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1  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / MetaMask and Ledger Nano on: September 10, 2019, 07:24:13 AM
I have a computer where I think dying (see image below) and there I have a MetaMask wallet in Chrome installed in it and I'm not sure if I will be able to recover my stuff there completely. I do have that 12-word seed that you need to recover with it. Has anybody tried importing that to a Ledger Live?

I'm thinking of two ways to back up my funds there, Ideally using Ledger for the safety and security it provides (I haven't tried anything yet)

  • Install ETH Address and access it through MEW? (Possibly recovering it through MEW)
  • Transfer everything to the new one created from the Ledger Nano Wallet

I'm not sure what to do, possibly there other people who have tried this one? I want to recover the ETH address (in case the inevitable happens) that has Tokens that I really treasure the most.

P.S. My suspicion with my PC is with the Video card that I have. I'm not sure and I haven't tried yet the VGA connection.

2  Local / Pilipinas / [TUTORIAL] Razer Gold - PUBG Mobile - Top-Up UC on: August 08, 2019, 07:21:21 AM
Sa mga mahilig mag PUBG diyan or kung ano man games madaming applicable games na pwede bilhan ng credits pero for now, PUBG Mobile muna using Razer Gold Pin bought using mobile app.

i. What you need
ii. How to Get Your Player ID
iii. Purchasing the Razer Pin
iv. Loading it to your account

What you need

  • PUBG Mobile Account (Siyempre) with your Player ID
  • Balance in (PHP, BTC, ETH, BCH, or XRP. Kung ano meron ka)
  • Mobile Number (to receive the pin pero pwede naman kahit dun na mismo sa mobile app mo na lang i-retrieve yung serial number and pin)

How to Get your Player ID

Purchasing the Razer Pin

1.   Go to Game Credits in the app and select Razer Gold with the PUBG Background

2.   Choose the amount you want, for this tutorial I used PHP 100 then input your mobile number

3.   Then You have successfully purchased a Razer Gold Pin

Loading it to your account

1.   You need to go to this link or called as the PUBG Mobile Webshop then input your Player ID. Make sure sa next page, tama yung character name mo dun

2.   Select the Razer Pin then Continue

3.   Input the Serial number and PIN to the respective boxes then continue

4.   These Pages will show and then you’re done!

It should reflect in your account by now. Now na nag purchase ka ng UC, may mga freebie ibibigay sayo si PUBG kung ano man yung suot na yun or something.

Enjoy playing! Wag masiyadong mag addict sa mga games. Tandaan ang mga priorities.

3  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / Ledger Live Problem on Windows on: August 01, 2019, 06:22:12 AM
Has anybody experienced where you have updated your Ledger Live, and it doesn't show up anymore? After updating it, I'm worried that it has something to do with that, but I am confident that I got the update from the legitimate site. Let me give you a more precise explanation.

  • So I was planning to transfer some of my funds on my desktop (I rarely use this PC, only when transacting)
  • I typed on the Taskbar "Ledger," and it should show the Ledger Live Program
  • Program opens, type the password, etc. (All typical ways when opening the program and transacting)
  • There's a pop-up for an update, then I updated it
  • Suddenly, I cannot see it as an installed program. Nothing anymore in the taskbar when typing "ledger" just the installer of it

Has anybody experienced this? I have done a couple of re-installations or something. I'm not sure if my anti-virus software causes it, but I doubt it, it should prompt, and I monitored it carefully too. I'm not sure if my PC got compromised or something. I'm just worried about my security with it. I'll probably not use that wallet, or I will reset the Ledger Nano S. Either way, I hope it's not critical.
4  Other / Off-topic / [DISCUSSION] The Story of your Username on: July 29, 2019, 10:21:25 AM
Yes, I'm back at it again, I'm the one who created this topic, Experiences of a Bitcointalk Member.

I'm curious about what's the story with your username? I'm interested in this because a lot of people have a background or an origin story with what their username is and what it has become now. Did it somehow affect you with how you turn out to be? Are you making different names on the internet for your distinct personality? Because online, you are different and IRL, you are just an ordinary person who lives out their lives?

