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1  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / P2SH-P2WPKH (Segwit) change addresses in Bitcoin Core - how? on: August 21, 2017, 11:15:13 AM

I am running a service that accepts user deposits and sends withdrawals. I am using Bitcoin Core for the wallet.

I'd like to go full-Segwit with my service, but here's the problem: bitcoind wallet does not generate P2SH-P2WPKH (Segwit) change addresses by default. So even if I generate P2SH-P2WPKH addresses to accept deposits from my users via addwitnessaddress, whenever I send coins, the change is going to a P2PKH address.

I could manually create a P2SH-P2WPKH change address by (in pseudocode):

tx = createrawtransaction([], amounts)
chaddr = getrawchangeaddress()
chaddr = addwitnessaddress(chaddr) # this creates a P2SH-P2WPKH address from the P2PKH change address
# now fund the transaction
tx = fundrawtransaction(tx, changeAddress: chaddr)['hex']
tx = signrawtransaction(tx)['hex']

No the thing is that addwitnessaddress(chaddr) breaks things a little since the resulting address is added to account addresses, and is NOT marked as a change address. Therefore it is used as a regular account address and generates send/receive transactions. It looks like it does not break anything except creating additional transactions returned by listtransactions and inaccurate "amount" fields.

So, a solution I'd really love to see is:

1. make the wallet generate segwit change addresses by itself so that we can just use sendtoaddress and other RPC calls without workarounds (maybe an option in config?),
2. somehow make the address resulting from addwitnessaddress(chaddr) as a change address,
3. or allow getrawchangeaddress to generate P2SH-P2WPH address in the first place.

Obviously (1) would be much better, but at this point I am looking for any solution that would "just work" and not break my workflow.

Cheers and thanks,
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Advertizing a gambling/dice game - need opinions, thanks! on: January 25, 2017, 11:36:25 AM

I would like to hear your opinion (or about your experience in) advertizing a gambling site. I have created and am running, yet another gambling site. Now the thing is it's doing pretty well, but is quite young (little over 1 month). It already has investors, players and I am sure it's on the right way to become a big one, but I would like to speed the process a bit with advertizing.

We are already doing:
* sig campaign on BitcoinTalk
* in-site referral program
* started Twitter giveaways and planning a few more

But I am looking at other options and was thinking about checking advertizing - CPM or CPC. Since I have never advertized a gambling site, I can see there are already a few Bitcoin-centric advertizing networks, I would really like to hear some opinions if you decide to share!

Thanks and cheers,
3  Economy / Services / [CLOSED] Signature Campaign on: January 17, 2017, 12:49:59 PM

The campaign is closed as we are suspending website, the last payment was for the week 15-21.02.2021. It's been great 4 years and thank you all for participating. THANKS!!!!! is a new Bitcoin "play or invest" dice game. It's designed to be simple, fast to play and community-friendly. Although YD got a very positive initial reception and is a really good piece of software itself, it needs more players and investors. That's why we want to increase site visibility in the forum.

ANN thread: here

Campaign details

Long-term campaign

up to 40 posts per week paid

Posts in Gambling add +10% bonus
This bonus will be applied to no more than 50% of your posts.

Referral bonus from YOLOdice on top of campaign payouts
Earn 0.20% of your referrals wagered. The more your referrals play, the more you earn -

Weekly payouts within 2 days after the end of a cycle
Participants are paid directly to their YOLOdice accounts.

The campaign is managed by mOgliE


2019-01-22 The campaign is now managed by mOgliE.
2018-04-27 There are new signatures avilable from
2018-04-27 Posts in "Altocoin board" will not count as half anymore. They will be counted as full-paid posts, starting next full cycle (2018-04-30).

Detailed rules

1. Max paid posts per week: 40.
2. Posting in our ANN thread is NOT required, but you still can.
3. Posts that qualify:
  - must be in proper English,
  - min char count is 75,
  - must be constructive (as determined by the campaign manager),
  - subsequent posts (literally one after another) in the same thread are not counted,
  - posts in the following sections: Games & rounds, Off-topic, Politics & society, Investor-based games do not count,
  - "Beating a dead horse", "Giving unsolicited opinion that helps no one", "Guessing needlessly", "Posting on spam threads", "Necroposting", "Posting on a necroposted thread" (as defined by Relnarien) are not considered counted posts.
4. Local board, altcoin board and Other > Meta posts count as half.
5. Posts in Gambling are paid +10%. This bonus applies to no more than 50% of your posts.
6. You can rank up in the campaign only if a higher-level slot is available, payout increases next cycle.
7. You can keep the signature and participate in YD referral program even if you quit the sig campaign.
8. The following will result in removing your account from the campaign without payment:
  - spamming,
  - enrolling alts,
  - changing the signature for a non-campaign signature during a cycle,
  - using an avatar from another gambling service,
  - getting negative feedback during the campaign,
  - getting your account listed at any of SMAS lists.
9. There is no minimum posts requirement, but inactive members might get replaced by new members.
10. The week cycle ends on Sundays 23:59:99(9) UTC, payments will be issued within 2 days.
11. Posts in this thread do not count.

