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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / How to reserve connection slot for mobile SPV wallet (Bread) on Bitcoin Core on: October 23, 2017, 12:04:19 PM
I have a Bitcoin Core node running on a server at home which I have limited to 30 connections as this suits my current internet connection. I am now trying to use the 'advanced' feature of Bread (wallet) for iOS which allows connection to a manually-configured node however this only results in a successful connection 10% of the time -- when I have a free slot which may or may not be the case at any given moment.

I am aware that you can configure this for a local or remote node with a fixed ip address using the "addnode" command line argument, but is there a way to make this work for remote nodes without a fixed ip address? I think that "whitebind":
-whitebind=<addr> Bind to given address and whitelist peers connecting to it. Use [host]:port notation for IPv6
...might provide this functionality but not sure how you would configure it for this use case...

Perhaps there is a way to specify a second port which would reserve a few connections for people connecting via it? Is this what I can do with whitebind?

I think the ideal situation would be to connect to my home node over Tor, but not sure I can do this with Bread (wallet).
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Running a full node with PrivateInternetAccess on: March 12, 2015, 09:15:05 AM
Has anyone been able to run a full node (ports open) using Private Internet Access? I would like to run one but am having trouble getting the ports forwarded. If anyone has done this successfully I would appreciate any help in the way of the steps involved.

Core 0.10.0
PIA client
EE Brightbox 2 via ethernet

I can easily open ports on my router, but PIA 'assign' a random forwarded port number to me (see PIA Forum or pfsense forum to see how "easy" it is to do), which I don't think you can configure Core to use, or can you>?

3  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Best value, unlocked, global android device for dedicated bitcoin wallet. on: November 28, 2014, 12:07:11 PM

I am wondering if I might get some recommendations for those more in the know than I, about android devices which would be suitable for use as a dedicated bitcoin wallet.

Ideally, it would be a global device (is is quad band now?), which is also unlocked so could run local data SIMs from any country I entered (primarily europe and asia if that makes any difference)...

I only want to use it as a wallet so cost is obviously an element, but I am usually interested in the *value* I am getting, rather than outright final cost. Also, becuase it will be used for wallet only, I do not mind so much about a lot of the common selling points for these kind of devices, I do not particularly mind if key stretching or encrypting/decrypting wallets takes a few moments longer.

Obviously being a bitcoiner, security is high priority!

I have been looking at things like the HTC Desire 610 or maybe the Moto G Mk II but they are £180/£150 respectively which is a fair bit more than I had hoped tbh. Just wanted to get some expertese from the android/bitcoin crowd here before I go any further...
4  Bitcoin / Wallet software / BIP32 iOS hot wallet with watch-only support on: August 29, 2014, 10:22:49 PM

I hope I haven't overlooked something obvious, but I am looking for an iOS wallet to use as a hot wallet on my iphone (save it please!)

Now, I just need a relatively simple set of features (I hope), I want the wallet to be a hierarchical deterministic type, where each transaction has change sent to the next address in the chain, to preserve some semblance of privacy.

I would also like for it to be able to watch addresses in watch only mode.

Anybody got any ideas?
5  Bitcoin / Armory / Cannot send coins due to "unserialise" error? on: November 19, 2013, 10:13:44 PM
Hi, I am trying to send some coins using Armory but I am getting unserialize error...

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

2013-11-17 14:15 (DEBUG) -- - Checking Satoshi Version
2013-11-17 14:15 (DEBUG) -- - checkForLatestVersion
2013-11-17 14:15 (INFO) -- - Signature on signed data block is GOOD!
2013-11-17 14:15 (INFO) -- - You are running the latest version!
2013-11-17 14:15 (INFO) -- - Satoshi Version: Curr: 805000, Latest: 801000
2013-11-17 14:15 (ERROR) -- Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/will/BitcoinArmory/", line 5211, in createOfflineTxDPAndDisplay
    txdp = self.validateInputsGetTxDP()
  File "/home/will/BitcoinArmory/", line 5500, in validateInputsGetTxDP
  File "/home/will/BitcoinArmory/", line 6398, in createFromTxOutSelection
    return self.createFromPyTx(thePyTx, txMap)
  File "/home/will/BitcoinArmory/", line 6267, in createFromPyTx
    self.pytxObj        = pytx.copy()
  File "/home/will/BitcoinArmory/", line 4179, in copy
    return PyTx().unserialize(self.serialize())
  File "/home/will/BitcoinArmory/", line 4168, in unserialize
    self.inputs.append( PyTxIn().unserialize(txData) )
  File "/home/will/BitcoinArmory/", line 4016, in unserialize
    if txInData.getRemainingSize() < scriptSize+4: raise UnserializeError
6  Economy / Service Discussion / The SilkRoad was all a scam - Time to let the cat out of the hat. on: October 23, 2013, 02:23:13 PM