My story with my username, crwth, is a bit cheesy. I remember the time when I was still in college, and I had a crush. She was the type of girl who is smart and definitely smarter than me in terms of academic achievements. She was our Valedictorian, after all. Anyway, of course, I had tried texting with here, getting to know her, here and there. At that time, it was only her that I kept thinking about so being a gamer and all, I believe there is a lot of people did this, use or connect some nickname or codename to your username that reminds you of her. I can't think of something that could hide my feelings and instead asked her for a unique word, and she said "crwth." So upon searching, it was a Celtic instrument, and what made it unique is that it has no vowels. I liked it.

What's yours?
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How often do you invest your Bitcoin to Altcoins? on: July 26, 2019, 04:31:15 AM
I have thought of this topic because I don't invest much in altcoins, just trading it to profit. I'm talking about the one you will buy that you would HODL in the long term and keeping it in your cold wallet, hardware wallet, paper wallet, or whatever you do with it as long as you keep the currency itself.

The reasons I could think are the following:

  • You invest because of the Technology of the coin And what it could bring to the cryptocurrency space
  • You know the developers and supporting them
  • You believe you could profit in the long-term
  • Because of the Name of the coin. Lol.

I'm just wondering if there are other reasons that you may have and if you agree with the ones I listed. Share it here.
6  Other / Meta / [INFOGRAPHIC] Experiences of a Bitcointalk Member on: June 11, 2019, 08:49:04 AM

Just sharing my thoughts here about your Journey or the things members experience, you could call it a Path to Bitcointalk, if you want. Maybe you could share yours here.

So, What's your story?
7  Local / Pilipinas / Journey with Philstocks using Bitcoin on: June 03, 2019, 02:55:37 AM
So ever since nadiscover ko yung Philstocks (another broker here in the Philippines) through, I think it's very convenient na makapag cash in thru coins na lang. So mas ma diversify ko pa lalo yung portfolio ko kahit papano. It's not just bitcoin now, pati stocks. Parang ganun.

  • So first step is nag register ako sa site nila
  • Siyempre, basic info. Mga Personal Information, Occupation, Source of funds, Bank Details, Contact Numbers, etc.
  • Registration successful! Pero hindi pa dito nag tatapos ang lahat, may susundan ka pa sa email nila at mga kailangan mong i-accomplish na forms
  • After mo mareceive yung email, you just need to print and pirmahan mga kailangan, may guide naman dun then ipapadala sa Philstocks Financial sa Pasig City.
  • Wait for instructions. Andito pa lang din ako. Hindi ko pa tapos yung mga forms din

Dito ko na lang din update yung mga susunod and edit ko na lang din.

8  Economy / Trading Discussion / A Complete Guide to Margin Trading for Beginners on: May 18, 2019, 06:31:30 AM
Traders with limited resources tend to look for opportunities to earn more while trading cryptocurrencies. Margin trading allows precisely that - making more money with limited resources by adding leverage to the investment or position. This increases the amount invested without actually holding the assets. Before we go into details, it is essential to say that margin trading is carrying a very high risk, and it can lead to significant losses if not done correctly.

What is Margin Trading?
Put, margin trading is trading with the money borrowed from the broker. It can be seen as taking a loan from your broker.

Although trading on a margin doesn’t provide leverage in itself, it can be used to create leverage. This is because the amount you are allowed to trade on a margin directly depends on how much money you currently have in your account. Some exchanges allow up to x100 leverage, but typically it’s x2 to x6. For example, if your cash account holds 50,000 USD with x4 leverage, you would be able to use up to 200,000 USD for trading.

Requirements for a Margin Trading Account

Trading on margin is usually separated from crypto-cash trading on the exchanges. Some require a certain amount of cash to use the margin - for example, Bitfinex requires a deposit of 10,000 USD just to get registered. Thankfully, they changed that and let new people come into Bitfinex with even a small account balance.

