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81  Bitcoin / Group buys / [Closed]5 Chip Gridseed Hosted Miner Groupbuy $2.20 per 1% [PRICE PROTECTION] on: February 18, 2014, 01:05:50 AM
**There are people impersonating me on Skype, please always ask for a signed PM on the forum before sending anything**

100 shares for the device, $2.30 at Bitstamp each.  Units are being shipped from the US, no waiting on China!  90 days of hosting are included with purchase price, after that the miners will be sold and have the profits split up.  If 100+ share's owners vote to, hosting can continue for $.10/share/month.  Miners will be hosted on either Scryptguild, Middlecoin, or Clevermining.  Pool will be decided by a majority rules vote.

Complete terms may be found in Miaviator's thread here

Shares may be purchased by sending BTC to 1QBxTsfzSvPoHh7vstG5QKTjAEaMRbwkau.  Please post in here or PM me with TxID, payout address, and preferred pool.  Shares may be transferred at any time by sending me a message with the new owner's username and payout address, signed by the current one.

The fine print: All mining investments are risky, please don't invest funds that are for rent, emergencies, feeding your family, etc.  I cannot be held responsible for things out of my fault/control like mining profitability dropping, pool owners running off with coins, cryptocoins being outlawed in the US, me getting smited, etc.

3/24 Edit: Price protection is now being implemented.  From $215 at UnicornHasher price on, any drops in price will be used to buy existing shareholders more kh/s.  If the price drops $15, each share will get an extra $.15 of hashpower, etc..
82  Economy / Auctions / Year Long Scrypt Mining Contracts (Pick your coin/pool!) on: February 17, 2014, 05:21:01 PM
All cards run at 350kh/s and draw 170w.  You will be charged for electricity at .093kw/h, but no hosting fees besides that.  I'll bill you at the end of a month, if you don't pay within a week I may suspend your contract until you do.  If mining ever becomes not profitable enough to pay for electricity, the contract will end and hardware will be returned to me.  You can also send me some of the mined coins for reinvestment into Scrypt ASICs pooled with other miners, with those being sold at the end and splitting it up.  Starting bid is .5 each, ends March 2nd.  There are 5 in total for sale.  Any downtime will be paid for according to the calculator of your pool.
83  Economy / Currency exchange / WTB $50 in BTC with Paypal, Amazon gift card, Moneypak, etc on: February 11, 2014, 07:58:34 PM
I need this soon, can have the code within a hour if getting a card (snowed in, have to walk to store).  We split fees 50/50 and Bitstamp rate.  Escrow accepted as always, I will not go first.
84  Economy / Auctions / 200 shares Pon3 Mining OP -Bitcoin and Scrypt!- on: February 11, 2014, 07:00:40 PM
Bidding starts at .03 each

Link to mining OP:
85  Economy / Auctions / 10 Pon3 Mining Shares - Bitcoin and Scrypt - on: February 11, 2014, 06:05:04 PM
10 Shares in my mining OP with Miaviator, 1 gh/s BTC mining and 10 kh/s of Scrypt.  Bidding starts at .03 each. Please use .001 increments.

Link to mining op:
86  Economy / Securities / [Pon3 Mining] Scrypt/BTC Hybrid Year Long Mining Operation IPO on: February 10, 2014, 06:20:36 PM
Holy crap tl;dr version:
For sale, 200 shares in Pon3 Mining Op. 1 Share = 1 GH/s SHA + 10KH/S scrypt, bidding starts at 0.03 BTC. In the future these shares will represent more hashing power, as 20% of returns is reinvested into the op.  Mining ends March 4th, 2015, or 365 days after the last Antminer is received, whichever is later.  All Antminers and hardware bought with 20% will be sold and profits split up, Scrypt hardware I already had will be returned to me.

I currently run a 2.0 mh/s farm and am looking to expand into both new Scrypt ASICs, and the next generation of Bitcoin mining.  With a partnership from Unicornhasher, I will be making a hybrid mining op of both Bitcoin and Scrypt mining power.  Shares will be sold in increments of 10kh/s of Scrypt and 1gh/s of SHA-256 power.  Antminers will be supplied using his Hosting program, where miners are hosted in a failure insured place for 90 days, then shipped to me/a buyer at the end of it.  If it is sold, all of the money will be distributed to the shareholders.  Electricity costs will be taken right out of income for rigs at my location, I pay $.093kw/h.  20% of all income will be used for fixing hardware/investing in more, splitting 50/50 between Scrypt and SHA hardware.  Resulting hashpower is distributed among shareholders.  Bitcoin mining will take place on a majority rules vote done by the groupbuy the power is provided by, then by a vote done by Pon3 mining shareholders.

