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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What's your opinion on these index funds methodology? (CCI30, BIT20, C20, etc.) on: May 07, 2018, 07:23:11 PM
A quick comparison of BIT20 vs. CCI30 since last year Jan till recent:

As you can see from this 2 fund, both performed well in the comparison period, BIT20 got 5339% return, CCI30 have 3242% return and Bitcoin have only 913% return. The BIT20 have best Sharpe ratio.

Their methodology can be found on their website, I'm not posting links but you can easily find it on Google.

Just wanted to know what's your opinion on following their methodology or something similar? (here I mean adopt their strategy, not invest in them.) I know that there are only limited historical data to do analysis and comparison, but we can easily tell there's a statistical significance on the performance of the fund in compare to Bitcoin.

Would you adopt the strategy? and Why?
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How do you store all your Altcoins to ensure maximum security? on: January 27, 2018, 11:15:22 AM
Don't ask me why I don't store in exchanges because I trust myself more than exchanges.
(Reference: Coincheck suspended withdrawals.)

I have a pair of Trezor, and a pair of Ledger Nano S, but there are a lot more altcoins that can't be stored within these hardware wallets.
For example, I have XVG, ADA, IOTA, XMR, and etc.

They do have an open-sourced wallet, do you install them into your "alternative" desktop/laptop with virtual windows separating each of them to ensure maximum security?
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What's the investment strategy behind your portfolio in 2018? Here's mine. on: January 24, 2018, 10:59:34 AM
Hello guys, I'd like to discuss with you about the strategy for investing cryptocurrency in 2018,
if your friend came up to you with $100,000 that he's willing to lose in the crypto market, how would you advise him to invest and why?

Here's the strategy I'm currently adopted in my own portfolio, I diversify in the top 30 altcoins and invested proportionally to their market cap,
it's basically a market cap weighted portfolio, and by this portfolio, I aim to achieve a better performance than just Bitcoin (benchmark.)

Update: I wrote an article about one of my favorite portfolios that I think it's a good start for the most average investor.

It yields 2160% in backtesting for the year of 2017 with the historical data, read here:
4  Economy / Economics / Get 16% more Bitcoin by selling B2X before the SegWit2X fork! on: October 20, 2017, 06:28:36 PM
Hello guys, I've written a guide for those that wanted to sell their B2X (SegWit2X Coin) before the fork actually happen.
At the time of writing, you can get about 0.13~0.15 BTC per BTC you already owned, which is a pretty good deal for those like me only wants Bitcoin (Core).

Read my blog here:
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Places or exchanges to sell or buy Bitcoin Cash, and successfully WITHDRAW! on: August 02, 2017, 05:41:32 PM
Seeing most people wanted to know where they can sell their Bitcoin Cash, so I'm here to share one. Which is ViaBTC.
It's the only platform I find it able to deposit my Bitcoin Cash, and which I successfully sold them for BTC.

Website URL:

They don't seem like check your ID even though they ask you to upload one, that means you most probably could use fake ID. (I do not guarantee if they refuse to let you withdraw for using incorrect details  Tongue)

Here's my deposit, it requires 1 confirmation to trade those BCC, 20 confirmation to withdraw BTC which you gain from selling those BCC.

If you plan to dump those BCC immediately, you can use the sell your BCC with "market price" option instead of "limit order".

Such a good day to get free internet money from this generous airdrop Roll Eyes

If you find any other place to sell please share it~

Update after 20 confirmations of my Bitcoin Cash deposits: The withdrawal literally took less than 3minutes!

Withdrawal history

Got it from my Trezor
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Tell me, what's the underlying value of Bitcoin cash? on: August 02, 2017, 04:28:29 PM
I'm trying to learn from other's opinions and what is the value they find in Bitcoin cash. Let me start by telling you why I invested in Bitcoin:
  • First decentralized digital currency
  • Most well-known cryptocurrency
  • Recognized and gain legal status in hundreds of countries
  • Huge company and businesses adopted Bitcoin to be used in their operation and sales
  • Existing huge and quality community since Bitcoin inception
  • Relatively large market cap compare to others which decrease the chance of being pump-and-dump easily
    (It requires relatively more cost to bump-and-dump Bitcoin, which increase price stability)
  • The software was being tested for a long period prior to release to minimize failure or bug

Although many of above listed are hard to quantify and estimate the price of Bitcoin, I strongly believe the underlying value of Bitcoin will exceed the current price A LOT.
But, what's the underlying value of Bitcoin Cash? I don't see its share any same traits that Bitcoin is having.