Also, loaning money from your broker (exchange) is not free. The margin needs to be returned with interest, and different exchanges charge different interest rates. The interest rates for margin trading are usually lower than personal loan rates, making it more attractive to borrow through the broker than to take a personal loan.

Who Can Do Margin Trading?

Margin trading carries additional risks since you are trading the loaned money too. Additionally, managing the margin account to maintain a sufficient cash balance can tricky to master as market prices are always changing. For these reasons, margin trading is something to be considered primarily by experienced traders who are comfortable with managing risk and completely understand how margin trading works. If you aim to use margin, consider diversifying your portfolio to protect your assets against sudden changes in the market that can lead you to fall below your margin account minimum (below which the position gets liquidated).

Benefits of Margin Trading

1. Increase Buying Power and Profit Potential

Margin trading offers the ability to increase buying power and, subsequently, potential profits from trading. Margin trading allows you to buy more cryptocurrency than you would be able to buy with the cash on hand. The exact increase in purchasing power depends on your broker (from x2 to x100, or even higher). This increases your profits since each peak in coin’s value is multiplied by your margin value (from two to one hundred times).

2. Take Advantage of More Trade Opportunities

One of the great features offered by margin trading is taking advantage of multiple trading opportunities. Margin can, and often should, be used to buy various coins rather than invest in a single coin. For example, if you take 10,000 USD in the margin, you could buy 2,500 USD worth of four different coins to manage your risk better while at the same time increasing your opportunity to profit.

3. Short Selling

Another great benefit of margin accounts is the ability to short sell, which gives profits when a coin’s price falls. This means it is possible to make money even in the declining market, which is something experienced traders often take advantage of.

Risks of Margin Trading

1. Margin Calls

The dreaded margin call, which informs you that your account’s balance is below the minimum amount required to maintain your trade is a significant risk of trading on margin. When you receive a margin call, you have a limited window of time to either deposit more funds or sell some of your coins bought on margin. This means if you don’t have extra cash to add to your margin balance, you could be forced to sell at a loss instead of waiting out a low price period.

2. Interest Charges

Another downside of margin trading is the interest on your loan. Although margin interest rates are mostly lower than personal loan interest rates, the amounts can quickly add up if you perform various margin trades.

3. Additional Trading Risk

Trading with double (or higher) buying power also means that your potential loss is also doubled if a trade goes wrong. This is why the diversification of the portfolio is important. Many inexperienced traders are not prepared both financially and psychologically to handle a portfolio that comes with increased buying power. Margin trading also brings many psychological risks as the beginners, usually encouraged by initial success, bite off more than they can chew. This potentially can lead to huge losses, which inflict a lot of stress to the trader. It is essential to consider these risks before starting trade on a margin. 


Margin trading is a great way to boost purchasing power, especially if you are an experienced trader. However, it comes with significant risks, particularly if misused. Make sure to understand the margin trading well and diversify portfolio before jumping into margin trading.
9  Other / Off-topic / R.I.P. Grumpy Cat on: May 18, 2019, 02:48:33 AM

Anybody there who is also a fan of Grumpy Cat?

I enjoyed seeing Grumpy Cat memes and how she has a deformity turned positive. All those cute memes and the way she is grumpy, it's going to be missed. One of my favorite cats of all time, my spirit animal!

Live well in the hearts of your fans, and you will be missed Grumpy Cat.

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / L.I.N.A. - A.I. Powered Poloniex Altcoin Trading Bot-Fully Managed and Automated on: May 14, 2019, 11:39:08 PM

Have you ever wanted an A.I. that learns how the market is currently doing and makes trades for you? Automatically you could achieve this with L.I.N.A. the A.I. Powered Altcoin Trading bot for Poloniex.

This is for people who:

  • Who don’t have the time to trade manually
  • Who doesn’t want to learn Technical Analysis
  • Who wants passive income
  • Trusts that A.I. is the future

How does it work?
L.I.N.A is based on statistical big data and linear regression which is a branch of supervised machine learning algorithms within the group of artificial intelligence.

