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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [ANN] First Ethereum ASIC Miners, by LightMiner Ltd on: April 28, 2016, 11:15:08 AM
We, Lightminer is proud to introduce our first ASIC miner for Ethereum and Dagger altcoins.
Currently we are offering two unit, Z01 and Z02 to the market.

The main problem of mining right now its the exponential difficulty increment over time and slow ROI. We are currently offering limited units to be sold. Shipping are expected on 9th May, we will keep all orders updated.

The Z01 and Z02 are our initial units, we did not have enough time to design a much higher end product as we planned. The next generation, Z03 prototyping is expected to finish on next month and we can begin rollout on late June/early July. The units consume power lesser than typical GPU mining operation, consume only 10~20%. Not to mention that unwanted generated heat are a lot lesser.
2  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] your $500 BTC with my $600 amazon gift card on: March 24, 2016, 04:17:05 PM
As title. I'm having a $600 unused amazon gift card.. looking for a trade on BTC.

The rate for BTC will be following on bitfinex's last sell.

Drop me a pm if you're interested.
thanks!  Cheesy
3  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] Samall Amount of Bitcoin with PP on: February 02, 2014, 07:42:37 AM
Title Says it all, Someone be an amazing human being and help me out Smiley

Contact info:
BTC4Amazon On Skype/Kik/Gmail
4  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS]3x5970 mining rig for Best Offer{SOLD] on: January 31, 2014, 05:49:14 PM
Had my motor blow got a new one, the new one was bad spent all of my savings and am digging ymself in debt so selling my last major thing of monetary value to try and get me back on my feet. Best reasonable offer gets it if there is any actual interest I'll go take a picture of it its running litecoin bamt currently.

Escrow&Alt Coins accepted
5  Economy / Goods / Selling Silver @ Spot on: January 28, 2014, 06:21:32 AM
Selling 3 oz of silver at spot, You pay shipping, You choose shipping.

It's simple looking to buy a few things for bitcoins tonight so I'm asking someone to take the risk and pay me upfront I'll keep you updated with pictures through each step of the process.
Trying to make an honest deal, If your willing to take the "risk" its a great deal fro you get some silver at great prices.

Post here or PM me with any questions please, Really wanna make this happen within the hour!

Pics Silver with a bubble mailer waiting to go!

Also have some gold plated silver as well if anyone is interested in that

6  Economy / Digital goods / Selling Gift Cards @ 80% of Face Value Alt Coins Accepted on: January 16, 2014, 02:39:50 PM
Barnes And Noble : $30 for 24USD@ Preev
                                $25 for 20USD@ Preev
Lowes                    : $5   for 4USD@ Preev
Sears/Kmart           :$6.24 for 4.99USD@ Preev
Pac Sun                  :$50 for 40USD@ Preev
Regal Cinema        :$20 for 16USD@ Preev
Vanilla Gift             :$15 for 12USD@Preev
AmEx Gift               :$24.38 for 19.5USD@Preev
Amazon                   :150 for 120 USD @ Preev

All Prices above are for me to PM you the gift card information, If you would like the physical Card A postage fee will be applied for your prefered method of Postage(Anything from 0.49 for a stamp to FedEx with insurance)

Post here PM me or Skype me BTC4Amazon on skype,

Willing to Escrow
Willing to take alt coins

7  Economy / Lending / Requesting 15$ Loan on: January 15, 2014, 05:29:57 PM
Requesting 15$ Loan for 1 day repay $20 no collateral, come on its 15$ I'll be getting some coins in within 24 hours just looking for a little bit of money to put into cryptsy to withdrawl my tiny amounts of multiple altcoins until then.

This will be up for 24 hours if nobody is willing it will be locked after that.
Thanks to any serious inquiries
8  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] BTC 4 PP Cash Deposit MP WU possibly others on: January 10, 2014, 09:09:42 AM
Fees: (All at Gox Last)
PP 15% Fee
MP 15% fee
Cash Deposit @ Wells Fargo 0% Fee
Western Union 2% Fee

Ask about others

Edit: I will Cover Escrow Fees of 2% or less with a mutually agreed on escrow agent.