Many people seem to be unable to understand that the $7 billion market cap of BCH is just book value, book value in such illiquid market is basically meaningless at all.
At least I don't think it can hold current price when most platform and wallet provider makes selling BCH easy.

Just my opinion could be wrong, would like to hear what you think  Cheesy

If you didn't do any analyzation but just simply follow the hype, you're just gamble, not investor, here's my word for you, especially if you made money from gambling with altcoins,
When you don't understand how you made your fortune, you probably won't be able to keep your fortune. (I learned it the hard way.)
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Would you keep Bitcoin cash, or sell them? on: August 02, 2017, 03:47:44 AM
As a Bitcoin investor, I've invested some in Bitcoin, which I plan to hold it for a long time (probably years), so far my expectation on Bitcoin still remains the same, but I was unsure about Bitcoin cash.
Would like to see your opinion  Shocked

For those who wonder where you can sell (dump) or buy Bitcoin cash, I've just tested to sell BCC at ViaBTC.
(Wasn't able to withdraw yet, as it required 20 confirmations lol)
8  Economy / Reputation / Is this consider reputation abuse/bully? on: June 02, 2017, 03:18:00 PM
First of all, I'm running a services in which I've partnered with some of my friend in China along with some major mining pool to offer a TX accelerate services.
I've been offering my services as a paid alternative for people that willing to pay instead of waiting for ViaBTC. I never scam, trick, abuse any rules.
(People actually paying me and say it's worth in the feedback they gave me, they all knew free alternatives and even tried.)

Most of the time, I post in section where people asking help for their stuck transaction, giving them another option, (I also mentioned the free Viabtc.)

Out of sudden, I received a negative trust out of no where from DannyHamilton

and I believe the reason he give me the negative trust is simply because he's believe my services has conflict with his interest,

I am very sure that trust system weren't mean for that,

It's a free market, I put much effort into planning this business, talk and negotiate with many many people from China BTC scene, utilizing connections I've spent years to built, to finally able to provide this services at a competitive price, I don't see what I did deserve those unfair negative feedback.


I've just sent a pm to him, hopefully this is just a misunderstanding
9  Economy / Marketplace / Who's paying for transaction fees in Loan? on: June 01, 2017, 02:03:04 PM
I've had some coins sitting in my wallet, and think if I can grow by making some interest by lending them,
however due to the recent rise of transaction fees, sending $5 is like sending $6 sometimes more,
who's going to be responsible for the fees?

What's the standard practice on this?

Thanks for answering
10  Economy / Exchanges / ❗WARNING❗ DO NOT DEPOSIT TO POLONIEX, AT LEAST NOT NOW! on: June 01, 2017, 06:40:57 AM
I do not care if you're the one had no problems, at least the fact is there's people having problem with them.

I've been their user since 2016, back then I do not need to supply any ID for deposit/withdrawals.
Yesterday when I made my withdrawals from my account it seems like it's not being processed for more than a day!

They're not replying support ticket as well, if you check out trollbox, you'll see tons of people asking about their withdrawals!

Besides more topic about it can be found here,
...and many more!

I've heard many explanations and excuses from them, such as their support are having big influx of tickets, and they're unable to process them in time.

They're the one who operate their business, that's their mistake for unable to efficiently operate the business, thus there's no point of giving such excuses to us,
plus most of the people are depending on the withdrawal to pay their bills, repay their loan, do you think their lenders accept such excuses?

For anyone still going to deposit or trade altcoins, especially new user that recently register, I'm here to warn you that you might need to wait weeks before you can withdraw.
11  Economy / Service Announcements / [WTS] Transaction Stuck? Best Bitcoin transaction accelerator here! PUSHTX! on: May 27, 2017, 01:13:58 AM
I'm porting this thread from since this section meant to announce service.

This services started when a few wanted to speedup their transaction on but unable to do so because they do not accept most payment.
After offering my services to a few of the people in the telegram group (@btccom), and delivering them services successfully,
I feel like I should offer this to everyone, in exchange for a fee, and make sure client is satisfied.

