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June 30, 2022, 03:30:06 AM *
News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 23.0 [Torrent]
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1  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / Anyone get a Blockstream Jade yet? on: October 30, 2021, 05:03:47 AM
Curious to know if anyone has bought a Blockstream Jade device yet? I see they actually have stock on their online store... priced ever so slightly higher than the "original" listed price of US$39.99... they're currently showing as US$45.99.

It always looked like quite a decent bit of kit at a relatively accessible price, if somewhat limited (no real altcoin support outside of Liquid Network assets) and currently missing some key features which the devs claim will be added via software update:
More features will be enabled in the future through software updates, including:

- Camera for fully air-gapped transactions
- Hardware Wallet Interface (HWI) wallet support for compatibility with Bitcoin Core
- Independent PIN server support

Did anyone take the plunge yet? Huh
2  Bitcoin / Armory / Armory TestNet Buffer overflow error on: October 13, 2021, 01:26:45 AM
Have been trying to get Armory TESTNET setup again after a reinstall... ArmoryDB is consistently encountering a buffer overflow error while scanning the transaction history:
Code: (dbLog.txt)
Log file opened at 14:02:11.000: C:\Users\HCP\AppData\Roaming\Armory\testnet3/dbLog.txt
-INFO  - 14:02:11.000: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\main.cpp:32) Running on 12 threads
-INFO  - 14:02:11.000: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\main.cpp:33) Ram usage level: 50
-INFO  - 14:02:11.000: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockutils.cpp:915) blkfile dir: E:\Bitcoin\testnet3\blocks
-INFO  - 14:02:11.000: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockutils.cpp:916) lmdb dir: C:\HCP\jared\AppData\Roaming\Armory\testnet3\databases
-INFO  - 14:02:11.000: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\lmdb_wrapper.cpp:388) Opening databases...
-INFO  - 14:02:11.032: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\bdm_server.h:263) Listening on port 53481
-INFO  - 14:02:11.032: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\bitcoinp2p.cpp:947) Connected to Bitcoin node
-INFO  - 14:02:11.032: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\noderpc.cpp:57) RPC connection established
-INFO  - 14:02:11.032: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockdatamanagerconfig.cpp:919) waiting on node sync: 99.9999%
-INFO  - 14:02:11.032: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\noderpc.cpp:425) Node is ready
-INFO  - 14:02:11.032: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockutils.cpp:1108) Executing: doInitialSyncOnLoad
-INFO  - 14:02:11.063: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:199) Reading headers from db
-INFO  - 14:02:13.141: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\bdm_server.cpp:1121) registered bdv: 4c90f9ec131d57ab02e5
-INFO  - 14:02:21.875: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:238) Found 2098850 headers in db
-INFO  - 14:02:33.188: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:64) Rewinding 100 blocks
-INFO  - 14:02:33.188: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:71) updating HEADERS db
-INFO  - 14:02:33.219: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:493) Found next block after skipping 13363bytes
-INFO  - 14:02:33.250: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:281) parsed block file #200
-INFO  - 14:02:33.250: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchain.cpp:248) Organizing chain
-INFO  - 14:02:33.360: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchain.cpp:370) Organized chain in 0s
-INFO  - 14:02:33.360: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:76) updated HEADERS db in 0s
-INFO  - 14:02:33.407: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\lmdb_wrapper.cpp:388) Opening databases...
-INFO  - 14:02:33.407: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:1231) verifying txfilters integrity
-INFO  - 14:02:34.219: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:1314) done checking txfilters
-INFO  - 14:02:34.329: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\bdm_supportclasses.cpp:1891) Enabling zero-conf tracking
-INFO  - 14:02:34.454: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\bdm_supportclasses.cpp:401) Starting address registration process
-INFO  - 14:02:39.032: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #0 to #206498
-INFO  - 14:02:46.125: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #206499 to #266421
