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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Win 🔥 💵ETH💵 on ⚽France VS Croatia 💥 TODAY 💲 - NO ICO - NO TOKEN! on: July 11, 2018, 05:07:59 PM is now online!

Bet fast on world cup matches and win real ethereum - decentralized and open source!

Join now:

I am not the owner of the project nor admin, manager or anything like that.


This project is not an official project of fifa or connected to fifa.
The images used are CC0 images.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Coin vs. Token - what would you use? on: November 04, 2017, 01:55:21 PM

My team and me are currently planning a new project where we are internally discussing on whether using an own token or an own coin.
We are planning a project, where we and the users also should be able to use that coin/token on the website.
As both are usable and good, both have good and bad sides.

Coins (our favorite):
+ More easily usable in the platform/website
+ Fees cost only in the own currency/coin
+ No need for third party coins
+ We have enough experience to start with a Coin
- Each user needs a new wallet (not always! We work on a web wallet Smiley )

+ To buy/get and hold tokens is very easy
+ They already are easily usable in several wallet software
- Transactions need Ether/Gas
- Using them in a project would cost probably very much as each transaction costs something
- Implementing them into the website is a much bigger task
- We don't have enough experience yet
> Is maybe not even possible

To go more in detail, we want to make a project where users need to pay for certain actions, but also get rewards, each paid in our own currency.
We atm do not plan to make an ICO before, instead, we want to use a combination of the currently very popular airdrop and ICO combined.
Even as Token are useful in ICO, we tend to better use an own coin.

Thank you for participating in the poll!

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Auto transactions from website on: August 17, 2017, 01:48:08 PM
let's say I have a wallet from an altcoin. How can I connect a wallet to a website so I can send transactions from the website to a users wallet (like faucets do)?
Is there a program/script on how to apply this to altcoins? I want to do it with PHP and MySQL.

Thank you for any useful information Smiley
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Why do you invest in ICOs? on: July 26, 2017, 08:38:09 PM
this thread I want to ask you: Why do you, if you do, invest in ICOs?
I see horrible huge amounts of money going to those. What do investors think to get in return?
Mostly it's the same case: ICO starts, much money comes in, you get the coins.
But what if those coins do not get back the initial worth?
Or do you invest because of other reasons?

For example (disclaimer: this is NOT hate!):
Why did get over $4,7 Million?

Thank you for answers!
5  Economy / Scam Accusations / YoBit, please pay back... on: July 25, 2017, 12:25:41 PM
today I am writing about a thing that happened in january this year.
I thought a long time about writing it or not, but now I will do.
The situation is a bit confusing, so I will explain what happened and how.

In january this year, I withdrew LUN by accident to a LUNA wallet. Ok, I tried.
After this, I contacted the support that I did this and asked for a refund, because in fact,
the coins did not leave YoBit nor my wallet, even not till today.
The support told me, that they are now gone forever.
But in difference to sending to a wrong address of a coin, I sended to a complete other coin with an other algorithm.
The address I sended to, does not even exist in the LUN network, so in the end, the coins got not send.
We all agree that coins, sent to a wrong address, are not refundable.
But coins sent to a not existing address did never leave YoBit or my wallet.

I hope that I get an honest refund from you, YoBit.
Thank you.

Screen when I click on "Wallets":


The amount is about ~36466 LUN, worth over $200.
Some people may understand, that that is a lot for me.
I would be glad, if you would help me, YoBit.

Thank you all for reading.

6  Economy / Service Discussion / Hosting with namecheap - problems? on: May 09, 2017, 11:31:08 PM
I would like to know if somebody has/had problems with hosting a bitcoin project on NameCheap.
As of their TOS they disallow almost everything which faucet/bitcoin project owners do.
And if yes, do you know good and also same priced alternatives?
Thank you for answers! Smiley
7  Economy / Service Discussion / WARNING! is hacking you! DO NOT DOWNLOAD! on: May 08, 2017, 06:04:50 PM
some of you may have readed of ""'s giveaway thread.

Now I have bad news:
Everybody who has downloaded the program, got hacked, in any way.

I found this out when I made a transaction to a wrong address.
Luckyli it was "only" some small amount but you all should now be very careful.
When copying a bitcoin address into my clipboard, the hack automaticly changes the clipboard to
an address of them. Now I did not see it and paid to the address which was added to my clipboard.
Only after some minutes I saw that there is no satoshi coming to my address.

But now comes a bigger thing!
While the first program was just an .exe which created a second program into your roaming folder
and which starts automaticly when starting the computer, replacing bitcoin addresses in your clipboard,
it looks like the current program will do much more!

How to delete the hack:
It was difficult to find out that I got hacked that way. But finding the hack was much more difficultier.
The hack showed the error "Could not load program" on startup.
But in reality it created another program in the roaming folder named "cscv32.exe".
Delete this shit out of your computer.

How to stop the hack:
Look for two processes in your taskmanager named "csrvc.exe" and/or "cscv32.exe".
Stop both dumbshit processes.

If you downloaded the "giveaway" shit before, check every address you copy!!!!!!!
Even check the withdrawal confirmation mail in your inbox.

AGAIN!!! The next shit they produced looks like a much bigger hack.
AND WARNING: The programm does NOT get detected by some Antivirus tools! My did not found any virus in it!
8  Economy / Digital goods / ✔✔ SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE ⒶⒹvertising banners ➤! on: May 06, 2017, 03:28:14 PM

in this thread I want to offer my advertising banner service.
I am NOT a professional creator and currently just beginning this.
Hopefully here I can help you.