In Supervised Machine Learning, the machine is taught by example. We would give a specific data set for the machine to learn it and have the desired inputs and outputs and the machine will see how it could arrive at the desired one.

Linear Regression then comes into the mix. Regression tasks are useful mostly for forecasts and predictions knowing that it would focus on one dependent variable and other variables. The machine should know how to estimate and understand the relationships between different variables

With all the Data that we could gather in trading, it would be hard for a human analyst to process and TMI would happen. That’s why machine learning with this statistical big data would be the best approach. Imagine having more and more data being input to the machine and more possibility to have the desired output that we want.

With that desired output, it could translate towards a passive income that would help us achieve our dreams.

This is based on Haasbot server, and users won’t need to buy Haasbot separately.


The starting balance of this account is 1 BTC and the current profit and bot statistics are below (this is after 3-month testing)

This is an Altcoin Trading Bot and the risk is distributed over multiple trading pairs at the same time

The Service

With only $100/month you would have this automated service that includes Cloud Hosting so you would just send your API and you would be able to relax and enjoy your day, every day.

Payment options

You could purchase it here.

For more payment options you could contact me.

*Refunds will not be provided in any case

Contact me if you want more information or join the Telegram group here

11  Local / Pilipinas / partnership with on: May 07, 2019, 03:44:44 AM
I'm not affiliated with them but I just saw this on my newsfeed and it's a post by that they are now able to fund your account to start trading.

This is the link. I think a lot of people can now cash-in their earnings in here or something then directly buy from stocks that are here in the Philippines.

This is for more information:

FYI: I haven't tried, just sharing what information I have
12  Local / Pilipinas / Ano ang iyong nabili gamit ang iyong Crypto? on: May 03, 2019, 05:59:46 AM
Napaisip lang ako sa mga experience ng mga tao dito sa atin na, ano yung mga experience niyo when using BTC? One of the most expensive thing that I bought with Bitcoin was my Bobby Backpack. Medyo matagal na yun, mga mid 2017 at ang BTC ay around $3000 nun so yung bag na nabili ko ay around 0.04 BTC. So converting nung time ng kasagsagan ng mataas ang presyo, naisip niyo siguro nasa isip ko nun. Naging worth 10K+ PHP yung bag ko nun.

Gusto ko lang malaman mga experience niyo regards to buying items with BTC. Share niyo dito Cheesy
13  Other / Beginners & Help / The Best way to Practice the English Language [Speech and Writing] on: April 27, 2019, 02:31:52 PM
First things first we all want to communicate with the universal language English because it's a great skill to have. Whether in writing or in speaking.

Why has this become the universal language?

  • Historically speaking, it's the language that has been spread to colonized places by the UK.
  • Relatively, it's a language that could be easily learned but hard to master.

History is not what I want to talk about but instead, I'm going to teach you how I practice it in the forum. There has been a lot of discussion with how to improve your English grammar with the links below

Reasons to improve your Speaking and Writing skills
  • You can increase the chances of receiving merit
  • Efficiently post and practice speaking at the same time
  • There's something to learn every day

So what do I mean by Speak and Write at the same time? I mean to use the speech to text function on your mobile or your PC using your microphone.

Benefits of utilizing the speech to text function
  • You get to practice how you speak what you are thinking at the moment
  • Additional time to practice speaking (this is helpful when you don't get to practice regularly)

How to utilize this?
When I'm mostly on my phone, I use this keyboard whenever I don't feel like typing. This is not just for posting here on the forum but I use it when I am driving, makes it safer than typing (if you really needed to reply)

One of the best application that I have used when using Speech to text is G-Board. It is supported by Android Phones and iPhones

This is for iPhones

1. When installed, you could change keyboard here.

2. When opened, hold the spacebar

3. Then Speak!

Tell me if this helps you in making more efficient posts and learning how to speak properly so that your device could understand you clearly.

