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1  Local / Pilipinas / BIR susunod din kaya sa ginawa ng IRS on: December 05, 2017, 05:06:12 AM
Coinbase ordered to give the IRS data on users trading more than $20,000

matagal ko ng pinag iisipan ito at hindi ko alam kung saan file ang virtual currency trading para sana avoid ang ganitong problema sa future baka biglang humingi ng BIR listahan kay

Meron bang mga cpa jan na pwedeng makapag bigay ng opinions
2  Local / Pilipinas / Paano kung ginawang ng security asset ang bitcoin? on: November 24, 2017, 08:42:27 AM
Mukhang malaki ang tyansa na magkakaroon na ng buwis ang crypto sa future.

"The direction is for us to consider this so-called virtual currencies offerings as possible securities in which case we will apply the Securities Regulation Code" -SEC Commissioner Emilio Aquino
3  Local / Pamilihan / Selling bitcoin on: October 20, 2017, 04:53:22 AM

Selling 0.1BTC for 29,000 pesos mode of payment M.Lhuilier/Western Union/Palawan express

Preeve price ginamit ko and escrow accepted pero buyer ang magbabayad sa fee
4  Economy / Lending / need .005btc or .03eth loan on: October 19, 2017, 02:01:49 PM
Need a quick loan will be repaying within an hour or two
I would really appreciate if someone can fill the loan by eth around .03
collateral: my account
reason: to sell a token but i don't have the fees to transfer
5  Economy / Service Discussion / Federal Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Bitinstant on: August 15, 2013, 07:25:27 AM
Here is a link to the lawsuit.  I'm not sure it's good news for the Bitcoin community, but at least the larger bad actors are beginning to fall fast.
6  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] Any trusted cash or MG/WU buyers? on: May 23, 2013, 11:00:20 PM
I'm in Las Vegas.  I have a fair number of coins that I need to cash in faster than I can with Mt Gox and their hopeless delays (I have more than $30K worth, but any sale above $2K is a start).  Fastcash4bitcoins is a great idea but always out of money and has lost the ability do electronic transfers.  I would take MG, WU, cash deposit in my bank (WF or BofA), cash in person, cash loaded on a debit card I have (if you live in an area with a certain check cashing place that issued it), even a bank-to-bank wire transfer.  Basically anything that can get to me by Wednesday afternoon.  Not sure why this is so difficult, but literally everyone on that I have contacted is either out of business or out of money.  I was always going to use fc4btc but now they are basically unusable.  Discount to Mt. Gox is negotiable.
7  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Accounts With Money Available for Withdrawal on: May 14, 2013, 03:46:05 PM
Hey Everyone,

I have gotten really good at a certain game at and can win money at it.  The only problem is that they take 2 weeks to pay out to your paypal account, which doesn't work well for me.

So if anyone is interested, I can sell accounts with at least $100 available for immediate withdrawal in each of them for $70 in BTC.  That's a 30% discount for a guaranteed payment. You get the username and password to the account.  All you have to do is go in there, request a withdrawal, specify the paypal account where you want your money to go, then wait for 2 weeks.  Pretty straightforward.

I am working on several accounts right now, and will have this first batch ready for delivery by Thursday 5/15/13.  I won't collect BTC payment until the accounts are ready with the money already won on each of them, but I'd like to have buyers ready and waiting when they are done, so that is why I am posting this now.  I will be playing all this week, and can do 2-4 accounts per day.  I'd really like to find repeat buyers for a long term relationship if possible.

If anyone is interested, please let me know.
8  Economy / Scam Accusations / How is Bitinstant not at the top of this section? on: March 20, 2013, 08:53:00 PM
I'm a little bit curious how Bitinstant isn't at the top of this section all the time.  There are ~85 pages of people wondering where their money is in this thread:

Bitinstant almost certainly owes more people more coins/money/mtgox coupons than anyone else in this section by a long shot, yet they aren't in here.  People keep posting in that thread saying that they wish they had seen the thread sooner, because they sent them money before seeing it and their money is now off in space.  I have absolutely no evidence that it is a scam per se, but a healthy percentage of their transactions are resulting in money simply vanishing.  Whether technical error or outright fraud, we may never know, but it clearly needs to be brought out more into the open than that one thread in the newbies section that people apparently have a hard time finding.
9  Economy / Gambling / New Bitcoin Lottery - Cheat Proof on: December 08, 2012, 09:51:31 AM
Since no one's participating, it's closed.
10  Other / Beginners & Help / Bitinstant - Straight to Bitcoin address not possible? on: November 24, 2012, 07:25:53 PM
Hi Guys,

I was playing with BitInstant and wanted to test a  Cash Deposit to Bitcoin Address transaction.  Unfortunately, on the confirmation screen it says:

"These coins will then be sent to you via our partner, The email will come from Coinapult with instructions on how to send your coins wherever you'd like."