-INFO  - 14:02:52.891: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #266422 to #348885
-INFO  - 14:02:59.641: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #348886 to #500981
-INFO  - 14:03:05.016: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #500982 to #584256
-INFO  - 14:03:12.157: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #584257 to #606023
-INFO  - 14:03:22.235: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #606024 to #624331
-INFO  - 14:03:30.485: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #624332 to #627777
-INFO  - 14:03:39.297: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #627778 to #631898
-INFO  - 14:03:46.500: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #631899 to #715747
-INFO  - 14:03:54.485: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #715748 to #723331
-INFO  - 14:04:00.844: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #723332 to #892111
-INFO  - 14:04:07.188: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #892112 to #919668
-INFO  - 14:04:14.250: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #919669 to #947235
-INFO  - 14:04:20.954: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #947236 to #1012869
-INFO  - 14:04:28.094: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1012870 to #1035245
-INFO  - 14:04:34.016: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:52) no history to scan
-INFO  - 14:04:36.797: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1035246 to #1056411
-INFO  - 14:04:44.610: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1056412 to #1086200
-INFO  - 14:04:50.157: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1086201 to #1148030
-INFO  - 14:04:57.657: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1148031 to #1208116
-INFO  - 14:05:04.407: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1208117 to #1254501
-INFO  - 14:05:10.297: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1254502 to #1297809
-INFO  - 14:05:17.282: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1297810 to #1353958
-INFO  - 14:05:25.219: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1353959 to #1355659
-INFO  - 14:05:33.672: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1355660 to #1356566
-INFO  - 14:05:41.438: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1356567 to #1381119
-INFO  - 14:05:48.672: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1381120 to #1382081
-INFO  - 14:05:56.360: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1382082 to #1382937
-INFO  - 14:06:03.079: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1382938 to #1383526
-INFO  - 14:06:11.360: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1383527 to #1384130
-INFO  - 14:06:19.563: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1384131 to #1384752
-INFO  - 14:06:27.563: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1384753 to #1407983
-INFO  - 14:06:35.782: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1407984 to #1409496
-INFO  - 14:06:44.985: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1409497 to #1410221
-INFO  - 14:06:54.907: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1410222 to #1410889
-INFO  - 14:07:03.516: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1410890 to #1412060
-INFO  - 14:07:11.782: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1412061 to #1412639
-INFO  - 14:07:21.219: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1412640 to #1413330
-INFO  - 14:07:27.360: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1413331 to #1456125
-INFO  - 14:07:33.032: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1456126 to #1511988
-INFO  - 14:07:39.141: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1511989 to #1564606
-INFO  - 14:07:47.375: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1564607 to #1579649
-INFO  - 14:07:53.157: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1579650 to #1607217
-INFO  - 14:07:59.547: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1607218 to #1664477
-INFO  - 14:08:05.875: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1664478 to #1696698
-INFO  - 14:08:12.329: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1696699 to #1775205
-INFO  - 14:08:18.594: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1775206 to #1834985
-INFO  - 14:08:25.516: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1834986 to #1895923
-INFO  - 14:08:30.797: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1895924 to #1970185
-ERROR - 14:08:34.829: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\binarydata.h:1333) buffer overflow

