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1  Economy / Economics / Do you think Elon is manipulating the market? on: May 25, 2021, 10:56:44 AM
The massive dump happened when Elon Musk tweeted about Tesla not accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, whereas a lot of people also lost investment especially beginners who recently put money hoping for a huge pump. After that, a massive fud has happened simultaneously like all of it was all planned and most of us are really f*cked up, -50% loss in the portfolio.

List of fuds that makes the crypto market crash:
-Elon Musk tweeted about Tesla not accepting Bitcoin as a payment method
-Bitcoin price falls after China calls for crackdown on bitcoin mining and trading behavior

Elon, in my opinion, is truly manipulating the market by issuing a statement on his Twitter account that is very influential to the majority of people in the crypto scene without DYOR even his people that are engineers can't assess the reality of bitcoin mining! He stated that BTC isn't good for the environment and having a huge power consumption but many of the experts have already debunked his statement.

I've read also a topic here that also debunks the claim about power consumption. ---> Debunking the "Bitcoin is an environmental disaster" argument.
and here's another one.

Then what happened, whales buying into the dip, and so on...

Elon Musk tweeted this as if he truly cares, despite the fact that he is the one who started the fud and made early decisions before putting it into action.
I think Elon is manipulating the market, taking advantage of all those who are following in his footsteps, and it makes me fearful that the sole purpose of crypto being decentralized may be lost soon if the manipulation continues. What do you think?

Edited. The sole purpose of this is to raise awareness of Elon Musk's actions among new traders, so I completely agree with the majority of the responses on my thread.
2  Economy / Economics / donating 50% of the vaccines purchased to the government. on: March 29, 2021, 06:41:04 AM
When the government asked for money from the ADB Asian Development Bank to purchase COVID-19 vaccines, I found it odd that they were still demanding so much from private companies in my country. We know that people are without a source of income and that businesses are closed due to lockdowns, implying that they aren't making much money from the current pandemic. Now, some private companies are attempting to vaccinate their employees by importing vaccines that are much cheaper but there is a protocol requiring them to donate 50% of the vaccine purchased to the government.  

I also discovered that vaccines sold in this country are twice as expensive as those sold in other nations and that vaccines purchased by local governments would be given to governments in order to target areas with a large number of cases. Well, there's nothing wrong with prioritizing high-risk areas in order to reduce the country's active cases, but I'm also curious about how they want to use the ADB's $400 million vaccine loan. We are falling behind in the SEA since other countries' vaccine programs began a long time ago, while ours, not implemented and resulted in a slew of nonsense conditions that will keep the country behind in vaccination. Take notice that daily cases are approaching 10,000, placing us in the top two categories for most cases in Southeast Asia, and we are currently under ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) for the third time, I believe.

Is there any other country that has enacted a similar mandate?
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Any recommended altcoins for this upcoming months? on: March 24, 2021, 02:46:25 PM
I already gained from NXPS, XMR, TFUEL and THETA. Gained at least 5-10%.

I currently have 30usd, what do you think is the very promising altcoin this upcoming April and why (any projects of them in the future?)?

I need your insights where should I invest next.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Can Dogecoin reach 1$ soon? on: February 11, 2021, 11:06:01 AM
EDITED: It seems that Dogecoin would reach $1, so congrats to those who were fascinated by this post, looked up Elon Musk's shilling tweets, and bought Doge. You've made money!
Memecoin to utility coin!

The dogecoin has already pumped up twice with the help of popular persons like Elon Musk, now that many people are trying to invest in Dogecoin, expecting to have another madness on doge. So what if, Elon Musk and other popular experts stopped supporting this meme coin, is there are a possibility that Dogecoin reaches 1$ on its own?

Well, like what I've said, this is just a meme coin, no utility, no usage but what do you think will be the realistic value of Dogecoin for the upcoming years?
5  Local / Pamilihan / Another Pinoy Vlogger Channel hacked after Dogie's case, Ripple Involved on: September 24, 2020, 03:46:04 AM
Di na ako gumawa ng panibagong thread, dito nalang.

Another popular pinoy youtube vlogger ang na-hack na naman at nadamay na naman ang cryptocurrency dito. As you can see in the picture, yung naka-live ay related sa XRP. We all know na wala namang kinalaman ang crypto sa mga nagaganap dito dahil posibleng binayaran ang hacker para mag-promote ng crypto sa isang sikat na channel. The channel's name has been changed to Ripple Foundation.

