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News: Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: 0.15.1  [Torrent].
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1  Bitcoin / Alternative clients / PSA: Black Friday deals for Hardware Wallets on: November 24, 2017, 11:59:41 AM
Just a heads up...

Ledger are running a 21% discount promotion for Black Friday on the Ledger Nano S:
Celebrating Bitcoin Black Friday with 21% OFF all Nano S orders. Immediate shipping from Europe, USA and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, over at Trezor... they're have a 3for2 deal... Pay for 2 Trezors... get a third for free!:
TREZOR 3for2 (3 pcs)
Black Friday Special Deal: 3 for 2!

And Digital Bitbox has a 20% off sale:
Black Friday to Cyber Monday

And finally, KeepKey seem to be running a $10 off "sale"... Not sure if it is Black Friday related tho...

If you've been considering buying a Hardware Wallet... this could be the weekend to do it! Wink
2  Bitcoin / Armory / Armory+Core+Win10 - How I made it work on: September 23, 2017, 02:04:19 AM
I have seen quite a few users in recent times, having issues getting Armory+Core+Win10 all playing nicely... I too had a few issues getting it all going ("Connected but not receiving new blocks until restart", "Purple Connected, but warning about RPC not working", etc etc)...

However, I finally seemed to have found a combination that is working (touch wood), so I thought I'd share my setup in the hope that it might help someone else get it all working.

Software versions
I have Windows 10 Pro... Armory 0.96.3 (previously 0.96.2) and Bitcoin Core v0.15.0.1 (previously v0.14.2).

Bitcoin Core
- Bitcoin Core is installed to default location of C:\Program Files\Bitcoin
- I have my Bitcoin block data stored in a "custom" location of E:\Bitcoin

I have the following entries in E:\Bitcoin\bitcoin.conf
Fairly sure that only "addnode" and "server" are important for getting Armory working

Note: Today (after seeing the Armory 0.96.3 release) I decided to upgrade to Bitcoin Core v0.15.0.1... I'm happy to report that it has not affected my setup at all, everything is still running well Smiley There is a bit of a wait for the UTXO database upgrade, but other than that... v0.15.0.1 seems to be fine.

- Armory is installed to default location of C:\Program Files (x86)\Armory

I have set Armory settings as follows:

Initially, I started Bitcoin Core GUI up and let it fully sync to the current block height, so that it wouldn't be attempting to sync too many blocks while Armory was doing it's initial setup/scanning... then I shut down the Bitcoin Core GUI, waited until the little warning box disappeared... and then started up Armory. It successfully kicked off the "bitcoind" process in the background (visible in armorylog.txt)... and started building the databases etc (visible in dblog.txt)... admittedly, this took a while but eventually it go there.

Now, I can start Armory and it will launch bitcoind in the background, sync up and away it goes... New blocks are detected and scanned.

- I initially get the "disconnected from Node" Windows notification when Armory starts and is "Initializing Bitcoin Engine", and "Preparing Databases" etc but after a few sections, i get the "Blockchain Loading is complete" notification... I see "Connected (xxxxxxx Blocks)" in green and when a new block is mined, Armory is updating correctly.

- One of the big issues I seemed to have was having Bitcoin Core GUI open and trying to use Armory at the same time. The Bitcoin Core GUI seems to interfere with Armory's ability to connect with bitcoind... I highly recommend not having Armory and the Bitcoin Core GUI open at the same time.

- I didn't make any changes to Windows settings for this to work... it was basically, the "addnode" and "server" entry in bitcoin.conf and letting Armory run bitcoind that seemed to make it work for me

Anyway, hopefully this helps others having issues with Armory+Core+Win10
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / [RESOLVED] maybach1980 spreading fake links for ElectronCash client [RESOLVED] on: August 14, 2017, 01:10:18 AM
EDIT: User has messaged me saying that they have removed all links, claiming they "didn't know".

I'm still a little bit suspicious due to the timing of the posts being so close to the creation of the fake GitHubs... And also the hiding of the fake link behind the official link using URL tags in one post...

Will set my trust to Neutral

What happened:
The user mayback1980 has been spamming all the threads in the Electrum subforum claiming that the official ElectronCash github ( is fake... and claiming that some random github repo (https://github[dot]com/electroncash/windows-linux) is the only trusted source. The repo they are spamming was only created on 12 August! Roll Eyes

In addition, the latest commit to this repo effectively breaks the entire codebase by changing all the '.' characters to ','

The binaries are most likely backdoored or malware designed to steal seeds/keys and/or coins off users attempting to get their BCH coins.

Scammers Profile Link:;u=559474

Reference Link: - EDIT: Post Removed - EDIT: Post Removed - EDIT: Post Removed - EDIT: Post Modified

Here you can see a quote of scammers original message that was trying to hide the scam link BEHIND the url for the official ElectronCash client.