[1] Why is English the Universal Language
[2] Voice to Text Softwares
[3] Set up GBoard

This is for educational purposes for personal improvement.
14  Economy / Trading Discussion / A Complete Guide to Cryptocurrency Arbitrage | BitRage on: April 22, 2019, 05:26:34 AM
Cryptocurrency Trading Series II | Arbitrage Trading. I also posted this in my blog, so it might be similar or the same content. This could be helpful towards beginners and even the veterans. It could help you refresh your memory or something you may not have encountered. Hoping this could help you guys.

What is Cryptocurrency Arbitrage?

  • Arbitrage is simultaneous buying and selling of an asset on different markets to make a profit from the price difference. Simply put, you would look for a coin which price is low on Exchange A, buy it, and then sell it for a higher price on Exchange B.
  • The concept of arbitrage is not something new. It exists in stock, bond and foreign exchange for years. Still, over time the opportunities for arbitrage trading have reduced in the traditional markets, while cryptocurrency still offers excellent opportunities for arbitrage.
  • Bigger exchanges with higher liquidity drive the price trends, and smaller exchanges follow these prices. However, smaller exchanges take more time to correct the price and follow the market, which is where the opportunity for arbitrage arises.

How Does Crypto Arbitrage Work?

  • Basically, it all comes down to trading volume. On the bigger exchanges where the trading volumes are high, and the liquidity of a particular coin is reasonable – prices are typically lower. On the other hand, in the markets where the specific coin has a limited supply, its price will be higher.  By buying from the former and selling on the latter, traders can make a profit from the difference in price.
  • Naturally, the arbitrage opportunities can go in the opposite direction too, where you buy on a smaller exchange that does not follow the market prices immediately and sell on the bigger exchanges that have already seen an increase in the price of the coin.

Methods to do Arbitrage

The basic approach to arbitrage would be to monitor the markets for price differences, place trades and transfer funds. Doing everything manually is possible, but there are tools such as our Bitrage which enables you to do it automatically.

There are several strategies you can use to make a profit with cryptocurrency arbitrage:
  • Simple Arbitrage: Buying and selling the same coin on separate exchanges (obviously).
  • Triangular Arbitrage: This strategy involves taking advantage of the differences in price between three currencies. For example, buy BTC for USD, sell BTC for EUR, and then exchange EUR back to USD.
  • Convergence Arbitrage: This strategy is a bit more complicated than the previous ones. It involves buying a coin on an exchange where it is undervalued and short-selling it on another exchange where it is overvalued. When the prices meet at a median price, you can take double profit.

The Potential Benefits of Crypto Arbitrage

  • It’s a fast way to (potentially) make a profit.
  • Crypto industry is in its infancy.
  • Cryptocurrencies are still fairly unregulated, and information transfer between exchanges is slow. Naturally, there are fewer traders compared to the traditional markets. This is also good, as it’s another factor that leads to better arbitrage opportunities.
  • Digital coins are volatile.

The truth is – cryptocurrencies vary in price, a lot. Just check the graphs for the prices in the last six months. This sort of volatility makes arbitrage opportunities super profitable. Bitrage is a safe tool that solves many issues with arbitrage trading, making it much easier to execute. It’s a great tool that can be used intuitively and it doesn’t require a lot of starting capital. For all those interested, we have opened preorders – you can check them here.  

See it in action! Watch how BitRage check opportunities in different exchanges

You could take advantage of this knowledge and make it automatic. Have your profits and never miss an opportunity with the market.

Don't hesitate to message me here or in Telegram.

[1] [BTCT] Introduction to Crypto Technical Analysis
[2] A Complete Guide to Cryptocurrency Arbitrage - BitRage
[3] Introduction to Crypto Technical Analysis - Trade your Coins Wisely
[4] Technical Analysis Guide for Crypto
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [LIMITED LICENSES] BitRAGE - Automatic Arbitrage Bot by Gunthar | Gunbot on: April 22, 2019, 12:47:25 AM


Want the real money-making machine? BitRage is the key. Pre-Order your license now because there are limited slots. The software is on Beta and currently testing towards the perfect machine.

