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1  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] TitanMint 1BTC "Goldine" on: December 30, 2020, 03:12:34 AM
Looking to find the value of a Titan Mint 1BTC (loaded) "Goldine" coin, with Private Key included (not the 2FA version).

I don't see these selling often, and doubt they will get much premium in comparison to the risks of shipping a loaded coin from canada. I'm open to offers if anyone would do >1.20BTC for the coin or a compelling alternative.

Will post pics in coming day(s). Coin is "mint condition" in original capsule w/ drawstring bag and Titan certificate of auhenticity.
2  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] 1.0BTC gold/silver 1oz 2013 Casascius & mint-condition bearer bar on: July 10, 2018, 02:34:24 AM
Items located in Canada, will ship within Canada+USA

#1: 2013 1BTC Casascius "Gilt" 1oz Silver Coin (1Ag6 Series).
Excellent condition, kept in airtite since day1 (but will likely remove briefly for photography purposes)
Asking: 1.45 BTC

#2: 2013/2014(?) Casascius "Bearer Bar" (Unfunded, Private Key)
Mint condition, in original plastic wrapping and manilla envelope.
Priv-key version, rather than 2FA
Asking: 0.85 BTC

The market for casascius coins seems a bit thin at the moment, and im in no particular rush to sell this without feeling its a good deal - so feel free to make offers or discuss what enables a precious metals coin to be worth [arbitrarily] far more than its weight in gold.

I will make efforts to upload at least some low-quality photos this week if I cant get the time to commit a full DSLR photo session with some proper lighting (Its an art to get the hologram and the polished silver to both look amazing at the same time)

AS OF 2020-11-05, these two coins are still available for sale!
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Does Eligius Pool pay out to Segwit Adresses? ('3...' format) on: January 06, 2018, 08:44:24 PM
A friend has been mining there blindly for about 3 weeks now using an S9 (so expecting about 0.04BTC) but there have been no payouts and the stats page is down (replaced by a slightly confusing post about moving "hu" to "ra")

has eligius not paid me yet, or is it a problem that i used a segwit address (beginning in '3')?
4  Economy / Collectibles / SOLD: 2013 Casascius 1BTC silver/Gilt coin (FUNDED) - only one owner on: October 05, 2017, 07:46:00 PM
SOLDUp for sale is another gorgeous silver/gilt coin from my collection.

Its a 2013 gilded silver coin, one of 700 made (1Ag6 was actually the last series AFAIK), and in excellent condition. I was the first and only owner of the coin, and moved it directly into an airtite capsule using lab-grade nitrile gloves the day it arrived.

Ive attached images and a gif of the coin below, with multiple angles to demonstrate just how pristine it is. The coins been in the same airtite, locked in a safe, untouched for almost 4 years now. Any smudges or scratches are just the outside of the airtite,  as you can tell by comparing different angles of the coin

Im looking for 2.25 2.15  1.95 BTC    and

sorry about terrible image formatting, i know its atrociously large
5  Economy / Collectibles / Lealana 1LTC (2013, nickle?) pricing on: August 27, 2017, 05:38:59 PM
digging through some of my coins and came across lealana coins that are from one of the fist few batches (either 2013 or 2014), with serial numbers in the 600-700 range. i ignored them for a long time when litecoin was worth little, but with the resurgence i imagine they now have at least some value, maybe ~0.05BTC?
6  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS]: Variety of older hining hardware - Antminer s1 (PCB only), SPxx, BTCGar.. on: August 19, 2017, 04:16:36 PM
ive got a bunch of old gear that ive been holding onto for collector value, but need to free up a bit of space.