Marami naman sa inyo ang nakakakilala sa game video creator at social media influencer na si Ako si Dogie. Recently lang, na-hack ang kanyang YouTube Channel at hanggang ngayon ay naglilive ng tungkol sa entreprenuer business at crypto-related katulad ng crypto giveaway. Lahat ng video ay deleted at ang natitira nalang ay itong live video na ito. This is another bad impression sa mga nagbabalak pumasok sa cryptocurrency lalo na ang mga fans ni Ako si Dogie dahil pwedeng masisi ang cryptocurrency sa pagkawala ng YouTube Channel niya.

Ano sa tingin niyo?

Edit: Di ko na-check yung channel mismo pero cover niya yung Gemini and searched about it, it is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform.
More info:
6  Local / Pilipinas / Blockchain Specialization - DOST giving scholars in Coursera on: September 22, 2020, 05:33:36 AM
Sa mga gustong matuto at mag-aral ng blockchain specialization, this is your chance. Mamimigay ang DOST caraga ng 6,000 free slots sa, at isa sa mga nakita kong course dito sa coursera ay ang blockchain specialization. Sa mga starting palang sa cryptocurrency, may course din dito ng introduction of crypto kaya if ever na makakuha kayo ng scholarship dito, magandang stepping stone na ito sa inyo.

(Note: Wala pang scholarship yang account kaya may nakalagay na 7-days trial pero kapag nabigyan na, wala ng limitations)

Hindi lang tungkol sa blockchain specialization ang pwede mong maaral dito, marami pang ibang courses na pwedeng maging stepping stone natin sa pagiging advanced sa technology.
  • Blockchain Specialization
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: An Introduction to Digital Currencies

If hindi kaya makakahabol ngayon, mag-intay lang ulit sa official page ng DOST Caraga kasi as long as maraming good feedback at nakakatapos ng courses, namimigay pa sila ng slots.

Fore more info:
Fill-out this form and attend the 11th Coursera Online Orientation on September 22, 2020, 1:30 PM via Facebook Live.
#DOSTCaraga #dostPH #ScienceForThePeople
7  Economy / Economics / Our country was called Province of China. on: August 20, 2020, 05:52:39 PM

News is that the beauty company of China listed the Philippines as one of its provinces (see picture above), which is a major disrespect and insult to us. After China has claimed some of our islands even we won at the international court Undecided, news that we are a province of China is spreading around our country. This post should be a warning to those countries that have debts in China because it could happen to your country as well.

The Chinese money trap really works, and they're already winning in the economic war, that's exactly what China is doing right now. They are taking advantage of those third world countries that want to grow their economies, and after many years of development, the country will be in huge debt due to crisis and corrupt people. Most countries have already lost portions of their homes and have already trampled on the rights and sovereignty of other developed nations.

In the beginning, China knew those countries that borrow money from them would not be able to pay them on the due date, so, in return, natural resources such as oil, gas, or even an island would be offered to pay those debts. I still believe that we Filipinos can manage to build our economy without relying on others, we just need the right people who can handle and control it perfectly for massive development. We are already aware of how does a money trap works but there are still countries that are falling for it, that's how dangerous it is.

This is where it starts and soon, we will see more products from China that labels the Philippines as a Province of China.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Chess on Sports/eSports betting on: June 19, 2020, 10:46:57 PM
I barely see a popular sports betting platform that includes chess on it. Most of the adults are playing chess so I wonder why there are few sports betting that has it.
Chess is a great game and there are plenty of players on it in, and

Actually, there's a lot of tournament in chess that was implemented during the quarantine and those events are being participated by Grand Masters which has a rating of greater than 2500.
  • Clutch Chess Showdown 2
  • Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge
  • Clutch Chess Champions
  • FIDE Online Nations Cup
  • Chess24 MCI Finals

On the side of streaming.

There's a bunch of streamers on twitch that's playing chess right now and you can't believe that it has a lot of viewers. One of those popular streamers is GM Hikaru, he also played on those tournaments that I've mentioned. Even the top 1 overall rating, GM Magnus Carlsen, is also streaming in twitch.

We all knew that most popular games are LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, and Fornite but recently, a medieval game which is chess, climbed to the top of the most played games in twitch. This game is a sport and can even be considered in eSports since it can be done electronically so I hope there are gambling sites that consider this game on their platform.

GM Hikaru also have a chess battle with popular streamers in other games like @xQc @BoxBox @voyboy @Papaplatte @Yassuo @nymnion and there's a possibility that Twitch will be organized a twitch rival on chess! IMO, it'll be better to have this kind of category since there are many fans of chess all over the world.

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / 10$ ONLY - SIGNATURE DESIGNS (Jr. Member - Legendary with FREE AVATAR) ⚡⚡ on: May 27, 2020, 06:22:00 PM
That's right! My service on making Signature design full package with FREE AVATAR is only 10$! Expect to have a very reliable and fast service and you can contact me 24/7.