Pre-Agreed upon Escrow Agents:
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Fastest way to get Alt-Coins with Cash on: January 07, 2014, 06:31:45 AM
I am now offering to procure any Alt-Coin available on Cryptsy with the following Payment Methods:

Cash Deposit-   Wells Fargo
               Sun Trust
              Bank of America(Coming Soon)
Cash In Mail
Western Union
Instant Bank Transfers-Wells Fargo
Money Order
Gift Card-   Walmart
      Ask About Others

Coming Soon:
Vanilla Reload
Paypal(Restrictions will Apply)
Dwolla(Restrictions will Apply)
Maybe Even More if this takes off

Escrow Will be available Through any mutually Agreed upon Escrow Agent

Please Ask Any Question you may have

10  Economy / Lending / 0.05 BTC Loan to be repaid when Coins arrive from coinbase on: December 11, 2013, 07:05:53 AM
I bought 0.3 BTC from coinbase but have to wait 4 days
I would like 0.05 of them now and can repay them on the 16th when i get my coins from coinbase.

Up to any decent amount of interest/verification methods to prove I am me.

Thanks in advanced
11  Economy / Currency exchange / Risk Free Bitcoin Holding on: December 10, 2013, 07:08:57 AM
I'm currently creating a service that takes teh risk out of holding Bitcoins.

You can sell my website(in beta) your Bitcoins for a USPS Money Order, 1 ozt Canadian Silver Maples or 1ozt Canadian Gold Maples.
You will receive your moneys worth of a Money Order, silver or gold along with a Certificate for your number of bitcoins(BitVoucher) via USPS.

  • What if the Price of Bitcoin Drops?
    Good thing you already cashed out your bitcoins
  • What if the Price of Bitcoin Soars?
    Good Thing you have the BitVoucher that can be returned (along with your tangible items) to us by mail and redeemed for bitcoin at any time(within 6 months of original order)

What if you try scamming us?

You already have the money in your hands, if you feel we are untrustworthy any time in the future simply don't send the Money Order or bullion back to us.

What is your fee?
We charge 5% plus the cost of shipping as well as any applicable fees for the money order

How can you guarantee this?
Well to begin with we charge a fee anyway which covers a 5% increase in bitcoin price, but also all the funds that are gained go directly to trading bots on all of the major exchanges. These bots make low risk, yet highly profitable trades, allowing our bankroll to increase and guarantee your Bitvouchers

So now that, that is all out of the way the point in my post is I'm looking for 10 Beta Testers for the site. You will receive a 20-50 order credit (Depending on amount ordered for instance a 100$ order would actually be a 120$ order)

So if 10 forum members that are in good standing could please post here or PM me I would love to get started on the beta.

Also feel free to ask any questions,
12  Economy / Service Announcements / [ANN] Buy Bitcoins With Credit Card and Possibly Paypal on: November 04, 2013, 04:50:31 PM
Hello one and all,
After doing some work and working on an overhaul to the original BTC4Amazon website(Should be published soon for all to see) We are attempting to make a quick and easy exchange possible for Credit Cards and Paypal alike.

Credit Cards
You can buy Virtual BTC4Amazon GC's that can be turned into BTC or LTC at any time stock is available.
There Will be a 10% Fee and Orders up to $200 when we first launch.

You can buy Physical BTC4Amazon GC's That can be turned into BTC or LTC any time stock is available.
There will be a 10% Fee Plus shipping(Can be as fast or as slow as you want it) and ordrs up to $100 when we first launch.

Site should be live and usable within the next week just trying to build up some interest in it.

13  Other / Beginners & Help / Giving away $4 worth of bitcoins on: October 30, 2013, 07:14:04 AM
So did this a while ago but I'm back now to do it again.

