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1  Bitcoin / Press / 2021-06-09 Tim Wu, Reportedly Owns Over $1M in Bitcoin on: June 09, 2021, 06:04:14 AM

Tim Wu, a one-time Bitcoin critic and current technology policy adviser at the White House, reportedly owns between 29 and 146 BTC. According to a report by Politico on Monday, Tim Wu, special assistant for technology and competition policy to the president at the National Economic Council, owns over $1 million in Bitcoin. See more for yourself here.

Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / 2021-06-09 Concordium aims to end the era of anonymity in crypto industry on: June 09, 2021, 05:47:11 AM

The anonymity of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies is a hot topic in the crypto space. While the transactions are open to track in a public blockchain, it is challenging to link a transaction with a real-life person in many use cases. As an identity-centric platform, Concordium takes a different direction by offering complete transparency. See more for yourself here.

Your opinion is greatly appreciated.
3  Bitcoin / Press / 2021-05-27 China to socially blacklist Bitcoin miners in Inner Mongolia region on: May 27, 2021, 10:37:50 AM

China has ramped up efforts to quash cryptocurrency mining in its Inner Mongolia region by introducing new penalties for those caught engaging in the illegal activity. Officials unveiled new draft rules that would see harsher punishments applied to those caught mining Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, per a report by the South China Morning Post. These would include placing offenders on a social credit blacklist, which would stop them from getting loans or even using the transportation system... See more for yourself here.

Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The Death of the ICO: Has the US SEC Closed the Global Window on New Tokens? on: May 24, 2020, 11:52:20 AM
The Death of the ICO: Has the US SEC Closed the Global Window on New Tokens?

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s vigor in pursuing initial coin offerings, or ICOs, has become a major boogeyman within the crypto community.

Most recently, the case against Telegram ended with that company abandoning its planned open network and Gram tokens, which raised $1.7 billion. The question before the crypto community is now: Have we witnessed the death of the ICO? See more for yourself here.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Is it worth investing in Metal (MTL)? on: October 16, 2019, 04:36:27 AM
Guys, you've probably heard and / or read this news, ‘Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire’ Willing to Stake it All on Metal Pay... Somewhat surprising, he'll stake all his Bitcoin earnings... but the question is, do you think investing in Metal Pay really worth it?
6  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-06-21] ‘If Bitcoin Hits $10k, It Will Easily Break Past The $15k Price Lev on: June 20, 2019, 06:33:14 PM
‘If Bitcoin Hits $10k, It Will Easily Break Past The $15k Price Level’ – Gemini CEO Tyler Winklevoss

Bitcoin (BTC) has been kind of slow in its price gains in the last 24 hours. It has just managed to maintain its price above $9,000 most of the time while dipping below that level a number of times. While the crypto community is patiently waiting for it to touch $10,000, Co-Founder of Gemini Tyler Winklevoss says Bitcoin will easily break through $15,000 if it manages to hit $10,000.

The number one cryptocurrency has demonstrated a lot of resilience, building a lot of support to come to this stage. It has been consolidating in the last few days and is expected to start rising towards the $10ks soon. Some skeptics may still not yet be convinced because of the ongoing competition between Bitcoin and gold.

However, Winklevoss believes $10,000 is a critical price for Bitcoin as it will be substantial proof of its bright future which will then attract more money to make it push right through $15,000.

“It’s a cheap asset until it disrupts gold, however, the 2nd time breaking 10k will make it feel more “real” to many people,” he said.

Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee had also earlier said a huge FOMO is coming once $10,000 is breached, that would potentially drive Bitcoin up to $40,000. As a matter of fact, he sees Bitcoin breaking the former highs including that of 2017 which happens to be the highest high so far.

Bitcoin started the week with a very bullish weekly candle that made analysts think the week may be very promising. Crypto analyst, ‘Galaxy’ said the weekly candle looked a lot like that of a week in 2017 and if the patterns repeat themselves, Bitcoin could rise 574%. This would place the price of Bitcoin at $62,000 in just 147 days.

