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1  Economy / Computer hardware / delete on: October 26, 2014, 12:31:50 AM
2  Economy / Games and rounds / delete on: October 25, 2014, 02:40:30 PM
3  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] 3 KNC Jups 3th/s and 6x1th/s dragon units in USA Gauging Interest (if any) on: October 06, 2014, 01:31:18 AM
Just wondering if anyone would be interested in buying these? Escrow not a problem...buyer pays fees

1 Oct. Jup 2 mods are 4 vrms and 2 mods are 8 vrms hashes around OC’d at 680gh/s

1 Oct Jup all 4 mods 8 vrms and hashes around OC”d 730gh/s…if you don’t know you can push 8 vrms units farther while still being easy to cool

1 Nov 6 mod unit OC’d around 1.4th/s but 1 module is only alittle wonky…scratched the bottom of the module on something and has some cores off now but still a rock solid unit

all units have been stable for months and been kept around 60c or less, even with oc…extra fans/heatsinks…i do not have these units in the cases anymore, but still have the case if you want them…shipping would be cheaper w/o it thou…I have the modules raised up with some motherboard standoffs for cooling off the bottom of the pcb board…this has helped alot…
I’ll throw in the extra fans and heatsinks for free…and no those little copper heatsinks aren’t cheap :p when your buying like 50 of them…if you want the PSU’s to power them that will be extra an charge for that..

I have 3 EVGA 1300w and 1 1000w courgar psu (i think) powering them all

As for price, I was thinking around 2 months mining ROI sound good? 3th/s right now make 1.32 btc a month x 2 = 2.64 plus shipping I’d say that is a pretty good deal

If you don’t want the cases, It will dramaticlly drop the weigh and save you alot of money on shipping…not kidding here those cases are heavy and i can probably fit all the modules/fans and psu’s if bought into one big box with tons of peanuts/bubble wrap but some assembly will be required, I’ll take the heatsinks off, just to make sure nothing gets damaged in shipping

Pictures available on request

but if nobody wants it no big deal i’ll just keep mining with it, won’t hurt me none, I’ve already made my ROI on it and been in da green for awhile now, just thought someone out there might wanna start mining with it

Also have 6th/s hosted in China…they are 1th/s dragon miners hosting fee is 120 a mth for 4 units and 160 a mth for 2…hosted there for a few months now and the guy is trustworthy hosting them…haven’t had a problem with them, you can also pay 200 to have it shipped to you at anytime if anyone is interested in these as well…1btc each

also have about 75mh/s scrypt miners hosted in canada if anyone is interested in those as well…1 thunder 2 bw’s 3 oc’d blades and 1 fury but idk if i wanna sell those thou, i doubt i’ll get anywhere near ROI for them
4  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 2 Oct. 8vrm modules w/ heatsink n cable on: June 29, 2014, 04:00:49 AM
Looking for 2 oct. 8vrm modules and heatsink with 2 long cables...trying to pay around .2btc each...also have 2 5 chip gridseed i could throw in too...Escrow'd of course...PM me...if you have 4vrm i'd consider it but i'd pay less as you can't oc those very much...

Still looking for Nov. Jup units as well...
5  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Nov Jups or saturns or mercs or 8vrm oct jups on: May 25, 2014, 04:18:18 PM
PM me or post here, Your bottom asking price, i don't like to haggle...If its good on ROI then i'll probably buy it from ya, Escrow with ognasty or danny a must..shipping to 54902..prefer usa unless your willing to pay for shipping cause that is expensive...unless ya want to take everything outta case as i don't need the case but i need all fans, heatsinks, boards n controller...
Also must come with good psu
6  Bitcoin / Group buys / [OPEN] 10 TH/S of Bitfury 48 H-Board Rigs, Available Now!! 80/100 left on: May 12, 2014, 01:41:23 AM
Going to try and start a GB for this thread: this is to gauge interest if we can get this done...Would be escrowed through Danny Hamilton, If he accepts to do this, I pm'd him and if not, I'll find another escrower with rep to do this through so no coins would go to me at start and if we don't get enough escrower will release the funds back to everyone Danny said he'd escrow. Here is Danny Hamilton profile:;u=60820

Equipment would be hosted at where ever Bargraphics has them at now...As for shares, I'm thinking 100 shares to make is easy as possible for math, each share would be worth 100 gh/s and he wants $2.00 a gh/s would be $227 a share, so that would be around .435 btc a share at current btc/usd price...Hosting is $27 per share and added into price

New: After hosting is done, we could opt to move it up here to WI where i will have a spot for it as i'm currently working on opening a small hosting center...but it would be 100% voted on whether that would happen or not...would be cheaper then paying hosting, cause we would only have to pay for power and it would be at a commercial rate...hopefully, guy hasn't gotten back to me yet on rate...

Why you should trust me?

I'll give Danny Hamilton all my info to verify and keep, I want this to work and will buy a few shares myself...I was a part of Soniq CT GB that ended horrific Sad I don't know what he did to make it so hard or fail so bad, but how hard could it be to have equipment mine and send out payments? I have some trust on here and want to try my hand in managing a GB.
- 100% positive feedback at eBay


- 100 shares at ?? (to be determined if enough interest is shown)  BTC are available
- Each share entitles the owner to 1/100th of the BTC proceeds from the Bitfury mining 24/7 till no longer profitable or sold (less expenses and management fees) Would be voted on too..
- management fees are 1 % of BTC mined before  expenses are deducted.(expenses include but are not limited too, hosting, repairs, shipping, taxes) to start, subject to change but never more then 5% depending on how much work this really entails...
- payment will be made to the address of the share-holder weekly basis
- miners will be hosted at data hosting center of OP choice
- Pool will probably be Eligius
- Shares will be transferable once the GB has started, Make sure to use a btc address you can sign msg from as this will be used to prove you own the shares.