Amount Scammed: Unknown
Additional Notes:
Link to fake repo: <-- NOTE: THIS IS FAKE - BEWARE!
Original fake repo: <-- NOTE: THIS IS FAKE - BEWARE!
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / China "Roundtable" and Segwit2x... on: June 18, 2017, 07:06:44 AM
So, I swept through the top five or six pages here... and didn't see anything related to this... I stumbled across this announcement on BTC.TOP (yay for Google Translate)... The original text is here:

I see they mention July 31st... is this an attempt to cut BIP148 off at the pass? All aboard the Segwit2x Train?? What's going on? Huh

China 's counter - dollar roundtable forum on the decision to implement the special currency New York consensus expansion program resolution

In order to effectively solve the problem of Bitcoin network congestion, we will accelerate the development of Bitcoin expansion and promote the sustained, healthy and stable development of Bitcoin. With the support of various mines, exchanges, miners and miners, The meeting of the participants in the June 15, 2021 held a special currency agreement to upgrade the meeting, the meeting we unanimously decided to fully support the promotion of Bitcoin New York consensus expansion program, and reached the following resolution:

1, we support the New York Consensus SegWit2x program;
2, we will next Monday (June 19) began to vote to support SegWit2x program. In order to avoid using the bit4 vote to influence the official voting results, we will write the "NYA" tag in coinbase and vote on the New York Consortium SegWit2x program.
3, we will start the New York Consensus SegWit2x program btc1 ( Btc1) software test and join testnet5, and after the release of the official version as soon as possible after the release;
4, we eager to activate the July 31 before the New York consensus SegWit2x program.
Participants are as follows:

2, Hu Lan (currency net mineral pool)
3, Jiang Thatcher (BTC.TOP, LTC.TOP)
4, Li Ang (
5, Pei was (easy to dig)
6, Liu Aihua (see currency )
7, Mao Bank (F2pool pond)
8, PZ (China Bitcoin roundtable Forum convener)
9, Wang Ruixi (
10, Wu Gang (letter of mine currency pool)
11, Wu Ji Han (bits mainland)
12, Xu Zijing (Kosovo Capital Australia Collinstar)
13, Yang Haipo (
14, Zhao Qianjie (Bit Coin China National Pool)
15, Zhu Jiawei (fire coins)
  June 15, 2017
5  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] US$50 Hot Topic Gift Card - asking $45 on: June 17, 2017, 12:48:35 PM

Ok, so I tried to be nice and bought my missus a USD$50 Hot Topic eGift Card so she could buy herself some cool Wonder Woman Themed stuff that they don't sell here... Unfortunately, I didn't realise that Hot Topic won't ship here, even tried a US-Based package forwarding service and Hot Topic just cancelled the order saying the shipping address was invalid Sad Undecided Angry

I have setup the item for sale over at Selly:

Card is worth USD$50.00... hoping to get $45.00 worth of BTC for it so I can just go buy her an Amazon Gift Card like I should have done in the first place Tongue

Gift Card Code gets automatically sent to your email by Selly after 1 confirmation Smiley

If you have any questions... just ask or PM.

NOTE: I can only recommend that US-Based folks buy this... as I can't guarantee Hot Topic will ship to your location if you aren't in the US!
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / dhlbusiness shilling his scam website... AGAIN on: June 11, 2017, 09:28:16 AM
All his posts had seemed to disappear after I reported this back in April... but now they're visible again... after his neg trust got removed??:

user profile:;u=988154

email contact is

Site is a blatant ripoff of another casino site... with some slightly altered graphics (mostly screencaps) and broken links...
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / [CLOSED] dinuu420 is shilling an obvious scam: on: May 22, 2017, 12:32:34 PM
EDIT: as noted below... dinuu420 deleted all their messages

Possibly as a result of being tagged NegTrust by Lauda Wink

Thread locked.

User: dinuu420

Registered Today... has 7 posts so far... all 7 are just spamming links to this obvious scam.

Claims the website is able to accelerator bitcoin transactions for a fee...

Was originally $5 (via coingate payment processor, now $1 after i called them out)... ripped off ViaBTC TX Accelerator (direct copy/paste which has since been edited since I called them out)...


Original FAQ (before edit, while trying to charge $5):

Claims "independent miner":
i don't think they are scam. i again confirmed 3 tx with this website free of they started this service free of cost.. i think he is a independent miner.
8  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Warning about buying BTC via Credit Card within the APP on: February 17, 2017, 10:24:56 AM
Ok, after a little investigation because of the "crazy fees" post... I discovered that the Credit Card purchase in-app option that links to the Simplex service is a MASSIVE rip off.

