / Gambling / Weekly football pick 'em? (no line/spread, pool ideally) on: September 13, 2014, 06:22:59 PM
Hey all,
I didnt turn up much on google for this----I guess I really should have started looking about 2 weeks ago before the season began---- but does anyone know of any simple weekly football pick 'ems (without line preferably) ideally with a pool system and weekly payouts since its too late for me to do whole season. I browsed through here but didnt see much, I mean I know there are plenty of sites with picking on the spread but I'm looking more for the no line, simple, pick em all and total points tiebreaker for monday simple betting. Seems like everyone is busy doing fantasy football, nobody wants to do simple pools or what?
Anyway if anyone knows a site or someone hosting a btc pool like this (or if nobody knows one maybe post if your interested in joining too and we'll start one up)
3  Economy / Services / I need help setting up recently purchased domain on: February 25, 2014, 02:05:24 AM
I recently purchased a domain and hosting but its been about 10 years since I owned a domain and remember nothing. What I need is assistance with is:
1) getting an email setup at my domain
2) help remembering how the hell to go from "404" to "hello world"

I'll give $15 of btc for help with both and maybe more depending on how dumb I am. I'm only looking to build a single page domain with text and a couple images and I know the html I need for that, it's everything before it that's fuzzy. If you aren't interested but know of a good guide to link to and it helps me I'll gladly tip you, so if you post something helpful please leave an address for tips.
If your interested in helping then reply, pm, or send me a message on IRC on /msg tunafizz
I can't imagine this will take too long.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Why you should be excited about china's new rising bitcoin interest on: October 28, 2013, 08:38:46 PM
The big talk as of late seems to be how the trade volume in yuan is surging past USD and all other currencies but I've seen some people leary of this for reasons I can't understand.
ANY nation with a bunch of people buying bitcoin is a generally good thing but I'd like to mention why the Chinese having access to bitcoin has alot of potential.
China has a famously high personal savings rate: ---somebody can find a better source, i didn't feel like digging. But its no secret that the Chinese save at extremely high rates. But many don't see how this alone would be good for bitcoin/why they'd buy bitcoin. Consider the Chinese gov's monetary policy which is infamous for undervaluing it's currency: This means that all these chinese savers would be more likely to move that savings into something that would grow more.
Now of course this doesen't mean 1.3 billion people are going to start buying bitcoin, China's middle class is still woefully small compared to other nations. However those that do have net access and want to earn on their savings have to be drooling at bitcoin.
5  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] $320 moneypak for btc on: October 07, 2013, 09:57:43 PM
i'm looking to trade a $320 MP for btc(other crypto offers are fine too though). I've traded on here a few times but do most btc buying on #bitcoin-otc my rating details:
I'd prefer to deal with someone else verifiable, i'm always a bit skittish about trading on here since here doesn't have any advanced verification like #otc so if you don't have alot of recent positive feedback i'll prefer you to "go first". I can be reached quickest on #bitcoin-otc on freenode, msg tunafizz but I get e-mail notifications for forum replies so I'll get back to you pretty quick. Please post a reply below before PM'ing, thanks.

I'm looking to do around bitstamp last but i'm willing to haggle. If gox last is low as you go then  move on elsewhere---not trying to be an ass, just trying to save us both time.

6  Economy / Services / Cryptsy atp/trading platform/"bot"? on: August 26, 2013, 01:51:10 PM
Hi all,

 I've fooled around with various trading platforms I've found on here and elsewhere with mixed results (aido/isis, tobli's browser plugin, etc) but most of those use different algorithms based on an EMA and other factors. Right now I'm just looking for a more simple automated platform to basically put in sell orders once a buy order is filled, or if there is a large bid/ask spread then it can attempt to capitalize on that, or similar features.
Has anybody had any luck making anything with cryptsy support? I know I've seen some use based on orderbook behavior but they look like they are being used wrong or largely pointless from the actions i've seen.
I'm not looking to "buy" any sort of bot (I lol when I see people charging 100+ bux for a trading script thats "guaranteed" to make money...if it works so well then why do you need to sell it for a $100 a pop? Roll Eyes) but i'll gladly make a donation to support development.

Anybody tinker around with cryptsy's API or come across something that might fit the bill?
7  Economy / Economics / [POLL] What's your position on gold (and return)? on: July 12, 2013, 09:12:24 PM
I've noticed alot of people on here, and the bitcoin community in general, are always absurdly bullish on gold and are regularly telling others to buy gold. I can't help but wonder if half these people actually hold gold or if they just don't pay attention to the price or if they are just that absurdly bullish.

If you are one of those crazy bullish on gold and actually hold gold are there any circumstances where you'd ever sell it? (aside from to pay for a kidney transplant or those kind of emergency situations)

Those of you who do have money on or against gold, what kind of returns are you looking at? either since buy/short or the past couple months.