Current spreadsheet:

How to enroll

  1. Sign up at
  2. Go to the referral panel and get the signature code (you will need to complete your account setup too).
  3. Reply in this thread. Your post must contain the following info:
BitcoinTalk username:
YOLOdice user id:
Forum rank:
Current post count:
YOLOdice user id can be found in Settings, upper-right corner. It's a number.

Do not apply if you have negative feedback or you've been already listed in SMAS lists.

Campaign signatures (preview)


Full Member

Sr Member

Hero and up

4  Economy / Gambling / 🔶 🔶 suspended on 16st Mar 2021 on: November 08, 2016, 07:46:59 PM
Following the previous announcements YOLOdice has been suspended on 16th March 2021.
See this for explanations:

By ethan_nx and the YOLOdice Team

Breaking News:

2020-12-10 A new Profit Rollercoaster competition is here. This time, for the very first time, the prize pool keeps growing all the time. Every single BTC bet makes the prizes higher,

2020-11-25 Crypto coins are going "to the Moon" and we're making it even more fun. Join our "To the Moon" competition. All you need to do is roll a number low enough to get you to the leaderboard. Good luck everyone!

2020-07-01 After a long break we are launching ETH Number Hunt Competition with 20+ ETH prize pool and 30 prizes. All you need to do is roll a number low enough to get you to the leaderboard. Good luck everyone!

2020-06-02 We're enabling an .onion domain for YOLOdice giving you one more reason to choose YOLOdice for privacy and anonimity. Check us out at http://yolodicetc2qfs2fizpt7uvyjn5z7b3ft2tki3nnafqiivl6f7uiu7ad.onion/

2020-04-09 Big news: you can now invest in BTC, LTC and DOGE bankrolls

2020-03-04 We are launching ETH Top-profit Competition with 20+ ETH prize pool and 20 prizes. Good luck everyone!

2020-01-23. I've deployed a massive upgrade to browser <-> server communication. It's now much more efficiently encoded and most of the redundant communication has been removed, which should result in faster bets! and overall better YD.

2020-01-16 We are pre-launching Weekly competitions, they are already running, with the big launch coming up on Monday!

2019-12-16 LTC Reboot competition - a wagering competition after a spectacular LTC bankroll bust. We're going va banque here!

2019-11-20 Awesome DOGE Competition is now live, with 1,000,000 DOGE in 30 prizes. Prize pool likely to grow!

2019-10-24 Halloween Wagering Competition is now live, with 20 ETH in the initial prize pool. Join us!

2019-10-04 Another week, another competition. This time it's LTC top-profit. Players that make most profit this week win prizes. There are 30 prizes, 100 LTC in the base prize pool plus 30% of LTC site profit (if there is any profit this week).

2019-09-20. Two important things today:
1. As announced a month ago, we've closed all 3rd party investments in BTC, LTC and DOGE bankrolls. We did this to focus on competitions and player bonuses.

2. A new competition has just started: Bitcoin Wagering, with 1 BTC + 50% site profit. Good luck!

2019-07-28. LTC number hunt competition has just started. Good luck everyone!

2019-07-05. Time for a DOGE competition. Join us, grab that piece of 2,000,000 prize pool

2019-06-20. It's time to resume regular competitions. Summer is coming, join us!

2019-04-05. The new Spring ETH Number Hunt competition just started

2019-02-22. It's been a month without any competition, time to fix this ASAP. Here it is!

2018-12-14. YOLOdice turned 2 yo yesterday! That's a pretty good reason to run another competition - ETH Profit Competition. Prize pool is 20 ETH + 50% of ETH site profit earned this week.

2018-11-16. We've just started our first DOGE competition. 1,000,000 DOGE in the prize pool, plus we'll add 10% of DOGE site profit made during the competition.

2018-11-08. LTC bankroll is open for investing. The min amount is 0.1 LTC, leverage up to x10. Commission is 35%.