2x SP31, both with some chips disabled (16/30 and 21/30 functionality iirc). Will sell their functional PSUs included or seperately ($400, or $150 psu)

1x SP10, fully functioning when the included recovery sd in inserted. PSU included or available for seperate sale ($250, or $125 psu)

5x Antminer S1 - i recycled the heatsinks/fans/frames, so its just hashboards and controllers. Pencil modded for efficiency and totally functional if provided airflow.  Will sell as 2hashboards+contoller ($80), or hashboards individually ($40/ea)

1x BTCGarden (1.2TH) - 8 Hashboards and controllers (rpi) only, all fans/frame/heatsink were recycled. looking for $45/hashboard - these are pretty rare

most prices are open to some bartering as i know the market is pretty thin for this stuff. I can post pictures, but a quick google search of the hardware is probably more effective
7  Economy / Collectibles / SOLD: 2013 Casascius Gilt Gold/Silver 1.0 BTC coin [FUNDED, 1Ag6] on: March 04, 2017, 05:23:48 PM


Im putting one of my favorite coins up for sale or bid. Its the last set of gilded coins that were funded and sold by casascius. I wish the camera did it better justice, but you can see that its in mint condition within the slab*, mirror finish with no scratches or problems in the gold layer like seen on some other coins.

*coin was received directly from casascius, and I moved it immediately into the protective case while i wore lab-grade nitrile gloves. There isnt even a trace of finger grease because of how i handled the coin. The slab is not graded, so 'mint condition' is entirely subjective.

Blazed just sold a similar coin from the 1Ag4 series that was graded MS69 for 2.55BTC.  So I'm going to set my asking price at 2.6 BTC and will accept reasonable offers. offers of less than 2.2BTC will simply be ignored

coin is shipping from Toronto, Canada - insured tracked parcel to USA is not a problem. Escrow via any of the major providers is fine by me.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Is this a good onboard CPU/mobo for mining? ASRock N3050M on: December 03, 2016, 06:00:27 AM  (sorry, canadian link)

$85CAD, and as far as i can tell it would handle 3x GPU mining. (Pretty good considering that a celeron+6gpu mobo can run more than 2x that)
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / multi-algo switching software for linux/ubuntu? on: July 26, 2016, 12:45:47 AM
right now im using nicehash miner because it does a pretty good job of switching algorithms for me, but being in windows it has some limitations (such as not being able to run my gtx1070 for ethereum)

is there a comparable program for ubuntu?
10  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS: SP30, Sp31, SP10 units (Toronto/Montreal, Canada) on: July 26, 2016, 12:19:35 AM
looking to sell some hardware tat doesnt quite make money in my osting location anymore:

3x SP31 in great condition: asking $400/ea or 3/$1000
2x SP30 that have disabled chips (one is 17/30, other is 14/30 - PSUs in the units work fine): asking $300/ea or 2/$500
1x SP10 in great condition: asking $140
1x SP10 that needs to be flashed, boots okay from the uSD card: asking $110

Ideally this hardware is for local pickup in toronto, but pickup in montreal can be arranged if necessary. Shipping is possible but may be cost prohibitive, especially to outside canada.
11  Bitcoin / Hardware / how to scrap old miners (PCB, regulators, etc) on: May 13, 2016, 04:03:14 AM
the time has come when its painfully obvious that >1w/GH gear will never be useful again, and Ive got a bunch of S1 units and BE200-based boards lying around taking up space.

ive already stripped off aluminum frames and heatsinks for the scrap metal, and put the fans in thier own pile, but what about the PCBs?

Is there any real resale value for the individual parts such as inductors and regulators (mostly TPS53355 or similar)? Is it wort my time to serepate anyting in particular (or at all) before trying to get base scrap value on the copper PCBs?

I think as "collectors items" may still be the best price, and/or have considered desoldering BE200 chips for individual sale
12  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Various Miners, SP10, SP30, SP31, BTCGarden, S3: Toronto, Canada on: May 12, 2016, 03:35:35 PM
hey guys, trying to downsize my current setup since $0.12usd/kwh isnt really viable and ive got a bunch of stuff sitting idle unless bitcoin hits $800+ anytime soon. Items include:

SP10 (i have two of these, both work like new)
SP30 with 14/30 chips functional. It arrived in rough condition at 17/30 cores working. with the bad chips/loops disabled it works just fine at a reduced hashrate. recently at te 0.6-0.62v settings another 3 chips tend to work sometimes and fail BIST othertimes. at >0.63v they are stable though
SP31 with 23/30 chips functional. It arrived this way a year ago and has run fine at a reduced hashrate since, even at 0.60V for improved efficiency.
S3 (I have 6 of these)
BTC Garden 1200GH + RPi controller  (This is great if you have free power - its virtually silent due to the fact it has 8x120mm fans)