It's Simple, Giving a free "Satoshi's" to anyone who is interested. I prefer you to be newer people just trying to get started in bitcoin, but I'm not going to kill you if your not.

Choose a Number between 1 and 100 (See available numbers in Following Post)  (1 number per person please)

This topic is self moderated so I will not tolerate crap replies.

If you happen to have a few extra satoshi's and want to add to the charity (Will be giving this away in  increments send to 1GtKyqP49X3oyFEuZ4619YjSYQ8vsjTrqR)
Awesome People who have donated to the fund!!!!

Once all 100 numbers are chosen I will use number generator twice. The First one will decide the number of Satoshi's you win(See pot Below). The Second will choose the winners number and who ever wins wins. I will screenleap it as well.

Current Pot Possible: 1,251,049 Satoshi and may go up by time of drawing.

Good Luck

See Reserve Post for up to Date info
14  Other / Beginners & Help / [moved] on: October 30, 2013, 07:06:28 AM
Didn;t relf moderate on accident actual giveaway located
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / AltCoin Raffle for Silver on: May 02, 2013, 03:47:50 AM
Giving you a chance to get a Brand New Canadian Silver Eagle straight from Coinabul in BU conition
It's simple post here that you would like a ticket. You will receive a litecoin address to deposit 1 Litecoin.
Once you do you choose an available number between 1 and 11.
Once all 11 tickets are sold I will host a drawing from over screenleap like I do in my newbie giveaway

This is a trial if this works out I may have bigger and better prizes. But lets see if there is any interest for this now.


EDIT: Now Accepting LTC FC and CHNC
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [ANN] 1 Block Reward for CHNcoin help on: May 01, 2013, 10:31:56 PM
I need someone to walk em through mining like I'm 5. I have mined some bitcoin but that was straight forward I am having difficulty with this new Coin and will give the first block I get to the person that tells me step by step how to do it.

It's that straight forward.

I would prefer to use BAMT, but thats not a must. I can also run a USB stick of Ubuntu.
17  Economy / Goods / Clothes, Any interest at all? on: April 29, 2013, 04:13:48 AM
I know there have been a lot of different Bitcoin clothing providers over the years but as I have recently acquired a screen printer and have the ability to make custom shirts. I was wondering if anybody had any shirts they would want, or anything. Just want to know if there is anything you have been looking for that you havenít found yet.
I would offer both wholesale and retail prices depending on quantity and such.

Let me know


P.S. a note saying this part of the bitcoin world is all washed up is welcome s well
18  Economy / Auctions / Ad Space [no reserve] on: April 27, 2013, 07:07:26 AM
I am in the process of creating a bitcoin give away site, to help new comers get some satoshis in their wallets. Of course it will require add space.

I am selling 10 add spots at this time for auction with no reserve. Since I have no working product I will not require payment until launch of site. But I will say all bids are final. If you post here and bid I ask that you do not retract bid. If financial difficulties arise a pm explaining this will suffice.

So add space is as follows

Bids in the form of
3*160 @.01
Refers to 3 ad spaces of the size 160x600 for a total of .03 btc NOT .01 btc total

Will try to keep bid leaders up to date.

Auction ends in 24 hours ish
10 o clock est Monday
19  Other / Beginners & Help / More Than Bitcoin on: April 26, 2013, 02:39:16 AM
So recently I have seen a lot of newbies completely oblivious to the fact that there is anything other than Bitcoins out there, so I thought I would quote a sticky from the Altcoin forum until they are able to get out and post there.