Log file opened at 14:18:04.000: C:\Users\HCP\AppData\Roaming\Armory\testnet3/dbLog.txt
-INFO  - 14:18:04.000: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\main.cpp:32) Running on 12 threads
-INFO  - 14:18:04.000: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\main.cpp:33) Ram usage level: 50
-INFO  - 14:18:04.000: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockutils.cpp:915) blkfile dir: E:\Bitcoin\testnet3\blocks
-INFO  - 14:18:04.000: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockutils.cpp:916) lmdb dir: C:\Users\HCP\AppData\Roaming\Armory\testnet3\databases
-INFO  - 14:18:04.000: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\lmdb_wrapper.cpp:388) Opening databases...
-INFO  - 14:18:04.047: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\bdm_server.h:263) Listening on port 56593
-INFO  - 14:18:04.047: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\bitcoinp2p.cpp:947) Connected to Bitcoin node
-INFO  - 14:18:04.047: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\noderpc.cpp:57) RPC connection established
-INFO  - 14:18:04.047: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockdatamanagerconfig.cpp:919) waiting on node sync: 100%
-INFO  - 14:18:04.047: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\noderpc.cpp:425) Node is ready
-INFO  - 14:18:04.047: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockutils.cpp:1108) Executing: doInitialSyncOnLoad
-INFO  - 14:18:05.079: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:199) Reading headers from db
-INFO  - 14:18:07.141: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\bdm_server.cpp:1121) registered bdv: 56feb8cc2276cf9848f0
-INFO  - 14:18:18.297: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:238) Found 2098851 headers in db
-INFO  - 14:18:29.360: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:64) Rewinding 100 blocks
-INFO  - 14:18:29.360: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:71) updating HEADERS db
-INFO  - 14:18:29.375: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:493) Found next block after skipping 32115bytes
-INFO  - 14:18:29.407: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:281) parsed block file #200
-INFO  - 14:18:29.407: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchain.cpp:248) Organizing chain
-INFO  - 14:18:29.532: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchain.cpp:370) Organized chain in 0s
-INFO  - 14:18:29.532: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:76) updated HEADERS db in 0s
-INFO  - 14:18:29.563: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\lmdb_wrapper.cpp:388) Opening databases...
-INFO  - 14:18:29.563: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:1231) verifying txfilters integrity
-INFO  - 14:18:30.344: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\databasebuilder.cpp:1314) done checking txfilters
-INFO  - 14:18:30.454: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\bdm_supportclasses.cpp:1891) Enabling zero-conf tracking
-INFO  - 14:18:30.563: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\bdm_supportclasses.cpp:401) Starting address registration process
-INFO  - 14:18:35.016: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #0 to #206498
-INFO  - 14:18:43.125: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #206499 to #266421
-INFO  - 14:18:48.907: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #266422 to #348885
-INFO  - 14:18:55.735: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #348886 to #500981
-INFO  - 14:19:01.922: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #500982 to #584256
-INFO  - 14:19:09.094: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #584257 to #606023
-INFO  - 14:19:17.204: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:52) no history to scan
-INFO  - 14:19:17.860: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #606024 to #624331
-INFO  - 14:19:25.000: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #624332 to #627777
-INFO  - 14:19:34.422: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #627778 to #631898
-INFO  - 14:19:42.375: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #631899 to #715747
-INFO  - 14:19:50.688: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #715748 to #723331
-INFO  - 14:19:57.422: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #723332 to #892111
-INFO  - 14:20:03.594: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #892112 to #919668
-INFO  - 14:20:10.563: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #919669 to #947235
-INFO  - 14:20:17.188: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #947236 to #1012869
-INFO  - 14:20:25.188: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1012870 to #1035245
-INFO  - 14:20:32.235: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1035246 to #1056411
-INFO  - 14:20:39.735: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1056412 to #1086200
-INFO  - 14:20:45.829: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1086201 to #1148030
-INFO  - 14:20:52.125: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1148031 to #1208116
-INFO  - 14:20:58.329: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1208117 to #1254501
-INFO  - 14:21:04.297: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1254502 to #1297809
-INFO  - 14:21:10.954: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1297810 to #1353958
-INFO  - 14:21:18.875: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1353959 to #1355659
-INFO  - 14:21:27.329: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1355660 to #1356566
-INFO  - 14:21:35.141: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1356567 to #1381119
-INFO  - 14:21:42.594: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1381120 to #1382081
-INFO  - 14:21:50.172: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1382082 to #1382937
-INFO  - 14:21:57.563: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1382938 to #1383526
-INFO  - 14:22:04.750: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1383527 to #1384130
-INFO  - 14:22:12.813: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1384131 to #1384752
-INFO  - 14:22:20.954: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1384753 to #1407983
-INFO  - 14:22:29.454: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1407984 to #1409496
-INFO  - 14:22:39.094: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1409497 to #1410221
-INFO  - 14:22:48.469: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1410222 to #1410889
-INFO  - 14:22:56.985: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1410890 to #1412060
-INFO  - 14:23:05.266: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1412061 to #1412639
-INFO  - 14:23:14.360: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1412640 to #1413330
-INFO  - 14:23:20.516: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1413331 to #1456125
-INFO  - 14:23:27.235: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1456126 to #1511988
-INFO  - 14:23:33.688: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1511989 to #1564606
-INFO  - 14:23:40.735: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1564607 to #1579649
-INFO  - 14:23:47.563: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1579650 to #1607217
-INFO  - 14:23:52.735: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1607218 to #1664477
-INFO  - 14:23:58.813: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1664478 to #1696698
-INFO  - 14:24:04.766: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1696699 to #1775205
-INFO  - 14:24:10.750: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1775206 to #1834985
-INFO  - 14:24:17.625: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1834986 to #1895923
-INFO  - 14:24:22.735: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\blockchainscanner.cpp:852) scanned from block #1895924 to #1970185
-ERROR - 14:24:26.594: (e:\users\goat\code\armory3\cppforswig\binarydata.h:1333) buffer overflow