2018-11-02. We've just added Dogecoin. DOGE investments are opened from day one too.

2018-09-28. Time for a new competition. This time - ETH with dynamic prize pool (the one you like most!)

2018-09-07. Summer holidays are over, there is a new competition to make the life a bit more fun

2018-07-31. A new ETH Wagering Competition just launched. This time the prize pool is 10 ETH + 50% of site profit. Don't miss it!

2018-07-17. A new LTC number hunt competition is live
Just roll as low as you can!

2018-07-17. You can now send "silent tips" and skip chat announcements.

2018-07-02. The competition just ended with total prize pool of 12.18437218ETH. Congratulations to all winners and thanks for the great fun!

2018-06-26. We've started a new competition, the first of its kind:
The players that lose most ETH will win the prizes.

2018-05-31. The competition ended, congratulations to all 20 winnes and kudos to all participants!

2018-05-24. We've launched a new "Max your LTC profit" competition with 30 LTC guaranteed prize pool.

2018-05-11. The competition ended prize pools were pretty nice: over 17 ETH, 30 LTC and 0.7 BTC. Stay tuned for more!

2018-05-04 . A multicoin wagering competition just started. It should be fun - 3 coins, progressive prize pools and a nice cat in the banner:

2018-04-27. New forum signatures are available at (see this post too).
2018-04-24. We have just launched an Exchange - you can conviniently exchange supported coins, i.e. BTC, LTC, ETH.

Here are some YOLOdice features (green stuff is new!):

  • Rakeback - Get up to 30% of the House Edge back on your wagers.
  • Level up! - Earn XP points as you play and refer other players and unlock new features.
  • Speed - Players can place bets and get responses in milliseconds.
  • Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
  • 1% House Edge - Low enough to make the game fun.
  • Provably Fair - Game outcome can be independently verified.
  • Stats and Charts - Awesome tools for both players.
  • Mobile-friendly - Thanks to responsive design, it looks good and works on desktops, tablets, and phones.
  • Enhanced Security - 2FA, cold wallets, session and device monitoring, login history, and server-side security (no, we are not using BitGo)
  • Extensive FAQ - Find the answers to all your questions here!
  • Community-friendly - Chat with different channels and Private Messages, make new friends!
  • Faucet - Get free coins at the click of a button.
  • Autoplay Mode - Use our built-in autobetter to sit back and watch.
  • Referral Program - Get 0.20% of the wagered amount of your referrals.
  • Bet Validator - Fast, open-source Provably Fair algorithm validator written in Ruby is hosted on GitHub, also available as a Ruby Gem.
  • Night Mode - For our fellow night-owls!
  • API (BETA) - Create bots and play like a pro!  Take a look here.
  • Instant or Batch Withdrawals - Withdraw fast or cheap, you choose.
  • DiceBot Support - You can use Seuntjie's famous DiceBot here.
  • Transparent Development - Suggest new ideas, report bugs, see what's planned and what we're working on via our public Trello Board.
  • Progressive Jackpots - One for each supported coin!
  • Advanced Privacy Settings - Keep your stats hidden, anonimize your bets.
  • Multi-Coin Integration - Play with BTC, LTC, ETH and DOGE for now, more coins might come!

Why did you create YOLOdice?

When Just-Dice closed in 2014 we were so addicted to this kind of entertainment that we felt something had to be done. Our goal was to give people (and ourselves) a similar level of adrenaline, a sense of community and a chance to play with their favorite crypto currency. We knew it would be difficult, given the number (and quality of some) of existing Bitcoin games, but hey, why not?

At the time we were stuck coding a multi-coin pool, but decided to pivot. It took a while because we've been working on other projects meanwhile. YOLOdice ended up as a pretty demanding project too.

What's your goal?

Believe it or not, we want YOLOdice to be a fun place to chat, play and spend time. We want to provide an exciting game for these who want to play using their favorite crypto. It wouldn't be fair if we said we do not care about our profits at all, but we never put money first. It's the cool stuff we do that drives us. We definitely want to establish a trusted site with long-term relationships with investors and players.

Who are you?

We are 2 developers currently living in (coldish) Europe. We have been closely working together for about 10 years now, one of our project is a pretty popular web publishing platform. I am close to 40 years old, have a wife, a few kids and have always liked challenging projects. I was a computer geek since I was 7 years old (ZX81, ZX Spectrum if anyone remembers?) and witnessed the computer and Internet revolution first-person. Now I am hoping to witness and be a part of economy changes (in which Bitcoin could play its role).

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