Should be existing Gunbot User of Starter Package and Up. If you don't have a license for Gunbot yet, PM me, I would give you a great offer.

What is BitRage?

The basic approach to arbitrage would be to monitor the markets for price differences, place trades and transfer funds. Doing everything manually is possible, but there are tools such as our Bitrage which enables you to do it automatically.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage can be a great strategy for several reasons:

  • It’s a fast way to (potentially) make a profit.
  • Arbitrage deals can be completed within a few hours (if everything goes well), which is a lot faster than traditional trading which often requires waiting for weeks to see a price jump.
  • A large number of exchanges.
  • According to CoinMarketCap, at the time of writing (18 April 2019), there are 255 crypto exchanges in the world, out of which 150 have decent trading volumes. This creates a lot of potential for arbitrage.
  • Crypto industry is in its infancy.
  • Cryptocurrencies are still fairly unregulated, and information transfer between exchanges is slow. Naturally, there are fewer traders compared to the traditional markets. This is also good, as it’s another factor that leads to better arbitrage opportunities.
  • Digital coins are volatile.
  • The truth is cryptocurrencies vary in price, a lot. Just check the graphs for the prices in the last six months. This sort of volatility makes arbitrage opportunities super profitable.

See it in action! join the telegram channel here


Contact me through Telegram!

Pre-Order now!

Notable Posts in this Thread

Why Arbitrage is a Good and Safe Strategy
16  Local / Pilipinas / [AUCTION] Nexus - Bitcoin Design Bicycle Playing Cards on: April 20, 2019, 04:30:35 AM
Matagal ko na gusto 'to i-offer sa mga tao dito na gusto mag karoon ng mga Bitcoin Products and this is one of my designs. Nag pa auction na din ako nung una sa collectibles section

Anyway, I will be auctioning Lot 1 - Lot 5. So sa mga mahilig mag pusoy o tongits diyan, mag bid na kayo dito. Bicycle Quality yan and Free shipping!

Lot #1:
Nexus - Copy 1 of 5
Lot #2: Nexus - Copy 2 of 5
Lot #3: Nexus - Copy 3 of 5
Lot #4: Nexus - Copy 4 of 5
Lot #5: Nexus - Copy 5 of 5

The Design

This Bitcoin inspired design is to showcase Bitcoin as you can see from the design, starting from the bottom interface as the user's wallet and the Bitcoin Logo on top of it showcasing how digital currency moves in the world. Multiple platforms are showed on top of it depict data transfers. Ones and Zeroes are used to represent digital language. Selection circles also used near the user platform to emphasize that there are a vast number of users. The colors used are based on the card design in front to have a consistent look and feel. The whole message of this design is that Bitcoin is an active form that is used digitally with users everywhere.

Deck Specifications

Dimensions: 2.5" x 3.5"; poker size playing cards
Easy to shuffle, durable semi-gloss cards
Tragic Royalty™ | Card Faces
52 playing cards, 2 Jokers per deck
Comes with a standard Bicycle cardboard case

*Click the picture for better resolution
You could request another picture if you want


Starting Bid/Lot

0.0045 BTC

Minimum Bid Increment/Lot

0.0005 BTC


Thursday, April 25, 2019, 11:59 PM

Payment Address: bc1quzs2atj3460hz0k7ast9crrd347z0leaumummx ONLY (You could verify it in my profile)
Escrow: At buyers Expense
Sniping: Not Allowed. Any bid within the last 10 minutes before the end date extends the bidding another 10 minutes from the last bid.
17  Local / Pilipinas / [SOLD] ACER Aspire ES1-432-C8AR Notebook (Bitcoin Accepted) on: April 18, 2019, 06:06:29 AM
Hello guys. Selling this slightly used Laptop.
RFS: Need funds for a new laptop

+ shipping (depends on location)
Original Price:


PM Me if you are interested or post here.


Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Processor & Chipset
Processor Manufacturer: Intel®
Processor Type: Celeron®
Processor Model: N3350
Processor Speed: 1.10 GHz
Processor Core: Dual-core (2 Core™)

Display & Graphics
Graphics Controller Manufacturer: Intel®
Graphics Memory Technology: DDR3L SDRAM
Graphics Memory Accessibility: Shared

Screen Size: 35.6 cm (14")
Display Screen Type: LCD
Display Screen Technology: CineCrystal
Screen Mode: HD
Backlight Technology: LED
Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768


Standard Memory: 4 GB
Memory Technology: DDR3L SDRAM
Number of Total Memory Slots: 1
Memory Card Reader: Yes
Memory Card Supported: SD

Total Hard Drive Capacity: 500 GB
Hard Drive Interface: Serial ATA
Optical Drive Type: DVD-Writer

Network & Communication
Wireless LAN Standard IEEE 802.11ac
Ethernet Technology: Gigabit Ethernet

Built-in Devices

Microphone: Yes
Finger Print Reader: No
Number of Speakers: 2
Sound Mode: Stereo
Interfaces/Ports: Network (RJ-45)

Operating System: Windows 10 Home
Operating System Architecture: 64-bit

Pointing Device Type:

Number of Cells: 4-cell
Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery Capacity: 2800 mAh
Maximum Battery Run Time: 7.50 Hour
Maximum Power Supply Wattage: 45 W

Physical Characteristics

Height: 23.6 mm
Height (Front): 23.60 mm
Height (Rear): 23.60 mm
Width: 343 mm
Depth: 245 mm
Weight (Approximate): 1.92 kg

Package Contents:
Aspire ES1-432-C8AR Notebook
Lithium Ion Battery
AC Adapter
18  Economy / Trading Discussion / Introduction to Crypto Technical Analysis - Trade Your Coins Wisely on: April 16, 2019, 05:51:27 AM
I'm going to establish a series that would be helpful towards everyone who is getting into Trading. I also posted this in my blog, so it might be similar or the same content. This could be helpful towards beginners and even the veterans. It could help you refresh your memory or something you may not have encountered. Hoping this could help you guys.

Introduction to Crypto Technical Analysis

When analyzing cryptocurrencies or any other kind of investment, there are two main ways to perform an analysis

  • Fundamental analysis -  aims to assess the value of the cryptocurrency by exploring the underlying metrics of the project to determine if it is a good investment. This involves checking the whitepaper, use cases, project roadmap, the team behind it and other variables.
  • Technical analysis- follows the set of rules and predictions based on the historical price data in order to predict the future price movements.

We're going to talk about Technical Analysis and the most common things that you need to understand the world of cryptocurrency trading.

Technical analysis (TA) is a methodology for evaluation of investments which involves a statistical analysis of market activity. These are the tools you need in order to have a successful analysis of the price charts. It helps you make educated guesses where possible price movements could go.

  • Charting Lines
  • Patterns
  • Indicators and Oscillators

TA is based on three underlying assumptions:

  • Price moves in trends
  • The market discounts everything
  • History tends to repeat itself

Who is Responsible for Technical Analysis?

Technical Analysis was developed by a large number of contributing individuals, mainly by scholars with knowledge and interest in the economy, finance, and mathematics. A lot of successful traders also contributed, as they dissected the markets from every angle imaginable to gain the upper hand and get the indicators that are clear and easy to use.

An example below is shown

Stochastic RSI gives us information if the market is overbought or oversold.

  • Overbought: A situation where the coin is trading above its true value, without any fundamental reasons. For example, if the coin's price is rising without any reason (partnerships, improvements, other events) then it would be wise to sell it, as we can expect a pullback towards its true value.
  • Oversold: A situation where an asset is trading below its true value, typically due to panic selling or market overreaction. This is the best time to invest in the coin, as its current price is below its true value.