Currently (1000 hrs UTC 2017-02-17), this service is charging USD$1200 for 1 BTC. The going rate is around USD$1050 for 1 BTC. That is a markup of around 15%!!?!

The poor guy in the crazy fees thread paid $50 and got $36 worth of bitcoins... which is a 30% difference! (And is currently what $50 will get you)

I'm not sure if the ludicrous "fees" are being charged by Simplex for use of the service, or if they are set by Mycelium or what... but come on guys, surely you need to make sure that the services you are offering are actually a worthwhile for your users!  Huh
9  Bitcoin / Electrum / Electrum Android App on: July 12, 2016, 12:26:28 PM
Are there any plans to update the Electrum Android App?

I don't mean to sound overly critical, but it is pretty bad Sad I had read such good things about Electrum, as it seems a lot of people really like the desktop client. I'm fairly "mobile" so would prefer a mobile wallet for my Android device, so I thought I'd jump into Electrum using the Android app... that was a fairly bad idea. The app takes forever to do anything when you open it for the first time. There are graphical glitches when you start scrolling some of the menus. The onscreen keyboard for doing the seed and pin stuff is just terrible. Despite PIN being on, it never seems to ask for one unless I want to change the PIN. I can close the app, remove it from memory etc but when I open it again, I get the Electrum splash screen and then straight into my wallet... no PIN required!!?!  Undecided

I assume that a lot of these issues are because the android app appears to be a "port" of the desktop version... and not a custom written Android app... is that correct?

10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Crypto-currency fragmentation, should we be worried? on: July 11, 2016, 02:36:45 AM
So, being relatively new to Bitcoin and crypto-currency in general, I have been looking around at all these "altcoins" that have sprung up following the relative success of Bitcoin... I assume because the value went from mere cents to ~US$650 per Bitcoin, so those who missed the Bitcoin boat are trying to launch new currencies to emulate that success and make $$$  Huh

My questions relate to the possible fragmentation of the crypto-currency segment with all of these altcoins popping up and what this may mean for crypto-currency in general.

For starters, it seems like there is a new "ICO" popping up every other week, each new altcoin possibly fragmenting the market that little bit more. Do we really need more than one crypto-currency? What are the advantages of "altcoins"?  Do they offer any real benefits above Bitcoin? If so, what are they? Because I don't see the point, other than to create an artificial trading market??  Huh

11  Economy / Investor-based games / Coince is gone... YAPS! (yet another ponzi scam!) on: July 10, 2016, 09:43:06 PM
Well, can't say I am surprised.  Undecided

The website is down, and already this facebook groups has popped up "Coince Victims"

Hopefully some of my warnings on the threads here helped prevent at least one person from investing in this very obvious scam. As a community, we need to stamp out this ponzi scam business by not investing in these schemes. The only way they will stop, is if it is no longer profitable. So, please don't give them your money!
12  Economy / Web Wallets / Direct "payments" to Xapo on: July 05, 2016, 11:17:13 AM
I have a query about Xapo that I am hoping someone here can help with, because the "Support Centre" on Xapo is truly dreadful and doesn't offer any real information.

I have a Xapo wallet, that is getting "direct payments" from a couple of faucets that I have been messing about with to dip my toes in the bitcoin waters and get a feel for how everything works. I've also received a couple of payments from

The 2 types of payments show up differently in Xapo. One saying it is an external transaction, wihtout any sort of transaction ID, but I can find them in the blockchain by searching on my wallet address. The other transactions, the direct payments, just seem to magically appear out of thin air.

So how does the blockchain know that I "own" these bitcoins? There doesn't seem to be any record of these payments on the blockchain... are they imaginary? Are they backed by Xapo and when I go to spend/send these coins out it will all magically work?
13  Other / Beginners & Help / Online vs. Offline, Desktop vs. Web... on: July 05, 2016, 12:31:40 AM

I am relatively new to the Bitcoin world (have been dipping my toes in the water for a week or so) and have a couple of things I'd like to get clarified, as I'd like to get a bit more "serious" about Bitcoin going forward.

Firstly, as I understand it, an 'online' wallet is essentially software (either desktop or web) that stores all the information about my bitcoins, whereas an offline wallet would be like a paper one, with all the info printed onto paper and stored (hopefully) somewhere secure. Is that correct?

Secondly, a 'desktop' wallet is software like bitcoin core that I run on my own hardware... and I have full control (and responsibility for maintaining security)... whereas a web wallet, I'm essentially letting someone else hold onto my coins, as they theoretically have access to my private keys etc?

In the case of web wallets... are any of them trustworthy?? Like Xapo looks nice and convenient and all, but there doesn't seem to be a way to control your keys... seems to offer you all that information, but then, that means they still have access to my keys right??

Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions/information...
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