The problem is that Coinapult doesn't offer an option for sending straight to a bitcoin address.  Why does Bitinstant bother even saying that they can send to a bitcoin address when they can't?  I realize that the purchaser can take delivery of the coins via email, then use the bitcoin software or a wallet service to send them from there, but that is a significant additional step that I don't want customers to have to take.  Does anyone have experience with this?  Maybe the page is just making a general statement about other types of transactions they do, and the coins will automatically go to a bitcoin address?
11  Other / Beginners & Help / Encrypted wallet portability? on: November 21, 2012, 03:53:54 PM
Hey Guys,

I've figured out most of the problems I was having with the rather complex use case I have for Bitcoin.  My final question is this: the official client gives a warning upon encryption that your wallet won't be able to be used on other machines once you encrypt it.  So if I encrypt my wallet and back it up, then have a machine crash and need to restore the wallet on some other machine, I've lost all of my coins?  If that's the case, I can't encrypt the wallet because I don't want to risk losing all of my coins.  Am I misunderstanding something?
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Pre-generating and using large numbers of addresses seems to be impossible on: November 20, 2012, 06:28:17 PM
I just want a large number of addresses (maybe 20,000) that are valid and active in my official client wallet.  This seems to be impossible.  I assumed that using Bitcoind in combination with a PHP script that conencts to it via RPC would work, but bitcoind won't even run - it starts, and then I try to connect to it via RPC and it never does anything (yes, I have confirgured the RPC password and username).  You can generate addresses of course, using tools like vanitygen, but importing them into the official client is such an onerous task that no one would dare attempt it on any kind of scale. 

Are there any tools that will enable me to generate a large number of addresses that will be recognized in my wallet by the official client?  I am pulling my hair out here.
13  Other / Beginners & Help / Fastest way to Import Private Keys? on: November 19, 2012, 03:54:48 PM
As suggested in the BitCoin Merchant HowTo, I'm playing around with pre-generating several thousand bitcoin addresses.  The problem seems to be importing them.  Even PyWallet only lets you import them into your wallet.dat one at a time.  Is there a decent solution for this?
14  Other / Beginners & Help / Bitcoin-qt.exe has stopped working? on: November 15, 2012, 08:22:06 PM
Hey Guys,

I have the latest version of Bitcoin running on my laptop just fine, but on my desktop I get a "bitcoin-qt.exe has stopped working" error consistently. Both are running Windows 7 64 bit.  On the splash screen it says "Verifying database integrity" and then it stops.  I have run a full system virus scan, thinking there was something trying to inject itself to Bitcoin, but there was nothing detected.   I have done some searches about it, but haven't found any answers to resolve it.

Anyone have a clue what might be causing this?
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Safest way to cash in? on: November 15, 2012, 01:03:24 AM
I have a fair amount of bitcoins headed my way for a consulting job I did ($X,XXX worth).  The things I am reading about MtGox scare me to death - to the point where I wouldn't accept bitcoins at all for payment if I hadn't already told my customer that I would accept them.  I can't afford to not be able to cash them in within few days of receiving them, and I certainly can't afford for them to be arbitrarily confiscated.  I don't plan to verify my account with appears that they are nothing more than a conduit to the government.

After reading everything, my plan is to sell less than $1K per day worth in an unverified account, and withdraw in the form of the MtGox redeemable coupons, then use the coupons at bitinstant to paypal it to myself.  Has anybody had problems getting MtGox to cough up a redeemable code?  How long does it take?  It seems like problems exist with them all around, but unfortunately if you want to sell a decent number of coins, they appear to be the only option.  At this point I'd send them to someone for 80 cents on the dollar in exchange for cold hard cash.
16  Other / Beginners & Help / Why Bother with Ebay? on: November 14, 2012, 07:35:30 PM
I'm new to Bitcoin and this forum.  I actually wanted to ask this question in relation to another thread, but I guess I'm not allowed at the moment.  So anyway there was a thread where someone posted that they just got their PayPal account shut down after selling $3,000 worth of bitcoins to others via eBay.

My question is, why would you bother with selling Bitcoins on eBay?  Is there a reliability problem with places like MtGox?  I'm genuinely confused as to why someone would risk dealing with PayPal, given well established alternatives.  Are the major BTC exchanges not as reliable as they are made out to be?
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