EDIT MAJOR UPDATE!- It looks like most, if not all, of the news leaks are coming from a single reporter at Gawker named "ADRIAN CHEN." a recent email by another user to Adrian Chen, asking for information about his sources, was replied back "fuck off. Adrian Chen is known for pretending to have cancer, to teach reddit a lesson. A few other news links, including the claim of a "jail house interview" came from Ryan Mac at Forbes. Chen and Mac are apparently good buddies......headshot
Please spread this as much as possible!

For any Law enforcement or fellow hackers who wish to dive deeper, the IP of "nod" aka jmk aka silkroad admin is
How hard would it be to blackmail a government official or bribe them? History shows time and time again, not very. Most government employees are underpaid and will jump at a chunk of money tossed to them.

Any sites with "doclib" in the url should be ignored as likely backdoors, and proven very easy to alter these documents.
JMK is know to own a lamp server which he uses to rotate IP's while running multiple instances of an automation reddit script in many different VM windows to game the vote system.

Where does one even start when uncovering one of the largest digital scams of our lifetime? It’s going to be tough, but here we go…

I have one rule and one rule only; while you read my confession; remember that $80,000,000 is on the table. Think about what you can buy, and who you can buy, with that kind of money.

I first realized something under handed was going on when I read this post from a Silk Road Moderator telling a new account to FE for “SuperTrips.” SuperTrips was a known “selective scammer” notorious for only sending out a 25% of actual orders.
Super trips offered a “no FE, and reship or 100% refund if tracking does not show delivered.” What shocked many on Silk Road was, when SuperTrips was taken to the resolution center, he would refuse to show tracking, or any evidence he even shipped a package, and support would award him 100% of the transaction.

Any other vendor had to produce tracking or proof of shipment; otherwise a 50/50 split was always in place. Upon investigation, I found that the only accounts who actually ever received anything from SuperTrips, were accounts who ONLY bought from SuperTrips and ALWAYS had a 100% success rate. They are what many refer to as “shill” accounts; fake accounts whose only purpose is to falsely inflate the credibility of a vendor. SuperTrips was not a real vendor, and he was not located in Germany. He was a Scam account propped up by the Silkroad staff for extra revenue, he never actually shipped anything. His score was always so 100% because, again he was extra revenue for Silkroad, and they had the key to the ratings meter.

I can safely claim that many of the “major” scammers were actually nothing more than silkroad staff. They always waited days before even thinking about banning an apparent scammer raking in thousands, but had no problem banning several small time vendors the second they stepped out of line. Thurgood is another great example. The official ruling on Thurgood, after making away with $56,000 was “he was never banned; he was demoted for out of escrow transactions”

In the very last days leading up to the “server seizures” very blatant and obvious cash grab starts to occur by staff. People were suddenly finding their BTC were completely drained, and not just a couple of people, many people reported accounts with funds zeroed out, pins not working, and accounts just plain not working. After doing the math, the “customer support” section of the forums received a 85% increase in pins, coins, and account problems. It would seem someone wanted to stop any amount of BTC from leaving the site.

On the day of the seizure, the Silkroad URL redirects you to a seizure notice. a very strange seizure notice.

You see, never once in the history of FBI site seizures has the** FBI ever put a sites logo in the background of a seizure notice.** What was even more interesting, was that the notice used a high quality logo unable to be found by anyone else despite an hour of searching, until a random user popped in and said “I found it in 2 minutes by using Google.“ No, you did not. I spent 30 minutes staring at Google images, and I found nothing.
Another confusing aspect of this whole elaborate scam, is the media’s acceptance of obvious photo shopped pictures for show casing DPR’s “normal life”

The mouth which comes from this photo is one shameful mistake.

the lighting and shadowing on this heavily modified picture is all fucked up.

Nearly every single photo of ross you find on google has a huge amount of Photoshop mistakes in it.

WTF is going on with his ears!

But by far, the largest support for my argument is the youtube video “Interview with Rene Pinnell and Ross Ulbricht.” Go to the video, open it in full screen, and stare, STARE at Ross’s nose. His nose is constantly being edited.