Scrypt mining will be done at a majority rules pool and exchanged bi-weekly to BTC.  Payouts happen every Wednesday and Saturday.  Each share will be released in an auction, starting at .03.  If all shares aren't sold, I might have another with a lower starting price, or keep the rest.  Scrypt mining will officially start on March 3rd, I will point the power at Middlecoin as my leases end and give the profits to early shareholders as a bonus.  I have a new hosting location ready less than 2 hours away, so there will be a few hours down on a few days before the 3rd, but this doesn't affect BTC mining or any official Pon3 mining.  SHA-256 will begin as soon as the Antminer for the group buy arrives.  I may add shares at any time (out of my pocket), but not reduce the amount of hashpower one represents.  Shares may be traded at any time between people by PMing me a PGP signed message with the new owner's username and Bitcoin address.

Important stuff: the Scrypt and Antminer terms are different at the end.  Antminer selling profits are distributed among shareholders, Scrypt hardware that I already owned will return to me for personal use/renting out again.  It comes with partial physical ownership of SHA hardware, and any hardware bought with the growth fund, but not the starting Scrypt hardware.  If Scrypt ASICs ever get efficient enough to make GPU mining obsolete (electricity cost>mining income), that portion of the contract will end, and hardware will be returned to me.  Bitcoin mining and all ASICs bought with the growth fund will continue to run and dividends will be paid for the whole year, still reinvesting 20%, sold at the end, etc...  All downtime will be paid in full out of my pocket using our pool's calculator, hardware failure is covered by the 20%.

200 shares up for purchase, who wants them?

Not crazy electricity prices
At least two internet connections for miners at all locations
Hosted by 80+ power supplies always
Diversify between types of mining with one payment
Low entry cost

Antminer group buy:
Unicorn Hasher:
IPO auction:

I'll have a payment addy as soon as my blockchain finishes syncing, not trusting anything besides Armory for this.  If you want to lock in your price with fiat, I could also accept a cash deposit at Wells Fargo.
87  Economy / Goods / WTB Waterpipe on: February 09, 2014, 03:21:01 AM
Need a new piece after my last one got messed up.  Want it to have some kind of a perc and icecatcher, not too picky besides that.  Doesn't matter if new or used as long as it's cleaned out good.  Looking to spend about $50 plus whatever shipping will run me, post pics and asking prices Smiley

$50+shipping is at Bitstamp rate, and escrow is accepted as always
88  Bitcoin / Group buys / [Done] ***Hosted Ant Miner Groupbuy*** on: February 08, 2014, 10:28:49 PM
**There are people impersonating me on Skype, please always ask for a signed PM on the forum before sending anything**

Having a groupbuy for Miaviator's hosted ant miner.  Get into mining without worrying about hosting the hardware, selling it, just get BTC in your wallet!  Slots are .021 each, there will be 100 of them.  When we get close to the 30th day, a vote will be held among shareholders to decide if we should keep going.  If the majority vote on no, .010 per share will be returned to the holders.  If the majority vote on yes, we keep it running.  Same thing with the last period of hosting.  If we decide to keep it til the end, I'll sell it on the forum/eBay/Craigslist and split up what we get, or I can host it myself if it's still profitable enough to pay for electricity, whatever the vote says.  I'm getting 5 shares in this, so 95 up for sale.

tl;dr of how his hosting service works:
1 BTC upfront for 30 days
.6 to keep it up for another 30
.4 for last 30 and keeping the rig to host/sell

Link to hosting service:

4/6/14 edit: payouts going out on Wednesday and Sunday now.
89  Economy / Services / WTS Lifetime Sig Space on: February 08, 2014, 10:08:41 PM
Offering the space in my signature for you to advertise/say whatever you want.  With it may be my PGP key, a link to any businesses/auctions/etc I'm doing, and contact methods of mine.  I'll put anything that is not a scam or offensive/obscene (I don't wanna get banned).  Color, hyperlinked, or anything else you can do with sigs on here.  Bidding starts at .01.  I made at least a few posts daily, as you can see by my join date and post count Smiley

Ends Monday at midnight, forum time.
90  Economy / Goods / WTS Vinyl Willie Duck Dynasty Figure on: February 08, 2014, 01:06:37 AM
Won this thing out of a Stacker machine and have nothing to do with it.  $5 plus shipping and it's your's.  Figure is still sealed in box. it's this one.
91  Economy / Goods / WTS Nokia Lumia 521 on: February 08, 2014, 12:44:19 AM
Just got this phone a few months ago, but T-mobile doesn't have coverage where I'm moving, so I have no use for it.  Everything on it is fully functional, looks fine except for some small scuffing in the upper-left corner (doesn't impact screen at all).  Asking $50 with shipping included.  If you don't already have a SIM card, you'll need to go out and buy one.  Pretty sure the phone is unlockable if you want to put it on a different carrier, just didn't want to bother with it.  Includes both a wall and USB charger Smiley