I started out about a year ago with only a few dollars shorting a gold ETF since I could see the economy turning around. Once I sold a few btc and had some extra $ (about 2 mo. ago) I converted my short positions on gold  to put options and i'm glad I did. I was doing great on the shorts but I wanted to be greedy Cheesy I'm averaging about 225% since I got them. Last couple days have been rough though but that's just from short-term market sentiment.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Question about bottlecaps on: June 25, 2013, 03:22:50 PM
Hey all,
I just bought some bottlecaps off cryptsy but i can't figure out where to use them. I'm feeling sluggish so I wanted to get some mentats (or jet if i have to) but I can't find any online or near me. I went to 7-eleven and asked for mentats 10 times but he just kept saying "Yes sir, Mentos, with candy sir". I need more than just a sugar rush if I'm trying to pick a lock when i'm running from deathclaws.
Can anybody point me in the right direction here?
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / 1 LTC reward- can't get -s flag to work with fractional seconds in GUIminer on: June 12, 2013, 11:15:41 PM
EDIT (SOLVED?): I've retitled the thread since the old subject name is no longer relevant:
Managed to get it going pretty effecient. I tried thread concurrency at 3200 and non-stratum and this seems to work pretty well for whatever reason. However, now a ton of my shares are stale. Been running about an hour now at a low hash rate (72k) with the new values and i've got GUI showing 42 shared and 24 stale but my pool is saying i'm running at 84ish and is not showing any stale (yet I'm guessing)
I'll update here later as to whether or not i'm actually coming up with that many stales. So the first reward may or may not be closed....second question is still open certainly though.


I've copypasta'd what I wrote in Silverwolf's SBC mining thread:
I've noticed this with other coins/pools but my share rate and my hash here rate are way off instead of just a bit. To clarify, my hashrate on GUIminer has been averaging 88kh/s for the past 5ish hours but I've only got like 80some shares and the pool says my hashrate is like 10-30khash/s since that seems to be how quickly i'm getting a share accepted. I've played around with a few settings and right now my hash is 75k and sharing at a rate of 35 according to the pool. I've only had one stale and I've tried stratum and PPLNS. Like I said I've seen this on other pools but the difference was i'd be mining at 80khash/s and only getting 65-70k...anybody familiar with this problem?
I have a 5770 Juniper GPU with catalyst v. 12.10 which I know is out of date but I've heard in some cases not to update btw.
This is my main comp so often when I'm mining I run it real low if I'm actually using my comp and I just recently disassembled/cleaned it so I'm not sure what my max hash is, don't think that should matter here though.

Feel free to ask any clarifying questions, if you can get me to 90% efficiency (i.e. GUI says i'm doing 100k and the pool(s) say I get 90k) I'll send a 1LTC reward.

When I try using the -s flag GUIminer tells me I've entered it wrong: ".1 isn't a number/value". -s 1 works but that doesn't make much sense to use since it'd be one second on one off. I've tried every variation i could think of -s 0.1, -s.1, "-s.1", etc I tried running it via command prompt with no luck too.

Please provide your LTC address when posting and I'll send the LTC to whoevers answer works in for either question
10  Other / Politics & Society / Anyone else not care/already knew about NSA/PRISM collecting data. on: June 12, 2013, 05:12:09 PM
Is anyone else not surprised by this/already knew of its existence? This is exactly what the PATRIOT act was designed to do and nobody gave a shit when it was reauthorized. The existence of PRISM and how it takes in all incoming data came out years ago(see link at bottom). What galls me the most isn't the "spying" it's the people posting on facebook and elsewhere about how they don't want the Federal Gov collecting this that and the other all while they give moutains of data that is much more personal to facebook and alike. As a whole the NSA and other agencies are really only using this data for counter-terrorism and not to bust potheads and other wastes of resources.

I'm more bothered by the fact of how much we spend in taxes/time/resources on shit like this for counter-terrorism which has claimed, what, 2000 lives over 23 incidents? We can spend billions on this shit but can't give ATF permission to use computers or the ability to audit crooked gun shops at least once a year since 1% of gun shops account for something like 75% of guns used in crimes and the ATF cant require gun shops to keep useful records and can only audit inventory typically every 18 years.... Let's not even get into the fact that we are the only developed nation in the world that let's people die from curable diseases because they can't afford medicine and all the other shit about the Federal Gov that's fucked up.
Hell preventing terrorism is one of the few things the Federal Gov still does well but given how much money we spend on it the return on investment is pretty shitty. For example, our tax dollars paying an analyst with no college education over $100K to start when they think Hong Kong has great respect for free speech and a history of helping asylum seekers(they don't) .