This is just one of the indicators supported by Gunbot and there are a lot more.

You could take advantage of this knowledge and make it automatic. Have your profits and never miss an opportunity with the market.

Don't hesitate to message me here or in Telegram.

19  Economy / Digital goods / Gunbot - The Automatic Cryptocurrency Trading Tool - One Time Payment | OTC on: April 15, 2019, 10:19:16 AM
DISCLAIMER: For everyone who is reading this, this is not a financial advice. Gunbot automates your trading strategies and these strategies work as if you are trading manually. So if you want to improve your experience in cryptocurrency trading and getting the opportunities 24/7, even if you're sleeping, Gunbot is the right software for you to achieve this goal.

Latest Version: Gunbot v13

Do you experience these feelings when you are trading?

  • Have you ever experienced the struggle of knowing how to Trade?
  • The feeling that you have lost opportunities because you weren't watching the market?
  • Feeling emotional that you are frustrated with decisions you are making?

The list above is what every common trader experiences. Even the Advanced user sometimes fall inconsistent maybe due to missed opportunities or basically, sleep. Emotions ruin our experience and make your choices either bias or without any basis.

Why use this software?

Are you interested in a software that can automatically "buy low and sell high"? This is exactly what Gunbot is designed to do. No magic is involved, it just allows you to use and automate advanced trading strategies. The magic is with BITRAGE

This is perfect for people who are
  • Beginners
  • Advanced users

[2] When you buy from the site, you won't have a hard time setting up and I will personally guide you all the way.

This is Gunbot

[1] Gunbot is an automatic trading bot for trading at cryptocurrency in many cryptocurrency exchanges. It would let you automatically trade 24/7 and you could also do manual trading in the GUI. You won't have to login in your exchange to do so. It is fully customizable to your liking, with a lot of Trading Strategies like Bollinger Bands, MACD Cross, SMA Cross, EMA Spread, etc, to trigger the buy and sells (Short and Long for margin trading) and with the additional confirming indicators like RSI, Stochastic RSI, MFI, etc. Gunbot is definitely one of the most powerful tools that you'll ever need. Plus, you could trail the price to get the best profit for your trades.

Gunbot runs on your own system or VPS: Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi are supported. You create an API Key with the API Secret (store the API Secret safely) and Gunbot would use it to connect to your chosen exchange and never collect information. It is used by thousands of users and you will be sure that you would be supported.

The TradingView add-on makes it possible to let Gunbot execute trades sent as email alerts by This add-on can also be used to execute email based trading alerts from other sources.

[1] Supported exchanges
  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Bitfinex
  • Bitmex
  • Bitmex testnet - no Gunbot license needed
  • CEX
  • Coinbase Pro (GDAX)
  • Cryptopia
  • Huobi
  • Kraken
  • Kucoin
  • Poloniex

Some images of the GUI

Mobile GUI - This is when you are accessing Gunbot, on-the-go!

Desktop GUI

Want to Get your own Gunbot?
Lifetime Licenses starts at 0.04 BTC - Get yours now!

For Questions or Violent Reactions - Contact me

[1] OFFICIAL [GUNBOT] Automatic Crypto Trading Bot - now with BITMEX by Gunthar
[2] Gunbot PH
[3] Verify Official Resellers
[4] Gunbot Wiki
20  Local / Pilipinas / Questions about local Crypto shops on: April 12, 2019, 06:20:28 PM
Hello guys,

Ang ibigsabihin ko ng cryptoshops, meaning mga shops na nag bebenta ng mga cryptocurrency related shops. Not only that they accept cryptocurrency payments but also sell merchandise like Trezor or Ledger Nano S.  

Ang tanong ko lang din is meron na ba sa inyo naka bili like in shops in Lazada or Shoppee regarding sa mga hardware wallets? Nakakatamad kasi if ever mag order sa mismong site tapos baka mangyari din sakin yung kailangan ng OMB Certificate ba yun and sympre, additional gastos yun or whatever.

Let me know your insights guys.
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