I have tried this about 5 times now... and every time it buffer overflows in the same place.

Note: Armory mainnet is working fine.

@goatpig Any ideas for a fix? Huh
3  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / New Trezor Suite Update on: July 01, 2021, 11:32:35 PM
Trezor have released the new version of their Trezor Suite:

The onboarding updates look good, and hopefully prove useful to new users, but what piqued my interest was that they've updated the RBF feature to allow you to bump the fee by reducing the output amounts.

As they note, this means that transactions that generate no change can also make sure of the RBF feature now. That's a win!

Lastly... a slightly curious difference in language:

Email announcement:
Soon Trezor Suite will become the only portal for managing your coins securely and privately.
Blog announcement:
Soon Trezor Suite will be the main portal for managing your crypto
emphasis added by me.

The former seems to imply that Trezor Suite will be the only way to use your device... or were they attempting to say, somewhat poorly, that they're trying to make Trezor Suite a "one stop shop" where you can do everything (buy/sell/trade/send/receive etc) if you want? Huh
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / This is why centralised services are "bad"™... on: June 02, 2021, 10:40:57 PM
...And another reason why Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is so important.

Larry Brandt, a guy who spends a lot of time and money running Tor nodes, has had his Paypal account shut down without opportunity for appeal and they won't even give a specific answer as to why this has happened! Shocked Undecided

"Financial Censorship" is a very real issue. Refer:

Sound familiar? It sounds like a lot of the posts in the "scam accusation" thread regarding various centralised service providers (gambling sites and exchanges etc). At least Larry has the chance of getting his funds back after 180 days Roll Eyes

Remember, "not your keys, not your coins".
5  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / Coldcard / Coinkite Black Friday Promo 2020 on: November 24, 2020, 10:15:41 AM
And to round out the list... Coinkite are giving 15% off most of their products:

Store link:

NOTE: the 15% discount also seems to aplpyt to the shipping cost! I added a coldcard and selected a shipping option, and it was giving the 15% off based on the total of coldcard+shipping! That's actually pretty neat!

6  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / Trezor Black Friday Promo 2020 on: November 24, 2020, 03:55:53 AM
And now Trezor have sent me a notification of their Black Friday Promo for 2020...

20% off... promocode is: BLACKFRIDAY2020 - NOTE: this is CASE sensitive! Wink

7  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / Ledger Black Friday Promo 2020 on: November 24, 2020, 02:33:01 AM
Ledger are offering 40% off all of their hardware wallets from November 23rd-30th... promocode is: blackfriday20 (you apply it at checkout)

I thought they might have offered even more given the problems surrounding the data breach and ongoing phishing attacks... Even at 40% off, I think it might be a hard sell for a lot of people.

Anyway, you can read more about it here:
8  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / BitHD RAZOR - Unboxing and initial impressions (Full Review to come) on: April 14, 2020, 08:19:17 AM
DISCLOSURE - BitHD sent me this unit for review.

So, after a somewhat lengthy wait due to the Covid-19 situation, the package arrived!

NOTE: Click images for large version

Card included for scale, As you can see, the box is shrink wrapped and also has a security seal on the box... there is plenty of debate as to the use of security seals, which I'm not going to get into here. But you can see below that the seal shows up as "VOID" once it is pealed.

The Box

The box itself is relatively understated... just a black logo on "dark grey" box (the box is actually a lot darker than the photo makes out)

Close up of Security seal...

I don't read Chinese... but Google Translate "live view" to the rescue!

As mentioned, once pealed... the seal indicates that it is "VOID"

Box Contents

Sliding the draw out of the outer box reveals some paperwork

Under that is the unit itself, sitting in a custom fit foam enclosure

Underneath the unit was a micro-USB cable, the micro-USB to power "blade" adaptor and a couple of "recovery seed" cards

The Unit

The unit itself certainly lives up to it's RAZOR moniker... it's VERY thin...

And very small in the hand... the aluminium alloy back just has the BitHD logo on it. Has a nice premium feel to it.

On the bottom, we have the charging socket... it's definitely a proprietary connector...

The front has the screen (monochrome OLED) and 2 buttons...

You can see here that the unit is actually slightly smaller than a standard credit card (the white outline in the 2nd pic is the card behind the unit)

The "Paperwork"

Standard 12 word recovery seed cards (2 included)

An advertising pamphlet with some details on other BitHD products (Double-sided, in English and Chinese)

The "User Manual" (also double-sided, in English and Chinese)

Was a little confused that there was no "verification code" in the box visible on the last page of the user manual... but then I found it on the chinese side of the user-manual Wink:

"The Blade"™ proprietary power adapter

Note, I'm not sure if that is what it is actually called, but it fits with the RAZOR theme and it's less than 1mm thick! Wink Tongue

As we can see, it is a micro-USB adapter.