Bitcoin however has probably not lived up to that expectation as it has barely maintained a price over $9,100. We are right in the middle of the week so it may be possible for it to do better. However, Winklevoss and indeed the entire crypto community seems convinced that the number one cryptocurrency will break the $10,000 mark sooner or later.

Source: ZyCrypto

7  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-06-14] Bitcoin (BTC) Briefly Breaches $8,300 As Altcoins Turn Red on: June 14, 2019, 03:10:28 PM
Bitcoin has in the last couple of hours successfully climbed as high as $8,300. This came after the asset broke the $8,250 resistance position, fueling the move to $8,300. The position, however, lacked strong support and the asset slipped back below it shortly.

Around the $8,220 position, there seemed to be some support but soon that gave in too. Strong support came at a little under $8,200. Since then, Bitcoin has bounced back up, climbing back above $8,250 again.

Bitcoin (BTC) Setting Itself Apart Again?

Although in the last couple of days altcoins have been following in the trend of Bitcoin, today’s movement could be a signal that Bitcoin is planning to break away alone again. When the market turned bullish a few months ago, it all began with Bitcoin. The asset would rally to new highs while altcoins were knee deep in the red and it was weeks before altcoins joined the bullish trend.

Today as Bitcoin breaks key resistance positions, a majority of altcoins are in the red zone. Such a trend could easily see investors move their money from altcoins and into Bitcoin, increasing its dominance significantly and further support its bullish trend while weakening that of altcoins.

Market Price Update And Forecast

At the time of press, Bitcoin is trading for $8,296 marking a 2% positive change in the last 24 hours. For most altcoins, the change is moderately negative. ETH and XRP, two of the highest ranking altcoins, are down by around 1%. Litecoin, which has been performing exceptionally well in recent weeks is down by nearly 4%.

In the next couple of hours, the bulls will continue pushing prices towards the $8,300. However, finding support above this could prove challenging without some positive trigger. In the days to come, this will get easier as the coin sets a new resistance position, possibly above $8,400. As we reported earlier, a key indicator has signalled massive gains over the coming months. Going by the indicator, its current position could be the lowest we see for the next few years.

Altcoins will in the next couple of hours look to find support before dropping below key supports and over the next few days find the momentum to keep up with Bitcoin, to avoid investors exiting and causing more drops.

Source: ZyCrypto

8  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-06-07] Bitcoin Is Becoming A Safe Haven For Investors – Peter Boockvar on: June 07, 2019, 08:45:13 AM
In CNBC’s Future’s Now “Search for Safety” episode on June 4, 2019, CNBC’s reporter pointed out that Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer at Bleakley Adviser Group is of the opinion that Bitcoin is a good place for investors to hide. Boockvar, on the other hand, said Bitcoin is a good signal indicator as to what may happen in the Gold market even though he would rather encourage clients to invest in Gold. See more for yourself here...

Guys, what is your thought on Peter Boockvar's opinion? Let's discuss.

9  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-05-24] Analysts Say Bitcoin Could be Breaking Upwards to $10,000 on: May 24, 2019, 02:37:58 PM
Analysts Say Bitcoin Could be Breaking Upwards to $10,000 in Coming Weeks

Bitcoin has been down slightly from its highest price this year at over $8,300 for some days now. Although the chance of making progress forward looks slim, analysts believe the cryptocurrency will be making a move upwards once the current pullback is over, most likely in the next few weeks.

One of the analysts, Galaxy says Bitcoin is trading with range and although the price may not reflect it, the asset is actually doing well and still bullish, retaining a 60% chance of an upward move towards $10,000 in the next three weeks.

In a similar fashion, another analyst, Crypto Rand says he expects Bitcoin to trade in the same triangle Galaxy referred to for the next few weeks.

A prominent figure in the crypto space, the Co-Founder of Morgan Creek, Anthony Pompliano also expressed optimism that Bitcoin will break out of its current price zone despite the current pullback. All these agreements from the different analysis cannot be a coincidence. One other analyst also says Bitcoin will shoot to $10,000 as long as it remains above $7,000.