All banners are in HQ and 50fps!

Here some (fun/experimental) examples (Ill add more later!):

For prices just send me an offer you would pay.
Thank you! Smiley
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Sent to wrong address on: May 06, 2017, 09:48:00 AM
I have by mistake sent some coins to a wrong address of an other coin.
I have done it through an exhanger (like cryptopia, c-cex etc.).
They say now that the money is out and not reversable.
But it's still on "sending" and also whether on the TxID nor the second address is anything received.

Is it really possible to send for example abc-coin to a xyz-coin address?
And are the coins now really gone?

Because as I have readed, the network refuses wrong transactions.
And this is not even just sending to a non existing address.
The address does not exist and it's a complete different coin.

Thank you for answers.
10  Economy / Services / [OFFER][NEW] zalando95's branding service on: May 03, 2017, 09:22:52 PM
While looking for good project brands and domains and finding really good ones I thought,
why not offer this to other users?

We all know that brand names and domain names are very important for your business.
But sometimes finding the right name can take time which would be better invested in your main project.
Or you just don't want to struggle with finding good but also free domains.

Here starts my offer:
I will search for a good, and I mean really good, free domain name for you.
You will not get a "", it will be a really good domain!
I will also if needed look for a good brand name, whatever you do*.
It has not to be a bitcoin project.
So for example if you plan a bitcoin faucet but have not found good domains
or if you do not want to search for it, just let me do it.
IMPORTANT: I will NOT buy or host the domain. It's on you to buy it later or not.
*I do not support every kind of projects/businesses.

Now your questions and the answers:

Why me?
I have great and creative ideas about how to find a free domain.
I am sure that it will completely fit to your business.

Do you host or buy domains?
I will not buy any domain for you or me, I do not host anything for you or me and will not own anything.
I tell you the domain I found.

Does it cost something?
Same like advertising and marketing my offer costs something, yes.
While some will say it's too expensive, others will hopefully see the opportunity and will appreciate my service.
The price starts from $10 per domain/brand, payable in BTC only.

How can I take the offer now?
Simply send me a message with as much information as possible.
Only after receiving my address and successfully discussed everything, you have to do more steps.

Your offer is just sh*t/useless
If you think so, it's surely useless for you.
But this can help much other people who do not care about your opinion
and invest some small amounts of money to make their business better.

I have already a brand, how can this help me?
If you have already a domain and brand it maybe will not help you.
But anyway send me a message and I'll tell you if there is more possible Smiley.

I have no $10+
I am sorry to hear and to tell but I am not sure if you then can start a project and buy hosting+domain.
This service is then maybe not for you at this moment.

Which tld do you search for?
Mostly for .com because they're still the number one.
But I also look for the endings you want.
For example .io is getting in trend.

What if I paid you but do not like the domain?
I am sure this will not happen.
I search for domains with your personal interests and requirements.
Anyway we can discuss about everything.

I can't trust you.
Well I understand that. But this offer is not on any website.
It's here in this forum. If I would scam you, you have much ways to write this here,
leave a bad report in my trust summary and post it here. I am not here to scam.
But anyway I am sure we find a way!

Do I need to pay before you send the ideas/names?
Yes. But it also depends on your trust.
And if you alredy used my service sometimes and I trust you,
you will not longer need to.

We discussed everything and I paid you. What now?
I will send you the name soon.
If you receive it not within 48 hours and after 2 confirmations of the payment, you will get your payment back!

I like your service and idea but do not know if it can help me
Just leave a pm and I will write you Smiley

The domain you sent me is already taken
This is not possible. But even if yes, it's easy to see if it was you who took it ;-)
But if it's really taken at the time I send it to you, you will get a new name or your money back!

I sold the domain you found from me for $500. Do I need to pay you?
No way Smiley. You do not even need to send me a donation if you do not want. I congratulate!
It completely depends on you what you do with the domain and even if you buy it or not.

Thank you for reading this thread!
If you are interested, just answer here or send me a PM Smiley.

Your zalando95 branding service
11  Bitcoin / Project Development / [Help] How to start with a project? | Faucet/Project owner's feedback welcome! on: April 26, 2017, 01:26:43 PM
I am currently planning to start a bitcoin project in the next weeks.
The problem: I have absolutely no experience and even no real idea.
Well, you maybe ask now "why do you want to start a project without any idea?".
I have not really no idea.
There are much ideas I have but they mostly need some more experience.

The thing is, that I learned programming over some months and want now start an own thing.
I can program own things but have no experience with APIs for example.
Means: I could accept and make manual payments but not automate it with a processor.

I would like to start with a faucet website.
Since starting programming I wanted to make my own project.
I have not much money to start but I would like to try it anyway.

I want to collect experience over the time.
Maybe in some months I have a good side income.

What are the first steps in a faucet?
Is it recommend to start a faucet or will the costs be much higher than the income?
What experiences did you as owner make over the time?
What should I be careful with?
Can you tell me how to accept automaticly payments?
Or can you show me some tutorials?

I would really like to write with someone who has experience with this
and in best case makes already money with it.
Maybe you can help me.

Thank you for reading!
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Sent to wrong coin - what happens? on: January 31, 2017, 11:26:36 AM
I am an idiot, I know.
I by mistake sent coins to an wrong coin.
Example: You have 150 ABC. Now you send them to a wallet of the ABD coin.
Yes as I said I am an idiot. I did this.

Does somebody of you know what will now happen?
I mean are the coins now completely gone or is there a chance to get them back?
Thank you for every help.
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