Don't hesitate to choose my service, I will give my best to satisfy you on my designs.

Artistic designer. He made me a personalized avatar and the design is totally great. I recommend him if you want some design services such as signature, logo or avatar.
Great designer, this user made me a free logo.
Awesome work, A++ for me.
Aside from being a solid member of the local community, finaleshot2016 designed me a free logo. I trust this talented yet humble guy.

10  Economy / Speculation / More upside of BTC is approaching this year 2020. on: May 03, 2020, 05:25:09 AM
We already reach the 9k peak again since last week and the rally is still going on for 10k peak.

I think this meme really fits the value of Bitcoin at this moment.

It seems bitcoin's price stays a while in the range of 8500-8900$, but now it surpasses 9000$.
As of now, they're starting another run to claim 9200$ bitcoin price.

I've just read some of the traders' articles and posts that there are possibilities for the latest price movement to be close to the 2015 bitcoin chart. According to the context of bitcoin's halving and the 2015 chart, the pump could be more likely to happen this year 2020.

Zoom in version: in 2015, 1st consolidation in a bull pennant at the retest of the descending triangle horizontal.

And that's going to be another reason for you to keep more and make a long-term investment in BTC.
11  Local / Pamilihan / Paano magtop-up sa Gcash, Paymaya at Credicards gamit ang WhaleSpend? on: March 31, 2020, 09:46:55 PM

Ano ang WhaleSpend?

WhaleSpend ay isang beta platform na Binance-incubated Program which means nasa proseso pa rin ngayon, na may kakayahang makapag top-up or cash in ng Pera sa mga mobile wallets dito sa atin katulad ng Gcash, Paymaya at Credit Cards sa pamamagitan ng Bitcoin at ibang Cryptocurrencies.

Paano ako makakapag top-up ng pera?

Para makapag top-up ka, kinakailangan dito ang Cellphone Number mo sa Gcash at Paymaya, kapag credit card naman, syempre yung CC number. Then syempre need mong i-Scan yung QR code or kopyahin yung wallet address at bayaran yung nakalagay na amount sa isang specific address. Once malagay na ang required information, makaka-receive ka ng confirmation number.  Automatic po ang pag-convert ng cryptocurrency into local currency.

Obviously, ang service ng platform na ito ay pag top up ng crypto to fiat lamang, meaning top up or cash in lang sa mobile wallets, wala ng iba.

So after niyan, makikita mo dito sa listing kung nakapagbayad ka na or confirmed na yung payment mo. You can also check here yung mga recent na nagcacash-in ng pera sa Gcash, Paymaya at Credit cards. Kapag nakapagbayad ka na, may lalabas na Top-up Detected at pwede kang humingi ng receipt via email.

Gaano katagal ang proseso ng top-up?

Based sa FAQ and sa experience ng iba, saglit lang at mabilis ang transaction at dumating agad sa mobile wallet. Pero ang maximum hours niya ay 48 hours, so if ever na di pa dumadating after ng 2 days, try to contact the support team.

Ano ang maximum and minimum ng amount sa pagtop-up or cash in ng pera?

Ito ang mga minimum at maximum ng purchase amount sa bawat transaction:

Credit Card Bills100 Pesos30,000 pesos
PayMaya100 Pesos10,000 pesos (unverified PayMaya accounts) & 30,000 pesos (verified PayMaya accounts)
Gcash100 Pesos10,000 pesos (unverified Gcash accounts) & 30,000 pesos (verified Gcash accounts)
If your account is NOT upgraded, you can only load, maintain and spend up to P50,000 per month. If your account is upgraded, you can load, maintain and spend up to P100,000 per month.

Paano magkaroon ng upgrade or verified mobile wallet?

Maaring pumunta kayo sa mga website na ito at alamin ang mga requirements na kinakailangan:

Ano ano ang mga cryptocurrency na tinatanggap nila?
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Bitcoin SV (BSV)
  • Binance USD (BUSD)
  • Dai (DAI)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Decred (DCR)
  • EOS (EOS)
  • Moreno (XMR)
  • NEM (NEM)
  • OmiseGO (OMG)
  • Power Ledger (POWR)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Tether OMNI (USDT)
  • Verge (XVG)
  • ZCash (ZEC)

Masasabi ko na isang effective way na payment method to especially sa mga negosyo at traders dahil pwedeng i-rekta sa mga Gcash at paymaya lalo na kapag may babayaran kayong bills especially sa credit card. Sa tingin ko ay magiging useful ito kapag gustong i-rekta ni user ang BTC or ibang crypto sa kanyang credit card. Pero para sa akin ay mas effective pa rin at gamit na gamit ang dahil ang pag-transfer ng to Gcash ay nagkakahalaga lamang ng 10 php, hindi masakit sa bulsa at pwede mo pang ma-hold yung sobrang btc sa wallet.