Quick teaser video I made of starting it up for the first time: (apologies for the stupid audio, needed something "license free" and I was in a hurry Tongue)
BitHD RAZOR website:
Selling on Amazon for US$99.99 + shipping

A full review will be coming soon™... In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Bitcoin Core Full Node owners: How many blk files do you have? on: February 21, 2020, 07:32:04 AM
Attempting to help a user having some issues with Armory wallet... Noticed in his debug logs that he has 2750+ blk/rev files in his Bitcoin Core "blocks" folder.

I only have 1970+... That is to say, "blk01974.dat" Shocked Huh

I know that all nodes have "unique" blk/rev files so you can't interchange individual files (you have to swap ALL of them)... but is it "normal"™ that this user has nearly 800 more 130meg files than my node?!?? That's around 100 gigs of extra data! Shocked Shocked Shocked Huh

I'm trying to rule this out as the possible cause of the issues the user is having (wrong chain? Huh). So, if you are running a full node, can you please comment below what the highest numbered "blk".dat file that you currently have is.
10  Bitcoin / Electrum / Electrum 4.0.0.a0 - New Feature on: February 04, 2020, 03:12:56 AM
While messing about with Electrum 4.0.0a0... I stumbled across a relatively minor change which I think is actually a huge improvement to the UI and might help prevent some confusion for new users:

A simple change that I think clearly shows the difference between opening an existing wallet file and creating a new one when you start up. Thoughts?
11  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / Win a KeepKey - FREE Raffle! on: December 23, 2019, 07:36:36 PM
They might get a slightly bad rap these days due to the takeover and integration with ShapeShift... but FREE is a pretty good price!

krogothmanhattan is running a free raffle for a KeepKey:

I advise to also check the last couple of posts to see the most up to date list of free slots and also what slots have been taken since... at the time of posting this, there are around 15 slots left.
12  Economy / Securities / I'm bored... it's hot... and I like throwing money away on frivolous investments on: December 05, 2019, 09:50:05 PM
AKA: HCP's Ode to LoyceV's Legendary 10 Month 10 Person 10 Altcoin Investment Roller Coaster (with a Twist)


I think we all know the basic concept... 10 people (including me) will each contribute 0.01BTC to a pool and then each person chooses a different altcoin... and I'll then buy the 10 chosen altcoins (via an exchange Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance, Bitmex)... we'll all then F5 repeatedly on for 10 months hoping against all hope that we at least break even this time Tongue

However, based on a suggestion... it's time for a twist!

At the end of the 10 months... Any altcoin that has "lost" (ie. is worth less than 0.01 BTC BEFORE trading/withdrawal/transaction fees) will simply be returned to the person who picked it and that person is removed from the pool. Any altcoin that has "won" (ie. is worth >= 0.01 BTC BEFORE trading/withdrawal/transaction fees) will be sold and then split amongst the remaining participants (if any).

To illustrate... let's pretend we get the following (very unlikely) results:
|1. |GBYTE|0.01BTC|0.01043996BTC|
|2. |PIVX|0.01BTC|0.00526071BTC|
|3. |SC|0.01BTC|0.00957474BTC|
|4. |XRP|0.01BTC|0.02049344BTC|
|5. |NANO|0.01BTC|0.01000000BTC|
|6. |NEO|0.01BTC|0.00999999BTC|
|7. |WAN|0.01BTC|0.00464830BTC|
|8. |NMC|0.01BTC|0.01009288BTC|
|9. |DGB|0.01BTC|0.00370873BTC|
|10. |XMR|0.01BTC|0.01073756BTC|

PIVX, SC, NEO, WAN, DGB all "lost" (< 0.01BTC value)... so those participants would simply receive their chosen coins back after the 10 months as their "reward" for being shit at picking altcoins.

GBYTE, XRP, NANO, NMC, XMR all "won" (>= 0.01BTC value)... so those participants would get:
(0.01043996 + 0.02049344 + 0.01000000 + 0.01009288 + 0.01073756) / 5 = 0.012352768BTC (- trading/transaction fees) as their "reward" for being less shit at picking altcoins.