QBH Breakers: I have 1x QBH120, 2x QBH230, and 1xQBH320.
I also have a 3-phase L21-20 network-metered PDU that displays amperage draw and is meant for the QBH320 breaker. I even have the L21-20 outlet

I also have a bunch of miscellaneous stuff like C13-C14 wires, network switches, power supplies (600-1350W ATX gold units, as well as lots of 800-2000W server supplies), and L6-30 outlets+wire+breaker+PDUs

Im open to offers, and can combine multiple things for a discount. Ill even part stuff out if there is interest in the SP-XX power supplies.

location is Toronto, ON - just off the gardiner at the jameson exit. pickup preferred but delivery in the eastern GTA is possible

13  Economy / Collectibles / interest check: aluminum, steel, titanium cold storage cards (BIP38) on: April 29, 2016, 03:48:49 AM
Ive been able to find a producer capable of manufacturing high-quality cold sstorage options on business-card sized metal blanks (aluminum, titanium, or stainless steel) with a wide variety of colour/anodizing/engraving capabilities.

As with many things, there is a significant benefit to bulk purchasing custom work slots like this, to the extent of 50-60% cost reduction for even 1-off engravings

1-sided BIP38 cards (basic design, written address, private key, and QR code) range $3 for aluminum to $6 for titanium
2-sided cards are about $1/ea more
1-sided titanium would be about 5/$20, 10/$30, 20/$50, 50/$100.
basic shipping would be ~$5-10 depending how many cards are ordered
This is massively cheaper than anything else ive seen available, and if a group purchase reaches 100+ Another 10% could probably be saved.

If interested, please put desired number of cards, material, and number of unique designs. BIP38 is required so that your private keys are kept secure even if exposed during the manufacturing/engraving process.
14  Economy / Collectibles / Kialara Cold Storage 'Artwork' available in Toronto, Canada on: April 22, 2015, 01:09:49 AM
Putting this up because I have a few extra Kialara Cold Storage 'Artworks' available in Toronto, ON - including:
2014:              $140 USD
2015 Silver:     $135 USD
2015 Ceramic:  $125 USD

If you're interested in a Kialara but can't manage to buy the MOQ for international shipping, this could be ideal for you. PM me if interested. Shipping cost extra, local pickup might be possible
15  Bitcoin / Hardware / Need help with SP10 - not booting normally on: February 27, 2015, 11:36:06 PM
I just got a pair of Sp10 units and am having a lot of trouble getting either to boot.

I know that its supposed to take 3-5minutes for a cold boot, but after 15minutes they are still acting the same:

1) plugged in
2) psu fans turn on, system fans ramp to full for ~5seconds
3) system fans turn off, psu fan stays on
4) a few seconds later system fans come on for 5-10seconds, stop, then come on for a second or so before stopping again.
5) repeat as above. pretty much the entire time the green led on the front is flashing and the PSU led is solid. gives no ip address, same for my router and 'advanced ip scanner'.

any ideas?
16  Bitcoin / Mining support / I need an easy stratum proxy for the raspberry pi on: February 11, 2015, 04:08:31 AM
I just spent about two hours attempting to get a working raspbian install that has keyboard, ssh, and ethernet connection, and its driving me up the wall. I havent even got to the part where i need to get and install the proxy files

does anybody have an image of a working SD card with a stratum proxy functionality - or at least a fully-installed OS? installing from scratch in linux isnt my strong suit.
17  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] - Toronto/Montreal - Spondoolies-Tech SP31 units, shipped from colocation on: February 10, 2015, 07:59:48 PM
For sale:

I can supply SP31 units that are currently hosted in Montreal,QC for $1850 USD+shipping (cheaper if you want more than one). At low power these can be acceptable for home use, but anything over 75% PSU load they start getting loud. (at about 65% load they are similar to an SP20 at 20-25% fan speed)

I can probably even sell the colocation slot to you (you buy the miner and take over the colocation (its about $100/kw/month + tax))

2/$3600 ($1800 ea)
4/$7100 ($1750 ea)
7/$11,900 ($1700 ea)
prices are in USD
right now 7 units are available

Units ship from Montreal, and pickup in montreal or toronto can likely be arranged.