So may nakita rin akong promo nila if interesado kang gumamit ng platform nila:
“Hi all, is a Binance incubated project that has just launched its BETA in the Philippines! WhaleSpend is an online service that allows you to top-up your GCash and PayMaya accounts, as well as pay your credit card bills, using crypto.

To celebrate the launch, make 2 transactions or more on, fill in the survey form and go into the lucky draw to win 1 BNB! The minimum transaction is just ₱100. 10 lucky winners will be chosen on Thursday 16th of April 2020.”

Trading digital assets involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary
12  Other / Beginners & Help / How does creating topics improve you a lot? on: March 23, 2020, 06:14:41 AM
Good day! As I have no idea how to start a new subject, I finally made this thread about the advantages of producing quality topics. After the introduction of the merit system, it urges me to build topics to gain merits and at the same time to learn. And this thread will give you an idea of how certain people in a single post receive a lot of merits. The key benefits of creating topics are merit that shows the quality of your posting and can also improve your credibility. Making this a passion motivates me to create and improve a lot which helps me to learn and learn more.

Here are the threads I created on my local section:

So what's the product of my efforts on creating threads?

I'm just a full member when merit system came, and I reach Sr. Member and Hero member last year through these efforts, and hoping to be a Legendary Member this year 2020.

The benefits of creating quality topics is very simple;
1. You'll gain more knowledge.
2. You can apply it in different applications.
3. You will get a strong reputation and credentials because you are making an effort to make a quality threads.

So my advice to all aspiring posters of quality soon, always think about your posts, it's better not to rely on the thread of others. Sometimes it's easier to discuss about something you've learned well because you're going to build a successful conversation that serves a forum function. So always share all of your learning that might support other beginners who have begun their journey here at the forum recently. So the point is very obvious, nothing special on this thread. Always keep safe from COVID-19, Have a good day everyone!  Cheesy
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Documentary Videos on: March 17, 2020, 04:25:57 PM
Any bitcoin documentary videos you would like to recommend to a person who wants to learn Bitcoin?

I'm looking for a documentary that includes all of the details where Bitcoin started and explains all the technicalities inside of it. If you have some recommendations, kindly share it with us. This might help newbies and some of your friends that became interested in Bitcoin.
14  Local / Others (Pilipinas) / PONZI SCHEME FRONTROW on: March 05, 2020, 11:34:30 AM
I think this is one of the right time para ma-enlighten ang mga tao especially tayong mga nandito sa forum. If you knew someone na nagbabalak pumasok sa networking then I think you should explain how does PONZI SCHEME works. I created a thread about BNL na similar dito and uses BITCOIN sa kanilang payment last year: BNL scam or not? What's your thought? [ponzi scheme]

This issue is all about a guy na hindi naka-receive ng sweldo because of his member na may ginawang mali. Also, lahat ng mga bagay like mamahaling kotse ay nakapangalan sa company which is FRONTROW kahit na mismong pera niya ang pinang-down niya sa kotse.

And we all know na basta networking, it's more likely a PONZI SCHEME sa kadahilan na pyramiding na kailangan mo ng members to sustain your profit on this kind of work.

What is HYIP?
Ang hyip or high-yield investment program ay isang klase ng ponzi scheme na kung saan papangakuan ka ng isang malaking profit after mong mag-invest ng pera pero in reality, itatakbo lang nila ang mga pera na-invest sa kanilang platform.

Ngayon mas dumadami na ang mga scam projects dahil ganon na ang way nila upang makalikom ng pera. Kung dati hindi pa nageexist ang cryptocurrency ay nakakagawa na sila ng investment scam, what more kapag dinamay na nila ang crypto just to earn huge profit from investors.

Ito naman yung way na papaniwalain ka nila na yung profit na nakukuwa mo ay galing sa sales ng project or platform nila pero galing ito sa mga early investors.

Kahit ano pang pagpapagandang words, even it's a free enterprise, or network marketing is the same sh*t with ponzi scheme or pyramiding.

Kung sa tutuusin, the networking works by recruiting more members and yung mga sabon, pampaputi, kotse at kung ano mang pangpapaakit ay asset lang nila para mas dumami yung members ng isang networking company. So definitely, mas kikita ka ng maraming pera kapag nakapag-recruit ka ng bagong member dahil maglalapag ito ng malaking pera which is sweldo ng mga nasa taas. And kaya ka kumikita is because of the name ng company, kaya makikita mo yung sandamakmak na advertisements, billboards kaya talagang magmumukhang legit ang isang networking business.

