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1  Bitcoin / Electrum / Electrum on Android wallet file location on: May 28, 2017, 11:53:29 AM

I was just wondering where the Electrum app saves the wallet files on an Android-phone? I can't find any information on this on the internet.
2  Local / Skandinavisk / Svenskt företag lanserar Facebook-liknande sida on: May 08, 2013, 10:12:53 AM
Ett svenskt företag har lanserat en global växande facebook-liknande sida som heter Det jag gillar med deras idé och som skiljer sig från Facebooks är att användare kan ladda upp musik, videor, e-böcker och liknande och sälja det. Man kan även distribuera andra artisters låtar genom sin profil och få en andel av vinsten. Har läst att denna tjänsten betalar ut mycket mer till artisten än t ex Spotify vilket har gjort att många artister är intresserade. Affärsidén är fortfarande ny men den växer varje dag.

Varför postar jag då detta här?
Jo, jag tänkte att en ung sida som denna är mycket beroende av marknadsföring. Samtidigt har vi alla sett hur mycket plats i media man får av att bara acceptera Bitcoin som betalningsmedel. Samtidigt så kommer det göra att man kan köpa musik, filmer, böcker o s v med bitcoins, vilket är en win-win situation.
Jag har redan mailat denna sida två gånger men inte fått ett svar. De kanske inte vet vad Bitcoin är, eller kanske de har fördomar mot det. Så jag tänkte om fler Bitcoin-användare mailar dem och berättar om fördelarna med Bitcoin och exempel som Bitpay så kommer de nog bli intresserade. Jag tror det är lättare att få en mindre hemsida som denna att acceptera bitcoins än t ex Facebook. Men vem vet, blir det känt och Facebook gillar deras idé så kanske de köper upp hela sidan och puff så har vi automatiskt Bitcoin som möjligt betalningsmedel på Facebook.

Men kanske är det bara jag som missbedömer potentialen i detta. Säg gärna vad ni tycker  Grin
3  Economy / Auctions / domain on: April 29, 2013, 05:50:41 PM
Selling the domain If anybody is interested feel free to place your bid.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Decentralize Mt.Gox by franchising on: April 12, 2013, 06:11:40 PM
About a month ago i predicted that Mt.Gox would be a threat to the whole bitcoin community. They being the reason for the crash is debatable but they certainly didn't help. My problem is not that my BTC now are worth less but that it had to happen while the whole world was watching. Mt.Gox really showed people that the bitcoin economy is unstable and primitive. I think it's very strange that so many people that want to get out of the central bank's control help make a very similar system when having free hands. Does the expression "to big to fail" ring any bells?

Now with so many new members jumping in and Mt.Gox not being able to upgrade itself i knew that it was unsustainable and that the lag will get worse for everyday. Now the only thing i could think of for Mt.Gox to function properly was either:
1. People leave for other exchanges.
2. Mt.Gox stops accepting new members for a while.
When thinking about it both these options are impossible. The problem with the first one is that people are used to Mt.Gox and only a handful are leaving. And even if all the people from these forums left Mt.Gox, almost all the newbies still flock to Mt.Gox. The name Mt.Gox is to large.
The second option would be the most responsible by Mt.Gox. But why would they do it? The world is driven by profit and and why would they give their market share to competition?

Now my idea is why not decentralize Mt.Gox by franchising?
I'm thinking something like Mt.Gox let's people apply for being an Mt.Gox exchange. Mt.Gox verifies them, writes a contract and helps with consulting. They can close for new members on Mt.Gox and only accept minimum deposits of 10,000$. The rest they send to the franchisers. For that Mt.Gox gets a percentage of the earnings. This means that they get to keep their huge market share while not being a central point of risk to the bitcoin economy. It's a win-win for everybody. It could even boost bitcoin economy since more people would open exchanges and make money. This way even if one Mt.Gox exchange gets DDosed people can go trade on another. It doesn't have to be implemented exactly this way but i can only see positive effects if Mt.Gox chooses to go in this direction.

What do you think? Feel free to discuss.
5  Economy / Securities / CaVirtex shares on: April 06, 2013, 07:57:07 AM
I've been looking at the cavirtex shares on I just wanted to see what you guys think of this. Is it wise to invest? Can i find their financial record anywhere? Also, the 10000 shares issued, do they account for the whole company? For example if i bought 100 shares do i own 1% of the company? Feel free to add anything you think about this.
6  Economy / Speculation / Bet while speculating on: March 20, 2013, 08:54:44 PM
I've made a site where we can have fun betting on bitcoin prices for the next week. Because this is only for fun i won't be taking any fees.
Tell me what you think about it.
7  Economy / Gambling / - Bet on Bitcoin prices on: March 20, 2013, 08:14:52 PM
Hello everybody!
I've been lurking around on this site for a while and thought that i should try to contribute with something to the Bitcoin community. That's why i started this site where you can bet on what the Bitcoin price will be every week. This is only for fun so i won't be taking any fees.
Here is the link:

Text from the site:

How it works
What is is a virtual betting site where you can bet with Bitcoins on what the Bitcoin price will be every week. You only bet against other people and there are no fees incuded which means there is absolutely no house edge.

How does it work?
On the front page you see prices and addresses. If you want to bet Bitcoins on a price just send your bet to the address next to the price. The bets are accumulated in a pot and the bet closest to the closing price wins the whole pot!

What happens when several players bet on the winning price?
When several players bet on the winning price, the winnings will be shared proportionally. For example if Player 1 bets 0,80BTC on the winning price and Player 2 bets 0,20BTC, then Player 1 gets 80% of the winnings and Player 2 gets 20%.

What happens if the closing price is exactly between 2 prices on this site?
If the closing price ends up exactly between 2 prices, then all bets on both the prices are considered winning bets.

What happens if nobody is right?
If nobody bets on the right price there are still winners! The bets closest to the winning price will win all the accumulated coins.

If you like the idea but feel that it can be better you are free to give your opinion and i will try to make changes to it.

8  Economy / Securities / Asicminer stocks undervalued? on: March 16, 2013, 02:39:24 PM
If you use the traditional math to see how much a stock is worth, you take yearly dividends divided by expected dividend yield. Asicminer stocks are worth around 1BTC and have dividends of around 0,2BTC a WEEK. Lets say it keeps going like that for a year. 52 weeks x 0,2BTC is 10.4 BTC. Now, an acceptable dividend yield is around 5%. Because bitcoin business means bigger risks let say we want four times that. So lets say we want a dividend yield of 20%.
Now the math:
10.4 divided by 0.20 is 52BTC!
Do you think that is a reasonable price for an asicminer stock or am i missing something?
Feel free to discuss.

EDIT: Missed a zero. The dividends have been about 0,02BTC a week. These numbers give the value of 5,2BTC.
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