18  Bitcoin / Hardware / An Antminer S5 review by klondike_bar; the loud, affordable miner on: December 30, 2014, 05:35:49 PM
To preface this review, I have owned, operated, and over/underclocked S1, S2, S3, and S3+ hardware from Bitmain, as well as Bitfury, BTCGarden, SP10/SP31, and rockminer hardware. Bitmain asked me if I would like a demo unit of the S5 and I was happy to say yes, as it was an interesting piece of hardware with pre-conceived opinions.

I want to make this review focus on some of the details that others might not. I want to use the miner with a smaller PSU and focus on specific issues rather than waste time and text talking about things like efficiency and overclocking, as this information is already available from several other reviews and threads.

UNBOXING: This is a breeze. pretty much the exact same as an S3 unit; bubblewrap, 1 peice of tape, foam clamshell, beat-up cardboard box with staples keeping it securely sealed
SETUP: Again, a breeze. Plug in power, plug in ethernet, turn on. It uses DHCP this time and findes itself an address (in my case .135). Use an ip scanner to locate whaich ip it chose. in comparison the SP-tech hardware is very easy to find via
POWER: I am using a Corsair CS650M GOLD PSU. It has 2 paired PCIe cables (4 connectors total). I used one paired cable per blade of the miner.
MINING: Once connected the unit began mining. accessing the web interface with root/root as before presents the well-known interface and after entering my eligius credentials I have 1.17TH speed average over 20 minutes. This miner is easily capable of meeting spec right from the box, compared to the SP20 which only achieves spec in very cold environments.
NOISE: This is not an S3 - its much louder. The fans run at 100% for the first 10 seconds at boot, then tame down until the unit starts hashing and heats up. at that point, fans are up at 3600-3900 RPM (according to GUI) and loud. Sound is almost identical to a vaccuum cleaner, and sounds similar to a 1.3A rockminer fan or a wall of s1 units. noise quality isnt bad, its loud but not shrieking. A relatively loud vaccuum cleaner is the most accurate description.
OVER AND UNDER CLOCKING: Underclocking down as low as 225MHz was tried, with a linear adjustment in hashrate and temperatures reducing from 54C stock to 46C. Fan speed was reduced, but only by 600rpm, and is still too loud to conceive running in the same room as you work. Overclocking was tried to 362.5MHz and seemed to handle just fine. hashrates and temperature up slighty, fan noise stayed about the same as at 350MHz
BOARD TEMPERATURES: at stock speed and 20C ambient the readings are about 53C. With 0C intake air and 225MHz the unit reads 39C with the fan at 2880RPM. The exhaust air is far less, possibly only 10C. I think this difference will become an issue because right now the stock fans run far too fast most of the time, and I think setting higher temperature targets is possible. 2880RPM at 39C is silly, thats like 75% fan speed for about half the power usage and a fresh air intake.

so, the next step is pictures!
first, lets compare this to an antminer S1: Apart from a different controller, the unit is almost identical. The frame and heatsinks are the same (frame ends are flipped though), and the real difference is the presence of plastic side panels, which is something that was missing in the S1 but overkill in the S3. Assuming screw locations are the same you could easily have an S1->S5 upgrade kit. An interesting difference is that the screws are all spring-loaded for whatever reason. (i found that at least half the screws could be tightened about a 1/4 rotation more though)

Finally, I think the most important aspect of this review is to bring up the pros and cons of the hardware as i see it
1) the final picture seen above shows that the reset button is not aligned with the hole in the frame. This is minor, but worth pointing out I feel. could make resetting a tad more difficult.
2) THE FAN IS LOUD!!! Seriously Bitmain, install a second fan like on the S3. I think some extra shrouding at the top could help also, just another simple piece of plastic with 4 tie-down points. I plan to install an S1 fan as a secondary soon and see how that helps.
3) undervolting the hardware is not as easy as a pencil mod or software tuning - it requires a strong 9V or adjustable power supply that few people own, and isnt necessary with the SP20
4) ITS LOUD. Im saying this again because you will not be able to run this in your living room like you could with the S3. You can hear the fan through the closed doors.