In the event that ALL coins "lose"... well, everyone simply gets their chosen "worthless shitcoin"™ back! Tongue

Start Date:
Will kick off once 10 people have signed up and deposited 0.01 BTC.

End Date:
TBA once Start Date is known.

How to "Play":

Simply pick an altcoin that you think won't be a total train wreck in 10 months... then post the following, replacing my details with yours. Note that it's probably a good idea to use an address that you'll actually have access to in 10 months time.
Bitcointalk name: HCP
Altcoin I choose: GRIN
I will pay 0.01 BTC once 10 people have joined: yes
After 10 months, return my 10% of the "winnings" to: 3GgSk2dRsDShRdSTrLjs1iBPf2qetRhZhk

First in, first served... and once you're "in"... you're "in" for 10 months... there is no escape!

I'd prefer if people choose coins that were listed here: (in the Nano S column) or here: (in the Trezor ONE column) and that are "easily" obtainable... (on an exchange like Poloniex or Binance or Bittrex etc)... (Yes, I know GRIN isn't on hardware wallets!... DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO! Tongue)

Once we have 10 participants and 10 coins sorted... I'll post up deposit addresses for the participants to deposit their 0.01 BTC. Once all the funds are in place, I'll convert the BTC to altcoins and off we go.

At this stage, I'm considering storing the altcoins on a hardware wallet (if possible) or a local wallet, instead of leaving them on an exchange... but will need to investigate the withdrawal and transfer fees involved. Final decision will be by majority vote from the 10 participants. In case of a split vote, decision will be made by random selection (a future block number will be chosen and the last "char" of the blockhash will decide the outcome "1,3,5,7,9,a,c,e" = exchange, "2,4,6,8,0,b,d,f" = hardware wallet)


In case you hadn't realised after the last 2 rounds of this game... "Bad Things"™ can happen:
- An altcoin can simply become worthless and cease to exist.
- Exchanges can delist an altcoin.
- 0.01 BTC of an altcoin can drop lower than the minimum amount required to trade it.
- Also, in case it wasn't obvious, you're "buying" a 10% share of all the altcoins chosen... so if someone else's pick tanks... you lose too!
- This is just a bit of fun... don't join expecting to make any money... and don't play with money you can't afford to lose!


- Thread has been made self-moderated to help keep things tidy.
- Inspired by (and with large parts "borrowed") from LoyceV's thread Wink
- Credit to OgNasty for suggesting "The Twist"™
13  Economy / Service Discussion / "HCP's ongoing experiment of the Trading Platform"™ on: December 02, 2019, 02:28:20 AM
UPDATE: 2021-05-09


Who would have guessed? Roll Eyes

UPDATE: 2020-04-21

Ok, so it's been fairly quiet since Arakne failed in spectactular fashion at the beginning of Feb... but you can now follow along as I try to lose the rest of my ~0.035BTC out the new Trading Platform that has risen up from the ashes of Arakne... Say hello to

EDIT: 2019-12-30
So the "month" has ended... and after a nice little gain to start, the bot got #rekt.

Firstly, by "manipulation" Roll Eyes Roll Eyes... resulting in a stoploss being triggered and a 30% loss of balance (ending in a -18% overall). Then more recently, an early Christmas "present"... A giant lump of coal! Undecided a 2nd massive loss, this one due to some pretty broken bot mechanics!

Anyway, as per my explanation here, I figure I may as well just let it run... and will continue to update once (if? Huh) the bot is back online.


Ok, so I somewhat stumbled across this service due to the bunfight between TMAN and the Service Owner. I think I originally followed a link from the "shit post" thread? Anyway, I digress... so after some (possibly ill advised) alcohol consumption, the old gambler in me was itching for something new. Rather than focus on somewhat ludicrous claims from backtests (I've never been a real fan of such things) and what I perceive to be possible language difficulties and personality conflicts (and with LoyceV's 10 month Altcoin experiment on hiatus)... I decided the "best"(??!?) way forward was to just "roll the dice" and see if it works Tongue Lips sealed

So, without further ado, welcome to the first month of "HCP's (at least) one month long ongoing experiment of the Arakne Trading Bot"™

Initial Setup:

The original service thread has been filled with claims and counter-claims (and what I would deem to be "BadMaths"™), so I did some napkin math of my own and decided that the "minimum" investment amount of $100 wasn't going to cut it, as (should be obvious to anyone that can do basic math) the returns would quickly be eaten by the 30% commission and $10/month VPS fee... you'd need be making at least 15% a month in GROSS profit just to cover both of those... for the math impaired: 15% of $100 = $15... -30% ($4.50) commission  = $10.50 - $10 VPS = 0.50c NET profit... Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Hardly what one would consider a "stellar" return on investment! Tongue