This is a reference and the following is not my work:
Couldnt find a list, so I made one.  [version 24.04.2013] available at


-BTC Bitcoin -  first, strongest, most accepted, most mined, high volume market, a true currency
-LTC Litecoin -  second only to BTC , faster than BTC, Smaller efficiency gap between GPUs and CPUs , ASIC-hostile
-NMC Namecoin merged mined with BTC, used for alternative p2p domain system
-PPC PPcoin   Proof Of Stake [very innovative, low energy ] , compatibile with BTC miners


-TRC Terracoin based on BTC, fast difficulty adjustment, initialy flaved but corrected
-DVC Devcoin merged mined with BTC, 90% of generation goes to foundation, 10% to miners
-IXC IxCoin merged mined with BTC,  premined 580k coins but still alive
-NVC NovaCoin -  scrypt hashing[like LTC] , proof of stake [like PPC] , controversial start
-FRC Freicoin - back alive. 4.89% anual demurrage. for the first 3 years 80% block subsidy goes to foundation, 20% to miners


-BTE Bytecoin- the 1:1 bitcoin copy, nothing changed. extremally high starting hype/hashrate.
-BBQ BBQCoin- forgotten after 51% attack on launch, now revived and active. super fast version of LTC.
-MNC Mincoin- similar to BBQ, but very bad launch giving 10% of all coins to insiders.
-FC FeatherCoin- LTC clone with 4x more coins. welcomed by community with big hashrate and superb reception.


-LQC Liquidcoin made to be very fast at constant difficulty, dead [pool closed, exchange closed]
-SC Solidcoin - dying (10-20% fee), designed to improove IxCoin, hard to be neutral on this one, 1.0 was a premine scam, 2.0 says BTC is pyramid scheme.
-GG Geist Geld experiment on BTC algorithm, how fast can it go? just for sience.
-TBX Tenebrix great idea of cpu-friendly mining with scrypt, but premined with 7.7milion coins - alive but little support due to premining
-FBX Fairbrix - Tenebrix without the premine, bad launch,  alive but little support.
-I0C I0coin - ixcoin without the premine. Dead
-CLC Coiledcoin - some nice ideas, but killed in 51% attack
-RUC Rucoin - copy of bitcoin, only difference is that it was developed in russian not english.than reborn much different, not confirmed if it is the same blockchain,  both scrypt[like LTC] and sha256d , nice client !warning! not opensource ! dying again
-TimeKoin - PHP webbased coin, alive but not used or traded.
-Beertokens -abitious [impossible?] try to stabilize price against commodity.
-MMM MMMcoin - Dead coin by notorious scamer SPMavrodi, named "yes we can" "my mozem mnogoye"


eCash historical try for digital curency by David Chaum, operational but died.
DigiCash was the company that made eCash . Possibly where Bitcoin came from.
Ripples (XRP) - , no mining - all coins available at start 80% foundation, and 20% develeopers. centralized, not opensource. not designed to be a currency, but an IOU exchange. Very innovative and usefull, but "not a coin"
Amazon Coin - centralized private scrip launched by Amazon and pegged to USD, not cryptographic at all, just a name.
WEEDS never realy active and now dead -
Groupcoin - still alive but never realy active
Opencoin - opensource version of digicash, , not launched yet
RealPay  100% coins at start, centralized, never realy launched ,site is dead;topic=62565.0
Qubic coins are produced at the rate determined by quorum of miners, not set by developers. Never launched.
Swiftcoin company operated, centralized and pegged, not opensource

-------------------------------------end of list------------------------------------------------------

More information :

BTC Bitcoin -
 blocks every 10 min, 21 million coins will be available, difficulty adjustment 2016 blocks, hashing algorithm double-SHA-256, initial reward 50 coins
LTC Litecoin - ;
 blocks every 2.5 min, 82 million coins will be available, difficulty adjustment 2016 blocks, hashing algorithm scrypt  Reward 50coins per block
NMC Namecoin - ;
 hashing algorithm double-SHA-256 Reward 50 coins per block
PPC PPcoin - ;
 blocks every 10 min, difficulty adjustment each block, hashing SHA-256
DVC Devcoin -
 blocks every 10 min, constant generation coins will be available, difficulty adjustment 2016 blocks, hashing algorithm double-SHA-256 Reward 50,000 coins per block,
TRC  Terracoin -
 blocks every 2 minutes, 42 million coins will be available, difficulty adjustment 30 blocks, hashing algorithm SHA-256 Reward 20 coins per block
NovaCoin - had a controversial half-stealth launch,  premined 110k were destroyed,  still considered a scam by  topic difficulty adjustment each block, hashing algorithm scrypt
FRC  Freicoin - ;
 10 minutes block, difficulty retargeting every 2016 blocks,
IXC Ixcoin -
 blocks every 10 min, 21 million coins will be available, difficulty adjustment 2016 blocks, Reward 96 coins per block