Although the $7k price seems to have been held for a long time, DonAlt says Bitcoin will be seeing good days if it manages to surpass $7,950. Although there have been fears that the leading cryptocurrency could see a major correction under $7,000, its ability to hold above the price may be suggesting the asset is determined to push its way up.

The pullback was a chance for altcoins to catch up with Bitcoin according to some analysts. This was reflected yesterday as all top altcoins turned green along with Bitcoin in the later hours of yesterday, unlike the earlier patterns when Bitcoin surged high but altcoins including Ethereum were in the red.

Bitcoin might be seeing some price consolidation this week according to cryptocurrency trader Josh Rager, and major volatility may hit on Friday 311 May. He says this will be “the apex of the meme triangle apex (condensing price),” which is also within the range of the few weeks when Bitcoin is expected to break out. No matter how long it takes, the crypto community will be waiting when Bitcoin is ready to break out.

Source: ZyCrypto
10  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-05-22] Bitcoin Recovers to $8,000 - Why The Market Sentiment Is Now Differ on: May 22, 2019, 11:30:50 AM
Bitcoin Recovers to $8,000 – Why The Market Sentiment Is Now Different

Earlier last week Bitcoin reached an important resistance level of around $8,300 and with many expecting a decisive move to occur, either way, BTC fell in price and even dropped as low as $6,400. However, what was interesting to observe was just how quick BTC managed to recover when many expected the decline in price to continue.

Bitcoin to remain Bullish?

The recent drop in Bitcoin’s price and rapid movement up indicates that there were a lot of buyers interest in the $6,400 region which pushed priced back up to its current levels. A sign to suggest that we currently remain in bullish sentiment.

What is your opinion on this news article? Do you think Bitcoin will remain bullish? Currently, Bitcoin is down 0.83% and trading at around $7,844.01 with $138,959,092,498 market cap at the time of writing.    
11  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-05-03] Bitcoin Can Still Get To $100k A Piece – Bitcoin Permabull Max Keis on: May 16, 2019, 02:20:25 AM
Bitcoin is looking good this month, and not just to the regular fans. Even influencers like Max Keiser have noticed the trend. Max has been one of the many people that have supported Bitcoin and have been bullish all through the troubles of the crypto winter. In fact, back in 2018 when Bitcoin wasn’t doing very well, Max was quoted as saying that the crypto would go on to achieve a target of $100,000 per coin.

It’s Bull Market

On Tuesday, during a recent interview with Kitco News, Max stuck to his guns, reiterating his 2018 bullish stance. According to him, all indicators right now point to a potential bull market for Bitcoin. And he does have a point, especially seeing as Bitcoin has gained by over 120% since the beginning of this year.

In May alone, Bitcoin added a cool $2,000 within a week. In fact, of the 120% Bitcoin growth in 2019, 83% has happened in April and May, with the current surge scoring the biggest. Going on, Max argued that the crypto’s full potential yet to be unleashed.

Warren Buffett Is So Wrong

While working up the drums for Bitcoin, Max grabbed the chance to throw a jab at non-coiners and Bitcoin pessimists like Warren Buffett. Just a short while ago, Buffet threw shade on Bitcoin, calling it “rat poison squared” and “a gambling device.” Bitcoiners like Max don’t seem to have taken that kindly.

In his argument, Max explained that people like Warren Buffett don’t have the brain power to understand the intricacies of the power of Bitcoin because they’re so used in their ways that they can’t adapt to new things. On that, Max isn’t alone. In 2018, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said people like Buffett are just too ignorant about cryptocurrencies.

Source: ZyCrypto
12  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-05-14] Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be Criminal Mastermind Paul Le Roux on: May 14, 2019, 07:14:42 AM
One of the most enduring mysteries of modern times has produced another enthralling twist. Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s pseudonymous and enigmatic creator, has not been seen online in more than eight years. Evidence has now surfaced that points to a new Satoshi candidate, whose known life has a number of parallels with that of Bitcoin’s inventor. His name is Paul Le Roux and, if proven to be Satoshi, there is a good reason why his 1 million BTC hasn’t moved – the Rhodesian has been in jail since 2012. More here...