But behind every ponzi scheme or pyramiding, mga nasa taas lang lagi ang nagbebenefit sa ganitong pamamaraan or kapag marami kang members. That's why ang mga networking company ay kumukha ng artista para lang maakit pa yung mga members at sila sila lang din ang makikinabang.

Do I consider it a Scam?

IMO, yes it's a scam. The fact na pinapaniwala mo ang isang tao na kikita siya kapag nag-invest siya ng pera, scam na agad yon. In reality, di naman talaga nangyayari yon. Who tf will give a money to a random person kasi nakapag-invest siya? Wala diba. And until ma-brainwash ka na, gagawin ka na rin nilang asset and dahil motivated ka since nakikita mong kumikita ng pera yung mga nasa taas, magiinvite ka na rin ng mga members and yun na yung start ng pagpapalawak.

I remember BNL, na dinamay pa yung BTC sa pagkita nila ng pera, which is obviously ponzi scheme rin naman. Those people who invented this scheme are probably scammers na dinadaan sa mabulaklak na salita at papeles para lang makapang-scam ng tao through legal matters. Kaya nga desperate ang mga tao sa mga ganitong bagay na nagpapakita pa ng pera at kotse para lang masabing legit.

This is one of the reason bakit hindi kinukonsinte ang mga investments na may referrals dito sa forum kasi ganon rin yun patungo, isang scheme na kung saan ang mga nasa taas lang ang mga nakikinabang at gagamitin lang ang iyong pera.

I hope this thread helps you, especially to those who lack knowledge about schemes like this at para maging aware kayo. Yes, may mga kumikita naman talaga sa networking at may mga yumaman but they're the one who already invested since the start of the company. It's not recommended and not profitable if you're thinking na pumasok ngayon dito dahil lagi mong nakikita ito.
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Best guide so far... on: February 18, 2020, 02:19:19 PM
All of us have different reasons for staying here on this platform.
Most of us have targeted posting to make income and some are here to learn cryptocurrency.

I have realized recently that we should make a goal that's affiliated with cryptocurrency 'cause it's just a waste if you learned all those facts and information about crypto on this platform for income. Some are not giving any attention to informative topics but in reality, knowledge is power and more important than anything else.

So, questions came up to my mind...

"What should be my destination if I learn even more about the cryptocurrency?"

"What if the cryptocurrency disappear?"

This is the reality that some people are very good to make income but can't even remember those single information they read. Most of us don't know how will they apply bitcoin in their life and just wanted to earn more through campaigns. Do you think you consider yourself as part of this community if your desires on this platform are for personal only?

The only way to make our community grow more is to embrace the use of modern technology especially cryptocurrency in our life. It's an opportunity that is given to us and by giving back, we should show to the community that we really admire blockchain and bitcoin because it's the one that supports us now on our financial needs sometimes. If you're asking me what's my contribution to the community, I just simply adapted the technology behind it which is blockchain on academic aspects.

It's just a thought of mine why am I here and you should think about it also. Is it really for the money or development of our community?
I think this is the best guide so far for a newbie to make a better path on their journey here.
16  Local / Pilipinas / Bitcoin Transaction without Internet. on: February 15, 2020, 05:05:39 PM
Good day! Gonna share this topic that I've studied recently. Ito yung topic na posible mangyari in the future once maisagawa pa ang pagdedevelop ng networking technology.
Nabasa ko 'tong article nito which caught my idea at nai-relate ko agad siya sa aking knowledge sa networking technology. So gusto kong i-share yung idea na Paano kung wala ng Internet? Unang papasok sa aking isipin ay, paano na ang Bitcoin? Posible pa magkaroon ng transaction without internet or offline?

Una kong naisip 'tong LoRaWAN na tinatawag na ang ibig sabihin ay Long Range Wide Area Network.

Ano ba ang LoRaWAN?

LoRa (Long Range) is a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technology. It is based on spread spectrum modulation techniques derived from chirp spread spectrum (CSS) technology.[1][2] It was developed by Cycleo of Grenoble, France and acquired by Semtech the founding member of the LoRa Alliance.
So basically, using a small piece of chip pwede ka na gumawa ng sarili mong network even a Raspberry Pi, pwede mong gawing node ng LoRa network mo. Ang nagpapatakbo ngayon sa bitcoin transactions ay chain network in the internet, which is mas madali dahil globally ang pag-transact basta may access ka sa internet.

Ang LoRaWAN ay isa ring WAN/MAN (Wide Area Network/Metropolitan Area Network) na ibig sabihin ay pwede kang gumawa ng network mo sa isang specific na area. Halimbawa nalang ay, may network sa buong metro manila at pwede kayong mag-connect connect through it.