Annnyyywayyy, my point here is am I the only one here who really doesn't give much of a shit about the whole PRISM thing and realized that this was already happening and that private business has a hell of alot more personal and embarrassing data on us? This nation sold out on privacy a while ago. If we didn't give up all this data to these companies in the first place PRISM would be a non-issue, it's like saying "HEY ASSHOLE FEDS! I MEANT FOR THAT DATA TO BE SHARED WITH MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS/STRANGERS ON THE NET/ETC BUT NOT THE OUTSIDE CHANCE AN ANALYST AT NSA MIGHT GLANCE AT IT AND IGNORE IT GOD DAMNIT!"

I realize that there are lots of people who don't go nuts with sharing personal info on facebook and elsewhere and that kind of outrage I can wrap my head around. If you're the type who goes out of their way to stay anonymous and told your members of congress when FISA/PATRIOT was up for re-authorization to vote against it, then by all means be pissed because your anger is justified. But to all the people who didn't give two fucks to do anything when PATRIOT act was created/reauth'd and those who share their location every day on twitter and shit, please STFU already.

Two last points/questions:
Anyone else think the NSA whistleblower/leaker is a bit dumb to seek aslyum in Hong Kong based on their "free speech"? I can think of at least a dozen other countries better for suited for this guy's situation. Maybe one that isn't basically part of China or doesn't have an extradition agreement with the US? At least pick one that has better free speech if that's going to be your reasoning.
Anyone else think its kinda neat that they actually stick a prism on the huge undersea international cables (TAT-14 I'm guessing) to split the incoming data and that they manage to take in all that data? Just from a logistical standpoint its pretty interesting. Here's a link telling how NSA started putting prisms on fiber optic cables a while ago: .... careful though it's from the International communist league so the NSA will now know you are a Commie and will be at your door in an hour Grin

/end rant
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Looking to trade BTC/LTC for SBC, bitgem, EZcoin on: June 12, 2013, 02:09:28 PM
Hi all,
I'm looking to trade LTC/FTC/NVC...pretty much any coin out there for SBC, bitgem, EZcoin. I need to lookup what the "going rate" (roughly) for these, if anybody knows a better place to trade please feel free to share. Leave an offer and we'll haggle.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Looking to trade BTC/LTC for SBC, bitgem, EZcoin (+a little info) on: June 11, 2013, 08:23:37 PM
Hi all,
I'm looking to trade LTC/FTC/NVC...pretty much any coin out there for SBC, bitgem, EZcoin. I need to lookup what the "going rate" (roughly) for these guys but I'm thinking around 1 LTC for 1000. I really haven't looked into these much yet so I don't know the current hashrate, total coins in circulation, total # to be released, etc so if 1 LTC for 1000 sounds like a horrible/fantastic deal then disregard it and we'll iron out the details.
So far I've checked out just the basics of each coin, can anybody tell me the current hashrates and/or exchange rates(BTC or LTC) for these? I see SBC is something like 174mh/s (seems high? isn't NVC and others around 200?) I'm turning up .274 mh/s for EZcoin and i'm not sure about bitgem (1.47mh/s on bitgems pool but i dunno if thats the current total or just the pool).
I see there's a thread for BTG trading but I figured since I'm already posting here it wouldn't hurt to ask anyway. I see orders around .1LTC/1BTG...seems high but i'm not sure how mining on BTG works yet.

Looking to buy SBC/BTG/EZC for *insert coin here*. Also, do you have any mining calc's/mining info/exchange rate to share on these coins?
You can PM me if you like but I'd prefer you post for other users' reference and to keep offers honest.

13  Economy / Service Discussion / [ANN] Looks like cryptsy is adding an API on: May 31, 2013, 04:28:08 AM
I'm not affiliated with cryptsy or anything or making any official announcement here but....
When I point my browser to Cryptsy I normally follow since it is somehow the first link that appears with predictive text. Normally it redirects me right to but tonight, much to my pleasant surprise, it loaded a "save file" dialog window and the text in the json is: {"test":"test"}
So it appears cryptsy is adding (or at least trying to) API support. I didn't see a thread or mention of this when I searched for cryptsy and API so I figured I'd post. Cryptsy has alot of currencies with varying volume so there could be some potential trading between.
14  Economy / Currency exchange / Selling $200 of btc for MP (or PP if you have rep) I have #OTC rep on: April 27, 2013, 02:24:36 AM
I'm looking to sell $200 worth of bitcoin (or btc-e or litecoin) based off whatever mtgox last is. I'm willing to haggle a little. I know I don't have many posts here since I'm more of a lurker but you can check me out at: and I highly recommend you actually join the channel and verify that you are talking to me. I'm looking for moneypak, if you got $150 or $250 MP instead of 200 we can probley work something out. I'll accept paypal but I will need to see a good bit of proof that you've done paypal for bitcoin(or other digital items) without charging back and you can prove that you are who you claim.