What is your thought on this news article? Do you think Paul Le Roux and Satoshi Nakamoto are the same person? Let's discuss.
13  Local / Pilipinas / Sa Wakas Ganap ng Tapos ang Bear Market, Bull Market na Ngayon!!! on: May 11, 2019, 10:32:26 AM
Pumailanglang na naman ang Bitcoin ng 7.41% at ito ay nagkakahalaga ngayon ng $6,777.81 sa oras ng pagsulat. Ang kabuuang marketcap nito ay $119,925,669,910 at may volume na $23,372,709,098 sa nakalipas na 24-oras. Matatandaan na nagsimula bumulusok ang Bitcoin noong Nobyembre 14, 2018... $6,000 pababa. At ngayon nga ay nasa $6,000+ na ito, mag-patuloy kaya ito?
14  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-05-11] Six Months Later, Bitcoin Makes A Daring Comeback on: May 11, 2019, 09:43:31 AM
The last few months haven’t been exactly a smooth ride for Bitcoin and the larger crypto market. However, the market seems to be on a serious recovery mood at the moment, with Bitcoin leading the charge. In fact, according to a tweet quoting a Reddit post, Bitcoin seems to have already recovered from the sharp dip of late 2018.

Bears Have Retreated

About 6 months ago in November 2018, Bitcoin took a nosedive. Things got so bad that a lot of people called crypto winter. Since then, the crypto market has been largely on ice until something happened barely 3 weeks ago. The bulls stirred to wake and the bears went off.

At the opening of the week, Bitcoin was just recovering from a small slump caused by the negative news after crypto exchange Bitfinex emerged. Within a few days, the crypto has added some good percentages to its price. At the moment, Bitcoin is already clocking $6,800 and is expected to gain some more.

More Investors

Contributing to the twitter thread, a user opined that Bitcoin’s impressive recovery is bound to attract even more investors into the market. The fact that there are now many institutional investors dipping toes into the crypto business supports that opinion.

Source: ZyCrypto

15  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-05-05] Warren Buffett Calls Bitcoin A Gambling Device on: May 05, 2019, 12:49:48 PM
Warren Buffett has never been a big fan of Bitcoin. In the past, he has called out Bitcoin as a scam and made predictions of its demise. According to a recent publication, he has again bashed the crypto leader.

“It’s a gambling device… there’s been a lot of frauds connected with it. There’s been disappearances, so there’s a lot lost on it. Bitcoin hasn’t produced anything,” Buffett stated.

Though Bitcoin continues to be challenged by a couple of shortcomings, it is far from being a gambling device. Additionally, it has produced quite a lot in its existence and it is hard not to imagine that the only reason Buffett is not a fan of crypto is that it poses a threat to the system that has enabled him to become the multi-billionaire he is today.

Source: ZyCrypto

We know that Warren Buffett is super rich, he's a multi-billionaire and a philanthropist. But I do not believe everything he says is right. You guys, do you believe Bitcoin is a gambling device?!

16  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-05-04] Ran NeuNer: The Bull Market Is Finally Here! on: May 04, 2019, 07:55:01 AM
Things are getting pretty interesting in the crypto market as Bitcoin mounts a surge up to cross the $5,700 mark. That just happened within the last 12 hours. Just yesterday, the top crypto was still stuck at the $5,500 range. Now that Bitcoin seems to be catching up on the sentiment, a lot of people still anticipate a serious bull run. One of such people is Ran NueNer, a blockchain optimist and host of CNBC’s Crypto Trader. According to Ran, the crypto market is now in a bull market.

Source: ZyCrypto

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is up by 2.88% and is trading at around $5,827.72 with a total market cap of $103,039,430,699 as seen at Do you think the bull run really starts? Kindly share your thoughts, thank you.
17  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-05-03] Bitcoin Set To Get Back Above $5,500 As The Market Bulls Resurge on: May 03, 2019, 02:12:57 AM
The bulls are steadily making a comeback in the market. In the last couple of hours, the resurgence of the bulls has seen many of the cryptocurrencies turn green. For Bitcoin, the crypto leader has jumped above $5,400, a position it has been struggling with in the last couple of days. Now, all eyes are on to its next target of $5,500, with the $5,700 its most obvious and more ambitious target.