So posible nga ba magamit ang LoRa network sa pag-implement ng Bitcoin?

  • Hindi, dahil sa WANetwork, minimal na data transfer lang ang pwede so it means na baka hindi kayanin ang size ng blocks.
  • Once implemented, magiging congested lang lalo ang LoRaWAN dahil minimal lang ang data transferring at limited lang ang pwedeng maka-connect sa gateways
  • Limited area lang.

So bakit ko pa sinabi ang LoRaWAN as possible solution for offline transaction kung di rin naman magagamit at puro disadvantages?

Nasa first phasing palang naman ang LoRa technology so there's still a possibilities na ma-develop 'to as soon as possible.

I wise man said, "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." So possible for development ang lahat ng bagay at kapag mas lalong nabigyan ng pansin ang LoRa technology, definitely ito na ang solution for offline private transactions.

Possible na lahat ng payments ng connected branches ay mata-transact through LoRa Network, once kaya ng mag-receive and transmit ng data na malaki ang technology na ito.


Here's a map, para mas klaro ang explanation.

Kung makikita niyo sa image, ang Main Branch na located sa Manila ay connected sa Internet which is very obvious dahil malakas ang connection ng Internet within Metro Manila. The Sub Branch na located below ay walang signal or out of coverage sa internet.

The possible solution here is LoRa Technology. Kayang magpadala ng payment ang Sub branch to Main branch basta within in the path (straight line) merong nodes ng LoRa technology na magtatransfer ng data na dapat ma-transfer sa Main Branch without using the Internet.

Kung iniisip niyo naman na parang katulad lang 'to ng Money Transfer, hindi po siya katulad don.

Ano nga ba ang technology behind sa Money Transfer?
EFT yon or ang tinatawag na Electronic fund transfer na kung saan Online Transaction pa rin 'yon so not qualified as Offline Transaction ang mga money transfer like Western Union and many more. It still uses online service providers para gumana yung money transfer.

Wala na bang ibang paraan for LoRa para mas maging posible ito?

Actually meron din, diba alam naman natin na ang Electrum ay maliit na data lang ang ginagamit kada-transaction? So pwedeng magkaroon ng integration between Electrum and LoRaWAN para mas maging posible ang minimal data transfer sa network.

May existing nodes/gateways ba ang LoRa ngayon sa Pilipinas?

Actually, may mga gateways na existing ngayon na ginagamit sa IoT technology at pwede mo ring gamitin for your own private transaction once nagkaroon ka na ng access sa mga gateways na yon. May 6 gateways na existing ngayon dito sa Pilipinas at 3 ay nasa Metro Manila. Pwede ka rin namang gumawa ng sarili mong node and gateways para sa iyong offline private transaction.

LoRa technology is still a new technology na kaka-implement lang so possible gamitin itong technology for Bitcoin-use someday. So looking forward pa ako sa mga ibang networking technology na pwedeng magamit ng bitcoin and di na malayong mangyari sa current status ng technology na still going up ang development. Like what I've said in my recent threads, prioritizing technology really make changes in our society so it must be funded and should be given a lot of attention dahil ito ang mag-aangat satin.

Kaya ikaw, sa tingin mo ba na posible ang Offline transaction in the future?

17  Economy / Speculation / It's over $9000! on: January 28, 2020, 01:02:16 AM
I think this meme really fits the value of Bitcoin at this moment.

It seems bitcoin's price stays a while in the range of 8500-8900$, but now it surpasses 9000$.
As of now, they're starting another run to claim 9200$ bitcoin price.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Learn about Patent and Intellectual Property. (Bitcoin) on: January 15, 2020, 07:15:22 PM
One of the important topics we should learn regarding studies and innovation that we're creating is patent. The reason why I created this topic because of discussions about Craig Wraight who's non-stop of claiming as the founder of bitcoin. This is one of my course subjects and I guarantee that it'll be helpful on some discussions like this:

Most of the time when there's a news about CSW, it can be seen on btc discussion already. These are the articles related to CSW issues:and until now, he can't even show a valid proof for ownership of btc white paper.
So let's start the real topic about Patent and Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property

Simple definition, a unique idea or concept that is made by your mind. It means all of the things you had thought and do are considered as IP.
The blockchain and bitcoin are the intellectual property of Satoshi Nakamoto, so if the real Satoshi applied for a patent with great evidence, It will consider him as the owner of BTC, BTC whitepaper, and blockchain concept not only in the digital world but in the whole world.