If you are registered and rated on #bitcoin-OTC let me know since that'll make things easy.
You can reach me on #OTC or reply here or a message here.

I think that about covers it. Feel free to ask me to clarify anything or prove my ident.
15  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] TF2 Bill's Hat - Pink [W] $10 worth of btc (other items available) on: February 08, 2013, 03:01:50 AM
Got a pink bill's for sale, I'm looking for just under .5 btc depending on the current mtgox rate.

I have lots of other items that i'm not really selling actively but I don't play much anymore so I'll probley sell it if you want it(with the exception of a couple items). Check my backpack to see if theres anything you want:

My rep thread:

Whoever has less rep (sourceop or similar) goes first. If you're going first then I don't need to wait for any confirmations, once its showing as unconfirmed in my bitcoin client/ I'll send the bill's hat

Post here or add me: steam://friends/add/76561198013131195
16  Economy / Trading Discussion / So has anybody ever actually WON a chargeback? (as btc seller) on: January 25, 2013, 04:17:29 AM
Hi all,
Longtime lurker but new poster. I have learned my lesson with paypal---the hard/dumb way. I've seen the whole paypal think beaten to death on the forums here and elsewhere, but not so much what specifically I'm looking for: posts of international credit or posts where somebody has actually won a case, I'm curious if it is really a 100% fuckover rate for sellers.
Anyway, a person I was selling to and arranging sales through resulted in like 20+ chargebacks for over $2K all in a row like a month after I sold them. Shortly after those sales(but before this slew of chargebacks) I started requiring ID/verified status for buyers but it was too little too late. Before this I'd had maybe 2 or 3 chargebacks total that I went to great lengths to "win": Showing amounts sent, transaction ID's, market price at date, etc. After those I quickly learned that Paypal really doesn't give a shit about sellers or even having a sustainable business model---with the increasing amount of digital goods being bought and sold in the world you can't just offer ZERO coverage and expect to be number one on the block.
Anyway what I was really wondering was: has anybody here actually ever, as a seller, had a chargeback decided in their favor? Whether its through just paypal or through a credit card via paypal or international?
I'm asking because alot of the chargebacks I have are from international credit cards (mostly Asia of course Roll Eyes) and I haven't even bothered to submit any information to Paypal because I know they are cocksuckers about this stuff and will rule against a mountain of evidence. What I don't know is how much say the international credit card company is involved in the process, like if they have control over it and don't sodomize digital good sellers like paypal.


Thanks for reading/posting
17  Other / Beginners & Help / Looking to buy ~9 btc via paypal/MP or site/service for small time exchangers on: October 25, 2012, 07:03:21 PM
Hi all,

I'm new here but not to bitcoin, I'm looking for about 100USD worth of bitcoin(around 9.3btc at the time of this posting). Yes we all know that bitcoin shouldn't be exchanged through paypal but I know plenty of us do it once and a while since paypal has no idea whats getting sent for what purpose. I may not have any rep here but I've bought lots of digital items for team fortress 2 through paypal. I have a reputation thread on (check here: attesting to me not being a deadbeat, I can add/edit a post to prove its mine if you like(or you can message me on steam of course!). I'll gladly show screenshots of my paypal history for any potential seller that finds it relevant, I have plenty of private party transactions and zero chargebacks. I'd really prefer to go through paypal but can go out and get a moneypak if nobody here is interested in paypal or if you'll help offset the cost of the moneypak.
What I'd like to see from you, as the potential coin seller, either is a post history here that shows postive transactions or another bitcoin forum that can attest to you not being a scammer. Something that you can prove is yours and shows you've done a good few digital item transactions via paypal.

Now for the newb part:
I've never found a site or forum that handles people that just want to buy/sell bitcoins on occasion (i.e. they can use their paypal account since they arent exactly a"currency exchanger service" so much as a private party selling currency on occasion) If anyone knows any that aren't cumbersome like the whole mt.gox/liberty reserve/etc routine and offer some kind of escrow service or reputation based buyers and sellers please feel free to share.
I've checked out tons of sites over the past year or so, read the newb threads here. Recently, I've heard bitinstint is good but that site is down...don't remember if i've checked it out already anyway. If anyone knows of easy/quick checking/debit/paypal to bitcoin sites/services OR some kind of site/forum for buyers/sellers with a feedback system, thats what I'm getting at. I've checked out most of your exchangers that use mailed money/check, slow transfers, dwolla, and other slow cumbersome methods---I'm not too interested in that.

I'm going to class shortly, but I'll be checking this thread soon as I get back. Please respond here if interested or if you have any insight as to a better place for buyers like me.

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