I believe I know whose face they are using as a template. After hours of searching one night, I connected this person with an account belonging to one of the staff members of the silk road. Notice the ears, and the nose. This photo was taken months ago, so I believe whoever this person may be may have gotten a gastric lap band surgery or something. Evidence of this is how chunky "ross" is in the interview video. He also helped Jmkogut move.

Jmkogut, until very recently (actually hours after I questioned him about that picture) was head moderator for r/silkroad, before deleting his account. A quick history search of the r/silkroad sub shows Jmk opening the sub two weeks before Silkroad actually opened. A week into the opening the sub was falsely banned by a Reddit admin because he thought they were using the actual sub to set up deals. A few days later Jmkogut cleared it up with admins over in r/request and the sub was unbanned. I first become watchful of jmkogut one day while we were talking about my suspicions that the admins over at the road were scammers in IRC, he mentioned something about using AMAZON cloud servers as a proxy, interested I did a quick IP check and sure enough, he was talking to me from a amazon hosted server.

When JM joined IRC he always had a bot running on a different server. The bot was pretty much a automation bot to run the many of his several different IRC channels he hosted. I asked him “so you have two separate servers? What does the IRC bot run off of?” jmkogut replied back “he’s on a old computer on my home network.” Being the curious cat I always am, I checked the location of the servers IP; Bellingham, WA.

The recently arrested “heroin” dealer nod, who, if many of you will remember, was heavily protected by DPR when a poster tried to expose his attempted “cocaine cartel” to the general forums, sent out all of his packages from Bellingham WA… What are the odds?

The same odds that if you call the jail that DPR is being held at, the staff will inform you the current listing for Ross Ulbricht is false, and bugged into the system and cannot be removed. Try it. I will leave you with this. The FBI has not made a single official comment via any of their press channels. Many claim because of the government shut down. The FBI media relations team has updated nearly every day before, and since the arrest of dpr. On the day of DPRS arrest, the San Francisco FBI office put out a official new release proclaiming, “Former Vice President of Finance Pleads Guilty to Fraud Scheme and Tax Evasion.”

Several updates since the day of his arrest and not a single one mention or hints about silk road, or about even arresting the largest drug kingpin in the world.
What would you do for $80,000,000?

FYI, sheepsmarket and BMR are owned by the same group of scammers that owned silkroad. More on that when I open my new web page dedicate to exposing silkroad.
you don't poke a bear
7  Bitcoin / Armory / Armory in a virtual machine (OSX) on: September 27, 2013, 02:35:49 PM

So my question here is two-fold really; I am running OSX (Mavericks DP8 I think) and Armory in unusable. So I want to run it inside a virtual machine.

1) Which is the *primary* Armory development platform? Windows or Linux? I want to know which is most functional and developed. I always thought it was Linux but from the recent threads I am beginning to think that it is Windows...?

2) Am i best off running one or other of these as a VM if there is no definitive answer to the above question (i.e. is it *easier* to run a windows VM or visa-verss)?

8  Bitcoin / Mining / Satoshi proposed a gentlemans agreement to postpone GPU mining (2009) on: August 30, 2013, 09:22:30 AM
Just a general FYI I suppose, I found it interesting...  Roll Eyes

The average total coins generated across the network per day stays the same.  Faster machines just get a larger share than slower machines.  If everyone bought faster machines, they wouldn't get more coins than before.

We should have a gentleman's agreement to postpone the GPU arms race as long as we can for the good of the network.  It's much easer to get new users up to speed if they don't have to worry about GPU drivers and compatibility.  It's nice how anyone with just a CPU can compete fairly equally right now.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / bitcoin-0.8.3-macosx Database continuously corrupting on: August 19, 2013, 10:21:52 AM

I am using bitcoin-0.8.3-macosx.dmg on a late 2012 iMac.

I am experiencing an issue, where is see error "System Error: Database Corrupted" virtually on every startup now, which has rendered the program completely useless to me (and kinda locks me out of Armory, which is why i need QT in the first place...)

I have tried downloading the blockchain about 3 times (took roughly 2 weeks  Embarrassed) and also downloaded bootstrap.dat and imported, which worked and allowedme to become fully synced with the network. Upon closing Bitcoin-Qt and restarting computer, reopening was instantly met with corruption notice again.

I think I vaguely remember seeing Gavin Andresen post that the OSX bug is being worked on but is difficult to track down, so I am wondering a few things...