Bytecoin nice start with binaries available and no premine. may be a aprill fool's joke, but welcomed to comunity with big hashes. [future]
BBQ BBQCoin - ,
 retarget every 60 blocks, 42 BQC reward, block every minute.
-MNC Mincoin- ,
reward of ~1 milion coins on start , than 2 coins per block. block every minute.
-FC FeatherCoin-
reward 200 coins, retarget 4064 blocks,  total of 336 million coins

LQC Liquidcoin -
 blocks every 10 minutes, no cap on coin supply, Constant difficulty of 0.5, Coin reward drops over time to a minimum of 1 coin
Qubic -
SC Solidcoin - ;
GG Geist Geld - ;
TBX Tenebrix - ;
FBX Fairbrix - ;
I0C I0coin - ;
CLC Coiledcoin -
RUC Rucoin -
difficulty adjustment 72 blocks, hashing algorithm SHA-256d and scrypt, Reward 50 coins per block
TimeKoin - -
-Beertokens -
MMM MMMcoin - site is dead ; 30s between blocks, retarget every 1440 blocks. 0.01 coin block reward, fees "shredder" feature, 51% protection. Abandoned by developers

--------------------------------Chronological list by Sunny King----------------------------------------------

Name       Symbol  Release   Author           
bitcoin       BTC     2009/01   satoshi         
namecoin   NMC     2011/04   vinced           
multicoin              2011/06   sacarlson
devcoin     DVC     2011/08   Unthinkingbit
ixcoin        IXC      2011/08   Nasakioto
solidcoin    SC       2011/08   CoinHunter
geist geld   GG      2011/09   Lolcust
tenebrix    TBX      2011/09   ArtForz, Lolcust 
rucoin       RUC     2011/10
fairbrix      FBX      2011/10   coblee
litecoin      LTC     2011/10   coblee
coiledcoin  CLC     2012/01   makomk
liquidcoin   LQC     2012/01   Nicksasa
timekoin              2012/06   knightmb
bbqcoin               2012/07   Cubox
ppcoin       PPC    2012/08   Sunny King     
qubic                  2012/09   Come-from-Beyond
terracoin   TRC     2012/10
freicoin      FRC     2012/12   maaku, jtimon
ripple        XRP     2013/01   jed/OpenCoin
novacoin   NVC     2013/02   Balthazar
bytecoin    BTE     2013/04   Maria 2.0
mincoin      MNC    2013/04
feathercoin  FC     2013/04   bushstar

Timeline list origin :

Corrections / additions are welcome.
If You find any information or categorization here hurtfull, unjust or wrong for any coin, please correct me.
 thx for input : FuzzyBear , Sunny King, Balthazar ,DannyM , ripper234 and others

20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / AltCoin Exchange on: April 26, 2013, 12:51:18 AM
As I am interested in the aspects of all alt coins I am willing to offer people a way to cash out on all popular alt coins a number of ways.
I will also be selling a select number of these coins for re-sale afterwords for various forms of payment.
I will list them in order by Fee: (Please note fee may be slightly different for less popular alt coins and amounts purchased)
Gift Cards -10% Fee
Almost always in stock~
Ask for others

Cash in Mail 1% Fee

Get a USPS Delivered Package with US Currency
Silver Maples/Eagles 2% fee above cost

May be interested in others if this proves to be something that people utilize.

Will update with a list of Alt Coins for sale when some are available.

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