So, partly because I like round numbers and partly because that was what I had laying around and partly because I figured I could afford to lose that much without being tooooo upset about it, I decided that I would commit 0.1BTC (around US$735 at the time of deposit) as the initial investment... and paid the US$10 VPS (0.00133645BTC) up front. Setup was relatively easy... I just needed to signup for a BitMEX account, deposit the initial amount, create an "order only" API key and then pay the VPS fee (via Coinify I believe). There was a slight delay in getting setup because the bot was already in "trade mode" but as it turns out, that actually worked out in my favour Wink

Basically, because I was fucking about getting all my stuff sorted and asking questions, it seems like I got "lucky" and the bot was already in the middle of the "loss" trade that the other users encountered a few days ago, so my account wasn't setup until after that had finished. #blindDumbLuck

The purpose of this thread (similar to what guigui371 has done in the service thread) is an effort to document the performance of the bot, from a "basic" starting position of 0.1BTC... I'll be looking at posting semi-regular updates, with little if anything in the way of judgement. I'm happy for the numbers to speak for themselves... "warts and all", wins and losses etc.

Current Results:

Daily Results:

Overall Results:

So, after 3 days of trading my account is 17% up... 0.01772045BTC ~= US$134 GROSS (~= US$84 ~= 11% NET profit with commission and VPS accounted for). A positive start. Will be interesting to see where I am at the end of my month Tongue #fingersCrossed


- Deposit was made on Nov 29, but Bot was only setup and running on Nov 30th in my timezone UTC+13.

- It seems there is something wierd in the display of dates by BitMEX... today is Dec 2nd UTC+13, so not sure how BitMEX is already in Dec 3rd??!? Huh Huh Huh

- I am aware that some users DO NOT have to pay the VPS fee due to special promo's and deals... I am NOT one of those users, nor does it appear that this deal is currently available (I asked when signing up), so the VPS fee will be included in all my calculations until such time that the "$50 monthly commission == Free VPS" rule kicks in.

- I have been advised that there are likely to be a few minor 0.000000xx BTC "losses" incurred from time to time due to a problem with the BitMEX API. My understanding of this problem is that if you don't trigger the API at least once in a 24hr period, it can become unresponsive and "freeze", meaning that the bot will no longer be able to function properly. The end result is that on days when the Bot is not trading, there needs to be a small instant "buy/sell" type trade just to keep the API "active". Again, this is my interpretation of the issue and probably a bit oversimplified, so I apologise for any inaccuracies.

As I said, going forward, I shall try to regularly post the results so there is some more "independent" data available to complement what guigui371 has already provided in the main service thread.

Also, I should point out, that I am a complete novice idiot when it comes to trading... I have no idea about margins, positions, leverage etc... The limit of my knowledge and trading has been at the level of "lets buy some BTC at $X... lets sell some BTC at $Y"... hopefully with X < Y! Tongue Wink So, don't be expecting any in-depth market analysis or pretty charts with lines drawn all over them claiming to predict the next pump or dump... it'll basically be some screenshots showing daily and overall results with the basic calculations of GROSS and NET profit as above Wink

<insert disclaimer here about this being an independent project and should NOT be seen as an endorsement of either the service or the service owner. It is simply documenting the performance of the bot and I am not receiving any kickbacks or payments for doing so>
14  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / Trezor Black Friday deals from 26 Nov - 3 Dec 2019 on: November 26, 2019, 11:15:31 PM
Got the email today...

30% off using the code "TRZR30"... and they're now doing free shipping to the US (previously was only free to EU)

Save 30% in Trezor Shop
It’s the day of deals you’ve all been waiting for: Black Friday in Trezor Shop! We were so excited we decided to get a head start and bring you a whole week of savings.
From today, 26 November - 3 December you can get 30% off in Trezor Shop. The coupon code "TRZR30" will automatically be applied to your order when you check out.
There’s never been a better time to shop for a Trezor, the last tool you’ll ever need to independently manage your crypto and your security.
But that’s not all…
We’re also announcing that you can get free shipping to the USA until...FOREVER. (Just in case you didn’t know, if you’re in the EU you always get free shipping!)
Whether you’re Christmas shopping, looking for a backup, or buying your very first Trezor, Black Friday is The Day to do it. Head over to Trezor Shop and stack sats by saving with 30% off anything in the shop.
15  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / A new take on "hardware" wallets? on: November 13, 2019, 04:26:17 PM
From my understanding, this is not what you would call a "traditional" hardware wallet... but more of a mobile wallet (iOS and Android) that is secured using a hardware device (Yubikey).