  • can I somehow help by providing error reports or any other info on my system/config...?
  • is there a stable release of QT I can use on OSX without this issue... I would really like to be able to access (all of) my funds which are currently in armory...
  • when importing using bootstrap.dat, is there some way I can tell my computer to use more threads/higher CPU...? I think that with an i7 I should be able to import the bootstrap file slightly faster than I am currently...
    (3.1GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz, 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM, 1TB Fusion Drive, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 512MB GDDR5)

10  Bitcoin / Armory / OSX "Accept incoming connections" dialogue with startup of Armory on: July 15, 2013, 10:46:47 PM
Please see this post here

Feel free to reply in either post as necessary; if someone finds an answer, I will update both threads so that both have the answer.

11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / OSX "Accept incoming connections" dialogue with startup of Bitcoin-QT and Armory on: July 15, 2013, 10:44:36 PM

I would venture a guess that I am not alone here...

Every single time I startup either Bitcoin-QT or Armory on my iMac (OSX 10.8.4) my helpful firewall asks me

"Do you want the application “python”/"Bitcoin-QT" to accept incoming network connections?"

So, you might think that I could hit allow and this would add it to the allowed list... Well it does, however unfortunately this does not prevent the dialogue box with the next restart of the app(s)...

I have tried most things I can think of; removing the app(s) and re-installing, did not work. Finding (backing up) and deleting the plist files for the app(s), removing them from the firewall 'accepted' list, and then opening the apps again and adding manually to the firewall, did not work. Finding the UNIX executables (inside the .app files) and adding these to the firewall allow prefs, did not work either...

So I am out of ideas?? Also, before someone says it, I want to keep my firewall active; I know I could turn it off to lose the dialogues, all I really want to do is add these apps to the accept list.

Any help/ideas appreciated.

12  Economy / Securities / BTC Global general discussion on: June 14, 2013, 08:09:45 AM

I am wondering if anyone has any information (for better or for worse) about this company BTC Global.

They appear to be launching 4 new products in the coming months:
  • BTCXperts, a global directory of crypto-currency professionals.
  • BitBilly, a payment processor that arbitrages your bitcoins for products by ordering for you at locations that do not accept bitcoins.
  • BTC.UY, a trading platform based in Uruguay that uses an Order Matching Engine to accommodate high velocity high volume trading.
  • BTCCoinSafe, a physical storage depository and executor service operating in a high security location.

There are little snippets about some of the characters involved on the main site, but typically, most of the claims there are not really susbatantiated with any amount of evidence...

Just wondering if anyone on here had any thoughts, or knew any of the people involved? For example, I'm sure I read somewhere a while ago that Vladimir Marchenko might be user Vladimir off this site...

Any thoughts go at this stage; topic open!
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Just bought some beer for bitcoin in my local pub in Cambridge (UK) on: June 10, 2013, 08:36:53 AM

Beer for bitcoins. Now I feel as if we are really getting somewhere Cool

For those interested, custom written till software brings up a fullscreen QR code, which you can scan from behind the bar. There was also the option to have the QR printed out I think if I had wanted. TX was accepted by the merchant instantly in the zero confirmation state which took approx 5-10 secs to register on the till.

All-in-all, very easy indeed. Just went loaded with 1BTC in a "hot-wallet" on app.
14  Bitcoin / Electrum / Backup Electrum wallet on OSX on: March 25, 2013, 10:53:36 PM
Sorry, this is probably really simple, but where is wallet.dat file in Electrum app on OSX (for backup purposes)?

I have checked inside the app ('View package contents') but it's still eluding me...   Roll Eyes
15  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Mining with a late 2012 iMac (NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512MB) on: March 12, 2013, 03:50:55 PM

I have used the search function, but there are only a few old 2011 threads about mining on iMacs... Basically I have a late 2012 iMac which has a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512MB ram graphics card, which I know isn't the best for mining...

What I am wondering is if anyone had any advice on which mining programs to use or basically any infor to me (as I am quite a n00b at this). Whilst I understand that I will not be getting 3TH/s with this setup, I do get free power and I am willing to leave my machine on so I may as well get involved eh?

Also, if there is any difference, which might be the best mining pool for me to join, if I should join one at all...?

Also, not sure if relevant, but I have a 3.1GHz quad core i7 in that machine...not sure if you can mine using both CPU and GPU at the same thyme, or even if using that CPU for mining is worth it at all any more these days...?

I have read mining principles and info, but just unsure of best setup for my system.

All feedback welcome  Roll Eyes

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