Source: ZyCrypto

Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) has reached 2.01% for $ 5,517.37 and a trade volume of $ 14,628,591,182 in the last 24 hours. Do you think it will reach $ 5,700 mark or maybe it's going to surpass that level?
18  Local / Pamilihan / KYC is now a requirement - Nakapag-sumite na ba kayo? on: April 01, 2019, 01:16:29 PM
Noong nakaraang Sabado kapag nagla-login ako wala pa akong nakikitang ganito, "KYC is now required! In order to continue using the forum, submit your KYC information" pero kagabi at ngayong araw sa tuwing magla-login ako lagi ng bumubulaga sa aking ang mga kataga na iyan. Sa tantiya ko di mawawala iyan hanggat hanggat di ako nakakapag-sumite. Ang matindi grabe ang mga hinihingi na requirements. Shocked

Meron din ba sa inyong nakapaskel na ganyan? At marami na ba sa atin ang nakapag-sumite ng KYC? Or, it's just another April joke by theymos like what he did last year?
19  Local / Pamilihan / BLOCKCHAIN021 Bitcoin Signature Campaign on: March 31, 2019, 05:04:59 PM
Hello, mga kababayan! Gusto ko lang i-share itong BLOCKCHAIN021 Bitcoin Signature Campaign managed by julerz12. Please take note it's a Bitcoin signature campaign, it's new and a total of 0.43 BTC have been reserved to the bounty pool escrowed on this address: 1JVBrNT96giZpMCKgoG7YFYkEm7dgVmGdD

Ranks required and weekly rate...

Member/Copper = 0.003 BTCTC/Week
Full Member = 0.005 BTCTC/Week
Senior Member = 0.006 BTCTC/Week
Hero/Legendary = 0.007 BTCTC/Week

So, para doon sa mga interesado mangyari na puntahan ninyo ito,
20  Bitcoin / Press / [2019-03-24] Statistics Shows Gold Mining Costs 23 Times more than Bitcoin Minin on: March 24, 2019, 01:26:11 PM
Data posted by a Twitter user simply known as Asimov shows that Gold mining consumes 23 times more energy than Bitcoin mining. Asimov’s data shows more on banking systems, governments and paper currency minting.

The figures showed that Gold costs about $105 billion annually and consumes about 475 million GJ while Bitcoin mining costs only $4.5 billion and uses only 183 million GJ annually. Other such systems like Gold recycling, paper currency and minting, banking system and government all cost more than Bitcoin mining.

This data is important because one of the major arguments against the existence of Bitcoin has been that the cost and electricity consumption is extravagant. Although there have been several scientific proofs that this is not the case, governments and individuals who do not like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for that matter have always stressed this point.

Some have purported that Bitcoin mining consumes more electricity than 82% of all countries of the world. The article claims a bitcoin mining firm in Mongolia consumed as much energy as a Boeing 737. Although it is not clear how these calculations but this has been proven several times to be untrue. In fact, some have shown that Bitcoin mining may actually be beneficial to the environment.

According to a study by Nodeblockchain published in 2018, the cost of mining will force miners to opt for more renewable sources of energy which are friendly to the environment, thus benefiting the environment in the process. It also adds that the reward of mining is dependent on energy efficiency and so energy waste will only reduce mining efficiency as well as rewards, a situation that every miner would want to avoid.

This study alone shows Bitcoin is not the problem as far as energy consumption and damage to the environment is concerned. If anything, it shows that Bitcoin mining ensures even energy distribution as miners tend to move towards places where there is unfairly abundant power. This is not likely to result in “The Cryptoapocalypse” that some claim will happen soon if Bitcoin continues to exist.

Asimov’s data may be another reminder that Bitcoin is not the problem and although it has several weaknesses such as such as scalability, it does not consume more energy than most countries of the world and will not cause an environmental catastrophe but may actually save us from both.

Source: ZyCrypto

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