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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / llll➤ [AIRDROP] DOMINIUM llll➤ $10 per CLAIM + $20 per ref (unlimited) on: July 04, 2018, 10:40:45 PM
I found a great airdrop that seems to be not yet announced in here.

It's the Dominium airdrop. First big project on the ARDR childchain.

You can earn 10 USD per claiming the drop and 20 USD!!! for every referral.

2  Bitcoin / Hardware / [Poll] Burnins BitFury miner on: August 30, 2013, 01:45:15 AM
Out of necessity a new thread for a new product:
I want to test the waters if you would be interested in such a board

The Bitfury design i am working on is a 16 Chip board with the same form factor as the BitBurner.
I think it makes sense that i will sell boards including the chips now - no more group buys.

Best demonstrated performance per chip is currently 2.7Ghash resulting in 42ghash/s per board.
I am aiming for 5 Ghash per chip, i will be doing things differently then the competition which will hopefully
allow us to squeeze more performance out of this silicon.
Host interface and Controller / stacking will stay the same.

Price: ~470eur+vat (Complete module including chips)
Delivery: early October if Punin delivers on time.

3  Bitcoin / Hardware / [Work in progess] Burnins Avalon Chip to mining board service on: April 18, 2013, 04:30:31 PM
I decided to move my project from the DIY thread to prevent mixups with the other DIY projects.

Product Description:
# 10/20 Avalon chip module - 2.82/5.56 Ghash/s nominal speed, massive overclocking possible
# 4 Layer thermally enhanced PCB
# PIC32 native USB-Controller
# CAN-Bus inter-module communication (Only one USB connection for up to 32 Modules)
# Power Connectors: 6Pin VGA, barrel jack for wallwart, power-stacking-connector.
# Power requirement: ~20/40 Watts @ 12V
# Onboard 60A(80A) switcher for core voltage
# Easy stacking option
# Host protocol: Avalon emulation
# Temperature controlled Fan

More pictures:

Order Website:

Stacking will be similar to the cairnsmore boards from Enterpoint.
The CAN-Bus module connection will allow modules to form a big cluster like the Avalon machines.
That way you need only one USB-Connection for up to 16 Modules, maximum bus-length >10 Mtr.
Adequate cooling solution will be provided.
The host protocol will be an emulation of the Avalon host protocol.
Mining Software will be cgminer.
This is an open-source project, the sources will be released when the product ships.

Ordering and Pricing Info:
i offer only an assembly service this means you have to buy the Chips yourself and have them send to me for assembly.

I assemble for anyone that wants Avalon chips turned into Mining boards.
I work closely with these group buys:
Zefir (order window closed)
ragingazn628 (order window closed)
SebastianJu (closed)

Zefirs sale thread:

>> you have to be able to sign messages with address used for the payment of the chips!<<

How will the ordering work?
You order from your distributor and tell him you want your chips to be assembled by me, this usually requires a signed message.
Then the Distributor will ship the chips directly to me for assembly.
Head to and place your assembly order.
As a second Verification step I need a signed message that contains the delivery address of you order.
The instructions for that will be send via email and posted in this thread.

A how2 for the signing process with bitcoin-qt can be found here:

Assembly cost can be paid with BitPay, Paypal, Wire Transfer.
Final prices:
BitBurner 10 Chip Complete: 98 eur
BitBurner 20 Chip Complete: 105 eur
BitBurner 10 Chip without cooler: 90 eur
BitBurner 20 Chip without cooler: 96 eur
Price + shipping and VAT.

There will be the following order options:
1. Completed 10 Chip PCB with mounting materials and cooling solution
2. Completed 20 Chip PCB with mounting materials and cooling solution
3. Bare bones assembled 10 or 20 Chip PCBs for the DIY folks
4. Empty 10 or 20 Chip boards for hard-core DIY (If you ordered chips from Zefir i can send them together with the boards)

Usual Processing time for on order: 5 to 10 Days after receiving the customers chips.
Production capability ~1000 modules per week.

There will be a limited 2 year warranty on my products.


Q: Can I order now to have a "good" place in the order cue?
A: No, you can't, ordering will start with announcement of the definitive price.

Q: I bought 10k chips on my own, can you assemble them?
A: My assembly service is open to anyone who wants Avalon chips turned into mining boards.

Q: Does it have LAN or Wifi connection?
A: No, it is a USB device, you could use a Raspberry Pi, Wifi-router, NAS-device or your PC/Laptop/Mac as host.

Q: Can't the chips be put in sockets?
A: The chips conduct almost all the heat trough a pad underneath, sockets don't provide an adequate thermal connection to this pad.

Q: Where are you based?
A: Hamburg, Germany

Q: Whats your email address?

Q: Do you offer Shippment to country X?
A: I will ship to almost any country worldwide but check your customs regulations first

Q: I have ordered from a different chip group buy can i use your service?
A: Yes you can, in the best case we would arrange a direct shipping from the distributor to me.

Q: How can I register for your newsletter?
A: Head to this website:
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