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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / FOR SALE: Bitcoin ATM (a California 'C' corp 10,000,000 shares) on: November 22, 2012, 08:55:44 PM
         BitcoinATM      (For sale in its entirety)
California 'C' corp
Authorized Capital:  10 million shares, with 8 million shares of Series A Common Stock (voting) and 2 million shares of Series B Common Stock (non-voting)
Price: BTC2000  BTC1500 (negotiable terms)
Also included:
1.   One beta machine: Genmega GK1000 Kiosk (in good condition) running windows xp pro with ActiveX drivers for the bill acceptor, printer, card reader etc.
2.   Domain:
3.   The brand: logo, miscellaneous artwork and decals designed in Adobe Illustrator, 2 commercials and extra unused video footage done by Digivid Media… pictures taken at the Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in MtGox booth.
4.   Business Plan: (Rough draft)
5.   Code: Client/Server both running on the machine for development purposes. Administrator’s password (control) for the code which was placed on Github as open source.
Version 1 is an executable but I am not sure what tools were used to create it because the source code has been lost, so it will need to be decompiled.
Version 2 is php, a bit more functional and easier on the eyes but needs some patching.
6.   Contact information for:
  • Original programmers C++ and PHP.
  • India based programmers who assisted.
  • Alternate programming options who are well established in the ATM business but were not used due to lack of funds.
  • Everyone who expressed interest as investor, collaborator or customer.

•   Buyer bears all shipping and legal transfer cost.
•   Buyer may request seller to file papers to dissolve, surrender, or cancel this corporation. This may be preferable in some situations.
•   Buyer should be aware of the minimum annual tax in California for corporations with no revenue is $800.
•   Third party escrow may be used if mutually agreed upon.

Todd Bethell, CFM, MBA
Work: (949) 340-5438
2  Bitcoin / Project Development / Bitcoin ATM code is now officially an open source effort. on: April 24, 2012, 06:42:27 AM
Press release 23 April 2012
BitcoinATM code is now officially an open source effort.

This is a quick and dirty release. Documentation, development history, hardware specs, business plan etc... will be ‘dumped’ to a file sharing platform in the coming weeks.
There are two versions of the application.
    Version 1 is an executable but I am not sure what tools were used to create it because the source code has been lost, so it will need to be decompiled.

    Version 2 is php, a bit more functional and easier on the eyes but needs some patching.

    The hardware platform is a Genmega GK1000 Kiosk running windows xp pro with ActiveX drivers for the bill acceptor, printer, card reader etc.

The Bitcoin ATM brand, website, company name or artwork is NOT open source. However, proposals for free or very low cost licensing are being accepted. You may use the code freely with no obligations, however contributors/collaborators will be rewarded.


Todd Bethell, CFM, MBA
Work: 1-949-340-5438 Cell:1-949-394-5932 (& sms), Skype toddbethell, Google 1-949-464-8061

Life stream:
sometimes at




Web sites:

3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Conference on: July 19, 2011, 11:08:10 AM
The Bitcoin World Conference was fantastic. Full of energy and ideas expressed at bitcoin speed.
As the sole founder and owner of Bitcoin ATM Inc (a California registered corporation) I felt fortunate to have been able to get a table to display my company where many persons expressed their support for the need for this product. There was no shortage of persons asking to be beta testers of the first 10 machines in their city or to join the bitcoin investment pool from which this company is funded. Thank you Bruce Wagner for putting on this show and your example of how business and relationships in the new bitcoin economy should be done. I accept the challenge of matching your pace and will attend all the upcoming shows you have scheduled around the world.

Todd Bethell, CFM, MBA
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Price drop below $10 will set back bitcoin one year or more on: July 04, 2011, 07:20:37 PM
It is my professional opinion that bitcoin prices are being systematically walked down by a miner or an early adapter. I am not so concerned by the reckless sells of large chunks of coins as I am about that being followed by the placement of large amount of coins to hold the price down and discourage new money. I am having a difficult time imagining what they hope to gain by this effort. This person is clearly not thinking economically. If bitcoin prices approach $10, there will be a panic sale taking the prices to $2-$3. From here it will take a year or more for bitcoin to recover, if at all. The individual that is selling large amounts of coins in single chunks then placing large amounts of coins in very obvious ceiling positions is causing new investors of high net worth to take pause. I personally know a half dozen high net worth individuals who are on the cusp of large investments in bitcoin related businesses as well as bitcoins. These persons will not proceed if bitcoin is manipulated down much further. They are not investing because bitcoin advances liberty and privacy, they are investing for profit. To the individual that is doing this, and I know you are one individual, I am not asking you to hold your coins; go ahead, sell all you want, but what do you gain by preventing new money from coming into the market with these ceilings?
5  Economy / Marketplace / Bitcoin meetup’s / trade groups / Clubs… etc. on: April 27, 2011, 09:18:22 AM
This topic thread is for posting announcements and resources for Bitcoin meetup’s / trade groups / Clubs… etc.
6  Economy / Trading Discussion / Withdrawing Bitcoins from Mt.Gox on: April 21, 2011, 08:04:06 PM
Can anyone answer this question: After three weeks of trading on Mt.Gox I tried to withdraw my first Bitcoins (10 as a test) and recieved this message:
"To reduce fraud we hold a certain of portion of PayPal payments in reserve for 30 days. You are currently only able to withdraw 0 BTC"
The problem is, I have never used PP to charge my account, only direct transfer. I also have a BTC and $$ balance in excess of 1000.


There was a bug in your account settings, which is now fixed (some remains from the time we had paypal, I'm trying to clean those out and everything will run more smoothly once we switch to the new system in early may).

7  Economy / Trading Discussion / How much cash and Bitcoins is sitting on the sidelines in their Mt. Gox accounts on: April 11, 2011, 06:55:11 AM
These questions stem from the topic about 'Dark Pools'
As a trader/investor I would much rather know the following:
1. What is the size of the ultimate 'dark pool' of cash and Bitcoins sitting on the sidelines in their Mt. Gox accounts?
2. What is the average cash volume in the Mt. Gox system (or partners) not yet applied to accounts?
3. How many registered traders are their?
4. What is the average number of accounts per trader (1? 5? 20?)?
5. What is the ratio of traders using their real (traceable) names, emails, addresses. (This would give an indication of the 'fear factor'?
6. What is the average time it takes for a trader (experienced & newbie) to get funds all the way from cash or a BofA? (Indication of the true velocity and liquidity of Bitcoin)
7. Is their a way to know the handles of traders so I can 'thank' them or 'curse' them as the case may be?
8. Were can I buy one of these 'bot' applications already configured (preferably with a GUI)?
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