To purchase shares:

For now lets see how many ppl are on board...if this goes great, maybe we can increase to 20th/s or maybe even the whole 30th/s...

If I have forgotten anything or you require more info etc. Please feel free to ask/post in this thread.

EDIT: to update price
EDIT2: to update price
7  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Oct. Jup. 725gh/s oc'd on: May 03, 2014, 09:36:20 PM
Gauging intrest in this jup...I really need at least 3.5btc for it, willing to escrow, Shipping from WI, USA to USA ups ground unless you want to pay extra for faster shipping, would ship international but then you pay all shipping, No psu...can provide pics with name on paper if need or screenshots of miner info...

8  Economy / Services / 3.75 BTC Reward For Finding this scammer... on: January 21, 2014, 12:40:14 AM

yep i know its a shot in the dark...have no clue if this is even possible, but with my luck i doubt it...but worth a shot..So anyone with the know how to do it I'll give you half the btc scammed from me if you can find him and recover the btc Thxs Smiley
9  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] KNC module on: November 16, 2013, 02:52:55 AM
if you have one your looking to sell...send me a pm with what price range your looking to sell at...I'd like to get ROI on it so nothing crazy plz Smiley in USA

I can pay either BTC or paypal...i have bought n sold on here a few times so no worries from me...but BTC will require escrow from dannyhamilton...
10  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] 7 GPU'S and 1 mobo/cpu/ram combo and 1 860w psu on: June 15, 2013, 05:00:09 AM
I have for sale:

1 7970 sapphire $330 Stable 1100mhz @ 1.113 660mh/s my best miner card
1 7970 powercolor $340 Just back from RMA, only been mining on it 2 weeks

1 6990 diamond $400 Has accelero twin fan on it, also come with original hsf
1 5970 ati both cores stable mining at 800mhz...not game tested...New fan $375
1 5870 sapphire $125 has accelero triple fan...i put a tiny dab of superglub on the thermal pads for the mem ram heatsinks..i dunno if it'll come off or not but i'll include the original hsf..but the fan on that sounds bad...
1 5870 HIS $100 bought off ebay...mines stable @ 975mhz...not game tested
1 5850 powercolor i think mines stable @ 990mhz core 1.15vddc 65c also not game tested and the person i bought from said the fan was weak but at a 230mhz OC and 65c temp i don't think it is weak..
1 5770 $40 OEM dell mines at 200mh/s not game tested

Broken cards:

1 6990 diamond $130 powers on, fan spins, no video
2 6850 ATI...does the same as card above...make offer

1 mobo/cpu/1gb ram combo $50 4 slot pcie board with a sempron amd cpu...I think the 3rd pcie is going out but not sure

1 bronze or gold 860w solid power psu...i'll check what it is and edit this...

Prices are not firm so make a offer if you want but no low balling either Smiley I will accept btc and escrow is welcome but you pay any fees and i must trust the escrow person. Also might be willing to take paypal if you buy more then one item...I will take care of shipping via USPS and will be insured...Shipping to US 48 states...willing to ship internationally but you'd have to cover the full cost...All sales finale/AS IS

Any question feel free to ask away...will also be updating with pictures soon

The 7970's might be spoken for already and will update if deal falls threw...
11  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB-US] Mobo/Cpu/Ram and a silver or better PSU 850w+ on: February 09, 2013, 01:26:20 PM
I'm looking to buy a mobo with at least 4 pcie-x16 slots, cpu can be the cheapest, and 1 stick of ram...and a psu 850w+ silver+ all as a combo deal...msg me here or PM me...PM would be faster. Also I'm currently able to pay with paypal only as i don't have that much btc...but my paypal is verified and i have done a trade with someone else using paypal so if you need his name just ask...Thanks...CONTUS only...I could pay for shipping with BTC if that helps...

Also willing to do a deal for just a mobo/cpu/ram...or just mobo/cpu with hsf if it takes DDR3...come on people...i thought this would be a quick sale with asic's coming out...
12  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] ATI AMD 7770 on: January 27, 2013, 07:01:44 AM
I'd like to sell my 7770 for 140 shipped...It is fully working and hasn't been mining for too 4 days. Fan is nice and quiet.

BTC only and willing to escrow if you pay the escrow fee if there is any...CONUS unless your willing to pay extra for shipping...

Info on the card can be found at
13  Other / Beginners & Help / card died saving other vid cards as donor :D on: December 30, 2012, 04:59:03 PM
Ya i know it won't be much mh/s but it already artifacts so why not try and squeeze some more life outta it but i just can't seem to get it to boot into win7...should i try XP? I hope linux isn't the answer because i have no clue how to use it...Ok so it'll boot to bios just fine..and when i switch it in from a working video'll boot to win7 but then update drivers and want to restart...then once win7 trying to boot it'll bsod...i can boot to safe mode and delete the driver and have tryed a few drivers but upon restart all i get is a bsod...Thanks for any help...I also tryed putting it in my 3rd pcie slot as my first vid takes up 3 slots and it'll bsod too...
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