Estimate charge:  (We do discount based on their price)(Minimum will be $7)
Info: Most transaction will be confirmed within 2~4hours based on my past experience
Refund: If your transaction is not confirmed within 12 hours, we will fully refund to you (the original Bitcoin amount.)

Contact me @

Vouch given & delivered to Loan Shark at
2197 Bytes with 30.096 sat/B , confirmed after about 3~4 hours.

Tips to prevent stuck in future.
Always use the suggested fees at this website, or something close,
If you do not know how to set custom fees or something, use wallet like Xapo that will do that for you.
12  Economy / Services / [WTS] Bitcoin Stuck? No Confirmations? Best Bitcoin Accelerator Here! PUSHTX 🚀 on: May 26, 2017, 04:53:16 PM
Transaction stuck? Tried free solution but none of them work? No worries, you've came to the right place!

Estimate charge: Depends on TX bytes size and the original fee (Minimum charge: $7)
Info: Most transaction will be confirmed within 2~4hours based on my past experience
Refund: If your transaction is not confirmed within 12 hours, we will fully refund to you (the original Bitcoin amount.)

Contact me @  or PM with your TXID

Vouch given & delivered to Loan Shark at #3 reply on this thread.
2197 Bytes with 30.096 sat/B , confirmed after about 3~4 hours.

Look what my client says  Grin

Awesome, thanks for the vouch.

Seems like he inserted it Antpool based on the tx he accelerated. Not sure if Antpool was offering this service and OP is just a reseller but still, I think it's legit. Though $12 seems a bit steep, but this is some kind of cure if you happen to make a mistake when putting fees. Like in real life, cures are expensive than prevention.

just used this service cyyap95. $7 for $3k transaction. great deal.


I had some Btc stuck (no confirmations for over 24 hours) and contacted this fine gentleman initially not expecting much and thinking i am in deep s***. He resolved it within the hour! Also he did not take payment until resolved. He is a star! I recommend him 10000%; people like this guy offer true service to the community.
Contacted this dude to confirm two transactions stuck since a week.
He said he's working on it
Will keep you updated guys
Wow, all four of my transactions that had been stuck for two days now have two confirmations in under an hour since I paid cyyap95!

Amazing service!   Cool

Just after I'd posted that message above, I clicked the link and saw the confirmations.  I thought for a moment that I'd posted the wrong link.  I figured it would take a few hours at minimum.  

Here are all four (now with 3 confirms):

By comparison, this other one that went through fine on 5/25, when it was originally placed, now has 328 confirmations:

Thank you, cyyap95!  I will recommend your service to others.
I just contacted this dude with Telegram web,,

I had a transaction that had been stuck since May 24th

Here: c2c0e70609451ff127ed68d52d66b5269e29ca54ec459656960e8eae64836b88

about $400

Right after paying a $7 fee,, about 15 minutes later I now see 1 confirmation.

Totally worth the $7

Thanks man!
Had a transaction stuck:

communicated via Telegram, got an address where to pay, and after payment within 25 minutes my transaction was confirmed.

Especially recommended in case you're stuck and post-mortem advice to put a larger fee is.... well... as good as any post-mortem advice Smiley))
 Agree with the guy above me - totally worth the 7$


Tips to prevent stuck in future.
Always use the suggested fees at this website, or something close,
If you do not know how to set custom fees or something, use wallet like Xapo that will do that for you.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / How long does it takes to get this transaction confirmed ? Double Spend ? on: February 17, 2016, 12:40:04 AM
I sold something for 6BTC, and here's the bitcoin payment that he sent me,

Upon checking it's input, there's 2 different output, but both sending me unconfirmed input,
and the unconfirmed input has been there since 8 hours ago, so it's that possible gonna take days to have this tx confirmed ?

And what's the possibilities of double spend ?
14  Economy / Currency exchange / [SOLD] 0.1BTC to Skrill on: February 05, 2016, 09:19:09 PM
15  Economy / Currency exchange / Bitcoin <=> Malaysia Ringgit (Bank Transfer) | CLOSED on: February 03, 2016, 05:28:29 AM
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