Seems they are attempting to make crypto/hardware wallets a bit more mainstream by aiming at the "mobile" market. I'm not sure about the backup methodology involving "shards" tho... one of which is emailed to the user!!?! Shocked
In this case, this is achieved by splitting the key into two shards — neither of which on their own can restore the private key. One of the shards is stored in a special URL that is generated by the user’s device and sent directly to the user’s email (so Evercoin never sees this shard). The other shard is held by Evercoin. Because of this patent-pending approach, whenever the user loses their phone, their yubikey, their pin, their password they can be helped and they can recover their assets.
16  Economy / Reputation / Flag - dj6230 on: September 20, 2019, 11:31:45 PM
There have now been two reported cases of this user (dj6230) PMing newbies struggling with wallet recovery... and forwarding them to websites designed to steal their BIP39 mnemonics... First instance was here:

Sadly, the post that the OP made in that thread that contained the PM sent to them from dj6230 was deleted by a moderator before I could archive it, but the OP confirms the behaviour and that the user sent it to them.

The most recent incident is archived here:

Again, a new user with wallet recovery issues was PM'd by dj6230 and directed to a website that asked for the seed mnemonic to be entered, after which, their coins were stolen. Sadly, it would appear that all the negative trust ratings against this user have proven to be inadequate, so I am creating this flag.

Support the flag here:;flag=754
17  Other / Meta / Time to change the "Negative Trust" description? on: May 31, 2019, 09:13:01 AM
Currently, the negative trust description we have is: "You were scammed or you strongly believe that this person is a scammer."

These quite specific words seem to be at the root of a lot of the claims of "Trust Abuse"... Specifically, we see a lot of users who receive negative trust ask questions such as "Whom have I scammed?". This arises from the fact that a number of users appear to use negative trust to show that they consider someone untrustworthy, as opposed to considering them a scammer, per se. On the flip-side... the positive trust description is: "You trust this person or had a successful trade." (emphasis added)

Would it not make sense for the descriptions of these two options to be properly mirrored as their names would suggest? Huh

To this end, what if the negative trust description were to be modified to something like: "You were scammed or you strongly believe that this person is a scammer or you consider this user untrustworthy."? Huh (emphasis added for clarity)

And the matching "Big Red Box"™ was changed to "Warning: One or more users have reported that they consider the creator of this topic untrustworthy or that they strongly believe that the creator of this topic is a scammer. (Login to see the detailed trust ratings.) While the administration does not verify such claims, you should proceed with extreme caution." (again, emphasis added for clarity)

Hopefully, this can stay on-topic and we can avoid the usual petty name calling, accusations and counter-accusations. If you want that, there are plenty of other threads both here and in "reputation" to beat those dead horses... I am simply looking for discussion on the description for "Negative Trust".

So, "Should the Negative Trust description be modified?".... Good idea? Pointless exercise?
18  Bitcoin / Electrum / [PSA] - There is NO 3.3.6 UPDATE! BEWARE PHISHING LINKS in locked threads! on: May 14, 2019, 01:05:11 AM
Be careful, a user is spamming a link to a supposed 3.3.6 update that actually redirects to fake elecFrum .org

DO NOT follow the links in any of his messages... it's possible the account has been hacked ("This user recently woke up from a long period of inactivity.")

As always... only ever download from
19  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / [PSA] - Ledger Black Friday sale... 50% off! on: November 23, 2018, 02:13:24 AM
If you're been waiting for a decent price reduction... 50% off is pretty good Wink "Any colour" you like, as long as it is Matte Black Tongue

20  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / [PSA] - Price drop on Trezor One (+ developments) 2018-09-21 on: September 21, 2018, 08:39:51 PM
Satoshi Labs have announced a 23% price cut on the original Trezor One... dropping €20 from the price. This brings the price down to €69+shipping. (€15 DHL express in Europe, €10 to selected countries via UPS).

Seems like they're also porting the new Trezor Core platform from the "T" over to the One... which should mean new features, coins and tokens!

Read more here:
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