A patent is something you have to apply to claim as the creator of the invention.
For eg.
Craig Wright of NChain is trying to apply for patent on all of the things SN made but until now, WIPO still doesn't grant or approve due to lack of evidence of being SN. The reason why he's still holding the title of faketoshi or fraud for insisting to be SN.

The different kinds of Intellectual Property.
  • Patent
  • Trademark
  • Utility Model
  • Industrial Design
  • Geographic Indications
  • Layout of IC
  • Trade Secret
  • Copyright

How does the claim of CSW will be approved?

1. If he really holds the millions of BTC that are owned by SN.
2. Layout model or design for Blockchain, Trademark ownership of Bitcoin and White paper. These are one of the easiest ways to gain approval but I still, CW lacks all of it.

So here's the recent issue about a patent for bitcoin also known as patent wars.
The race to file blockchain patents has accelerated lately with one specific firm, Nchain Holdings, attempting to capture hundreds of distributed ledger-related patents. According to reports, self-proclaimed Satoshi – Craig Wright – and his Nchain business claim to have filed 666 patent applications to date, capturing a gigantic portfolio of intellectual property.

His patent application number is 666. [3]

Applying for Patent
Since there's a lot of countries that use Bitcoin, he must include those countries on the patent application to claim Bitcoin in that country. There's a chance that the BTC will be owned by the other people in the countries you didn't include and having also the same evidence but it's impossible.

There are so-called 'patent wars' where people are trying to compete with each other to be the owner of a certain thing because of the profit that will be gain in the market.

This is CW's patent application and a lot of countries are included in designated states. So it means he controls the ownership on those countries when he obtains the approval of the patent claim.

Therefore, Don't be fooled easily by those claimants as SN if they still lack evidence and avoid making false news in the Bitcoin Discussion about CW as SN.
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[3] -

original thread:
the current discussion about CSW:
19  Local / Others (Pilipinas) / Bitcointalk Activity Time Spreadsheet on: January 15, 2020, 06:19:31 PM
Ito ay isang simpleng spreadsheet na naka-save sa browser ko at GDrive matagal na, na kung saan makikita yung 14 days of activity effect or dagdag sa profile natin. Karamihan dito ay marami ng merits at nagiintay nalang ng activity for rank up, I think that's going to help particularly sa mga hindi pa alam yung spreadsheet na ito.

Ito ang pinagbabasehan ko nung Member palang ako so pwede 'tong guide sa inyo at hanggang 2060 yung bilang ng date dito.

Hindi naman big deal 'to, additional info lang baka may curious sa atin.

20  Local / Pilipinas / BTC Mining Discussion: "Bakit hindi na profitable ang BTC Mining sa Pilipinas?" on: January 06, 2020, 06:19:09 PM
I liked to share this idea na kung Bakit hindi na nga profitable ang mining sa Pilipinas? Marami kasi akong nakikita na tao na nagtatanong regarding sa bitcoin mining, not only in this section kundi sa buong site, gusto malaman if may good cause pa nga ba ang Bitcoin Mining. First of all, let's talk about in other countries, specifically China, as an introduction to this discussion. I saw a thread that talks about the Banning of mining in China, which is nakakabahala din dahil most of the bitcoin miners today ay galing sa kanila.

So una kong naisip, Ano nga ba ang mangyayari kapag nawala na ang Bitcoin Mining sa China?

I think 70% pataas ang nagmamay-ari ng bitcoin mining pool sa buong mundo, kaya ibig sabihin malaki ang epekto nito kapag ang China mismo ay na-ban na ang cryptocurrency sa kanilang bansa. Kaya tinuturing ang China as one of the important region sa ating community, dahil sa gawa ng ambag nila sa bitcoin. Isa sa mga pinakalamalking company na gumagawa ng hardwares for bitcoin mining ay ang Bitmain na nasa Beijing, China.

Halos karamihan sa mga ASICs mining rigs na ginagamit ngayon for bitcoin mining ay galing Bitmain at sila ang no. 1 na nagpapadala ng ASICs sa iba't ibang bansa.

So bakit nga ba lagi nalang China ang binabanggit ko? At bakit sila ang bida dito? (Kalma lang, dadating rin tayo sa Philippines)

IMO, Ang China pagdating sa mga electronics hardware, kaya nilang mag-produce ng maraming hardware na low cost lang which is alam naman natin dahil halos lahat ng electronic devices na makikita natin ngayon sa paligid natin are Made of China. I'll indicate some proofs na karamihan sa electronics company ay nagpapagawa sa China.
Kahit na puro negative news ito for China's hardware companies, it is still a proof na halos lahat ng company ay nagpapagawa ng hardware sa kanila pero ngayon, hindi na. If curious kayo bakit hindi na nagpapagawa ang karamihan ng electronics company sa China dahil ito sa trade war sa US.