1) It isnt fully enclosed at the top or bottom. This wont affect the majority of people and makes the unit well suited as an inexpensive miner for farms. For the home user though this might frighten off people who dont want to have things falling onto/into the miner. Theres no real risk of running this on a metal surface that i can tell, as the boards are elevated from the bottom slightly
2) DHCP - its nice to see this choose its own IP, but can make it difficult to find without an IP scanner. For the bulk user though, this saves the tedious process of setting up only one machine at a time at
3) Stock settings are enough to make the cables on my CS650M get warm. not hot by any means, but warm. A lower quality power supply might get concerningly hot cables if they are not made with thick wire.

1) at ~0.51w/GH stock, its very power efficient.
2) Simple design. likely much cheaper to produce than the SP20, and easy to setup.
3) comes with a stripped-down beaglebone that could be repurposed or used again on future hardware versions when the S5 is no longer in use.
4) a secondary fan can easily be installed and there are holes available to screw one onto.
5) The Minerlink 'findyourminer' application has the ability to tell any specific S5 units to beep loudly and flash the LEDs - This is a fantastic idea for anyone who wants to distinguish miners from one another when dealing with DHCP changes for dozens or more of the S5

Conclusion: Its a decent miner, but in its current revision it is too loud for the home user. Underclocking could improve the volume, but it does not improve efficiency and in contrast the SP20 is a better miner if you want to underclock/undervolt for efficiency. I think Bitmain needs to revisit the drawing board for this miner, and come back with a version that has 16 chips per chain to achieve ~0.44W/GH at a similar hashrate but lower power consumption, and/or a secondary fan to keep the noise down

edit: I have a trio of SP20 units delivering tomorrow, and will follow-up this review with a better comparison of the two units
19  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Antminer S1, S2, S3, S4 units - Toronto, ON, Canada on: November 12, 2014, 03:19:03 AM
looking to find these for the right price, and can buy them locally in-person, or have them shipped to me.

S1: 0.07 BTC
S2: (with PSU): 0.8 BTC
      (w/o PSU): 0.65 BTC
S3: 0.4 BTC
S4: 1.8 BTC

im looking for 6-10kW worth of gear, and hopefully bundling several units for a slight discount.
20  Economy / Computer hardware / PCIe leads (16awg, 24") and splitters (18awg, 6+6")! on: November 09, 2014, 08:56:43 PM
FOR SALE: 16AWG PCIe leads, ideal for Server PSUs!
Also, 18awg Y-splitters!

6-pin PCI-e connector (black)
30cm (24"), 16AWG wires (yellow and black)
stripped ends on wire  (0.5cm)
These are solid connectors and far superior to the garbage 18AWG connectors found on ebay. I have yet to test them on hardware, but there should be absolutely no problem carrying 250W or more (potentially upwards of 350W) through these leads. (In comparison, I have seen other cheap 18awg wiring melt or burn at over 150W)

(M-F-M) connection, with each branch of the y being 6" (15cm) long. perfect for devices like the antminer with a little bit of slack to spare.
18awg - should handle 150W without issues, and possibly over 200W. Please use discretion though, if the cable gets too hot it may not be suitable to your application


1-4 units: $3.50 each
5-10 units: $2.80 each
11-19 units: $2.40 each
20 units: $2.10 each
50 units: $1.80 each
100 units: $1.50 each
200 units+ $1.40 each

1-4 units:  $6
5-10 units: $10
11-19 units: $14
20 units:
2-3 day tracked expresspost : $25
3-6 days untracked : $16

1-4 units:  $10
5-10 units: $13
11-19 units: $16
20 units
2-3 day tracked expresspost : $40
6day tracked expedited: $27

4 cables and basic US shipping = $25
8 cables and basic US shipping = $40
16 cables and basic US shipping = $60

I might be able to get the shipping rates a bit lower on certain quantities depending what the post office can offer - feel free to ask for final costs on an order

BTC and Paypal accepted
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