92  Economy / Goods / WTS Xbox 360 Elite 120gb, Accessories, etc on: February 08, 2014, 12:15:36 AM
I've got a great working Xbox that I don't need anymore.  Comes with 2 wireless controllers, wireless Rock Band 2 drum kit, 2 wireless guitars, one for Rock Band and one for Guitar Hero (no neck strap on either), a Kinect, DJ hero turntable, and a whole bunch of random games.  Oddly enough, DJ hero isn't in those games, but you can get it cheap at almost any Gamestop Tongue  Will post pics of everything tomorrow.  Asking $250 for the whole bundle+shipping.  I can also sell some things separate, if you just want to buy one or two things.  Oh, and the drum kit comes with 2 expansion cymbols for Yellow and green.  They have a little bit of duct tape modding so they don't fall when you hit them, but the actual electronics work fine.
93  Economy / Currency exchange / WTS .1 for GDMP on: February 06, 2014, 01:55:28 AM
Preev rate, escrow or you go first.  Must be able to upload receipt proving it was purchased with cash.  We split the fees 50/50
94  Economy / Auctions / 90 day 420 kh/s Scrypt Mining Contract (You pick coin/pool!) on: February 05, 2014, 12:52:37 AM
100% uptime guaranteed, any downtime will be reimbursed using your pool's calculator to decide the rate.  If you are solo mining, then the Coinwarz calculator for that coin. Bidding starts at .25, please use .01 increments.  Auction ends Saturday, midnight forum time.

The fine print:
All mining will take place on the pool specified by the highest bidder.  You may have unlimited pool/coin changes during the contract, all switches will take place within the next business day.  Business days are Monday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST.  Hashpower will be provided by GUIminer on Windows 8.  The bidder will recieve 420 kh/s +/-2% for 90 days from the beginning of the contract, starting at midnight of the day paid EST.  A increase in hashpower is not considered a breach of the contract by either party.  I take personal responsibility for things that are my fault, like a physical failure/internet outage, but I cannot be held responsible for things that are not, such as a pool owner running away with coins/profitability of a coin dropping to 0.  Payment is to be made within 48 hours of winning the auction, or I reserve the right to re-auction it and leave you negative trust for wasting my time.  By bidding, you agree to all of these terms.
95  Economy / Auctions / 3 Week 1050 kh/s Scrypt Mining Contract (You choose coin/pool!) on: January 27, 2014, 04:52:06 AM
Auction ends Midnight Sunday, forum time.  You will get 100% uptime, with any downtime coming out of pocket.  The only things I don't cover against are things out of my control/fault, like a pool owner running off with coins.  Starting bid is .1, please use .01 increments. 
96  Economy / Auctions / 3 week Long 350 kh/s Scrypt Mining Contract (You Pick Coin/Pool!) on: January 26, 2014, 07:23:55 PM
Auction ends Febuary 3rd at Midnight.  You will get 100% uptime, any downtime will be paid out of pocket.  Only thing I don't cover is things out of my control/fault, like a pool owner running off with coins. 
97  Economy / Currency exchange / WTS .19 BTC Moneypak/Wells Fargo cash deposit on: January 26, 2014, 06:16:20 PM
Preeve rate, we use escrow or you go first.  50/50 on all Moneypak/escrow fees. 
98  Economy / Auctions / Month Long 415 kh/s Scrypt Mining Contract (You choose pool/coin!) on: January 24, 2014, 01:45:32 PM
Up for auction is the power of one of my GPUs that hashes at 415 kh/s.  Auction ends Sunday, midnight forum time.  100% uptime is guaranteed, and downtime will be paid out of pocket using the Coinwarz calculator for your coin. 

Bidding starts at .05, please use .005 increments. 
99  Economy / Currency exchange / WTS $95 Moneypak on: January 22, 2014, 03:07:59 AM
Can send receipt, will use Preeve rate and I eat the fees.  You go first or we use a trusted escrow.
100  Economy / Currency exchange / WTB $100 in BTC, have cash in hand on: January 21, 2014, 06:35:58 PM
I'll pay at Bitcoinaverage rate, escrow or you go first with just about any payment method.  I can get a gift card, Moneypak, Vanilla Reload, Moneygram it to you, etc.
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