Isa pang dahilan kung bakit Okay magkaroon ng mining business sa China ay sa kadahilanan na ang source of energy nila ay hydroelectricty which is more cheaper at ang klima sa kanilang lugar ay fit para magtayo ng mining business. We all know that hardwares are prone to overheating kapag 24 hours naka-open, so kung dito ka mag-mimina, you need cooling apparatus para lang ma-maintain yung efficiency ng hardware mo.

Sunod na pumasok sa isip ko kung, Okay pa ba ang Bitcoin Mining?

Actually oo, pero sobrang daming naco-consider ngayon kung okay pa ba ang Bitcoin Mining. Isa sa kadahilanan kung bakit ayaw na ng China sa mga mining business at gusto na nila ito i-ban ay ang malaking energy consumption. Syempre as a business minded person, as long as may opportunity na makakakuha ka ng profit, sasamantalahin mo yung murang electricity bill.

Isa rin sa mga problema na hinaharap ng China ngayon ay pagdami ng kanilang e-waste. Sa pagkakaalam ko sa isang statistics, sila ang nangunguna na may pinakamaraming e-waste sa buong mundo.

Ano nga ba ang E-waste? Obviously this is a kind of waste na mga electronics devices na hindi na ginagamit, specifically mga PCB, electronic components at iba pang mga parts na ginagamit sa electronics.

So back to the topic, ang mga mining rigs, hindi na yan pwede mabenta as second hand lalo na't ginamit na ito for mining. I remember those days na pwede pang gumamit ng GPUs sa bitcoin mining, hindi kami nabili ng mga second hand na ginamit na for bitcoin mining kasi na-reach na yung pinaka-peak ng GPU na yun yung capacity niya dahil gamit na gamit na. Most likely may mga parts don na malapit na masunog or kapag ginamit na siya, mababa ang FPS or frame per second kapag naglalaro, naghahang.

Imagine, 24/7 ginagamit yung GPU, sa tingin mo masusulit mo pa yun kapag binili mo ng second-hand? Syempre hindi. Kaya karamihan sa mga GPU na ginagamit sa mining rigs ay rekta tapon na which is considered as e-waste na. Ang pagdami ng e-waste ay may malaking epekto sa ating kapaligiran.

So nalaman mo na ba ang sagot sa katanungan na Bakit hindi na profitable ang Bitcoin Mining sa Pilipinas?
(Kung binasa mo yung buong thread, feel ko alam mo na agad ang sagot.)

  • Una, ang electricity bill natin ay mahal especially sa Metro Manila, kaya instead of making a profit baka malugi ka lang dahil sa babayaran mong electricity bill. Take note that mining consumes a lot of energy.
  • Pangalawa, Unlike China, our climate is not good for Mining Business. Most likely, bibili ka pa ng maraming aircoin to be the cooling apparatus for the hardwares na umiinit dahil 24/7 nakabukas. At yung aircoin na yon ay magca-cause din ng malaking energy consumption at dagdag ito sa babayaran mo.
  • Last, Expensive Mining rigs, malaking investment at hindi 100% ay magkakaroon ka ng profit, in the end baka malugi ka pa. Also, wala namang available na ASICs dito so basically sa ibang bansa ka pa oorder, which costs shipping fee.

IMO, Bitcoin mining ay hindi para sa Pilipinas, kung ang ibang bansa ay nagkakaroon ng struggle sa ganitong business, ano pa sa atin. I'm not saying na hindi natin kaya, nagawa na natin ito so ibig sabihin kaya, sadyang unti or walang profit sa ganitong business. Maybe balang araw if nag-improve ang ating bansa, pwede nating ma-implement yung ganitong business sa Pilipinas at marami sa atin ang magbebenefit dahil malaki na yung percentage na ambag natin sa Bitcoin community.

Kung 75% sa China, maybe someday we can own at least 25%. Gusto ko rin magkaroon ng marami pang semiconductor company dito sa Pilipinas that leads to industry na kaya na rin gumawa ng hardwares. Sa panahon na yon, di na tayo aasa sa electronic devices ng ibang bansa kasi kaya na nating mag-produce ng sariling atin. So hindi lang sa bitcoin mining ang ambag natin kundi kaya na nating gumawa ng iba't ibang network or features for BTC transactions dahil advanced na yung technology natin, magiging malaki ang part ng Philippines pagdating sa mga technology. That's the thing I foresee if napripriotize lang ang technology sa ating bansa. If nakaabot ka sa dulong part na 'to, Congrats at maraming salamat! I hope na may natutunan ka sa simpleng thread na ito. More contents in the future!

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